Liam's got a 'Beady Eye' on the title; Noel tells him to 'Dream On'

Liam's got a 'Beady Eye' on the title; Noel tells him to 'Dream On'

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This week's picture is of Manchester City fans wearing Liam and Noel Gallagher masks during City's crucial win over Manchester United. The question is, can you beat the caption?

The author of the winning caption will receive a copy of Ryan Giggs' Autobiography and three runners-up will receive a Sky Sports polo shirt.

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Closing date: Tuesday 15th May 2012.

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Sue Seeds says...

Just smile Liam. If you ain't gonna kick Ricky Hatton out of our box, we'll have to stay 'ere.

Posted 15:58 15th May 2012

Kev Seeds says...

I still don't know why we couldn't have worn Joey Barton masks?

Posted 15:42 15th May 2012

James Cooper says...

angry il show you angry this is not the vip seating area how an earth could you think they were the real famous singing brothers

Posted 21:30 14th May 2012

Sonny Pye says...

Dad have you brushed your teeth this morning ?

Posted 12:43 11th May 2012

Chop Rogers says...

If Man U win the title, someone might look back in anger

Posted 10:45 10th May 2012

Simon Lovell says...

i'm the biggest city fan, no your not arr kid i am, oh yeah wanna take this outside do ya !!!

Posted 19:45 9th May 2012

James Cooper says...

now hes found out we are really jedward he dont look to happy

Posted 19:10 9th May 2012

James Cooper says...

ha ha liam that will teach you to sell your box maybe i said may be we are gonna win the tittle now

Posted 18:53 8th May 2012

Tom Furlong says...

So maybe, Kompany's gunna save me, and after all he is big and tall, so can head the ball

Posted 16:00 6th May 2012

Simon Scarlett says...

noel says if we win the title i will celebrate with cigarettes and alcohol but if we lose don't look back in anger liam says we just got to roll with it

Posted 00:01 5th May 2012

Jim Griffiths says...

theres that many fans in here their wonderwall, dont you mean wall to wall bro!!

Posted 18:52 4th May 2012

Clive Guppy says...

One Robbie Williams, there's only one Robbie Williams,one Robbie Williams!

Posted 16:19 4th May 2012

Antony Ward says...

It was a wonderwall game and they were feeling supersonic.

Posted 16:07 4th May 2012

Antony Ward says...

Fans maskerading as rock stars......

Posted 15:41 4th May 2012

Steve Young says...

fergie,where was you when we were getting higher than you in the league

Posted 06:41 4th May 2012

James Cooper says...

today is gonna be the day that we are gonna beat man u ferguson should of relised what were gonna do im sure you heard it all before that mancini hasent got a clue heres a few things that were gonna say to you i said maybe joe harts gonna save me and vincent kompanys gonna score to. and after all were just gonna form a ten man wall and maybe just maybe were gonna keep th ball

Posted 23:07 3rd May 2012

Nick Berry says...

You got to roll with it, you got to take your time, you got to say what you say don't let Fergie get in your way, the title's there for City to take!

Posted 23:01 2nd May 2012

Ken Wilkinson says...

"The FA block out Roy Hodgson and Stuart Pearce`s faces after they show their True Colours."

Posted 18:18 2nd May 2012

Rob Pendragon says...

Oasis Beer - Open. Pour. Be yourself once more.

Posted 11:18 2nd May 2012

John-paul howarth Howarth says...

Noel and Liam celebrating but Noel takes smile of Liam's face by telling him he is also Top of The Pops!!

Posted 10:47 2nd May 2012

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