Over 8 - Scotland 39-2 (Machan 21, Coetzer 7)

    Scotland are just digging a little hole for themselves here. Jordan is bang on the money to Coetzer and thinks he has his man caught behind but the umpire is unmoved. Jordan didn't receive much support from his team-mates and 'not out' looked the right decision. England in control at this stage...


    Over 7 - Scotland 37-2 (Machan 20, Coetzer 6)

    Anderson bowls his fourth over on the trot and is unlucky not to pick up Coetzer with a peach which squares him up and somehow misses bat and stumps. That beauty came after Coetzer had rather agriculturally heaved a full delivery wide of mid-on for a boundary


    Over 6 - Scotland 31-2 (Machan 19, Coetzer 1)

    Jordan replaces Gurney and Machan immediately targets his Sussex team-mate, taking him for two boundaries. The first is slapped through the covers after a short, wide delivery, the second is driven over mid-off, just evading Root and it just has enough legs to reach the rope


    Over 5 - Scotland 22-2 (Machan 10, Coetzer 1)

    Drop! Buttler drops a dolly to hand Coetzer a life at the end of Anderson's third straight over. About as straight forward as they come after a faint nick behind but Buttler, inexplicably, fluffed his lines. Anderson less than impressed...


    Over 4 - Scotland 19-2 (Machan 7, Coetzer 0)

    Gurney has struggled thus far on his international bow but remarkably his second over cost just one run. He is lucky not to be called wide on two occasions and Machan is guilty of trying to hit the ball too hard on a pitch which is slow and not coming on to the bat. Three strikes but he's not out...


    Over 3 - Scotland 18-2 (Machan 6, Coetzer 0)

    Captain Coetzer is the new batsman and arguably Scotland's best. This is a big partnership and another early wicket could pretty much end the home side's already faint hopes of pulling off this tough run-chase

  • MacLeod bld Anderson 9

    After dispatching Anderson over his head for four, MacLeod then tries to walk across his stumps and flick the bowler away, but misses his adventurous shot and is clean bowled


    Over 2 - Scotland 13-1 (MacLeod 5, Machan 6)

    A loose and perhaps nervy start from debutant Gurney sees him offer up some width to Machan, who steps away and carves a short delivery through point for four. The Notts left-armer comes back well though, beating Machan and conceding just a single from the remainder of his opening over. Gurney operating around 78mph


    Over 1 - Scotland 8-1 (MacLeod 5, Machan 1)

    Sussex left-hander Machan joins MacLeod in the middle and almost falls in identical fashion to Cross first delivery but the ball just evades the stumps. MacLeod had earlier got up and running with a crisp cut shot to the backward point boundary

  • Cross bld Anderson 1

    Anderson strikes in his opening over, beating Cross for pace with a delivery which just shaped in and caught the batsman's under-edge back onto the stumps. Scotland 7-1


    The chase is on

    Scotland openers MacLeod and Cross are out in the middle and Anderson has the ball for England. Any rain appears to have disappeared and the sky is clear. Let's go!

  • Scotland require 173 to win

    The rain break midway through England's innings sees the victory target adjusted to 173 at 8.65 runs an over. Stay here to see if Scotland can chase it down and pull off a famous victory


    Over 20 - England 167-6 (Ballance 1 Jordan 6)

    Chris Jordan finishes the England innings in style by belting Davey's final ball straight back down the ground and over the commentary box for six! A good effort from both sides and England's total will be adjusted upwards via Duckworth-Lewis


    Bopara ct MacLeod bld Davey 3

    Two in two! Bopara hits Davey straight up in the air and MacLeod holds his nerve under a skier. Scotland have caught very well today and Davey is on a hat-trick...

  • Root ct Taylor bld Davey 17

    A lively cameo from Root comes to an end when he can only clip a full toss from Davey to Taylor, who comes in and catches well low down at deep midwicket


    Over 19 - England 155-4 (Bopara 2 Root 13)

    Root makes an ugly but mighty effective start to his innings with an inside edged ramp past short third man and away for four. He didn't know much about that but picks up four more for the England cause. Yorkshire team-mate Wardlaw looks less than impressed and his mood worsens later in the over when Root collects two more boundaries, one swept, one driven. Fantastic batting from Root when England looked like they were stalling

  • Morgan ct Cross bld Wardlaw 31

    Another one down! Wardlaw pushes a full, wide delivery across Morgan, who can only edge through to the wicketkeeper


    Over 18 - England 138-3 (Morgan 31, Bopara 1)

    That was a huge wicket for Scotland midway through the over after Morgan had found the rope yet again at the start to put pressure on the bowler Davey. Nine runs added in total and the Scots will be fancying their chances of an upset here if they can finish strongly. Bopara joins Morgan

  • Buttler ct Taylor bld Davey 9

    Buttler clears his front leg and attempts to clear midwicket but Taylor steps back and takes a high catch on the boundary rope. A deserved wicket for Davey and a big one for Scotland


    Over 17 - England 129-2 (Morgan 25, Buttler 7)

    Scotland's fielding has been very impressive today but a misfield final ball allows Buttler to pick up his first boundary through the covers after Morgan had started it with a boundary of his own behind point. 13 runs off the 17th over sees Evans end with figures of 0-33 from his four overs


    Over 16 - England 116-2 (Morgan 16, Buttler 1)

    After pushing Morgan up the order, England have now done the same with Buttler. He gets off the mark straight away with a single and we could be set for an explosive final four overs of the innings...

  • Cook ct Macleod bld Taylor 44

    What a catch! MacLeod takes a stunner on the long off boundary to deny Cook a six and send him on his way for 44. He struck it powerfully down the ground but MacLeod ran across and pulled off a wonderful diving catch


    Over 15 - England 109-1 (Cook 40, Morgan 16)

    Boom! Morgan brings up the England 100 by sending a juicy, loopy full toss from Haq out of the ground. He hit that miles! A new ball is sent out to the middle and Morgan cuts that for two more before being given a life by wicketkeeper Cross, who misses a routine stumping. Scotland could be made to pay for that. 10 from the over


    Over 14 - England 99-1 (Cook 39, Morgan 8)

    More streaky runs added from England, this time from Morgan, who skews Taylor over point for two with fielders close by. Cook then lofts the left-armer high over extra cover for two more before surviving a confident caught behind appeal. Good decision, pad, not bat


    Over 13 - England 92-1 (Cook 35, Morgan 5)

    An early indication of the slippery conditions is evident when Evans delivers a beamer to Cook, who does well to steer his hook shot to short fine leg. A no-ball is called but in the bowler's defence, the ball must feel like a bar of soap at the moment. Just five runs added from the first over after the rain break


    We go again...

    Cook and Morgan return to the field. It's 20 overs per innings now and England's total will be readjusted via Duckworth-Lewis. Any more rain and that will most certainly be that


    Play to resume at 5.10pm

    The rain has stopped and the umpires, groundstaff and players are happy to start again in a few minutes. It looks likely that it will be 20 over per side. Confirmation to come...

  • Over 12 - England 87-1 (Cook 32, Morgan 4)

    Rain stops play! The umpires finally give in and take the players off the field, but not before Morgan steps forward and drives Taylor elegantly through extra cover for a boundary. We are running out of time so this heavy shower needs to pass quickly

  • Bell bld Taylor 50

    Bell reaches his 30th ODI half-century after another six back down the ground but departs the next ball attempting to sweep Taylor. He moved too far across his stumps and the left-armer finds middle peg. Bell walks off shaking his head. It's pouring down in Aberdeen!


    Over 11 - England 75-0 (Cook 32, Bell 42)

    Scotland try another spin option in Sussex all-rounder Matt Machan. The rain is falling but the umpires are happy to continue, to the delight of the crowd. Machan starts well and prevents England finding the boundary. Six runs added, two for Cook, four for Bell


    Over 10 - England 69-0 (Cook 30, Bell 38)

    Bell welcomes Robert Taylor's left-arm seamers into the attack with a fizzing extra cover drive to the boundary. He's certainly adapted to this pitch much better than his captain who mistimes once again high over wide long-on to collect two more. 10 off the over in total as England start to up the ante


    Over 9 - England 59-0 (Cook 27, Bell 31)

    Bell breaks the shackles with a six and a four off Haq in successive balls to get England back on track. After skipping down the wicket and planting the off-spinner over long-off, the Warwickshire right-hander then reverse-sweeps powerfully for four more


    Over 8 - England 44-0 (Cook 24, Bell 19)

    A couple of scares for Cook here as Davey almost gets his man twice. Short midwicket catches a mistimed drive on the half-volley and Cook then cuts a relived figure the next ball when his leading edge bounces just short of mid-off. England struggling to force the issue now the loose balls have dried up. Encouraging start from Scotland


    Over 7 - England 40-0 (Cook 21, Bell 18)

    Scotland have strung back-to-back tight overs together to build some pressure on Cook and Bell. The loopy off-spin of Haq poses a problem or two to Bell in particular, who is unlucky to see a powerfully struck reverse-sweep find short third man. Just two singles off the over. The Scotland fans sensing and baying for a breakthrough...


    Over 6 - England 38-0 (Cook 20, Bell 17)

    With the fielding restrictions eased, Scotland bring medium-pacer Josh Davey into the attack. He has a whippy action and rushes Cook on a couple of occasions, striking him in the thigh pad with one delivery and beating his outside edge with another. Just three runs off his opening over - great start


    Over 5 - England 35-0 (Cook 19, Bell 15)

    Cook makes his move in the final over of the opening powerplay, taking Wardlaw for back-to-back boundaries in an expensive over costing 11. Another short delivery is tucked defly off his hip and the England left-hander then drills a fuller delivery wide of mid-on to find the rope once more. England ticking along nicely at seven an over


    Over 4 - England 24-0 (Cook 10, Bell 13)

    Evans is too short again and Bell finds the rope for the first time today with a swivelled pull shot backward of square-leg. The locals offer their bowler some advice with shouts of 'pitch it up' and he takes heed next ball, enticing Bell into an uppish drive which sails down to third man for a single. Six off the over. England watchful and happy to wait for the loose delivery


    Over 3 - England 18-0 (Cook 9, Bell 8)

    Wardlaw has settled well here and keeps England relatively quiet in his second over. Bell works two runs through midwicket to end a set of six costing just four. This opening powerplay period will be five overs with England having a two-over batting powerplay to take later in the innings


    Over 2 - England 14-0 (Cook 8, Bell 5)

    Alasdair Evans, who made a handful of appearances for Derbyshire last season, starts alongside Wardlaw but he struggles in his opening over. After being worked backward of square for two by Cook, Evans is then pulled hard to the boundary by the England skipper. Too short from Evans and his first over costs nine runs. Pitch looks good, despite the rain


    Over 1 - England 5-0 (Cook 1, Bell 4)

    Yorkshire seamer Iain Wardlaw sends down the first over and so nearly hands Scotland a dream start when Bell inside edges his first delivery narrowly past leg stump. With fine-leg up inside the circle, always a gamble, the result of Bell's edge was a boundary. Just five from the opening over. Cook nudging a single before Bell's heart in mouth moment


    Kit clash

    Pressing question: Are England red or are they blue? They can't make up their mind it seems. They have given light blue a try as they attempt to start Peter Moores' second reign with a win. Scotland will be pumped up for this though and will fancy their chances in this shortened format. Out trot Cook and Bell down the stairs in front of a patient Aberdeen crowd. Here we go...


    Team news

    England have left out Moeen Ali and Chris Woakes, which means there will be a debut for Harry Gurney. England: Cook, Bell, Ballance, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Bopara, Jordan, Tredwell, Anderson, Gurney.Scotland: Cross, MacLeod, Machan, Coetzer, Mommsen, Davey, Leask, Taylor, Haq, Wardlaw, Evans

  • Toss

    Scotland have won the toss and will BOWL first. Alastair Cook admits he too would have bowled first but isn't too disheartened as he believes this is still a good pitch for batting


    Pitch report

    It looks a slow, low seamer up in Aberdeen so I doubt we'll be seeing a high scoring affair here. This is a potential banana skin for England. Let's hope the rain stays away and a positive outcome can be achieved


    4pm start!

    The toss will take place at 3.30pm, the match will start at 4pm and it will be 23 overs per side


    Run-up concerns

    This is turning into a record-breaking inspection! It's been taking place for almost 30 minutes as the groundstaff continue to work on one of the run-up areas. The last thing the umpires want is James Anderson and co rolling an ankle on the opening match of the international season. Hopefully a decision on the toss and start time will take place soon. Stay with us.


    Hoorah for Harry?

    A team huddle suggests that Harry Gurney could be in line for an England debut. Plenty of pats on the back for the Notts seamer. The team is yet to be confirmed though and will be at the toss


    Latest from the ground

    Michael Atherton is back in action out in the middle. He reports: "It's a beautiful day now but there is one problem and that is the bowler's take-off at one end of the ground. It's very wet and hopefully it will dry in 20 minutes to half an hour."


    Warming up

    The players are going through their warm-up routines on the outfield but we understand that there remain some concerns over the bowler's run-ups. More updates to follow after a second inspection at 2.50pm...


    Blue skies

    John Etheridge, cricket correspondent at The Sun, is confident of some play. He tweets: "Best weather of the day. Sunshine, blue skies. Inspection imminent."



    Remarkably, the sun has peaked through at Mannofield and the groundstaff are busily mopping up. A 20-20 looks doable now. More news to come after an inspection at 2.15pm


    Eye on England

    Christiaan de Bruyn believes England need to improve their pace attack if they are to return to the Test summit. He says: "As a South African that has always had a keen interest in English Cricket, as my Grandmother is English. I have to state that if England want to return to Number 1 the attack of Broad, Anderson, Bresnan will not get them there. Anderson on his day is probably one of the best, but frankly Broad and Bresnan's averages tell a story and they are just not good enough. Simply put neither of them would make it into Australia's squad nor SA's Squad."


    Damp squib

    Michael Atherton is down on the ground and his 'immaculate shoes' are in serious danger. He reports: "Fine mizzle is falling, as it has been all day. It's marginally brighter but you would say it will take 1-2 hours to clear up if and when it stops." It's hard to see that inspection taking place now with rain in the air


    Yorkshire spirit

    Jordan Richards has picked four Yorkshiremen in a rather maverick England XI for the first Test: Cook, Robson, Root, Bell, Ballance, Bairstow, Stokes, Broad, Willey, Rashid, Anderson - #yorkshirespirit #batthroughto10...


    Pitch inspection 1.30pm

    The players are currently tucking into their lunch and will find out more about the state of play in around 45 minutes as an inspection has been called, providing it is not raining. Stay tuned for updates...


    Spin to win

    Andy O'Donnell adds his two-penneth to the England Test XI debate and has plumped for Adil Rashid to replace Swann... Andy's team for the first Test: Cook, Robson, Bell, Root, Ballance, Stokes, Prior, Rashid, Broad, Bresnan, Anderson. Thoughts? Joe.drabble@bskyb.com & @Joe_Drabs


    Rain pain

    The army of Aberdeen groundstaff are doing their best to keep the square and outfield as dry as possible but plenty of rain has fallen and still is falling. David Gower attempts to lift spirits by describing the skies as 'grey, but clearing'. Still plenty of time left for a game to take place. A 20-20 showdown can start at 4.17pm, at the very latest



    A discouraging tweet from the ground from Daily Mirror cricket correspondent Dean Wilson: "Miserable here in Aberdeen. So unlucky with the weather, yesterday would have been perfect. Doubt we'll see any cricket today."

  • Lee Williams

    Lee Williams picks: "Cook, Robson, Bell, Root, Ballance, Ali, Prior, Broad, Jordan, Anderson, Finn - Finn seems to have established the issues he had surrounding him during last season, Prior although only played one game for Sussex looked in great touch and a century to his name and still England's best keeper comes back for me, and Chris Jordan is coming on leaps and bounds as a cricketer since he moved to Sussex.. Funny that most players/coaches do when they've had spells at Hove."



    The latest update is that light drizzle is still falling in the north of Scotland and the covers are cemented to the square. No immediate prospects of play here so all we can do is sit and wait...

  • Jon Lamb

    @jlamb21: "James Vince deserves a chance in all formats of the game." - He's certainly started the summer with a bang, Jon. I'm a big fan of his and would love to see him involved in one of the international sides this summer. Is Test cricket too big a step, though?

  • Mark Roberts

    My team: "Cook, Robson, Bell, Root, Ali, Stokes, Prior, Jordan, Broad, Anderson, Finn." Really like Robson and a couple of big scores surely mean he will open with Cook? Ali can provide a spin option and Finn seems to have his mojo back! Bring it on!

  • Toss

    With no imminent sign of the flick of the coin and plenty of time to fill, it would be nice to hear your thoughts on England's 'new era' under Cook and Moores.. Who has impressed you in county cricket this summer and who would you like to see in England's starting XI for the first Test against Sri Lanka next month? Get in touch via email to Joe.drabble@bskyb.com or tweet me at @Joe_Drabs

  • Weather update

    Michael Atherton is down on the ground. He reports: "It's a little grim i'm afraid. The rain is so fine and so thin that it isn't actually picked up on the radar but it seems set in. The outfield is damp but the groundstaff say it will take 45 minutes to an hour to clear up if it clears."