• Over 39 Aus 232/6 (Faulkner 0, Maxwell 86)

    Jadeja brought back into the attack to replace Ashwin in the power play. A couple of runs to Haddin who plays it wide of the deep point fielder. WICKET! Haddin is bowled, Jadeja bowls one that just spins and grips and Haddin swings and misses. Faulkner is the new man in. Great over from Jadeja, two runs and a wicket from it.

  • Over 38 Aus 230/5 (Haddin 1, Maxwell 86)

    Dhoni seems to be changing his plans too often today, Vinay Kumar to bowl after just one over from Shami. WICKET! Bailey top edges it and Rohit takes a good catch under pressure. India get a wicket, Bailey, who deserved a 100 today, goes out for 98. Haddin is the new batsman. Haddin pushes it to deep square leg for a single. Maxwell finds the gap to get a boundary and make it 6 runs from the over.


    Over 37 Aus 224/4 (Bailey 98, Maxwell 81)

    Ashwin comes back to bowl in the power play. Six again, Maxwell reverse sweeps it for a big six, what a shot! Another reverse sweep and this time it is a boundary square of the wicket. Maxwell gets a single down the ground, poor bowling from India again. Bailey nudges it to deep square leg for a single. After 37 overs, Australi 224 for 4 going at just over 6 per over.

  • Over 36 Aus 211/4 (Bailey 96, Maxwell 70)

    The power play is taken and Shami is back with the older ball to create a wicket. A shout for lbw, it was close but could have been missing the stumps, good decision in the end. Four, Bailey edges it and it goes through the vacant slip region for four. Bailey drives it, it was pitched up and Bailey drives it for four. Bailey runs it down to third man for a single, ten from the over in 4 balls. Two dots to end the over, Australia 211 for 4 after 36 overs, and it is drinks.

  • Over 35 Aus 201/4 (Bailey 87, Maxwell 70)

    Dhoni does not bring Shami back, instead he continues with Raina. Decent over in the end, three from it. Australia 201 for 4 after 35 overs.


    Over 34 Aus 198/4 (Bailey 86, Maxwell 68)

    Vinay Kumar brought back into the attack, Dhoni should have gone with Shami like Bailey goes with Johnson. A couple of singles to start the over. Six, Bailey pulls it for another six, hitting sixes at will here the Aussie captain. Another expensive over for India, 8 from it.


    Over 33 Aus 190/4 (Bailey 79, Maxwell 67)

    As single from the first ball, Raina continues into his 3rd over. Bailey plays it through midwicket goes for the single, but has timed it well to get a boundary. He made it look easy, hit it well to get four. Another boundary, pulled away through deep square leg for four. India struggling after picking up three early wickets. 11 from the over, Dhoni needs a wicket.


    Over 32 Aus 179/4 (Bailey 69, Maxwell 66)

    Jadeja continues from the other end, India need to break this partnership, Bailey plays a few dots as he fails to read Jadeja's spin. A couple of runs as Bailey pushes the ball past point, bringing up the 100 run partnership at just over run a ball. Good comeback from Australia thanks to this partnership. Maxwell finishes the over with a six, great shot, Australi 179 for 4 after 32 overs.


    Over 31 Aus 170/4 (Bailey 66, Maxwell 60)

    Raina continues, Dhoni needs a wicket from somewhere. Maxwell gets a single. Massive appeal for lbw, umpire gives it not out. Drinks are called as Dhoni is hit by the throw from Dhawan and needs some treatment. Raina continues and a single to Maxwell to short fine leg. Four singles from the over.

  • Over 30 Aus 166/4 (Bailey 64, Maxwell 58)

    Jadeja back into the attack, Maxwell brings up his 50 with a big six over deep square leg. India need a wicket to stop the run flow. Maxwell gets a couple of runs as he edges it to third man. Cut away to deep point for another couple. A single to point, expensive over from Jadeja. Bailey was dropped on the first ball, and is making it count. 11 from the over.


    Over 29 Aus 155/4 (Bailey 64, Maxwell 47)

    This partnership is really accelerating the scoring for Australia, Dhoni who is running out of ideas, brings Raina into the attack. A single from the first ball and a single from the second, both to deep square leg. Five from the over, Australia going over 5 runs per over at 155 for 4 after 29 overs.


    Over 28 Aus 150/4 (Bailey 61, Maxwell 45)

    Unadkat brought back into the attack, for a second spell. A couple of runs to start the over, Bailey running hard and putting pressure on the fielder. Then he pulls a short ball through midwicket for a couple of runs. India need to break this partnership, this pair scoring freely and accelerating the innings. Unadkat gives Maxwell an easy boundary, drifting down leg, fine leg is up in the circles so that is easy runs and poor bowling from Unadkat. Maxwell cuts it for two to Raina at deep point. A difficult chance, Maxwell dropped at point by Yuvraj. Australia are 150 for 4 after 28 overs.


    Over 27 Aus 138/4 (Bailey 56, Maxwell 38)

    Yuvraj Singh brought into the attack, replacing Ashwin. A single to Maxwell on the legside. Bailey gets into a good position and muscles it away for four to deep square leg, great shot, found the gap perfectly. Then takes a single to follow the boundary. A couple of runs to Maxwell, this pair running well between wickets. Four, cut away through the point fielder for four, expensive over for India.


    Over 26 Aus 126/4 (Bailey 51, Maxwell 31)

    The 50 run partnership also comes up, Maxwell takes a single through the off side. Bailey takes a single. A couple of runs, Maxwell plays it fine to third man and they get two. Maxwell gets another single, this time to deep square leg. Five from the over.

  • Over 25 Aus 121/4 (Bailey 50, Maxwell 27)

    Ashwin to Bailey who takes a single from the first ball, does not hit it well, but gets a run. Maxwell gets it through midwicket for a single. Bailey launches into it, gets a six over long off, good batting from the captain, clean strike. A single brings up Bailey's 50, he is having a good series, scoring consistently in all matches and leading from the front. Australia 121 for 4 after 25 overs.


    Over 24 Aus 111/4 (Bailey 42, Maxwell 25)

    A couple of runs to Bailey who pushes it into the leg side and runs hard, moves on to 41. Three from the over, another good one from Jadeja.


    Over 23 Aus 108/4 (Bailey 39, Maxwell 25)

    Ashwin continues, Maxwell comes out of his crease and hits this over the covers and out of the field for a six. Good attacking shot from him, India operate with spin from both ends. It would have been a wide, but Maxwell gets some pad on it. Good over from Ashwin after the 6 off the first ball. Australia 108 for 4 after 23 overs.


    Over 22 Aus 102/4 (Bailey 39, Maxwell 19)

    Jadeja replaces Vinay Kumar, a single to start the over for Bailey. Maxwell gets a single to long off, the batsman gets an inside edge. Good over from Jadeja, just two from it.

  • Over 21 Aus 100/4 (Bailey 38, Maxwell 18)

    Ashwin continues, three singles from the first four balls, the Aussies happy to picks a few singles and the odd boundary. Bailey knocks it on the leg side for another single. Four from the over, Australia's 100 comes up.


    Over 20 Aus 96/4 (Bailey 36, Maxwell 16)

    Vinay to continue, into his 5th over now, Jadeja held back for later. Dropped, Ashwin at short midwicket drops Bailey, Bailey hit it hard and Ashwin put in the dive but a costly drop in the end. Maxwell pulls it away for four, short ball and it just sat up to be hit, Maxwell helps himself, poor fielding from the boundary fielder. Maxwell picks up a single to deep square leg. Six from the over, Australia 96 for 4 after 20 overs.


    Over 19 Aus 90/4 (Bailey 35, Maxwell 11)

    Ashwin continues, Maxwell cuts it away for a single to deep point. Bailey knocks it to deep square leg for a single. Another single to deep square leg, Maxwell hitting it to Kohli. Bailey also happy to take a single. A wide down leg from Ashwin, who is varying his speed today. Five from the over, Australia 90 for 4 after 19 overs.


    Over 18 Aus 85/4 (Bailey 33, Maxwell 9)

    Vinay strays again and Maxwell puts him away for four through fine leg. Maxwell flicks it off his pads to deep square leg for a single. Good over in the end, good comeback from Vinay.


    Over 17 Aus 80/4 (Bailey 33, Maxwell 4)

    Ashwin to continue. A shout for lbw, but it was pitching outside leg. Bailey has played Ashwin well in this series, it will be interesting to see how Aswhin bowls to him. Bailey runs it down to fine leg for a single, Maxwell on strike. Maxwell gets a singlet o long off. Bailey sweeps it away to long leg for two, Jadeja does well to stop the third. Four from the over, Australia looking to rebuild.


    Over 16 Aus 76/4 (Bailey 30, Maxwell 3)

    Vinay Kumar has been worked into the leg side for a couple of runs. Maxwell blocks a couple of balls, Australia need him to play a mature knock today. Good over from Vinay, three from it.

  • Over 15 Aus 73/4 (Bailey 29, Maxwell 1)

    Ashwin starts his 2nd over, looking for a wicket. Voges works him for a single to long off. Bailey gets it to long leg for a single. WICKET! Voges given out lbw, it looked close and umpire took his time, out in the end. It was a straighter ball and Voges tried to sweep it but missed, replays show it was out. Ashwin gets a wicket, Maxwell comes out to bat. Bailey drops and runs, a quick but safe single in the end. Australia 73 for 4 after 15 overs.


    Over 14 Aus 69/3 (Bailey 27, Voges 6)

    Vinay Kumar changes ends, replaces Shami. Slapped away to the deep point fielder for a single. A drop and run from Voges, who is just rotating strike for now, Bailey doing the scoring. Bailey pushes it into the leg side for two, much better over from Vinay. Australia 69 for 3 after 14 overs.


    Over 13 Aus 64/3 (Bailey 24, Voges 5)

    Ashwin comes into the attack, replacing Vinay Kumar who bowled just a single over. Bailey pushes it into the leg side for two runs, good running between the wickets. Bailey cuts the short ball to the deep point fielder for two runs, six from the over with one ball to go. Seven of the over, Australia 65 for 3.


    Over 12 Aus 58/3 (Bailey 18, Voges 4)

    Shami to continues, three slips waiting for an edge, Voges blocks the first ball of the over to short midwicket. Shami drifts down leg and Voges clips it away to fine leg for four. Good over from Shami again, Australia 58 for 3 after 12 overs.


    Over 11 Aus 54/3 (Bailey 18, Voges 4)

    Vinay Kumar replaces Unadkat, both of them play for Bangalore in the IPL so they should know each other well. A loosen-er from Vinay and Bailey puts it away for four through the covers, good shot from the captain. Short and Bailey pulls this through midwicket for four in style. Poor bowling from Vinay, Bailey pulls it for a six over midwicket. Vinay releasing all the pressure created by Shami and Unadkat. Bailey launching a counter attack and bringing up Australia's 50.


    Over 10 Aus 40/3 (Bailey 4, Voges 4)

    Bailey smiles as he lets one go and it just passes the off stump, Shami is bowling really well and Dhoni giving him three slips to attack. A good short ball, Bailey tries to pull it but then decides to duck out of the way. Just a single from the over, Australia 40 for 3 after 10 overs.


    Over 9 Aus 39/3 (Bailey 3, Voges 4)

    Just a push down the ground and Unadkat fails to stop it, Bailey gets off the mark with two runs. Voges is the new man in, Voges gets off the mark with a punch off the back foot for four, a short ball put away through the off side for four to end the ober.

  • Over 8 Aus 32/3 (Bailey 0)

    Shami into his 4th over, a couple dots and the covers come on as it starts drizzling. The players come off the field, it looks like a passing shower. Shami continues after the rain delay, hitting a good line and length straight away. Watson drives it down the ground and gets a boundary, push through long off. WICKET! Shami is on fire here, swinging the bowl both ways, it comes in to Watson who plays for the straight one and Australia lose their 3rd wicket.


    Over 7 Aus 28/2 (Bailey 0, Hughes 10)

    Unadkat runs in from the other end, he was expensive in the last over so will want to build some pressure here. Just a single from the over, a good one from Unadkat, Australia 28 for 2.

  • Over 6 Aus 27/2 (Bailey 0, Hughes 9)

    Two runs to start the 6th over for Hughes, pushed through the off side away from the cover fielder. Unadkat gives chase but fails to stop it on the boundary, Hughes clips it away to long leg. WICKET! Shami swings it away from Hughes who edges it and Dhoni takes a good catch. Bailey walks out to the crease, Shami bowling to three slips, and dropped. Bailey edges it to Kohli at third slip and he dives but misses the catch. A wide down leg to follow, but getting Bailey first ball would have been such a big wicket for the Indians. A single to end the over, Australia 27 for 2.


    Over 5 Aus 18/1 (Watson 8, Hughes 4)

    Hughes tucks it to midwicket and scampers through for a single. Wide from Unadkat and Watson cuts it away square of the wicket. Watson opens his account with a boundary, beautiful hit through the off side. Clipped away on the leg side for another boundary, a good over for the Aussies who are 18 for 1 after 5 overs.


    Over 4 Aus 8/1 (Watson 0, Hughes 3)

    Dhoni gives Shami two slips and a leg slip against Hughes, Shami is bowling around 140kph which is faster than other Indian bowlers. Two runs for Hughes on the leg side, they start slowly but get two. A single to end the over, Hughes will retain strike.


    Over 3 Aus 6/1 (Watson 0, Hughes 1)

    Unadkat continues, he needs to bowl a good over here to keep the pressure on. Two slips for Unadkat and Hughes gets it past them through to third man for a single. Good over from Unadkat, just a single from it. Australia 6 for 1 after 3 overs.

  • Over 2 Aus 5/1 (Watson 0, Hughes 0)

    Mohammed Shami will start with the new ball from the other end. Finch watches a few go past his bat and then he pulls one to the deep square leg boundary, poor bowl and Finch capitalizes. WICKET! India get their early wicket for the first time in the series, Finch is castled as Shami goes through his defenses. Watson is the new man in. Great swinging over from Shami, Australia 5 for 1 after 2 overs.


    Over 1 Aus 1/0 (Finch 1, Hughes 0)

    Unadkat starts for India, replacing Bhuvi in this ODI. Finch tucks it on the leg side for a single, first runs for Australia and Finch. Decent start from Unadkat, Australia 1 for no loss.


    Team News

    The hosts replace Ishant Sharma and Bhuvneshwar Kumar with fellow seamers Mohammad Shami and Jaydev Unadkat. The Australians name an unchanged XI.



    Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni triumphs in the flip of the coin and India will bowl first.



    Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the fourth ODI - in the five-match series, which the tourists lead two-nil - between India and Australia at the JSCA International Stadium Complex in Ranchi.