Over 25 - Ind 173/0 (Dhawan 93, R Sharma 62)

    Dhawan hammers it along the ground through the off side for four, the fielder had no chance of stopping that, lots of bottom hand into that. Watson is into the attack, short ball from him and Dhawan pulls it for four behind square leg. Pinches the single at the end of the over to retain strike.


    Over 24 - Ind 164/0 (Dhawan 84, R Sharma 62)

    Johnson brought back into the attack to create a wicket. Bailey bringing his strike bowler back and Johnson goes through Dhawan beating him completely. Dhawan gets the pull shot right, pulls it away in front of square for four. Another pull shot, this time he gets it behind point for four. Dhawan gets a single leg bye, moves on to 84 and keeps the strike.


    Over 23 - Ind 155/0 (Dhawan 76, R Sharma 62)

    Faulkner continues, Dhawan pulls it over midwicket and dismissed over the fielder for four. Same area, same result, Dhawan just hits it better this time. A fielder goes back to deep midwicket to plug that gap in the deep. India bring up their 150 in the 24th over. Dhawan gets a single to deep point to give the strike to Rohit. Rohit takes a single and quickly rotates strike. Cut away with a strong bottom hand for a single to deep point. Good over for India.


    Over 22 - Ind 144/0 (Dhawan 66, R Sharma 61)

    Rohit gets a single down the ground. Dhawan gets a single down the ground. This pair has taken singles and kept the scoreboard ticking. Rohit chips it over the infield for a single. Four runs to end the over, Rohit sweeps it and beats short fine leg to find a boundary. Eight from the over.


    Over 21 - Ind 136/0 (Dhawan 64, R Sharma 55)

    India ahead of Australia at this stage of the innings but Australia scored heavily at the end of their innings. Faulkner brought into the attack, Dhawan plays it between deep square leg and fine leg for a couple of runs. Dhawan comes down the wicket and cuts it to third man for a single. Rohit gets an easy single down the ground. Dhawan gets this through the off side like threading a needle, picked up the gap perfectly and the ball races away for four. Eight from the over, India 136 for no loss.

  • Over 20 - Ind 127/0 (Dhawan 57, R Sharma 54)

    20th over of the innings, Doherty to bowl it. Rohit finds the gap on the off side and gets a single. Dhawan reverse sweeps it for no run to point. Next ball, he finds the gap behind point to get four and bring up his 50, good knock from both these batsmen. A few more runs, as the ball teases the fielders and runs to the boundary, Dhawan peppering the off side for more runs. Dhawan hits it along the ground towards long on to end the over with a single. India 127 for no loss after 20 overs.


    Over 19 - Ind 118/0 (Dhawan 48, R Sharma 53)

    Dhawan pushes it down the ground for a single. Rohit does not touch that as it goes past the batsman and the keeper for 5 wides, Maxwell straying down the leg side. Rohit hits it through the covers, calls for two, runs the first one hard and then they decide against the second. Good over except the wides. India 118 for no loss after 19 overs.

  • Over 18 - Ind 111/0 (Dhawan 47, R Sharma 52)

    Rohit flicks it off his pads for four to fine leg, gets to his 50 in style. A single to Rohit and another single to Dhawan. Six from the over, India 111 for no loss after 18 overs.

  • Over 17 - Ind 105/0 (Dhawan 46, R Sharma 47)

    The required rate has climbed again to around 7.7 runs per over, and Rohit corrects it. Walks down the pitch and hits it straight out of the middle of the bat and into the crowd over midwicket. The 100 comes up for India. Rohit gets a single, to rotate strike. It is a cat and mouse game for India, they have to accelerate but can't lose wickets. India 105 for no loss after 17 overs.


    Over 16 - Ind 98/0 (Dhawan 46, R Sharma 40)

    The umpires have to separate the players and Dhawan responds to some chirping from the Aussies. A couple of singles, this pair just getting used to the slower bowlers, just three singles from the over. The slower bowlers doing a good job for Australia.


    Over 15 - Ind 95/0 (Dhawan 45, R Sharma 38)

    Maxwell continues and Dhawan tries to get him away but misses. Then he runs him down to long off for a single. The spinners have slowed down the scoring rate, Rohit squeezes another single to short fine leg. Just two runs from the over, good one for Australia.


    Over 14 - Ind 93/0 (Dhawan 44, R Sharma 37)

    Doherty does not collect the ball cleanly and Rohit gets a single. A chance for a stumping, third umpire consulted, looks not out but very very close. Benefit of the doubt should go to the batsman. Not out is the verdict, Dhawan survives again. A single to Dhawan and then one to Rohit. Dhawan has been dropped by Haddin already and now survives a stumping chance. After 14 overs, India 93 for no loss.


    Over 13 - Ind 89/0 (Dhawan 42, R Sharma 35)

    Maxwell brought into the attack, replacing Watson, Bailey looking to buy a wicket with a spread out field. Reverse sweep from Dhawan for no runs. A couple of runs to Dhawan as he pushes the ball to deep cover. A single to follow, Dhawan guides the ball to long off. A quick single, Dhawan back on strike. Good start from Maxwell.


    Over 12 - Ind 85/0 (Dhawan 39, R Sharma 34)

    Doherty brought into the bowling attack, Bailey looking for some control. A spread out field for Doherty, Dhawan on strike and he takes a single on the leg side. Doherty drops it short, Rohit works him square of the wicket for a couple of runs. Another single for Rohit through the off side. Dhawan takes a single to end the over, five runs from it.


    Over 11 - Ind 80/0 (Dhawan 37, R Sharma 31)

    India are 69 after 10 overs, Australia were 46 for no loss. But Australia really accelerated at the end of the innings, so the figures can be misleading, but a good start for India nonetheless. Sharma pushes it on the leg side for another single, after Dhawan gets a single in the same region. A wide down the leg side from Watson, Haddin collects it with a well-timed dive. A bouncer from Watson that goes over the top of the batsman and the keeper for four, and is called a wide for height. The current run rate higher than the required rate for the first time in the innings. Dhawan pulls it to deep square leg for a single, has a chat with Watson after he reaches the other end. Rohit takes a single to give the strike back to Dhawan. A single to end the over, a good one for India.


    Over 10 - Ind 69/0 (Dhawan 34, R Sharma 29)

    Rohit defends McKay's first ball. Watson and Johnson have a chat with Dhawan at the end of the last over. Rohit lifts it over short midwicket and the ball rolls away to the boundary, it was in the air but no fielders in the deep because of the power play. A couple of runs to Rohit, who lifts it over Bailey at mid on. Rohit Sharma goes inside out and smashes McKay through the covers for four. Rohit ends the over with a couple of runs as the ball beats Johnson at short fine leg.


    Over 9 - Ind 57/0 (Dhawan 34, R Sharma 17)

    Dhawan comes down the track and hits it through the midwicket region for four. Dhawan attacks Watson again, this time squeezing it through the off side for four. This outfield is lightning fast, Dhawan pushes it past the point fielder for four, beating the sweeper. Bailey packs the off side and Dhawan gets a single to deep cover. Rohit just nudges it into the leg side for a single to give the strike to Dhawan. A dot ball to end the over, India 57 for no loss.


    Over 8 - Ind 43/0 (Dhawan 21, R Sharma 16)

    McKay continues and Rohit takes a single to third man, Dhawan on strike. Another dot ball, required rate already 7.5 runs per over. Dhawan top edges it high into the air, Haddin calls for it and drops it in the end, very difficult catch to judge, Dhawan gets a life. Still a good over from McKay, India 43 for no loss after 8 overs.


    Over 7 - Ind 39/0 (Dhawan 18, R Sharma 15)

    Bailey brings Watson into the attack to replace Johnson. A single brings Dhawan on strike. A good start from Watson, just one run from the over. India 39 for no loss after 7 overs.


    Over 6 - Ind 38/0 (Dhawan 18, R Sharma 14)

    Dhawan comes down the wicket and drives it through the covers for four, good start from India, they need to keep going though. Dhawan comes down the wicket again, forces it through the covers, short cover gets an hand to it and they pick up two runs. Two more runs to Dhawan who waits in the crease and flicks it through midwicket. Three dots to end the over from McKay, good comeback from him.


    Over 5 - Ind 30/0 (Dhawan 10, R Sharma 14)

    A wide down leg from Johnson. Dhawan runs it down to third man for a single. Johnson goes round the wicket to Sharma, who blocks a couple of good balls and then drives one through the covers for four, handsomely driven. It was slightly overpitched and Rohit is quick to react. A dot ball to end the over, India 30 for no loss after 5 overs.


    Over 4 - Ind 24/0 (Dhawan 9, R Sharma 10)

    McKay complements Johnson very well, two different types of bowlers, not making it easy for the batsmen. Wide and outside off, Rohit throws his bat at it smashes it square of the wicket for four. Rohit drives it straight down the ground for four, great shot from it, just lifts the ball over the bowler's head and gets four. India 24 for no loss after 4 overs.


    Over 3 - Ind 16/0 (Dhawan 9, R Sharma 2)

    A wide from Johnson, the slowest ball from Johnson is faster than the fastest balls for the Indian seamers. Dhawan looks to pull one on to the leg side but is beaten by the pace. Dhawan pushes it into the leg side an runs two, good bowling from Johnson. Short ball, Dhawan gets hold of it and pulls it to the boundary, great shot, releases the pressure slightly.


    Over 2 - Ind 9/0 (Dhawan 3, R Sharma 2)

    Dhawan gets a couple of runs from the first ball, just pushing it into the leg side. Another push towards fine leg, this time just a single. A couple more runs, Rohit works it off his pads into the leg side. Five from the over, India 9 for no loss.


    Over 1 - Ind 4/0 (Dhawan 0, R Sharma 0)

    Welcome back after the innings break, Johnson prepares to bowl the first over and Dhawan and Rohit start the chase for India. Johnson shapes it into Rohit who pads it for four down to fine leg. A loud shout for lbw but Rohit survives. Two slips waiting for the edge, and a great start from Johnson, just the four leg byes from it.


    Aus 359 for 5 after 50 overs

    Australia scored their highest score in India reaching 359 in their 50 overs, their top 5 batsmen scoring 50s and Bailey adding the icing on the cake with his 92 not out. India to bat next, aiming to get 360 which is a steep ask on any pitch.


    Over 50 - Aus 359/5 (Haddin 1, Bailey 92)

    A lot of field changes and Bailey still finds the boundary, it is raining boundaries and Bailey is making a of runs for Australia. A single straight down the ground. Bailey on 88 not out but Haddin on strike. A single brings Bailey on strike for the last ball. A four to end the over, India punished for some poor bowling through out the innings. Australia end on 359 for 5, their highest score in India.

  • Over 49 - Aus 337/5 (Haddin 0, Bailey 81)

    Two more overs to go, Vinay Kumar gets the ball. Voges takes a single to bring Bailey on strike. A couple of runs to Bailey, very well run in the end. Six, big big hit, Bailey punishing India and getting another six. A single and Bailey moves on to 81. WICKET! Voges tries to scoop it on the leg side, then decides to go off side and then edges it to short third man. Haddin walks out to bat with his captain. Bailey gets two more straight down the ground.


    Over 48 - Aus 337/4 (Voges 10, Bailey 72)

    Bhuvi comes on to bowl his last over. Every bowler going for more than run a bowl, except Bhuvi, that could still change. Bailey picks up a full toss and hits it hard through the covers for four, great shot. Voges does well to run to, he realizes that he has to run to the danger end and runs hard for his captain's runs. Full toss from Bhuvneshwar and Voges just flicks his wrist and it goes for six, good timing and great wrist work. India leaking runs here, Australia making most of it. A single to end the over.


    Over 47 - Aus 322/4 (Voges 2, Bailey 65)

    Ashwin comes into the attack. Ashwin pauses, but that does not help him at all, Bailey dispatches it for a six through his favourite midwicket region. Bailey gets more runs, works it through the covers for four, great batting by the captain.

  • Over 46 - Aus 309/4 (Voges 1, Bailey 54)

    Bhuvi brought back into the attack, Maxwell gets his 50 with a couple of runs straight down the ground. A single to Maxwell at square leg. WICKET! A run out, out of nowhere. Maxwell runs himself out, there was no run there, but he runs hard for the second run and Bailey does not move, Dhoni has all the time in the world to disturb the stumps. Voges is the new man in. India will be looking to contain Australia in these last few overs. A single to end the over.

  • Over 45 - Aus 302/3 (Maxwell 49, Bailey 52)

    Ishant Sharma into the attack, six overs to go, Australia scoring at 6.5 runs per over with the last three overs going for 41 runs. Great shot, Maxwell gets another boundary through the covers. A couple of quick singles. A wide ball from Ishant, strays down the leg side. Another wide down leg for Sharma, free runs for Australia. A low full toss and Bailey smashes it through midwicket for four. Another full toss, Bailey brings up his 50 with a boundary through square leg. The 300 for Australia comes up in the 45th over.


    Over 44 - Aus 285/3 (Maxwell 42, Bailey 43)

    Vinay Kumar continues and Australia are moving fast, Maxwell guides this through the covers for four. Four more, leg byes down the leg side for Maxwell, useful runs for Australia. Maxwell runs it down the Dhawan at third man for a single. Bailey mishits it for a single. This partnership is worth 68 now. Maxwell hits it over the field on the off side for four, Maxwell moves into the 40s. India running out of ideas as Australia run away with the game. Australia 285 for 3 after 44 overs.


    Over 43 - Aus 270/3 (Maxwell 33, Bailey 42)

    Bailey frees his arms and hits another six over midwicket, leading from the front the Aussie captain. Four more, Jadeja bowling short again and Maxwell puts it away for four at deep midwicket. 14 runs from the over, Australia 270 for 3.


    Over 42 - Aus 256/3 (Maxwell 27, Bailey 34)

    Overthrows result in the extra run, Maxwell comes back on strike. Vinay Kumar into the attack, and four runs from the first four balls. Ashwin misfields and it goes for four, poor fielding at short fine leg, Maxwell gets a bonus boundary. Catch is the call, Bhuvi misses the catch on the boundary and it goes for four, a big over in the end.


    Over 41 - Aus 244/3 (Maxwell 16, Bailey 33)

    Four more, runs keep flowing after the powerplay for Australia, India losing control of this match. Good over for Australia, run rate now around 6 per over.


    Over 40 - Aus 237/3 (Maxwell 13, Bailey 28)

    Ishant comes back to bowl the last over, Bailey takes a single down the ground. Australia are looking for that 300 run mark, this powerplay has helped them so far. Maxwell tries to run it down to third man, but the slower ball from Ishant beats him and goes through to Dhoni. A single to long on for Maxwell. Six another great shot from Bailey, picks up the slow delivery and hits a six straight down the ground. A single and nine run so far from this over, one ball to go. Maxwell gets a single, making it 10 from the over. Australia 237 for 3 after the powerplay.


    Over 39 - Aus 226/3 (Maxwell 12, Bailey 19)

    Jadeja comes into the attack, Raina at slip to Maxwell who pushes it to midwicket for a single. The slip remains to Bailey, he knocks the ball to deep cover for four. Maxwell reverse sweeps it for four, clears short third man with ease and the outfield does the rest. A quick single to rotate strike.

  • Over 38 - Aus 218/3 (Maxwell 6, Bailey 17)

    One over from Ishant in the power play and he is replaced by Ashwin. WICKET! Ashwin pitches the stop ball up and Hughes nicks it, Dhoni juggles but takes the catch on the third attempt. Hughes goes for 83. Maxwell comes out to bat in the power play. Six, Maxwell blocks a couple and then hits a six over fine leg. Six runs and a wicket from the over.


    Over 37 - Aus 213/2 (Hughes 83, Bailey 17)

    Jadeja brought back into the attack after drinks. Six, Bailey repeats the shot he played in the previous over, this time it goes for a six straight down the ground. Hughes takes a single to end the over, eight from it.

  • Over 36 - Aus 203/2 (Hughes 82, Bailey 10)

    The batting powerplay has been taken, Australia will look to attack more and India will hope for wickets. Ishant Sharma comes back to bowl in the power play. A direct hit from Dhawan, the third umpire consulted, but the batsman is just in, Hughes grounds his bat in time but good fielding from India. Bailey brings up Australia's 200 in style, a commanding straight drive for four. Bailey then dabs it to third man for a single.


    Over 35 - Aus 197/2 (Hughes 81, Bailey 4)

    The current run rate is 5.71, Bailey chips it over the infield for a single. Good over for India, just a couple of runs from it.


    Over 34 - Aus 195/2 (Hughes 80, Bailey 3)

    Yuvraj comes into the attack, replacing Vinay Kumar. Bailey pushes it to long off for a single. Hughes pushes it through the covers for four and then works it through midwicket for four, consecutive boundaries for him. Then he takes a single to rotate strike, carries on after Watson departs. Bailey picks up another single. Expensive over for India.


    Over 33 - Aus 183/2 (Hughes 70, Bailey 1)

    Ashwin continues, India will look to put pressure after the wicket. Bailey pushes it to long on for a single to get off the mark. A much better over from Ashwin just a single from it.

  • Over 32 - Aus 182/2 (Hughes 70, )

    Vinay Kumar continues, and Hughes cuts it away for four, beating the point fielder, cracking shot from him. The 100 partnership comes up for Australia. Another boundary, Hughes pulls it for four to long leg, did not look convincing this time but four nonetheless. A single to third man. WICKET! Watson top edges it and almost clears the boundary but ends up giving an easy catch to Ishant on the ropes. Good knock from Watson, India finally get a wicket.


    Over 31 - Aus 173/1 (Hughes 61, Watson 59)

    Six, a big one from Watson straight over midwicket. Ashwin is consistently pitching it short and Watson is helping himself to boundaries. End of another good over for Australia, eight runs from it.


    Over 30 - Aus 165/1 (Hughes 60, Watson 52)

    Hughes pulls it to deep square leg for a single, Vinay Kumar brought into the attack to break this partnership which is worth 85 runs now. A wide from Kumar, feeling the pressure now. A boundary through midwicket spoils a good over, after 30 overs Australia are 165 for 1 and staring at a big score.

  • Over 29 - Aus 158/1 (Hughes 55, Watson 51)

    Ashwin brought back into the attack and Watson wants to go after Ashwin. Short ball from Ashwin and Watson pulls it to long on for a single to get to his 50. Good knock from him, gets it in just 46 balls. Another single to deep square leg. Another short ball from Ashwin, another pull shot from Watson and a single to deep square leg. Four from the over. Australia 158 for 1 after 29 overs.


    Over 28 - Aus 154/1 (Hughes 53, Watson 49)

    Watson has attacked the spinners successfully today and put India on the back foot. Hughes pulls it to midwicket for a single. Four, another beautiful shot from Watson through the off side for four. Dhoni has to do something to buy a wicket here.


    Over 27 - Aus 147/1 (Hughes 52, Watson 43)

    India need wickets because Australia can really get to a big score if they can accelerate in the last 15 overs which they will do if they have wickets. Good over for Australia four singles from it.

  • Over 26 - Aus 143/1 (Hughes 50, Watson 41)

    There is a leg slip but no slip so Hughes pushes a straighter one from Yuvi to the third man boundary, India are leaking runs here and Australia are putting pressure on them. Four more, Watson helps himself to another boundary through midwicket. Hughes gets his 50 with a single to end the over. Australia in control at 136 for 1 after 26 overs.


    Over 25 - Aus 132/1 (Hughes 44, Watson 36)

    Jadeja getting the treatment from Watson who gets a boundary and then hits a six straight down the ground. Aggressive batting from Watson, Australia 132 for 1 after 25 overs.


    Over 23 - Aus 121/1 (Hughes 43, Watson 26)

    Yuvraj brought into the attack to replace Ashwin who went for 17 in his 2 overs. Hughes moves on to 43 with a single from the 4th ball of the over. Watson on strike, Yuvraj moves his field around but Watson still finds to boundary. Slightly short and Watson pounces on it and beats the fielder to get four runs. Australia 121 for 1 after 24 overs.


    Over 22 - Aus 116/1 (Hughes 42, Watson 22)

    Jadeja continues, India trying to stop the run flow in search of a few wickets. Good over from Jadeja and a quick one too, just three singles from it.


    Over 21 - Aus 113/1 (Hughes 40, Watson 21)

    A couple of singles and then Watson gets two runs on the leg side. Catch is the call, but Watson has hammered that into the mid wicket boundary for four, no chance for the fielder. Eight runs from the over, India need some wicket to stop the run flow.

  • Over 20 - Aus 105/1 (Hughes 39, Watson 14)

    A couple of runs for Hughes who pushes it to long on and then two more to Hughes. A chance of a run out but Yuvi's throw is far away from the stumps. Six, Hughes comes down the ground and hits it over midwicket for a big one. Ten from the over, Australia accelerate. The 100 comes up for Australia.


    Over 19 - Aus 95/1 (Hughes 29, Watson 14)

    Ashwin introduced into the attack, spin from both ends for India. Good fielding inside the circle, got giving singles away. Watson hits a six over midwicket and he just clears the fielder, poor effort from Bhuvi on the boundary. Watson gets a couple of runs on the leg side again. A dot to end the over, a good one for Australia.


    Over 18 - Aus 86/1 (Hughes 28, Watson 6)

    A single to start the over, Jadeja bowling well, into his second over now. Three singles from the over, Australia moving at 4.5 runs per over.


    Over 17 - Aus 83/1 (Hughes 26, Watson 5)

    Good over so far from Vinay Kumar, he is making the batsmen play but not giving them any room. A bowler like Jadeja will be very effective on this pitch too. Just a single from the over, Australia 83 for 1 after 17 overs.


    Over 16 - Aus 82/1 (Hughes 25, Watson 5)

    Jadeja comes into the attack to replace Bhuvi. The leg slip in place for Hughes because he got out there in the last match. Good accurate bowling from Jadeja who is famous for his economy, creating the pressure. Watson pushes it to Dhawan at long on for a single. Hughes gets a single to end the over, three from it. Time for drinks.

  • Over 15 - Aus 79/1 (Hughes 23, Watson 4)

    Finch pulls it to get the first six of the innings, just hits it over the fielder at deep square leg. He brings up his 50 with that shot, great shot, deliberately playing it up in the air. Good fielding, Raina hits the stumps and Finch is gone. Finch goes for a quick single and some good fielding creates a wicket for India to break this opening stand. Finch run out for 50, Watson is the new man in. This is a second home for Watson who plays for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL so he should be used to this pitch. A single because of an overthrow from Kohli, brings Watson on strike. Edged, short and wide from Vinay and Watson edges it to the third man boundary. Successful over for India.


    Over 14 - Aus 68/0 (Finch 44, Hughes 22)

    Bhuvi starts his 8th over on a hot day in Jaipur. Hughes looking for the single to give the strike to Finch who is in good form. Another single, Finch runs it down the ground to long on. Good over from Bhuvi, just two singles from the over.


    Over 13 - Aus 66/0 (Finch 43, Hughes 21)

    Four, great shot again, Finch is in sublime form and it is four down the ground. A couple of runs as the bowl is slowly pushed into the leg side to deep square leg, good running between the wickets. Six from the over, this pair looking strong at the crease for Australia.


    Over 13 - Aus 60/0 (Finch 37, Hughes 21)

    Hughes pulls it to deep square leg for a single. A great over from Kumar just two singles from it. India still looking for the first wicket.


    Over 12 - Aus 58/0 (Finch 36, Hughes 20)

    Vinay Kumar comes into the attack to replace Ishant to a very spread out field. A single to mid on from a very straight drive from Finch. Vinay Kumar corrects himself, Hughes shows his intent to come down the wicket and the bowler bowls it short. Another short ball that is dispatched by Finch, quick hands and pulls it between fine leg and deep midwicket for four, great shot. Australia 58 for no loss after 12 overs.

  • Over 11 - Aus 52/0 (Finch 31, Hughes 19)

    Hughes runs it down to fine leg for a single. There are a few high scores on this ground in recent years which suggests it is a good wicket to bat on. The fast outfield and flat pitch help too. Hughes plays it fine and gets a boundary to fine leg to end the over. Six from it and it brings up Australia's 50.


    Over 10 - Aus 46/0 (Finch 30, Hughes 14)

    Finch is looking good here, set to score another big knock. Dropped by Yuvraj, it would have been a great catch at point, Yuvi does well with the dive but just can't hold on to that catch. Finch gets a single because of the drop and then Hughes picks up three to deep square leg. A well-controlled straight drive from Finch and it finds the boundary. Good shot again and he is looking dangerous. Ten runs from the over, Australia 46 for no loss after 10 overs.


    Over 9 - Aus 36/0 (Finch 23, Hughes 11)

    Bhuvi fails to stop that as Finch drives it down the ground for a single. A single down to fine leg. The Aussies are looking to keep wickets in hand and accelerate in the end, good tactic especially on a flat pitch like this. Nine overs gone, Australia moving at 4 runs per over.


    Over 8 - Aus 33/0 (Finch 21, Hughes 10)

    Finch gets hold of that, pitched short by Ishant and Finch pulls it confidently to the boundary. It had been a good over from Ishant, but the short ball did not create the effect he had hoped. Finch misses out on the cut shot, it goes to point for no runs. Next ball, Finch cuts it well to the sweeper for a single to end the over.


    Over 7 - Aus 28/0 (Finch 16, Hughes 10)

    A single to Finch on the off side. A better over so far from Bhuvi, keeping it straight, bowling wicket to wicket and not giving Hughes any room to work with. Just a single from the over.


    Over 6 - Aus 27/0 (Finch 15, Hughes 10)

    A drop and run from Hughes, good awareness and running between the wickets. Pulled to fine leg, reaches him on the bounce, good bouncer from Ishant. Hughes guides it down to third man, Bhuvi does well on the boundary to save a couple of runs, this outfield is fast and some good fielding there from India. An effort ball from Ishant to end the over, Australia going at just under 5 runs per over.


    Over 5 - Aus 23/0 (Finch 14, Hughes 7)

    Bhuvi continues Finch picks up another boundary, this time guiding the ball to fine leg and beating the fielder with ease. A punch straight down the ground but mid on does well to stop the single. Another great shot, a bit of width from Bhuvi and Finch punches it through the cover for four. Eight from the over in the form of two boundaries. Australia 23 for no loss after 5 overs.


    Over 4 - Aus 15/0 (Finch 6, Hughes 7)

    Sharma continues with a wide leg slip to Hughes who tends to nudge the ball in that area for a single. Ishant Sharma finishes a maiden, the first of this innings.


    Over 3 - Aus 15/0 (Finch 6, Hughes 7)

    Finch drives, goes on the front foot and drives it on the up for four through the covers. Bhuvi bowls it straighter and Finch gets hit on the pads but it was going down leg. Good comeback after the boundary of the first ball from the bowler, Australia 15 for no loss after 3 overs.


    Over 2 - Aus 11/0 (Finch 2, Hughes 7)

    Dhoni starting with Ishant Sharma from the other end instead of Vinay Kumar, a single to start the over. A wide from Sharma, Dhoni does not collect it cleanly, the batsmen run a single. A couple of singles and then a couple of dots. It is a hard surface here in Jaipur, the bounce will be even and predictable. End of the second over, Aussies 11 for no loss.


    Over 1 - Aus 6/0 (Finch 1, Hughes 5)

    Kumar starts for India and Finch and Hughes open the batting for the Aussies. Good length ball first up and Finch punches it through cover for a single to get off the mark. Hughes blocks and few and then plays a great shot through the covers for four. A single to end the over.



    R Sharma, Dhawan, Raina, Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, B Kumar, R Vinay Kumar, I Sharma



    Finch, Hughes, Watson, Bailey, Voges, Maxwell, Haddin, Faulkner, Johnson, McKay, Doherty

  • Toss!

    The Aussies have won the toss and will bat first.



    Hello and welcome to the second ODI between India and Australia, where the hosts are looking to level the score after losing the first match. This game takes place in Jaipur, and starts at 8am GMT.