• Bravo ct Jordan bld Bopara 16 (19)

    Jordan is at it again, this time in the field! Bravo flicks a short ball from new bowler Bopara out towards deep square-leg and Jordan runs, dives and plucks it out low down. Big moment in the match!


    Over 10 - West Indies 66-3 (Simmons 28, Bravo 16)

    Another decent over for West Indies thanks to a boundary apiece for each batsman. Bravo produces a calypso style flick over midwicket and Simmons then sweeps fine to beat short fine-leg. Nine off the over in total and the home side now need exactly 100 from the final 10 overs...


    Over 9 - West Indies 57-3 (Simmons 24, Bravo 11)

    The England spinners are bowling well in tandem but Simmons ends Parry's over with a boundary, cutting behind point and just beating Dernbach, who puts in a dive in vain. A useful partnership is developing between Simmons and Bravo and England are perhaps guilty of offering singles without risk


    Over 8 - West Indies 49-3 (Simmons 18, Bravo 9)

    Very steady from Treddy, just five off his over. Landing every ball on a sixpence and asking West Indies to take a risk. Simmons and Bravo happy with singles, for now...


    Over 7 - West Indies 44-3 (Simmons 17, Bravo 7)

    Six! Parry bowls with more flight now the fielding restrictions have elapsed but Simmons makes hay, clearing his front leg and swatting high into the stand at midwicket. Cracking shot and the first six of the innings. Parry responds brilliantly, bowling even slower and then quicker to concede only three further singles


    Over 6 - West Indies 35-3 (Simmons 9, Bravo 6)

    Tredwell is tasked with bowling the final powerplay over and it's a mighty fine one, costing only two singles. At this stage England were 64-0...


    Over 5 - West Indies 33-3 (Simmons 8, Bravo 5)

    Clearly buoyed by his homecoming, Jordan is having a big say in this match. He is fired-up, steaming in, and causing West Indies plenty of problems. Bravo counter-attacks with an unconvincing drive over the top, which beats mid-on and brings him four. A wry smile from Jordan, who is relishing the battle

  • Samuels bld Jordan 15 (13)

    Jordan bags another! Samuels tries to give himself room and cut a ball that is far to close to him and can only drag on to his stumps. West Indies three down


    Over 4 - West Indies 27-2 (Samuels 15, Simmons 8)

    An early bowl for Parry against two batsmen who probably prefer pace on the ball. Simmons is quick to pounce on a short ball from the Lancashire left-amrer and cuts hard through extra cover for four. Seven runs off the over in total


    Over 3 - West Indies 20-2 (Samuels 14, Simmons 2)

    Samuels takes the attack to Dernbach, clearing his front leg and whacking his first two balls for four over mid-on and through extra cover respectively. Those shots force Morgan to dispose of his two slips, a move which inevitably sees Samuels edge where first slip would have been and away for four! Frustration for England grows last ball when Samuels hits high and up and just out of the reach of the diving Morgan at mid-off. Dernbach lets out a roar of frustration


    Over 2 - West Indies 6-2 (Samuels 0, Simmons 2)

    Almost three wickets down when Simmons so nearly drags his attempted extra cover drive back on to his stumps. The 'Chinese cut' instead brings him a couple of runs. Fine start from Jordan

  • Charles ct and bld Jordan 4 (3)

    Jordan strikes! He follows up his batting heroics by banging one in and finding the leading edge of Charles' bat, presenting him with a simple return catch. England on fire!


    Over 1 - West Indies 0-1 (Charles 0, Samuels 0)

    A dream start for Dernbach, who puts his finger to his lips and gestures 'sshhh' to Chris Jackson, who doubted his credentials earlier on... Okay, I made that up. Still, a wicket-maiden should not be sniffed at and neither should a Jade Dernbach wicket-maiden. Samuels is in at No 3

  • Smith bld Dernbach 0 (1)

    What a start for England! Dernbach bowls Smith first ball of the innings! Short of a length, Smith could only chop his attempted run down to third man back on to his stumps. Cue wild celebrations!


    The chase is on

    Dernbach has the ball. Smith and Charles to open the batting...

  • West Indies require 166 to win

    And claim the series 3-0. Stay tuned for the run-chase...


    Over 20 - England 165-6 (Bopara 6, Jordan 27)

    What a finish! Forget Bopara, Jordan is the finisher for England here! 26 taken off Bravo's final over, including three of the cleanest sixes you will ever see and four in total. Three maximums over extra cover and a clean pull over square-leg gives England some desperately-needed momentum going into the field. Game on!


    Over 19 - England 139-6 (Bopara 6, Jordan 1)

    Santokie finishes with 2-27 from his four overs. An outstanding effort considering his second over went for 16! High fives all round and the left-armer looks quite a find for West Indies. I should mention that Barbados-born Chris Jordan is the new batsman

  • Ali run out (Santokie) 3 (5)

    Even by England's standards, this is quite special. Ali is caught dithering down the pitch after a strong lbw appeal and the bowler, Santokie, swoops and throws down the stumps. Calamitous.


    Over 18 - England 138-5 (Bopara 6, Ali 3)

    A much-needed and very welcome gift from Narine, who fires down the leg-side and Ramdin can't gather. Four wides the result. Eight in total off the over. Neither Bopara nor Ali play the mystery spin with any conviction


    Over 17 - England 130-5 (Bopara 5, Ali 1)

    An excellent over from Santokie, five runs conceded and the two wickets. Moeen Ali, who would have been sitting comfortably a few overs ago, is the new batsman and he gets off the mark with a single. What can England scramble up to now? 150?

  • Stokes bld Santokie 0 (1)

    Golden duck for Stokes! Another Santokie slowy does the trick, cutting back through the gate and into middle stump. Brilliant bowling and the collapse continues

  • Buttler ct Sammy bld Santokie 3 (8)

    Another big blow for England! Buttler is outfoxed by a slower ball from Santokie and Sammy catches a skier well under pressure


    Over 16 - England 125-3 (Buttler 3, Bopara 1)

    After being 96-0 from nine overs, England now find themselves on 125-3 after 16 - a wretched seven overs. Bopara joins Buttler and almost runs himself out. The throw is off target with Ravi out of the picture

  • Morgan ct Smith bld Narine 18 (17)

    Morgan's scratchy stay comes to an end when he pulls Narine straight to Smith at deep midwicket. A very awkward innings from Morgan, who never got to grips with the wicket


    Over 15 - England 119-2 (Morgan 14, Buttler 2)

    England have gone into reverse here and that magic 200 figure I was talking about earlier looks highly-optimistic now. An over of Bravo slower balls limits England to just three singles from his over. Morgan is struggling to pick him, as is Buttler


    Over 14 - England 116-2 (Morgan 12, Buttler 1)

    Samuels is doing a fine job for West Indies here. Only three runs off his first over and just four off his second. Can Morgan and Buttler finish this innings with a flourish?


    Over 13 - England 112-2 (Morgan 9, Buttler 0)

    Six! Shot of the day from Morgan earlier in the over, a flat six over long-off after Cottrell had served up a half-volley. Morgan needed that just to get himself going. Buttler is the new batsman...

  • Hales ct Simmons bld Cottrell 38 (31)

    Cottrell ends his four overs with a second wicket when Hales can only toe-end his pull shot straight down the throat of Simmons at long-on. Disappointing end


    Over 12 - England 102-1 (Hales 36, Morgan 1)

    England are just getting bogged down a little bit here. Only six runs have been added from the last two overs. Samuels spears in some full deliveries to Morgan, who cannot work the ball away and adds only one run from four balls faced


    Over 11 - England 99-1 (Hales 34, Morgan 0)

    That wicket ended a 98-run stand between Lumb and Hales and brings Morgan to the middle. A fine comeback from Cottrell there, just three runs conceded to go with the breakthrough wicket

  • Lumb ct Bravo bld Cottrell 63 (40)

    Success for Cottrell on debut and a soldier celebration to-boot! Lumb got his attempted hoik over midwicket all wrong and Bravo held his nerve under the high ball to take the catch. Great knock from Lumb nevertheless


    Over 10 - England 96-0 (Lumb 62, Hales 32)

    After 15 balls without a boundary Lumb gets England back on track by driving Sammy over extra cover and to the rope. Hales adds a boundary as well, a loopy top-edge bouncing just inside the boundary and to the rope at square-leg. A great half for England


    Over 9 - England 85-0 (Lumb 55, Hales 28)

    Lumb and Hales's eyes must have lit up when Cottrell was handed the ball but to be fair he's come back well. No boundary in his second over but still seven runs added. The scoreboard is ticking over nicely and England will be disappointed not to make 200 from here


    Over 8 - England 78-0 (Lumb 51, Hales 26)

    The first boundary-less over of the match comes courtesy of captain Sammy. Hales misses out on a couple of wide deliveries and only three singles are added to the total

  • Over 7 - England 75-0 (Lumb 50, Hales 24)

    Six! What. A. Shot! Hales launches Russell absolutely miles, high over square-leg and out of the ground! It wasn't all that short but the ball is coming on to the bat beautifully and Hales hammered that! Lumb shows a bit more furness to end the over, driving through extra cover for two to bring up his 50 off just 27 balls


    Over 6 - England 64-0 (Lumb 47, Hales 16)

    West Indies almost win an over but Lumb swings it England's way by pulling a short Narine doosra through midwicket to the boundary to end the sixth over. Lumb has picked the West Indies spinner well and is closing in on his half-century


    Over 5 - England 58-0 (Lumb 42, Hales 15)

    Dwayne Bravo comes on in an attempt to stem the run-rate and he does just that. Hales finds the rope once with a brutal cut shot and then ends the over with a well-placed two through midwidket

  • Over 4 - England 52-0 (Lumb 42, Hales 9)

    Fantastic batting from Lumb! Narine comes into the attack but Lumb has already had his sighters and continues to find the rope at will. He sweeps low then high for four and six and then squirts a quicker ball through gully to bring up the England 50 off just 22 balls! West Indies looking on in disbelief


    Over 3 - England 38-0 (Lumb 28, Hales 9)

    Hales has had enough of his Nottinghamshire team-mate hogging the limelight and gets off the mark with a couple of boundaries off Santokie. The first is driven down the ground, the next struck crisply through the covers - great shot! Lumb then gets back on strike and dispatches a slower ball over mid-off for six! Is this really England i'm watching?!

  • Chris cross

    Chris Jackson asks: "Why do they persist in playing Dernbach, his economy is abysma?! He only takes the odd wicket and offers nothing with the bat! Most over-rated t20 player in England!" A question that has been asked many times, Chris. You have to admire the faith shown in him by England, who are desperately short of death bowling options nowadays. Hopefully he'll repay them soon


    Over 2 - England 22-0 (Lumb 21, Hales 0)

    Given England's struggles against spin it's somewhat of a surprise to see West Indies open with two pace bowlers. Debutant Cottrell, a former soldier, makes a rather wayward start to international cricket, serving up some short, wide deliveries which Lumb is too good to miss out on. Four boundaries taken off the over in total, one sliced over the slips, another driven elegantly through mid-off, the next pulled and the last cut. All in all a shocking introduction from Sheldon and it's given England a headstart in the game


    Over 1 - England 5-0 (Lumb 5, Hales 0)

    Left-arm seamer Santokie, fresh from his four wickets on Tuesday, takes the first over to Lumb, who, after crunching a fierce cut shot straight to backward point, is then fortunate to see a genuine edge drop just short of Sammy at slip. After three dot balls Lumb then advances and drags Santokie through midwicket for the first boundary of the day. Slightly agricultural, but effective. A single follows and it's a decent start for WI


    Here we go...

    England openers Lumb and Hales are out in the middle ready for action. I have a sneaky feeling England will bounce back in style here


    Gayle absent

    England's bowlers may disagree but it's a big shame not to see Gayle in the West Indies' line-up. The word from Barbados is that he has been rested tonight and there is no injury flare up. Can England take advantage?



    Two changes for England: Tim Bresnan (rested) is replaced by Chris Jordan while Luke Wright (sidestrain) makes way for Ben Stokes. Three changes for West Indies. Chris Gayle is a notable absentee, while Ravi Rampaul and Samuel Badree are also missing from the second match. Johnson Charles, Sunil Narine and debutant pace bowler Sheldon Cottrell come in

  • Toss

    England have won the toss and they will BAT first

  • Get in touch

    Both sets of teams will be announced shortly and England look certain to make a change or two. Ian Bell could be set for an unlikely return to the shortest format, is that the right way for England to go? Send all thoughts and pre-match/World T20 predictions my way to Joe.drabble@bskyb.com and tweet me @SkySportsDrabs



    England seem to be spending a lot of time avoiding whitewash series defeats at the moment and they are staring another one square in the face this evening. Successive, abject losses to West Indies in the space of three days have put the world champions on the brink of a 3-0 win ahead of their title defence in Bangladesh



    Hello and welcome to live, interactive text commentary of the third and final Twenty20 international between West Indies and England in Barbados