• Stumps

    That brings day two to a close ladies and gents. England battled back brilliantly with the ball to restrict New Zealand to 443 all out, however their mood has been tempered by the loss of captain Cook and Trott in the evening session. England remain 393 runs in arrears and have a big job on their hands to win this Test. Join me from 9pm GMT for more interactive coverage.


    Over 25 - England 50-2 (Compton 12, Bell 6)

    Compton has five men around the bat for Martin's final over of day two. He stays solid off front and back foot and will be back to carry on this big job ahead of him and England tomorrow


    Over 24 - England 50-2 (Compton 12, Bell 6)

    Boult (2-26) completes a fine evening's work (we won't mention his batting) with a maiden. He'll be back tomorrow looking to add to the scalps of Cook and Trott. One over left in the day


    Over 23 - England 50-2 (Compton 12, Bell 6)

    Bell faces Martin for the first time since perishing to the left-armer in Wellington last time out. No rash shots from Bell on this occasion and he retains strike with a single which also brings up the England 50


    Over 22 - England 49-2 (Compton 12, Bell 5)

    Ironic cheers from the crowd as Bell stops the rot with a single to fine-leg. Boult is angling the ball in nicely to the right-handers and could be a real handful when these sides reconvene in England later this year


    Over 21 - England 48-2 (Compton 12, Bell 4)

    Make that 30 dots on the trot! Compton loses his patience midway through the over and misses an expansive drive after Martin had looped one particularly high. Cue plenty of sledging...


    Over 20 - England 48-2 (Compton 12, Bell 4)

    Another maiden over safely negotiated by Bell. That's 24 dot balls in a row. Tough viewing at 4.40am... Five overs left in the day


    Over 19 - England 48-2 (Compton 12, Bell 4)

    Compton is receiving plenty of chirp from the close-in fielders. He stays strong and sees out a fourth consecutive maiden. This is not the productive evening session England would have been hoping for after their fine work with the ball earlier in the day


    Over 18 - England 48-2 (Compton 12, Bell 4)

    Boult is charging in now. Another wicket before the close would really hurt England and put all sorts of pressure on inexperienced duo Root and Bairstow. Bell stays solid, though, and plays out a maiden


    Over 17 - England 48-2 (Compton 12, Bell 4)

    Compton has plenty of company around the bat now as McCullum goes in for the kill. There are four close in catchers in place for Martin, who completes a maiden

  • Over 16 - England 48-2 (Compton 12, Bell 4)

    Trott continues to comfortably outscore Compton and picks up two more runs through point after a misfield from Williamson. WICKET! Trott goes for 27! He was looking so comfortable but Boult traps him plumb lbw. He reviewed, but in vain. Played all around a straight one. Turned into a great misfield. Huge wicket for NZ. Warwickshire team-mate Bell replaces Trott and tickles his first ball to the fine-leg fence. England have 30 more minutes to survive!


    Over 15 - England 42-1 (Compton 12, Trott 25)

    Martin continues to toss the ball up above the eye-line with a short-leg and slip waiting and hoping. Trott is denied a boundary last ball by an athletic diving stop at midwicket but still collects a single


    Over 14 - England 41-1 (Compton 12, Trott 24)

    Boult is back from a different end, replacing the economical Southee (0-12). Different end, but same result, as Trott and Compton add runs on the leg-side


    Over 13 - England 39-1 (Compton 11, Trott 23)

    England face an early/late trial by spin as Martin replaces the wayward Wagner. Bowling from the same end as fellow slow left-armer Panesar operated from for 47 overs, Martin will be hoping for more success than his counterpart. He so nearly strikes right away when a leading edge from Trott sails just past his left hand and away to the boundary. False shot from Trott, and he knows it. Drinks


    Over 12 - England 35-1 (Compton 11, Trott 19)

    Compton is content in survival mode and has little interest in playing at anything not threatening his stumps. Good news for Southee's figures, but the four slip fielders in front of him are kept waiting


    Over 11 - England 35-1 (Compton 11, Trott 19)

    Shot! Trott caresses his third boundary when Wagner throws up a wide half-volley and the Warwickshire man punishes him through extra cover. It's been a very inauspicious start from Wagner


    Over 10 - England 31-1 (Compton 11, Trott 15)

    Another super Southee over comes and goes. Compton with a couple of close leaves. He'll say he had it all under control and after two hundreds in as many Test matches, who am I to doubt him?


    Over 9 - England 31-1 (Compton 11, Trott 15)

    A wayward start from Wagner, on in place of Boult (1-17). Watling does well to field a leg-side wide first up and Wagner is lucky to get away with an equally-poor delivery next ball. Compton then adds a single


    Over 8 - England 29-1 (Compton 10, Trott 15)

    Southee sends down the best over of the innings so far to Trott, who has to be on his mettle to negotiate a maiden. England are scheduled to face 25 overs today but the cut off time is 5am GMT


    Over 7 - England 29-1 (Compton 10, Trott 15)

    Compton, prioritising on defence ahead of attack at this early stage, misses out on a couple of loose deliveries from Boult, who registers an undeserved maiden

  • Predictions

    David Barker asks: "What are you expecting England to get first innings Joe? 550??" I'm hoping 550/600. More realistically I think they'll draw level with NZ. Either way, I think we are in for a grandstand finish!


    Over 6 - England 29-1 (Compton 10, Trott 15)

    Note to NZ: Trott is very strong off his pads. Southee serves up a juicy leg-stump half-volley which England's No.3 caresses through square-leg for four. He then collects three more through that area. Southee has five slips in place but with this line you would think they were leg slips!


    Over 5 - England 21-1 (Compton 9, Trott 8)

    Boult is too straight to both batsmen and after Trott shuffles across and works one down to fine-leg, Compton clips the left-armer even finer to reach the rope. Still no demons in this pitch and no reason why England shouldn't bat big here


    Over 4 - England 16-1 (Compton 5, Trott 7)

    The fourth over begins with Trott boasting a strike-rate of 350%... He watches on from the non-striker's end as Compton plays out a probing maiden from Southee, who is shaping the ball away nicely

  • Over 3 - England 16-1 (Compton 5, Trott 7)

    WICKET! Cook goes! Boult has him strangled down the leg-side and Watling takes the catch. A nightmare start for England, who lose their captain for just four. Trott gets off the mark first ball with three through square-leg. That swung back in nicely and if Trotty had missed that he'd have been a gonna'. Trott then meets another inswinger later in the over and clips it powerfully to the fence. Great shot. A lively start to England's reply


    Over 2 - England 8-0 (Cook 4, Compton 4)

    Southee shares the new ball with Boult and also finds the edge, this time Compton's, but the ball pierces the slip cordon and races along the floor to the boundary. It's a quick scoring ground, despite what New Zealand's batsmen tried to make us believe!


    Over 1 - England 4-0 (Cook 4, Compton 0)

    Boult has the new nut and Cook gets off the mark with a boundary first ball! Rather streaky, though. The England skipper opted to leave an away-swinger but played the ball down through the slips and away to the third man boundary. More swing on offer for the left-arm seamer, who makes an encouraging start


    England's turn

    Openers Cook and Compton march out to the middle in the Auckland evening sunshine. A crucial mini-session coming up for both sides now. Let's play!

  • New Zealand 443 all out

    A fantastic fightback from England today, limiting New Zealand to 443 all out after they had resumed on a flat pitch on 250-1. Cook and co will now have around 25 overs to bat and make inroads into this first-innings deficit

  • Over 153 - New Zealand 443 (Wagner 2*)

    WICKET! Finn has five-for! Watling is strangled down the leg-side for 21 and Prior takes another tumbling catch. The original decision was not out, but England challenged successfully. New Zealand are nine down and Boult is their last man. WICKET! Two in two! Finn gets Boult first ball when Compton takes a stunner in the gully. Finn finishes with Test best-equalling figures of 6-125


    Over 152 - New Zealand 443-8 (Watling 21, Wagner 2)

    Panesar gets one to turn and bounce steeply and Watling is relieved to see the ball lob up off the shoulder of his bat and land safe. Watling responds by getting down on one knee next ball and sweeping over square-leg for four. Fine strike

  • Over 151 - New Zealand 438-8 (Watling 16, Wagner 2)

    Finn offers up some width and Martin throws the kitches sink at the ball and flashes hard over point for a boundary. WICKET! Finn gets his revenge! Martin is drawn forward and can only edge straight to Trott, who claims well at second slip. Finn has four-for! Wagner is the new batsman and he gets off the mark straight away with a couple through square-leg


    Over 150 - New Zealand 432-7 (Watling 16, Martin 6)

    Monty has been nursing a shoulder injury today but it doesn't appear to be affecting his bowling. In the battle of the left-arm spinners, Martin pokes a single, the only run added

  • Over 149 - New Zealand 431-7 (Watling 16, Martin 5)

    Another England misfield sees Southee collect two and bring up the 50 partnership, off just 63 balls. WICKET! Southee goes for 44! He attempts to uppercut Finn but can only edge straight through to Prior, who makes no mistake. Just what England needed as Southee was looking dangerous. Now, can they wrap up the tail? Bruce Martin is the new man and he successfully uppercuts a Finn short ball over the slips and away for four before Watling drives for two. Bowler = not impressed


    Over 148 - New Zealand 422-6 (Watling 14, Southee 42)

    Panesar starts alongside Finn but is a touch to short and allowed Watling and Southee to scamper singles off the back foot to cover


    Over 147 - New Zealand 420-6 (Watling 13, Southee 41)

    Not the start to the evening session England were hoping for...Finn has the double teapot on when Bairstow makes a complete hash of a routine stop on the square-leg boundary and Southee collects four. Daggers are stared. Southee then pulls crisply over midwicket for a couple and continues to show plenty of intent


    Evening session

    Will we see England bat tonight? The players are making their way out for the final session on day two. Keep the comments coming in to Joe.drabble@bskyb.com and tweet me @skysportsdrabs. We have 34 overs left in the day

  • Tea

    That brings an end to the afternoon session, a session which New Zealand have edged thanks to Southee's cameo. 102 runs were added for the loss of McCullum and Brownlie and England's weary bowlers make their way off for a cup of tea. Talking of weary and tea, I may well join them. Stay tuned for more updates


    Over 146 - New Zealand 414-6 (Watling 13, Southee 35)

    Panesar drops short and even Watling can't resist that, rocking back and cutting crisply to the rope. Prior lets out a groan of anguish behind the stumps


    Over 145 - New Zealand 410-6 (Watling 9, Southee 35)

    Painful runs for England to concede now. Southee is fortunate to see a pull shot off Finn land in between fielders and cashes in with a drilled four past Broad, who should have done better at mid-off, and then another boundary, carved over the covers. Entertaining stuff and the home fans are loving it

  • Over 144 - New Zealand 400-6 (Watling 9, Southee 25)

    Cook takes a gamble by bringing Panesar back into the attack against Southee. Monty almost squeezes one through the batsman, who went back to cut a ball too close to do so. Southee then brings up the 400 with a single to midwicket

  • Making the running

    David Barker asks: "Hi Joe, since England are supposed to be the better team here, I think they should try and prove it by batting at around 4 runs per over , thus putting pressure on New Zealand , otherwise it looks like we are set for one of the most boring series of test cricket for a long time , we need a result !! What are your thoughts on the pitch as regards to England being able to get 500 in 125 overs ? Is it possible??" If Pietersen was playing i'd say yes. With this line-up, i'm not so sure. Big onus on Ian Bell to step up and Cook/Trott to bat big


    Over 143 - New Zealand 399-6 (Watling 9, Southee 24)

    Finn keeps Watling pinned on the back foot and beats his bat with a jaffa last up. Maiden. Tea 10mins away


    Over 142 - New Zealand 399-6 (Watling 9, Southee 24)

    Broad tests Watling out with a short ball but the Kiwi 'keeper is up to the task and pulls fine for a single. Finn does very well to stop the boundary. Southee then launches Broad high over long-on but the ball plugs and he only collects a couple


    Over 141 - New Zealand 396-6 (Watling 8, Southee 22)

    No fireworks off this Finn over, just a single apiece for Southee and Watling. Looks like Watling will drop anchor with Southee chancing his arm at the other end


    Over 140 - New Zealand 394-6 (Watling 7, Southee 21)

    Six, six! Southee deposits Broad, back into the attack, into the stands for successive sixes. He's not going to mess about, especially against the short ball. The first, over square-leg, is big, the second, over midwicket, is bigger! NZ on the brink of 400


    Over 139 - New Zealand 379-6 (Watling 7, Southee 6)

    Trott is taken off, presumably to give him time to rest up for the next new ball... Finn returns and attempts a double bluff to Southee by putting a man out on the hook before firing in an attempted yorker, which ends as a full toss, which in turn ends up at the midwicket boundary. He gets his short ball in later in the over and Southee takes on the hook, which lands just short of the catcher

  • Over 138 - New Zealand 374-6 (Watling 7, Southee 1)

    WICKET! 297 for Anderson! Brownlie goes for 36, cutting straight to Compton, who takes a sharp, low catch at backward point. England just will not go away and the rewards are coming. Southee is the new man and he may well play a few shots here. He gets off the mark with a sharp single which ends with the batsman falling head over heels and losing his trousers! Chaos


    Over 137 - New Zealand 373-5 (Brownlie 36, Watling 7)

    Trott is handed a third over by captain Cook and concedes his first runs of this spell when Watling drives confidently through the covers for a couple


    Over 136 - New Zealand 371-5 (Brownlie 36, Watling 5)

    Anderson switches ends and comes back well, conceding just a single to Watling, who cuts well to the cover sweeper. England are chipping away as New Zealand inch closer to 400


    Over 135 - New Zealand 370-5 (Brownlie 36, Watling 4)

    Trott is in the groove now, sending down a maiden to Brownlie, who resists the temptation to drive any loopy half-volleys. JT is staking a claim for the next new ball...


    Over 134 - New Zealand 370-5 (Brownlie 36, Watling 4)

    Wicketkeeper Watling gets off the mark with an elegant-looking drive back past Panesar for four. He is no mug, but perhaps New Zealand's last genuine batsman and Prior reminds him how long the home tail is

  • Over 133 - New Zealand 365-5 (Brownlie 35, Watling 0)

    WICKET! I'm hanging up my lap-top! Trott strikes! Yes, you read that right, Trott has got McCullum! What an inspired bowling change from Cook/me. Just a little bit of away movement, McCullum went for the expansive drive, and Prior took a sharp catch standing up. What a bonus wicket, McCullum is seething with himself. Watling is the new man and he survives. That was Trott's fourth Test scalp and what a big one!


    Over 132 - New Zealand 365-4 (Brownlie 35, McCullum 38)

    Panesar briefly stems the flow of runs as McCullum manages just a single


    Over 131 - New Zealand 364-4 (Brownlie 35, McCullum 37)

    Brownlie is quick on to anything short and easily dispatches Anderson through midwicket for four before cutting for two more. Brownlie then collects his seventh and eighth runs of the over with a well-timed clip off his pads out to Panesar at deep square-leg. Problems for Cook now with Anderson leaking so many runs. Dare I say time for Trott?


    Over 130 - New Zealand 356-4 (Brownlie 27, McCullum 37)

    It's raining boundaries now as Brownlie this time leaves his crease and puts Panesar away through extra cover. A lengthy conference between bowler, captain and Prior follows and the outcome is Monty dropping his pace without reward


    Over 129 - New Zealand 351-4 (Brownlie 22, McCullum 37)

    Couple of milestones this over. First McCullum brings up the 50 partnership with a couple through square-leg, then the NZ skipper takes his team past 350 with a fierce pull shot through midwicket for four. Anderson is not enjoying himself out there and that is an understatement!


    Over 128 - New Zealand 345-4 (Brownlie 22, McCullum 31)

    McCullum makes his move, charging at Monty and crunching him through extra cover before rocking back and crashing a cut to the rope oncemore. He has raced into the 30s and this is beginning to look ominous for England


    Over 127 - New Zealand 336-4 (Brownlie 22, McCullum 22)

    Anderson replaces Broad but it's a loose comeback over from the Lancastrian. After dropping short and being pulled by Brownlie for a couple, Jimmy then floats up a half-volley which the same batsman dispatches back down the ground for four. Wicket. Needed. Urgently.


    Over 126 - New Zealand 330-4 (Brownlie 16, McCullum 22)

    Monty is doing a fine job of keeping McCullum under wraps here. The left-armer spears in six flat deliveries on a sixpence to complete yet another maiden, his 17th of the innings


    Over 125 - New Zealand 330-4 (Brownlie 16, McCullum 22)

    Broad continues to plug away and produces a beauty out of the blue which almost takes McCullum's outside edge. It's just not happened for the Nottinghamshire seamer in Auckland... yet!


    Over 124 - New Zealand 329-4 (Brownlie 16, McCullum 21)

    McCullum charges at Monty but gets knowhere near the pitch of the ball and is fortunate to see his hack bounce just short of mid-off. Plenty of chatter from Prior after that loose shot. McCullum is ticking...


    Over 123 - New Zealand 328-4 (Brownlie 16, McCullum 20)

    Broad takes umbrage with the ball in a stop-start over, which does eventually see the ball replaced. When it returns Broad can only watch it trickle to the fence when Brownlie edges along the floor past gully. Frustration etched all over the bowler's face. Useful runs flowing for NZ


    Over 122 - New Zealand 323-4 (Brownlie 12, McCullum 19)

    McCullum remains patient against Panesar, perhaps realising the importance of his own wicket to the outcome of this match. He settles for a single to the midwicket fielder hanging back three quarters of the way to the boundary


    Over 121 - New Zealand 322-4 (Brownlie 12, McCullum 18)

    Optimistic/desperate cries of 'catch it' from the England fielders when Brownlie drives uppishly through point for a welcome boundary. It was in the air for a while but the fielder was never in business. Still no digits in the end column for Broad, England's leading wicket-taker in the series so far


    Over 120 - New Zealand 318-4 (Brownlie 8, McCullum 18)

    McCullum v Panesar should be quite a battle and I can't see the NZ captain resisting these small boundaries for long. Monty drags the final ball down and McCullum hangs back and hammers a cut shot to the cover boundary


    Over 119 - New Zealand 313-4 (Brownlie 7, McCullum 14)

    Some light rain during the lunch break in Auckland but nothing serious enough to cause a delay. Broad gets the afternoon session under way, conceding just a single when Brownlie tucks a full toss to midwicket. Ol' Broady got away with that one


    Afternoon session

    The match and series remains finely balanced as the players finish off their lunches. We have an enthralling afternoon session in prospect now. How do you see it going? England to skittle the Black Caps, or McCullum and the lower-order to rally? E-mail me your views to Joe.drabble@bskyb.com and tweet @skysportsdrabs

  • Lunch

    England win their first session of the match after restricting New Zealand to 62-3 on the second morning. The hosts remain on top on 312-4 but have been set back after losing overnight duo Fulton (136) and Williamson (91), as well as Taylor (19). Stay tuned for more updates!


    Over 118 - New Zealand 312-4 (Brownlie 6, McCullum 14)

    Panesar completes a morning spell of 9-7-13-1 after another probing maiden to McCullum, who resists the temptation to take on Monty so close to tea


    Over 117 - New Zealand 312-4 (Brownlie 6, McCullum 14)

    An intriguing battle is developing between Finn and McCullum. The NZ captain is almost cleaned up by a pacy yorker but just gets his bat down in time to squirt an edge through gully and away to the third man boundary. McCullum then punches two runs confidently through the covers


    Over 116 - New Zealand 305-4 (Brownlie 6, McCullum 7)

    Prior reminds New Zealand whose session this has been as Panesar sends down a fourth successive maiden to Brownlie, who continues to look a major lbw candidate. Five minutes until lunch

  • Over 115 - New Zealand 305-4 (Brownlie 6, McCullum 7)

    McCullum gets off the mark and takes New Zealand past 300 in the same passage of play with a thick inside edge through square-leg for three. Finn is bowling quicker than he has done all match, just shows what a wicket can do to a fast bowler! He sacrifices his line for pace later in the over, though, and McCullum lashes a ferocious cut over point for his first boundary. England will want to see the back of the NZ skipper, and quick


    Over 114 - New Zealand 297-4 (Brownlie 5, McCullum 0)

    Three maidens in a row from Panesar, who is applying some real pressure on Brownlie now. England have battled back brilliantly this morning. Can they pinch another wicket before lunch?

  • Over 113 - New Zealand 297-4 (Brownlie 5, McCullum 0)

    WICKET! Fulton goes! Stunning catch down the leg-side from Prior after Finn had taken a thin inside edge with the batsman looking to play off his hip. Fulton departs for 136, he just couldn't get going this morning and England are back in this. In comes NZ skipper McCullum...WICKET! No! Overturned. McCullum is given out caught behind but challenges the decision and replays show that the ball came off both pads and not bat. Almost a fabulous over for England, but still a good one, a wicket-maiden


    Over 112 - New Zealand 297-3 (Fulton 136, Brownlie 5)

    Another Monty maiden. Brownlie is playing across his front pad a little and needs to be careful. Panesar and Prior are getting excited at the prospect of an lbw


    Over 111 - New Zealand 297-3 (Fulton 136, Brownlie 5)

    Brownlie inches New Zealand nearer to 300 with a firm back foot drive to mid-on. Fulton, who has scored 12 runs from 66 balls so far today, blocks the final delivery. What a curious performance from 'Two-metre Peter' this has been. I'm sticking with a hangover


    Over 110 - New Zealand 296-3 (Fulton 136, Brownlie 4)

    Another fine over from Panesar, who has been right on the money so far today. He completes his third maiden of the morning and so nearly adds the wicket of Fulton when the lanky opener misjudges the length of the final ball but just gets his bat down in time


    Over 109 - New Zealand 296-3 (Fulton 136, Brownlie 4)

    A gift from Finn enables Brownlie to get off the mark. That was a juicy half-volley and Brownlie gave it the treatment with a thumping drive back down the ground. Finn still looks out-of-sorts and continues to adjust to his new, shortened run-up


    Over 108 - New Zealand 292-3 (Fulton 136, Brownlie 0)

    Panesar is relieved to see the stumps come to his rescue and save a boundary after Fulton had driven crisply back at him. Monty then overcompensates and drags short, allowing Fulton to rock back and cut for a couple through the covers


    Over 107 - New Zealand 290-3 (Fulton 134, Brownlie 0)

    A 10th run from Fulton today is pinched quickly on the leg-side. A diving stop limits the damage to just a single. Finn then gets three balls at new man Brownlie, who safely negotiates the trio without alarm. England clawing their way back into this...

  • Over 106 - New Zealand 289-3 (Fulton 133, Brownlie 0)

    WICKET! Action! After dispatching Panesar for a six and then a four over and through midwicket, Taylor has perished for 19, chipping a return catch straight back to the England spinner. Taylor can't believe it. Huge bonus for England and credit to Monty for keeping his nerve. Brownlie is the new batsman


    Over 105 - New Zealand 278-2 (Fulton 132, Taylor 9)

    Baffling tactics from New Zealand here, they really are. This match isn't going anywhere at this rate. Just as I type that... Fulton takes on a Finn short ball and picks up three runs through midwicket. Will that be the catalyst for New Zealand to up the ante? They are in the perfect position to do so


    Over 104 - New Zealand 274-2 (Fulton 129, Taylor 8)

    Back-to-back maidens from Panesar and that will be drinks. You could argue Fulton doesn't deserve one, he added just five runs in that opening hour!


    Over 103 - New Zealand 274-2 (Fulton 129, Taylor 8)

    A double change from England as Finn replaces Anderson. The Middlesex quick was down on pace yesterday and starts with a short ball, which Fulton pulls to fine-leg for a single. A bullet-like throw from Panesar arrows in right over the stumps and quite rightly receives a rousing round of applause. Just a single off Finn's opener

  • Peter-ing out

    Jack in Cambridge is losing patience with Peter Fulton. He has been in touch saying: "Fulton is virtually looking to leave/block everything. Dreadful cricket in the circumstances. New Zealand desperately need to up the rate, not slow it down like they are at the moment!!!"


    Over 102 - New Zealand 273-2 (Fulton 128, Taylor 8)

    Excellent start from Panesar, who replaces Broad. A strong lbw appeal on Taylor is turned down with replays showing 'umpire's call'. Just looked a little leg-sideish. A probing maiden and pressure building on Taylor


    Over 101 - New Zealand 273-2 (Fulton 128, Taylor 8)

    Still just one scoring shot from Fulton this morning. It's been slow going so far today. Just a leg-bye to report from Anderson's latest over. Pleased to say he's showing no ill-effects of that ankle injury


    Over 100 - New Zealand 272-2 (Fulton 128, Taylor 8)

    Taylor has been extremely pro-active since coming out to the middle. He drops and runs through for another single off Broad - the only run conceded. Quite how happy Fulton will be with all these quick singles, I'm not sure...


    Over 99 - New Zealand 271-2 (Fulton 128, Taylor 7)

    Anderson, now just one wicket away from Derek Underwood in England's all-time wicket-takers list, entices Fulton into a couple of loose prods away from his body but no edge to report. Maiden bowled


    Over 98 - New Zealand 271-2 (Fulton 128, Taylor 7)

    Fulton and Taylor collect another single apiece off Broad, who has been a little too wide so far today. Maybe the line is a ploy designed to frustrate the opposition, but with the second new ball still fairly hard, would Broad not be better off attacking the stumps?


    Over 97 - New Zealand 269-2 (Fulton 127, Taylor 6)

    Fulton is finally up and running today, whipping a straight ball through midwicket for three. Taylor then pinches a quick single to cover, much to Anderson's disgust. Looks like Taylor wants to get on with it...


    Over 96 - New Zealand 265-2 (Fulton 124, Taylor 5)

    Broad concedes his first runs of the day off the bat when Taylor leans forward and drives powerfully to the extra cover boundary. Glorious shot. That was not before Broad had beaten the New Zealand No.4 outside off stump, though

  • Over 95 - New Zealand 261-2 (Fulton 124, Taylor 1)

    WICKET! Williamson goes for 91! Anderson gets the wicket his endeavours have deserved, finding an edge through to Prior. Just enough movement off the seam to take the edge. A boundary the previous ball had taken Williamson into the 90s. In comes Ross Taylor and he gets off the mark with a single to third man. Anderson moves his Test wicket tally on to 296 with that scalp


    Over 94 - New Zealand 256-1 (Fulton 124, Williamson 87)

    Broad continues to contain rather than threaten. He completes a maiden to Fulton, who is yet to add to his overnight score

  • All to play for

    Sam Channon, in a damp Devon, adds: "Watching in the comfort of my lounge with rain hammering in outside, excited for early wickets. I think Beefy's attitude is the mind set the players need and should have. On this pitch I can see a good run rate from the likes of Cook and Trott and if we get some early wickets then it's still all to play for with four days to go. Come on England! Lets get the result us fans all desperately want to see."


    Over 93 - New Zealand 256-1 (Fulton 124, Williamson 87)

    Anderson has his ankle heavily strapped in tape and that is a concerning sight ahead of such a massive year. A decent over is ruined by a short, wide delivery, which Williamson cuts through gully for the first boundary of the day. A resigned look from Jimmy at the end of the over


    Over 92 - New Zealand 251-1 (Fulton 124, Williamson 83)

    Still no run off the bat today but New Zealand's score ticks on to 251-1 when Broad oversteps the front line. No seam or swing movement for Broad and Williamson is happy to leave anything not troubling his stumps

  • Gunn fired up

    James Gunn, watching on in snowy Bradford, adds: "I partly share Beefy's optimism but we must get some early wickets. England also need to score quicker when batting if they happen to get through NZ quickly. According to the Weather channel it looks ideal for cricket! Unfortunately for batting though. Can't go as bad as yesterday I suppose."


    Over 91 - New Zealand 250-1 (Fulton 124, Williamson 83)

    Anderson, 'fresh' from 19 wicket-less overs yesterday, starts the morning session and starts well. He draws Fulton forward and beats his outside edge on two ocassions. A touch of away movement, but at no great pace. New Zealand will be hoping Fulton didn't overdo his celebrations last night...Maiden

  • Life's a pitch

    Mark Sobey says: "I feel the drop in pitches are far too good for there to be a result in five days - Mr Boycott predicted that a drawn series would be an achievement for New Zealand, and their Plantsmen have not let them down." Yes, Beefy just labelled the pitches in this series 'depressing'

  • Get in touch

    Do you share Beefy's optimism or are England set for another long day in the field? Get in touch via e-mail to me, Joe.drabble@bskyb.com, or tweet me @skysportsdrabs. Your company and comments throughout the night are greatly appreciated!

  • Morning word

    Beefy, from the ground, remains upbeat on England's chances of turning around this rather bleak situation. He said: "Anything is possible. There are four days left and there is a long time to go. England are not out of it, New Zealand have the upper hand but don't write this England side off - they're good!"


    State of play

    Well, I'm sure you all got more sleep than Alastair Cook did last night! England will need to produce something special today after Peter Fulton batted New Zealand into a commanding position on day one. The Kiwi opener will resume on 124 not out alongside Kane Williamson (83*) with New Zealand poised on 250-1



    Hello everyone and welcome to interactive text coverage of day two of the third and final Test between New Zealand and England at Eden Park, Auckland