Over 38 - Australia 211/5 (Maxwell 22, Christian 5)

    Fine leg up - Bresnan duly serves up something down leg for Maxwell to flick past the fielder. I love it when a plan comes together. As if that's not bad enough, the Yorkshireman helps out further with three wides, making it an extremely long, and extremely poor, over. Requirement now 106 from 72.


    Australia 199/5 (Maxwell 16, Christian 2)

    Credit to England, they will not allow Australia to ever get too far away. The bowlers seem to have an uncanny ability to provide a boundary ball just when their opponents need it. Jordan's latest over includes some leg-side stuff that Maxwell gratefully puts away backward of square leg. Still, only six runs come from the over. Jordan has 0-40 from his seven. Englan at this stage were 207-4.


    Over 36 - Australia 193/5 (Maxwell 11, Christian 1)

    Dan Christian in at seven. Don't make him mad, England. He likes to smash up dressing rooms. He's off the mark immediately with a single, then has to get his running shoes on to help Maxwell collect a pair of twos. Equation for Australia now at 124 required from the remaining 84 balls.

  • WICKET! Finch c Broad b Bresnan 108

    Finch gone! He backed away to give himself room and in response to something short from Bresnan, steered the ball straight to Broad at third man. Crucial breakthrough and a fine knock comes to an end. Finch faced 111 deliveries, hitting eight fours and four sixes.


    Over 35 - Australia 189/4 (Finch 108, Maxwell 8)

    Justin on email says Australia won't even get close today. They weren't getting close at the Gabba either, that was until Stokes served up an over of length deliveries for Faulkner to smack into the seats. Maxwell comes down the pitch to the final ball of the over but ends up hacking it straight to mid-on. After being clipped away for a couple to start with (Australia again picking on Tredwell's handbag arm), Jordan came back well to give up just four runs off the bat, along with a leg bye.


    Over 34 - Australia 185/4 (Finch 107, Maxwell 6)

    Australia need another 132 from the final 16 overs. Time for a batting powerplay to really throw this game into the melting pot. England turn to Chris Jordan for the first over in it.


    Over 33 - Australia 178/4 (Finch 104, Maxwell 2)

    Time for drinks at the WACA - we're poised for a good finish here. Can England remember how to win? Do they want to ruin their unperfect record against Australia this winter? And somewhere, lurking with intent in the Australia dressing room, is James Faulkner, the man who denied them in Brisbane in the second ODI. Feel free to air your opinions, offer predictions, by sending an email to Rob.Lancaster@bskyb.com, or alternatively aim a tweet @SkySportsLanny.


    Over 32 - Australia 174/4 (Finch 102, Maxwell 0)

    Broad comes back - Broad gets a wicket. That's what you want from the leader of your attack. Not the kind of filth he served up in his opening spell that helped get Finch off to a flying start. Australia now need 143 from the remaining 18 overs, the required run-rate standing at 7.94.

  • WICKET! Smith c Buttler b Broad 19

    Having pulled away the previous delivery for four (you're not going to believe this, but Broad dropped it in short...) Smith nicks the next, one that's pitched up and moves away a little in the air. England need to keep chipping away, particularly as Australia have a longer tail than usual without Haddin listed at number seven.

  • Over 31 - Australia 169/3 (Finch 101, Smith 15)

    A push into the vacant spaces at mid-wicket for two gets Finch through to three figures. This is his third century in 50-over cricket and his second of the series; this one has come off 97 deliveries. Again, Smith gets a boundary off the final ball of an over, this time nudging Bopara past the short fine leg. England losing their discipline and allowing Australia to stay in touch with the asking rate. Hosts need another 148 from 114 deliveries.


    Over 30 - Australia 160/3 (Finch 97, Smith 10)

    As if England didn't feed Smith enough short stuff during the Test in Perth, Stokes finishes his over with a long hop that the right-hander smacks all the way over the rope at square leg. NOTHING SHORT TO STEVE SMITH. At one stage the fielder looked interested, but the fact he's a few metres in from the rope means it's always out of his reach. Stokes now heading off the field with a limp. Joe Root on as sub fielder.


    Over 29 - Australia 148/3 (Finch 93, Smith 3)

    Smith nicks an attempted drive off Jordan but the ball falls well short of Cook at slip. That's twice today we've seen full-blooded drives find the outside edge but then fail to carry; the same happened with Ian Bell early in England's innings. Not what you'd expect with the pace and carry at Perth. Still, good over from Jordan


    Over 28 - Australia 145/3 (Finch 90, Smith 3)

    Six off the Stokes over - Australia now need 7.81 an over, though. Another 172 runs required with Finch fast approaching another century and that crucial batting powerplay not being too far off.


    Over 27 - Australia 139/3 (Finch 87, Smith 1)

    Jordan's return to the attack is greeted by a thumping Finch drive through the covers for four. Seemed earlier the Sussex seamer had completely lost his run-up; either he was struggling running into the Fremantle Doctor or England have broken another bowler in record time. Seven from Jordan's comeback over. Finch now on the unlucky score of 87.


    Over 26 - Australia 132/3 (Finch 81, Smith 0)

    Fortunate wicket for England and Stokes, who was convinced immediately that there was some bat involved. Snicko shows up a tiny edge too, though that could not be used at the time by the third umpire. Steve Smith now in at five, getting a belated chance to play in the one-day series. Could be a one-hit wonder too, with Clarke back for the next game in Adelaide.

  • WICKET! Bailey c Buttler b Stokes 11

    Finally, FINALLY, after a lengthy review England get rid of Bailey. Bowler Stokes and captain Cook were adamant there was a nick on a leg-side delivery, while many of us thought that was just a case of trying to avoid a wide. Hot Spot shows a mark and Australia's stand-in skipper is on his way, eventually after we check if the ball carried to Buttler a million times, for 11.


    Over 25 - Australia 129/2 (Finch 79, Bailey 10)

    Lovely straight drive from Bailey gets him four down the ground. Good, proper, Test match shot. Eight runs from the over, Bopara's most expensive so far.


    Over 24 - Australia 121/2 (Finch 77, Bailey 4)

    Greg Blewett on commentary spots that Bailey, who takes guard almost on off stick these days, is now appearing to have a shuffle back towards leg with his back foot as his trigger movement.


    Over 23 - Australia 118/2 (Finch 76, Bailey 3)

    Bailey now up and running, a drive wide of cover giving him an opening single before he ends the Bopara over with two out to backward square leg. Australia need another 199 runs from the remaining 27 overs.


    Over 22 - Australia 113/2 (Finch 74, Bailey 0)

    Despite an overthrow when Bopara has a shy at the stumps, a decent opening over from Stokes. Three runs from it, which helps make Australia's requirement a little tougher. Of course, it won't matter when James Faulkner gets in and smashes them all around Perth, but still...


    Over 21 - Australia 110/2 (Finch 71, Bailey 0)

    Australia's ODI player of the year in now; got that award the same day they told him he'd been dropped from the Test squad for the tour of South Africa. Wicket maiden from Ravi, pegging back that big Tredwell over. Spinner off now as a result, Stokes replacing him. Required rate now just above seven again.

  • WICKET! Wade c Cook b Bopara 21

    Wade tries to up the tempo but only lifts Bopara up to Cook at mid-off. England captain was back on the edge of the circle and it still only just reached him there. Not sure if the tourists really wanted to get that wicket considering Wade's 23 came from 42 deliveries.


    Over 20 - Australia 110/1 (Finch 71, Wade 23)

    No better way to take Australia's total into three figures than with a six. It's such a big hit by Finch that the ball won't actually be coming back, at least not until it rains. With it stuck in a guttering on a roof, a replacement has to be sent for. The new one is also taken the distance, though this time someone is able to throw it back from the crowd. Finch in full flow and Tredwell's fifth over has gone for 14.


    Over 19 - Australia 96/1 (Finch 58, Wade 22)

    Wade gets a gift to pick up his first boundary, Bopara drifting onto his pads to allow a delicate flick to run away to fine leg. The 50 stand is up between this pair, the landmark being reached in 72 deliveries. Six from Bopara's opening over; a decent comeback after the early boundary conceded.


    Over 18 - Australia 90/1 (Finch 57, Wade 17)

    Tredwell works off off that six at the end of the previous Bresnan over by only giving up three singles. Wade's very busy against him, whether it be rocking back or coming down the wicket, but lacks any real power to pummel the slow bowler. Change in the attack now - Ravi Bopara coming on. This pair have put on 44 from 67 deliveries for Australia's second wicket.

  • Over 17 - Australia 87/1 (Finch 56, Wade 16)

    A steered single to third man gets Finch through to his 50. It's his third half-century in 50-over cricket in 22 appearances. Wade pinches a second run taking on Tredwell's rather weak arm - takes the spinner about three seconds to wind up his throw, and even then it rather loops into the gloves of Buttler. The over finishes with another Finch maximum down the park; Bresnan can consider going the distance for a second time as we take a drinks break at the WACA.


    Over 16 - Australia 76/1 (Finch 48, Wade 12)

    Sensed that Finch was frustrated by Tredwell's around-the-wicket policy. He duly charges down the track at the spinner, getting somewhat fortunate to miscue an attempted heave over long-on out towards deep square leg for a single. Wade, meanwhile, is having trouble finding the gaps. Required rate now creeps above seven an over.


    Over 15 - Australia 74/1 (Finch 47, Wade 11)

    A single apiece for each batter - at this stage in their innings today England were 106-1. At this stage in Brisbane, when Australia chased down a total in excess of 300 to beat England, the hosts were 76-3.


    Over 14 - Australia 72/1 (Finch 46, Wade 10)

    Wade uses his feet nicely to work Tredwell through mid-wicket for a couple. He's 10 from 18, and England are happy to see him eat up deliveries and keep Finch off strike. Run-rate required for Australia crept up to 6.80.


    Over 13 - Australia 67/1 (Finch 45, Wade 6)

    THWACK! A Bresnan slower ball is spotted by Finch and duly deposited onto the black material to the right of the sightscreen on the full. David Lloyd on commentary thinks BresiLad appears to be "lacking the snap" in his bowling. Judged to be about three or four mph slower than he was prior to injury issues.


    Over 12 - Australia 59/1 (Finch 38, Wade 5)

    Change of pace from England with Tredwell coming into the attack. Better end for him to be on, forcing Australia to take him on into the breeze. First over of spin leaks just a single, Finch getting it with a drive down to long-on.


    Over 11 - Australia 58/1 (Finch 37, Wade 5)

    Excellent over from Bresnan - just a single to each batsmen in it. Today's 10-over powerplay is Australia's poorest in the series so far. They made 64 without loss in Melbourne, 57-2 at the Gabba in their thrilling run chase and then they were 67-1 after 10 in Sydney last time out. The home team need a further 259 - they've managed just 12 runs from the last five overs.


    Over 10 - Australia 56/1 (Finch 36, Wade 4)

    Broad back to feeding Finch (and it looks like he's not against a good feed), a short delivery getting slapped away past a diving Morgan at backward point. The next delivery is a good foot further up, yet the right-hander still manages to block it off the back foot. Finch is one of those players you always feel like you're going to get him out the next ball. Problem is, by the time that ball comes he might have plenty already besides his name.


    Over 9 - Australia 52/1 (Finch 32, Wade 4)

    A little less frenetic out in the middle now, Bresnan bobbing it away on a length as new batsman Wade looks to get himself accustomed to batting. Probably going to be his one-and-only innings in the series, however, as Brad Haddin is due to come back for Australia Day on Sunday in Adelaide.


    Over 8 - Australia 49/1 (Finch 31, Wade 2)

    Better from Broad - it's only taken him four overs to get there, perhaps about three overs and five balls too late for an international-class bowler.


    Over 7 - Australia 47/1 (Finch 30, Wade 1)

    It is Matthew Wade in at three - he's off the mark from his first ball, tucking away a short delivery off his hip down to fine leg for one. Still, good over from Bresnan.

  • WICKET! Marsh c Bell b Bresnan 15

    Much-needed breakthrough for England, and it's taken something a bit special to get it. Marsh intentionally looks to steer Bresnan down towards third man, only he's not taken into account the acrobatics of Ian Bell at second slip. Superb diving catch leaves Australia one down.


    Over 6 - Australia 46/0 (Marsh 15, Finch 30)

    More stuff for Finch to drive, Broad floating up a half-volley for the right-hander to slam through the covers. They've let him get away to a flying start. Broad going at eight-an-over rate so far. Change in the attacking coming up - Jordan off after losing his run-up and Bresnan on in his place.


    Over 5 - Australia 40/0 (Marsh 14, Finch 25)

    Oh dear. Tredwell gets nutmegged at mid-on, allowing a well-struck drive from Finch to go through his legs and away for four. Crowd loved that - bowler less so. Turns out to be a lengthy over with the umpires wanting to cut something loose off the ball and Jordan losing his run up completely. Twice he stops on the way in, then when he does make it to the crease he's about two foot away from the line.


    Over 4 - Australia 33/0 (Marsh 14, Finch 18)

    All credit to England, they are always determined to make a game of it. Broad serves up something else for Finch to slap, this time short and wide outside off stick. Remember, England have not won on the three previous occasions they've made 300 or over in an ODI in Australia.


    Over 3 - Australia 27/0 (Marsh 13, Finch 13)

    Jordan has the plan to pitch it up and outside off to Finch, feeling he can get him caught on the drive. Problem is, he's pitching it too far up. Twice he's driven to the cover boundary. The last ball could have gone for four as well, only Finch this time smacks a cut straight at Eoin Morgan at point. Captain Cook comes on the field - was he even on to start with? Did the skipper get caught out by the start of the innings?


    Over 2 - Australia 17/0 (Marsh 12, Finch 4)

    Poor opening over from Broad. There's some swing, just the problem is he keeps shaping it into the pads of Marsh. Six runs come through mid-wicket, then when the bowler adjusts his line too much there's a drive for a couple more. After being beaten all ends up by the fifth ball, Marsh steers the last down to third man for four. 12 from it.


    Over 1 - Australia 5/0 (Marsh 0, Finch 4)

    This pair have opened the batting three times before for Australia - on the first occasion, against Scotland, they put on 246. They then put on absolutely nothing in Manchester against England, and a grand total of one in the following ODI at Cardiff. They've already bested those last two efforts today, Finch smacking a full delivery in the air through the covers for four. The opening run had been an extra, coming off Marsh's thigh pad.


    Over 50 - England 316-8 (Jordan 0, Broad 4)

    Broad finishes the innings by giving himself a little room to drive the only delivery he faced for four through the covers. Denies Faulkner a hat-trick - he finishes with figures of 4-67, the wickets making up for the fact that he once again proved costly. "A more-than-useful 316-8," says Bumble on commentary. If it's not today that England win, surely it's just not going to happen on this tour? Remember no Warner, Clarke or Haddin in this Australia batting line-up.

  • WICKET! Bresnan c Johnson b Faulkner 2

    Same pair work wonders again for Australia, Bresnan this time the batsman to provide a catch to third man. This one went much flatter to Johnson who caught it low down. Faulkner now on a hat-trick.

  • WICKET! Buttler c Johnson b Faulkner 71

    After belting the previous delivery over square leg for six, Buttler perishes trying to clear the rope again. A sliced drive drifts on the wind down to third man where Mitchell and his quickly-growing moustache hang on. Still, great knock from England's wicketkeeper-batsman. Took him just 43 deliveries to get his runs.


    Over 49 - England 306/6 (Buttler 65, Bresnan 2)

    Pattinson gets asked to come back for one over, now regretting saying yes to his skipper. Buttler uses the paddle sweep to get four to fine leg, slices a drive over the short third man for another boundary and then belts a misplaced yorker straight down the ground for six. Pattinson finishes his work with the ball having sent down eight overs for 63. The good news: This is just the fourth time England have reached 300 in Australia in a 50-over match. The bad news: They've lost on the previous three occasions it's happened!

  • Over 48 - England 290/6 (Buttler 50, Bresnan 1)

    A fine half-century for Buttler comes up with a scampered two off the final ball of the Faulkner. Taken him 34 deliveries to reach the milestone, aided by four fours and two sixes. He's also been helped by some clever running between the wickets, as he displayed in getting through to 50. Not only does he hit a long ball, he also knows how to rotate the strike and work deliveries into gaps.

  • WICKET! Morgan c Christian b Faulkner 33

    Having swept the previous ball over fine leg for six with the aid of the breeze, Morgan slaps the next one from Faulkner - a low full toss - straight to mid-wicket. Not as his hitting best today, but still managed a run-a-ball 33.


    Over 47 - England 280/5 (Morgan 27, Buttler 47)

    Buttler continues to hurt Australia the death, this time taking Johnson the distance when he picks up a slower ball early enough to moose it over the rope at deep square leg. This is now England's best ODI score at the WACA, passing the 272-6 posting in the 1986/87 tour. Johnson has bowled out - 10 overs for 72 runs today. So much for this Perth breeze aiding his swing.


    Over 46 - England 270/5 (Buttler 39, Morgan 25)

    Buttler has put the foot firmly to the floor; he thumps a short delivery from Coulter-Nile through mid-wicket for four, then launches the seamer straight down the ground for a huge six. The ball ends up striking the second tier and eventually rolls down. Massive blow considering it's into the wind, too. The maximum brings up the half-century stand for the sixth wicket. Coulter-Nile finishes with figures of 1-62 from his 10.


    Over 45 - England 258/5 (Morgan 24, Buttler 28)

    Pace duly picked up by England. Buttler blasts Johnson through the covers for four, then smacks the follow-up bumper backward of square leg to make it back-to-back boundaries. Fifth half-century for the tourists has taken 57 deliveries. Mitchell not the same these days without that moustache - no wonder he seems to be laying the foundations for its return.


    Over 44 - England 247/5 (Morgan 24, Buttler 17)

    Coulter-Nile intent in the over not to pitch anything up to Buttler. The plan works to a degree in that there are no boundaries hit, but he does give away two extras with bouncers that are deemed too short. England make seven from the over with barely a shot played in anger.


    Over 43 - England 240/5 (Morgan 22, Buttler 14)

    Johnson's comeback into the attack leads to the shackles being broken somewhat, 10 runs coming from the over including a lovely boundary for Buttler that sees him cover drive a slower ball all along the carpet. The last 10 overs have seen England add 51 runs for the loss of three wickets.


    Over 42 - England 230/5 (Morgan 21, Buttler 6)

    Drives hitting fielders, singles forthcoming but no boundaries. England perhaps now regretting not allowing Morgan to get in and accustomed to the wicket earlier in the piece, instead choosing to send in Ballance at four.


    Over 41 - England 226/5 (Morgan 21, Buttler 3)

    Just three from the over - Coulter-Nile repairing his figures nicely after suffering early doors at the hands of captain Cook. England in danger of wasting a solid platform here? Eight an over from here on in and they still end up just shy of 300, which looked a certainty at the halfway stage.


    Over 40 - England 223/5 (Morgan 19, Buttler 2)

    A rank bad bouncer from Faulkner gets the treatment it deserves, Morgan pulling it away over the head of a short fine leg fielder who must've feared at one point he was right in the firing line. The batting powerplay ends with England having managed 24-2 during the five-over period. First time they've lost more than one wicket in the batting version during the series so far. 10 to go - 300 still very much the target.


    Over 39 - England 216/5 (Morgan 14, Buttler 0)

    Morgan with a welcome boundary, blasting Coulter-Nile through the covers. Powerplay not going to plan for England, with two wickets going down during it already. Jos Buttler the new man in at number seven.

  • WICKET! Bopara c sub (Doherty) b Coulter-Nile 3

    Having tried to swipe Coulter-Nile through the off side the ball previously and failed, Bopara follows up by attempting to hit to leg instead. He gets some wood on it this time, yet just skies a catch towards mid-on. Xavier Doherty, on as a sub fielder, takes the catch whilst moving backwards. England now five down.


    Over 38 - England 211/4 (Morgan 9, Bopara 3)

    Morgan comes close to driving a Faulkner slower delivery straight to cover. Four singles from the over, the run-rate now at 5.55. Easier for Morgan to get the ones as the fielders clearly drop deeper towards the edge of the circle when he's on strike.


    Over 37 - England 207/4 (Morgan 7, Bopara 1)

    Feel a bit for Rav Bops - yet again he's coming out to bat during a powerplay period, meaning he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. He gets the only run from the Coulter-Nile over, dropping it into the leg side and calling Morgan through.


    Over 36 - England 206/4 (Morgan 7, Bopara 0)

    England's 200 had come up with a single off the first delivery of the Faulkner over - the landmark was reached from 211 balls. Morgan showed his attacking intent by coming down the wicket at the left-arm seamer and launching him over wide mid-off for four. Be interesting to see if he continues to go hard now Ravi Bopara is at the crease.

  • WICKET! Stokes c Wade b Faulkner 70

    Having hit beautifully down the ground all day, Stokes perishes trying to manipulate a slower ball from Faulkner over the short fine leg. All he does is lift the ball into the air for wicketkeeper Wade to catch. Good knock, soft dismissal. He gets a send-off from the bowler too, though he has to wait to actually get off the field after a review of Faulkner's front foot landing.


    Over 35 - England 199/3 (Stokes 69, Morgan 1)

    Crowd getting behind Johnson, who whizzes one past the nose of Morgan when the little left-hander finally gets on strike. The final ball of Mitchell's over is driven back at him by Stokes, with both bowler and mid-off missing it. The boundary is the perfect way to lead into the batting powerplay, which is now coming up...


    Over 34 - England 193/3 (Stokes 64, Morgan 0)

    In Morgan's last eight ODI innings he's managed two hundreds and four 50s. Bit of a shame then that he's only got just over 16 overs to bat today. He's still waiting to face a delivery, Stokes getting two with a pull through mid-wicket and then stealing the strike with a single off the last.

  • WICKET! Ballance c Smith b Pattinson 18

    Despite the batting powerplay looming, Ballance decides to start the hitting early. Only problem is his attempt to attack a short ball from Pattinson results in him just skying a catch towards cover. Steve Smith shields his eyes from the glaring sun to accept the opportunity, before then pointing out to his team-mates there's a big yellow bright thing in the sky that made it tough for him.


    Over 33 - England 189/2 (Stokes 60, Ballance 18)

    Johnson returns and duly sees his first ball back go to the boundary, Stokes working him through an incredibly big space at mid-wicket. A Ballance single then brings up the half-century stand for the third wicket, the milestone being reached from 67 deliveries. Stands today so far for the tourists: 87, 51 and now 51 and counting.


    Over 32 - England 182/2 (Stokes 54, Ballance 17)

    Pattinson back on - he continues to prove expensive, too. A boundary comes to relieve a little bit of the pressure building, Ballance steering a late cut a little closer to the diving Wade than he may have planned. Stokes had nearly chipped to mid-wicket before that, Marsh not sure if the catch carried before replays showed it bounced just in front. England's run-rate now 'dipped' to 5.69. Batting powerplay around the corner...


    Over 31 - England 177/2 (Stokes 53, Ballance 13)

    Wade does superbly well to get across to leg and stop a Maxwell wide after the bowler had fired it down after seeing Stokes come down the wicket at him. Perhaps a bit of a missed stumping chance, if you're being really harsh. Stokes has managed just two singles from the eight deliveries he's faced since reaching 50. Tough to know whether he and Ballance need to stick or twist here, knowing eight wickets are still in the hutch and Morgan is waiting to get in.


    Over 30 - England 174/2 (Stokes 52, Ballance 11)

    Stokes has a word with himself, and seemingly the bowler, when he twice misses deliveries from Faulkner. Like the fact he's seemingly an angry young man, though he's also a poor judge of a single. He calls Ballance through for a single that was never on to cover, giving it up halfway down knowing that if Coulter-Nile's throw is on target at the bowler's end he's gone. It misses - Stokes survives.

  • Over 29 - England 172/2 (Stokes 51, Ballance 11)

    Stokes goes through to his maiden ODI half-century in superb fashion, launching Maxwell way back at long-on for six. FYI - the average first innings score at the WACA in the last 10 one-dayers at the venue is 227. England will be wanting something with a 'three' in front of it by the time they've had their full 50 overs.


    Over 28 - England 163/2 (Stokes 44, Ballance 10)

    Some good repair work done by Faulkner, leaking just a pair of runs from his third over after his first two had gone for 21. Stokes continues to look like Bradman at one minute and then clueless the next. A lot of runs coming via edges down to third man, though he's also hit four boundaries.


    Over 27 - England 161/2 (Stokes 43, Ballance 9)

    Stokes' eyes light up when Maxwell drops in an absolute long hop, allowing the left-hander to rock back and deposit a pull to deep mid-wicket for four, just the second boundary off the spinner today. Still, even with seven coming from the over the Million Dollar Man has still only gone for 25 off his seven. He and Christian have now combined for 10, though they may be used more by Bailey considering the frontline seamers have proved expensive.


    Over 26 - England 154/2 (Stokes 37, Ballance 8)

    Ballance starts the Christian over by scooping the medium-pacer into the deep at mid-wicket for a couple. Cameras pan to the England balcony with Eoin Morgan sitting there waiting with his pads on. Six from the 26th as England pass 150.


    Over 25 - England 148/2 (Stokes 35, Ballance 4)

    A single apiece for the two young England batsmen - Maxwell now through six overs at a cost of 18 runs, plus he has the wicket of Alastair Cook to his name. Expect apoplectic rage in the Sky Sports commentary box at the spinner 'getting away with it again'...


    Over 24 - England 146/2 (Stokes 34, Ballance 3)

    England continue the policy of belting the frontline bowlers to all part of the WACA while making the all-rounder duo of Maxwell and Christian look like Murali and Waqar Younis respectively.


    Over 23 - England 140/2 (Stokes 33, Ballance 2)

    More good work from Maxwell; he leaks just the three runs, Stokes getting two of them with a back-foot drive that is wide enough of the left-handed Johnson out at long-off to allow the England batsmen to come back for an extra run. Projected score total: 309.


    Over 22 - England 139/2 (Stokes 31, Ballance 1)

    Bit surprising to see Gary Ballance in at four, England leaving Eoin Morgan to later on. The new man gets off the mark from his second delivery, driving confidently out to the man at deep point. Christian becomes the sixth bowler to be used by Australia today. Bailey now to turn back to his best so far - Glenn Maxwell.

  • WICKET! Bell c Faulkner b Christian 55

    Bell gone, and in disappointing fashion, too. He'd failed to notice that the fine leg had been moved inside the circle for Dan Christian's first over, duly flicking a leg-side freebie straight to that man. James Faulkner doesn't have to move to take the catch and send Bell on his way for yet another score between 50 and 99 in one-day cricket for England.


    Over 21 - England 134/1 (Bell 53, Stokes 30)

    DROPPED! Bell gets away with an attempt to guide Johnson over the top of the solitary slip, his shot evading the grasp of Marsh in the catching position. Looked like the fielder was late on it, despite Bell's best efforts to steer the delivery straight to him. DROPPED AGAIN! And it's Marsh again! This time he's diving low to his left off Stokes, but is unable to cling on with one hand. It would have been the perfect riposte from Johnson too, having been whipped away through backward square leg for four from the ball before.


    Over 20 - England 125/1 (Bell 52, Stokes 22)

    Little confusion with the running when Bell knocks one towards backward point but Stokes sends him back. There's confusion in the field, too, when Bell splices a drive high out towards the man at deep point. However, the fielder's a few yards off the rope, allowing the ball to go over him for four. The boundary takes Bell through to his half-century from 47 deliveries. It's his 29th 50 in his 139th ODI.


    Over 19 - England 120/1 (Bell 48, Stokes 21)

    Johnson was awarded the Allan Border Medal at the start of the week, pipping captain Michael Clarke and Brad Haddin to the honour. Pretty impressive work considering he didn't even make an Ashes appearance during the last English summer. He nearly adds some points to his 2014 tally when Stokes nicks him towards first slip, only to see the ball drop comfortably short of Marsh. As ever, Smith at second slip was diving for a catch that wasn't his. Stokes finishes the over in better fashion, driving square of the wicket for a comfortable three.


    Over 18 - England 115/1 (Bell 48, Stokes 16)

    It looks like being another relatively quiet over for England until Bell lamps Coulter-Nile over wide mid-off for his eighth boundary of the day. At this current rate the tourists are heading for a total over 300, and they might need all of them. Maxwell coming out of the attack, allowing Mitchell minus the moustache to return.


    Over 17 - England 109/1 (Bell 43, Stokes 15)

    It's a bit block or hit from Stokes so far. He's respecting Maxwell, right up to the point where he attempts a reverse-sweep to a delivery that had he waited and watched, could have been swept in a conventional method. He ends up chopping it off a bottom edge past wicketkeeper Wade for one of the two singles in the last over before the drinks break at the WACA.


    Over 16 - England 107/1 (Bell 42, Stokes 14)

    Coulter-Nile back on. His third delivery of his third over beats Stokes all ends up, turning the left-hander right around as it hit the seam and moved away. He doesn't look much better when trying to work the fifth delivery through mid-wicket, instead getting a leading edge over the top of point for a single.


    Over 15 - England 106/1 (Bell 42, Stokes 13)

    Another good over from Maxwell, giving up just the four runs. Problem for Australia, though, is that England don't have to take too many risks against the spinner when the seamers are disappearing around the park.


    Over 14 - England 102/1 (Bell 41, Stokes 10)

    Bell's timing it so well today that he even gets four from a leading edge that goes down the ground when he was actually aiming to hit Pattinson through mid-wicket again. Captain Bailey places two slips when Stokes is on strike, though his bowler doesn't help him out by drifting down leg. The over ends with a firm drive down the pitch from Stokes, getting a boundary that brings up England's century. First 50 took 47 deliveries, second a mere 37.


    Over 13 - England 91/1 (Bell 36, Stokes 4)

    Good start from Stokes, sweeping Maxwell away powerfully backward of square leg for four from the third ball he faced. Still, just the boundary from the second over of spin. Maxwell now has 1-7 from his 12 deliveries.

  • WICKET! Cook b Maxwell 44

    Cook's bowled off an inside edge for 44 when aiming to launch Maxwell somewhere over the rope at mid-wicket with a slog-sweep. Excellent start, but again England's skipper falls without making a big score.


    Over 12 - England 87/0 (Cook 44, Bell 36)

    Pattinson proving costly. Bell nicks his first ball back wide of the diving Shaun Marsh, who is the only slip in position. There's much more certainty when he's gifted a half-volley on his toes, allowing him to clip the seamer away in the air through mid-wicket for four more. That opening 10 overs was comfortably England's best of the series so far - they were 28-2 in Melbourne, 52-0 in Brisbane and then managed 53-1 at the SCG last weekend.


    Over 11 - England 76/0 (Cook 43, Bell 27)

    With the fielding restrictions now relaxed we're into that period where singles become the main basis of the diet. Bell pulls powerfully out of the reach of mid-wicket but still only gets one for it, the England openers refusing to take on Mitchell Johnson's arm. Pattinson to return for a second spell at the other end, Coulter-Nile's first two overs having cost 22.


    Over 10 - England 73/0 (Cook 42, Bell 25)

    Cook pulls Coulter-Nile away and just out of the reach of a leaping Dan Christian at square leg. Timed it well enough to send it all the way out to the rope. The over ends with another aerial blow down the ground from England's captain; tourists have now scored 43 runs from the last 24 deliveries in this innings. Superb powerplay, with Australia now responding by putting the spin of Glenn Maxwell.


    Over 9 - England 65/0 (Cook 34, Bell 25)

    Bell now the aggressor, lofting Faulkner twice back over his head in successive deliveries at the end of the over. The first sounds a little tinny off the bat, but the next is right out of the sweet spot. England racing along here - good pitch, good outfield and a baking hot day. All the conditions you want for putting a big score on the board.


    Over 8 - England 55/0 (Cook 33, Bell 16)

    Okay, who had three deliveries for the length of time into his commentary stint that Nick Knight would ask himself the first question that he would then immediately answer? He enthuses about a pair of cut shots from Cook, who then also finishes an expensive first over from Nathan Coulter-Nile by driving on the up past a diving extra cover. The second of those three successive boundaries brings up England's half-century.


    Over 7 - England 41/0 (Cook 21, Bell 15)

    Cook gets a couple for a pull shot that sees new Australia skipper George Bailey nearly take a tumble as he goes to throw the ball in. He's had a dodgy back of late, but still sees the funny side of things after just about retaining his balance. Of course he's smiling, the man never stops with the grin. Cook makes sure he doesn't have to bother chasing the next one, nailing the same shot out of the screws. He also lifts a short delivery from Faulkner over the head of deep square leg, making it 11 from the over.


    Over 6 - England 30/0 (Cook 11, Bell 15)

    After four dots, Bell ends the over with two aerial shots to net six runs. He gets four when he goes with the swing and lofts Pattinson over the top of point, then a couple with another chip down the ground that again barely bounces onwards after hitting the turf. Change in the attack now for the home team - James Faulkner on for fellow leftie Johnson.


    Over 5 - England 24/0 (Cook 11, Bell 9)

    Bell doesn't try to hit a cover drive too hard, instead using his hands to lift it high over the head of the infield for three comfortable runs. Ball plugs in the deep, much like I wish my chipping onto the greens would do when I'm on the golf course. Cook nets his first boundary in similar fashion to Bell, only his top edge over the slips comes when he tries to cut Johnson. Good over for England.


    Over 4 - England 15/0 (Cook 5, Bell 6)

    England's first boundary comes with some serious attacking intent from Bell, albeit that his desire to drive Pattinson after charging down the wicket results in a thick edge flying past second slip and away to the fence at third man.


    Over 3 - England 9/0 (Cook 4, Bell 1)

    A single apiece to England's two openers off Johnson's second over. More sloppy work from Coulter-Nile in the deep, this time his throw missing both the stumps and the wicketkeeper. Smith, though, is sharp at cover to dive and stop a Bell drive off the front foot.


    Over 2 - England 7/0 (Cook 3, Bell 0)

    James Pattinson sends down a 10-ball over, England failing to get a run off the bat but still picking up four runs thanks to four wides, yes FOUR wides, from the seamer. Cook nearly chips the fifth legal delivery to mid-on, the check drive fortunately falling short of the fielder. There's swing for Pattinson, it's just he's having trouble controlling it.


    Over 1 - England 3/0 (Cook 3, Bell 0)

    Mitchell Johnson to open up - the conditions should aid his away swing to the left-handed Cook, and the second ball of the match duly beats the England captain outside his off stick. A straighter delivery next up allows Cook to get off the mark, with a direct hit from the deep turning one into three thanks to a couple of BUZZERS!


    Pitch report

    Looks almost white and good for batting, but the breeze is blowing to aid the swing with the new ball.

  • Toss

    The news from the middle is that Michael Clarke, sorry, George Bailey has won the toss and decided to stick England in (so they yet again bat first in this series). As well as no Clarke, Brad Haddin and David Warner are missing for the hosts. Shaun Marsh will move up to open, Matthew Wade will keep and bat three while Steve Smith gets a go at number five in the batting order. Dan Christian retains his place from the side that won so comfortably in Sydney on Sunday.



    Hello and welcome to coverage of the fourth match of the one-day series. The tour of doom continues in Perth, with a day match at the WACA