• Over 28 - Zim 58/5 (Chigumbura 1, Mutumbami 0)

    WICKET! Raza falls, caught at short leg. Good ball from Rehman, Raza pushes at it to give an easy catch to Azhar Ali. Just when he was looking confident, Rehman gets him out. End of another successful over for Pakistan, a wicket maiden for Rehman.


    Over 27 - Zim 58/4 (Chigumbura 1, Raza 24)

    Ali continues, Raza plays it on the up between slips and gully for four to third man. Raza plays it on the leg side for a couple of runs. Another quick single to Raza, he is playing well and approaching this chase with the right attitude.


    Over 26 - Zim 51/4 (Chigumbura 1, Raza 17)

    Rehman continues, a shout for lbw from the last ball, umpire gives it not out. A maiden from Rehman.


    Over 25 - Zim 51/4 (Chigumbura 1, Raza 17)

    Ali continues, after taking a good catch in the last over to get rid of Waller. Raza pushes it past short cover for a single. Good ball from Ali, swings it away from Raza who edges it as it flies to the keeper who drops a simple catch.. Zimbabwe 51 for 4 after 21 overs.

  • Over 24 - Zim 49/4 (Chigumbura 0, Raza 16)

    After the drinks break, Abdur Rehman comes into the attack. Waller plays it confidently down the ground for four, good shot against the spin. WICKET! The change in spin does the trick for Pakistan. Waller sweeps it to short fine leg, Rahat Ali takes a good catch. Zimbabwe in trouble at 49 for 4. Elton Chigumbura comes out to bat. Good over from Rehman.


    Over 23 - Zim 45/3 (Waller 13, Raza 16)

    Rahat Ali replaces Junaid Khan. Waller plays it to point for a single, Rehman makes a handy stop to save a few runs. Raza pushes it through slips and gully for a couple of runs. Ali needs to maintain the pressure that Junaid created. Raza pushes it in front of cover for two more. Good over for Zimbabwe.


    Over 22 - Zim 40/3 (Waller 12, Raza 12)

    Raza pushes it to point, no run. Rahat Ali is warming up. Ajmal goes around the wicket mid-over. End of a maiden from Ajmal.


    Over 21 - Zim 40/3 (Waller 12, Raza 12)

    Raza guides it to fine leg for a single. A rare boundary for Zimbabwe, Waller plays it straight past the bowler and down the ground. A single to Waller through extra cover. Raza blocks a ball to short mid off and it is called a no ball. Raza gets a single off the next ball to bring Waller on strike. Good over for Zimbabwe, eight runs from it.


    Over 20 - Zim 32/3 (Waller 7, Raza 10)

    Ajmal continues, he will help the over rate too. Another shout for lbw against Waller this time, given not out. Umpire thinks it was spinning too much and going down leg. End of the 20th over, Zimbabwe 32 for 3.


    Over 19 - Zim 32/3 (Waller 7, Raza 10)

    Edged and falls shot of first slip. Good bowling again from Khan, Waller almost edges it to slip. A single to Waller through the off side, then Raza ducks out of the way of another bouncer. A big shout for lbw against Raza, umpire gives it not out. Replays show it may have been high and going over the stumps.


    Over 18 - Zim 31/3 (Waller 6, Raza 10)

    Ajmal continues, Waller gets a single to short fine leg. Raza plays out the rest of the over, just a single from it.


    Over 17 - Zim 30/3 (Waller 5, Raza 10)

    Waller takes a single from the first ball, followed by another play and miss from Raza. Khan really putting a lot of effort into this spell and getting good results from the pitch. Just the single from the over, Zimbabwe survive another brilliant over from Khan.


    Over 16 - Zim 29/3 (Waller 4, Raza 10)

    Ajmal continues, Misbah changing his field getting the right people in the right places. Waller plays it square on the leg side, thinks about a single but then sends Raza back. Waller pushes it square again for a single this time. Good over again from Pakistan.


    Over 15 - Zim 27/3 (Waller 3, Raza 9)

    Raza takes a single, guides a length ball through cover. Another play and miss for Waller, Junaid probing away at the batsmen. Just a single from the over.


    Over 14 - Zim 26/3 (Waller 3, Raza 8)

    Ajmal drifts down leg and Waller plays it to square leg for a single. Raza takes a single, making it two form the over.


    Over 13 - Zim 24/3 (Waller 2, Raza 7)

    A bouncer to Raza, Khan bowls another short one but this one does not bounce as much. Slightly awkward bounce, Raza plays and misses. Khan ends another good over, a maiden to Raza.


    Over 12 - Zim 24/3 (Waller 2, Raza 7)

    Ajmal starts his 4th over, Raza on strike. Raza edges it past first slip down to third man and they get three, good work on the boundary. Waller covers the spin and plays a couple of balls to midwicket. End of the over, Zim 24 for 3.

  • Over 11 - Zim 21/3 (Waller 2, Raza 4)

    Junaid Khan is bowling very well, he set up Masakadza perfectly last over, angling the ball into him. WICKET! Sibanda is caught on the stumps, Khan bringing the ball into him, after taking a few away. Another great example of clever seam bowling. Sibanda goes, Pakistan 3 down now for 19 runs. Waller comes out to bat, Junaid Khan on a roll here. Fires it in to Waller, and just goes past the outside edge. Waller then flicks it to square leg for a couple of runs. Another great ball to Waller, slightly shorter in length and Waller ducks out of the way.


    Over 10 - Zim 19/2 (Sibanda 6, Raza 4)

    Ajmal will continue, Misbah giving the new ball to his best spinner. Sibanda pushes it through miswicket for a single, Raza will face the last ball. Just a single from the over.

  • Over 9 - Zim 18/2 (Sibanda 5, Raza 4)

    Junaid Khan starts the day from the other end. WICKET! Khan gets the first wicket of the day, Zimbabwean captain edges it to the gully fielder who takes a good high catch. Hamilton Masakadza departs, Raza comes out to bat, Junaid Khan is bowling well, Raza edges it through the slips for four to end the over.


    Over 8 - Zim 14/1 (Sibanda 5, H Masakadza 1)

    Ajmal will finish his over, it was stumps when he got Mawoyo out on the third ball. Hamilton Masakadza is the new batsmen. One run from the over.



    Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary on the fifth and final day of the first Test - in a two-match series - between Zimbabwe and Pakistan at the Harare Sports Club.