Over 27 - England 92/6 (Bopara 7, Bresnan 1)

    Last seven overs - England have managed 13 runs and lost four wickets. Poor Rav Bops, back here again trying to steer his side home under extreme pressure. As you'd expect, it's going to be Narine - not the well-stretched Rampaul - who is coming on to replace Bravo. England need another 68 runs from 138 balls.


    Over 26 - England 90/6 (Bopara 7, Bresnan 0)

    Bopara sees out a maiden from Bravo - England going nowhere here. Well, that's not true. They're going towards another defeat and another series loss on their travels. Rampaul getting loose in the deep - you'd think Narine is the option here, wouldn't you? Four overs left and a chance of working his way through the tail. For now, though, it's going to be Nikita Miller to continue.


    Over 25 - England 89/6 (Bopara 6, Bresnan 0)

    Well, well, well. England are making a right mess of this. At least this new era sees their batsman walk when they've hit it. Stuart Broad, take note. Tourists need another 71 runs from 149 deliveries.

  • WICKET! Stokes c Ramdin b Miller 4

    Stokes walks?!?! Yep, he's walked! An inside edge onto pad loops high in the air and Ramdin takes the catch, leading to strong appeals from the hosts. The umpire shakes his head to reject the shouts, but by that stage Stokes is already halfway back to the pavilion. England six down now and Narine surely set to return to the attack.


    Over 24 - England 89/5 (Stokes 4, Bopara 6)

    Lovely drive from Bopara in the over, seizing on something too full from Bravo and caressing it away through the infield for a welcome four runs. I know England claim to have a deep batting line-up, but this pair have a bit of a repair job on their hands. Oh England, why do you do this to us? What have we done to make you want to hurt us in such a way?


    Over 23 - England 83/5 (Stokes 3, Bopara 1)

    Singles to Stokes and Bopara. England need 77 from 162 more deliveries. And we've still got 24 of them to come from Narine, who confused the lower order (and Bopara) the other day in the series opener.


    Over 22 - England 81/5 (Stokes 2, Bopara 0)

    No hat-trick for Bravo - he tries the same tactic to Bopara that got rid of Buttler, but the Essex batsman comfortably gets out the way. Still, double wicket maiden from the Windies skipper.

  • WICKET! Buttler c Ramdin b Bravo 0

    Buttler out first ball! Bravo bangs one in and as he tries to take evasive action, the ball brushes his glove (I think) and goes through to Ramdin. England have now lost 2-3 from he last eight deliveries.

  • WICKET! Root c&b Bravo 23

    Root gone now! Two wickets in two overs for the West Indies, the young Yorkshireman prodding a drive straight back to the welcoming hands of Bravo, who wheels away in celebration. Tacky pitch, sticky run chase from the tourists.


    Over 21 - England 81/3 (Root 23, Stokes 2)

    Stokes denies Miller a wicket maiden by working the final delivery of the over through mid-wicket for a couple, meaning he is also off the mark after replacing Lumb out in the middle. England need another 79 runs from the remaining 174 deliveries.

  • WICKET! Lumb lbw Miller 39

    Lumb gone with this third-wicket stand just a run short of 50. He's gone leg before to Miller, playing back and across the line. Plummer than plum jam in the middle of plum season. England now winning this in the 47th over, not the 44th as I suggested earlier. And probably six or seven wickets down, too.


    Over 20 - England 79/2 (Lumb 39, Root 23)

    Shouts of 'CAAAAAAAATCH!' from some in the field when Lumb drives a Bravo slower ball on the up, but the only one who can catch it is the man chasing it out towards the rope. Three more for the left-hander. Think it was the bowler shouting, tough to know if he or Sammy is the more excitable out there for the hosts.


    Over 19 - England 72/2 (Lumb 35, Root 20)

    Single after the break off Miller. England need to go at 2.84 runs, and you just know that they're going to drag this out until at least the 44th over.


    Over 18 - England 71/2 (Lumb 35, Root 20)

    Lumb looks much better against the extra pace, driving on the up in fine fashion to pick up three runs. Fielder chasing it dives to stop and save a single, though he seems to stick his knee in the floor as he goes down. You see those and it immediately makes you think of Simon Jones in Brisbane. England need 89 more runs from the remaining 192 deliveries as we take a break for DRINKS.


    Over 17 - England 66/2 (Lumb 32, Root 19)

    Four more! Root getting into the flow of things now, again working off the back foot as he waits for something short from Miller to drive through the covers. Windies are going to change things up now - Bravo coming back on to replace Narine. This partnership for the third wicket now worth a useful 36 runs from nine overs.


    Over 16 - England 60/2 (Lumb 31, Root 14)

    Another boundary with a leg-side tickle, Root this time managing to deflect one from Narine (now bowling around the wicket) away past the leg slip. For all his talking, Sammy could perhaps do with focusing on his fielding. England require a further 100 to level this series and set us up for a decider on Wednesday.


    Over 15 - England 55/2 (Lumb 31, Root 9)

    Root gets the sweep out to Miller, lapping him away for a single to deep backward square leg. He's absolutely NO interest in playing that stroke to Narine when he's on strike at the other end. Lumb gets the run that takes England through to 50 off 87 deliveries. A four? A FOUR! Lumb tickles away something down leg side to get a rare boundary and lift the run-rate a little above snails' pace.


    Over 14 - England 48/2 ((Lumb 26, Root 7)

    David Lloyd on commentary compares Sammy to a traffic cop due to all his arm waving. He's not captain any more, but that's not stopping him from giving his opinion! He's also very vocal to bowler and team-mates. Root not interested in coming forward to Narine, playing him almost exclusively off the back foot. He picks up a single out to mid-wicket and Narine is now through five overs with figures of 1-9.


    Over 13 - England 45/2 (Lumb 25, Root 5)

    A pair of singles apiece - England crawling along. Cameras catch the legendary 'Gravy' in the crowd, though sadly he's not doing the dancing any more. Right, it's back to Narine v England now...


    Over 12 - England 43/2 (Lumb 24, Root 4)

    Good contest between Narine and Root, with the latter constantly looking to play off the back foot. It gives him extra time to see which way the ball is turning, but Narine's not a slow bowler who lacks pace through the air. He nearly gets one to cut back in and go between bat and pad, an inside edge (and him putting his knees together quickly) stop the ball going onto the stumps. Just a single off another probing, testing over. England need another 117 runs at 3.08 an over from here on.


    Over 11 - England 42/2 (Lumb 24, Root 4)

    Miller has nowhere near the mystique or variety of Narine - nor the flight. Root gets a pair of singles in his first over, while Lumb also get a run with a flick off the back foot.


    Over 10 - England 39/2 (Lumb 23, Root 2)

    West Indies have a slip (who is almost behind the wicketkeeper he's that fine), a short leg and a gully when Root is on strike to Narine, who duly drifts the first delivery he bowls at the young Yorkshireman past his outside edge. England will now go into defensive mode against the mystery spinner, believing they can see off his 10 overs and make the runs off the rest. They'll have to make some off Miller if that is the case, and the left-arm offie is now coming into the attack for the hosts as the opening powerplay comes to an end.


    Over 9 - England 38/2 (Lumb 23, Root 1)

    Lumb whips the first ball of the over through mid-wicket for three, then finishes it with a back-foot drive along the carpet in the cover region that goes all the way to the rope. In between, new batsman Joe Root gets off the mark with a single. Rampaul has figures of 1-17 from his four overs.


    Over 8 - England 30/2 (Lumb 16, Root 0)

    England contriving to make a bit of a meal at the start of this run chase. Narine's over was superb, he teased with Wright like a cat with a mouse before finally putting him out of his misery. So Wright has now made one run from 11 balls so far in this series.

  • WICKET! Wright b Narine 0

    Bowled! COMPREHENSIVELY BOWLED! Wright needs a bat that comes with a set of instructions against Narine. He doesn't have a clue which way the first two balls are going to turn, then the third he faces doesn't move and goes on to take off stump. Tremendous spin bowling from Narine.


    Over 7 - England 29/1 (Lumb 15, Wright 0)

    Wright wears the last ball of the over, and his first, as Rampaul persists with the short attack. Had this been the Big Bash or the Twenty20 league back home, the all-rounder would've deposited that several rows back. England, at the moment, are working their way towards the target in ones and twos.

  • WICKET! Ali c Sammy b Rampaul 10

    West Indies strike! Moeen is the man to go, having a pull at yet another short delivery from Rampaul but only managing to locate Nikita Miller in the deep. Fielder didn't have to move, the wind holding the ball up nicely as it dropped into his lap (well, his hands actually).


    Over 6 - England 26/0 (Lumb 12, Moeen 10)

    Clearly skipper Bravo and I are on the same wavelength, or at least we both know when to make the obvious move. Sunil Narine comes on to replace the captain and there's a slip and a short leg in place, as there obviously has to be two catchers during this powerplay period. Lumb pushes a single down the ground in authoritative fashion, then Moeen looks much less in control when he spoons a cover drive over the top of the infield for a couple.


    Over 5 - England 23/0 (Lumb 11, Moeen 8)

    Windies really looking to dig in the short stuff, with both Lumb and Moeen keen to counter with cross-batted shots. A pull apiece net singles, but Lumb's second attempt at the shot gets a couple as he sends it backward of deep square leg. A single to finish means the centurion from Friday will keep the strike. Surely the hosts have to think about a change of pace, after seeing England's spinners do such a superb job earlier in the day.


    Over 4 - England 18/0 (Lumb 7, Moeen 7)

    Moeen seems a little troubled again by the short ball, only this time he does get some wood in it. Despite being cramped for room, he gets enough on the stroke to pick up two runs. Both England openers now on seven apiece.


    Over 3 - England 15/0 (Lumb 6, Moeen 5)

    Good bumper from Bravo, rushing Moeen as he goes for the pull shot. He gets four in the end, only it's come via a flick-on off his helmet that goes over the top of the slips! That's the kind of header that would get you a role (and £20,000 a week) at a Premier League side up top. There's a boundary to finish the over too, though this time it's right off the middle of Moeen's blade. A lovely lofted cover drive leaves England needing a further 145.


    Over 2 - England 7/0 (Lumb 6, Moeen 1)

    Ravi Rampaul opens up at the other end, meaning West Indies have opted not to go with spin from the start. Moeen gets himself off the dreaded duck by tucking a single into the mid-wicket region, then gets his running shoes on when Lumb flicks through the same region for a couple more. No scoreboard pressure at all for England's openers - home team have to take wickets to win this, so it should be an entertaining opening powerplay one way or another.


    Over 1 - England 4/0 (Lumb 4, Moeen 0)

    England get off the mark in slightly streaky fashion, Lumb thick-edging a back-foot drive away past the gully fielder for four. Bravo finds the outside edge later in the opening over, only because it was a slower ball there's no chance of the ball carrying to the slip fielder.


    Run chase

    So we are about to get underway with England's innings. Joe Drabble has departed the commentary chair and it's now me, Rob Lancaster, in the extremely warm seat. Emails and tweets to Rob.Lancaster@bskyb.com and @SkySportsLanny respectively. Surely, SURELY, England can't fail to get these 160 runs, can they? CAN THEY?

  • West Indies 159 all out

    A brilliant all round effort from England has put them fully in command at the halfway stage. Spinners Parry (3-32), Tredwell (2-39) and Root (2-15) strangled the life out of West Indies, for whom Simmons (70) was the only batsman to come out of the innings with any credit. England need 160 to square the series. Surely, surely...? Stay tuned for the run-chase.

  • Rampaul ct Lumb bld Tredwell 1

    All over! Rampaul can't resist and launches Tredwell straight down the throat of Lumb who catches well on the long off boundary


    Over 44 - West Indies 159/9 (Miller 2, Rampaul 1)

    Parry can't finish the job but ends with fantastic debut figures of 10-1-32-3. Bum slaps and high fives all round. Well bowled and in fairness to England, a great selection


    Over 43 - West Indies 155/9 (Miller 0, Rampaul 0)

    Back-to-back maidens for Bresnan. Miller offers no attacking stroke as West Indies set their sights on playing out the overs


    Over 42 - West Indies 155/9 (Miller 0, Rampaul 0)

    Narine had actually played one of the shots of the day the previous ball, lofting Parry over mid-off for four. He couldn't repeat the feat, though, and Ravi Rampaul, alongside Miller, are West Indies' last hopes

  • Narine st Buttler bld Parry 4

    Three for Parry! Brainless batting from Narine, who advances, swings, misses and is stumped by Buttler. No debate this time. WI 155-9

  • Sammy ct Broad bld Parry 3

    It's the big one! Broad juggles at short midwicket before holding on to send Sammy on his way. It was a short, skiddy delivery from Parry but Sammy couldn't get the elevation and pulled high to Broad, who parried before clinging on. Massive wicket. WI 151-8


    Over 41 - West Indies 151/7 (Sammy 3, Miller 0)

    Wicket-maiden! Bresnan bounces back from his horror show at the death two days earlier. If England get Sammy soon this could all be over... England well on top

  • Ramdin bld Bresnan 5

    Seven down! Bresnan bangs one in, Ramdin tries to run it down to third man, but can only chop it back down onto his stumps. West Indies are in danger of running out of men here


    Over 40 - West Indies 151/6 (Sammy 3, Ramdin 5)

    Parry has bowled beautifully today. His eight overs - largely bowled in the powerplays - have cost just 24 runs and he's picked up Simmons in the process. Just two singles off his latest over and West Indies now have just 60 balls to do as much damage as possible...


    Over 39 - West Indies 149/6 (Sammy 2, Ramdin 4)

    No sighter required for Ramdin, who gets down on one knee and drives a wide half-volley from Broad to the cover boundary. The England skipper drags back his length thereafter, reeling off five successive dots and almost finding Ramdin's edge last ball


    Over 38 - West Indies 145/6 (Sammy 2, Ramdin 4)

    An early insight into Parry's character and temperament there. He was prepared to toss the ball up despite going the distance the previous ball and got his reward. Just that maximum off the over. England in charge, at the moment... (What have I done?!)

  • Simmons ct Stokes bld Parry 70

    Six and...out! Parry claims his first international wicket when Simmons tries one big shot too many! After dispatching the previous ball over midwicket, Simmons goes again but can only find Stokes, who holds a high catch inside the rope. Big wicket for England


    Over 37 - West Indies 139/5 (Simmons 64, Sammy 2)

    Broad's back inside the powerplay and it already looks like an early change of tact from England at the death. Instead of full and wide, Broad opts for short and wide and Sammy opts to duck and leave early in his innings


    Over 36 - West Indies 136/5 (Simmons 62, Sammy 1)

    A nice test for Parry, who comes on to bowl inside the powerplay. Sammy won't do anything daft just yet and blocks back a couple of flighted deliveries that would be 'in his zone' in 10 overs' time. Just three singles off the over


    Over 35 - West Indies 133/5 (Simmons 60, Sammy 0)

    A very controversial end to an over which had earlier seen Simmons deposit Tredwell over wide long-off for a glorious six. In comes dangerman Sammy and the batting powerplay will now be taken... Gulp.

  • DJ Bravo st Buttler bld Tredwell 20

    It took an absolute age to get a verdict from the third umpire but Bravo has eventually been adjudged stumped! Buttler looked to have fluffed the chance down the leg side after Tredwell had outfoxed the Windies skipper but third umpire Marais Erasmus deemed that the England keeper did have hold of the ball when dislodging the bails despite gesturing that he had dropped it. Big strike, although Bravo is not impressed with that decision!


    Over 34 - West Indies 125/4 (Simmons 53, DJ Bravo 20)

    Stokes is looking very rusty here. A second wide in as many overs is in amongst a total mixed bag from the Durham man. England just losing a semblance of control here. Seven runs in total off the over

  • Over 33 - West Indies 118/4 (Simmons 50, DJ Bravo 17)

    A bit of momentum building for West Indies here as Simmons passes 50 - his 15th in ODIs. It's come off 83 balls with only four boundaries but has at least given his team a platform to launch a similar late counter-attack to which they did in the series-opener


    Over 32 - West Indies 112/4 (Simmons 46, DJ Bravo 14)

    A first bowl of the series for Stokes, too. He starts with a wide and Bravo then seizes on a floaty half-volley and drills it down the ground for four. Stokes is off colour and off pace in his opening over, which costs eight and could spring the Windies into life


    Over 31 - West Indies 104/4 (Simmons 46, DJ Bravo 10)

    All eyes on when West Indies will make their move. No signs of a counter-attack in this over. Tredwell dropping six deliveries on a sixpence and Bravo once again edging out Simmons 2-1 on the singles stakes

  • Over 30 - West Indies 101/4 (Simmons 45, DJ Bravo 8)

    "England are keeping a lid on things." David Lloyd's assessment from the commentary box. Bopara limits West Indies to just three more singles, in which time they pass 100. At a similar stage of the innings on Friday West Indies were 87-4 so they may not be too concerned by this start. Although it makes you wonder what they could actually achieve if their top-order fired...


    Over 29 - West Indies 98/4 (Simmons 44, DJ Bravo 7)

    The pace experiment is well and truly over now as Tredwell returns. Bravo beats Simmons 2-1 in singles in this over as the West Indies run-rate continues to hover at just above three an over. Another late onslaught is required if the hosts are to win the series today, you'd think...


    Over 28 - West Indies 95/4 (Simmons 43, DJ Bravo 5)

    Brilliant fielding from England in Bopara's first over of the series, saving at least six runs. Bopara has Root to thank first for a diving stop on the cover boundary and also owes Stokes a rum and coke after the Durham man leaps to his left to make a stop at backward point which denies Simmons four. Four runs off the over, could have easily been 10


    Over 27 - West Indies 91/4 (Simmons 39, DJ Bravo 5)

    England know another wicket here would really put them in a great position. Simmons looks well set and Bravo and Sammy will look to provide the late fireworks. The sooner they can get Sammy in the better. Broad can't break the partnership this over but is doing a fine job of keeping the run-rate down. Just two singles conceded


    Over 26 - West Indies 89/4 (Simmons 38, DJ Bravo 4)

    England persist with their short ball tactic and it's fair to say Bravo and Simmons are struggling with the inconsistent bounce. Bravo takes on the hook shot and is relieved to see the ball bounce just short of Ali, who collects on the bounce at long leg. Four singles off the over


    Over 25 - West Indies 85/4 (Simmons 36, DJ Bravo 2)

    Ouch! Concern for Bravo here as Broad hits him below the ear with a nasty short ball. The Windies skipper is down for some time but returns to his feet looking a little groggy and is fit to continue. Miss! Almost a run-out. Simmons calls his captain through for a risky single and if Ali's shy had been on target he would have been a gonna'! Runs are hard to come by for the hosts at the moment...


    Over 24 - West Indies 83/4 (Simmons 35, DJ Bravo 1)

    A much better second over from Bresnan, who follows his captain's lead by operating at just back of a length. Just a single apiece for Simmons and Bravo, who gets off the mark with a calypso pull shot through square-leg


    Over 23 - West Indies 81/4 (Simmons 34, DJ Bravo 0)

    That was a poor shot from Bravo. Absolutely no foot movement and on a slow, low wicket, he was always in danger of chopping that back onto his stumps, which he did. Half-brother Dwayne replaces him in the middle and will now look to continue his fine form from the last match where he made 87 not out. He and Simmons shared a 108-run partnership in Friday's unlikely win. West Indies will need something similar here

  • DM Bravo bld Broad 13

    Just what England needed! Bravo chops Broad back on to his stumps and falls for 13 off 34 balls


    Over 22 - West Indies 80/3 (DM Bravo 13, Simmons 33)

    Tim Bresnan would probably have been wondering if he was going to get a bowl today the way the England spinners started but he comes on here and makes a rather inauspicious start. Simmons seems to enjoy extra pace on the ball and launches Bresnan back over long-on for four. The ball just bounced before the rope. The 50 partnership then comes up off 82 balls. A sense of deja vu is developing in Antigua...


    Over 21 - West Indies 73/3 (DM Bravo 13, Simmons 26)

    Broad brings himself back into the attack after the drinks break searching for a fourth West Indies wicket. He opts for a short, cross-seam tactic which pins Simmons back on his stumps. A leg-side wide and an unconvincing single are added from Broad's comeback over


    Over 20 - West Indies 71/3 (DM Bravo 13, Simmons 25)

    Bravo continues to charge Parry but the debutant is holding his nerve, firing the ball in flatter and not presenting the batsman an opportunity to free his arms without taking a huge risk. Just two singles added. Time for drinks and England will once again be very happy with how they've started


    Over 19 - West Indies 69/3 (DM Bravo 12, Simmons 24)

    England are putting the proverbial "squeeze" on here. Just one single added from the last 13 deliveries and that came by the way of Bravo's pad. Tredwell claims a maiden. West Indies are once again leaving it late in Antigua...


    Over 18 - West Indies 68/3 (DM Bravo 12, Simmons 24)

    A first maiden in international cricket from Parry. And a first tap on the bum from Jos Buttler to go with it. Simmons content to block back six probing deliveries


    Over 17 - West Indies 68/3 (DM Bravo 12, Simmons 24)

    Broad sticks with Tredwell despite the earlier onslaught and the Kent spinner responds well. Two wides down the leg-side blight the over slightly with five runs added in total. A decent partnership developing between Bravo and Simmons


    Over 16 - West Indies 63/3 (DM Bravo 11, Simmons 22)

    The flurry of boundaries continues when Parry drags down and Simmons, so strong on the cut shot, rocks back and pierces the field for four more. The England debutant comes back well, though, and they are the only runs conceded from the 16th over

  • Over 15 - West Indies 59/3 (DM Bravo 11, Simmons 18)

    Finally some cheer for West Indies as Tredwell is taken for 13 runs, by far the most expensive over of the day. Simmons rocks back and cuts for four and then three before Bravo skips down and plants the England off-spinner for a huge six over long-on. Fantastic strike and an even better catch in the crowd!


    Over 14 - West Indies 46/3 (DM Bravo 5, Simmons 11)

    Parry continues to toss the ball up, tempting Bravo into another risky strike down the ground. Both straight fielders are back on the rope now and Broad comfortably gathers inside the boundary. Three off the over


    Over 13 - West Indies 43/3 (DM Bravo 4, Simmons 9)

    Close! Bravo attempts to release some pressure by skipping down and lofting Tredwell back down the ground. He gets the elevation, but not the distance and Broad almost reaches it running back from mid-on. The ball drops and plugs and just two runs are collected from the over


    Over 12 - West Indies 41/3 (DM Bravo 2, Simmons 9)

    England are just showing off now. A fourth spinner on inside 12 overs! Debutant Parry gets an early turn of the arm and starts well. Plenty of flight from the Lancy left-armer and Bravo and Simmons collect two singles apiece


    Over 11 - West Indies 37/3 (DM Bravo 0, Simmons 7)

    England continue with their spin-based attack and it's Tredwell, who finds himself third in the pecking order, on for Root. The Kent tweaker shows his class straight away, stringing together six dots to new man Bravo to register the first maiden of the match

  • Feedback

    John Johnson has been in touch all the way from Oman. He says: "It's really good to see England being bold and adventurous in giving the new caps. Shame about the first game, lost their way especially the batting towards the end, but the signs are good and I would hope that they do the country proud." Nice to read some positivity, John!


    Over 10 - West Indies 37/3 (DM Bravo 0, Simmons 7)

    Better from Simmons, who sweeps Ali for just West Indies' third boundary of the opening 10-over powerplay. That's the only scoring stoke, though, and England will be very happy with this opening quarter


    Over 9 - West Indies 33/3 (DM Bravo 0, Simmons 3)

    West Indies found themselves in a similar position to this two days ago and came through it OK but they are certainly making life hard for themselves. Root (2-15) is being allowed to bowl without much invention from the batsmen, conceding just three runs to go with the wicket of Edwards

  • Edwards ct Tredwell bld Root 9

    What. A. Catch! Tredwell stick out his right hand at first slip and takes a stunner to send Edwards on his way. Root has two and England have three! Lendl Simmons makes his way to the middle alongside Darren Bravo


    Over 8 - West Indies 30/2 (Edwards 9, DM Bravo 0)

    A fine start for England here. West Indies are paying the prove for an over-cautious start against England's part-time spinners

  • Powell ct & bld Ali 16

    Another gift for England and Ali strikes! Powell, playing against the spin, chips a leading edge straight back to the bowler


    Over 7 - West Indies 24/1 (Powell 14, Edwards 5)

    England are racing through their overs here. Root's latest set of six costs just three runs. West Indies' innings yet to get going. They are clearly saving themselves for a late onslaught again


    Over 6 - West Indies 21/1 (Powell 12, Edwards 4)

    Despite receiving a hint of assistance off the pitch, Broad has called time on his spell after just two overs. Moeen Ali comes on in his place and concedes just a single after offering up a full toss first ball, which Powell drives for a single. He missed out there!


    Over 5 - West Indies 20/1 (Powell 11, Edwards 4)

    Root is still yet to concede a boundary and, as well as containing the Windies, he is also looking threatening. Edwards works two runs past short third man before exchanging singles with left-handed partner Powell


    Over 4 - West Indies 16/1 (Powell 10, Edwards 1)

    Broad's second over is similar to his first, beating Powell with a snorter but then seeing the left-hander dispatch him to the rope on the off-side with a classy extra cover drive. A sparse crowd over in Antigua but we have to remember it's an early start for the locals, 9.50am at present...


    Over 3 - West Indies 12/1 (Powell 6, Edwards 1)

    Drop! It could and should have got even better for England. Bresnan hands new man Kirk Edwards a life when he fails to cling on to a one-handed chance at leg-slip. Bressie was moving the wrong way and in no position to take that catch. Still, an encouraging start from England...

  • Smith ct Wright bld Root 5

    A soft, soft dismissal for Smith, who chips Root tamely to Wright, who can hardly believe his luck at short midwicket. West Indies 10-1!


    Over 2 - West Indies 10/0 (Smith 5, Powell 5)

    Captain Broad, who only bowled six overs in the first ODI, opens alongside Root and beats Smith with an early peach which just shapes away from the right-hander. Smith comes back well and punches three off the back foot through the covers, an athletic sliding stop from Stokes saving a run. Powell then takes guard and, after surviving a strong lbw appeal, cuts a short, wide delivery from Broad through point for four. A yell of frustration is picked up on the stump mic from the bowler


    Over 1 - West Indies 3/0 (Smith 2, Powell 1)

    England open with Root once again and the young Yorkie starts well from round the wicket, conceding just three singles. Two to Dwayne Smith, one to Kieran Powell


    Huge step

    A look at debutant Stephen Parry's first-class record: Matches 6, wickets 14, Av 32. I've not seen a great deal of 'Pazza' so looking forward to watching him at work today


    Pitch report

    The pitch has been described as 'tacky' and 'sticky' by England skipper Broad and spin is once again expected to play a big part in the outcome of this match. It's the same strip as was used on Friday, where spin accounted for exactly half of the overs bowled by England

  • Get in touch

    Plenty to discuss today with England looking to improve a run of just two ODI victories in their last nine matches. What do you make of today's England team and the inclusion of Parry? Talking of left-arm tweakers, is Ashley Giles the man to take England forward despite a rather underwhelming record as limited-overs coach? Tweet your views my way to @SkySportsDrabs or e-mail me at Joe.drabble@bskyb.com



    One notable change for England and there is another debutant in red. Lancashire left-arm spinner Stephen Parry has replaced Chris Jordan in the England XI. Eoin Morgan and Alex Hales are not fit to return. I make that four spinners... West Indies also make a change: Giant paceman Jason Holder out, spinner Nikita Miller in

  • Toss

    England have won the toss and will BOWL first. West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo is happy with that decision, he was ready to bat first



    Losing has become a worrying habit of late for England, who must win today to keep the three-match series alive after a 15-run defeat in Friday's opener. The teams have stayed in Antigua and the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium will once again play host to this 50-over fixture. News of teams and the toss to come before play gets underway at 1.30pm GMT



    Good afternoon and welcome to interactive text coverage of the second ODI between West Indies and England in Antigua