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    Helen gets in touch: "What's the weather doing now? Should I go to bed and record?" Might be an idea as there is still no sign of any play. Make sure you set to record a little later than the slated finish though just in case we get some play and it's a dramatic finish.

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    As we wait for play to resume, don't be afraid to get in touch by e-mailing me at alex.williams@bskyb.com. How much time do you think England will need to pull this one off? It's not like eight wickets have never fell in a single session before, but surely a draw is becoming an inevitability now.



    Nick Knight, sitting in the stands, is speaking on Sky Sports. "The rain is getting heavier and heavier, much heavier than yesterday. Cyclone Sandra is having her way. The players, we understand, aren't even at the ground and the unofficial word from the umpires is no play before lunch." Oh dear.

  • Humour

    As you may have heard already, this rain is good news in a wider context for Wellington, a city which had previously been suffering from a summer drought. A message on the scoreboard at Basin Reserve this morning read: 'Drought? Schedule a Test match'. Anyone would think the hosts are happy that England may not have a crack at winning this one...


    Even if it continues to bucket it down the match is not expected to be called off until late in the afternoon local time. New Zealand are 49 behind after following on with eight wickets in hand, so England are still in with a chance of coming away with a win even if the playing time is vastly reduced. But I'm afraid I'm not exactly pushing the boat out by saying that a draw is the most likely outcome at the moment.

  • Rain

    The rain is still coming down hard in Wellington and it is already looks like the whole morning session will be lost, meaning there will not be any play before midnight UK time at the earliest.

  • Day five

    The weather is threatening to play havoc with the final day of the second Test in Wellington. The rain has set in and there is no prospect of any play in the near future. I will keep you posted of any updates.