Over 12 - India 57/1 (Gambhir 22, Kohli 31)

    Maiden over from Bresnan. The fightback starts here.


    Over 11 - India 57/1 (Gambhir 22, Kohli 31)

    Kohli drives Finn through mid-on with some style and more than a hint of cockiness to pick up another boundary before very hitting the next ball for six as he tries to take evasive action but instead middles the ball over Kieswetter's head and almost clears the rope. Kohli thinks it's funny. Finn less so.


    Over 10 - India 48/1 (Gambhir 22, Kohli 22)

    Kohli guides Bresnan to third-man for a single, and Gambhir clips neatly through square-leg for two. India winning a canter. Only question seems to be whether the fans will get the script they wanted and Dhoni hitting the match-winning runs.


    Over 9 - India 45/1 (Gambhir 20, Kohli 21)

    Aggressive over from Finn to Gambhir. A cut shot from the "if you're going to flash, flash hard" school of batsmanship sails over the slip cordon for four before another short ball loops up to Pietersen in the gully via Gambhir's thigh-pad. England are convinced there was also inside edge involved. Umpire Ravi thinks otherwise. Replays confirm he's right despite the disbelieving looks of the England players.


    Over 8 - India 41/1 (Gambhir 16, Kohli 21)

    They came for Dhoni, but at the moment the crowd are enjoying the Virat Kohli Show as he greets Bresnan's arrival to the crease by leaning onto the front foot and casually easing a drive between point and cover for four as two England fielders give eager but futile pursuit.


    Over 7 - India 33/1 (Gambhir 14, Kohli 15)

    Lovely stuff from Kohli. He leans nonchalantly on his bat for two minutes, watching Bell put the armour on to go at short-leg, and then immediately takes a quick single.


    Over 6 - India 31/1 (Gambhir 14, Kohli 14)

    Three boundaries in a row for Kohli off Dernbach. The first is a bit lucky, top-edged over Kieswetter's head, but the next two are hammered dismissively through square-leg off first back foot and then front.


    Over 5 - India 19/1 (Gambhir 14, Kohli 2)

    Kohli gets a thick inside edge into his pad. The ball lobs up to where a short-leg would be were such a fielder in place. Absence of short-leg in an ODI not a criminal oversight from Cook in fairness. Kohli works to leg for a single, and Gambhir adds four more with sweet timing off his hip as Finn gets his line wrong.


    Over 4 - India 14/1 (Gambhir 10, Kohli 1)

    A single for each batsman to go with a wide from Dernbach's over. Now back to Finn v Kohli.


    Over 3 - India 11/1 (Gambhir 9, Kohli 0)

    Big lbw shout against Kohli first up, but it's clearly sliding down leg as umpire Ravi patiently and calmly explains to the reddened face and bulging eyes of the bowler.

  • WICKET! Rahane b Finn 0

    It's been a wild start from a clearly riled Finn, but this one hits the spot, nipping back at Rahane a fraction and finding its way through rather uncertain defences to make a mess of the stumps.


    Over 2 - India 9/0 (Gambhir 8, Rahane 0)

    Customary mix of the very bad and the very good from Dernbach, who serves up a wide half-volley for Gambhir to drive to the point boundary before ripping a rapid leg-cutter past the outside edge.


    Over 1 - India 4/0 (Gambhir 3, Rahane 0)

    High quality start to the innings. Finn begins with a big wide outside the off stump, followed by a ball that Gautam Gambhir squirts unconvincingly into the offside off a leading edge, only to pick up two runs due to a lazy misfield from Pietersen. To complete the effect, Kieswetter then bungles a straightforward take from the next delivery. A single to third man brings Ajinkya Rahane on strike. Finn raps him on the pads and roars an lbw appeal, but it's too high.



    Come on then, bowlers. Over to you. Sort this mess out.


    England 155 all out

    Shocking batting performance from England in conditions where batting was far from impossible. The tourists will point with some justification to a crucial and shocking decision to give Pietersen out caught behind when the score was 68/1 and the run-rate on the rise, but it hardly excuses the limp capitulation that followed, with only Root and Bresnan offering any sort of post-KP resistance. All rather unpleasant really. Hard to see the bowlers landing anything other than a couple of minor, psychological blows in the second half of the game. Nasser Hussain: "If you want a template of how not to play a one-day innings, England have just shown you it. That was absolutely pathetic."

  • WICKET! Dernbach b Jadeja 0

    Can't be too critical of Dernbach, I suppose, for getting out the same was as numbers six and seven, playing for turn where there is none from Jadeja.


    Over 42 - England 155/9 (Tredwell 4, Dernbach 0)

    A theoretical eight overs for Tredwell and Dernbach to do whatever they can, safe in the knowledge that England have already got more than twice as many as Australia managed yesterday.

  • WICKET! Finn c Yuvraj b Raina 3

    FInn decides it's time to try something a bit more extravagant and slog-sweeps Raina straight into the hands of Yuvraj at deep midwicket.


    Over 41 - England 154/8 (Tredwell 3, Finn 3)

    Finn and Tredwell each pick up a single down the ground. Finn survives a loud but optimistic lbw appeal as the ball thuds into the pads on its way past the leg stump.


    Over 40 - England 152/8 (Tredwell 2, Finn 2)

    Tredwell bottom-edges Ashwin's carrom ball into the ground and over the stumps for a single before a complete mix-up from the last ball of the over should end in Finn being run out but instead brings England a single as a wild throw from Suresh Raina allows Finn to get home despite initially appearing stranded halfway down the pitch.


    Over 39 - England 150/8 (Tredwell 1, Finn 1)

    Ishant charitably donates two runs to the England cause with ill-conceived and poorly-executed legside bouncers before the 150 comes up fittingly with a scampered leg-bye from the last ball of the over.


    Over 38 - England 147/8 (Tredwell 1, Finn 1)

    Tredwell and new batsman Steven Finn off the mark with singles. Anyone who knows why there was a long-on in place for Finn, send the answer on a postcard marked "I Know Why Dhoni Had A Long-On In Place For Finn".

  • WICKET! Bresnan b Ashwin 25

    Excellent delivery from Ashwin, drawing Bresnan into lunging forward but not getting to the pitch as the ball spins back sharply through the gate and crashes into middle and off. That mini Yorkshire revival put down in emphatic style.


    Over 37 - England 145/7 (Bresnan 25, Tredwell 0)

    James Tredwell, with his batting technique like a Supermarket own-brand Andrew Strauss, is the new batsman.

  • WICKET! Root c Dhoni b Ishant 39

    Root picks up a two then a four with cut shots off the returning Ishant but then gets a thick outside edge to an attempted off-drive to give Dhoni a third catch of the innings tumbling to his right.


    Over 36 - England 139/6 (Root 33, Bresnan 25)

    As powerplay giddiness sweeps MS Dhoni's Home Town Of Ranchi, Root immediately tries to reverse-sweep Ashwin and manages to miscue the ball to point for a single. Bresnan has no truck with such affectations, and unfussily clubs the next ball to the boundary at cover-point. Seven runs in all from the over.

  • Powerplay

    Are you excited? I'm excited.


    Over 35 - England 132/6 (Root 31, Bresnan 20)

    Rare bad ball from Jadeja allows Bresnan to rock back and cut the ball past short third-man for four. Now strap yourselves in for the thrill-a-minute, shot-a-ball cricketainment of the batting powerplay!


    Over 34 - England 127/6 (Root 30, Bresnan 16)

    Root and Bresnan doing all they can do, really: trying to eke out as many runs as they can while taking as few risks as possible. Four singles from Ashwin's over.


    Over 33 - England 123/6 (Root 28, Bresnan 14)

    Another excellent over from Shamurtagh Ahmed. Just a single from it, and that will be drinks as Root and Bresnan try to plot a route towards a total vaguely approaching competitive.


    Over 32 - England 122/6 (Root 28, Bresnan 13)

    England marking time until the powerplay - which will, in accordance with the prophecy, be taken after 35 overs - at which time they will start marking time until a desperate and probably unsuccessful attempt to slog their way up to 230 in the last five overs.


    Over 31 - England 120/6 (Root 27, Bresnan 12)

    No-one ever, ever, ever agrees with any of my lookalikes but I reckon Shami Ahmed has something of Tim Murtagh about him. I'm talking facially, but to be fair the bowling action isn't entirely dissimilar either. Anyway. He's back into the attack with a tidy over.


    Over 30 - England 118/6 (Root 26, Bresnan 11)

    Bresnan clips Ashwin to fine-leg for two runs. He's managed to get himself to 11 from 17 balls without looking remotely sure what he's supposed to be doing. The partnership's up to 20.


    Over 29 - England 114/6 (Root 25, Bresnan 8)

    Just two singles from Jadeja's over. Root looking solid and comfortable again in international cricket. Which is the one and only positive to take from England's efforts so far today.


    Over 28 - England 112/6 (Root 24, Bresnan 7)

    Blameless pitch, this. As shown in this rather more successful over for England as both Root and Bresnan pick off Ashwin for ones and twos without much trouble.


    Over 27 - England 106/6 (Root 21, Bresnan 4)

    Bresnan off the mark unconvincingly, attempting to cut a ball from off stump and getting an outside edge past slip that runs away for four.


    Over 26 - England 101/6 (Root 20, Bresnan 0)

    Root punches Ashwin through cover for a scampered two before sweeping for a single. In the context of recent history, that over is a resounding success for England.


    Over 25 - England 98/6 (Root 17)

    England lose three wickets for one run in nine deliveries. Time for a Yorkshire-based recovery now as Bresnan joins Root.

  • WICKET! Patel lbw b Jadeja 0

    They will keep playing for turn. Samit Patel in, Samit Patel out as he props half-forward as the ball slides on to hit the pad in front of off stump. Straightforward decision for the umpire.

  • WICKET! Kieswetter b Jadeja 0

    Oh dear. Jadeja into the attack with his non-spinning left-arm spin and almost instantly gets a straight ball through Kieswetter's crooked, inadequate defence.


    Over 24 - England 97/4 (Root 16, Kieswetter 0)

    Craig Kieswetter stays above Samit Patel in the order and strides in at number six.

  • WICKET! Morgan c Yuvraj b Ashwin 10

    England's problems deepen as Morgan goes for his favourite reverse-sweep but succeeds only in sending a top-edge looping gently to Yuvraj at backward point.


    Over 23 - England 95/3 (Root 15, Morgan 9)

    I can safely say that this shot from Root is better than his attempted reverse late-cut. With Ahmed back into the attack, Root takes a step down the ground and drives past mid-off for four.


    Over 22 - England 90/3 (Root 11, Morgan 8)

    R Ashwin into the attack. Root hacks him through midwicket for four before a bizarre moment as he premeditates a reverse sweep only to discover that the ball has been fired down the legside. Root tries to turn his reverse sweep into a reverse dab, misses the ball, and just about manages to keep his back foot, well, rooted as Dhoni whips off the bails. No wide signalled, which is interested. The umpire perhaps understandably distracted by Root's manoeuvre.


    Over 21 - England 85/3 (Root 7, Morgan 8)

    Ishant's first over cost him 10. His next four, just 11.


    Over 20 - England 84/3 (Root 7, Morgan 8)

    Host broadcasters showing some footage of yesterday's stadium inauguration. Looks like it was a cracking party. At one point a small aircraft flew over the ground, which has sent David Gower into wistful reverie. Kumar through another good set of 10 overs, with a change of ends in the middle, for 1/40.


    Over 19 - England 80/3 (Root 6, Morgan 6)

    Seven from Ishant's fourth over, including a lovely first boundary for Morgan with a check-drive on the up threaded expertly between extra-cover and mid-off.


    Over 18 - England 73/3 (Root 5, Morgan 0)

    Kumar rather spoils a good over with a wide long-hop after five dot balls. Root gratefully cuts behind point but far enough wide of third-man to collect a boundary.


    Over 17 - England 69/3 (Root 1, Morgan 0)

    Pietersen stood in disbelief for a good while after he was given out and trudged off shaking his head, so may well find himself hit in the pocket for getting hit on the pocket.


    Over 16 - England 68/3 (Root 0, Morgan 0)

    Two batsmen in on nought now as Eoin Morgan joins Root to attempt a sizeable rebuilding task.

  • WICKET! Bell c Dhoni b Kumar 25

    Brilliant catch from Dhoni, standing up to the stumps as Bell looks to cut Kumar down to third-man and gets only a top edge. England's watchful start now a very bad one.


    Over 15 - England 68/2 (Bell 25, Root 0)

    Much better over from Ishant. Yes, Pietersen didn't hit the ball that got him out - it flicked his trouser pocket on the way through to Dhoni - but it was a superb delivery. Joe Root in at number four for England.

  • WICKET! Pietersen c Dhoni b Ishant 17

    Superb delivery from Ishant, a leg-cutter that squares up Pietersen and goes through to Dhoni. Pietersen didn't hit it, but let's not let that get in the way of the narrative as Dhoni - in his Home Town Of Ranchi - gets the catch to dismiss England's star man. Poor, but crucial, decision. Pietersen was looking in majestic touch.


    Over 14 - England 66/1 (Bell 25, Pietersen 15)

    Spin for the first time as Jadeja comes into the attack. Four singles are acquired without anyone really noticing in a classic ODI middle over.


    Over 13 - England 62/1 (Bell 23, Pietersen 13)

    Dhoni up to the stumps now for Kumar, who responds with a ball down the legside that runs away to the fine-leg boundary via a flick from Pietersen's pads. Singles coming quite easily as well now for England as the field is pushed back after the powerplay.


    Over 12 - England 55/1 (Bell 20, Pietersen 12)

    Big leg-before appeal against Pietersen in Ishant Sharma's first over, but Steve Davis shakes his head this time. KP, like his captain before him, is a long way across his stumps looking to the legside. But KP got much further down the track and put enough doubt in the umpire's mind about both the height of the ball and the point of impact in relation to off stump. Pietersen responds with a couple of sumptuous boundaries, the first driven powerfully straight back past the bowler, the second whipped through midwicket with such force that the man on the boundary has no chance. Ten-over powerplay: 34/1. Two post-powerplay overs: 21/0.


    Over 11 - England 44/1 (Bell 19, Pietersen 4)

    Better over for England as Bell follows a tentative play and miss with back-to-back boundaries. The first is glorious, driven on the up through cover, the second streaky as a top-edged pull shot sails over Dhoni's head. Ten runs in all from the over.


    Over 10 - England 34/1 (Bell 10, Pietersen 2)

    Ahmed tries the old bouncer, bouncer, yorker trick to Pietersen, who deftly avoids the first two before clipping the third through the legside for a couple of runs. A guide behind point brings a single, and Bell ends the powerplay with a thrashed square-drive that is half-stopped at point to save a couple of runs.


    Over 9 - England 29/1 (Bell 8, Pietersen 0)

    Bell lands a blow at last, cutting a short ball from Kumar to the point boundary.


    Over 8 - England 24/1 (Bell 4)

    Excellent start from India, this. Bell starting to cut a frustrated figure, and Cook back in the shed. Kevin Pietersen strides out at number three.

  • WICKET! Cook lbw b Ahmed 17

    Cook goes across his stumps and looks to whip the ball behind square. He picked the worst possible delivery to try and manufacture something like that. An inswinger that pitches on middle and straightens to have its path to middle stump rudely interrupted by Cook's pads. Plumb.


    Over 7 - England 20/0 (Cook 17, Bell 1)

    Good from Cook, just shimmying half a step down the crease to Kumar to get the length he wants and drive past mid-off for four. Classy shot that one, but Cook tries to overhit the next one and gets a thick inside edge through square-leg for two more. Something for everyone here at the moment, with the ball coming on to the bat quite nicely but the ball doing a bit in the air. Proper contest.


    Over 6 - England 14/0 (Cook 11, Bell 1)

    Pressure building on Bell, who has just one run from 17 balls after another excellent Ahmed over. Would've been a maiden but for a wide.


    Over 5 - England 13/0 (Cook 11, Bell 1)

    Width from Kumar, and Cook can trust the bounce and hit on the up through cover-point for his second boundary. A good-looking off drive on the up is well stopped by mid-off, but the batsmen get through for a single in what is widely accepted to be a textbook example of Good Cricket All Round before Bell finally gets off the mark with a thick edge to third-man.


    Over 4 - England 7/0 (Cook 6, Bell 0)

    File this start under 'Watchful'. Cook scurries a quick strike-pinching single to avoid back-to-back maidens.


    Over 3 - England 6/0 (Cook 5, Bell 0)

    Bell plays out a maiden from Kumar. Both new balls offering some assistance for the bowlers, although it's through the air rather than off the pitch.


    Over 2 - England 6/0 (Cook 5, Bell 0)

    Shape too for Shami Ahmed, but he just errs too full and too straight, allowing Cook to clip him away between midwicket and mid-on for the first boundary of the day. Outfield looks quick. Almost a mix-up from the last ball of the over as Cook clips to midwicket and wants a single before sending Bell back when he realises the fielder is Ravindra Jadeja - India's best fielder and, crucially in this instance, a left-hander - and sends him back just in time.


    Over 1 - England 2/0 (Cook 1, Bell 0)

    Swing straight away for the impressive Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who almost gets Cook first ball before being tucked away on the legside for a single as the ball shapes into the England captain. Only a wide down the legside to Ian Bell slightly spoils things.



    G Gambhir, AM Rahane, V Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, SK Raina, MS Dhoni (capt, wk), RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, I Sharma, Shami Ahmed



    AN Cook (capt), IR Bell, KP Pietersen, JE Root, EJG Morgan, C Kieswetter (wk), SR Patel, JC Tredwell, ST Finn, JW Dernbach, TT Bresnan


    Pitch Report

    Looks an absolute belter. Mind you, I'd have said the same thing about the Gabba yesterday. But this looks a good chance for England to put an imposing total on the board.

  • The Toss

    Huge roars from the crowd as Alastair Cook calls incorrectly at the toss. Dhoni opts to field first, citing that most uninspiring of TV talent shows - The Dew Factor - as a reason. India are unchanged after the thrashing they dished out to England last time, while England have Tim Bresnan back fit so he replaces Chris Woakes.



    Welcome one and all to our live coverage from game three of this ODI series. The action moves to Ranchi - or MS Dhoni's Home Town Of Ranchi to give it its full name. It's a spanking new stadium hosting its first international match. Should be a cracking atmosphere. The weather in Ranchi looks splendid. No snowmageddon there.