Martin Atkinson struggles to decide whether or not Scott Parker has 'crossed a  line'!

Martin Atkinson trying to decide whether Scott Parker has 'crossed the line' or not! Tom Newell

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The three runners-up who will receive a Sky Sports polo shirt are as follows...

Jimmy Albert -"Your Jedi powers are fading Obi John!"

Kieran Gildea - "Dont ever call Lady Penelope that again"

Rob Falconer - "I'll fight anybody who says my Mother named me after an anorak"

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Closing date: Wednesday 25th April 2012.

Captions (109)

Ken Wilkinson says...

Scott-"Take a look at my Teeth,even they`ve been Capped more times than you have."

Posted 13:15 25th April 2012

Steve Brown says...


Posted 22:35 24th April 2012

James Ruane says...

What do u mean do I still get free McDonald's???

Posted 19:30 24th April 2012

Saqib Zaman says...

scott: u dont wana c me angry( roars) obi: yh but u aint turning green ur turning yellow

Posted 22:32 23rd April 2012

Valerie Falconer says...

Terrible weather we're having, what!

Posted 22:14 23rd April 2012

Alan Hickman says...

Whad'ya mean "the floodlights are reflecting off my bald spot and shining in your eyes?".

Posted 17:06 23rd April 2012

Martin Dennison says...

never mind the kick to the shins,its this head high i dont like.

Posted 10:05 23rd April 2012

Mark Smith says...

and the award for "Wee Jimmy Crankie Impersonator" goes to Wee Scott Parker.

Posted 22:54 22nd April 2012

Ken Wilkinson says...

Scott-"Why didn`t you tell me it was an Extra Strong Mint."

Posted 12:38 22nd April 2012

Robert Quinn says...

so you want to hear my 3 lions roar

Posted 16:53 21st April 2012

Paul Little says...

was tht you i saw taking my water bottle not eveN my mum takes it away from me,now u made me really mad and by the way THE BALL DIDNT CROSS THE LINE ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Posted 14:52 21st April 2012

Fergal Clarke says...

"Hold me back he'll kill me!!

Posted 13:49 21st April 2012

Anthony Ambrose says...

Atkinson ' scott it wasn't obi who scored THAT goal!'

Posted 11:45 21st April 2012

Leslie Allick says...

Fancy a drink later?

Posted 11:45 21st April 2012

Geoffrey Andrews says...

ref says stop picking un him scott he,s bigger than you.

Posted 06:52 21st April 2012

Rob Falconer says...

I'll fight anybody who says my Mother named me after an anorak

Posted 10:52 20th April 2012

Darren Cook says...

Martin Atkinson " Watch it Scott, you might cross the line "

Posted 08:54 20th April 2012

Stefan Reid says...

There's no way he gets the England captaincy ahead of me.........

Posted 23:30 19th April 2012

Stephen Belton says...

Scotty, Only the All Blacks can do the Haka !.

Posted 23:03 19th April 2012

Tom Forster says...

come on Scott, don't take your anger out on a Chelsea first 11 wannabe

Posted 20:05 19th April 2012

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