• Over 1 Pak 10/1 (Hafeez 0, Shehzad 3)

    Shannon Gabriel starts the bowling, Jamshed starts with a six, he pulls with the wind, to deep square leg. Gabriel bowls a wide, under pressure. WICKET! The bowler has the last laugh, Gabriel gets his first T20 wicket, Jamshed hits into the wind and is caught by Simmons just inside the ropes, smart catch on the boundary. The captain comes out to bat.


    End of Innings

    West Indies started off blasting runs and losing wickets, and were 42 for 4. A couple of 50 run partnerships between Pollard and Bravo and then Pollard and Sammy took them to 152 for 7. Pakistani spinners bowled well but some poor fast bowling and fielding have let West Indies get to a good total.

  • Over 20 WI 152/7 (Pollard 49)

    Irfan to bowl the last over, he has gone for more than 11 runs per over in his last two. Pollard hits it out of the ground, backs away and hits it over long on for a six. A couple of runs to long on, Sammy drops his bat but manages to finish the run. Pollard takes a single and Sammy hits it out of the ground, the long on boundary being peppered again, the 50-run partnership comes up. WICKET, Azam catches it, Sammy is out on the second last ball of the innings, hits it against the wind and is caught at midwicket. Narine comes out to bat and is run out, completes one run and is run out. West Indies end up with 152 for 7 from their 20 overs and Pollard falls just short of his 50.

  • Over 19 WI 136/5 (Sammy 24, Pollard 39)

    It is still a bit murky, but rain has stopped. Sammy starts with a six, poor effort from Umar Amin on the boundary, palms it over for a six at deep midwicket. Four, Sammy hits this square of the wicket for four, dispatches a low full toss to deep point for another boundary. A couple of runs to end the over, making it a huge over for West Indies.

  • Over 18.3 WI 124/5 (Sammy 12, Pollard 39)

    Khan continues after the rain, so either Hafeez or Irfan will bowl the last one. Six, Sammy launches this one into the forest outside the ground, Sammy waits for it and then hits it over long on. Junaid Khan bowls one outside off and it is called a wide. And it is raining again.

  • Over 18 WI 116/5 (Sammy 6, Pollard 38)

    The shower has passed and Ajmal is back on. A couple of singles to end the over, 2 overs to go, West Indies 116 for 5.

  • Over 17.1 WI 114/5 (Sammy 5, Pollard 37)

    Ajmal comes back into the attack to bowl his last over. He starts with a wide down leg side and the ball goes for a four, the quicker one turns and Akmal can't stop it as it goes for four, bonus runs for West Indies. It is pouring now and sunny at the same time. The umpires call for the covers and it gets heavier, this may be a short delay.

  • Over 17 WI 108/5 (Sammy 5, Pollard 36)

    Khan continues, Pakistan pulling things back just when West Indies look to attack. Khan starts with a couple of balls just outside off and then bowls a well-directed yorker. Pollard inside edges it through fine leg for four, another great ball, Pollard gets an edge and it misses the stumps, and goes for four. The 100 comes up for West Indies. Sammy joins the action with a four, too full on middle stump and Sammy dispatches it straight down the ground for four.

  • Over 16 WI 98/5 (Sammy 0, Pollard 32)

    Babar starts his last over, so far he is going at 7 per over and has picked up 2 important wickets. Bravo works him through square leg for a single. There are some dark clouds in the distance, could be rain. Pollard takes a single to long off, drives it straight down the ground, most of his runs have come in that region. WICKET! Babar provides the breakthrough, Ajmal takes a good catch, Bravo makes room and drives it through cover, but Ajmal holds on to a good catch. A dream debut for Babar.


    Over 15 WI 96/4 (Bravo 24, Pollard 31)

    Afridi finishes his spell, 4 overs no wickets for 24 runs. Junaid Khan is introduced into the attack with 6 overs to go, he is the death-overs bowler for Pakistan. Poor running from West Indies, Bravo pulls it to deep mid wicket and Umar Amin does well to stop the boundary, they only run a single. Pollard brings up the 50-run partnership with a boundary, hits it for four through long leg.


    Over 14 WI 89/4 (Bravo 23, Pollard 27)

    Afridi to bowl his last over. He rushes through his last over, three singles and then a couple of runs. This pair is rotating the strike well and picking up the odd boundary. Just five from the over, but if this pair can build a base, others can launch towards the end of the innings.


    Over 13 WI 84/4 (Bravo 21, Pollard 24)

    8 overs to go, Ajmal continues. A single as Bravo runs it down to third man. Pollard gets a single through midwicket, Bravo takes a single to point and then four! Pollard launches into the shot, hit hard straight down the ground for four.


    Over 12 WI 77/4 (Bravo 19, Pollard 19)

    Pakistan have realised that the pitch is not fast bowler friendly, Junaid Khan and Irfan held back for the end of innings. Pollard knocks it to point for a couple. Afridi bowls a quicker one, turns sharply and it goes through everyone for 2 byes. No boundaries but 8 runs from the over.


    Over 11 WI 69/4 (Bravo 15, Pollard 17)

    Ajmal comes back into the attack, West Indies have a lot of good batsmen and Pakistan have some great bowlers, so an interesting contest between bat and ball. Bravo drives and gets it through extra cover for four, Jamshed puts in the drive but can't stop the ball. Poor fielding giving Bravo four runs and Ajmal is not impressed. Four from the over.


    Over 10 WI 65/4 (Bravo 11, Pollard 17)

    Afridi continues, Pollard takes a single to square leg, inside edge and the ball rolls on the leg side. Bravo rotates the strike with another single to deep extra cover. A string of singles and then Pollard cuts loose. Six, straight down the ground again, that is his favourite area. A six to end the over, after 10 overs, West Indies 65 for 4.


    Over 9 WI 55/4 (Bravo 9, Pollard 9)

    Babar continues, and clocks in another quiet over, four runs from it. West Indies settling down now.


    Over 8 WI 51/4 (Bravo 8, Pollard 6)

    Shahid 'Boom Boom' Afridi is brought into the attack. Bravo waits for the ball to turn and takes a single to cover, Pollard on strike. A quiet over from Afridi, three singles from it. After 8 overs, West Indies are 51 for 4.

  • Over 7 WI 48/4 (Bravo 6, Pollard 5)

    WICKET! What a debut, two wickets in two overs, Babar takes a sharp catch to get rid of Samuels who tore apart Irfan's bowling. Samuels falls for 25 hitting it flat down the ground, Babar takes a great catch. Pollard is the new man in. Babar gets some attention from the physio, that catch must have hurt. Pollard hits a four to long on, he likes hitting it straight down the ground and drills a tossed up delivery from Babar for four. Then he takes a single to long on, Junaid Khan does well to stop a four. Bravo takes a single from the last ball to stay on strike.


    Over 6 WI 41/3 (Bravo 4, Samuels 25)

    Irfan has been expensive so far, so Hafeez brings Ajmal on. Samuels marches on, another four through the cover region. He patiently blocks a couple from Ajmal then drives it past point for four, West Indies 41 for 3 after 6 overs.

  • Over 5 WI 37/3 (Bravo 4, Samuels 21)

    Simmons will face Babar, one of the oldest debutants for Pakistan. Simmons flicks him over long on for a six. WICKET! This match is advancing at a speed of light here, Babar gets his first T20 wicket. A little slower through the air, it pitched on middle stump and turned sharply, Simmons tries to defend it but loses his off stump! Dwayne Bravo comes out to bat and starts with a boundary. It is drifting down leg and he flicks it off his pads to fine leg.


    Over 4 WI 27/2 (Simmons 0, Samuels 21)

    Irfan continues, what a start this has been for Pakistan. Samuels cuts this square of the wicket for four, the ball raced through point for four. Another four, Samuels gets it through cover this time, Irfan pitches it short and Samuels takes a step back and cuts it through cover. Another fine cut shot, goes straight to backward point. A play and a miss from Samuels and then a six, to deep backward point, Samuels peppering that region. Irfan drops it short again and Samuels just stands back and hits it square of the wicket for a six, stunning hit!


    Over 3 WI 13/2 (Simmons 0, Samuels 7)

    Hafeez continues, a couple of dots, he is tossing it up, giving the ball enough flight to do something in the air. Samuels defends three balls and then takes a single to short fine leg. WICKET! Gayle is caught in front of the stumps and what a wicket this is for Pakistan. Hafeez removes both openers, Gayle misses the straighter one.


    Over 2 WI 12/1 (Gayle 5, Samuels 6)

    Irfan to start the bowling from the other end. Samuels drives it for four, strong shot, placed it between cover and point for four. Gayle on strike, Samuels takes a single to backward point after the boundary. Four, this time it is Gayle, nudges it down to fine leg for four. Good over for West Indies, 9 runs from it.

  • Over 1 WI 3/1 (Gayle 1, Samuels 1)

    Gayle gets promoted to the top of the order for T20s, Hafeez will start with the ball, Charles gets a single to bring Gayle on strike. Gayle gets off the mark with a single to long on. WICKET! Charles is bowled, he came down the wicket, trying to hit the ball down the ground, misses it completely and is bowled. Hafeez gets a wicket and Marlon Samuels comes out to bat sooner than he had hoped. Samuels takes a single to extra cover. Great start for Pakistan.

  • Toss

    West Indies have won the toss and have elected to bat first. Darren Sammy will be leading the West Indies, Shannon Gabriel and Samuel Badree come into the side. Darren Bravo misses out because he is unwell. For Pakistan, Zulfiqar Babar, Umar Amin and Hammad Azam are the new faces. Hafeez will be their captain.



    Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the first Twenty20 International - in the two-match series - between the West Indies and Pakistan at the Arnos Vale Ground in St Vincent.