Over 12 - SA 93/3 (Duminy 5, du Plessis 7)

    Bhatti brought back into the attack after the fall of three wickets. JP Duminy is the new batsman. Six runs from the over, Duminy gets off the mark with a boundary, SA 93 for 3 after 12 overs.

  • Over 11 - SA 88/3 (Duminy 0, du Plessis 7)

    Afridi bowls Davids, South Africa lose another wicket. WICKET! Davids fails to make an impact with the bat. SA 87 for 3 after 11 overs.

  • Over 10 - SA 83/2 (Davids 2, du Plessis 4)

    Hafeez starts his 3rd over. de Kock drives it straight and hits Faf on the arm, they don't take a run from the rebound. de Kock lofts it straight down the ground past long off for four. WICKET! SA lose both their openers, Hafeez gets another important wicket. de Kock tries to hit it for a six, but Tanvir takes a good catch at long on. Henry Davids comes to the crease. A single to Davids who gets off the mark. SA 83 for 2 after 10 overs.


    Over 9 - SA 77/1 (de Kock 39, du Plessis 3)

    A couple of singles to start the over and then Pakistan miss a run out. Faf comes down the wicket and hits it to point, de Kock wanted the single but is sent back by Faf and just makes his ground in the end. Afridi finishes his first over, four runs from it. SA 77 for 1 after 9 overs.

  • Over 8 - SA 73/1 (de Kock 37, du Plessis 2)

    Three singles from the over so far, Hafeez trying to stop the run flow. WICKET! Amla bowled for 31, Hafeez gets the much needed breakthrough. It was fast and in the blockhole and Amla misses it because of the extra pace. South Africa lose their first wicket. Faf walks out to bat.


    Over 7 - SA 69/0 (Amla 30, de Kock 35)

    Bilawal Bhatti comes into the attack on debut against Amla who is looking to scoring quickly. A leg bye to start the over and then de Kock edges it through to third man for four. de Kock takes a single through midwicket. A wide down leg from Bhatti, and a single to end the over.


    Over 6 - SA 60/0 (Amla 29, de Kock 29)

    Hafeez brings himself into the attack. A couple of singles and Amla punches it through extra cover for four. Another single to end the over, seven runs from it. South Africa going at 10 runs per over in the power play.


    Over 5 - SA 53/0 (Amla 23, de Kock 28)

    Junaid Khan brought into the attack to stop the run flow. de Kock peppers the midwicket region. Two more boundaries in the over, South Africa really accelerating here. After 5 overs, SA 53 for no loss.


    Over 4 - SA 41/0 (Amla 23, de Kock 16)

    Amla is looking in fine form here, A couple of boundary to start the over. Amla flicks both through square leg for four. Tanvir bowls a wide down leg. de Kock drives the ball through deep midwicket again for four, another great shot from him. SA 41 for no loss after 4 overs.


    Over 3 - SA 30/0 (Amla 18, de Kock 12)

    Cracking shot, Amla gets forward and square drives it through sweeper cover for four. Another great shot from Amla, second boundary of the over. Another boundary, de Kock joins the action, uses his wrists it get it through midwicket for another boundary. Expensive over for Pakistan, SA 30 for no loss after 3 overs.


    Over 2 - SA 13/0 (Amla 5, de Kock 8)

    Sohail Tanvir starts from the other end. de Kock works the ball through deep midwicket for a couple of runs. A single to de Kock brings Amla on strike. Amla shuffles in his crease and taps it to point for a single. Four from the over, SA 13 for no loss.


    Over 1 - SA 9/0 (Amla 4, de Kock 5)

    Anwar Ali will start for Pakistan and Amla and de Kock will open the batting for South Africa. de Kock gets off the mark with a lovely cover drive for four, then takes a single to get off strike. The outfield is slow because of the rain, but the ball has enough on it to reach the boundary. Amla defends the first ball and then runs the next one down to fine leg for four. Nine from the first over.



    The game will begin in 10 minutes and there will be no reduction in the overs. Bilawal Bhatti makes his debut for Pakistan.

  • Toss

    Pakistan have won the toss and will bowl first. Razzaq and Malik are injured so Pakistan have 13 players in their squad. South Africa are resting AB de Villiers, Duminy will take his place. Morne Morkel returns and replaces Ryan McLaren.

  • Toss delayed

    The toss has been delayed because of rain. The weather is slowly clearing up so we should have play soon.



    Hello and welcome to the first T20 between South Africa and Pakistan, just a few days after the same set of fixtures ended in the UAE. Will Pakistan come out on top this time? Join us at 4pm GMT (6pm SA) for the action from the Wanderers.