Over 1 - WI 11/0 (Simmons 0, Charles 10)

    Southee to start with the ball for the Kiwis, Charles and Simmons open the batting. Charles drives the first ball and it falls just short of short mid off. Charles goes over the inner circle on the off side for a couple of runs, did not hit it well. Umpire calls the next ball and wide for height, a tough call. Charles edges it over the lone slip for four to third man, ball races quickly for four. Charles hits it straight down the ground for four, a better shot from him. A swing and a miss from Charles, West Indies 11 for no loss.


    Over 20 - NZ 189/5 (B McCullum 60, Ronchi 48)

    Last over of the innings, and Best runs in to bowl it. First ball, dot ball, length ball and Ronchi swings and misses. A single to Ronchi hits it to long off. This partnership is now 72 and both batsmen are on 48. McCullum gets his 50, comes down the wicket and hits it out of the park down the ground for a six. The 180 comes up, McCullum gets the dil-scoop right and hits it behind the wicket for a big six. New Zealand end on 189 for 5 after 20 overs.


    Over 19 - NZ 175/5 (B McCullum 48, Ronchi 47)

    Bravo comes in to bowl the 19th over. A couple of runs to McCullum to long on. A single to McCullum brings Ronchi on strike. Ronchi goes straight down the ground for a single, good bowling from Bravo. Bravo pitches it outside leg stump and McCullum swipes it through fine leg for four. A single and McCullum moves on to 48. Another single to end the over.


    Over 18 - NZ 165/5 (B McCullum 40, Ronchi 45)

    Narine starts his last over, and Ronchi hits the first one out of the park over midwicket, good shot. A swing on to the leg side to deep square leg for a couple of runs, the 150 up for New Zealand. Ronchi guides it past the short third man for four, good shot again, controlled it very well. Ronchi attacks Narine, hits him over deep square leg for a six, good shot again. Ronchi makes room for himself and hits it over point for four, good over for the Kiwis, 165 for 5.


    Over 17 - NZ 143/5 (B McCullum 40, Ronchi 23)

    Bravo around the wicket to McCullum, who takes a single to long on. Ronchi takes a single to long on. Another single to McCullum, this time to mid off. Ronchi swings and misses, a slower ball from Bravo. A full ball from Bravo, a single to Ronchi, it is not called a no ball for height.


    Over 16 - NZ 139/5 (B McCullum 38, Ronchi 21)

    Narine comes back into the attack, after the expensive over from Russell. A couple of singles brings McCullum back on strike and another single to point. Five singles from the over.


    Over 15 - NZ 134/5 (B McCullum 35, Ronchi 19)

    McCullum pulls it for a six over deep square leg, good start the the over. Andre Russell starts his first over for the day, McCullum comes down the wicket and drags the ball to long on for a single. Ronchi hits it through the line, down the ground for a six, good over for the Kiwis. Ronchi hits it over point for four, good placement from him. Ronchi hits another six, hit over wider long off, good shot against the pace of Russell. A dot to end the over, New Zealand 134 for 5.


    Over 14 - NZ 111/5 (B McCullum 28, Ronchi 3)

    Bravo bowling slower balls, giving the batsman no pace to hit with. Ronchi edges it to third man for a single, three singles so far. McCullum plays it to deep midwicket and runs two, good running by Ronchi. A single to end the over, New Zealand 111 for 5.

  • Over 13 - NZ 105/5 (B McCullum 24, Ronchi 1)

    A couple of runs, this goes straight up but no one goes for the catch. Another edge, anther high catch and the keeper calls for it and gets it, Best gets the wicket and Fletcher gets Munro. Corey Anderson walks out to bat. A single brings Anderson on strike. WICKET! Anderson tries to hit it out of the ground, but hits it to deep square leg who does not have to move to take that catch. NZ lose their 5th wicket. Ronchi gets off the mark with a single.

  • Over 12 - NZ 101/3 (B McCullum 23, Munro 20)

    Narine comes on to bowl, a dot ball and then a single to McCullum. Good ball, goes through everyone, missed the batsman, missed the keeper, the knuckle ball goes for four. Munro goes for the switch hit but does not connect it, it is a no ball from Narine, so free hit coming up. Munro makes him pay, six over fine leg. A single to follow. NZ bring their 100 up, it is 101 for 3.


    Over 11 - NZ 88/3 (B McCullum 22, Munro 13)

    Munro gets a boundary from the first ball, hits it through midwicket. Six, it was a leading edge but it carries all the way and out of the ground. A single to Munro and then McCullum hits it out of the ground over long on, good shot from the captain. A single to end the over, a good one for the Kiwis.


    Over 10 - NZ 70/3 (B McCullum 15, Munro 2)

    Bravo brings himself on into the attack, New Zealand have slowed down after the wickets and Munro comes in to bat. A quick single to McCullum, Munro gets off the mark with a single. Four singles from the over, New Zealand 70 for 3.

  • Over 9 - NZ 66/3 (B McCullum 11)

    A single from the first ball and then a dot, Miller doing a good job with Badree. Narine kept for the end overs. Taylor plays a few dots and then works it through the leg side for a couple, the throw hits it stumps and then they get an extra run because of the overthrow. McCullum comes down the wicket and plays it to deep square leg for a single. WICKET! The pressure was building and Taylor gets a leading edge to Bravo who takes a simple catch.


    Over 8 - NZ 61/2 (Taylor 2, B McCullum 11)

    Badree brought back into the attack by Bravo, Brendon takes a single from the first ball. Brilliant over from Badree, just three runs from it.


    Over 7 - NZ 58/2 (Taylor 1, B McCullum 9)

    Nikita Miller comes on to bowl, a couple of dots and then Ryder hits it down the ground and Charles takes a good catch. New Zealand lose both their openers and Taylor comes out to bat. Good over from Miller, three runs and a wicket from it.


    Over 6 - NZ 55/1 (Ryder 22, B McCullum 7)

    Narine comes on to bowl and goes for a one bounce four, a couple of singles and then Ryder gets another boundary to end the over. New Zealand 55 for 1.


    Over 5 - NZ 45/1 (Ryder 13, B McCullum 6)

    A single to start the over, and a boundary to end the over.

  • Over 4 - NZ 39/1 (Ryder 12, B McCullum 1)

    A dot ball to start the over, then Guptill gives himself room and smashes it down the ground for four, great shot. The umpires take a look at the ball, the ball has been changed. A couple of singles and then Guptill edges it to the fielder square of the wicket, WICKET! Guptill goes for a quick 25, Brendon McCullum walks out to bat.


    Over 3 - NZ 32/0 (Ryder 11, Guptill 20)

    Three runs from the first ball and then a wide from Badree, a couple of singles follow. Ryder drives and drives well through the cover region for four. New Zealand 32 for no loss.


    Over 2 - NZ 21/0 (Ryder 3, Guptill 18)

    Tino Best to start the bowling from the other end. Guptill get an outside edge to third man for a single. Ryder drives it to the sweeper, a single in the end as Guptill is slow to respond. Guptill hits this out of the park, six straight down the ground, great shot. Four more, Guptill hits it square of the wicket for four. Four more, Guptill on fire, hits it straight down the ground for four to end the over, 16 runs from it.


    Over 1 - NZ 5/0 (Ryder 2, Guptill 3)

    Ryder and Guptill start for New Zealand and Badree starts with the ball for West Indies. Guptill takes a single to mid off, Ryder takes another single, good bowling from Badree. Five singles from the first over, a tidy first over.



    New Zealand have won the toss and have elected to bat first.



    Hello and welcome to the first of two T20s between the Black Caps and the Windies. The ODI series ended in a draw, and both sides will be eager to show some consistency this time out.