• End of innings

    All in all, this has been a solid effort from the Dutch. Their openers were steady, if not spectacular, and the 60-run partnership between Tom Cooper and Peter Borren gave their innings some real oomph. But this pitch looks a good one for batting, despite being a little on the slow side, and New Zealand's batting line-up is packed with power hitters. Join us in 10 minutes or so for the chase.


    Over 20 - Neth 151/4 (T Cooper 40, B Cooper 1)

    A fantastic final over from Trent Boult. New Zealand have really surged at the death here, stopping Netherlands from getting too far away from them. Tom Cooper manages to thrash a full ball through point, but then walks repeatedly across his stumps and misses several attempted dilscoops.


    Over 19 - Neth 142/4 (T Cooper 34, B Cooper 0)

    Well, what an over to bowl at this stage of the innings. Tom Cooper picks up a single from Neesham's first delivery, but his little brother Ben can't lay bat to ball on any of the remaining five deliveries. Remarkable! Neesham is helped by some charitable umpiring, Bruce Oxenford giving him plenty of leeway on the off side and even allowing a delivery that scoots past leg stump to be deemed legal.

  • Over 18 - Neth 141/4 (Cooper 33)

    WICKET! Borren falls, but will that stem the charge? Cooper had already bunted a massive six down the ground in this over from Mills, to follow up Borren's own slog sweep, but the Dutch captain sliced the final ball straight to Williamson at backward point to depart for a brave 49 - his best effort in Twenty20 internationals. Twelve runs and a wicket off the over.


    Over 17 - Neth 129/3 (Borren 44, Cooper 26)

    It may be the 17th over of the match, but it's allrounder Jimmy Neesham's first. He offers plenty of variation, with several back-of-the-hand slower balls. Both Cooper and Borren do a decent job of picking him, however, and Cooper uppercuts his third four over point.This is a superb little partnership for Netherlands.


    Over 16 - Neth 121/3 (Borren 42, Cooper 20)

    Cooper follows his captain on the charge! This is adventurous batting, particularly against the pace of McClenaghan. Cooper begins the assault by stepping back very deep in his crease and using the length of the delivery to scoop a pull up and over square leg for four. His next shot is even better, an almighty thump that flies 84 metres over midwicket for six. McClenaghan tightens up with a couple of yorkers, but the damage has already been done.


    Over 15 - Neth 108/3 (Borren 42, Cooper 8)

    Brendon McCullum gambles on an over of Kane Williamson's part-time offspin, but Borren's eyes immediately light up and he swipes the second ball high over wide long-on for six. He follows that up with a very smart late cut that bounces wide of the fielder at short third man. The over ends with another heave, which goes higher than it does far, and Boult isn't too far away from taking the catch at deep midwicket.


    Over 14 - Neth 91/3 (Borren 26, Cooper 7)

    McClenaghan comes back after the wicket, and he's got a slip in place as New Zealand look to strike the decisive blow. But he can't find the edge, and the batsmen trade in singles to keep the scoreboard ticking over. How long until Netherlands look to launch? And what might a challenging total be? I reckon they'll be happy with 140 to 150.

  • Over 13 - Neth 87/3 (Borren 25, Cooper 5)

    WICKET! Respite for McCullum, as Swart runs straight past one to be easily stumped. McCullum's not been flighting the ball at all, nor turning it, and Swart just missed one that went straight past him from round the wicket. His dismissal brings Tom Cooper, possibly Netherlands' best batsman, to the crease. He immediately shows his class with a deft little reverse sweep for four.


    Over 12 - Neth 81/2 (Swart 26, Borren 24)

    McCullum swaps McClenaghan for Anderson, and Peter Borren is immediately on the offensive. He aims a flat-batted mow down the ground, before bending into his signature pick-up shot over square leg. That stroke actually should have lead to his downfall, but Kyle Mills fluffs the chance on the boundary, letting the ball through his fingers for another four. Borren charitably offers New Zealand another chance with a suicidal single, but the shy flies wide and he survives again.


    Over 11 - Neth 69/2 (Swart 25, Borren 13)

    Another drop! This was a really tough chance, however, and Nathan McCullum has actually done well to keep the ball away from his throat. Borren had pinged the boundary early in the over after charging out of his crease and lofting down the ground, and Swart attempted to repeat the stroke but didn't lift the ball very high. Indeed, it was drilled very hard straight back at McCullum, who bravely raised a paw but never looked like plucking the missile out of mid-air.


    Over 10 - Neth 62/2 (Swart 24, Borren 7)

    Borren is away with a slapped drive past mid-off for four as McClenaghan continues. The bowler pulls his length back, and a cross-seamed delivery beats the Dutch captain's outside edge. But Swart looks upon the short ball as an opportunity to score through his favoured leg side, and he swivels into a cracking pull to add four runs of his own.


    Over 9 - Neth 50/2 (Swart 18, Borren 2)

    Swart is dropped by Brendon McCullum at midwicket! He flicked Nathan McCullum in the air towards his brother, whose legs spilled from under him as he made a valiant effort to dive to his right. But he just couldn't quite grasp it. Netherlands are also helped by some loose wicketkeeping, Ronchi letting a delivery go past him for four byes.

  • Over 8 - Neth 42/2 (Swart 16, Borren 0)

    WICKET! It's a profitable double change, Mitchell McClenaghan coming into the attack to bowl his left-arm quicks and soon finding the edge of Wesley Barresi's bat. He is, perhaps, just a little too quick for the Dutch batsman, who's rushed into a backfoot poke and can only get a feathered edge on the ball. The dismissal brings Dutch captain Peter Borren to the crease. He'll be a familiar face for some of the Blackcaps, as he was born in Christchurch and played in the same New Zealand Under-19 side as Ross Taylor.


    Over 7 - Neth 40/1 (Swart 15, Barresi 3)

    With the Powerplay over, Nathan McCullum is brought on to bowl some offspin. He comes round the wicket to the right-handers, who pinch a trio of singles into the leg side.

  • Over 6 - Neth 37/1 (Swart 14, Barresi 1)

    WICKET! Swart hasn't had much of the strike so far, but he shows that he's a decent timer of the ball with a neat bottom-handed whip to the wide long-on boundary as Boult continues. A single puts Myburgh on strike, and his innings is finally ended by a great running catch by Martin Guptill on the square leg boundary. Boult had dug in a bouncer, and Myburgh hooked but couldn't get the distance he wanted on the stroke.


    Over 5 - Neth 29/0 (Myburgh 16, Swart 8)

    First change for New Zealand, and it's Corey Anderson into the attack. Myburgh lines him up with a couple of big shots, but he's repeatedly flummoxed by the sluggish pitch, forcing his strokes through too early. All his huffing and puffing eventually pays off as he swipes a length delivery into the stands beyond deep midwicket, but that's the only scoring shot of the over.


    Over 4 - Neth 22/0 (Myburgh 10, Swart 8)

    New Zealand have a clear plan for Myburgh: target his stumps and give him no width to work with. Boult puts the plan into action in this over, and Myburgh is extraordinarily lucky as a quick, full delivery beats his flailing bat but somehow shoots between his pads and the leg stump, evading the wicketkeepers gloves to roll away for four byes.


    Over 3 - Neth 14/0 (Myburgh 7, Swart 7)

    Mills generally shapes the new ball in to the left-hander, and so far that movement has cramped Myburgh's preferred scoring area outside off stump. He stays leg-side of the ball and aims several flat-footed drives into the off side before picking up a single through midwicket. Netherlands haven't been allowed to break free.


    Over 2 - Neth 11/0 (Myburgh 6, Swart 5)

    Trent Boult shares the early duties, and he very nearly has a wicket with his first ball as Myburgh laps one awkwardly off his hip towards the fielder at short fine leg. But the ball reaches the man, McClenaghan, on the half volley and he seems to hurt his left hand as he stoops to attempt the catch. The batsmen change strike, and Swart is off the mark with a confident pull in the air in front of square. He's a little loose after that, however, swishing aimlessly outside off and then almost running his partner out as he calls for a single to keep the strike.


    Over 1 - Neth 5/0 (Myburgh 5, Swart 0)

    Kyle Mills takes the new ball for New Zealand, and his very first delivery scuttles through below knee height. Fortunately for Myburgh, it shoots under his bat outside off stump. The Dutch left-hander is soon off the mark in typical style, splitting the off side field with a free-flowing cut. Mills' response is to pitch the ball up fuller and straighter, and Myburgh squirts a full one down to third man to keep the strike.


    Pitch and conditions

    The first thing to point out is the short boundaries on this ground, which will almost certainly come into play. The boundary square of the wicket is particularly short, being only 60m. The pitch looks hard and dry, and a little cracked, so will it won't offer too much sideways movement to the bowlers it could be a touch on the slow side.


    Team News

    New Zealand have made two changes, bringing in Trent Boult and Jimmy Neesham for Tim Southee and Colin Munro. Netherlands have opted for the same side that came so close to a major upset against South Africa in their last match. This is what the XI's look like: New Zealand: MJ Guptill, KS Williamson, BB McCullum (c), LRPL Taylor, CJ Anderson, JDS Neesham, L Ronchi (wk), NL McCullum, TA Boult, KD Mills, MJ McClenaghan. Netherlands: SJ Myburgh, MR Swart, W Barresi (wk), TLW Cooper, PW Borren (c), BN Cooper, LV van Beek, Mudassar Bukhari, T van der Gugten, PM Seelaar, MAA Jamil.



    New Zealand have won the toss and have decided to bowl first against Netherlands in Chittagong.



    Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of Saturday's crucial World Twenty20 Group 2 fixture between the Netherlands and New Zealand at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong.