Over 7 - England 40/3 (Morgan 17, Buttler 0)

    Dropped! Badree finishes with 3-17 but it could - should - have been even better as the bowler gives Morgan a life. Badree is left holding his finger after putting down a waist-high chance, straight at him but travelling.

  • Lumb c Rampaul b Badree 18

    Badree strikes again! Not such a good ball this time, Lumb pulling a half-tracker to Rampaul on the square-leg boundary.


    Over 6 - England 36/2 (Lumb 18, Morgan 13)

    Spin at both ends as Sunil Narine comes into the attack. Morgan is down on one knee straight away, sweeping over his shoulder for four. Narine gets one to bounce more than expected and Morgan is beaten trying to cut. He got him out like that during the ODI series.


    Over 5 - England 31/2 (Lumb 17, Morgan 9)

    Badree to continue. Morgan reverse sweeps in the air and between two fielders for four. Had to be precise and was. Lumb has to scamper after being called through for a single by his partner.


    Over 4 - England 24/2 (Lumb 16, Morgan 4)

    Rampaul is running through his slower-ball variations. The over's going well until he offers Lumb too much width and is carved over point for four.


    Over 3 - England 17/2 (Lumb 9, Morgan 4)

    Morgan cuts at and misses the hat-trick delivery before pulling the final ball of Badree's over behind square for four. Badree is not turning it, more over-spin than side spin. It's his pace through the air that did for both Hales and Wright.

  • Wright st Ramdin b Badree 0

    Luke Wright has a big swing at his first ball, misses and Ramdin whips off the bails. Wright had dragged his back foot out of the crease and failed to get it back in time. TV umpire confirms the dismissal. Wright's poor tour continues and Badree is on a hat-trick...

  • Hales st Ramdin b Badree 3

    Hales is stumped after giving Badree the charge. The bowler saw him coming and pushed it through past the outside edge much quicker. Wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin did the rest with the batsman stranded.


    Over 2 - England 11/0 (Lumb 8, Hales 2)

    Lumb pulls the first ball he sees from Ravi Rampaul, a short one, for four. Rampaul responds by passing left-hander Lumb's outside edge with an off-cutter. Rampaul is very interested in an lbw shout after shaping the next one back at Lumb. Umpire Wilson unmoved and replays show there was an inside edge. Lumb carves another four down to third-man after being offered width.


    Over 1 - England 2/0 (Lumb 0, Hales 1)

    Badree, a 33-year-old leg-spinner, takes the new ball. This is not a new tactic from West Indies, he does it for Trinidad and Tobago in domestic cricket. He's renowned for bowling wicket to wicket. Lumb gets off strike via a leg bye and his opening partner Alex Hales opens his account with a tap-and-run single to mid-off.

  • The chase is on

    West Indies didn't quite make the most of a flying start from openers Smith and Gayle, allowing Tredwell and Bopara to pull things back for England in the middle overs. Samuels' 69 not out saw the home side through to what Bumble says is a "decent score but not out of reach." Just a quick 20-minute break to allow England's openers to get their pads on...


    Over 20 - West Indies 170/3 (Samuels 69, Russell 24)

    Dernbach takes the final over (meaning Broad's only bowled two in the innings). This time the Surrey seamer gets his yorkers right on target, full and straight. No sign of a slower ball. West Indies limited to five singles.


    Over 19 - West Indies 165/3 (Samuels 67, Russell 21)

    Bresnan gets a few yorkers in before Russell swings himself off his feet to launch a six over point, taking advantage of too much width. The last ball of Bresnan's spell (0-36) goes for four, Samuels flicking it off his pads down to fine-leg to complete the half-century stand from 28 balls. His figures don't suggest it, but Bresnan's bowled well.


    Over 18 - West Indies 152/3 (Samuels 63, Russell 13)

    Dernbach back on for the final two overs from this end. Dropped! Samuels is given a life by Tredwell at extra cover, hit hard but waist height and straight at him. Samuels takes full advantage, hitting each of the next five deliveries for four! Dernbach keeps getting his yorker wrong and Samuels lights him up through the off-side, completing a 37-ball half-century (6x4, 1x6) along the way.


    Over 17 - West Indies 132/3 (Samuels 43, Russell 13)

    Russell collects a couple of fours during Bresnan's over, the first a smear down the ground, the second a thick inside edge that runs away on the quick 'inverted saucer' outfield. Bresnan responds with a couple of decent yorkers, not something you see everyday with this England team.


    Over 16 - West Indies 122/3 (Samuels 42, Russell 4)

    Broad is back into the attack for his second spell (the first lasted one over and cost 19 runs). Samuels cuts for four, just out of the reach of a diving Eoin Morgan at backward point. Broad responds well, beating Samuels outside off-stump and keeping it to just singles for the remainder of the over. Average first-innings score in T20 internationals on this ground is 160.


    Over 15 - West Indies 115/3 (Samuels 37, Russell 2)

    Andre Russell is the new batsman, another power hitter. He is off the mark with an edged single to third-man for a single. Bopara finishes with figures of 2-23 from his four overs. England have pulled things back well after West Indies' Smith/Gayle flier.

  • Simmons c Lumb b Bopara 2

    Simmons pulls a short ball from Bopara to Lumb moving to his left on the straight midwicket boundary. Just didn't get enough bat on it.


    Over 14 - West Indies 111/2 (Samuels 35, Simmons 3)

    Tredwell completes figures of 1-16 for four overs, including 15 dot balls. In the context of the pitch and the batsmen he was up against, that is an outstanding spell.


    Over 13 - West Indies 109/2 (Samuels 34, Simmons 2)

    Stokes returns for a second spell. Samuels takes up the baton after Gayle's exit, driving back down the ground for a one-bounce four, swinging a six to midwicket to bring up West Indies' 100 and then cutting the next one for four more behind square on the off-side. Good hustle turns one into two from the final ball to make it 19 runs from the over.


    Over 12 - West Indies 90/2 (Samuels 16, Simmons 1)

    Gayle didn't seem too happy with the decision, the only thing could have been an inside edge (replays didn't suggest there was) because that was hitting middle. New batsman Lendl Simmons is off the mark first ball with a single into the leg-side.

  • Gayle lbw b Tredwell 43

    Umpire Joel Wilson has a think about it and then raises the finger to Tredwell's lbw appeal. Gayle played back and was struck on the back leg by a delivery that didn't turn at all. That was set up by the previous ball, which turned lavishly.


    Over 11 - West Indies 86/1 (Gayle 43, Samuels 12)

    Gayle manages to beat long-on his inside with another sweetly-timed strike down the ground off Bopara. That's the only boundary in the over though.


    Over 10 - West Indies 78/1 (Gayle 38, Samuels 10)

    Gayle hits the second ball of Tredwell's over onto the roof of the stand at midwicket. It didn't come back either. New ball required. Nothing much wrong with the delivery, Gayle just hit through the line with a full swing of the bat. Easy power. Tredwell responds well with a some good defensive bowling, he's keeping the batsmen guessing with constant changes of flight and pace.


    Over 9 - West Indies 69/1 (Gayle 32, Samuels 8)

    The field is spread far and wide for Bopara and West Indies' second-wicket pair happy to deal in singles - four of them in all - for the time being.


    Over 8 - West Indies 65/1 (Gayle 30, Samuels 6)

    Spinner Tredwell comes on, prompting Samuels to start swinging his arms around in anticipation of launching a few big ones! Excellent start from Tredwell, mixing his pace and line up while conceding just two singles from the over. Decent lbw shout against Gayle was turned down after he missed with a sweep. Replays show it would have hit leg-stump.


    Over 7 - West Indies 63/1 (Gayle 29, Samuels 5)

    After Smith's exit, new batsman Marlon Samuels eases his first ball behind square on the off-side for four past a diving fielder. Gayle gets another leading edge and again it drops safely on the off-side for a single.

  • Smith b Bopara 27

    Ravi Bopara strikes with his second ball, bowling Smith between bat and pad with a delivery that came back a touch off the pitch. Just clipped the top of the bails.


    Over 6 - West Indies 56/0 (Smith 27, Gayle 27)

    Ben Stokes into the attack. Gayle continues to charge the seamers, blasting Stokes' opening delivery for six over long-on and then sets himself to pull the next one for four to square-leg. Smith finds the fielder twice in a row with well-timed square drives to end the over. Gayle has now caught up with Smith.


    Over 5 - West Indies 45/0 (Smith 27, Gayle 16)

    Gayle's had a look and decides it's time to press the launch button, advancing down the pitch to drive his first boundary back past Bresnan. Some good fielding from Broad at mid-on prevents an instant repeat but the next delivery is in the slot and Gayle lifts it for a one-bounce four over Bresnan's head.


    Over 4 - West Indies 32/0 (Smith 27, Gayle 3)

    Another Gayle leading edge drops safely, his movements are totally out of sync in the early stages of his first innings for a month. No such problems for Smith, swivelling on his back foot to control a pull shot for four after Dernbach dragged it down. Dernbach has generated lively pace and swung the new ball.


    Over 3 - West Indies 25/0 (Smith 22, Gayle 2)

    Broad removes himself from the attack after one over and bring Tim Bresnan in his place. Circumspect start from Gayle, not moving his feet at all as a leading edge falls safely on the off-side. Gayle keeps the strike with a single to mid-on from the final ball, the only run of the over.


    Over 2 - West Indies 24/0 (Smith 22, Gayle 1)

    Gayle is beaten prodding outside off-stump, seemed surprised by a bit of extra pace from Dernbach. Gayle turns a single into the leg-side to open his account. Dernbach getting a bit of shape on his deliveries, inswing to the left-handed Gayle. No margin for error on this pitch, Smith easing another drive through the covers for four before being squared up by the final ball of a decent Dernbach over.


    Over 1 - West Indies 19/0 (Smith 18, Gayle 0)

    Broad's opening over is far too short and disappears for 19 runs. The very first ball goes for six! Dwayne Smith hooking it over square-leg in dismissive style. Smith helps himself to three fours in a row later in the over, two on the leg-side, the other driven square through the off-side. Broad donates a no-ball to the cause as well. One is clear already, this is a great pitch to bat on.



    West Indies lead the T20 head-to-head against England 6-3, most recently a 15-run win in Pallekele on the way to their World T20 triumph in 2012. England went down 3-0 to Australia in their most recent T20 action, while West Indies split a T20 double header with Ireland in February.


    Team news

    The big news is that Chris Gayle is fit to return for West Indies. The Jamaican left-hander sat out the preceding ODI series (England won it 2-1) with a hip injury and has played just once in the last four months having had a hamstring problem prior to that. West Indies have gone with two spinners, Sunil Narine and Samuel Badree, in contrast to England, whose lone slow bowler is James Tredwell. Jade Dernbach, who had figures of 1-141 in the 3-0 T20 series defeat in Australia earlier this year, one of six seam bowling options in today's line-up.



    Lumb, Hales, Wright, Morgan, Buttler (wkt), Bopara, Stokes, Bresnan, Broad (capt), Tredwell, Dernbach


    West Indies

    Gayle, Smith, Samuels, Simmons, Darren Bravo, Ramdin (wkt), Sammy (capt), Russell, Narine, Rampaul, Badree


    Good memories

    Last time England played on this ground was the World T20 final in 2010 when they beat Australia to secure their first global limited-overs tournament victory. This series represents a final chance for both sides to fine-tune ahead of the next World T20 in Bangladesh, where West Indies will be defending champions.

  • Toss

    West Indies skipper Darren Sammy has won the toss and opted to bat first. Sammy says it's a "typical" Kensington Oval wicket and is keen to put some runs on the board. England captain Stuart Broad admitted he would also have batted first - but isn't too bothered either way.


    Good afternoon

    Welcome to our coverage of the first of three T20 internationals between West Indies and England at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados. Play starts at 6pm GMT.