Over 4 - England 24-2 (Hales 18, Morgan 5)

    Probably the highest quality period of cricket in this whole match right here. Lasith Malinga into the attack with four consecutive perfect yorkers. Hales squeezes the first out for a single, and Morgan does outrageously well to get his bat in the way - and his toes out of the way - of the next three. The fifth ball is fractionally too full, a low full-toss, and Morgan clips it away to the midwicket boundary in good style. Slower-ball yorker to end the over - perfectly pitched once again - and Morgan can do nothing but keep it out.


    Over 3 - England 19-2 (Hales 17, Morgan 1)

    Hat-trick ball for Kulasekara... and it's a wide. Eoin Morgan then takes a dicey single - Hales six inches short as the throw flashes just wide of the stumps. Third boundary for Hales as he swivels nicely to pull a back-of-a-length ball behind square-leg for four. Four fours for Hales now, thanks to a cracking straight drive. Lovely stuff.


    Over 2 - England 8-2 (Hales 8, Morgan 0)

    Hales thrashes a couple of boundaries through the offside off Mathews. Good shots. Many, many more required.


    Over 1 - England 0-2 (Hales 0)

    Double-wicket maiden. That's one way to start a chase of 190.

  • WICKET! Ali c Senanayake b Kulasekara 0

    Two in two for Kulasekara, who starts with a double-wicket maiden. Ali edges low to second slip, where Senanayake takes the catch. Great captaincy to have the man there. England all over the place.

  • WICKET! Lumb b Kulasekara 0

    Four dot balls see the pressure crank up to unmanageable levels right from the get go. Lumb gives Kula the charge, misses, and the bails are zinging.


    Over 20 - Sri Lanka 189-4 (T Perera 23, Mathews 11)

    Drop! Just for good measure, England shell another sitter as Bopara puts Perera down at deep midwicket. This England performance now like Sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes. It was funny, then it was so repetitive that it stopped being funny, now the silliness of the repetition means it's right back to being funny again. In accordance with cricket tradition, the ball after a dropped catch goes to the boundary as Perera slices it over short third-man. Good yorker next ball, though, and Perera can only dig it out for a single. Mathews gets two for a clip to deep midwicket. England now need their highest ever successful T20 chase to win this match. And Mathews applies the perfect finishing touch by flicking the last ball of the innings over square-leg for six more. Huge total; England need 190 to win.


    Over 19 - Sri Lanka 173-4 (T Perera 16, Mathews 2)

    Angelo Mathews the new batsman for Sri Lanka. Jordan emerges unscathed from the penultimate over of the innings; just four runs and the wicket from it.

  • WICKET! Sangakkara c Hales b Jordan 0

    Sri Lanka's other great batting legend in this team, Kumar Sangakkara, is out caught first ball. Unlike Jayawardene, he's actually given out and has to go.


    Over 18 - Sri Lanka 169-3 (T Perera 14, Sangakkara 0)

    Perera enjoying the freedom here, clipping Dernbach legside for an easy two and then depositing a slower ball over cover for four. A wide gives Dernbach one more ball to bowl... and Perera clubs it over the fence at midwicket. Things could've been oh so different for Dernbach today; instead he's ended up going for 42. So strange that Bopara hasn't bowled today.

  • WICKET! Dilshan c Jordan b Dernbach 55

    Dilshan dilscoops four straight over Buttler's head but is then desperately unlucky as he swipes the next ball to deep midwicket where the ball is caught by an England fielder.


    Over 17 - Sri Lanka 152-2 (Dilshan 51, T Perera 2)

    Thisara Perera up the order to give it a biff. Fails to make contact with a couple of mows. Not convinced this is the easiest pitch to come in on and start whacking it from the word go. Does pick up a couple of runs for a miscue into the wide open spaces on the legside.

  • WICKET! Jayawardene b Jordan 89

    Jayawardene's luck runs out. Great innings, though. Misses a length ball from Jordan - it was there to hit - and the zings are zinging. Relief at last for England.

  • Over 16 - Sri Lanka 143-1 (Dilshan 51, Jayawardene 83)

    Horror start to the over from Broad: wide, outside edge for four, high no-ball. The ball, which is now more like a bar of soap, is replaced. Dilshan plonks four more over cover to bring up his 50. Broad tries a bouncer, and it's far too high. Another run to the total, another ball to be bowled. England's over-rate is appalling here; there'll be a fine for that I'm sure. That'll improve their mood.


    Over 15 - Sri Lanka 130-1 (Dilshan 42, Jayawardene 82)

    England not helping themselves here, but umpires not assisting them much either. Dernbach pinged for a no-ball on height despite the batsman having bent his knees and the ball still being clearly below waist height anyway. Jayawardene moves into the 80s with a glorious shot through the covers as Dernbach overpitches. Drop! This is incredible. A third dropped catch. Another straightforward chance. It's Bresnan again, at deep cover this time. Down it goes. Another life for Jayawardene.


    Over 14 - Sri Lanka 117-1 (Dilshan 40, Jayawardene 73)

    Carnage now. Jayawardene flays Bresnan over point for four and then smashes the next ball over deep midwicket for six. Ball hit the cushion on the full, clearly six. Still took third umpire Davis an age to give it.

  • Over 13 - Sri Lanka 103-1 (Dilshan 38, Jayawardene 61)

    Jayawardene goes to 50 with a cracking reverse-sweep off Tredwell over short third-man. One of the best half-centuries from a batsman who was out first ball that you will ever see. Jayawardene adds two more with a drive through cover and then brings up Sri Lanka's hundred by smacking Tredwell's final delivery over the ropes at long-on. Twenty-seven runs from Tredwell's last two overs.


    Over 12 - Sri Lanka 89-1 (Dilshan 37, Jayawardene 48)

    Broad back with a bouncer that Dilshan sends skywards off the top edge. Buttler runs towards fine-leg, fine-leg runs towards Buttler. The ball lands safely between the two of them. At least it's not a drop. Jayawardene carves the next ball to third-man and gets only two after a fine diving save from Alex Hales. Another miscued pull shot, from Jaywardene this time, and the ball again lands short of Dernbach, who does well to stop the ball skidding past him.


    Over 11 - Sri Lanka 83-1 (Dilshan 34, Jayawardene 45)

    Two cracking shots from Jayawardene bring boundaries off the previously miserly Tredwell. The first is pinged through mid-on, the second swept past short fine-leg and out of deep square-leg's reach. England's generosity continues as Jayawardene takes a dicey second run and would probably have been found just short of his ground had Buttler managed to remove the bails after scooping the ball up on the half-volley. Jayawardene, meanwhile, has become the first batsman to score 100 World T20 fours. And now you know.


    Over 10 - Sri Lanka 70-1 (Dilshan 32, Jayawardene 34)

    Jordan back, Dilshan cracks him over midwicket for four. Horrible mix-up next ball sees Jayawardene sent back after attempting an optimistic second run. Should've been run out, but when the ball is returned to Jordan from the deep his throw to Buttler is weak and offline. By the time the keeper gets the bails off, Jayawardene has safely dived for home. An action-packed 10 overs of cricket and associated nonsense, but a relatively mundane scoreline at the end of it.


    Over 9 - Sri Lanka 61-1 (Dilshan 24, Jayawardene 33)

    Tredwell continues to Tredwell along resolutely, stoically amid the carnage.


    Over 8 - Sri Lanka 58-1 (Dilshan 22, Jayawardene 32)

    England captain Broad into the attack. Dilshan swats him way back over the square-leg boundary for his second six of the evening. Another pull shot, along the ground this time, brings a scampered two as Bresnan sweeps up on the square-leg rope. Drop! Another one goes down, and it's another simple chance. Another pull shot from Dilshan. It's between the two played earlier in the over and straight into Bresnan's hands, but he shells it. Broad was already celebrating. Cut short.


    Over 7 - Sri Lanka 48-1 (Dilshan 13, Jayawardene 31)

    James Tredwell, as James Tredwell so often does, restores a sense of order to proceedings with a no-nonsense over of off-spin designed to concede six runs and hitting those targets with aplomb.


    Over 6 - Sri Lanka 42-1 (Dilshan 9, Jayawardene 29)

    Jayawardene playing a bizarre mixture of classy shots and horrible slogs here. England's Solar Red seems to have thrown him off course. Clips four through midwicket off Chris Jordan delightfully, then has a couple more hacks that are beneath a man of his grace and standing.


    Over 5 - Sri Lanka 35-1 (Dilshan 7, Jayawardene 25)

    Jayawardene top-edges a hook shot but he's aimed the ball to fine-leg and the fielder's at long-leg. Would've sailed over his head in any case. Safe if slightly miscued, and brings six. Drop! Oh dear. Shocker from Dernbach. Should've had Jayawardene caught first ball, and now grasses a simple chance at mid-on as Jayawardene miscues an attempted big hit down the ground. Just never looked settled underneath it, and the ball goes to ground. Definitely this time. Next ball adds to Bresnan's frustrations as an inside edge scuttles across the dewy outfield to the fine-leg fence for four more.


    Over 4 - Sri Lanka 23-1 (Dilshan 7, Jayawardene 13)

    Two classy boundaries from Jayawardene in Dernbach's second over, the first flicked over midwicket and the second glided down to third-man. For some reason he then backs away and has an almighty slog at one outside the off stump. "NO!" he shouts to himself in angry admonishment. Keeps the strike with a clip off his pads.


    Over 3 - Sri Lanka 14-1 (Dilshan 7, Jayawardene 4)

    Dilscoop! Outrageous from Tillakaratne Dilshan, getting down on one knee to scoop the first ball of Tim Bresnan's spell over the keeper's head. Tries it two more times in the over, though, without managing to get bat on ball. Does avoid getting ball on head, though, so it's a partial victory.


    Over 2 - Sri Lanka 8-1 (Dilshan 1, Jayawardene 4)

    Hugely controversial moment here. Mahela Jayawardene gets a leading edge first ball. Michael Lumb dives forward at cover and appears to take a clean catch diving forward. But the third umpire decides there's enough doubt about the cleanness of the catch and Jayawardene survives. Looked like Lumb had got his fingers under the ball, but third umpire Steve Davis has seen enough to give the batsman the benefit of the doubt. Brilliant over from Dernbach, but the last ball is helped away to the fine-leg boundary for four. Dernbach still seething about that earlier not out decision.

  • WICKET! K Perera c Buttler b Dernbach 3

    Huge wicket for England, as the dangerous Kusal Perera gloves an attempted pull shot through to Jos Buttler. It was down the legside from Jade Dernbach, but the Sri Lanka opener couldn't control the shot.


    Over 1 - Sri Lanka 4-0 (Dilshan 1, K Perera 3)

    Ali again sneaks through a quick, no-frills cheap over for England to kick things off.



    One more hoop to jump through before the game. It's the countdown. Classical high elbow from Ian Bell as he points the seven on his shirt in the countdown. All class.


    Ready to go

    The anthems are done, we're good to go. Moeen Ali once again to open the bowling for the Solar Reds.


    Ready to go... nearly

    The players are out in the middle for the anthems. Those of you who've heard the Sri Lankan one before will know that gives you time to quickly nip to the loo, make a cup of tea, read a book, write a book and watch the entire Sopranos box set.



    MJ Lumb, AD Hales, MM Ali, EJG Morgan, JC Buttler (wk), RS Bopara, TT Bresnan, CJ Jordan, SCJ Broad (capt), JC Tredwell, JW Dernbach.


    Sri Lanka

    MDKJ Perera, TM Dilshan, DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara (wk), LD Chandimal (capt), AD Mathews, NLTC Perera, KMDN Kulasekara, SMSM Senanayake, BAW Mendis, SL Malinga

  • The Toss

    England captain Stuart Broad wins the toss and chooses to bowl first. Both teams are unchanged.



    So, after one band of plucky orange-clad apparent no-hopers came within a whisker of giving one of the big beasts a bloody nose, can England go one better against Sri Lanka in Chittagong? For Sri Lanka, a victory would all-but secure a semi-final spot, while England must win to retain realistic hopes of extending their stay in Bangladesh beyond the Super 10 stage.