• WICKET! Coulter-Nile lbw Stokes 16

    The pressure tells on Coulter-Nile. After getting a little frustrated as he can't get a plethora of full, straight deliveries from Stokes away, he swings across the line at another to be trapped lbw. That might have been even more out than Bailey's earlier in the innings.


    Over 40 - Australia 233/7 (Coulter-Nile 15, Faulkner 8)

    This is the calm before the storm - Australia dealing in ones and the odd two, England just happy with every dot ball that comes along. Building up to a tremendous finish to the contest. Doesn't look like Morgan will be on the park for the end of it, though, as Michael Carberry comes on as a substitute fielder. England at this stage in their innings were 196-5.


    Over 39 - Australia 228/7 (Coulter-Nile 13, Faulkner 5)

    Another run out chance goes begging! Morgan has the opportunity to hit the stumps but misses, then hobbles around like someone standing on marbles as his calf gives him some trouble. Let's hope that is cramp, otherwise he's got to be doubtful for game three on Sunday. Stokes gives up a run, a wide and a leg bye. Equation getting slightly tougher now for the hosts - it's at 72 from the final 66 deliveries.


    Over 38 - Australia 225/7 (Coulter-Nile 13, Faulkner 3)

    Rumour that Rankin now has a tight hamstring, meaning he may not yet be able to send down his final three overs. Bopara back into the attack now after just one over previously. His second leaks just three singles, one of which could've seen Coulter-Nile run out for a second time had the bowler's throw to wicketkeeper Buttler been better. Stokes now back on - Australia need another 76 to win from 72 balls.


    Over 37 - Australia 220/7 (Coulter-Nile 12, Faulkner 2)

    Coulter-Nile changes bat mid-over, then duly uses the new one to hit the first six of the Australia chase. It's actually quite high on the stick, but still has plenty on it to go over the head of the fielder at deep backward square leg. Poor over from Bresnan, leaks 12 runs to end the batting powerplay on a positive note for the Aussies. Requirement now at 79 off 78.


    Over 36 - Australia 210/7 (Coulter-Nile 1, Faulkner 1)

    Coulter-Nile and Faulkner still pose a serious threat to England...and then there's Mitchell waiting with his pads on in the pavilion. Jordan now has figures of 2-53 from nine overs, while Rankine has three left and Bresnan four. Stokes and Bopara will still have some work to do with the ball. Australia need a further 91 runs from the remaining 84 deliveries.


    Over 35 - Australia 206/7 (Coulter-Nile 0, Faulkner 0)

    Hard to see how that isn't the over that puts this game within England's grasp. Australia had them on the back foot at 200-5, but in the space of six deliveries they've lost both well-set batsmen. Coulter-Nile could've been run out in the over too, only Bopara couldn't cling on to the ball at the bowler's end as Bresnan hurtling in his direction saw him take his eye off it.

  • WICKET! Maxwell c Bopara b Bresnan 54

    Two in the over! Having almost reverse pulled Bresnan off the front foot over short third man for four, Maxwell then perishes trying to play the usual version of the shot. He doesn't get hold of it cleanly, presenting Bopara with a comfortable catch just above his head at mid-wicket. Massive double strike from BresiLad.

  • WICKET! Haddin c Cook b Bresnan 26

    Haddin tries to repeat that cross-batted swipe over cover that he played in the last over off Jordan, only this time the ball from Bresnan is too close to his body. All he ends up doing is helping it up in the air towards mid-off, where captain Cook steadies himself to cling on. Big wicket for England and their skipper shows that with his reaction.


    Over 34 - Australia 200/5 (Maxwell 49, Haddin 26)

    Haddin finally gets his first boundary, stepping back and slapping a short delivery from Jordan over the top of the three men inside the circle on the off side. He makes it two-in-two when driving over the top of cover to follow. A leg bye off the last delivery takes the total to 200 and also makes it the highest sixth-wicket stand for Australia in ODI action at the Gabba, beating the 79 put on by Steve Waugh and Greg Matthews against India back in 1986.


    Over 33 - Australia 188/5 (Maxwell 49, Haddin 15)

    Maxwell the danger for England, a full toss from Bresnan being swept away past the short fine leg for another four. He's now at 49 from a mere 35 deliveries. Australia have now made 39 runs from the last four overs.


    Over 32 - Australia 178/5 (Maxwell 42, Haddin 12)

    Getting a little loose from England. Bopara starts off with two early wides, then Bell's long barrier wouldn't stop a beach ball at cover, allowing a gift of a single to Haddin. It puts Maxwell on strike, and he duly feasts on a short delivery to cut it away for four more. Hosts need another 123 from 18 overs, the next five of which will be during the batting powerplay. Massive moment in the match.


    Over 31 - Australia 171/5 (Maxwell 38, Haddin 11)

    The half-century stand comes up in emphatic fashion, Maxwell taking a step down the pitch and then slamming a short ball from Jordan over the top of cover. That was the kind of smash you'd more likely see on the courts in Melbourne currently. The boundary helps bring nine from the over, making it 22 from the last two. Cook takes Root off with one over to go, instead giving Ravi Bopara a belated chance to turn his arm over. He took 4-3 in 17 balls in the tour fixture on Tuesday.


    Over 30 - Australia 162/5 (Maxwell 32, Haddin 11)

    Maxwell's had enough of just getting singles off Root's bowling. He starts the spinner's ninth over with three successive boundaries, all of them via the reverse sweep. The first two are struckly firmly from around the wicket, but when the bowler changes the angle Maxwell cleverly uses the pace on offer to deflect it away fine. 13 from the over in total.


    Over 29 - Australia 149/5 (Maxwell 19, Haddin 11)

    Jordan too short in the over - six runs in the over mainly come off the back foot and onto the leg side. Speculation on commentary over who might get a chance to play in this Australia batting line-up if Bailey is unable to play in the near future. Greg Blewett admits he was a little surprised that Steve Smith didn't get a call-up once Shane Watson was rested. Callum Ferguson another perennial contender for a spot in the top six.


    Over 28 - Australia 142/5 (Maxwell 18, Haddin 5)

    News update on Morgan. England have revealed he has a tight calf, but they expect him to return to the field of play shortly. Meanwhile, out in the middle, Root continues to rush through overs. Cook now seemingly certain to get 10 out of his part-time spinner. Always handy to have a second string to your bow, gives you a second chance to make an impact on proceedings. And boy, after his recent batting exploits, Root needed to make an impact.


    Over 27 - Australia 139/5 (Maxwell 17, Haddin 3)

    Good batting from Maxwell - he picks up two with a nudge into mid-wicket, then gets the same outcome when driving on the up past the man inside the circle at extra cover. While he's ticking along quite nicely, Haddin has yet to get going in this innings. Still, Australia are ahead of England at the comparative stages. Another 162 required from 23 overs, with a batting powerplay still up their sleeve.


    Over 26 - Australia 131/5 (Maxwell 11, Haddin 2)

    Maxwell is a man with a big reputation, and he gives a glimpse as to just why he was a million dollar man in the Indian Premier League with a classy reverse sweep over the head of point for four. That is the first time Root - who is now through seven overs and has figures of 2-29 - has been hit to the fence. At this stage of their innings England were 119-3. Rankin off - Chris Jordan back on to replace his fellow seamer.


    Over 25 - Australia 125/5 (Maxwell 6, Haddin 1)

    Good wheels from Rankin to finish the over, while it's short in length it's too quick for Haddin's intended cut shot. Didn't just surprise the batsman either, as Buttler can't cling on behind the stumps. Required run-rate now pushes above seven for the first time in this run chase. Eoin Morgan heading off the field for some reason, worrying that it was a slow walk, too.


    Over 24 - Australia 123/5 (Maxwell 5, Haddin 1)

    Three singles off the latest Root over - no spin for him in the slightest, but from around the wicket he's cramping the right-handers for room. Australia need a further 178 runs from the remaining 26 overs but still have plenty of batting to come. Rankin to continue...


    Over 23 - Australia 121/5 (Maxwell 4, Haddin 0)

    Replays show that lbw appeal was taking middle stick full out. More plum than plum jam in the middle of plum season.

  • WICKET! Bailey lbw Rankin 24

    Two in two overs for England. Rankin is full again, only this time Bailey's played all around it. Bang in front of middle and leg, the umpire can be in little doubt that was heading for the stumps. George isn't smiling for once as he hobbles off the field. Here comes the king of the rescue act - Brad Haddin.


    Over 22 - Australia 117/4 (Bailey 23, Maxwell 1)

    Bailey only gets two from a cut shot off the final ball of the over, should've been three but he's simply unable to push the pace. Root now has 2-19 from his five overs, matching Glenn Maxwell's earlier efforts with the ball for Australia. Maxwell now has work to do with the bat, and he's off and running immediately with a single. Rankin to continue - still no sight of Ravi Bopara in the attack.

  • WICKET! Marsh b Root 55

    Root's done it again! Marsh gives himself a bit of room to cut something short, only for the ball to keep on coming in at him. In the end he misses it, allowing the delivery to arc in and clip the top of off stump. He's on his way for a well-made 55.


    Over 21 - Australia 111/3 (Marsh 54, Bailey 19)

    Rankin drafted back into the attack - his first four overs cost 24. There's seven off his fifth without a boundary included in it, Bailey turning the first two deliveries backward of square leg for a pair of runs. He's scampering along despite his obvious injury - remember he is also Australia's skipper in twenty20 cricket, with a three-match series still to come.


    Over 20 - Australia 104/3 (Marsh 53, Bailey 13)

    At this stage of their innings, England were 90-3. Shows what an astonishing job Morgan and Buttler did that Australia still require another 197 runs here at a tad over 6.5 an over. Root doing a solid job for his skipper; now through four overs at a cost of 13 runs, plus he picked up that crucial wicket of Michael Clarke with his fifth delivery. Always thought bowling was his strongest suit...

  • Over 19 - Australia 100/3 (Marsh 51, Bailey 11)

    Half-century for Marsh - it's come off 60 balls and is his ninth 50 in one-day action for his country. He's helped to reach the landmark by a long half-volley from Stokes that gets pushed away past mid-off for four. The Durham all-rounder has now leaked four boundaries in as many overs. A wide in his latest one helps Australia reach three figures.


    Over 18 - Australia 90/3 (Marsh 43, Bailey 10)

    Just two runs from the Root over, and one of those is a leg bye. What chance young Joe bats nine at the next ODI on Sunday?


    Over 17 - Australia 88/3 (Marsh 42, Bailey 10)

    Stokes comes back on but again serves up something that can be hit, Marsh slapping away a long hop in between the two men at point and a deep-lying gully. That's Australia's 10th four of this innings. Bailey definitely gone in the fetlock - leg-muscle injury seeing him hobble along for a single to finish the over.


    Over 16 - Australia 80/3 (Marsh 36, Bailey 8)

    Bailey has a problem here. He was stretching earlier in the day whilst fielding, and now he's laboured in his running when coming back for an easy second. The physio is coming on as we take drinks at the Gabba. Australia are labouring a little themselves, but still have time to get this run chase back on track.


    Over 15 - Australia 76/3 (Marsh 35, Bailey 5)

    England lose their review when trying to overturn a not out decision against Marsh. The ball from Bresnan was full and straight and swinging in, but replays show it pitched a fraction outside leg stick. Marsh survives and the tourists can't ask for help with any further decisions in this match.


    Over 14 - Australia 71/3 (Marsh 34, Bailey 1)

    George Bailey in at five and immediately off the mark, working Root down the pitch for a long single. Still, what a bowling change from captain Cook. The angle around the wicket was the key, Clarke charging but the ball was sliding away from his bat.

  • WICKET! Clarke c Ballance b Root 18

    Root strikes with his fifth ball, Clarke coming down the pitch to the part-time off-spinner but only slicing a drive to the welcoming hands of Ballance at extra cover.


    Over 13 - Australia 67/2 (Marsh 31, Clarke 17)

    Michael Clarke only, ONLY, has a highest ODI score at this venue of 58. He does, though, average 103 at the Gabba in Test cricket. He milks three of the four runs to come from the second Bresnan over. The run-rate climbs a little more in the process, but the key for Australia right now is to get a partnership established. Plenty of batting down the order with the return of Johnson together with Coulter-Nile and Faulkner. England to now take the pace off the ball - Root on in place of Stokes.


    Over 12 - Australia 63/2 (Marsh 29, Clarke 15)

    And so now, with the field relaxed, comes the period in the game where both teams seem content with singles. Sun just about disappeared with the Gabba - was a thought earlier in the day that the white ball might slip onto the bat a little quicker in the second innings.


    Over 11 - Australia 60/2 (Marsh 28, Clarke 13)

    Chance goes begging in the field for England, hesitation between Clarke and Marsh leaving the latter in trouble. A direct hit from Bell at cover and Australia would have been three down. That was almost an identical position that Bell himself was run out by Clarke earlier in the day. Hosts need another 241 runs.


    Over 10 - Australia 57/2 (Marsh 27, Clarke 11)

    Double change for England - Stokes on. He starts with a leg-side half-volley, allowing Marsh to get another easy four. England making life very comfortable for Australia's recalled number three. The last ball is another freebie, banged in far too short. It gets the treatment it deserves and the final over of the powerplay leaks eight.


    Over 9 - Australia 49/2 (Marsh 19, Clarke 11)

    Change in the attack - Bresnan takes over from Big Boyd. There's a half-hearted appeal for a catch down leg, but the ball brushed Marsh's thigh pad, not bat. There's definitely contact with the willow on the next delivery, the left-hander pulling away emphatically through mid-wicket for four. Australia have already found the rope on seven occasions in this run chase.


    Over 8 - Australia 44/2 (Marsh 14, Clarke 11)

    Jordan too short to Clarke on two occasions, both resulting in Australia's captain getting boundaries, The first of them comes courtesy of a pull shot comfortably in front of square, while he sends the fifth ball to the point fence with tremendous power. 10 from the over.


    Over 7 - Australia 34/2 (Marsh 14, Clarke 1)

    With Warner gone, Cook can keep Rankin on. Big Boyd rewards him by giving away just two runs from his fourth over, repairing his figures a little after taking some early stick. Australia need a further 267 at 6.2 runs an over.


    Over 6 - Australia 32/2 (Marsh 13, Clarke 0)

    So just as Ballance has made amends for his drop at mid-off at the MCG, so too now has Jordan. He put down a remarkably similar chance in that first game off Warner, but this time he clung on with just one hand. England have removed both of Australia's dangerous openers inside six overs.

  • WICKET! Warner c & b Jordan 18

    WHAT. A. CATCH! Warner goes on the drive again, smacking Jordan in the air at about shoulder height. Somehow the bowler reacts quickly to stick out his right hand, and somehow the ball manages to stick in it! Huge wicket for England.


    Over 5 - Australia 31/1 (Warner 18, Marsh 12)

    Yet more floaty half-volleys from Rankin - this time Marsh cashes in, crunching a drive on one knee through the covers. A quick single - a risky business for Marsh, who has hamstrings made of stringy cheese - puts Warner on strike for the last, allowing his fellow left-hander to hammer Big Boyd back over his head for four. That's now three overs for 22 for the Irishman - does he make it through to the end of this tour? Safe to say the barrage of beanpole pacemen England picked to tour Australia haven't quite had the desired results.


    Over 4 - Australia 19/1 (Warner 11, Marsh 7)

    Warner starts the over by whacking Jordan down the ground for four - brutal blow, perfectly dissecting the gap in between the bowler and the wide mid-off. Still, after leaking five from the first two deliveries, Jordan finishes the over with four dots to the less aggressive Marsh.


    Over 3 - Australia 14/1 (Warner 6, Marsh 7)

    Rankin just running up and floating it up there on too many occasions, and on one of them Marsh hammers him away with a square drive for four. Better when he's a yard shorter and hitting the surface harder, but he's been knocked off his natural length on this tour and has lost a little confidence, clearly.


    Over 2 - Australia 9/1 (Warner 6, Marsh 3)

    Marsh gets a lovely sighter to start with, Jordan offering him up a long half-volley outside off that is driven away towards the extra cover fence for three. Still, excellent start from both Jordan and England.

  • WICKET! Finch c Ballance b Jordan 0

    After a false start when running in for the first time, Chris Jordan makes an early breakthrough for England. Finch goes on the drive again, just as he did in Melbourne, but doesn't get it high enough to clear Gary Ballance, who just like at the MCG is the man in the firing line. This time, though, he doesn't shell the opportunity, instead sticking up his right hand and holding on with a minimum of fuss.


    So can England finally get an international win on this tour of hell? Feel free to let me know your thoughts, or explain to me why James Tredwell can't seem to get a game, via email to Rob.Lancaster@bskyb.com. Alternatively, send a tweet to @SkySportsLanny


    Over 1 - Australia 5/0 (Warner 5, Finch 0)

    Highest score chased down at the Gabba is 281, achieved by a Brian Lara-inspired West Indies back in 1997. Australia make a good start in their pursuit of 301, Warner hitting the first delivery through straight cover off the back foot for a couple, then whipping Rankin away through square leg for three. Finch pats back the first two deliveries he faces, meaning it stays at five from the over.


    Opening up

    England saw plenty of Finch and Warner at the MCG. Australia's openers are marching out to the middle now knowing they need 6.01 an over following that late adjustment.



    So it turns out England have made it to 300! On review, that Buttler blow down the ground has been changed to a six. Marsh knocked it back, but he had left the field of play to do so. The maximum means Jos actually got 49 runs, while the side finish with 300-8.


    Over 50 - England 296/8 (Bresnan 1, Jordan 2)

    So in the end England don't make 300. The loss of three late wickets left Chris Jordan on strike. After swinging and missing at his first three deliveries, he ends up clothing the last of the innings out to deep square leg. Bresnan chugs back for the second, albeit only just, to mean the score ends up at 296-8. The tourists made exactly 100 runs off the final 10 overs.

  • WICKET! Morgan c Clarke b Faulkner 106

    No late magic from Morgan, as he helps a low full toss from Faulkner to a back-pedalling Clarke at extra cover. He goes for 106 from 99 deliveries having hit six sixes and four fours.


    Over 49 - England 293/7 (Morgan 106, Bresnan 0)

    Morgan gets a single off the last to deep square leg to get himself the strike for the start of the final over of England's innings. Coulter-Nile finishes with figures of 2-54 having only bowled nine overs.

  • WICKET! Stokes c Maxwell b Coulter-Nile 0

    Stokes doesn't hang around, swinging the first delivery he faces straight out to the waiting Glenn Maxwell at deep mid-wicket. No harm, no foul. England now need to make sure Morgan gets the majority of the strike.

  • WICKET! Buttler c Clarke b Coulter-Nile 45

    Buttler's work is done with the bat, his attempt to heave Coulter-Nile out of the Gabba only resulting in him sending one spiralling up in the air towards mid-on. Clarke does superbly well to run in from his deep-lying position and take the catch, sliding forward on his stomach but still managing to hang on.


    Over 48 - England 288/5 (Morgan 103, Buttler 46)

    Buttler could, perhaps should, have hit Johnson for a straight six. The ball is sailing over but Marsh knocks it back whilst in mid-air. No doubt he was off the ground when he made contact, but he'd already put both feet out of play in order to do so. Not even Bumble's quite sure if that should be given as six or not! Still, Buttler remains on strike as they took two. He carves the next ball to mid-wicket for a couple more, then top-edges a wild swing over the head of the 'keeper. In total 11 come from the over, meaning Mitch minus the moustache finishes with 1-55.

  • Over 47 - England 276/5 (Morgan 103, Buttler 35)

    What a way to reach three figures! Morgan sees the bumper from Coulter-Nile (who seems to have a touch of the 'Big Boyds', going down with a nasty case of cramp) and ramps it way over the head of Haddin. His first 50 runs came from 70 deliveries, the next from a mere 24. That blow was his fourth four but he's astonishingly hit six sixes, five of them since reaching his half-century.


    Over 46 - England 268/5 (Morgan 97, Buttler 33)

    Morgan's on the march. Twice he launches Faulkner over the rope, firstly at square leg off a full toss and then to mid-wicket, the second blow almost making it into the second tier. Buttler finishes an expensive over by somehow manipulating a half-volley over the top of the cover fielder for four more, making it 18 from it. 300 is now less a possibility and more a certainty at this rate. Tremendous hitting from both these players.


    Over 45 - England 250/5 (Morgan 84, Buttler 28)

    DROPPED! Coulter-Nile calls for an up-and-under off his own bowling, Buttler just whacking one high into the Brisbane sky. He gets himself on the wrong side of it, then allows it to spill from his grasp. To rub salt in the wounds, Morgan whacks the final delivery of the over a long, long, long way back at long-off for six. He's made 29 from the last 11 deliveries he's faced - the last 50 English runs have taken just 27 balls and this pair have put on 73 from 48.


    Over 44 - England 241/5 (Morgan 77, Buttler 27)

    Morgan gets two to wide long-on at the start of the over to bring up the 50 stand - the milestone has been reached in just 36 deliveries. The left-hander then flays Faulkner over mid-wicket for a six (he seemed to only flick his wrists, and yet the ball still went about 10 rows back) and then nudges away a rank bad full toss past the short fine leg fielder for four more. There are two from the last delivery, easily taken out to backward square leg, making it 14 runs for a second successive over. 300 now a possibility.


    Over 43 - England 227/5 (Morgan 63, Buttler 26)

    Morgan takes Mitchell for six...over extra cover! Superb shot, sir! He gives himself a bit of room and then rather flat-bats a drive high over the rope, sweetly timed so it goes the distance. Buttler had already managed to find the fence in the over, clubbing a full delivery over mid-wicket, as 14 come from it. Johnson and McKay have one over left each, Coulter-Nile four and Faulkner (who is coming back on now) three.


    Over 42 - England 213/5 (Morgan 55, Buttler 20)

    McKay back! Does Clarke owe him a favour? Buttler gets two runs not once but twice with flicks backward of square on the leg side, then steps away from his stumps to launch the seamer high over extra cover for three more. He then goes back to working the ball to the other side of the field, meaning England make 10 runs from the over without ever managing a boundary.


    Over 41 - England 202/5 (Morgan 52, Buttler 10)

    Johnson leaks six from the over - he's now through eight with figures of 1-29. Root was his wicket, given out lbw despite the use of a system that shall now be known as 'Joe's review'. Tough call as to whether he or Shane Watson is the worst culprit at using the DRS system with dreadful results.

  • Over 40 - England 196/5 (Morgan 52, Buttler 8)

    Morgan beautifully places a drive wide of mid-off for two to get him through to 50. It's his 21st in ODI action for England and his second in as many matches in the series. In fact, he's managed four 50s in his last six one-day appearances at international level. Eight come from the last over of the batting powerplay - 34 from it in total with Bopara the wicket to go down, caught at mid-wicket off Faulkner. 10 to go - England on course for 270 again? Here's Mitchell minus the moustache back.


    Over 39 - England 188/5 (Morgan 48, Buttler 4)

    Sharp running to finish the over nets Buttler a couple out to deep square leg - shows he's not all crash, bang, wallop, delicately working Coulter-Nile into a gap. Four overs have seen 26 runs and a wicket. One more of them to go in the batting powerplay. Eight-an-over rate from here gets England to 276.


    Over 38 - England 183/5 (Morgan 47, Buttler 1)

    Buttler off the mark from the third ball he faces, a late cut getting him a single to third man. A successful Faulkner over looks set to give up just the one run, only for Morgan to use the crease well to manipulate the final delivery down to the third man boundary. That Bopara wicket came at a really poor time - England had taken 16 from the first two overs of the powerplay. Also rather sums up his game - ridiculously talented but prone to giving it away from time to time.

  • WICKET! Bopara c Bailey b Faulkner 24

    Having played so positively since arriving at the crease, Bopara gifts his wicket away in the end. Faulkner may have deceived him a little with something slower, but Ravi will be fuming at the fact he flicked the easiest of catches straight to Australia captain Clarke at mid-wicket. England send for the Buttler at number seven.


    Over 37 - England 178/4 (Morgan 42, Bopara 24)

    Looks like Coulter-Nile is going to get away it, only for Bopara to bash the fifth ball of the over for six. He takes a pace outside leg stump to allow him to cleanly strike the ball way over long-on. Catch taken in the crowd - saw far too many of those dropped during the opening one-dayer in Melbourne. Glad to see the spectators have been working hard on their fielding in Brisbane.


    Over 36 - England 170/4 (Morgan 41, Bopara 17)

    Bopara begins the five-over period of fielding restrictions in ideal fashion, under-edging a pull from Faulkner away past the fine leg fielder inside the circle. Four singles follow to make it a comfortable eight from the over. Crucial at this stage that England find the boundary once in each over.


    Over 35 - England 162/4 (Morgan 40, Bopara 11)

    I miss Steve Finn bringing out the drinks. He became so good at that job over the past four months. Coulter-Nile back on - he gives up five runs, two of them coming when Bopara deftly flicks backward of square leg with such touch he can call Morgan through for an extra run. Now it's time for the batting powerplay - England have Morgan and Bopara settled at the crease, so will look to cash in.


    Over 34 - England 157/4 (Morgan 39, Bopara 7)

    DRINKS in Brisbane. An inside edge probably saved Bopara right before the break, Faulkner having to stop his leg before appeal just as he was about to give it everything, like he was auditioning for The Voice.


    Over 33 - England 154/4 (Morgan 38, Bopara 5)

    Umpire Dharmasena misses a wide down leg but then does give one outside off. Bowler not happy, despite the fact it was outside those marks put down as a guideline for the officials. England at this current rate (4.67) will make 233. Eight an over from here to the finish gets 290. Johnson likely to be left his final three overs for around the batting powerplay. No shock to see McKay coming out of the firing line - Faulkner returns for what will be just his fourth over in proceedings so far.


    Over 32 - England 149/4 (Morgan 35, Bopara 4)

    McKay comes back on - and immediately gives away four from a leg-side delivery that Morgan tickles fine. Bopara also gets a boundary, easily driving the first delivery he faces straight down the ground. What a glorious way to start your work in the middle. Surprising to see Clarke turn back to the out-of-sorts seamer, McKay now has leaked 50 from eight overs.


    Over 31 - England 140/4 (Morgan 30, Bopara 0)

    Morgan avoids giving Johnson a maiden, deflecting the last delivery off his glove down on the leg side for a single. Batting power play coming up shortly - will be crucial in deciding just how many England set their opponents.


    Over 30 - England 139/4 (Morgan 29, Bopara 0)

    Morgan is going to get run out today. It just seems a certainty. A direct hit from Warner at backward point and he would've been out, despite the full-length dive. The same fielder then missed a chance off Bell straight after, allowing a cut shot to go right through him for four.

  • WICKET! Bell run out (Clarke) 68

    After Morgan escaped when Warner missed the stumps earlier in the over, Bell pays the price for thinking about taking on Clarke's arm from cover. He's sent back when looking for a cheeky single, but doesn't end up making his ground before the stumps are shattered. That means it's now 28 times that he's fallen between 50 and 99 in a one-day international.


    Over 29 - England 132/3 (Bell 63, Morgan 27)

    Johnson back on - Bell tries to give him a second wicket when hanging his bat in the air trying to lift a bouncer over the head of the wicketkeeper. Only a single to Morgan and a wide off the over. Are England suffering from deja vu here? Looks like they're heading for 270-280, which wasn't enough in Melbourne and doesn't look like being enough here at the Gabba.


    Over 28 - England 130/3 (Bell 63, Morgan 26)

    Another escape for an England batsman when backing up too far! After Clarke nearly had Morgan earlier in the day, Faulkner comes close to ending Bell's innings when he deflects a drive just past the sticks.


    Over 27 - England 127/3 (Bell 63, Morgan 23)

    SIX! The first of the match, too. Morgan not surprisingly the man to hit it, taking a stride down the wicket to launch McKay straight back over his head. Australia give away a run when Warner has a pointless shy at the stumps with only the stiff Bailey to back it up. No need to throw there at all, Bell had barely taken two paces out of his crease at the non-striker's end. A rather miffed McKay - who is clearly battling with his form - has now gone for 41 from his seven overs. Maxwell off now, Faulker returns. Australia have got through 12 overs out of spin twins Clarke and Maxwell.


    Over 26 - England 119/3 (Bell 62, Morgan 16)

    Maxwell now has figures of 2-31 from eight overs. That's why he's worth a million dollars people.


    Over 25 - England 116/3 (Bell 60, Morgan 15)

    A boundary! At last, a boundary! Bell gets the first of them since the 10th over, albeit with a top edge as he's deceived by a McKay slower delivery. It clears the head of wicketkeeper Haddin and dribbles away to the rope. Meanwhile, George Bailey seems to be struggling a little with something, constantly stretching on the ground in between deliveries.


    Over 24 - England 110/3 (Bell 55, Morgan 14)

    Maxwell continues. Not only does he make coffee at its best, but he also gets through some cheeky overs of spin for little cost. And at this stage I'm reminded that Australia spent most of the one-day series between the two teams in England trying to pump Tredwell out of each and every ground the games were played at. This fourth-wicket stand has now put on 32 from 41 deliveries.


    Over 23 - England 106/3 (Morgan 12, Bell 54)

    Morgan leading a charmed life when it comes to run outs today, again Clarke the man to almost account for him when Bell tells his batting partner he's not interested in a single inside the circle. Current England run-rate at 4.61

  • Over 22 - England 100/3 (Bell 50, Morgan 10)

    Bell reaches his half-century - it's his 28th in ODI cricket and hi seventh against Australia. He has, though, only made three tons in 50-over cricket for his country. England's total now also into three figures - Maxwell now has 2-25 from his six overs. Time for a change of pace, or a little bit of added pace. McKay returns to the attack in place of his skipper. Clarke just trying to work through his weaker bowlers as early as possible.


    Over 21 - England 95/3 (Bell 48, Morgan 7)

    Another five runs for England - Clarke now through four overs and has figures of 0/17. He and Maxwell will be through 10 overs after the next one from the all-rounder. And all this is doing is keeping overs in the bank for the likes of Johnson, Faulkner and Coulter-Nile later on, when the visitors are looking to lift the pace.


    Over 20 - England 90/3 (Bell 45, Morgan 5)

    Just like the last over, England get five from it. Unlike the last, there's no issues with numbers of men outside the circle. Tourists have managed 34 runs from the last 54 deliveries they've faced. Haven't mustered a boundary in 45 minutes.

  • Over 19 - England 85/3 (Bell 42, Morgan 3)

    Let-off for Morgan no.1; He would have been way out had Clarke managed to deflect a Bell drive back onto the stumps at the non-striker's end. Superb thinking from the Australia skipper. Let-off for Morgan no.2; Not such good work from Clarke when he forgets to move a man back inside the circle, allowing Morgan to take on a big shot knowing it's a no ball. He duly hits straight out to the man at deep mid-wicket, then coolly tells umpire Dharmasena he needs to count up how many are in the circle. Excellent thinking on his part, and Clarke soon stops celebrating and realises the error.


    Over 19 - England 80/3 (Bell 40, Morgan 1)

    Good captaincy from Clarke got that wicket of Ballance, who might well have made his ground had he not given up after taking a swing and a miss. England were 57 without loss and going at more than five-an-over. Now 80-3 and with a run-rate dropping rapidly towards four.

  • WICKET! Ballance st Haddin b Maxwell 9

    Haddin can even afford to fumble the ball before finally whipping off the bails with Ballance out of his crease. The left-hander had gone so far down the wicket aiming to launch Maxwell over mid-on, with the fielder there having come up inside the circle. That's two now for Maxwell and Nasser Hussain thinks England might now regret leaving out Tredwell. "It's gripping on this surface," he says.


    Over 18 - England 76/2 (Bell 39, Ballance 7)

    Clarke races through an over that only concedes a single, Ballance hitting the fielders (having previously said how well he gets the ball into gaps) before working one to square leg to keep the strike. England can ill-afford Australia's part-time spin pair to rattle through 10 overs for not many.


    Over 17 - England 75/2 (Bell 39, Ballance 6)

    One thing to notice about Ballance; very good at manipulating the bowling for singles. He pushes Maxwell into the gaps (and there are plenty) to help take five from the over.


    Over 15 - England 70/2 (Bell 37, Ballance 3)

    Six off the Clarke over, two of them from the last delivery when Bell decides to come back for a tight second. Time for DRINKS in Brisbane - England need to rebuild to a degree, but must realise no need to be too cautious with such a long batting line-up.


    Over 14 - England 64/2 (Bell 32, Ballance 1)

    And now we move into the milking period in one-day cricket, England happy to take singles off Maxwell and Australia more than happy to see their one and only spin option now have figures of 1-6 from two overs. Clarke's so happy with how the slow bowler has gone that's decided to stick himself on for an over. Johnson off having done his job by removing the walking wicket that is Joe Root.


    Over 13 - England 61/2 (Bell 31, Ballance 0)

    So Root's struggles continue. Find it hard to believe that we will see him again on this tour, really. Referral was used based on a query about height, but you've got to be pretty sure it's going over the top after being given out on the field.


    WICKET! Root lbw Johnson 2

    Bell gets a single off the first ball, not something Australia will mind too much as Mitch gets Root in his sights. Sure enough, it takes Johnson four balls to dismiss him. After twice nearly looping drives to the fielder, the young Yorkshireman is done by a delivery that swings back in at him and traps him on the back pad. Umpire Dharmasena agrees with the appeals, Root doesn't and uses up England's review (for the second successive ODI). Ball was clipping the top of middle and leg.


    Over 12 - England 59/1 (Root 2, Bell 30)

    Root gets off the mark with a flick off his boot down towards fine leg. Both bowler Maxwell and wicketkeeper Haddin got all excited for a moment, thinking they might have an lbw shout. They would too, but the batsman got his damned bat in the way. That's just not cricket, is it? Anyways, time for another spell from Johnson.

  • WICKET! Cook c & b Maxwell 22

    Cook seems a very mild-mannered man, but even he must be tempted to launch his bat in the changing room after being caught and bowled by the spin of Glenn Maxwell. In attempting to drive down the ground he hits it too close to the bowler, Maxwell taking a sharp return catch low to his right.


    Over 11 - England 56/0 (Cook 22, Bell 29)

    Faulkner into the attack. Didn't have the best of days in the opening match, but might now have some of the pressure taken off his shoulders in the closing stages of the innings with Johnson in the XI today. With the field relaxed now, England work four comfortable singles. This is the highest opening partnership for England in an ODI at the Gabba.


    Over 10 - England 52/0 (Cook 20, Bell 27)

    Bell goes aerial again, only this time he's got a lot more on a sliced drive that loops way over the top of the point fielder and away for four, despite this rather sluggish outfield. The next aerial blow is aimed much straighter, plugging in the turf like a pitching wedge. He could do with a seven iron, instead. McKay struggling a little, seemingly grunting, groaning and sometimes moaning after each delivery he sends down. And so ends the first powerplay, England's openers have recorded a half-century stand and set a solid platform to build a big score.


    Over 9 - England 45/0 (Cook 20, Bell 21)

    Bell bunts an attempt to loft Coulter-Nile over the top, fortunately seeing it loop over the head of the mid-off fielder to get him a single. It's the only run from the over. England have six more balls to make use of in the opening powerplay.


    Over 8 - England 44/0 (Cook 20, Bell 20)

    McKay looks to be working his way through a decent over, only to then ruin it all with a rank long hop to finish that allows Cook to get four with a swivel-pull to fine leg. That boundary takes the Essex batsman to 2,000 runs for England as captain. Only Andrew Strauss (2,367) sits above him on the list. Nasser Hussain in third.


    Over 7 - England 36/0 (Cook 13, Bell 19)

    A pair of threes, one to each batsmen and both coming through the cover region. Bell goes aerial for his, realising he'll have to run them when the ball pitches and plugs somewhat in a very green outfield. He's no need to run when Coulter-Nile sends a delivery down on his pads, whipping it away wide of mid-on for four more. All helps bring 12 from the over, lifting the run-rate to 5.14. Johnson to take a breather after three overs - as expected, McKay is coming back, albeit switching ends from his first spell.


    Over 6 - England 24/0 (Cook 10, Bell 10)

    Bell tries to go for the upper cut, resulting in a half-hearted appeal for a catch behind. There's a noise, but little interest really from behind the stumps. "If there's nothing from Brad Haddin, he hasn't hit it," says Bumble. That sums it up pretty perfectly - that man once appealed for a bowled decision when the wind blew the bails off. The right-hander looks much better when driving on the up, hitting Johnson over the top of cover for his first boundary. A single off the last means Bell keeps the strike, both openers now with 10 to their name.


    Over 5 - England 19/0 (Cook 10, Bell 5)

    Good start from Coulter-Nile, only giving three runs up in his opening over. Bell gets both of his with late cuts down to third man, while Cook's comes to fine leg. Scoreboard ticking over without too much early excitement.


    Over 4 - England 16/0 (Cook 9, Bell 3)

    Having sparred at the first delivery of the over and got away with it, captain Cook then flicks the next off his toes and away through square leg for England's first boundary of the day. Johnson's over takes a while to be completed, yet more trouble behind the sightscreen. Perhaps Stuart Broad spotted something from wherever he currently is in Australia (TEST MATCH JOKE). Early change into the attack for the hosts - McKay off, Coulter-Nile on.


    Over 3 - England 10/0 (Cook 4, Bell 2)

    A leg bye and a single to fine leg. That's all England can manage off the ever-accurate McKay. The run off the bat for Cook also means he has strike now for Mitchell the (no) Moustache.


    Over 2 - England 8/0 (Cook 3, Bell 2)

    Johnson's a little down on pace, only clocking in the high 80s. Perhaps he's just getting going. Radar is also a bit off to start with, giving away an extra with a wide that wicketkeeper Haddin takes almost in front of first slip. Still, ALASTAIR COOK IS STILL THERE (Should I type that after every over?)! He gets a pair of runs with a nice punch off the back foot through the covers. "Not as fast as the Test match pitch," mutters Bumble on commentary.


    Over 1 - England 5/0 (Cook 1, Bell 2)

    First over comes to an end...and ALASTAIR COOK IS STILL THERE! Well, that's an early plus for England and their skipper. It helped his cause that he nudged the first ball down to third man to get off the strike to Clint McKay. Bell works a wide delivery backward of square for two, meaning both openers are off the mark. So, at the other end for the Aussies, is a clean shaven Johnson. Let's see if he's still good without the moustache...



    Looks hard (and very white) and full of runs. They'll be bounce if you bend your back, but you'll also get full value for your shots.

  • Toss

    Michael Clarke not too fussed to be fielding first. "I think this is one of the best wickets in the world, both for Tests and one-day cricket," he says. "I'm not too bothered about whether I won the toss." Shane Watson is rested and Xavier Doherty left out - Shaun Marsh will be no.3 and some bloke called Mitchell Johnson is in to have a bowl.

  • Toss

    Alastair Cook called 'heads'...and he's correct. I bet he wishes that had been the case in the first Test back in November. England are going to have a bat. "We want a good score on the board," he tells Mark Nicholas. "We're unchanged. We had a good workout against the Prime Ministers XI but we want to give the guys the same chance. It's always nice to get a win."



    And welcome to coverage of the second ODI in the series between Australia and England. We're at the Gabba again. Ah, the last time England were in Brisbane they had high hopes for the Ashes ahead. What a difference a few months makes.