Over 31 - England 145/1 (Cook 74, Trott 25)

    Cook and Trott doing this perfectly at the moment. McCullum picked off for five runs from his ninth over.


    Over 30 - England 140/1 (Cook 72, Trott 22)

    Just about the perfect over. Cook starts it with a glorious cover-drive for four, and Boult is picked off for runs from each of the remaining five deliveries. England need 130 off the last 20 overs. Should be a cruise.


    Over 29 - England 131/1 (Cook 65, Trott 20)

    Nathan McCullum drags things back after his previous messy over. England still pretty handily placed, though. If you were chasing 140 on here in a T20 you'd be content. England will be pursuing less than that from the last 20 overs.


    Over 28 - England 129/1 (Cook 64, Trott 19)

    Couple of pricier overs from the spinners so Brendon McCullum goes back to one of his quicker men. Boult the choice. Couple of easy singles either side of a Cook punch through cover off the back foot that brings a hard-run two. Trott takes leisurely evasive action as Boult tries a bouncer before steering the last ball of the over into the covers for an easy single to keep the strike. Five from the over without any fuss. Lovely stuff.


    Over 27 - England 124/1 (Cook 61, Trott 17)

    Good over for England to ease any slight pressure that might have been building up as Cook hoiks to leg for two before driving McCullum sweetly through the covers for four and sweeping for two more in an over that brings England 11 runs closer to their victory target.


    Over 26 - England 113/1 (Cook 52, Trott 15)

    Good cricket here as Trott sweeps hard to fine-leg where Rutherford does well to prevent the boundary but hard running brings England three runs. Williamson knocked around for seven runs off that over, but he's still through six overs for only 23 runs.

  • Over 25 - England 106/1 (Cook 50, Trott 10)

    Cook reaches his half-century. Little fuss about the innings or the celebration. Still work to be done.


    Over 24 - England 103/1 (Cook 49, Trott 7)

    New Zealand's spinner racing through the overs here. No mean feat when you've got Trott taking his guard.


    Over 23 - England 100/1 (Cook 48, Trott 6)

    Another five-run over for England takes the tourists to three figures. Should still have this under control despite a little stutter in the run-rate around the fall of the wicket.


    Over 22 - England 95/1 (Cook 46, Trott 3)

    Three singles off Williamson before Cook collects two for a drive through the covers.


    Over 21 - England 90/1 (Cook 43, Trott 1)

    Trott pats back a Nathan McCulllum full-toss, deciding he'd rather get off the mark with a reverse-sweep past the keeper.


    Over 20 - England 89/1 (Cook 43, Trott 0)

    Trott the new batsman. That wicket coming after a few quiet overs against the spinners.

  • WICKET! Bell c Rutherford b Williamson 44

    Bell doesn't get hold of a sweep shot over square-leg and picks out Rutherford on the boundary to hand New Zealand a much-needed breakthrough. Bit top-edgey.


    Over 19 - England 87/0 (Cook 42, Bell 43)

    Cook slog-sweeps Nathan McCullum over the ropes at midwicket for the first six of the innings. Eight runs off the over in all as England keep the required rate below six an over.


    Over 18 - England 79/0 (Cook 35, Bell 42)

    Just two singles from Williamson's second over as Cook takes three goes to get a cut shot away to deep point.


    Over 17 - England 77/0 (Cook 34, Bell 41)

    New Zealand carelessly discard their review on an lbw shout that hits Bell three inches outside off stump as he looks to sweep Nathan McCullum, who convinces his brother to take it upstairs. Don't think it would even have hit off stump, not that it matters. That error of judgement aside it's a good over, with only a single coming from it. The McCullums can discuss their review choice there over drinks.


    Over 16 - England 76/0 (Cook 34, Bell 40)

    Spin at both ends now as Williamson comes on to bowl. Cook and Bell have the cigars out as they help themselves to four singles.


    Over 15 - England 72/0 (Cook 32, Bell 38)

    Nathan McCullum into the attack, just as we predicted the moment we saw him on our screen going through his warm-up routines. It takes more than 26 hours without sleep to get past us. Couple of singles before Bell unfussily dispatches a short ball to the cover boundary.


    Over 14 - England 66/0 (Cook 31, Bell 33)

    Four singles from Southee's over. Time for New Zealand to try a bit of spin, you'd think. Not because it's likely to be dramatically difficult but just because these two batsmen appear to have the measure of the seamers at the moment and are scoring four and five an over without much fuss. Which is all that's required at the moment.


    Over 13 - England 62/0 (Cook 29, Bell 32)

    Bell drives Franklin over mid-off's head but gets the height-to-distance ratio a bit off and allows the fielder to scurry back and field while the batsmen complete three. Cook eases a drive past cover for two more as the innings continues to progress pretty much exactly as they would wish it to. Brief moment of alarm as Cook miscues a pull shot off the toe of the bat and sends the ball spiralling into the air at midwicket, but he's got the ball away from the man in the deep and picks up two before pinching the strike with a single to third-man.


    Over 12 - England 54/0 (Cook 24, Bell 29)

    Some good stuff from Southee so far, but also a little bit of filth. A wide half-volley is eased past gully for four by Cook before both batsmen are given easy deliveries to work off the hip for singles.


    Over 11 - England 48/0 (Cook 19, Bell 28)

    Bell cuts Franklin to deep point for a single before Bell adds two with a flick to fine-leg. Another decent over from Franklin, though, who's through two overs for a cost of just four runs. New Zealand need wickets, though. Going to be hard to defend on here if England have resources in hand later on.


    Over 10 - England 45/0 (Cook 18, Bell 26)

    Bell collects another pair of boundaries with successive legside shots off Southee. The bowler's looking for swing, but it deserts him at the end of the over and Bell clips him over midwicket and then through square-leg with sweet timing on both occasions.


    Over 9 - England 37/0 (Cook 18, Bell 18)

    Good first over from Franklin, just a single from it. While England were reliant - dangerously so in the end - on their five specialist bowlers, New Zealand have four specialists and then the likes of Franklin, Elliott and Williamson to fiddle 10 overs. One out of the way. I'm afraid I have to tell you that England's WASP chance of winning fell from 81% to 80% during that over. Please try and stay strong.


    Over 8 - England 36/0 (Cook 18, Bell 17)

    Early ball woes as the man with the suitcase is called out after just 7.2 overs to replace a ball that's given only 3.2 overs of service. Bell either likes or dislikes the new one depending on your point of view, twice dismissing it from his presence through the offside. Bell keeps the strike by guiding a short ball slightly uncomfortably down to third-man.


    Over 7 - England 27/0 (Cook 18, Bell 8)

    Cook edges to third-man for a single before Bell works to leg and jogs through. Looks like being a good over for Mills until he drops short to Cook at the last and is hammered over midwicket for a one-bounce four.


    Over 6 - England 21/0 (Cook 13, Bell 7)

    Couple of singles off Boult before Bell chips a sand wedge over midwicket that lands and plugs to allow the pursuing fielders to haul it in. Some slightly iffy running means England get only two runs.


    Over 5 - England 17/0 (Cook 12, Bell 4)

    Bell miscues a pull for a single to deep square-leg before Cook gets another chance to cut but is denied runs this time by a superb diving stop from Williamson.


    Over 4 - England 16/0 (Cook 12, Bell 3)

    Bell finally off the mark in pleasant style with a drive off the back foot past the bowler. Classy shot, one that Bell tends to play squarer as a rule, and it brings him three runs as Southee flicks the ball back just inside the rope. This may be another diddy ground and a flat pitch, but the outfield isn't the quickest. There were a few in the New Zealand innings that appeared destined for the ropes but were hauled back pretty easily in the end.


    Over 3 - England 12/0 (Cook 12, Bell 0)

    Cook does play the square-cut ever so well. Mills obviously a fan too, giving the England captain two more chances to play the shot.


    Over 2 - England 4/0 (Cook 4, Bell 0)

    Good first over from Trent Boult, a maiden over to a slightly skittish-looking Ian Bell.


    Over 1 - England 4/0 (Cook 4, Bell 0)

    Just a boundary from Kyle Mills' opening over as Cook cashes in, as Cook tends to do, on shortness in length and wideness of line to punch the ball through the covers for four.

  • Betting

    Well after all that excitement, the match odds are... almost exactly where they were at the start of the day. England now 1/2 to square the series, New Zealand 6/4 to seal it. Head to skybet.com for all your live in-play betting needs, with betting on the next over, next man out and more. There's a free £10 bet for new customers, which you can turn into £70 if Alastair Cook makes a century.


    New Zealand 269 all out

    England would certainly have taken that at the start, but not after 35 overs. New Zealand took an age to get going before Taylor and Brendon McCullum produced a partnership of staggering power-hitting. But even in the closing overs New Zealand still failed to take full advantage of an extraordinary innings from their skipper. It was quite a collapse from 243/4. England favourites for mine after Anderson ends with superb figures of 5/34.

  • WICKET! Boult c Woakes b Anderson 1

    Five for Anderson as Trent Boult slogs to long-on as New Zealand are dismissed for 269 and fail to see out their 50 overs.

  • WICKET! Taylor c Buttler b Anderson 100

    Taylor got a standing ovation on his walk to the crease, another at his 50, a third for his century and now a fourth as he walks off after nicking an attempted cut through to the keeper. Just too close to him to play the shot really. Nicely-paced innings, one which set the platform for McCullum's explosions. Got New Zealand to a competitive total, but one England will be confident of chasing down.

  • Over 48 - New Zealand 266/8 (Taylor 100, Mills 1)

    Another four to end the over for Taylor to bring up his century. Plenty of emotion in the celebration and even a hard-hearted old cove like me won't begrudge him that despite the fact he was plumb lbw earlier in the over.

  • WICKET! Southee b Woakes 2

    Taylor hits Woakes for four through point and then survives a dead straight lbw shout as the umpire wrongly concludes he's got bat on it before Southee is comprehensively yorked. Much easier to "execute your skills" when the batsman doesn't terrify you.


    Over 47 - New Zealand 254/7 (Taylor 91, Southee 0)

    Tim Southee the new batsman. He smashed England all round this ground on Test debut last time they played here. Three overs to repeat the trick.

  • WICKET! N McCullum c Buttler b Anderson 7

    Nathan McCullum briefly emulates his brother by hammering Anderson over midwicket for six before nicking through to Buttler. Subdued celebrations from England, who will need lifting at the break. They are well in this match.


    Over 46 - New Zealand 245/6 (Taylor 89)

    That's an excellent comeback over from Woakes after taking a pounding in his last. Just a single and a leg-bye from the over. Handy for England, who should still be feeling that New Zealand are getting only a par score here. The Black Caps are having a stunning last 10 overs, but it's really only repairing the damage done in a terrible first 10.

  • WICKET! Franklin c Root b Woakes 1

    James Franklin's watched all the fun, but can't contribute himself as he swats a short off-cutter from Woakes straight to Young Joe Root From Yorkshire, who Won't Drop That.

  • Over 45 - New Zealand 243/5 (Taylor 88, Franklin 0)

    Broad at least bowling to a plan in this over, sticking with attempted yorkers. McCullum still smacks him down the ground for six and four, but at least he's been forced to play really impressive shots rather than just put away bad balls. The hundred partnership comes up. It's taken 52 balls. WICKET! B McCullum c Woakes b Broad 74 The entertainment ends, but that's a game-changing innings from the New Zealand captain, hammering 74 from just 36 balls. Has it put the Black Caps ahead, though, or merely dragged them back into contention? After this match, we can all sit and sagely muse whether New Zealand's first 10 or last 10 overs were the important ones.


    Over 44 - New Zealand 231/4 (Taylor 88, McCullum 63)

    Taylor thrashes a boundary over point for four, but Finn manages to escape the carnage of recent overs to get out of the innings with figures intact. 10-1-33-1 a superb return on this pitch.

  • Over 43 - New Zealand 224/4 (Taylor 82, McCullum 61)

    New Zealand placed all their eggs in the McCullum basket. And it's paying off. Broad is hit high down the ground for six more to reach a 26-ball half-century before the bowler completely loses the plot and bowls a short ball with fine-leg up in the circle. It goes over his head for four. A wide down the legside follows as Broad continues to unravel. England really need to regroup here and realise that New Zealand are only bringing themselves back to par after a horrendous start. But Broad decides a wide long-hop is the way to go, and McCullum rattles the boards at point to make it 80 runs from 42 balls for New Zealand. Five legal deliveries and 20 runs too late, Broad decides to bowl a yorker. Only a single from it. The last three overs: 58 runs.


    Over 42 - New Zealand 204/4 (Taylor 82, McCullum 45)

    Not much happened in the powerplay, but it certainly is now. Cook looking to get rid of Woakes' overs before the real death overs. Not worked. McCullum smashes him for a six and a four over the legside before edging past short third-man - who had to come into the circle to enable some protection on the legside boundaries - for four more. The last ball of the over is dispatched over mid-off's head for four more, and in the space of two overs New Zealand's pre-innings target of 280 has gone from forlorn hope to probability. The new fielding regulations really do have an impact at the back end of an innings now. Wickets in hand back in vogue.


    Over 41 - New Zealand 183/4 (Taylor 81, B McCullum 25)

    Cook decides to get Swann's over out of the way straight away, and it disappears. Taylor swipes successive boundaries over the legside before collecting a single down the ground. McCullum then charges and gives himself room before slipping over as he attempts to a drive over long-off. That slip probably the reason why the ball only cleared the ropes by six yards. Easy to say after the event, but we won't let that stop us: Cook should've got Swann safely bowled out before the powerplay.


    Over 40 - New Zealand 166/4 (Taylor 71, B McCullum 18)

    For the second Finn over in a row, McCullum salvages it at the last for his side with a boundary from the final ball. Still, though, only 26 runs from the powerplay for New Zealand. That's not a huge return given the amount New Zealand invested in preserving wickets ahead of it. The one remaining over from Swann is going to be key here. Bit of a sitting duck on this pitch.


    Over 39 - New Zealand 159/4 (Taylor 70, B McCullum 12)

    McCullum drives Anderson hard down the ground for four and then tickles down leg for two as nine runs come from the over. This Finn hitting the stumps thing is becoming very silly. The very idea of calling a dead ball because a batsman who's hit the ball for four was distracted is one of the dafter notions in modern cricket. And notions in modern cricket include the Pakistan Super League and Jade Dernbach's haircut.


    Over 38 - New Zealand 150/4 (Taylor 68, B McCullum 4)

    FINN HITS THE STUMPS. First time that's happened since the T20s, and McCullum drives it to the cover boundary. The runs are given, despite Cook saying to the standing umpire that the match referee had told him that any such stump-disturbing incident would be a dead ball.


    Over 37 - New Zealand 145/4 (Taylor 67, B McCullum 0)

    Not sure New Zealand have got this right, with their main weapon charged with starting his innings during the powerplay in fifth gear against England's best bowlers. Anderson back into the attack with four dot balls before McCullum works a single to long-leg. Taylor adds a single from the final ball of the over, but the first two overs of powerplay have brought just five runs and a wicket.


    Over 36 - New Zealand 143/4 (Taylor 66)

    Enter McCullum, stage left.

  • WICKET! Elliott c sub (Bairstow) b Finn 23

    The wicket-taking powerplay does its thing. Only three singles from the first five balls of Finn's comeback over before Elliott has a big swipe to leg and sends a top edge swirling out to sub fielder Yorkshire's Jonny Bairstow at long-leg.

  • Powerplay

    It's 35 overs, it's mandatory, IT'S POWERPLAY! Finn back into the attack.


    Over 35 - New Zealand 140/3 (Taylor 64, Elliott 22)

    England use their review on an lbw shout against a sweeping Taylor. Hits him on the back thigh and certainly looks straight enough, but Hot Spot confirms a pretty healthy bottom edge on the way through. Taylor tries the shot again, and this time nails it between deep square-leg and midwicket for four. Taylor takes a single to keep the strike from the last ball before drinks. Mandatory Powerplay coming up, with Taylor showing a desire to give things a bit of a hurry up.


    Over 34 - New Zealand 134/3 (Taylor 59, Elliott 21)

    Elliott dealing almost exclusively in rare threes now, as a square drive is cut off by a tumbling Woakes running round from third-man. Taylor was always coming for the third run there even though Elliott didn't seem so sure. All Taylor's visibly-mounting frustrations melt away in one enormous swipe over the legside and way, way back into the main stand at McLean Park. A cover-drive brings yet another rare three, for Taylor this time, before Elliott dabs to third-man to make it 13 runs from an altogether less-successful second over of Broad cutters.

  • Over 33 - New Zealand 121/3 (Taylor 50, Elliott 17)

    Taylor completes a workmanlike, careful half-century. It's taken 81 balls and included only three boundaries, but we all know he can put his foot to the floor if he's still around in the closing overs. I think he's going to need to.


    Over 32 - New Zealand 117/3 (Taylor 48, Elliott 15)

    Broad back into the attack with an over made up of five 130km/h cutters and a considerably quicker bouncer to finish. Only three singles from the over, so a pretty successful experiment.


    Over 31 - New Zealand 114/3 (Taylor 46, Elliott 14)

    Another rare three for Elliott, some hard-running from Taylor and a fine diving stop from Broad at long-leg combining to make me look stupid. More effort than is usually required to achieve that goal, to be fair. Good over for New Zealand, with Elliott adding to that swept three with a chip over cover for two runs in an over where runs are scored off every ball.


    Over 30 - New Zealand 105/3 (Taylor 43, Elliott 8)

    A good-looking cover-drive brings Elliott a rare three on this ground, but there are still only six runs from the over with New Zealand moving along sedately at 3.50 an over. A large number of eggs being very carefully placed in the McCullum death overs basket here.


    Over 29 - New Zealand 99/3 (Taylor 41, Elliott 4)

    England will like what they're seeing at the moment. This might not be the 300+ pitch - or outfield - that it looked at the outset, but nor is it a 99/3 off 29 surface. That Williamson wicket really did come at a bad time for New Zealand after a patient recovery mission. That said, it looked the ideal time for McCullum to come in and look to change the pattern of the innings.


    Over 28 - New Zealand 97/3 (Taylor 40, Elliott 3)

    Four singles from Woakes' over. He's doing okay as the fourth seamer here, picking up a handy wicket and going for under five an over at the moment.


    Over 27 - New Zealand 93/3 (Taylor 39, Elliott 1)

    You just knew Swann would sneak in with a cheap, tidy over after that wicket for Woakes.


    Over 26 - New Zealand 91/3 (Taylor 38, Elliott 0)

    Grant Elliott rather than Brendon McCullum in at number five. Just two runs to go with the wicket from that over as New Zealand's burgeoning fightback suffers a setback that will require another period of consolidation as the new batsman gets himself in.

  • WICKET! Williamson b Woakes 33

    Not the leg-stump yorker - Woakes goes the other way, bowling even wider as Williamson again looks to target the legside spaces that Cook had left open to tempt the batsman. Even with the move across his crease, Williamson is still forced to fetch the ball and with no control over the shot can only drag the ball into his stumps. Big wicket for England: Williamson was just starting to up his rate after using up plenty of deliveries playing himself in.


    Over 25 - New Zealand 89/2 (Williamson 32, Taylor 37

    Glorious shot from Williamson, skipping down the track and easing Swann over mid-off for a one-bounce four. After that first-ball boundary, the rest of the over is accumulation for Williamson and Taylor, who are just starting to steer New Zealand into some less choppy waters after superb spells from Anderson and Finn with the new balls.


    Over 24 - New Zealand 80/2 (Williamson 24, Taylor 36)

    Williamson getting way across his stumps to Woakes here, showing the bowler all three stumps as he whips the ball through midwicket for four from way outside off. Has Woakes got a leg-stump yorker in his locker? Could be a good option here. Williamson adds a single to third-man before a thick inside edge brings Taylor two to deep square-leg. Woakes has a target on him today given how well England's three frontline seamers are performing.


    Over 23 - New Zealand 72/2 (Williamson 19, Taylor 33)

    Williamson and Taylor take their partnership past 50. It's a decent rebuilding job as they look to set a platform for McCullum and co to launch from later on.


    Over 22 - New Zealand 67/2 (Williamson 17, Taylor 30)

    Took a few overs, but Broad seems to have settled into a better rhythm now. He's through five overs for 22 runs, so it's not like he's taken serious damage.


    Over 21 - New Zealand 64/2 (Williamson 16, Taylor 28

    CORRECTION: Earlier I stated that Joe Root's full name is Young Joe Root. His full name is, of course, Young Joe Root From Yorkshire. We're happy to correct this unforgivable error and apologise for any upset caused. Five runs from Swann's over. Swann, by the way, should really give up the number 66 shirt and let Root have it.


    Over 20 - New Zealand 59/2 (Williamson 13, Taylor 26)

    Easily Broad's best over of the innings. Better lines, better lengths, and just two singles from it. Almost a wicket, too, as Taylor tries to run the ball down to third-man from a tight line and almost chops the ball into his stumps.


    Over 19 - New Zealand 57/2 (Williamson 12, Taylor 25)

    Spin for the first time as Graeme Swann comes into the attack. He's one short of 100 wickets in this form of the game but, on this early evidence, he's going to get scant assistance from the pitch today. Will have to rely on his guile, chin and banter to keep the runs down. Good first over, just three singles.


    Over 18 - New Zealand 54/2 (Williamson 10, Taylor 24)

    Five singles from Broad's over, the most interesting of which is the last one which Williamson somehow fiddles to short fine-leg off a top edge after playing a sort of sweep-flinch-pull thing that I'm not sure is really going to catch on.


    Over 17 - New Zealand 49/2 (Williamson 7, Taylor 22)

    Woakes bowls a very bad ball, a short one that Taylor flatbats through wide mid-on for four, and then a very good one that jags past the outside edge. Slip comes out after the first one, and goes back in after the second. Alas, there follows another bad ball. It's short again, but wide this time, and Taylor flays it wide of the man at third-man for another boundary. Woakes and Broad unable to match the consistency of Anderson and Finn, with runs starting to flow a tad more freely as a result. Time for drinks.


    Over 16 - New Zealand 41/2 (Williamson 7, Taylor 14)

    They haven't all been the second ODI of the series, though. Oh no. The last one was the fourth, and the one before that the third. Broad, perhaps pondering that February 20 coincidence and becoming distracted, bowls a wide outside the off stump and is then picked off for two through midwicket by Taylor. Another clip to leg brings a single. Bumble, meanwhile, is admiring the view from Napier. Apparently on a clear day you can see Chile. "It's either Chile, or Belgium" he adds in a sentence apparently designed solely to confuse sleepy Brits back home.


    Over 15 - New Zealand 37/2 (Williamson 7, Taylor 11)

    Good over from Woakes. Here's a nugget for all you fact fans out there: this is the third consecutive New Zealand v England ODI in Napier to be played on February 20. Not sure what you're going to do with that information, but there it is. I quite liked it. But I haven't slept in 21 hours and may well have started going strange.


    Over 14 - New Zealand 35/2 (Williamson 6, Taylor 10)

    Ordinary opening over from Stuart Broad, generally too short and too wide. Taylor cracks him for four through point and two to third-man either side of a half-volley that's eased down the ground for two.


    Over 13 - New Zealand 27/2 (Williamson 6, Taylor 2)

    Frustration mounts for Taylor as he hits three short, wide balls in Chris Woakes' first over straight to cover. The man goes back to give Taylor a single that does little to ease the pressure from ball five before Williamson premeditates a pull shot by getting right across his stumps and smacking the ball through midwicket. Cracking shot in the end, but an air of desperation about its inception.


    Over 12 - New Zealand 22/2 (Williamson 2, Taylor 1)

    This really could be a hugely significant day in the career of Steven Finn. This new shortened run has really improved his momentum through the crease, there's no loss of pace and it should increase the full-pace workload he can produce in a day of Test cricket. Taylor finally off the mark from the 10th ball he receives. I think the applause is genuine, even if it does sound a bit sarcastic. New Zealand have struggled up to Benaud's Score after 12 overs.


    Over 11 - New Zealand 21/2 (Williamson 2, Taylor 0)

    Anderson continues, and Cook's still backing him with two slips. Quite right, too, as the bowling continues to be excellent and well supported in the field. The field is tweaked to a slip and a gully halfway through the over, which is another maiden. This really is a superb position for England in the early stages on this good batting pitch.


    Over 10 - New Zealand 21/2 (Williamson 2, Taylor 0)

    Apparently someone's been dispatched to look at the VT, and Finn has shortened his run-up by four paces. Looks more than that, but we'll go with that figure. Certainly, any change has been positive. Looks really good, as does the scoreboard for England after the opening 10-over powerplay.


    Over 9 - New Zealand 19/2 (Williamson 1)

    Ross Taylor strides out to his now customary rapturous applause from the home fans.

  • WICKET! Rutherford c Cook b Anderson 11

    Another wicket for Anderson, Rutherford attempting to drive a length ball and just chipping it to short-cover where Cook takes another catch. Perk of captaincy: put yourself where the ball's going and bag all the catches. Rutherford looks suspiciously at the pitch, but it looks like that might be a cutter from Anderson intended to bring about precisely the result achieved after Cook had moved himself out of the slip cordon. I think England would call that Executing Their Plans.


    Over 8 - New Zealand 18/1 (Rutherford 11, Williamson 0)

    Better from Rutherford as he pushes Finn through mid-off for two and then slashes a cut shot behind point for a boundary as he gratefully cashes in on a rare bit of width from the bowler.


    Over 7 - New Zealand 12/1 (Rutherford 5, Williamson 0)

    This is really excellent stuff from Anderson. Kane Williamson plays out the over as the man with 288 Test, 224 ODI and 18 T20I victims (you can add them up yourselves if you absolutely must) completes a wicket-maiden.

  • WICKET! Watling c Cook b Anderson 7

    Deserved breakthrough. England have been excellent with the new ball here. Perfect line and length from Anderson, drawing Watling into a drive against a ball that just moves away enough to find the edge and give Cook a relatively straightforward low catch at first slip.


    Over 6 - New Zealand 12/0 (Watling 7, Rutherford 5)

    Early days, but it's a thumbs up at the moment for this new shortened run-up. He doesn't have long strides for a man of his height, but looks to have far better momentum through the crease now, helped no doubt by not constantly banging his knee into wooden sticks. Watling gets a single to long-leg before Rutherford is given a real hurry up and forced to jerk his head out of the way of a precision 143km/h bouncer.


    Over 5 - New Zealand 11/0 (Watling 6, Rutherford 5)

    First real shot of authority as Rutherford gets right up on his toes to clip a short ball from Anderson away to the square-leg boundary. Sweet piece of timing, that.


    Over 4 - England 7/0 (Watling 6, Rutherford 1)

    Didn't notice through my sleep-encrusted eyes in his first over, but Finn is using his shorter, stump-avoiding run-up in a match for the first time. It's 12 paces if my counting is correct. Still up over 140km/h, which suggests he's wasted a lot of effort in his career running in from twice as far. So far, so good for the tall man's short run as he completes a maiden over to Watling.


    Over 3 - New Zealand 7/0 (Watling 6, Rutherford 1)

    A good ball from Anderson nips away to find Watling's outside edge, but the ball flies wide of the two slips and is well stopped by Joe Root - or Young Joe Root to give him his full name - at third-man as the batsmen get through for two runs. Watling nurdles a single before Rutherford gives an attempted cover drive the full wind-up and hits the ball a yard-and-a-half.


    Over 2 - New Zealand 4/0 (Watling 3, Rutherford 1)

    Good start for Steven Finn, losing control of neither line nor knee. Just one single from the Middlesex ganglatron's opening over.


    Over 1 - New Zealand 3/0 (Watling 2, Rutherford 1)

    Rutherford brings precious little List A pedigree into his first ODI, averaging just 14 from 12 games. But he, like opening partner BJ Watling is off the mark with a legside single first ball as James Anderson takes a couple of deliveries to properly calibrate the radar. England's proud new holder of a record that doesn't exist (no-one anywhere, ever combined numbers across international formats before SR Tendulkar's centuries started being combined as they closed on an intrinsically satisfying three figures) has his line right for the rest of the over, though, which ends with a single for Watling guided down to third-man off what is charitably referred to in such shots as the outside half of the bat.



    You don't just want to read my confused, sleep-deprived rambling observations on the game. No-one wants that. I don't want that. Why not help us all out by sending in your own? Dave.Tickner@bskyb.com



    Beautiful day in Napier as the players make their way to the middle, with New Zealand looking to apply the old scoreboard pressure on a pitch that ought to be full of runs.



    The length (or lack thereof) of the boundaries has been a talking point throughout the tour. Never mind pitch reports (it's good, flat, 300-plus on the cards); these days it's boundary reports. So here is today's. Straight boundaries: long. Square boundaries: short.

  • Betting

    England are well fancied by Sky Bet to level the series today, with the tourists 8/15 to make it 1-1 and New Zealand 11/8 to wrap up the series today. Head to skybet.com for a whole host of live in-play betting opportunities.



    England are unchanged, while New Zealand make three. Two forced, with Martin Guptill and Mitch McClenaghan ruled out through injury and replaced by debutant Hamish Rutherford and Trent Boult, while Tim Southee replaces Andrew Ellis.

  • The Toss

    England captain Alastair Cook has won the toss and chosen to bowl first. Cook confident of chasing down whatever is required on a flat pitch. Brendon McCullum would've bowled first too, but doesn't appear too down about things as New Zealand bid to become the first side on this tour to win successive matches.



    New Zealand: wonderful place, appalling timezone. Whether you've set the alarm for stupid o'clock or are simply an Arsenal fan entirely unable to find the sweet release of sleep you're very welcome. It's a crucial clash in Napier, with England looking to square the series after a faintly unsatisfactory performance in Sunday's series opener. The good news for those of you who've manager to get up/stay awake is that you should be rewarded with some excitement. The last time England played New Zealand here the sides shared 680 runs.