Over 31 Ind 155/4 (Kohli 55, Dhoni 1)

    Kohli gets a bit of bat on it and pushes it through the keeper for four, clever batting, the ball flies to ropes. Good over from Johnson again, probing away at the batsmen. It will be interesting to see who Bailey will use at the end of the innings, he has used his best bowlers in short spells already. India are 155 for 4 after 31 overs, the asking rate climbing towards an alarming 8 runs per over.

  • Over 30 Ind 150/4 (Kohli 50, Dhoni 1)

    The Indian captain comes to the crease to join Kohli. Haddin is back on the field, and India need more than 7.5 per over. Doherty is brought back into the attack, Bailey has used his bowling options well today. Kohli pushes it through the off side, brings up his 50 and India will need him to carry on and make a big score. India are exactly 150 for 4 after 30 overs.


    Over 29 Ind 147/4 (Kohli 48)

    Johnson brought back into the attack, another good move from the captain. Kohli takes a single and brings Yuvraj on strike. Yuvraj plays it awkwardly on the leg side for a single. A single to Kohli, who runs the ball down to square leg. Good yorker from Johnson, Yuvraj blocks it out. Good captaincy again from Bailey, bringing his best bowler on just after a wicket has fallen to put extra pressure. WICKET! Johnson responds to his captain's call, Yuvraj edges it to the keeper who takes an easy catch. India in trouble now, 147 for 4 after 29 overs.

  • Over 28 Ind 144/3 (Kohli 46, Yuvraj 6)

    Faulkner continues, Kohli gets a change of gloves. Raina pushes it to fine leg and runs two. WICKET! Faulkner strikes, Raina goes for the big shot only to top edge it to third man who takes a good running catch, Australia get another wicket. Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman. Yuvraj gets off the mark with a six off the second ball, good short ball from Faulkner, Yuvraj top edges it to deep square leg and just clears it.


    Over 27 Ind 135/2 (Kohli 45, Raina 37)

    McKay brought back into the attack, another interesting change in the bowling. The slightly expensive Doherty replaced as India need more than 7 runs per over. Kohli makes his intentions clear, drives the ball perfectly through the off side for four. Classic shot, great balance and another boundary for Kohli. Then he pushes it behind point for a single. Raina nudges it to Maxwell at point, looks for a single but Maxwell stops it and releases it quickly. Raina safely home with the dive in the end. Next ball, Raina cuts it fine to third man for a single.


    Over 26 Ind 129/2 (Kohli 40, Raina 36)

    Raina defends the first ball of Faulkner's 4th over. Faulkner strays on the leg side and Kohli works him to fine leg for a single. Another single for India, Raina pulling the ball to deep square leg. Kohli drives it to extra cover, looks for two but settles for one.


    Over 25 Ind 125/2 (Kohli 38, Raina 34)

    Doherty starts his 6th over. Kohli gets a single on the leg side to bring up the 50 run partnership. SIx, Raina comes down the ground and hits it straight over the bowler's head for a six. The field is pushed back after that shot. Raina takes a single to rotate strike. Kohli drives it through the covers for a single. Another single to end the over, India 125 for 2.


    Over 24 Ind 114/2 (Kohli 36, Raina 25)

    No news from Haddin yet, hopefully it is nothing serious. Faulkner, who poked Haddin with a high-five, comes back into the attack. Raina pushes it to the sweeper on the off side for a single. Kohli pulls it through the midwicket region for four, good shot from him, finding the gap perfectly. Kohli then pushes it to deep point for a single. A wide down the leg side will help India. Raina angles it down to fine leg for a single, eight from the over with two balls to go. India 114 for 2 after 24 overs.


    Over 23 Ind 106/2 (Kohli 31, Raina 23)

    Doherty continues, bowling his 5th over now. Raina picks up a single on the leg side. Kohli pushes it down the ground for another single. Raina gets another single to long on. Five singles from the over.

  • Over 22 Ind 101/2 (Kohli 29, Raina 20)

    Voges is introduced into the attack. Good captaincy from Bailey, using his main bowlers to create pressure and bringing the part-timers on when the run rate is above 7. Raina on strike. Raina pushes him through the leg side for a single, he has preferred the leg side today. Kohli plays a handsome cover drive for four, beating deep cover and long on, great shot. Another brilliant shot from Kohli, same region and same result. He came down the wicket and just eased it through the covers for four. India bring up their 100 in 22 overs.


    Over 21 Ind 92/2 (Kohli 21, Raina 19)

    Doherty into the attack, replacing Johnson, Indians will look to attack now. Raina comes down the wicket and hits it straight down the ground for four, beating the fielder at long off. Raina gets a leading edge but it falls safe at mid on where there is no fielder, Raina gets a single. Five from the over, India need more than 7 per over.


    Over 20 Ind 87/2 (Kohli 21, Raina 14)

    The run rate required is over 7 per over thanks to some good bowling from McKay and Johnson at the beginning of the innings and now from Watson and Johnson. A quick single, well run in the end. Raina carefully pulls this to fine leg for a single. Just two from the over, another cheap over pushing the required rate even further.


    Over 19 Ind 85/2 (Kohli 20, Raina 13)

    Johnson starts his 5th over. Raina tucks it into the gap on the leg side for four, good shot against Johnson. India need a few more of those. Raina angles his bat and works the ball to deep square leg for a single. Hughes is proving to be more than useful as a keeper, Kohli inside edges this and Hughes does well to stop it. Six runs from the over.


    Over 18 Ind 79/2 (Kohli 19, Raina 8)

    Australia have kept India quiet, but there is a lot of cricket left in this match. The required rate over 6.9 now going towards 7, this pair has to accelerate soon for India to stay alive in this match. A single to Raina, again on the leg side. Just a single from the over and that adds to the pressure on India.


    Over 17 Ind 78/2 (Kohli 19, Raina 7)

    Interesting move from Bailey, bringing back Johnson to increase the pressure and may be pick up a wicket or two. Good attacking move, Raina works it into the leg side again for a single. Kohli takes a single, India moving at just over 4.5 runs per over and the asking rate going towards 7. Raina tries to pull it fine, gets an edge on it which falls short of the keeper who does well to stop a certain boundary. Raina gets another single on the leg side. Just three from the over.


    Over 16 Ind 75/2 (Kohli 19, Raina 5)

    Raina pulls it to deep square leg for a single. A single to Kohli as he works it into the leg side. Raina pushes it into the leg side for another single. Just three from the over, Watson finishing his 3rd.


    Over 15 Ind 72/2 (Kohli 18, Raina 3)

    Kohli pushes it to long off for a single. Raina pushes it into the leg side for a single. Five singles from five balls from Doherty's over, make it six from six.

  • Over 14 Ind 66/2 (Kohli 15, Raina 0)

    Watson to Kohli, who takes a single to third man. WICKET! Rohit Sharma gets an edge on it and Hughes takes a good catch. Rohit falls short of his 50, goes for 42 and Raina comes out to bat. End of the 14th over, India 66 for 2.


    Over 13 Ind 65/1 (Kohli 14, R Sharma 42)

    Doherty continues, Rohit blocks the first ball. The next ball is pushed to long on for a single. Kohli works it through the covers for a single. Rohit gets a single on the leg side, a much better over from Doherty. Another single to end the over, four from it.


    Over 12 Ind 61/1 (Kohli 12, R Sharma 40)

    Watson comes on to bowl. Kohli gets an inside edge and a single on the leg side, they get an extra run because of an overthrow. Poor backing up from Maxwell. Rohit runs it down to third man for another single. Kohli takes a single to third man again. Another single to end the over. Six runs from the over, India 61 for 1 after 12 overs.


    Over 11 Ind 55/1 (Kohli 8, R Sharma 38)

    Bailey introduces spin in the form of Doherty. Rohit cuts it late and past the slips for two runs, good shot from him. A single for Rohit on the off side, brings Kohli on strike. The asking rate hovering around 6.5 runs per over. Kohli cuts it and cuts it well, beats the sweeper on the off side for four. A shout for lbw, but Kohli put in a good stride, creating doubt in the umpire's mind. A single for Kohli as he works it into the off side. Rohit late cuts it again for four this time, past the slips and third man. Good over for India, 12 runs from it.


    Over 10 Ind 43/1 (Kohli 3, R Sharma 31)

    McKay continues, starting his 5th over now. Kohli is beaten by some good pace and seam movement from McKay. Kohli taps it to short third man for a single. Rohit runs it down to third man for a single, two from the over.


    Over 9 Ind 41/1 (Kohli 2, R Sharma 30)

    Rohit lifts it over mid off for four, he decides to attack Faulkner and does it in style. Rohit pulls it, gets it through the midwicket region for another boundary, slightly risky shot but gets four. Four to end the over, Faulkner strays down leg and Rohit puts it away to the fine leg boundary.


    Over 8 Ind 29/1 (Kohli 2, R Sharma 18)

    India are going at 4 per over, which means the required rate is over six now. McKay continues, Haddin is off the field and Hughes is keeping wickets. Rohit runs it down to third man for a single. Another good over from McKay just one from it.

  • Over 7 Ind 28/1 (Kohli 2, R Sharma 17)

    Faulkner introduced into the attack to replace Johnson, who was very effective in his first spell. Dhawan tries to go for the single and Maxwell overthrows it for four. WICKET! Dhawan gets one that swings away from him, he gets an edge and Haddin takes an easy catch. India lose their first wicket. Haddin is in a bit of pain as the high-five from Faulkner poked him in the eye. Overthrows, a wicket and a poke in the eye so far from this over. Phil Hughes keeps wickets as Haddin decides to go off the field. Sweetly hit by Kohli, but the cover fielder makes a good stop. Kohli hits it just behind point for a couple of runs to get off the mark.


    Over 6 Ind 22/0 (Dhawan 3, R Sharma 17)

    A good, testing start from the Australian seamers, Indian openers playing cautiously. Dhawan drops it to mid off and runs a quick single. Rohit gets the edge and it goes through the keeper for four, great ball from McKay, the keeper not able to hold on to it. It bounced slightly short of Haddin and then went through. McKay drifting down leg and Rohit plays it off his hips to fine leg for a couple of runs.


    Over 5 Ind 15/0 (Dhawan 2, R Sharma 11)

    Johnson bowls it wide, Rohit goes for the drive and Voges gets a hand to it but can't hold on, it would have been a good low catch, Rohit gets two runs in the end. A good bouncer from Johnson, Rohit ducks out of the way. Rohit leans forward into the drive and smashes it through point for four, first boundary for him and India. A wide ball called as Johnson strays outside the off stump. Seven from the over, India 15 for no loss.


    Over 4 Ind 8/0 (Dhawan 2, R Sharma 5)

    McKay continues, Rohit gets a single to the third man boundary. Dhawan on strike to McKay, Indians have started watchfully just like the Australians did. Just a single from the over, Australians starting well with the ball.


    Over 3 Ind 7/0 (Dhawan 2, R Sharma 4)

    Rohit Sharma solidly defending Johnson, some good fielding from the Aussies denying him singles. Sharma edges it to third man for a single to end the over. Good over from Johnson.


    Over 2 Ind 6/0 (Dhawan 2, R Sharma 3)

    McKay starts from the other end with the second new ball. A couple of singles to start the over, Indians looking for a good opening partnership. Dhawan inside edges it to fine leg for another single. A single to end the over, four from it, India 6 for no loss after 2 overs.


    Over 1 Ind 2/0 (Dhawan 1, R Sharma 1)

    Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan will open the batting for India, Johnson with the ball for Australia. Tucked away on the leg side for a single, Dhawan gets off the mark. Rohit pushes it through the off side for another single. Good bouncer from Johnson, Dhawan ducks out of the way. Good start from Johnson, just two from the over.


    India need 305 to win

    Australia end their innings with 304 for 8, a good score compiled thanks to a 100 run opening partnership and contributions from Bailey and Maxwell. India will need to score more than 6 runs per over to get to 305 and win this match.

  • Over 50 Aus 304/8 (McKay 11, Johnson 9)

    It is 291 for 7 with one over to go and Australia will feel comfortable with this score. Ishant Sharma to bowl the final over. Two runs to Faulkner who drives it to extra cover. WICKET! A good catch from Vinay Kumar to get rid of Faulkner. It was well struck by Faulkner but Vinay timed his jump perfectly and Ishant gets a wicket. McKay is the new man in, with four balls to go. McKay pulls it and gets a boundary to long on. The slower ball is put into the crowd for a six, McKay ends the innings with a single. Australia 304 for 8 after 50 overs.


    Over 49 Aus 291/7 (Faulkner 25, Johnson 9)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back to bowl the 49th over. A single off the second ball, Faulkner gets an edge on it and Dhoni does well to stop it, awkward bounce making it difficult for the keeper. Drilled straight down the ground for four by Johnson, hit like a bullet and was always going to be four. Four more, Johnson finds the gap on the leg side to get another boundary through midwicket. Another good over for Australia, nine runs from it.


    Over 48 Aus 282/7 (Faulkner 24, Johnson 1)

    Three overs to go, Vinay Kumar to bowl. A single from the first ball, Australia going at more than 5.5 per over. Faulkner gets a top edge, it goes high and falls in between two fielders, two runs in the end. Faulkner pulls and gets a six over mid wicket, good shot. Six, another six, Faulkner swings his arms and hits it out of the ground. A single from the fifth ball, brings Johnson on strike. Another good over for Australia.

  • Over 47 Aus 266/7 (Faulkner 8, Johnson 0)

    Ashwin starts the 47th over, Bailey makes room for himself and smashes this through the off side for four, he moves on to 85. WICKET! Bailey goes for the pull and tries to clear Raina at deep square leg, but Raina takes a great catch in the deep to dismiss the Australian captain. Bailey goes for 85, Johnson walks out to bat. Good over from Ashwin, Australia 266 for 7.


    Over 46 Aus 259/6 (Faulkner 6, Bailey 81)

    Bailey pulls it for a single to deep midwicket. A chance of a run out as they think of going for the second run. Vinay Kumar does well to collect it, but Bailey turns back just in time and is safe. Four, Bailey lifts this one down the ground and just bounces inside the boundary. Australia looking to accelerate now at 259 for 6.


    Over 45 Aus 251/6 (Faulkner 4, Bailey 74)

    Five overs remaining, Ashwin continues. A single to start the over, Bailey pushes it to deep square leg. Four, Bailey sweeps it nicely past the keeper to fine leg for four, easy pickings for Bailey. End of the 45th over, Aus 251 for 6.


    Over 44 Aus 244/6 (Faulkner 3, Bailey 69)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack, he has 5 overs remaining. Bailey pulls the short ball to the midwicket boundary, poor ball gets the treatment. Bailey has batted risk free and still scored at a good rate. Bailey pulls it again, to deep square leg this time for four. Good batting from the captain. Ten runs from the over, Australia 244 for 6.

  • Over 43 Aus 234/6 (Faulkner 2, Bailey 60)

    Eight overs to go, Ashwin starts his 8th over. WICKET! Haddin is caught in front of the stumps, trying to work the ball into the leg side and is given out. Australia lose their 6th. Faulkner is the new batsman, gets off the mark straightaway. Swept to deep midwicket for a single by Bailey. A single to end the over, Australia 234 for 6.


    Over 42 Aus 230/5 (Haddin 10, Bailey 58)

    Jadeja will bowl his last over. Bailey works him through the off side for a single, Jadeja keeping the runs down. Another single through the off side, this time Haddin finding the gap. Three singles to end the over, Jadeja ends his spell with 10 overs 35 runs and a wicket.


    Over 41 Aus 227/5 (Haddin 9, Bailey 56)

    A single from the first ball to Bailey, Ashwin back into the attack. Three singles from the Ashwin over, Australia need around 280 to feel comfortable.


    Over 40 Aus 224/5 (Haddin 8, Bailey 54)

    Vinay Kumar continues, bowling the last over in the power play. A single from the first ball to Bailey, brings Haddin on strike. Haddin hits it through point, just past the flying Yuvraj Sing for four. Haddin follows it up with a good straight drive for another four. A slower ball to end the power play, Aus 224 for 5 after 40 overs.


    Over 39 Aus 215/5 (Haddin 0, Bailey 53)

    Jadeja comes into the attack, Brad Haddin is the new man. Good over in the powerplay, just one from it.

  • Over 38 Aus 214/5 (Maxwell 31, Bailey 52)

    A mishit from Maxwell goes to deep square leg for a single. A low full toss and Maxwell just lifts it over the deep square leg fielder for another six. Good slower ball to follow from Vinay, Maxwell swings and misses. Another six, it was outside off and Maxwell drives it over the top for a six, made it look easy. WICKET! A couple of sixes and Maxwell tries to hit another one and is caught at cover. Disappointing end to a good knock. 14 runs from the over, but the big wicket of Maxwell.

  • Over 37 Aus 200/4 (Maxwell 18, Bailey 51)

    Ashwin from the other end in the power play. Bailey gets to his 50 with a couple of runs on the leg side. Good knock, stabilizing the innings and scoring at a good rate. Six, a big six, Maxwell goes down on one knee and pulls it over the leg side boundary for a big one. Driven through the covers for a couple of runs, Maxwell looking to attack. Good over for Australia, 12 runs from it. Aus 200 for 4 after 37 overs.

  • Over 36 Aus 188/4 (Maxwell 9, Bailey 48)

    15 overs remaining and the batting powerplay has been taken, Vinay Kumar comes back into the attack. Driven hard and straight down the ground for a single by Bailey who moves on to 47. Maxwell gets a single to bring Bailey back on strike. Bailey runs it down to third man for a single. Three from the powerplay over.


    Over 35 Aus 185/4 (Maxwell 8, Bailey 46)

    Ashwin continues, and beats Bailey with some pace on the quicker one. Maxwell chips it to deep fine leg for a single. Three singles from the over, Australia 185 for 4 after 35 overs.


    Over 34 Aus 182/4 (Maxwell 7, Bailey 44)

    Ishant Sharma to continue. This is a good time for Maxwell to come out to the crease, it will give him some time to settle down and then accelerate. Bailey runs it down to third man for a single. Pulled away by Maxwell for four, beats the fielder at deep square leg easily. End of the over, eight from the over.


    Over 33 Aus 174/4 (Maxwell 1, Bailey 42)

    Voges is disappointed but has to go, it was a risky single and Bailey hesitated creating a chance for India. Maxwell comes out to join his captain. Ashwin to bowl and Bailey takes a single from the first ball. Maxwell gets off the mark with a single from the last ball of the over.


    Over 32 Aus 172/4 (Voges 7, Bailey 41)

    Ishant Sharma brought back into the attack to replace Yuvraj. Three singles and a couple of runs on the leg side, Bailey keeps the scoreboard ticking. A chance of a run out, Bailey hesitated and Voges was running to the danger end. Yuvraj picks it and hits the stumps, Voges is short of his ground and run out. WICKET! India create a wicket thanks to some good fielding, Voges goes for 7.


    Over 31 Aus 166/3 (Voges 5, Bailey 38)

    Ashwin comes back into the attack after bowling just two overs in his first spell. Bailey picks up a single to deep square leg. Three runs from the over so far, Ashwin looking to bowl a good over to start the spell. Four from the over in the end, Australian run rate still above 5 per over.


    Over 30 Aus 163/3 (Voges 3, Bailey 36)

    Good fielding at point from Shikhar Dhawan. Bailey sweeps and sweeps well, Ishant Sharma can't get there and Bailey gets a boundary. The short ball is dispatched for a four over midwicket, Bailey leans back and pulls it to the boundary. Ten runs from the over.


    Over 29 Aus 153/3 (Voges 2, Bailey 27)

    Jadeja continues, Voges on strike. A single from the fifth ball as Voges pushes it to long on. A couple of runs to end the over, good running from Bailey.

  • Over 28 Aus 150/3 (Voges 1, Bailey 25)

    WICKET! Finch falls, Dhoni sticks with Yuvraj, who bowls a slower, tossed up ball and Kohli on the long off boundary takes an easy catch. Finch goes for 72 as Australia lose their third. A couple of runs as Bhuvneshwar Kumar partially stops this at short third man. A single to follow, Voges still not off the mark. The 150 for Australia comes up, and Voges is off the mark with that single.


    Over 27 Aus 146/2 (Finch 72, Bailey 22)

    Jadeja continues, three singles from three balls. Strong off side fielder for Jadeja, and he is bowling to it, making Bailey play on the off side. Just three from the over, Dhoni will look to give Ashwin another bowl.


    Over 26 Aus 142/2 (Finch 69, Bailey 21)

    Short ball and Bailey pulls it away for four through midwicket. He had a lot of time and made it count. Six risk free runs from the over so far, Bailey playing maturely. A single to end the over, seven from it.


    Over 25 Aus 135/2 (Finch 68, Bailey 16)

    A big shout for lbw, Finch gets a big stride forward and umpire gives it not out. Replays show that impact may have been just outside the line. Australia still going at a good run rate, India still looking to slow them down.


    Over 24 Aus 133/2 (Finch 66, Bailey 15)

    Bailey sweeps it away from the deep square leg fielder for four, good shot from the captain. Then pushes it to long off for a single to rotate strike. Another single to long off, Finch driving it this time. A single as Bailey plays it to the sweeper on the off side. Risk free eight runs from the over.


    Over 23 Aus 125/2 (Finch 64, Bailey 9)

    Jadeja takes a few balls away from Finch and then brings one into him. Good control from Jadeja, Finch tries to cut it away but misses. Three runs from the over Australia 125 for 2.


    Over 22 Aus 122/2 (Finch 63, Bailey 7)

    A single off the first ball, Yuvraj continues. Finch is doing the right thing at this stage, trying to stay at the crease and looking for singles. India slowly crawling back into this game, four from the over.


    Over 21 Aus 118/2 (Finch 61, Bailey 5)

    Nicely cut away by Bailey for four, through the gap between point and cover. Another quick over from Jadeja, just four from it.


    Over 20 Aus 114/2 (Finch 61, Bailey 1)

    Yuvraj Singh is introduced into the attack, Watson goes for the drive and finds the fielder. WICKET! India were struggling to get a wicket and now they have two in six balls. The captain walks out to bat, and gets off the mark straight away with a single down to long off. India will look to keep the pressure on Finch now, after the two wickets. A very good start from Yuvraj, one run and a crucial wicket from the over.

  • Over 19 Aus 113/1 (Finch 61, Watson 2)

    WICKET! Raina takes a sharp catch at leg slip, Hughes falls just short of a half century, Australia lose their first wicket. Shane Watson comes in at number three. Three singles to end the over, Watson gets off the mark.

  • Over 18 Aus 108/0 (Finch 60, Hughes 45)

    Kohli given the bowl, replacing Sharma. Four, Finch pushes it through the short third man for four, excellent 50 for Finch. He started off slowly today, but has accelerated at will. A slow yorker from Kohli, dug out by Hughes. Six, handsome shot from Finch, drives it over the covers for six. Twelve from the over, Australia moving along at 6 runs per over at drinks.


    Over 17 Aus 96/0 (Finch 49, Hughes 44)

    Jadeja continues, a bit of spin for him. Worked into the leg side for a couple of runs, good running by this pair, but a good over for India, four runs from it.


    Over 16 Aus 92/0 (Finch 48, Hughes 41)

    Another drive from Hughes, but this time he gets a single for it. Sharma continues from the other end as Ashwin is replaced by Jadeja. More width from Ishant and Finch is quick to cut it away for four, that was hit hard. A quick single to follow, six runs from the first three balls, India in desperate need of a wicket. Another quick single, this one was a lot riskier than the last one. Australia 92 for no loss after 16 overs.


    Over 15 Aus 85/0 (Finch 43, Hughes 39)

    Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack, to stem the run flow and look to break this partnership. India have a few bowling options today with Yuvraj in the side, Raina can bowl and so can Kohli. Shout for lbw but there was an inside edge. Finch picks the next one up and dispatches it through the off side for four, great shot. A single on the off side for Finch, and then Hughes pushes it past Jadeja for another single. Six form the over, Australia ticking along nicely.


    Over 14 Aus 79/0 (Finch 38, Hughes 38)

    Mishit from Hughes, but the bowl falls short of third man. Another single to Finch, who finds the sweeper on the off side. Hughes lifts this over the in field for a couple of runs. Driven through the off side for two more runs, six runs from the over.


    Over 13 Aus 73/0 (Finch 37, Hughes 33)

    Six, Ashwin is hit over and above midwicket for a six, Finch middling this with ease and clearing the boundary. Four, Finch cuts it hard and through the short third man region for four. Ten from the over.


    Over 12 Aus 63/0 (Finch 27, Hughes 33)

    Dropped, Sharma generates some extra bounce, Hughes hits it hard to point and Kohli fumbles and drops a easy catch. Width on offer from Sharma and Finch cuts it through point for four. Another boundary, Finch just guides this through the same region for four, Sharma straying wide outside off again. Another good over for Australia, 10 runs from it.


    Over 11 Aus 53/0 (Finch 18, Hughes 32)

    Change is bowling, India bringing on Ashwin to create some pressure. In the air, but just a single to end the over, just three from it.


    Over 10 Aus 50/0 (Finch 17, Hughes 30)

    Ishant Sharma introduced into the attack, India in need of a wicket or two. Ashwin is at a wide second slip, Hughes waits for it and then pulls it to deep square leg for four, easy runs. A chance of a run out, the batsman looked safe and replays show he is. Good fielding, but no wicket. End of the first powerplay, and Australia have accumulated 50 runs for no wicket. Good partnership for the visitors.


    Over 9 Aus 43/0 (Finch 17, Hughes 23)

    A quick single, they look for two but decide against it. Hughes stands tall and punches this through the covers for four, another great shot form him. After 9 overs, Australia 43 for no loss.


    Over 8 Aus 37/0 (Finch 16, Hughes 18)

    Vinay Kumar over-pitches and Hughes hits him for four through the covers, Dhoni reacts by taking second slip out and placing it into a defensive position. Pulled away in style, Hughes ends the over with another boundary, making it eight runs as Australians look to attack.


    Over 7 Aus 29/0 (Finch 16, Hughes 10)

    Six, Bhuvneshwar overpitches it slightly and Finch lifts it straight down the ground for a six. Finch attacks again, driving this through the off side for four. Now it is fractionally short and Finch pulls it for four, good over for Finch and Australia.


    Over 6 Aus 14/0 (Finch 2, Hughes 10)

    Yuvraj and Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be familiar with this pitch because they play for Pune in the IPL. After six overs, Australia 14 for no loss.


    Over 5 Aus 13/0 (Finch 2, Hughes 9)

    Hughes runs it down to third man for a single. Both seamers look more comfortable against the right handed Finch rather than Hughes. A shout for lbw against Finch, but the umpire gives it not out, the height may have been a factor. Just two from the over, Australia 13 for no loss.


    Over 4 Aus 11/0 (Finch 2, Hughes 8)

    Good shot through the off side from Hughes, just pushes it through the inner circle for three runs. Another great shot from Hughes, balanced drive through the covers, Australia get their first boundary of the day. Vinay Kumar changes his angle and cramps Hughes for room, defended well in the end.


    Over 3 Aus 3/0 (Finch 1, Hughes 1)

    Kumar is swinging it into Finch consistently, a chance of a caught behind but umpire gives it not out. Kumar finishes an excellent maiden, Aus 3 for no loss.


    Over 2 Aus 3/0 (Finch 1, Hughes 1)

    Vinay Kumar to joint he attack with the second new ball, Hughes pushes it into the leg side towards square leg for a single. A single to end the over, just two runs from it.


    Over 1 Aus 1/0 (Finch 0, Hughes 0)

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start the day for India, Hughes and Finch open for Australia. Hughes on strike with two slips waiting for an edge. There is a bit of grass on the surface, the pitch is expected to be two paced. First runs for Australia as Hughes nudges it to fine leg for a single, a leg bye called. Just the leg bye from the over, Aus 1 for no loss.



    Australia have won the toss and will bat first in this first ODI at Pune.