• Over 25 SL 72/4 (Chandimal 27, Mathews 1)

    Peterson continues, WICKET! Mahela misses a straighter one and Peterson skids through Mahela, bowls him. South Africa make a breakthrough and a really important one, when Sri Lanka were looking well-settled at the crease. The captain, Mathews, comes out to bat. The required rate going towards run a ball now. Peterson has brought the ball into the right handed batsmen rather than taking it away, so after has been effective. Mathews inside edges it for a single. Successful over for South Africa.


    Over 24 SL 71/3 (Chandimal 27, Mahela 24)

    Behardien comes into the attack, de Kock cheers him on. He is more of a medium pacer than a spinner. Chandimal tries to play the ramp shot over, does not go too far, just gets a single from the risky shot. A wide from Behardien, Mahela is surprised as another one is not called a wide. After 24 overs, Sri Lanka 71 for 3.


    Over 23 SL 68/3 (Chandimal 27, Mahela 23)

    Mahela drives it down the ground for a single, brings up the 50 runs for this partnership. A quick over from Peterson, just three singles from it.


    Over 22 SL 65/3 (Chandimal 25, Mahela 22)

    Mahela angles it into the leg side for a single. Chandimal plays it square of the wicket on the off side for four, good shot. 7 runs from the over, a good one for Sri Lanka.


    Over 21 SL 58/3 (Chandimal 19, Mahela 21)

    Peterson comes back into the attack, a change of ends for him. Peterson is bowling slower, letting the ball to do something in the air and off the pitch. Cut away from Mahela for a couple to square of the wicket, Behardien does well to stop the boundary. There is an appeal for a stumping, Mahela thinks he is safe. Pitched up from Peterson and Mahela tries to drive it dragging his foot outside the crease. It is close and the third umpire takes a bit of time to look at different angles. Not out is the verdict, after 21 overs Sri Lanka 58 for 3.


    Over 20 SL 55/3 (Chandimal 18, Mahela 19)

    Duminy is introduced into the attack. A quick single, then Chandimal sweeps it to square leg for a single. After 20 overs, Sri Lanka 55 for 3.

  • Over 19 SL 51/3 (Chandimal 16, Mahela 17)

    Morkel continues to trouble the batsmen, Mahela drives it over the infield, it was in the air but no fielder in that area and Mahela gets two runs to bring up Sri Lanka's 50. Mahela guides it to third man for a single.


    Over 18 SL 48/3 (Chandimal 16, Mahela 14)

    Chandimal cuts Peterson to the sweeper for a single. A couple more singles, SA would not mind this as long as they don't concede a boundary. Four singles from the over, 47 for 3.


    Over 17 SL 44/3 (Chandimal 14, Mahela 12)

    Morkel comes into the attack and starts with a short ball to Mahela who takes a single. A good over from Morkel, not giving any free runs. He has been impressive today. A couple of singles from the over, run rate inching towards 5.5


    Over 16 SL 42/3 (Chandimal 13, Mahela 11)

    A couple of runs to start the over, Mahela chips it over the infield at extra cover, this is his favourite shot to rotate the strike. Three runs from the over, the asking rate hovering around 5.3 per over.


    Over 15 SL 39/3 (Chandimal 13, Mahela 8)

    McLaren continues, bowling it just outside off and inviting Chandimal to drive with a few fielders on the off side. A maiden from McLaren and the umpires call for drinks.


    Over 14 SL 39/3 (Chandimal 13, Mahela 8)

    Robin Peterson into the attack now, he is not a big spinner of the ball but he should be able to use the slow nature of the pitch. There is a mix up between the batsmen, but AB does not pick up the ball cleanly. South Africa review, Peterson was very sure that he had trapped Mahela on the pads. Replays show it was missing leg stump so it is not out and South Africa lose their review. Good over from Peterson.


    Over 13 SL 37/3 (Chandimal 12, Mahela 7)

    Mahela guides it into the gap and midwicket for three runs, good running, McLaren needs to maintain the pressure. McLaren makes a good comeback after Mahela scores those three runs, just three from the over.


    Over 12 SL 34/3 (Chandimal 12, Mahela 3)

    Four, Tsotsobe continues and Chandimal, cuts hard and reaches the boundary. Peterson puts in a desperate dive at third man but misses. Chandimal hits it over the point region for four. After 12 overs, Sri Lanka 34 for 3.


    Over 11 SL 25/3 (Chandimal 4, Mahela 3)

    Faf du Plessis stops another one at backward point, he has stopped at least three boundaries in that region. And the Miller stops a couple of balls in the field. South Africa are looking more desperate in the field, trying to stop everything. Just a single from the over.


    Over 10 SL 24/3 (Chandimal 4, Mahela 2)

    The last over of the mandatory power play will be bowled by Tsotsobe. Mahela plays and misses, another great over from Tsotsobe and South Africa. After 10 overs, Sri Lanka in trouble at 24 for 3.


    Over 9 SL 22/3 (Chandimal 4, Mahela 1)

    Ryan McLaren replaces Morkel and he will be looking to continue the good work. A wide down leg. McLaren bowls it outside off and Chandimal plays and misses again. A couple of runs from the over, 22 for 3 after 9 overs.

  • Over 8 SL 20/3 (Chandimal 0, Mahela 0)

    WICKET! Tsotsobe celebrates as Tharanga edges one to the slip. Alviro Petersen takes a good catch and Tharanga goes for 5. Chandimal comes out to bat, Sri Lanka struggling at 16 for 3. Chandimal tries to drive a wide one, almost getting an edge on it. The next one is edged and it goes away from the slips for four, not a convincing shot.


    Over 7 SL 16/2 (Tharanga 5, Mahela 0)

    Morkel making the batsmen play, Mahela chasing a wide one, feeling the pressure. A good over from Morkel, he has really created pressure with Tsotsobe today.


    Over 6 SL 15/2 (Tharanga 5, Mahela 0)

    Tharanga tries to chase a wide one from Tsotsobe, who keeps it outside off, probing at a good length. A good over from Tsotsobe, a maiden in the end.


    Over 5 SL 15/2 (Tharanga 5, Mahela 0)

    Morkel continues, he bowled a great last over, Tharanga takes a single, Mahela gets a short one to start and then one that goes right through him. Another good over from Morkel.

  • Over 4 SL 14/2 (Tharanga 4, Mahela 0)

    Dilshan starts with a boundary. It was slightly straighter from Tsotsobe and Dilshan flicks it away on the leg side for four through fine leg. Tsotsobe bowls it on a good length just outside off and WICKET! Dilshan goes for the drive and hits it straight to AB on the circle who takes a good low catch, and SA celebrate their first wicket. Sangakkara comes out to bat. WICKET! Sanga plays it on the up through the off side only to find the fielder, Duminy takes a great catch, Tsotsobe celebrates as Sanga departs. A double blow for the hosts, Mahela comes out to bat. After 4 overs, Sri Lanka on the back foot at 14 for 2.


    Over 3 SL 10/0 (Tharanga 4, Dilshan 6)

    Morkel bowls it wide outside off, asking Tharanga to drive, Tharanga leaves it alone. After a couple of wide ones, Morkel bowls a sharp bouncer to Tharanga, Morkel right on the money today. Wide outside off, and it goes through the slips for four, Tharanga having a dash at it.


    Over 2 SL 6/0 (Tharanga 0, Dilshan 6)

    Dilshan has scored 4 hundreds at Pallekele so knows this pitch, Dilshan drives it through the covers for four. A couple of runs behind point and the boundary, making it six from the over.


    Over 1 SL 0/0 (Tharanga 0, Dilshan 0)

    Tharanga and Dilshan to start the Sri Lankan chase, Morne Morkel to start with the ball under lights. Quinten de Kock is keeping wickets. Morkel getting good movement off the pitch, he also has been accurate so far. Morkel starts with a maiden.


    End of innings

    It is the end of South Africa's innings. They started decently but lost wickets at crucial times and got starts but could not capitalize on them. Miller batted well, taking his time in the beginning and then blasting his way to 85, to get the Proteas to 223 from their 50 overs.


    Over 50 SA 223/7 (Miller 85, McLaren 14)

    Miller is taking the attack to Malinga, walks down the wicket and pulls it, timing it beautifully for four through midwicket. Six, Miller walks around in his crease and hits a six straight down the ground. Malinga bowls is trusted yorker and Miller takes a single, McLaren bring him back on strike with another single. Six again, Malinga's yorker being hit down the ground and through the fielder for a six. Miller has put South Africa in a good position, 223 is a decent score on this ground and a great one considering the South African batting today.

  • Over 49 SA 204/7 (Miller 67, McLaren 13)

    Perera will bowl the 49th over, South Africa will be looking to get to 200. It is drifting down leg and Miller clips it off his pads for four. Miller picks it up early and hits it straight down the ground for a six, valuable runs for South Africa. Six again, Miller pulls it over midwicket for another glorious six, Perera under pressure now. A single down to short fine leg. A single from McLaren brings Miller on strike for the last ball. He throws his bat at it and gets a single to deep square leg.

  • Over 48 SA 185/7 (Miller 50, McLaren 12)

    McLaren takes a single against Malinga and Miller on 49, Malinga hits him on his shoulder and he gets a leg bye, to stay on 49. A wide called for height, Sri Lanka have been disciplined today with just 4 wides. Malinga bowls a yorker and McLaren digs it out for a single. Miller on 49, and gets to 50 with a cut to third man.


    Over 47 SA 180/7 (Miller 49, McLaren 10)

    Dilshan to bowl his last over today. Just three runs of the over, South Africa should look to attack now.


    Over 46 SA 177/7 (Miller 49, McLaren 7)

    Perera continues, Sri Lanka have done well to pull things back. A few good starts for South Africa, but they kept losing wickets. Six, Miller like to hit it down the ground, he swings and gets a big six over long on, clean hit. Then he pulls it for a couple of runs, a slight fumble by Mahela on the square leg boundary. Miller gets a single on the leg side to move on to 49. After 46 overs, SA 177 for 7.


    Over 45 SA 167/7 (Miller 40, McLaren 6)

    Dilshan to bowl his 9th over. Three singles from the over, another good one for Sri Lanka.


    Over 44 SA 164/7 (Miller 38, McLaren 5)

    Mendis continues, he has also been attacking today, making a comeback into the side. Mendis finishes his quota of overs for today, 10 overs 3 for 35 runs. Good spell, picking up crucial wickets when they were needed.


    Over 43 SA 159/7 (Miller 35, McLaren 3)

    McLaren gets a couple of runs down the ground, Mathews continues with Dilshan who as been effective today. Five runs to end the over, 7 overs to go and SA are 159 for 7.

  • Over 42 SA 154/7 (Miller 33, McLaren 0)

    Peterson drives but midwicket does well to stop it. WICKET! Peterson is out, bowled. Mendis setting him up the wrong'un doing the trick again and South Africa lose their 7th wicket. Good over from Mendis, a single and a wicket from it.


    Over 41 SA 153/6 (Miller 32, Peterson 3)

    150 comes up for South Africa. Four singles from the over, South Africa will be looking to get to around 200 or 220 from the 50 overs.

  • Over 40 SA 149/6 (Miller 30, Peterson 1)

    AB now has the highest score by any SA captain in SL. WICKET! Sri Lanka needed a wicket and Ajantha provides it. He bowls a quick leg break and de Villiers who was trying to cut it only manages to get an edge on it, Sanga takes a good catch behind the stumps. Just when the Proteas where looking like they could attack, Mendis gets a wicket. After 40 overs, 149 for 6.


    Over 39 SA 147/5 (Miller 29, de Villiers 47)

    Dilshan continues, after the power play. A few singles from the over, Miller and AB working him around the ground. Miller takes a single from the last ball, makes it 6 from the over.


    Over 38 SA 141/5 (Miller 25, de Villiers 45)

    Malinga to continue, bowling the last over of the power play. Angelo Perera makes a good stop at the boundary, Miller pushes it down the ground. Miller does it again, just a short arm jab down the ground, he likes playing it in the arc. AB pushes it to long on for a single. After 38 overs, South Africa 141 for 5, the power play yielding 25 runs.


    Over 37 SA 136/5 (Miller 22, de Villiers 43)

    Dilshan worked away on the leg side for a single. A wide down leg, AB hits it down the ground for a single to long off. Miller takes a single to midwicket. Five runs from the over, SA 136 for 5.


    Over 36 SA 131/5 (Miller 19, de Villiers 41)

    Malinga starts with a short ball. Miller plays it through point for four, Chandimal fails to stop it. A few dots from Malinga, good bowling here, changing the pace and the length of the balls, Miller misses. A single to end the over, five from it.


    Over 35 SA 126/5 (Miller 15, de Villiers 41)

    Dilshan to bowl the second over of the power play. A chance of a stumping, but Miller is safe. A short and wide ball, but Miller can't get it through the off side. Miller gets a single to deny Dilshan a maiden. It will be drinks.


    Over 34 SA 125/5 (Miller 14, de Villiers 41)

    The batting power play has been taken, positive move from South Africa. And Mathews brings back Malinga to get a wicket. Worked away for two on the leg side, Malinga misses his line. A full toss from Malinga and AB can't put it away for runs, it was the surprise full toss from Malinga. AB gets a boundary from the last ball, so SA 125 for 5.


    Over 33 SA 116/5 (Miller 12, de Villiers 34)

    Dilshan comes back into the attack. A slight shout for lbw, but it was clearly going down leg. Miller pushes it to cover for a single. Just a single from the over.


    Over 32 SA 115/5 (Miller 11, de Villiers 34)

    A single to deep square leg for Miller, he is looking to play positively. AB takes a single to bring Miller back on to strike. Another single, three from three balls now. Five singles from the over in the end.


    Over 31 SA 110/5 (Miller 8, de Villiers 32)

    A lovely shot from Miller, comes down the ground and hits it over mid off for a handsome boundary. Miller works it into the leg side for a single. Six from the over, SA 110 for 5.

  • Over 30 SA 104/5 (Miller 3, de Villiers 31)

    WICKET! Mendis gives it some flight and it goes through Behardien, Sanga thinks he has stumped him. Behardien is not sure, so are the umpires, replays show it was bowled. The wrong'un goes through Behardien, the flight did him in the end and Miller comes out to bat. A couple of runs, pushed off the front foot through the covers. After 30 overs, SA 104 for 5.


    Over 29 SA 100/4 (Behardien 2, de Villiers 30)

    Herath rushes through another one of his overs, a maiden in the end.

  • Over 28 SA 100/4 (Behardien 2, de Villiers 30)

    Sri Lanka bring in a close in fielder for the new batsman. It is a good opportunity for Behardien to prove himself, he is a talented cricketer. Behardien takes a single and AB pushes it through the off side for another single. Another single, Perera misfields. The 100 comes up for South Africa, 28 overs SA 100 for 4.

  • Over 27 SA 95/4 (Behardien 0, de Villiers 27)

    Herath pitches it and it spins just enough to get AB's edge and Sanga can't hold on to an impossible chance, almost everyone missed that as it runs down for four. Faf takes a single as Mathews lets one go through, he is hit on the fingers. Clever bowling from Herath, starting the over with the one that goes away and then a straighter one and follows it up with one that comes into the batsmen. WICKET! They go for a quick single, and Faf is just short of his ground, Chandimal's throw was just over the stumps and Faf was found short of his ground. Behardien comes out to bat in a difficult situation.


    Over 26 SA 89/3 (du Plessis 15, de Villiers 22)

    A single as Faf pushes it through to long on. Another single to AB, running it down to square leg. Good over for Mendis, SA 89 for 3.


    Over 25 SA 86/3 (du Plessis 14, de Villiers 20)

    The average score for the team batting first on this ground is 242. Faf pushes it down the leg side for a single. We are half way through the innings and South Africa are 86 for 3.


    Over 24 SA 85/3 (du Plessis 14, de Villiers 19)

    Ajantha Mendis being shuffled around with Herath and Perera. Herath guilty of a misfield at short fine leg, gives away a single. Faf drives it nicely through the covers for four, a quiet shot without too much fuss, just timing it well to the ropes. Six from the over, South Africa 85 for 3.


    Over 23 SA 79/3 (du Plessis 9, de Villiers 18)

    Herath continues and this pair slowly settling down, just knocking the ball around for singles and twos. Herath rushes through his over, just three singles from the over, SA run rate around 3.4 now


    Over 22 SA 76/3 (du Plessis 7, de Villiers 17)

    Perera continues, and AB takes a single to square leg and then Faf takes a single. A couple of more singles to follow, this pair really quick between the wickets. After 22 overs, SA 76 for 3.


    Over 21 SA 70/3 (du Plessis 4, de Villiers 14)

    A mix up between the batsmen, Herath collects the ball and throws to the wrong end. AB would have been out if Herath had thrown to the non strikers end. After 21 overs, 70 for 3.


    Over 20 SA 67/3 (du Plessis 3, de Villiers 13)

    AB punches it down the ground for four straight down the ground. A quick single, and another one. This pair very quick between the wickets.


    Over 19 SA 62/3 (du Plessis 2, de Villiers 8)

    Herath comes into the attack to bowl the 19th over of the innings. Faf plays and misses and Sanga thinks it is a stumping. An appeal and the umpire goes upstairs to the third umpire, but Faf is safe. Just three singles from the over.


    Over 18 SA 59/3 (du Plessis 1, de Villiers 6)

    Appeal for lbw, it is Perera again. AB de Villiers hit on the pads, but height may be a factor. Also the ball was going down leg. Sri Lanka review, but height was a factor and it is given not out. Sri Lanka lose their review. de Villiers gets a couple of runs, this pair is quick between the wickets. A dot to end the 18th over, South Africa 59 for 3.


    Over 17 SA 56/3 (du Plessis 1, de Villiers 3)

    Mendis continues, with two new batsmen at the crease. Three singles from the over, South Africa look to rebuild from 56 for 3.


    Over 16 SA 53/3 (du Plessis 0, de Villiers 1)

    WICKET! Duminy plays it on to his stumps and Perera again getting rewarded for some tight line and length. And the umpires take a drinks break. That brings Faf to the crease, and he plays out the rest of the over. Successful over for Perera and Sri Lanka.

  • Over 15 SA 51/2 (Duminy 22, de Villiers 0)

    Ajantha Mendis starts well, Perera takes the wicket and Mathews brings Mendis on. Duminy sweeps it to square leg, Herath does well to keep it to a single. Mendis is a clever bowler and it will be interesting to see how this pair plays against him. Just a single from the over.

  • Over 14 SA 50/2 (Duminy 21, de Villiers 0)

    de Kock times it well, hitting it past midwicket and Herath does well but can't stop the boundary. WICKET! A useful wicket for Sri Lanka, de Kock plays at it and Sangakkara takes an easy catch behind the stumps, Perera gets a wicket. There was no foot work there and he just poked at the ball.


    Over 13 SA 46/1 (Duminy 21, de Kock 16)

    It went high in the air and on the leg side, de Kock pulling it over midwicket, but does not find a fielder. A better shot from Duminy, sweeping it very fine on the leg side for a boundary. Then Duminy drives it down the ground for a single. Five singles and the four, making it 9 from the over for SA.


    Over 12 SA 37/1 (Duminy 15, de Kock 13)

    Thisara Perera comes into the attack, he has a knack of picking up wickets. Duminy flicks it from outside the off stump to the leg side. de Kock knocks it into the leg side for another single. Just a couple of singles from the over. Duminy stays on 15.


    Over 11 SA 35/1 (Duminy 14, de Kock 12)

    After the power play, Dilshan comes into the attack. A good over from Dilshan to start, just a couple of singles from it.


    Over 10 SA 33/1 (Duminy 13, de Kock 11)

    The start of the last over of the power play. Another swing and a miss by Duminy to Mathews. A boundary to Duminy, plays it through the covers for four. Duminy ends the over with another boundary, this cuts it through point.


    Over 9 SA 25/1 (Duminy 5, de Kock 11)

    Singles are so important with two new balls, in accordance with the new rules. de Kock pulls it to midwicket for no run, did well to keep it down. Then he drives a full toss from Malinga for four, through the midwicket region. de Kock inside edges it to the keeper, the ground staff are getting ready for a possible shower. The boundary from the over, makes it 25 for 1 after 9 overs.


    Over 8 SA 21/1 (Duminy 5, de Kock 7)

    Mathews beats the outside of Duminy's bat. A good over so far from Mathews, no runs from it and a few plays and misses. A maiden in the end from the SL captain.


    Over 7 SA 21/1 (Duminy 5, de Kock 7)

    Duminy plays across the line to Malinga and gets hit on the pads, shout for lbw but there was an inside edge on it. Duminy works it off his pads for three, Ajantha Mendis does well to stop it on the square leg boundary. He ran from fine leg to square to save it, good commitment in the field. Another shout for lbw, umpire unmoved.


    Over 6 SA 18/1 (Duminy 3, de Kock 6)

    Duminy starts the over with a couple of plays and misses, trying to feel for the ball outside off. Duminy takes a single to third man. This pair should look to rotate the strike and get some runs. de Kock plays it down to Malinga at third man who stops a boundary with some fancy footwork. After 6 overs, South Africa going at exactly 3 per over.

  • Over 5 SA 15/1 (Duminy 1, de Kock 5)

    Petersen falls, WICKET! It was a bouncer going down leg, Petersen gives Sangakkara an easy catch in an attempt to run it down to fine leg. Duminy comes out to bat as South Africa lost their first wicket. Malinga gets a wicket. Duminy edges it past the slips for a single to third man, a good over from Malinga.


    Over 4 SA 14/0 (Petersen 8, de Kock 5)

    Mathews continues and Petersen gets a single on the leg side. Dilshan drops de Kock in the slips. Two runs from the bat and a leg bye from the over.


    Over 3 SA 11/0 (Petersen 6, de Kock 5)

    Malinga drifts down the leg side and de Kock flicks it through the square leg boundary, that will give him some confidence. Then he runs it down the third man for a single. This is an opportunity for de Kock to score some runs and strengthen his position in the side. Three overs gone, South Africa are 11 for no wicket.


    Over 2 SA 5/0 (Petersen 5, de Kock 0)

    Mathews starts with the second new ball for Sri Lanka. First boundary of the innings, Petersen guides one from the leg stump to the fine leg boundary. A shout for lbw, it hits the pad before hitting the bat, but impact may have been outside the line of the stumps. Just the boundary from the over.


    Over 1 SA 1/0 (Petersen 1, de Kock 0)

    Malinga to begin with the ball and de Kock to open instead of Ingram with Petersen. Malinga does not start with his famous yorker. Petersen blocks a few, leaves and few and then gets a single through the covers.



    Sri Lanka have removed Shaminda Eranga, Lahiru Thirimanne (injured) and Jehan Mubarak and replaced them with Angelo Mathews, Ajantha Mendis and the debutant Angelo Perera. Mathews returns to skipper the side after a two-match suspension.



    The Proteas have given De Kock a chance in Amla's absence, and have also replaced Aaron Phangiso with Farhaan Behardien, and Chris Morris makes way for Lonwabo Tsotsobe.

  • Toss!

    South Africa win the toss and choose to bat first.

  • Weather

    The covers are on the field and there has been rain this morning. It's still cloudy, but apparently the prospects are looking good.



    Hello and welcome to the third one-dayer between Sri Lanka and South Africa, with the action having moved from Colombo to Pallekele. The Proteas are two-nil down in the series, and are without an injured Hashim Amla for this game. It remains to be seen if Quinton de Kock or Colin Ingram will replace the Mighty #. Stick with us to find out, in little over an hour.