Over 30 - SL 104/5 (Mathews 31, de Silva 12)

    Rubel is a little all over the place in this over. He's not a bowler who's noted for his accuracy, relying mainly on his pace and a good yorker to get his wickets, and he struggles with the left-hand/right-hand combination to give away runs on either side of the wicket. De Silva helps himself to his first boundary with a flick to fine leg, and with 8 runs coming off the over, Sri Lanka's target is 101 from the last 20.


    Over 29 - SL 96/5 (Mathews 30, de Silva 5)

    There's a very optimistic lbw appeal from Ziaur Rahman in this over, the seamer having rapped the left-handed de Silva on the pads with his third delivery. The only problem is that the ball pitched outside leg stump, so it's clearly not out. De Silva flicks the sixth ball through square leg for a single to retain the strike.


    Over 28 - SL 95/5 (Mathews 30, de Silva 4)

    Rubel Hossain returns to the attack, but his third delivery slips down the leg side and Mathews shuffles across to glance it down to the fine leg boundary. Rubel continues with his short-pitched attack, and the last two balls of the over are bouncers that Mathews has to duck underneath of.


    Over 27 - SL 91/5 (Mathews 26, de Silva 4)

    Edged! But wide of the wicketkeeper. Ziaur Rahman has been one of Bangladesh's best bowlers today, and he came very close to landing the decisive blow for them in this over. After tying Mathews down once again, he found the outside edge of Mathews' poking bat, but the ball flew just wide of Anamul Haque and away for four.


    Over 26 - SL 86/5 (Mathews 21, de Silva 4)

    Arafat Sunny's length wavers as he aims a quicker one at Mathews, the ball slipping out short and wide and allowing the batsman to slice a cut through point for four. A pair of singles makes it six from the over, but both sides will be more concerned with the wickets column at the moment. There's a lot of time left in the game, but if Sri Lanka lose another wicket now they'll really be struggling.


    Over 25 - SL 80/5 (Mathews 16, de Silva 3)

    Ziaur Rahman's long spell continues, and his seventh over is as good as any he's bowled. De Silva flashes at his first ball, picking up a single down to third man off the outside edge, but Rahman's tight line stops Mathews from scoring for the remainder of the over.

  • Over 24 - SL 79/5 (Mathews 16, de Silva 2)

    WICKET! Bangladesh grab another one, and Sri Lanka are in desperate trouble now. After settling into a somewhat subdued knock, Thirimanne attempted to change gears by running down the wicket at Sunny and swatting him down the ground ... but he couldn't get enough distance on the shot, and Rubel held a good catch at long-on.


    Over 23 - SL 75/4 (Thirimanne 33, Mathews 15)

    Ziaur ticks another over off in this nippy little spell, hitting a good length on or around off stump. The batsmen work singles through point or square leg, with nothing to hit straight.


    Over 22 - SL 72/4 (Thirimanne 31, Mathews 14)

    Interesting move from Mushfiqur. He leaves just two fielders out in the deep as Arafat Sunny continues, and the move pays off as the batsmen struggle to beat the infield and must be content with just two singles from the over.


    Over 21 - SL 70/4 (Thirimanne 30, Mathews 13)

    Now Mathews goes on the charge! The batsmen are trying to wrest back control, and Mathews has leapt out at Ziaur's first ball to send it arcing back down the ground for a big six. But the bowler recovers well, and even beats the outside edge while keeping the scoring down to just a single from the remainder of the over.


    Over 20 - SL 63/4 (Thirimanne 30, Mathews 6)

    Left-arm spinner Arafat Sunny comes on for his first over of the day. He's got a sweeper out on the cover boundary, but he pays the price for keeping mid-off up when Thirimanne advances down the track and lofts the ball straight over the fielder's head. That's the first boundary since the 11th over.


    Over 19 - SL 56/4 (Thirimanne 24, Mathews 5)

    Thirimanne manufactures some width where there was none to run Ziaur down to third man for a single, and there's not a whole let else the batsmen can do with the bowler sticking to a strict line and length. The required run rate is still under control, but it's inflated to 4.80 after starting at just over 4 to the over.


    Over 18 - SL 53/4 (Thirimanne 22, Mathews 4)

    Shakib completes the fifth over of his spell, and it's another good one. Thirimanne works the first ball down to long on for a single, while Mathews is still very keen to get as far forward as possible to smother any spin. His nudge past short leg is the only other run in the over.


    Over 17 - SL 51/4 (Thirimanne 21, Mathews 3)

    Thirimanne moves repeatedly forward to drive, but he can't beat the field despite finding the middle of the bat almost every time. Eventually he smuggles a single just wide of mid-on, having played a little too early at a slower ball.


    Over 16 - SL 50/4 (Thirimanne 20, Mathews 3)

    Shakib Al Hasan continues, and now he's got a slip and a short leg in place. Mathews strains forward to defend Shakib's full, spinning deliveries, but when the length shortens he's deep in his crease and clipping to midwicket with decent timing. The shot brings him two runs in an otherwise quiet over.

  • Over 15 - SL 48/4 (Thirimanne 20, Mathews 1)

    WICKET! Sri Lanka's attempt at re-building their innings is set back once more with the dismissal of Priyanjan. It was a great delivery from Ziaur that got him, angled in through the air and then rising up and away from the batsman off the pitch. Lakmal bowled a few of those earlier. Priyanjan had to play at it, but could only send a thick edge through to a tumbling Anamul Haque.


    Over 14 - SL 45/3 (Priyanjan 23, Thirimanne 19)

    Shakib prolongs Bangladesh's stranglehold over the batsmen with another guileful over. Thirimanne tries to open up the off side by backing away to leg as Shakib prepares to deliver, but the bowler follows him with one speared into the pads. Priyanjan, meanwhile, continues to merrily skip down the wicket at the left-armer, who keeps him to a single to long-off.


    Over 13 - SL 43/3 (Priyanjan 22, Thirimanne 18)

    Mushfiqur brings Ziaur Rahman on to bowl some medium pace. His will be a wicket-to-wicket line, when he gets it right, and he does a good job in his opening over. Thirimanne whips across his front pad to collect two runs through square leg, and then keeps the strike for the following over with a pinched single into the covers.


    Over 12 - SL 40/3 (Priyanjan 22, Thirimanne 15)

    Priyanjan is a busy presence at the crease, and his tactic to Shakib's spin has been to use his feet to upset the bowler's length. He charges repeatedly out at the bowler in this over, but can't force anything more than a single. Thirimanne is a little more subdued, and places his drives out to the boundary fielders.


    Over 11 - SL 37/3 (Priyanjan 21, Thirimanne 13)

    Al-Amin is kept on for a sixth over in this spell, but perhaps that's one over too many. Again, he started well, but his fifth delivery is pitched right up to Priyanjan and lands in the slot outside off stump. The batsman leans into a well-timed drive to collect four runs through the covers, and adds two more with a spliced pull over square leg.


    Over 10 - SL 30/3 (Priyanjan 15, Thirimanne 12)

    Bangladesh turn to spin for the first time today, Mushfiqur Rahim bringing Shakib Al-Hasan on. Priyanjan advances at the left-arm spinner's first ball, but can't get to the pitch and is forced to defend. That sets the tone for the over, and it's not until the final delivery that the batsman is able to find a gap - and it's a fortunate one. Priyanjan had jumped down the wicket again, and the ball went to fine leg via the inside edge.


    Over 9 - SL 28/3 (Priyanjan 13, Thirimanne 12)

    Al-Amin gets it right six balls in a row, this time. He started over the wicket to the left-handed Thirimanne, and then opted for a round-the-wicket line of attack. Neither line could find a way through the batsman's defenses, but Bangladesh will be pleased with the maiden.


    Over 8 - SL 28/3 (Priyanjan 13, Thirimanne 12)

    Another good over is ruined by a loose final delivery. Rubel is targeting a slightly short length, and Priyanjan struggled to middle anything at the start of the over. The batsman was even beaten attempting a forcing stroke off the back foot, but the sixth delivery starts far too wide of off stump, and though it nips in off the seam Priyanjan is able to send it bouncing down wide of third man for four with a chopped cut.


    Over 7 - SL 24/3 (Thirimanne 12, Priyanjan 9)

    More runs for Thirimanne on the leg side. He'd been made to work in this over from Al-Amin Hossain, protecting his stumps with a solid forward defensive, but the final delivery is short and rising on leg stump, and he swivels to crack it through square leg for four.


    Over 6 - SL 19/3 (Priyanjan 8, Thirimanne 8)

    Phew, now Rubel Hossain goes past Priyanjan's outside edge. After seeing off a few more deliveries, the batsman gets off strike with a glide down to third man, and Thirimanne continues to profit to deliveries pitched up on his pads, working two more runs through midwicket.


    Over 5 - SL 16/3 (Priyanjan 7, Thirimanne 6)

    There's more excitement when Priyanjan top-edges a hook shot off Al-Amin, but the ball falls well short of the fielder. The bowler tests him again straight away with another short one, but this time the batsmen slaps it away off the middle of the bat for a boundary. Al-Amin looks a better bowler when he pitches it up.

  • Over 4 - SL 8/3 (Thirimanne 6, Priyanjan 0)

    WICKET! Sri Lanka are really in a mess now. What's going on out there? Thirimanne chopped a ball from Rubel down close in on the off side and set off for a run, Jayawardene also bolting out of the blocks. But Mahmudullah swooped on the ball from cover, and when Thirimanne spotted this he stopped and turned. Jayawardene couldn't get back as quickly, and he's easily run out!

  • Over 3 - SL 6/2 (Jayawardene 0, Thirimanne 4)

    WICKET! And another! What's more, it's Sangakkara who goes this time. He's also caught behind, leaning forward to drive at one that's pushed across him, but edging the ball straight to first slip. The fielder, Nasir Hossain, didn't quite hold it cleanly when it got to him, but clutches at the ball to make sure the dismissal is complete. This will rock Sri Lanka, but one legend has replaced another at the crease, and Mahela Jayawardene comes out after Sangakkara.


    Over 2 - SL 6/1 (Thirimanne 4, Sangakkara 2)

    Rubel Hossain's only mistake in his first over is to sling his second ball down full and on Thirimanne's pads. The left-hander shuffles across his stumps to flick a well-timed boundary to midwicket, but when Rubel adjusts his line to well wide of offstump, the batsman reins himself in and shoulders arms.

  • Over 1 - SL 2/1 (Sangakkara 2, Thirimanne 0)

    WICKET! What a start for Bangladesh. After a sub-par performance with the bat, this is just what they needed. Al-Amin Hossain angled his second delivery across the left-handed Kusal Perera, who thrust his bat out to send the edge through to Anamul. The wicket brings Kumar Sangakkara to the crease, and he's off the mark straight away with a clip for two off his legs. Now, if Bangladesh can get Sangakkara early ...

  • Over 50 - Ban 204/9 (Sunny 2, Hossain 0)

    Wickets and runs fill the final over of the innings. Rahman started well, heaving the first ball away into the leg side for four, but then swung past a back-of-the-hand slower ball to be clean bowled. Rubel Hossain hacks wildly at his first ball and he, too, is bowled via the inside edge. Al-Amin Hossain survives the hat-trick ball, and the batsmen scramble through for one more single.


    Over 49 - Ban 199/7 (Rahman 8, Sunny 2)

    More superb death bowling from Lakmal in his final over. He's got one target: the blockhole, and he hits it repeatedly. The solitary boundary in the over again comes from extras, with a delivery that keeps low beating both the batsman and the wicketkeeper on its way through.


    Over 48 - Ban 192/7 (Rahman 6, Sunny 1)

    Ziaur Rahman has a reputation as a big hitter in Bangladesh, and he's not going to die wondering at this late stage of the game. He repeatedly gives Mendis the charge, but can't inflict anything more damaging than a single. Indeed, most of the runs in this over arrive via bowler error, Mendis spearing one ball down the leg side to be called wide, and hurling the next one even further in that direction for five wides. Bangladesh are inching towards 200.

  • Over 47 - Ban 183/7 (Rahman 4, Sunny 0)

    WICKET! Lakmal has a second scalp. After the bowler fired in consecutive yorkers, Hossain got underneath a length delivery to try to target the leg side boundary. But he mis-hit the shot, and Jayawardene jogged in from long on to hold the catch. With Lakmal targeting the stumps, Arafat Sunny is unable get off the mark from the final three deliveries of the over.


    Over 46 - Ban 181/6 (Hossain 29, Rahman 3)

    Offspinner Senanayake completes a miserly 10th over to finish his work with the ball for the day. There wasn't a lot of flight in this over, which can be expected at this stage, and it was enough to take the sting out of the big shots played. Just four runs from it.

  • Over 45 - Ban 177/6 (Hossain 26, Rahman 2)

    WICKET! Lakmal returns to snap this stubborn stand. His first delivery was a sharp yorker, and so was the wicket-taking one. Mahmudullah was backing away to the leg side, looking to give himself room, but Lakmal fired one full and straight to beat the bat and uproot the off stump.


    Over 44 - Ban 173/5 (Mahmudullah 30, Hossain 25)

    Senanayake blots his copybook in what was otherwise another nice, tight over by spearing a full one down the leg side to give away two wides. If Bangladesh can push their total up and significantly beyond 200 in these closing overs, we'll have a game on here: the hosts have a spin attack capable of exploiting these conditions.


    Over 43 - Ban 168/5 (Mahmudullah 29, Hossain 23)

    A missed stumping! Mahmudullah had charged out to slap the first ball of Mendis' over to deep midwicket for four, but should have been out from the second. He aimed another almighty swipe at the ball, but missed this time, with his back leg out of the crease. Sangakkara fumbled, however, and the batsmen added five more runs to take their partnership to 50.


    over 42 - Ban 159/5 (Hossain 22, Mahmudullah 21)

    The batsmen are looking to get a move-on now, and hustle through another over from Senanayake. They swap singles before Hossain collects two runs with another cute little late cut, and continue their busy work to take six runs from the over.


    Over 41 - Ban 153/5 (Mahmudullah 19, Hossain 18)

    Smart batting from Nasir. He knows that Mendis is quick through the air for a spinner, and with a little width on offer he presents an angled bat at the last moment to use the pace on the ball to get it past short third man for four. Some hard running adds to the damage to help Bangladesh take 9 from the over. This is the sort of urgency that had been missing in the middle overs.


    Over 40 - Ban 144/5 (Mahmudullah 15, Hossain 13)

    And now, finally, a boundary in the Powerplay! Mahmudullah was aiming for a boundary early in the over from Senanayake, changing position to reverse sweep, but he couldn't get anything on it. Two deliveries later he makes room on the leg side and heaves the ball straight back over the bowler's head for four to give his team a little joy.


    Over 39 - Ban 137/5 (Nasir 11, Mahmudullah 10)

    Ajantha Mendis returns to the attack. Nasir Hossain is happy to leave his crease to get at the spinner, but can't quite get to the pitch either time and has to be content with singles. Mahmudullah prefers to play from deep in the crease, and adds one more to the total with a pull to deep midwicket.


    Over 38 - Ban 134/5 (Nasir 9, Mahmudullah 8)

    There's not a lot of urgency from the batsmen in this over from Senanayake. Mahmudullah plays with the spin to place the ball into the leg side for a single, while Nasir adds one of his own with a drive to long on.


    Over 37 - Ban 132/5 (Nasir 8, Mahmudullah 8)

    Lakmal comes back once more, and his first delivery is an attempted bouncer that balloons down the leg side to be called wide. His length is a little all over the place, and a full toss later in the over is driven hard at Mathews in the covers, the ball striking him a painful blow on the foot as he attempts to stop it.


    Over 36 - Ban 128/5 (Nasir 8, Mahmudullah 5)

    Bangladesh are struggling to build any momentum. Offspinner Senanayake relieves Priyanjan after his three-over spell, and his over is bookended by a pair of singles through square leg.


    Over 35 - Ban 126/5 (Nasir 7, Mahmudullah 4)

    Mahmudullah is usually the sort of batsman to take his time playing himself in, but he seems to be keen to get after de Silva straight away. He hacks across the line at a flighted one, and the ball takes the inner half of the bat, rolling away square on the leg side. There's little else to ruin de Silva's final over, and he finishes with the very tidy figures of 10-0-33-1.

  • Over 34 - Ban 121/5 (Nasir 5, Mahmudullah 1)

    WICKET! Priyanjan has another, and it's the big wicket of Shakib Al Hasan. The left-hander jumped out of his crease to lift a flighted delivery handsomely over extra cover, but then attempted to repeat the stroke and was dismissed. Priyanjan's follow-up delivery was similarly flighted but rushed on to take the inside edge, Mathews holding an easy catch.


    Over 33 - Ban 115/4 (Shakib 16, Nasir 4)

    De Silva is giving the batsmen nothing to hit, and Nasir struggles to get the ball off the square in this over. He's put on strike after Shakib nudges the second ball into the leg side for a single, but can't make anything from the remainder of the over.


    Over 32 - Ban 114/4 (Shakib 15, Nasir 4)

    Prijanjan, having been successful in his first over, is asked to continue. Shakib slams a drive to long on for a single, while Nasir appears keen to get after the bowling and break this lean spell for Bangladesh. He charges down the wicket, with little effect, but picks up two runs from the next delivery with a fetch into the leg side that is only intercepted at the boundary thanks to a dive from Mahela Jayawardene.


    Over 31 - Ban 111/4 (Shakib 14, Nasir 2)

    Mathews is cycling through his bowlers quite regularly, using them in short spells and trying to stop the batsmen from settling. He brings de Silva back to replace Lakmal, and the left-arm spinner is quickly back into his groove. Working with the helpful conditions, and denying the batsmen width from which to score, he concedes three singles.

  • Over 30 - Ban 108/4 (Shakib 12, Nasir 1)

    WICKET! Sangakkara turns to Ashan Priyanjan's part-time offerings, and the gamble pays off spectacularly as his very first ball brings a wicket. It also took a great catch to pull off the dismissal. Anamul whipped his bat at Priyanjan's first ball, and Thirimanne at midwicket leapt into the air at the ball .... he could only parry it, but held the catch at the second attempt, Jonty Rhodes-style. Bangladesh suffer another setback, and a lot will depend on Shakib's progress if they are to set themselves up for a consolation win today.


    Over 29 - Ban 106/3 (Anamul 49, Shakib 11)

    After a brief spell from Perera, Suranga Lakmal comes back for a blow. He's not quite as accurate as his new-ball partner, and width on the ball invites some adventurous driving from the batsmen, but there is cover out on the boundary to keep them to singles.


    Over 28 - Ban 102/3 (Anamul 47, Shakib 9)

    The Bangladeshi innings continues to drift as Senanayake twirls through another tight over. There still isn't a great deal of turn off the wicket, but he varies his pace nicely and the field placements are spot on to keep the batsmen to two singles.


    Over 27 - Ban 100/3 (Anamul 46, Shakib 8)

    Perera maintains a tight line to Shakib, nicely straight, and doesn't give him the length to drive either. Shakib can only nudge it around for three deliveries before eventually flicking a single to midwicket off the fourth. Anamul adds a single of his own. This has been watchful stuff from Bangladesh after the mini-collapse, the partnership progressing at barely 2.5 to the over.


    Over 26 - Ban 98/3 (Anamul 45, Shakib 6)

    It's a double change from Sri Lanka as offspinner Senanayake comes back into the attack. His comeback over is right on target, cramping the left-handed Shakib for room, and the only run comes via a leg bye.


    Over 25 - Ban 97/3 (Anamul 45, Shakib 6)

    After an extended spell of spin, Angelo Mathews brings one of his quicks back. Perera's first ball explodes off a length to beat Anamul's outside edge, but the batsman hops on the next delivery to work a single through square leg. Shakib isn't given the sort of width he wants, and can only manage one more single, to deep midwicket, in the over.


    Over 24 - Ban 95/3 (Anamul 44, Shakib 6)

    De Silva's parsimonious spell continues, and despite some decently-timed shots the batsmen can only take two runs from the over. De Silva is varying his flight well.


    Over 23 - Ban 93/3 (Anamul 43, Shakib 5)

    Shakib is off the mark with a deft little late cut off Mendis that brings a boundary to third man. The ball was always going across him on the angle from which it was bowled, and a hint of movement off the track took it further in that direction.

  • Over 22 - Ban 87/3 (Anamul 42, Shakib 0)

    WICKET! This will be a big blow to Bangladesh. Mushfiqur had barely got going in this knock, but he's been sent on his way after missing a sweep at left-arm spinner de Silva. There wasn't a lot to question about the decision, and the ball would have struck middle and leg - but Bangladesh will be buoyed by Shakib al Hasan's presence at the crease despite losing three wickets in as many overs.


    Over 21 - Ban 84/2 (Anamul 40, Mushfiqur 3)

    Mushfiqur doesn't take long to settle into accumulation mode, and both he and Anamul aim drives out to the cover sweeper and long on in a Mendis over that brings five singles.


    Over 20 - Ban 79/2 (Anamul 37, Mushfiqur 1)

    There's a short moment of confusion as Anamul nudges de Silva into space and Mushfiqur calls for a single ... he's sent back very late, but scuttles home in time thanks to a weak return. Mushfiqur is off the mark shortly afterwards, nurdling a single off his pads.

  • Over 19 - Ban 76/2 (Anamul 35)

    WICKETS! Umpire Oxenford has raised the finger after an imploring, extended appeal from Mendis. Shamsur stepped forward to play across his front pad, but missed the ball to prompt an lbw shout. But was it going down the leg side? Replays show it hitting leg stump, so that was a good call. Mominul is off the mark straight away, nudging a full ball through cover, but cannot last the over. Mendis floated his final ball up quite full, but Mominul stayed back when he should have been forward and the ball spun from leg to off to rattle the off stump.


    Over 18 - Ban 74/0 (Shamsur 39, Anamul 34)

    A similar over to the one just past. The Bangladeshi openers are happy to take the singles on offer with men out at long-off and long-on, and Shamsur adds one more with a flick off his legs through square leg.


    Over 17 - Ban 71/0 (Shamsur 37, Anamul 33)

    The fielders at long on and long off are peppered with drives as Mendis continues his second over with a fairly defensive field. There's a slight moment of alarm for Bangladesh when Anamul slashes a wide one in the air, but the ball drops in front of the man at short third man and there's no harm done.


    Over 16 - Ban 68/0 (Shamsur 35, Anamul 32)

    Boom! Anamul jumps out at de Silva's first delivery, getting right to the pitch and slamming the ball for six over long-on. But after that, the over is a lot more tuk-tuk, with the batsman playing through five dot balls.


    Over 15 - Ban 62/0 (Shamsur 35, Anamul 26)

    Sri Lanka now call upon Ajantha Mendis from their flotilla of spinners, but he doesn't settle quickly into his first over. He's milked for singles on either side of the wicket, and Shamsur increases the damage by paddle-sweeping his final delivery very fine for four on the leg side.


    Over 14 - Ban 53/0 (Shamsur 29, Anamul 23)

    De Silva gets the better of Shamsur in this over, but gets no reward for his efforts. He's getting the ball either to slide on with the arm, or to grip and spin, and Shamsur isn't having an easy time picking the variations. He's lucky to get an inside edge on one that rushes on to him, the ball kissing the inside half of an airy drive and rolling to fine leg for four. The boundary brings up Bangladesh's fifty.


    Over 13 - Ban 48/0 (Shamsur 25, Anamul 22)

    Was this caught behind? Anamul charged out at Perera and swished mightily at the ball. He didn't connect, and there was a sound as ball passed bat on the way through to Sangakkara. But Umpire Oxenford doesn't think there was anything on it, and the batsmen quietly collect three runs from the remainder of the over.


    Over 12 - Ban 45/0 (Shamsur 25, Anamul 19)

    Just the one over for Senanayake, and he's replaced with Chathuranga de Silva's left-arm spin. He angles the ball in from wide of the crease and an accurate over results in just two singles.


    Over 11 - Ban 43/0 (Shamsur 24, Anamul 18)

    A change of ends to Thisara Perera. There are a few more gaps in the field now, and Anamul makes sure the sweepers on the cover and square leg boundaries have some work to do.


    Over 10 - Ban 39/0 (Shamsur 23, Anamul 15)

    Senanayake is giving the ball good loop, but he sends a couple of deliveries too full and too wide in this over and is duly punishes. Shamsur, stretching forward and across, pierces the cover field with a pair of supremely timed drives to add 8 to the total.


    Over 9 - Ban 31/0 (Anamul 15, Shamsur 15)

    Lakmal continues. He's done a good job of hitting the seam, and also hurries Shamsur a little with his pace. He strays just a little too straight in what is otherwise a fine over, and the batsmen collect a pair of singles down to fine leg.


    Over 8 - Ban 29/0 (Anamul 14, Shamsur 14)

    Ah, we have our first look at a spinner just eight overs into the innings. Offspinner Senanayake begins with a tight over, coming around the wicket to the right-handed batsmen. There's not a great deal of spin with the new ball, but he finds some handy extra bounce and the damage is kept to a single in the over.


    Over 7 - Ban 28/0 (Anamul 13, Shamsur 14)

    Lakmal offers a repeat of his fantastic early delivery, again angling one in only to have it leave the batsman off the pitch and beat the outside edge. But when he pitches one too full, Shamsur is waiting for it and he cracks his second boundary through point.


    Over 6 - Ban 23/0 (Anamul 12, Shamsur 10)

    Good comeback from Anamul. A tip-and-run single into the covers puts him on strike, and he leans into a perfect cover drive to collect his first boundary after Perera over-pitches one on off stump. Perera's over gets better as it progresses, but 7 runs still come off it.


    Over 5 - Ban 16/0 (Anamul 7, Shamsur 9)

    More impressive stuff from Lakmal. He bowls the delivery of the day so far with the sixth ball of this over, shaping the ball in and getting it to jag away off the track. There's not much the batsman could have done with that, and Anamul is left groping blindly at the place the ball should have been.


    Over 4 - Ban 15/0 (Anamul 7, Shamsur 8)

    Perera is getting the ball to nip into the right-hander off the wicket, and he continues with a good length that doesn't allow the batsman to go either fully forward or back. Again, there are only a pair of singles to be had, and they're both squirted into the off side. This is a muted start from Bangladesh.


    Over 3 - Ban 13/0 (Anamul 6, Shamsur 7)

    Shamsur angles a length delivery down to third man, but Anamul is keen to just have a look at the bowling at this early stage. He lets two length deliveries pass him by outside off stump, before collecting a single of his own behind square.


    Over 2 - Ban 11/0 (Anamul 5, Shamsur 7)

    Thisara Perera shares the early new-ball duties for Sri Lanka. He tends to bowl what they call a 'heavy ball' - that splice-jarring length that can be hard to get away if the line is right. He seems to have done just that, until he strays towards the leg side with his final delivery and Anamul flicks confidently through square leg for four. Lakmal, on the boundary, actually might have stopped that one if he'd put in a better dive.


    Over 1 Ban 6/0 (Anamul 1, Shamsur 5)

    Suranga Lakmal takes the first over, and Anamul gets off the mark with a single to third man to open the Tigers' account. Shamsur then lets his arms go and flays a wide one past point for four. A single ends a good opening over.


    Sri Lanka

    C de Silva, M Jayawardene, S Lakmal, A Mathews, A Mendis, K Perera, T Perera, A Priyanjan, K Sangakkara, S Senanayake, L Thirimanne



    Al-Amin Hossain, Anamul Haque, Arafat Sunny, Mahmudullah, Mominul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim, Nasir Hossain, Rubel Hossain, Shamsur Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Ziaur Rahman

  • Toss!

    Bangladesh, who have yet to win a game in the tournament, have won the toss and are batting first.



    Hello and welcome to the final round robin Asia Cup match, this one between hosts Bangladesh and finalists Sri Lanka, who will face Pakistan for the title on Saturday.