Over 7 - England 35/3 (Lumb 15, Morgan 5)

    A rare bad ball from a New Zealand bowler as Butler drops one short and wide. Morgan just manages to reach it, getting the ball down to the third-man boundary off the cue end of the bat. But Butler drags things back magnificently with five perfectly-pitched dot balls.


    Over 6 - England 31/3 (Lumb 15, Morgan 1)

    McCullum going for the kill, keeps McClenaghan on for a third over at the top of the innings. Almost pays off as well as Lumb edges the ball in the air but just wide of the fielder at third-man to pick up four.


    Over 5 - England 25/3 (Lumb 10, Morgan 0)

    Another superb over. BOLD PREDICTION: This series is heading for a decider. Stuart Broad left to rue the way he executed his decision-making skillset at the toss.

  • WICKET! Bairstow c McClenaghan b Butler 8

    The Butler does it. Ian Butler into the attack and has Bairstow mis-pulling to short fine-leg off the shoulder of the bat. New Zealand all over England here.


    Over 4 - England 23/2 (Lumb 8, Bairstow 8)

    The England counter-punch continues as Lumb biffs a perfectly presentable delivery from McClenaghan over mid-off for four. Two balls later Lumb goes a long way across his stumps and is hit on the knee-roll but survives the huge lbw shout. Very, very close. May well have been hitting leg, but Lumb survives. The batsmen scamper a leg-bye, and McClenaghan then sends one past Bairstow's outside edge at 140km/h plus before forcing the batsman to dig out a yorker that's arrowing in towards the base of off stump. Superb stuff from New Zealand's opening bowlers here.


    Over 3 - England 18/2 (Lumb 4, Bairstow 8)

    The new ball doing so much more for Boult and McClenaghan under the lights here. Both captains wanted to bowl first; both were wrong. Lumb can't lay a bat on the first three balls of Boult's second over and then gets an inside edge past his stumps for a single to get off strike. England's run-chase may very well be over before it's begun here. Required rate soaring already. Bairstow at least lands a punch for the batting side, standing stock still but using his hands to good effect to flash successive drives through the offside for boundaries. Great shots the pair of them, especially given the amount the ball is hooping around.


    Over 2 - England 9/2 (Lumb 3, Bairstow 0)

    Bairstow avoids the hat-trick, but it's a stunning start to the innings for McClenaghan and New Zealand.

  • WICKET! Wright c Guptill b McClenaghan

    Two in two balls for McClenaghan! Full delivery and Wright drives with minimal footwork and slices the ball straight to Guptill at backward point. Jonny Bairstow to face the hat-trick ball...

  • WICKET! Hales b McClenaghan 5

    Hales drives Mitch McClenaghan for a glorious four through the covers, but the bowler's revenge is swift and decisive as he nips the ball past the outside edge and into the off stump.


    Over 1 - England 5/0 (Lumb 3, Hales 1)

    England under way with a wide from Trent Boult before Lumb chips over midwicket for two runs. The next two deliveries just swing away and go past Lumb's outside edge before an ugly hack through square-leg brings a single. Hales works to leg for a single, but it's an excellent start from Boult.

  • Betting

    Sky Bet reckon this is pretty much a pick 'em affair at the halfway stage. New Zealand 10/11, England 4/5. Head to skybet.com for live in-play betting.

  • Over 20 - New Zealand 192/6 (Franklin 6, N McCullum 0))

    Just three singles from the first three balls of the last over, but Dernbach then gets his yorker slightly wrong and disappears over cover for four. A Dernbach slower ball then goes down the legside for a wide and, thanks to an appallingly sloppy effort from Buttler, four bonus runs on top. WICKET! McCullum c Lumb b Dernbach 74 Superb innings comes to an end as McCullum looks to clear the ropes at cover again but picks out Michael Lumb. Franklin to face the final ball of the innings with Nathan McCullum the man tasked with running. No running needed! Franklin places a cut shot past point and collects four. The fielder will think he should've done better. England saved a dozen runs in the first 19 overs, and gave seven of them back in the last three balls. Tough school. Thirty-eight runs off the last two overs have sent New Zealand to a score that they should feel confident of defending. England, though, will feel equally confident of chasing it. It's a small ground - one of Guptill's sixes went only 55m - and they cruised past 200 in Auckland. New Zealand probably ahead at halfway, but not decisively so despite those astonishing last two overs.

  • Over 19 - New Zealand 176/5 (McCullum 69, Franklin 1)

    New Zealand desperately needed a big over, and they've got it here thanks to their skipper as he launches Broad for two huge sixes over square-leg, going past 50 (and 60) in the process. A miscue down the ground brings a scampered two and New Zealand are past 170 before the over is completed in grand style as McCullum flays Broad over extra-cover for six more. Broad's four overs end up costing an eye-watering 53.


    Over 18 - New Zealand 154/5 (McCullum 48)

    England have held this in check superbly. The bowling's generally been good, while the fielding has been sensational.


    WICKET! Elliott b Dernbach 4

    McCullum clubs full-tosses from Dernbach for a two and a four before the bowler does Elliott like a kipper. First a searingly quick short ball is past the batsman before he can do a thing about it before a devilish slower ball loops past the bat and barely has enough momentum left in it to remove the off bail. Even the bowler didn't realise what he'd done.


    Over 17 - New Zealand 146/4 (McCullum 41, Ellliott 3)

    England's outfielding has been magnificent today. Probably saved a dozen runs with diving efforts on the boundary. Meanwhile, with Finn back in the attack, the non-striker's stumps get a whack. But this time it's via the batsman as McCullum absolutely drills the ball straight back. He still gets two runs as the ball ricochets away to long-off, but it would've been four if he could've just avoided the sticks. Grant Elliott, playing his first T20i since 2009, is under way with a two and a single towards third-man.


    Over 16 - New Zealand 139/4 (McCullum 38)

    Deserved wicket for Dernbach there. But McCullum the key man for these closing overs.


    WICKET! Munro c Bairstow b Dernbach 7

    Munro gets horribly squared up by a 146km/h delivery and nicks it through first slip for four. The next ball is, inevitably, a slower ball, and a completely rattled Munro can only swat it to deep square-leg where Bairstow takes a simple catch.


    Over 15 - New Zealand 130/3 (McCullum 37, Munro 1)

    Even a genuine edge for four from McCullum can't spoil Wright's figures too much. He ends his spell with 2/24, which is excellent in any conditions and superb on here. Colin Munro is the new batsman for New Zealand.

  • WICKET! Taylor c Bairstow b Wright 4

    Wright doing the business for England again thanks to a smart, well-judged catch from Jonny Bairstow right on the midwicket boundary as Taylor miscues his attempt to swat the ball over the ropes.


    Over 14 - New Zealand 124/2 (McCullum 32, Taylor 4)

    There's a corporate box at the ground for this series which is exactly that. You get to watch the game sitting underneath a giant box. Not sure I'd like that. I'd feel inadequate. Plus, although I'm sure it doesn't, I can't shake the notion that a giant box would smell just awful. Talking of awful, dreadful over from Broad here, who bowls two legside long-hops to McCullum with fine-leg inside the circle and then tries to adjust and produces a wide half-volley that his opposite number laces through the covers for four more.


    Over 13 - New Zealand 111/2 (McCullum 20, Taylor 3)

    Six singles from Wright's busy over. England, it's fair to say, will certainly settle for that.


    Over 12 - New Zealand 105/2 (McCullum 17, Taylor 0)

    Another standing ovation for Ross Taylor as he strides to the crease and blocks his first ball.

  • WICKET! Guptill c Hales b Tredwell 47

    And still this run-laden series waits for its first half-century as Tredwell gets Guptill caught on the square-leg boundary after McCullum has hammered a huge six over midwicket and stings the hands of a foolish chap in hospitality who tries to catch it. Could be heading from hospitality to hospital if you're not paying attention.


    Over 11 - New Zealand 95/1 (Guptill 46, McCullum 8)

    Good batting from this pair, scurrying and scampering as they work Patel around this small outfield before McCullum launches a decent, proper six over long-on.


    Over 10 - New Zealand 84/1 (Guptill 42, McCullum 1)

    Brilliant shot from Guptill as Finn comes back into the attack, using the ample pace on the ball to get it up and over third-man for six. Finn goes past McCullum's outside edge to end the over. New Zealand going along well, but as in Auckland they're going to need a big haul of runs to put England under pressure.


    Over 9 - New Zealand 76/1 (Guptill 35, B McCullum 0)

    Kiwi captain Brendon McCullum is the new batsman, and Wright immediately gets one to nip back and pass between pad and inside edge. Excellent over from Wright after that first-ball boundary, picking up a wicket and giving up only a leg-bye.

  • WICKET! Rutherford c Buttler b Wright 40

    Rutherford drives Wright gloriously to the cover boundary but then tries to fiddle the next ball down to third-man for a single and nicks through to Buttler. Strange shot choice: just seemed to be finding the middle of the bat with his aggressive strokes and should have continued in that vein.


    Over 8 - New Zealand 71/0 (Guptill 35, Rutherford 36)

    Samit Patel into the attack now, and after a couple of dot balls he's deposited comfortably over long-on by Rutherford. Best shot he's played. The boundary achieved, the New Zealand openers are content to collect singles from the rest of the over.


    Over 7 - New Zealand 62/0 (Guptill 34, Rutherford 28)

    Luke Wright next into the firing line, accepting the challenge with his usual puppy-dog enthusiasm. Not a bad over, in the end, after the first ball disappears to the cover boundary off the middle of Guptill's flashing blade.


    Over 6 - New Zealand 54/0 (Guptill 28, Rutherford 26)

    Jade Dernbach into the attack, and Guptill immediately laces a short ball through the covers for four. Hammered that. Definitely not off the edge that one. Straight out of the middle. There's probably a middle earth joke if you can be bothered to find it. Rutherford utterly deceived by Dernbach's slower ball but manages to check his shot and keep the ball out without chipping it in the air. Props to the Seddon Park DJ who, at the end of the over, plays a slice of Wheatus' Teenage Dirtbag, which needs only minor alterations to become an ode to England's tattooed, haircutted run-conceder in chief.


    Over 5 - New Zealand 47/0 (Guptill 22, Rutherford 25)

    Finn has a run-up marker placed at the point where he gets into his take-off for delivery. The theory is: if he's left of the marker, the stumps will avoid any unwanted knee impact. Meanwhile, mishits continue to bring huge numbers of runs as Rutherford swats at a short ball and top-edges it way over long-leg for six before Guptill aims a drive down the ground and ends up with a two-bounce four over point off a thick outside edge. Grumble, grumble, these modern bats, chunter, moan.


    Over 4 - New Zealand 34/0 (Guptill 16, Rutherford 18)

    Rutherford swinging wildly and with little control or plan. Looks frazzled. Gets away with it in this over, slicing the ball into the air but finding a gap at point to collect two runs and then edging to third-man for two more. Good start for the Kiwis.


    Over 3 - New Zealand 26/0 (Guptill 14, Rutherford 12)

    Steven Finn into the attack. NON-STRIKER'S STUMPSWATCH: Intact. Again the last ball of the over slightly spoils things for England as Guptill carves a short, wide ball over cover for a one-bounce four. Plenty of pace in this pitch, highlighted by a delivery that whistles past the shoulder of the bat and flies through to Buttler at head height.


    Over 2 - New Zealand 20/0 (Guptill 9, Rutherford 11)

    Excellent first over from Broad, but it still costs 10 as Hamish Rutherford follows Guptill in hitting the ball into the sightscreen. It's the same sightscreen, though, via a top-edged pull that sails high over Jos Buttler and clears the boundary with plenty to spare. No fun for bowlers, or for David Lloyd who is troubled by the close proximity of the fireworks being let off every time the ball clears the ropes. When not cowering from pyrotechnics ("You can feel the heat and the draught off them, it's not natural") he describes the pitch as "springy".


    Over 1 - New Zealand 10/0 (Guptill 8, Rutherford 2)

    Slight surprise to see England opening the bowling with spinner James Tredwell. Martin Guptill whacks the first six of the day over the bowler's head and into the sightscreen. So it begins.

  • Betting

    Our friends at Sky Bet make England 4/7 to wrap up the series with victory here today, with the Black Caps 5/4 to take us to a decider. There's a whole host of in-play markets to get involved in, so head to skybet.com for all your betting needs.

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    Pitch Report

    That's the obligatory hobbit joke out of the way. Now we can all move on with our lives. To the pitch: it looks flat and true. Unlikely to be much assistance for the bowlers, although there's a view that it might have a bit more pace than Auckland.



    While England are unchanged, New Zealand have made two changes as Ian Butler and Grant Elliott come in for Andrew Ellis and Ronnie Hira. The Black Caps deciding that spin is not the way to go on these postage stamp outfields. This ground's dimensions are more appropriate for hobbits than gym-honed super athletes.

  • The Toss

    England captain Stuart Broad calls correctly and chooses to bowl first. Eoin Morgan is fit to play after a worry over back-knack, so it's an unchanged side for England with the captain confirming their intention to "execute their skills".



    It's game two of this Twenty20 series and the action has moved from a comically small Eden Park outfield to a comically small Seddon Park outfield. And the pitch in Hamilton looks every bit as flat as it did in Auckland. Another high-scoring affair on the cards, one would imagine. England lead the series 1-0 after producing close to a perfect performance in the opener.