Everybody was kung-ROO fighting

Rooney: 'An idiot abroad' Mike Jones

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This week's picture is of Wayne Rooney lashing out during England's Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro.

Congratulations to Mike Jones who came up with the winning caption above. The three runners-up below ran him close...

Simon Mobey

The Full Montenegro as Rooney temperament stripped bare.

Barry Thompson

I get a kick out of Roo

Matt Nicholas

Wayne's decision to break out in to his version of a Russian dance proved to be unwise during a match

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Closing date: Tuesday 18th October 2011.

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Mark Mcandrew says...

Once the players realised what they had both just trodden in, the tactics changed

Posted 02:09 18th October 2011

Joel Kyereme says...

Wayne Rooney's temper has always been his 'Achilles Heel'

Posted 20:05 16th October 2011

Steven Lowery says...

The Montenegro players got ROON over!

Posted 11:27 12th October 2011

Liam Scoins says...

will he roo the moment

Posted 10:21 12th October 2011

Jon Cable says...

Tig & Tag - Your It

Posted 09:38 12th October 2011

Sean Bailey says...

England pROOve they are still not REDdy

Posted 09:09 12th October 2011

Kamil Panday says...

Roo let the dogs out, Roo Roo!!!!

Posted 07:47 12th October 2011

Joe Redknapp says...

You put yer right leg in ,yer right leg in.....Rooney's version of "strickly come dancing ":.....( strickly goes walking ).

Posted 06:29 12th October 2011

Patrick Mc kernon says...

What were Roo thinking?!?!

Posted 04:00 12th October 2011

Ian Ingram says...

You put ya right leg in....right leg out...in.out.in.out and shake it all about....ya do the rooney shuffle and ya end up out, thats what this is all about .............

Posted 02:07 12th October 2011

Jamie Barker says...

ROO put your right leg in!

Posted 22:22 11th October 2011

Craig Ince says...

U put your right foot in, your right foot out, in out in out shake it all about.

Posted 22:18 11th October 2011

Gary Smith says...


Posted 22:08 11th October 2011

Barry Thompson says...

I get a kick out of Roo

Posted 20:27 11th October 2011

Gareth Mostyn says...

Rooney, like so many of us, had no choice but to start kicking out in response to being tickled under the armpits!

Posted 19:57 11th October 2011

Garry Mate says...

Capello: I said 'man mark!' Not 'mark man!'

Posted 19:38 11th October 2011

Cameron George says...

Rooney hired as bull. Cannot distinguish between red sheet and red socks.

Posted 18:51 11th October 2011

Robert Hamborg says...

"That's what you get for having more hair than me"

Posted 16:22 11th October 2011

Michael Casey says...

England have a "monten" to climb as Euro hope could be "Rooned".

Posted 15:41 11th October 2011

Mike Jones says...

Rooney: 'An idiot abroad'

Posted 15:37 11th October 2011

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