Fernando Torres is knee-ly back on form

So there I was, Row F, Stretford End watching Torres go round De Gea wondering if he would score Then it hit me Danny Hughes

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This week's picture is of Fernando Torres after his shocking miss at Old Trafford on Sunday. The question is, can you beat the caption?

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The following are runners-up...

Jon Forsyth

Fernando's HORRES come back to TORRTURE TORRES!

Stuart Taylor

For sale: Empty net, in relatively good nick. Will not accept penny less than £51 million pounds.

Simon Collinge

Hey JT have I told you I am bringing out a new Mr. Men book - Mr Sitter................ What do you think?

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Marc Walker says...

De Gea ponders literally kicking a man while he's down!

Posted 15:52 23rd September 2011

Matt J says...

Can Torres get any lower?

Posted 13:49 22nd September 2011

Gareth Griffiths says...

Think I'll give Kenny a call!

Posted 19:28 20th September 2011

Martin Scott says...

Torres is only half the player he was!

Posted 19:25 20th September 2011

Greg Drain says...

De Gea: "That was close ay?"

Posted 18:52 20th September 2011

Kevin Gilbert says...

de gea marriage will be a first for football

Posted 18:51 20th September 2011

Terry Jones says...

Alright who moved the goal posts.

Posted 18:42 20th September 2011

David Martin says...

he can laugh but i'll get the pillock in the glasses with my next shot

Posted 18:38 20th September 2011

Phil Fruin says...

De Gea says to Torres. "Thanks for that, i "kneed" someone to make me look good"

Posted 18:23 20th September 2011

Gary Calder says...

And I guess that's why they call "us" the Blues.....

Posted 17:19 20th September 2011

John Cairns says...

could of been worse mate,it could of been the kop end

Posted 17:10 20th September 2011

Peter Ellse says...

substitute me gaffer , why?

Posted 17:04 20th September 2011

David Brown says...

Ref!! Look he's taken my legs out from under me! (If that doesn't get me off the miss, nothing will)

Posted 16:41 20th September 2011

Malcolm Weymouth says...

These new footballs never do go where you want them to!!

Posted 16:37 20th September 2011

Chris Lord says...

on x factor tonight i will be singing brittany spears ' oops i did it again'

Posted 16:00 20th September 2011

Dave Morton says...

Does this mean I am on the bench again?

Posted 15:30 20th September 2011

Simon Collinge says...

Hey JT have I told you I am bringing out a new Mr. Men book I now have the name for it - Mr Sitter................ What do you think Skipper?

Posted 14:39 20th September 2011

Derek Booth says...

Did you see that, De Gea hypnotised me.

Posted 14:16 20th September 2011

Terry Bergin says...

Please Ref. I REALLY need to go.

Posted 09:34 20th September 2011

Augustine Anokye says...

2011 a good year for goalkeepers a bad year for Fernando Torres

Posted 09:12 20th September 2011

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