• Over 47 - Pak 198/8 (Riaz 9)

    Morkel starts his 9th over of the innings. Riaz gets another lecture from Afridi about how to take a single. A wide down leg and then Riaz hits a six. After the lecture from Afridi, Riaz calmly dispatches it out of the ground for a big six, then takes a single to bring Afridi on strike. Four, another good shot from Afridi, its short and on the stumps, Afridi makes room and hits it over midwicket for four. Morkel bowls a wide under pressure. WICKET! Morkel has the last laugh, Afridi is caught by Smith and goes for 26 runs. Pakistan lose their 8th wicket. A mistimed shot from Afridi finds Smith at mid off who takes a great catch.


    Over 46 - Pak 185/7 (Afridi 22, Riaz 2)

    Five over remaining, McLaren is back. AB has used his bowlers well today, shuffling them effectively today. A wide down leg from McLaren to Riaz. Riaz can't get a single to give the strike to Afridi, who is frustrated at the other end. Riaz finally gets a single from the fifth ball, Afridi has one ball in the over. Four, Afridi makes the last ball count, hits it to the long off boundary to make it six runs from the over.


    Over 45 - Pak 179/7 (Afridi 18, Riaz 1)

    Pakistan will be looking to take the score as close to 250 as possible, that is the average score on this ground. Four runs from the over, Pakistan 179 for 7, going at just under 4 runs per over.


    Over 44 - Pak 175/7 (Afridi 15, Riaz 0)

    Morkel comes back into the attack, Afridi gets two runs to deep midwicket from the first ball. Afridi takes a single to give the strike to Riaz. After a couple of dots, Riaz gets a leg bye to give the strike to Afridi for the last ball. A single to end the over, Afridi will keep strike. Pakistan 175 for 7 after 44 overs.

  • Over 43 - Pak 170/7 (Afridi 12, Riaz 0)

    Tahir bowls a few dots, WICKET! Tanvir tries to rotate strike, wants the single, Tanvir runs more than halfway down the pitch before he is sent back. Pakistan lose their 7th. A maiden and a wicket from the over. Pakistan 170 for 7 after 43 overs.


    Over 42 - Pak 170/6 (Afridi 12, Tanvir 9)

    Tsotsobe comes into the attack, he has three overs remaining. Tanvir gets a single and then Afridi hits a great shot and gets a boundary. It was a short ball, Afridi pulls it for four to the deep square leg boundary. Another boundary, poor full toss from Tsotsobe outside the off stump, Afridi slices it over the infield for four to third man. The umpire calls it a no ball for height. 12 runs from the over, Pakistan 170 for 6 after 42 overs.


    Over 41 - Pak 158/6 (Afridi 3, Tanvir 7)

    Tahir comes on to bowl after the power play. Tanvir gets a single to short midwicket. Two runs to end the over, Afridi hits it to deep midwicket. Pakistan 158 for 6 after 41 overs.


    Over 40 - Pak 155/6 (Afridi 1, Tanvir 6)

    McLaren to Afridi, in the power play. McLaren starts with a short ball, Afridi ducks and lets it go. A couple of good shots for no runs, Afridi then runs it down to fine leg for a single. A couple of singles from the over, end of the power play, 12 runs and 2 wickets from it.


    Over 39 - Pak 153/6 (Afridi 0, Tanvir 5)

    Morkel continues in the power play, six runs and two wickets from the power play so far. Tanvir plays five dots and then hits it through long on for four, just the boundary from the over. Pakistan's 150 comes up with the boundary.

  • Over 38 - Pak 149/6 (Afridi 0, Tanvir 1)

    McLaren bowling to Afridi, WICKET! Amin falls, power play brings wickets for South Africa, the slower ball does the trick. Amin edges it to the keeper, a soft dismissal in the end, Amin goes for 14, Pakistan lose their 6th wicket. Sohail Tanvir comes out to bat. Just a single from the over and the wicket of Amin.

  • Over 37 - Pak 148/5 (Afridi 0, Amin 14)

    Morkel joins McLaren to bowl in the power play. Akmal goes for the big hoick but misses out. Akmal finally gets hold of it and slaps it over long off for four, he plays that with a flat bat, down the ground. WICKET! Morkel gets a wicket in the power play, the dangerous Akmal falls for 18. Afridi comes out to bat, in the power play.

  • Over 36 - Pak 144/4 (Akmal 14, Amin 14)

    The mandatory power play has been taken. McLaren comes back into the attack for the power play. Pakistan need a partnership here, to build a platform and then accelerate at the end. Akmal runs the ball down to fine leg for a single. Great start to the power play for South Africa, just a single from the over.


    Over 35 - Pak 143/4 (Akmal 13, Amin 14)

    Duminy continues, he is varying his lines and lengths very nicely in this over. Just a single from the over, Akmal plays four dots and then gets a single to midwicket. Pakistan 142 for 4 with 15 overs to go.


    Over 34 - Pak 142/4 (Akmal 12, Amin 14)

    Akmal starts the over with a boundary, superb shot, Akmal hits the fuller one straight down the ground for four. Then Akmal takes a single from the next delivery to rotate strike. Two runs, Amin goes on his back foot and cuts it to square third man for a couple of runs. Seven runs from the over, Pakistan 142 for 4 after 34 overs.


    Over 33 - Pak 135/4 (Akmal 7, Amin 12)

    Duminy into the attack, he was expensive in his second over, he will look to keep it wicket to wicket and not give away any free runs. A great over from Duminy, just a single from it. Pakistan just going over 4 runs per over.


    Over 32 - Pak 134/4 (Akmal 6, Amin 12)

    Parnell starts his 6th over after drinks. A couple of singles to Amin and Akmal, then Parnell bowls a wide down leg and Amin fails to connect it. Parnell over corrects, Amin edges it to the boundary to third man, useful runs for Pakistan. A couple of runs to long on to end the over, a good one for Pakistan, 134 for 4 after 32 overs.


    Over 31 - Pak 125/4 (Akmal 5, Amin 5)

    Tahir starts his 7th over. A couple of singles and then a couple of dots. Pakistan need a strong partnership at this stage so they can accelerate at the end of the innings. Great over from Tahir, good variation and just two runs from it.


    Over 30 - Pak 123/4 (Akmal 4, Amin 4)

    Parnell brought back, he has 6 overs left to bowl. Akmal flicks it to midwicket for no run. A couple more dots, Akmal blocks and play it straight to the fielders. Akmal runs it down to fine leg for two runs. Three runs from the over, Pakistan 123 for 4 after 30 overs.


    Over 29 - Pak 120/4 (Akmal 1, Amin 4)

    A wide from Tahir, there is a stumping chance, the third umpire is consulted but it is not out. WICKET! It is out this time, Shehzad who has batted so well for his 58, hits one straight back to Tahir who takes a good return catch. Tahir gets a vital breakthrough, Pakistan in trouble on 117 for 4 with two new batsmen at the crease. Umar Akmal comes out to bat. Five runs from the over, Pakistan 120 for 4.


    Over 28 - Pak 115/3 (Shehzad 58, Amin 1)

    McLaren comes into the attack, he has bowled 4 overs for 19 runs so far. WICKET! Misbah falls, David Miller takes the catch. Misbah throws his wicket away on 25. Pakistan lose their third wicket. Misbah goes for the slog, but mistimes it, Miller takes a good catch at deep midwicket. A much needed wicket for South Africa. A single to Shehzad, brings Umar Amin on strike. A wide down leg from McLaren. Three runs and the wicket from the over.


    Over 27 - Pak 112/2 (Shehzad 57, Misbah 25)

    Tahir continues, a single from the first ball, Shehzad pushes it to long on. Just two singles from the over, Pakistan accelerating the run rate, 112 for 2 after 27 overs.


    Over 26 - Pak 110/2 (Shehzad 56, Misbah 24)

    Tsotsobe continues, Shehzad takes a single off the first ball and Misbah gloves it over the keeper for four, mistimed shot from him. A couple of singles and then a dot ball to end the over. Pakistan 110 for 2, seven runs from the over.


    Over 25 - Pak 103/2 (Shehzad 54, Misbah 19)

    Tahir brought into the attack, AB shuffling his bowlers around. A single to start the over and that brings up the 50 run partnership. Just a couple of singles from the Tahir over, after 25 overs, Pakistan going at just over 4 per over, 103 for 2.

  • Over 24 - Pak 101/2 (Shehzad 53, Misbah 18)

    Tsotsobe brought back into the attack, A couple of singles to start the over. The 100 comes up for Pakistan, three singles from the over. Pakistan 101 for 2 after 24 overs.

  • Over 23 - Pak 98/2 (Shehzad 52, Misbah 16)

    Shehzad takes a single off the first ball to Duminy, giving the strike to Misbah. The captain, lifts the ball over midwicket and hits it out of the ground for a six. Misbah takes a single after the six. Shehzad gets a single to deep midwicket and gets his 50. This is his 4th ODI 50, his 2nd against South Africa. Two runs to end the over, Pakistan 98 for 2 after 23 overs.


    Over 22 - Pak 86/2 (Shehzad 48, Misbah 8)

    Misbah becomes the third player to cross 1000 runs this year. Parnell continues, a single to Shehzad who moves on to 48. A good over from Parnell, just a single from the over, Pakistan 86 for 2 after 22 overs.


    Over 21 - Pak 85/2 (Shehzad 47, Misbah 8)

    JP Duminy brought into the attack to replace Morkel. A quick over from Duminy, just three singles from it, Shehzad moves on to 47, Pakistan 85 for 2.


    Over 20 - Pak 82/2 (Shehzad 45, Misbah 7)

    Parnell replaces McLaren, a couple of runs to start the over and then bowls a wide. Shehzad picks up two more runs to deep midwicket. Four, Shehzad pulls it to the fine leg fence, another short ball from Parnell. A single to end the over, 10 runs from it.


    Over 19 - Pak 72/2 (Shehzad 36, Misbah 7)

    Morkel continues to Misbah. Loud appeal for lbw, given not out, and they don't refer, a single leg bye in the end. A single to end the over, two runs from it. Pakistan 72 for 2 after 19 overs.


    Over 18 - Pak 70/2 (Shehzad 35, Misbah 7)

    McLaren to continue after the drinks break. The free scoring seems to have stopped for Pakistan after Hafeez departed. Four singles from the over. Pakistan 70 for 2 after 18 overs.


    Over 17 - Pak 66/2 (Shehzad 33, Misbah 5)

    After drinks, AB brings back Morne Morkel into the attack. Shehzad plays it down to fine leg for a single, after blocking the first two balls. The plan seems to be to keep Parnell for the end overs and look for wickets now. Just a single from the over, Pakistan's run rate now under 4 per over.


    Over 16 - Pak 65/2 (Shehzad 32, Misbah 5)

    Misbah takes a single and McLaren bowls a wide. Shehzad picks up two runs to third man who is standing square of the wicket. Five runs from the over. Pakistan 65 for 2 after 16 overs.


    Over 15 - Pak 60/2 (Shehzad 29, Misbah 4)

    Tahir continues, Misbah on strike. Misbah hits it through midwicket for a single. Shehzad plays out the rest of the over, Faf saves a couple of runs through mid-off. Two runs to end the over, Shehzad steers the ball to third man. Pakistan move on to 60 for 2 after 15 overs, going at exactly 4 runs per over.


    Over 14 - Pak 57/2 (Shehzad 27, Misbah 3)

    Misbah gets a single to mid off, Shehzad takes a single to fine leg. Three singles from the over, McLaren finishes is second over. Pakistan 57 for 2 after 14 overs.


    Over 13 - Pak 54/2 (Shehzad 26, Misbah 1)

    Hafeez was looking in good form, but he got an inside edge and the ball crashed into the stumps. The captain walks out to bat. Tahir continues, Shehzad takes a single from he first ball. A single to end the over, two runs from it, Pakistan 54 for 2 after 13 overs.

  • Over 12 - Pak 52/2 (Shehzad 25)

    Ryan McLaren brought into the attack, a double bowling change for South Africa. Shehzad takes a single, Hafeez hits it through backward square leg for four. A single to Hafeez brings Shehzad back on strike. WICKET! Hafeez is bowled, South Africa get a wicket, McLaren strikes in his first over. Pakistan 52 for 2 after 12 overs.


    Over 11 - Pak 45/1 (Hafeez 21, Shehzad 23)

    Tahir brought into the attack, Parnell replaced after just two overs. Shehzad starts the over for a boundary, floated delivery outside off and Shehzad cuts it to deep point for four. A quick single to rotate strike. Just five runs from the over, Hafeez plays the rest of the over out, Pakistan 45 for 1.


    Over 10 - Pak 40/1 (Hafeez 21, Shehzad 18)

    Tsotsobe starts his 5th over. Three dots to start the over and then Shehzad pushes it square of the wicket for a brace. A couple more, this time Shehzad drives the ball to deep midwicket. A single to end the over, five runs from the over. End of the mandatory power play, Pakistan 40 for 1 going at exactly 4 runs per over.


    Over 9 - Pak 35/1 (Hafeez 21, Shehzad 13)

    Another over starts with a boundary, Parnell is punished for another short ball. Hafeez pulls it through deep square leg for four. A couple of runs to Hafeez, who clips it off his pads to deep midwicket. Four, Hafeez ends the over with another boundary through midwicket. Parnell is proving to be expensive today, 17 runs from his 2 overs.


    Over 8 - Pak 25/1 (Hafeez 11, Shehzad 13)

    Tsotsobe pitches it short and Shehzad pushes the first ball of the over through deep miwicket for four. Shehzad runs it down to third man for a single, sensible cricket from him. Hafeez joins the action, it was full and outside off, Hafeez drives it through extra cover for four. Another good over for Pakistan, 10 runs from the over.


    Over 7 - Pak 15/1 (Hafeez 6, Shehzad 8)

    First bowling change for South Africa, Wayne Parnell comes into the attack to replace Morkel. Four, Shehzad flicks it off his pads through midwicket for four, a fuller ball from Parnell. Shehzad gets a single to follow the boundary. Hafeez pushes it through to deep midwicket for a couple. Seven from the over, Pakistan 15 for 1 after 7 overs.


    Over 6 - Pak 8/1 (Hafeez 4, Shehzad 3)

    Tsotsobe continues, after doing a lot of work on the third man boundary. Hafeez blocks a couple, then Lonwabo pitches it outside off and Hafeez leave it alone. A maiden in the end, Hafeez plays it out.


    Over 5 - Pak 8/1 (Hafeez 4, Shehzad 3)

    Hafeez plays it down to third man, Tsotsobe stopping a certain boundary. Hafeez gets two, then runs the ball down to third man for another single. Three runs from the over, Pakistan 8 for 1.


    Over 4 - Pak 5/1 (Hafeez 1, Shehzad 3)

    Hafeez gets off the mark with a single, a push towards point. Tsotsobe finishes a good over after taking Jamshed's catch last over. Just the single from the over, Pakistan 5 for 1.

  • Over 3 - Pak 4/1 (Hafeez 0, Shehzad 3)

    Shehzad takes a single from the 4th ball of the over, pulls it to fine leg. WICKET! Jamshed lifts it to fine leg and Tsotsobe takes a great catch to give South Africa their first wicket. Jamshed falls early, hitting it high in the air and Tsotsobe dives in to take the leading edge. End of the third over, South Africa get an early wicket.


    Over 2 - Pak 3/0 (Jamshed 1, Shehzad 2)

    Tsotsobe starts from the other end. Good start from Tsotsobe, just a single from the over. Pakistan 3 for no loss after 2 overs.


    Over 1 - Pak 2/0 (Jamshed 1, Shehzad 1)

    Morkel to start for South Africa with the ball, in the absence of Steyn. Two slips in place, Jamshed clips it on the leg side for a single, first runs for him and Pakistan. Shehzad gets a run to rotate strike. Good news for South Africa is Amla will return for the next three ODIs after the birth of his child. Good over from Morkel.


    Team News

    Both sides remain unchanged. Pakistan will look to improve their batting, South Africa will also concentrate on that department of their game. After the low scoring thriller, the batting of both sides will be tested again. Pakistan have won the toss five times in Dubai, have batted first on four of those times and have lost three of those matches.

  • Toss

    Misbah has won the toss and Pakistan will bat first. AB de Villiers says he would have batted first as well, but is fine with bowling first also. The pitch is dry and should be batting friendly. The average score is just below 250, but we may see a score higher than that today.



    Hello and welcome to the second ODI between Pakistan and South Africa, with the hosts looking to make up for the dire defeat by one run they suffered in Sharjah, failing to chase the 184 required. The Proteas will hope to put on a better showing with the bat, given how they scraped that opening win.