Over 31 - Aus 143/3 (Bailey 37, Voges 18)

    Bailey looking to attack Ashwin again, sweeps it hard to long leg, Kohli does well to keep it down to a single. A single to Voges square of the wicket. Ashwin bowls it short and wide and Bailey cuts him away for four. Australia 143 for 3 after 31 overs, need 161 more to win.


    Over 30 - Aus 137/3 (Bailey 32, Voges 17)

    Jadeja is bowling very well, Voges looking to get him away for runs but unable to. Finally Voges pads it for a single from the fifth ball. A single to Bailey, just two runs from the over. Jadeja ends his 7th over, Australia need 167 to win.


    Over 29 - Aus 135/3 (Bailey 31, Voges 17)

    Ashwin is brought into the attack, replacing Yuvraj, in the 29th over of the game. Ashwin needs a good spell today, playing as the main spinner in the side. A single to Bailey through square leg. Indian bowlers have bowled better after the first 10 overs or so, bowling wicket to wicket and keeping the runs down. Bailey gets hold of this one, attacks Ashwin, dispatches it out of the ground for a six over midwicket. Good over for the Aussies.


    Over 28 - Aus 126/3 (Bailey 24, Voges 15)

    Jadeja starts his 6th over and Voges gets a single from the first ball. Good over again from Jadeja, just one from it. India slowing the Aussies down.


    Over 27 - Aus 125/3 (Bailey 24, Voges 14)

    A quick single from the first ball, Yuvraj into his 3rd over. Voges gets a single and then Bailey gets a single. Then Voges cuts it away through the off side for four, good controlled shot, some risk free cricket from the Aussies. Voges then picks up a single to long off. Yuvraj gives width, Bailey puts it away through the covers for four, good over for the Aussies.


    Over 26 - Aus 113/3 (Bailey 18, Voges 8)

    Bailey gets a change of gloves, as Jadeja starts with a wide. A couple of runs to Bailey who pushes it off the back foot through square leg. A single brings Voges on strike, dot to end another great over from Jadeja. Australia need 7.9 runs per over from here to win the match.


    Over 25 - Aus 109/3 (Bailey 15, Voges 8)

    Bhuvi does well on fine leg, Bailey pushes it fine and runs two. A leg bye for Bailey as the ball hits his pads. Australia looking to build a partnership at 109 for 3 after 25 overs.


    Over 24 - Aus 105/3 (Bailey 13, Voges 8)

    Jadeja continues, good control from the Indian bowlers, they have comeback well after giving too many runs away in the beginning of the innings. A wide from Jadeja, just going down leg. Voges gets a couple of runs through the leg side. End of the 24th over, Australia 105 for 3.

  • Over 23 - Aus 100/3 (Bailey 12, Voges 5)

    Yuvraj Singh brought into the attack, Ashwin held back. Swept by Bailey, goes one bounce to short fine leg. Poor bowling from Yuvi, swept away for four to fine leg by Bailey. Good comeback from Yuvraj, five runs from the over. The 100 comes up for Australia.


    Over 22 - Aus 95/3 (Bailey 8, Voges 4)

    Jadeja continues, a couple of blocks from Bailey and then a couple of singles. Voges gets a single down the ground to end the over, Australia 95 for 3 after 22 overs. The required rate just a bit under 7.5 per over.


    Over 21 - Aus 92/3 (Bailey 7, Voges 2)

    The required rate just over 7 runs per over, Ishant continues and Bailey gets a single from the first ball on the leg side. Voges gets a single to end the over, through the midwicket region, just two from the over.


    Over 20 - Aus 90/3 (Bailey 6, Voges 1)

    WICKET! Jadeja's 7th ball, Watson hit on the pads and is given out. It looked like the ball was going down leg, but umpire thought it was out. Voges walks out to bat, no signs of dew yet. India have pulled this game back, after Australia started well. Replays show that Watson's decision was not as plumb as it seemed, no DRS meant he had to go. Bailey drives down the ground for a single. A wicket and two runs from the over.


    Over 19 - Aus 88/2 (Bailey 5, Watson 11)

    Ishant continues, Bailey lifts him over square leg for a one bounce four. Just the boundary from the over, Australia 88 for 2 after 19 overs.


    Over 18 - Aus 84/2 (Bailey 1, Watson 11)

    Jadeja brought into the attack, first signs of spin from India. Good consistent areas from Jadeja, this pitch helping his kind of bowling. Bailey pushes it to deep square leg for a single. Two runs from the over.

  • Over 17 - Aus 82/2 (Bailey 0, Watson 10)

    Ishant comes back into the attack after the drinks break. WICKET! Finch falls, Ishant picks up a wicket, good pressure created by India. Finch goes for 38, Australia 82 for 2. Bailey comes out to bat, good over from Ishant, Australia 82 for 2.


    Over 16 - Aus 82/1 (Finch 38, Watson 10)

    Australia are still going at over 5 runs per over, which is a comfortable position with 9 wickets in hand, but the last few overs have stopped the free-flowing shots and resulted in a wicket. Finch pushes it to long off for a single. Bhuvi bowling straight and at a good length. Another single, Watson pushes it past point for a single. Finch gets another single through the covers, another tidy over from India.


    Over 15 - Aus 79/1 (Finch 36, Watson 9)

    Vinay Kumar continues, Dhoni keeping his faster bowlers on. Pulled away to fine leg for a single by Finch. Pushed away to deep square leg for a couple of runs by Watson. A wide called, Vinay bowls a short ball that bounces over Watson's head. The next ball goes through Watson's bat and pad, Vinay swinging it into the batsman. A good over from Vinay, Australia 79 for 1 after 15 overs.


    Over 14 - Aus 75/1 (Finch 35, Watson 7)

    Watson inside edges it for a couple of runs to deep fine leg, Dhawan does well to keep it to two. Watson hits it in the air, over midwicket for four. He did not get hold of that but still gets four for it. Six from the over, Australia 75 for 1 after 14 overs.

  • Over 13 - Aus 69/1 (Finch 35, Watson 1)

    Vinay Kumar starts his 4th over, 2nd of this spell. Finch gets a leg bye as Dhoni runs to square leg to collect it. WICKET! India get their first wicket, Hughes pokes at a good swinging ball from Vinay, Dhoni takes a good catch, Australia 68 for 1. Watson comes out to bat, a short ball from Vinay to Watson as a welcome. Watson works the next ball through midwicket for a single. Good over from Vinay, a wicket and a couple of runs.


    Over 12 - Aus 67/0 (Finch 35, Hughes 22)

    A change of ends for Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma is out of the attack. Bhuvi finishes a maiden, a rare maiden from India.


    Over 11 - Aus 67/0 (Finch 35, Hughes 22)

    Vinay Kumar replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Virat Kohli is angry, he completes a good catch but the umpire gives it not out. Replays show that Finch went for the pull, missed it and it hit his arm and went in the air. So a good decision from the umpire under pressure. Short ball again from Vinay, Finch goes for the pull and misses again. After five good balls, Vinay bowls a wide. A couple of runs to end the over, Aus 67 for no loss.


    Over 10 - Aus 64/0 (Finch 33, Hughes 22)

    Ishant starts the over by giving Hughes an easy boundary, Hughes helps himself as he drives this through midwicket for four. A short ball from Ishant and Hughes duck out of the way. End of the over, Australia 64 for no loss after 10 overs.


    Over 9 - Aus 60/0 (Finch 33, Hughes 18)

    Bhuvi continues, Finch edges it past the vacant second slip for four, lucky for the batsman, Bhuvi disappointed. Another shout for lbw but it was going down leg again. Finch picks up a couple of runs through midwicket. Four, Bhuvi offers width and Finch places it through point and cover for four, poor bowling again from India.


    Over 8 - Aus 48/0 (Finch 21, Hughes 18)

    Ishant's second over and Finch punches it through the covers for four, easy boundary for Finch, poor bowling from Ishant. India need an early wicket, they have not been able to get it in the last two games. Poor bowling from Ishant again, bowls down leg and Hughes clips it away for four to fine leg with ease. A bad ball and then a good one and then a bad one again, Ishant seems to be like a pendulum. End of the 8th over, Australia's run rate is 6 per over.


    Over 7 - Aus 39/0 (Finch 17, Hughes 14)

    Bhuvi shouts for another lbw, this time against Hughes, this one is a very close appeal but given not out. Hughes takes a single, Finch on strike who pushes it to square leg for a couple of runs. A single to end the over. Australia 39 for no loss after 7 overs.


    Over 6 - Aus 35/0 (Finch 14, Hughes 13)

    Ishant Sharma replacing Vinay Kumar after just two overs. Ishant is the more experienced of the three seamers so he has to lead the attack. Hughes punches it through the off side for four, good shot from him, Ishant giving him a bit of width. Hughes then pushes the ball into the leg side for a single towards fine leg.


    Over 5 - Aus 29/0 (Finch 13, Hughes 8)

    Bhuvi starts his 3rd over, hits Finch on the pads but the umpire reckons it was going down leg, given not out. Hughes comes down the wicket but only manages a leg bye as the ball hits his pads and runs down to fine leg. Finch clobbers it through mid on for another boundary, good shot, commanding position for Finch. Another shout for lbw, but this time it was too high, half an appeal from the bowler. Seven from the over, Australia 29 for no loss after 5 overs.


    Over 4 - Aus 22/0 (Finch 9, Hughes 8)

    Vinay continues, Hughes gets the through point and cover for four, beating the diving Virat Kohli at point. A couple of runs as Hughes tucks it away to square leg, Yuvi fumbles and gives away an extra run.


    Over 3 - Aus 16/0 (Finch 9, Hughes 2)

    Bhuvi gives some width, Finch pounces on it and gets for through point. Indian bowlers should at least be looking to stop runs and poor deliveries if not picking up some wickets. Just the boundary from the over, Bhuvi comes back well after the boundary.


    Over 2 - Aus 12/0 (Finch 5, Hughes 2)

    Vinay Kumar starts with the second new ball, Vinay starts with a wide ball, leg byes for Hughes as he pads it to the boundary. Tucked away to fine leg by Hughes, Dhoni keeping a leg slip for Hughes even for the faster bowlers. Finch pushes it through to cover, but fails to get a single. A single from a leading edge to Finch. End of the over, Australia 12 for no loss after 2 overs.


    Over 1 - Aus 5/0 (Finch 4, Hughes 1)

    Bhuvi warms up, he will start the bowling for India, Hughes takes strike with Finch at the other end for Australia. Bhuvi swings the first ball into Hughes, and then Hughes a single to backward point. Good start for Bhuvi, beating the outside edge of the bat, Finch poking at it. Finch uses the width from Kumar to pinch a boundary behind point.


    India 303 for 9 after 50 overs

    India end their innings on 303 for 9 after a great knock from Dhoni. Dhoni who scored 139 not out, became the first Indian to score a century on this ground, hitting all the 5 sixes of the innings and taking India from 154 for 6 to 303 for 9, with contributions from Kohli and Ashwin. Australia will need 304 to win after the break.

  • Over 50 - Ind 303/9 (I Sharma 0, Dhoni 139)

    Faulkner to bowl the final over, Dhoni on strike. Dhoni throws his bat at it, strongly driving it through midwicket for four. A chat between Watson and Faulkner about the field, fine leg comes inside the circle. Dhoni refuses another single. Six, Dhoni employs the helicopter shot, sends the ball flying over long on for a 100 meter six. Dhoni goes for another one, this time gets it over long off for another six, 16 runs from the over so far. Dhoni goes for two, WICKET! Vinay Kumar is run out but Dhoni is on strike with India on 299 for 9. Ishant Sharma the new batsman, will be off strike. Dhoni finishes with a the innings with a boundary to deep square leg. What an innings from the captain, finishes with 139 not out. India finish on 303 for 9.


    Over 49 - Ind 282/8 (V Kumar 0, Dhoni 118)

    Dhoni will be on strike with two overs to go, Watson to bowl the 49th over. Dhoni hits it high up in the air, not a good shot, Bailey gets under it but drops it in the end, captain dropping captain, two runs in the end. Dhoni changes his bat, drives it down the ground for four, adding insult to injury. A wide signaled as Watson strays outside off, trying to stop Dhoni from hitting it. Dhoni hits it to long on but refuses the single. Another shot to long on and Dhoni refusing a single again. Six, Dhoni dispatches the last ball over long off for another six. India bring up their 280. A wide from Watson, then Dhoni takes a single to keep the strike. India 282 for 8.

  • Over 48 - Ind 267/8 (V Kumar 0, Dhoni 105)

    Dhoni just clears mid off and gets a boundary to start the over, Faulkner under pressure. Dhoni hits it through third man for another boundary, the 100 comes up for the captain. He becomes the first India to score a century at this ground. Dhoni pushes it on the leg side and wants two, they run really well and Bhuvi is safe. The third umpire is consulted, not out is the verdict. Dhoni cuts it to deep point for a single. WICKET! Bhuvi pulls the short ball, only to get a top edge on it, Bailey takes an easy catch. Vinay comes out to bat with the captain. Dhoni has a banana and some water in the mean time.


    Over 47 - Ind 256/7 (B Kumar 10, Dhoni 94)

    Mid off is pushed back to long off, McKay runs in to bowl the 47th over. Dhoni takes a single from the first ball, Bhuvi on strike. Bhuvi hits it over the infield for four to long off, the slower ball dispatched by Bhuvi, India bring up their 250. Then he takes a single to bring Dhoni on strike. Dhoni takes another single, Bhuvi on strike with 2 balls to go. Bhuvi tries to smash it through the leg side but inside edges it into his pads, a single in the end. Dhoni pulls it away strongly, but Johnson does well to keep it to a single.


    Over 46 - Ind 247/7 (B Kumar 4, Dhoni 92)

    Faulkner comes back into the attack, full and straight and Dhoni gets a single to deep mid off. A single from the over so far, good bowling from Faulkner. Bhuvi plays out the over, Dhoni will have to score from the last four.


    Over 45 - Ind 246/7 (B Kumar 4, Dhoni 91)

    A short ball from Johnson and Bhuvi ducks out of the way. It is Johnson's last over, so India will try to play him out. Bhuvi takes a single to third man. Dhoni takes a single to deep mid off. Just two from Johnson's last over, India will accelerate with just 5 overs to go.


    Over 44 - Ind 244/7 (B Kumar 3, Dhoni 90)

    Watson continues, Bhuvi to face him. Bhuvi takes a single, to deep point, to bring Dhoni on strike. Six, Dhoni hits it straight down the ground and over the field for a six, India need this acceleration from the captain. Dhoni then pushes it to fine leg for a single. Bhuvi defends it with a flick through the leg side for another single. A cheeky shot from Dhoni, he gets it past the keeper for four, Dhoni moves on to 90.

  • Over 43 - Ind 231/7 (B Kumar 1, Dhoni 79)

    The average total batting first at Mohali is 288 runs, India will be happy if they get close to that from here. Johnson is drives to deep mid off for a single by Dhoni. Ashwin pushes it to backward point for a single. The slower bouncer from Johnson, Dhoni pulls but misses it, Ashwin still squeezes a single out of it. Haddin's claiming for the catch, Ashwin is walking, India lose their 7th wicket. Good partnership comes to an end, Ashwin and Dhoni put up 75 for the 7th wicket. WICKET! Johnson gets his 4th wicket, good bowling for him. Bhuvi comes out to bat. Four runs and a wicket from the over.


    Over 42 - Ind 227/6 (Ashwin 27, Dhoni 78)

    Watson into the attack, Ashwin pushes the first ball to third man for a single. The partnership now 62 runs. Dhoni pulls it, does not middle it but picks up two runs to fine leg. Dhoni got hit on the hand from the Watson bouncer, he will get some treatment on it. Pulls this one, Dhoni gives Watson the charge, and Dhoni hits it to deep square leg for four. Dhoni takes a single to long off, Ashwin gets strike and gets a short ball from Watson and pokes it fine leg for four, great shot against the short ball. A frustrated Watson finishes the over with a dot ball.


    Over 41 - Ind 215/6 (Ashwin 22, Dhoni 71)

    Doherty brought back to bowl his last over, 9 overs, 32 runs and no wicket for him. At Mohali, 270 or so will be a competitive score. Doherty drops it short and Dhoni picks it up and smashes it over midwicket for a six, the first six of the match. Dhoni accelerates against the spinner. A boundary to end the over, Dhoni goes after Doherty, 13 runs from the over.

  • Over 40 - Ind 202/6 (Ashwin 20, Dhoni 60)

    Faulkner comes back into the attack, Bailey shuffling his bowlers. There is a lot of time left in this innings, 10 more overs after this one. The 200 comes up for India, Dhoni gets a single. Ten overs to go, India 202 for 6.


    Over 39 - Ind 198/6 (Ashwin 18, Dhoni 58)

    Watson brought back into the attack, he has been slightly expensive today. A short ball from Watson, Ashwin guides it to fine leg for a single. An inside edge saves Dhoni from a lbw decision. A single, Dhoni has done it in singles today, just 4 boundaries in his 57. A single to Ashwin again to fine leg. Dhoni gets a single to end the over and the power play, India 198 for 6.


    Over 38 - Ind 194/6 (Ashwin 16, Dhoni 57)

    Well bowled by McKay bowling the slower ball well, Dhoni misses it but nudges it to a single. Ashwin pushes it to deep square leg for a single, Dhoni on strike. Dhoni gets another single, India moving on to 193. Ashwin guides the ball to third man for another single. There is a lot of time left in the match and India will want to bat through the overs. Good over from McKay in the powerplay.

  • Over 37 - Ind 190/6 (Ashwin 14, Dhoni 55)

    Ashwin hits it to deep point for a single. Dhoni flicks it off his pads for four, brings up his 50, a much needed knock from the captain. A full toss from Faulkner, Dhoni goes hard at it and outside edges it to third man for four. Ten runs from the first four balls of the over, pressure on Faulkner. Fast outfield, Ashwin pads it for four to fine leg, Faulkner's nightmare continues. Good over for India, 14 runs from it.


    Over 36 - Ind 176/6 (Ashwin 13, Dhoni 46)

    McKay comes back to bowl in the power play. A much better bowling performance from Australia today. Dhoni pushes it to extra cover for a quick single. Ashwin pushes it to deep point for a single, giving the strike to Dhoni. Dhoni swings and misses. Two runs from the over, India 176 for 6.


    Over 35 - Ind 174/6 (Ashwin 12, Dhoni 45)

    The power play is taken, Faulkner brought back into the power play. A single to Dhoni. Ashwin beats McKay in the deep to get a useful boundary at fine leg, pulls Faulkner for four. India 174 for 6.


    Over 34 - Ind 168/6 (Ashwin 7, Dhoni 45)

    Dhoni on strike, against Johnson, a low full toss and Dhoni slices it past point for four. He hits the next ball in the air to deep point, but falls just short of the fielder. Ashwin blocks a good length ball from Johnson. End of Johnson's 8th over, India 168 for 6 with 16 overs to go.


    Over 33 - Ind 162/6 (Ashwin 6, Dhoni 40)

    Doherty stops the ball, Dhoni hits it back to the bowler, Doherty has bowled well today. Dhoni takes a single to bring Ashwin on strike. Ashwin can bat, has scored three 50s and a century in tests. Just one from the over.


    Over 32 - Ind 161/6 (Ashwin 6, Dhoni 39)

    The run rate hovering between 4.9 and 5, India have done well to keep it ticking. Johnson, predictably, brought back into the attack, Aussies hunting for another wicket. Dhoni gets a single first ball, Bailey changes the field for Jadeja. WICKET! Johnson gets another wicket, great captaincy from Bailey again. Jadeja fails to deliver against the short ball, Haddin takes a good catch. India in trouble at 154 for 6. Ashwin comes in to bat, with the captain. Ashwin starts with a boundary, past point for four, decent shot from a tail-ender. A wide down leg from Johnson. Ashwin will come back for two and he nudges it down to fine leg.


    Over 31 - Ind 153/5 (Jadeja 2, Dhoni 38)

    A chance for Jadeja to prove that he can bat well and is a true all rounder. Dhoni needs some support from him to put together another partnership. A single to Dhoni, and the Jadeja gets a single. Three singles from the over, India 153 for 5.

  • Over 30 - Ind 150/5 (Jadeja 1, Dhoni 36)

    Run rate around 5 runs per over, this partnership keeping the run rate going. Maxwell brought into the attack. Kohli reaches for it, and hits it well enough to beat cover and it races away to the boundary. WICKET! Kohli falls, edges it to the keeper and Australia get the wicket they want. India lose half of their side, Kohli gone for a well compiled 68. Jadeja is the new man, India will need a good innings from him today. Maxwell continues to be the wicket taking bowler for Australia, Jadeja gets a single to get off strike. Dhoni pushes it to deep square leg for a single.


    Over 29 - Ind 142/4 (Kohli 63, Dhoni 34)

    A single to Kohli towards point. Three singles from the over, India 142 for 4.


    Over 28 - Ind 139/4 (Kohli 61, Dhoni 33)

    Voges into the attack, this pair will look to target him, he is a part time bowler for the Aussies. He starts with a full toss to Kohli who gets a single, driven nicely to deep cover. Dhoni drives it to long off for a single. Kohli drives it to long off for another single, good fielding by the Aussies. Just three from the over, India 139 for 4 after 28 overs.


    Over 27 - Ind 136/4 (Kohli 59, Dhoni 32)

    Dhoni goes down the ground, goes hard at it and gets an inside edge for a single. Kohli comes out of his crease, hits it over mid off for four, quicker through the air from Doherty and Kohli adjusts well. Six from the over, India looking to up the tempo a bit now.

  • Over 26 - Ind 130/4 (Kohli 54, Dhoni 31)

    Dhoni is limping a bit, but smiles as he completes another quick couple of runs. He is not fully fit but is running well. Dhoni hits it in the air square of the wicket for a couple more, bringing up the 50 run partnership. Dhoni works it again through the off side, only a single this time. Kohli runs it down to third man for a single, wants the two, but settles for a single. Seven runs from the over as Dhoni gets a single of the last ball.

  • Over 25 - Ind 123/4 (Kohli 53, Dhoni 25)

    Doherty continues and Kohli takes a single to move to 49 runs. Dhoni takes a single to bring Kohli back on strike. A couple of runs to Kohli, who brings up his 50, good change in attitude from the last game. He has changed his game and adapted very well to these conditions. A couple more runs for Kohli, six from the over, India 123 for 4.


    Over 24 - Ind 117/4 (Kohli 48, Dhoni 24)

    No boundaries in the last 8 overs for India, Watson comes back into the attack. Dhoni gets a single from the first ball and then Kohli hits it through the cover, gets two as the sweeper has to cut it off. It is going down leg and Kohli guides it intentionally past the keeper for four. First boundary after almost 9 overs for India and a much needed one. Then he runs it down the third man for a single. Good over for India, 117 for 4 after 24 overs.


    Over 23 - Ind 109/4 (Kohli 41, Dhoni 23)

    Doherty starts his fourth over. Kohli takes a single to long off, Doherty getting through is overs quickly. Just three from the over, India 109 for 4 after 23 overs.


    Over 22 - Ind 106/4 (Kohli 40, Dhoni 21)

    India scoring at just under 5 per over, but they have to build the innings after the early wickets lost. It is warm and sultry in Mohali, the evening will be welcome by the players. A couple of singles, and then Dhoni hits one to fine leg who does well to stop the boundary, another single in the end. India 106 for 4 after 22 overs.


    Over 21 - Ind 103/4 (Kohli 39, Dhoni 18)

    A couple of singles, India bring up their 100 in the 21st over. Dhoni pushes it through the off side for a couple of runs, running them well. Five from the over, India 103 for 4.


    Over 20 - Ind 98/4 (Kohli 38, Dhoni 15)

    India going around 5 runs per over, building a partnership. Maxwell hits the stumps but Dhoni is safe. Kohli pulls it away to deep square leg for a single. Four singles from the over, India 98 for 4.


    Over 19 - Ind 94/4 (Kohli 36, Dhoni 13)

    Doherty will continue, Australia have bowled well today. Dhoni takes a single down the ground to bring Kohli on strike. Kohli outside edges it, hits Haddin's pads and they run a single. Tidy over from Doherty, India 94 for 4.


    Over 18 - Ind 92/4 (Kohli 35, Dhoni 12)

    India are struggling here, in need of a big partnership from this pair. Australia will look to chip away. Dhoni takes two to midwicket from the forth ball, just placing the ball outside the circle, good running in the end. A single to end the over, three from it, India looking to rebuild at 92 for 4.


    Over 17 - Ind 89/4 (Kohli 35, Dhoni 9)

    A double change for Australia, Faulkner and now Doherty comes into the attack. Dhoni drives it to long off for a single. Dhoni drives it again to long off for another single to end the over. Good start from Doherty.


    Over 16 - Ind 86/4 (Kohli 34, Dhoni 7)

    Faulkner brought into the attack, Dhoni nudges him for a single to square leg and then Kohli takes a single to midwicket. Dhoni still does not seem fully fit after the twisted ankle. A single to end the over, India 86 for 4 after 16 overs.


    Over 15 - Ind 83/4 (Kohli 33, Dhoni 5)

    Johnson on a hat trick, starts his 6th over, Kohli on strike. Kohli pushes it through midwicket for a risk free single. A short ball from Johnson to Dhoni, good ball, Dhoni does well to get out of the way. Dhoni gets it through the point region for four, gets off the mark, using his bottom hand well. Dhoni gets a single to keep strike.


    Over 14 - Ind 77/4 (Kohli 32, Dhoni 0)

    Dhoni comes out to bat, India losing two wickets in a row to Johnson who is on a hat trick. Kohli drives it through the covers and takes a single and Dhoni twisted his ankle so does not go for the second. Drinks are called as Dhoni gets some treatment on his ankle. Dhoni plays out the rest of the over.

  • Over 13 - Ind 76/4 (Kohli 31)

    Johnson continues, Raina covers the line of the bowl well and punches it through the midwicket region for four, good timing and balance from Raina. Raina pushes it to fine leg for two, Johnson bowling it straighter. Raina plays a half pull shot to deep square leg for a single. Kohli pushes it square of the off side for a single. Raina tries to pull it, gets the toe end of the bat and is caught at first slip. WICKET! Raina falls for 17, good bowling and clever captaincy. Yuvraj Singh walks out to join Kohli, India losing their third wicket. WICKET! Yuvraj plays away from his body and is caught by the keeper. Great bowling by Johnson.


    Over 12 - Ind 68/2 (Kohli 30, Raina 10)

    Raina takes a single from the first ball, Kohli takes a single. Raina pushes it past the point fielder for three runs, the point fielder stops it partially, and cover gives chase to stop the boundary. Five from the over, India 68 for 2.


    Over 11 - Ind 63/2 (Kohli 29, Raina 6)

    Johnson brought back into the attack, to get another wicket here. Bailey has used his bowlers well through out the series. A big wide down leg side, Johnson strays down leg. Three from the over as Raina takes a single and keeps strike.


    Over 10 - Ind 60/2 (Kohli 28, Raina 5)

    Kohli drives again, another quality shot through the cover for four. Get the front foot out, gets the balance right and then shifts the weight forward to get power into the shot. Follows it up with a well run single. Raina is looking to stay out at the crease and then score some runs, which is a good plan at this stage. It will also give him a good chance to be the new number 4. Five from the over, after 10 overs India going at exactly 6 per over, are 60 for 2.


    Over 9 - Ind 55/2 (Kohli 23, Raina 5)

    Raina runs it down the third man to get a single and gets off the mark. Watson bangs it short, Kohli pulls it, does not middle it but gets enough on it to find a boundary over midwicket. Kohli pushes it along the ground for four, flicks it in front of him beats the infield for a boundary to deep square leg. A quick single to follow the two boundaries. This is a test for Raina, Dhoni wants him to bat well and become a regular number 4 in preparation for the next world cup. Raina joins the action, punching it from the back foot for four through point and cover.


    Over 8 - Ind 41/2 (Kohli 14, Raina 0)

    Good start for Australia, India have scored at a good rate but lost two crucial wickets. Kohli finds the gap again, punches it off the front foot for four through the covers, great shot from a player in form. Just the boundary from the over, India 41 for 2, in need of a partnership.


    Over 7 - Ind 37/2 (Kohli 10, Raina 0)

    Watson brought into the attack, Bailey keeps Johnson back to bowl in the power play or when he needs a wicket. He has used this tactic well in the past two games in this series. Short spells also keeps Johnson fresh and ready to run in at pace. A wide down leg from Watson after a couple of dots. A quick single to bring Rohit on strike. WICKET! Rohit Sharma top edges it and first slip runs back to take a good catch. India lose their second wicket and Raina who is their new number 4 comes out to bat.


    Over 6 - Ind 35/1 (Kohli 9, R Sharma 11)

    McKay runs in to bowl his third over. A single for Sharma on the leg side, brings Kohli on strike. Kohli runs it down to third man for another single. Rohit dismisses that over the point fielder for another boundary.


    Over 5 - Ind 29/1 (Kohli 8, R Sharma 6)

    Kohli finds the gap through the covers for four, beautiful bottom hand work in that shot. Consecutive boundaries, this time Kohli cuts it sublimely behind point for four, using Johnson's pace to help himself to four more. Both these batsmen took India to victory in the last game, can they post a good target here. End of the over, eight from it.


    Over 4 - Ind 21/1 (Kohli 0, R Sharma 6)

    McKay continues, this is another batting friendly pitch and outfield but no Indian batsman has scored a 100 here. The highest score by an Indian here was a 99 from Sachin against Pakistan. Rohit inside edges it for four straight behind the keeper, a flying Haddin fails to stop it. Rohit cuts it to third man for a couple of runs, six from the over, India move to 21 for 1 after 4 overs.


    Over 3 - Ind 15/1 (Kohli 0, R Sharma 0)

    Johnson continues, what was interesting was umpire did not give Dhawan out in the beginning, but then the batsman started walking and stopped, McKay pointed out that he was walking and then the umpire gave him out. The appeal was confident, but the umpiring was late. Kohli is the new man in, a leg bye brings him on strike. Just a single from the over, both these batsmen still have not scored.

  • Over 2 - Ind 14/1 (, R Sharma 0)

    McKay starts the bowling from the other end with the second new ball, Dhawan on strike. He strays down leg, Dhawan gets some pad on it and it flies through the keeper for four down leg. Pushed through the leg side and Dhawan gets India's first runs from the bat. Dhawan flicks it off his pads for four through deep square leg, this outfield is also fast like the one in Jaipur. WICKET! Dhawan edges it and spoils a good over for India. Early wicket for the Aussies, India 14 for 1.


    Over 1 - Ind 2/0 (Dhawan 0, R Sharma 0)

    Johnson to start with the ball and Dhawan and Rohit take strike for India. A swinging full ball from Johnson, almost a yorker, Rohit does well to keep it out. A couple of wides from Johnson in the over, just straying down leg. End of the first over India 2 for no loss.



    Australia have won the toss and decide to bowl first. Both teams remain unchanged, and India will bat for the first time in the series. The series is level at 1-1 with 5 matches remaining. India will look to bat well and get to a big score and hope their bowlers will be able to defend it.



    Hello and welcome to the third ODI between India and Australia in Mohali, where the series is level at one all after the hosts' remarkable chase of 360 in Jaipur earlier this week.