Over 13 Ind 56/0 (Rahane 26, Dhawan 28)

    Nabi continues and is drive by each batsman for single to either side of the wicket, before Dhawan rocks back and flicks one off his pads for three runs.


    Over 12 Ind 51/0 (Rahane 25, Dhawan 24)

    Dawlat's first ball once again goes for a wide, and the next ball is viciously cut by Rahane for a one bounce four past backward point. He then nips a single to give Dhawan the strike, and they add three more singles for a lucrative over.


    Over 11 Ind 42/0 (Rahane 19, Dhawan 22)

    Nabi continues after the break, and four more singles result. Three of those come on the leg side as the bowlers continue to go full and on the pads.


    Over 10 Ind 38/0 (Rahane 17, Dhawan 20)

    Dawlat Zadran starts the match up again, and immediately bowls a wide. Three more singles come off the over as the batsmen get their eye in again.

  • Innings break

    They've taken the innings break now, after nine overs. We'll be back in 30 minutes, when India need another 126 runs.


    Over 9 Ind 34/0 (Rahane 16, Dhawan 18)

    Rahane gets a single off the first Nabi delivery, and then Dhawan gets three, as India seem content to go at less than four to the over.


    Over 8 Ind 30/0 (Rahane 15, Dhawan 15)

    A good over for India as Shapoor gets it a bit wrong to the batsmen, giving up eight runs. Rahane gets a four and a single, while Dhawan bags three.


    Over 7 Ind 22/0 (Rahane 10, Dhawan 12)

    India are doing the opposite of what we predicted, and seem content to get this in singles. Three of those come off the Nabi over, as Rahane also gets into double figures.


    Over 6 Ind 19/0 (Rahane 9, Dhawan 10)

    Lots of runs on the leg side, as Shapoor sticks to the pads, but not much in the way of boundaries yet. Dhawan bags a single to reach double figures, while Rahane get two to mid wicket and then a single.


    Over 5 Ind 15/0 (Rahane 6, Dhawan 9)

    Just the two runs off it, to Dhawan, who bags a double to mid wicket. The required rate is just three.


    Over 4 Ind 13/0 (Rahane 6, Dhawan 7)

    Rahane pulls Shapoor's first delivery for three, off the front foot, but doesn't get enough on it for a boundary. Dhawan goes one better though, driving through the covers for four, before nipping one off his pads for a single off the last ball.


    Over 3 Ind 5/0 (Rahane 3, Dhawan 2)

    India are not getting off to a flyer, as they don't need to. Calm picking of singles continues, as each batsman gets one off Nabi. One suspects the flood gates will open shortly, once their eyes are in.


    Over 2 Ind 3/0 (Rahane 2, Dhawan 1)

    Shapoor Zadran bowls from the other end, and gives up just the one to Shikhar Dhawan, who guides it down to third man.


    Over 1 Ind 2/0 (Rahane 2, Dhawan 0)

    Mohammad Nabi takes the new ball and sends down five dots, until the final delivery when Ajinkya Rahane gets off the mark with a double.


    Afghanistan All Out For 159

    The Afghanistan batsmen have really failed this trial by spin, and would have been even worse off were it not for Shenwari's heroics. Jadeja and Ashwin shared seven wickets, while Mishra chipped in with one. Shami's figures are not very flattering, while fellow seamer Kumar was decent in the circumstances. It's 16:50 local time (10:50 GMT) now, and we will catch you back here in about 30 minutes for India's pursuit.

  • Over 45.2 Afg 159/10 (Dawlat 2)

    WICKET! Shami concludes the innings, capping an otherwise weak twin spells with success. He gets rid of the half-centurion, who is the day's fourth lbw victim. This decision is probably the most straightforward of the lot, as an incorrect piece of premeditation ends in dismay for the batsman.


    Over 45 Afg 159/9 (Shenwari 50, Dawlat 2)

    All Dawlat wants to do is block out Ashwin's final over, and perhaps steal away from the strike. A fine job by the number 11, indeed, which will allow Shenwari to eke out what is left from the 46th over.

  • Over 44 Afg 159/9 (Shenwari 50, Dawlat 2)

    HALF-CENTURY! Shenwari has fought hard, and is rewarded with a rearguard 50 off 70 balls, a sextet of boundaries and a solitary six included. He'll know the job is not done yet, though, as Afghanistan's next target is 170-odd. India struggling to land the final blow of the innings.


    Over 43 Afg 157/9 (Shenwari 49, Dawlat 1)

    Tight is as tight does, with Mishra completing a 10-over complement that cost a mere 21 runs. Still no half-century for Shenwari.


    Over 42 Afg 156/9 (Shenwari 49, Dawlat 1)

    Seamer Kumar back into the attack, perhaps he can finish this off. No he can't, but does cop a four over the inner ring. Kohli's bid to stop a late-over single as backfired to an extent.


    Over 41 Afg 152/9 (Shenwari 45, Dawlat 1)

    And Afghanistan have done it, at least reaching a respectable 150, which Shenwari welcomes by guiding Shami's width through the thirdman region for four. The aspiring all-rounder is nearing a fifth ODI half-century.


    Over 40 Afg 145/9 (Shenwari 38, Dawlat 1)

    In truth, Afghanistan could perhaps just see off Ashwin and Mishra - and then target Kumar and Shami. That's a genuine option, as the composition of this over - defence laced with attack - suggests.


    Over 39 Afg 140/9 (Shenwari 33, Dawlat 1)

    150 remains on the cards, if Zadran can grind it out while Shenwari puts in a couple of lusty blows.

  • Over 38 Afg 137/9 (Shenwari 31, Dawlat 0)

    WICKET! Ashwin snares his third. Zadran used all of 13 balls for a single run, and has not been able to convert. Instead, the so-called 'carrom ball' gets the better of him too. Another lbw decision. Television replays justify the umpire's choice - the ball would have struck the leg-stump. Dawlat, the fourth Zadran in the innings, is the last man in.


    Over 37 Afg 137/8 (Shenwari 31, Shapoor 1)

    The long slew of spin is broken by Shami's return to the attack. Unfortunately for him, the seamer can't yet correct an awkwardly expensive opening spell. Shenwari is quick to lambaste some poor length straight down the ground for four.


    Over 36 Afg 127/8 (Shenwari 21, Shapoor 1)

    And so commences the batting Powerplay, with Ashwin continuing a solid spell. Not exactly a quickfire start to the five-over batting tactic for the Afghans, who manage six runs. Actually, that is a good few more than their current run-rate of less than four.


    Over 35 Afg 121/8 (Shenwari 16, Shapoor 1)

    Jadeja has been given that 10th - and final - over. Can he get a five-wicket haul? No. Instead he concedes another six - this one swatted over midwicket, again, by Shenwari. So Jadeja finishes with figures of four for 30. His first three, remember, came in his opening nine deliveries.


    Over 34 Afg 113/8 (Shenwari 9, Shapoor 0)

    Afghanistan will take what they can get right now, including a couple of scampered leg-byes. Shapoor struggling to get off the mark.

  • Over 33 Afg 111/8 (Shenwari 9, Shapoor 0)

    WICKET! Nelson strikes. A defiant partnership ends, as Mishraf gets rid of Ashraf. Kohli, who dropped a sharp chance earlier, is gifted a considerably easier catch at slip this time. The batsman is outfoxed by the googly, and looks on in dismay as the ball bobbles from this to that and into Kohli's welcoming hands. Shapoor at the crease now.


    Over 32 Afg 111/7 (Shenwari 9, Ashraf 9)

    Jadeja's 10th over will be held back, if bowled at all. Ashwin continues, cheaply. Again, Afghanistan couldn't care for the run-rate at the moment. It's all about lasting the distance. Nelson arrives, for all those superstitious followers out there.


    Over 31 Afg 108/7 (Shenwari 8, Ashraf 8)

    Mishra back into the attack, as Kohli deploys a bit of a spin love triangle. Due respect from Ashraf, and only a single. Afghanistan determined, at the very least, to bat for the full 50 overs.


    Over 30 Afg 107/7 (Shenwari 7, Ashraf 8)

    Ashwin opts for a burst from around the wicket. The fresh angle doesn't really trouble Ashraf, who evidently prefers it to the positioning from over the wicket.


    Over 29 Afg 103/7 (Shenwari 6, Ashraf 5)

    Jadeja will have one more over after this one to secure that five-for. If he doesn't, these figures will make for a mighty fine four-wicket haul regardless. Shenwari and Ashraf doing their collective best to defy the milestone.


    Over 28 Afg 101/7 (Shenwari 5, Ashraf 4)

    Afghanistan reach their first latest target - three figures. There is a 150-odd to be eked out, provided this pair knuckle down - and don't fall prey to the Indian spin trio like the bulk before them.


    Over 27 Afg 98/7 (Shenwari 4, Ashraf 2)

    Shenwari prefers the sweep, while Ashraf is happy on the backfoot to Jadeja, who is in a race with Ashwin - against the three remaining wickets - for a standalone five-for.

  • Over 26 Afg 97/7 (Shenwari 3, Ashraf 2)

    Ashwin bowled just one over earlier, took a wicket, and was removed from the attack. He is back now, and will perhaps bowl more than a six-delivery spell this time. WICKET! The change in bowling works a trick, again, for India. Shahzad is undone by the so-called 'carrom ball'. He is out lbw, on the back of a quick finger from the umpire. Indeed, that was plumb in front - and the batsman was truly beaten for pace rather than turn.


    Over 25 Afg 93/6 (Shahzad 21, Shenwari 2)

    Arguably too close to his body for a shot of this nature, but Shehzad manufactures the room to cut for four through point. Jadeja won't rely mind that. He has some runs to play with. He is on the brink of a five-wicket haul, which is more of a probability than a possibility at this stage. So arrives the halfway stage of the 50 overs.


    Over 24 Afg 88/6 (Shahzad 16, Shenwari 2)

    Two singles apiece, as some brief momentum is found amid an otherwise difficult spell from the Indian spinners for Afghanistan.


    Over 23 Afg 84/6 (Shahzad 14, Shenwari 0)

    Jadeja continues, as does Shehzad - it's an intriguing head-to-head battle, one which neither is winning. Indeed, a bit of a deadlock across this maiden.


    Over 22 Afg 84/6 (Shahzad 14, Shenwari 0)

    Shenwari wants nothing to do with Mishra's ploy, while Shehzad avoids a rush of blood to the head.

  • Over 21 Afg 83/6 (Shahzad 13, Shenwari 0)

    WICKET! Six of the best (or is it worst?) for India. Jadeja concludes a cheap over with a great trap, luring Nabi into a false shot. A bit of extra kick from the rough helped, with the edge ensuing and Karthik's sharp catch following behind the stumps. So end's the captain's stay. The dangerous Shahzad still there, joined by Shenwari.


    Over 20 Afg 81/5 (Nabi 4, Shahzad 13)

    Mishra continues. Shahzad treats the leg-spinner with far more respect than Jadeja, who he is keen to punish with disdain at the other end. Captain Nabi would do well to have a word of advice with his batting partner.


    Over 19 Afg 78/5 (Nabi 1, Shahzad 12)

    A single apiece, amid plenty of reserved shot selection, given the dire situation, unitl Shahzad delivers the first six of the day - high and hard into the midwicket stands off Jadeja. Afghanistan must push for three figures, and then perhaps 150. Not quite into the opposition tail yet, are India.

  • Over 18 Afg 70/5 (Nabi 1, Shahzad 5)

    Play resumes - and Kohli's mistake hasn't cost much. The batsman chases some fat flight from Ashwin, doesn't have the timing or the distance, and only succeeds in finding the hands of 12th man Binny at mid-on. An absolute miscue, indeed. Shahzad then arrives at the crease, cheekily reverse-sweeping the dangerous spinner for four.

  • Over 17 Afg 64/4 (Najibullah 5, Nabi 0)

    DROPPED! This would have been the five down just mentioned, but Kohli fluffs a chance in the cordon. Jadeja forced the error from Zadran, who watches in dismay - and then glee - as the ball goes to ground. He must make this opportunity count. Drinks break, meanhwhile.


    Over 16 Afg 63/4 (Najibullah 4, Nabi 0)

    Sharp spin for Mishra, perhaps too much, as Najibullah cuts three through the off-side. That leaves his captain to the strike, who is understandably circumspect. Five down would all but rule the minnows out of this contest.

  • Over 15 Afg 60/4 (Najibullah 1, Nabi 0)

    WICKET! Afghanistan falling apart now. Jadeja gets another breakthrough with just his ninth ball of the day. This is a really poor delivery, which Stanikzai really could have struck anywhere. As it is, he holes out to mid-on. That came off the toe-end of the bat. Perhaps his eyes lit up and his acted presumptuously. Easy catch for Mishra. Captain Nabi in now, and perhaps to the rescue.


    Over 14 Afg 58/3 (Stanikzai 3, Najibullah 1)

    Plenty of reason and circumstance for the current batting pair to steady proceedings, which they do, milking three singles in the process. Mishra will peg back the run-rate here, almost certainly.

  • Over 13 Afg 55/3 (Stanikzai 1, Najibullah 0)

    WICKET! Spin at both ends now, and Jadeja strikes with his very first delivery. Shah is undone by the angle rather than the flight or turn. He misses the defensive shot, is struck in front of the stumps - leg stump, more or less, and the umpire's finger is quickly raised. No Decision Review System, so no choice. Off he trudges. Stanikzai - the hero against Bangladesh recently - to the crease now. He watches in despair from the other end, as Zadran fails to successfully ride some additional bounce, instead copping the ball to the gloves, which in turn ricochets into the hands of Kohli at slip. Afghanistan, suddenly, in trouble. Najibullah in now.


    Over 12 Afg 54/1 (Zadran 31, Shah 9)

    A dozen done, as Mishra replaces Shami successfully. The leg-spinner - with his guile and deceptive flight - is a much cheaper prospect than the wayward seamer - today, at least.


    Over 11 Afg 52/1 (Zadran 29, Shah 9)

    Kumar continues. Shah gets in on the boundary-heavy act. Here's full'n'wide delivery, reached for and spanked through the off-side - extra cover, to be exact. 50 up for the Afghans, and a darn good start at that, after losing the toss.


    Over 10 Afg 48/1 (Zadran 29, Shah 5)

    The opening 10 overs conclude with more expense from Shami. This'll surely be his last over of the spell, as Zadran displays an outstanding piece of timing through point for four more. Shah learning a lot just by watching from the other end of the pitch.


    Over 9 Afg 42/1 (Zadran 23, Shah 5)

    Kumar does himself justice, sending down the day's first maiden. Shah tentative in just his fifth ODI. This is a big occasion for the 20-year-old to deliver.


    Over 8 Afg 42/1 (Zadran 23, Shah 5)

    Shami finding some shape now, snaring another inside edge, this one from Zadran, which misses the stumps. Conditions are bound to flatten out, so the faster bowlers must exploit what is on offer in the opening 20 overs.


    Over 7 Afg 40/1 (Zadran 22, Shah 4)

    Zadran isn't perturbed by his opening partner's departure, instead swapping potential circumspect shot selection for a hard slash through the slip cordon. It's four, which takes the run-rate to almost six.

  • Over 6 Afg 32/1 (Zadran 17, Shah 1)

    WICKET! India have their first breakthrough of the day. Mangal's stay meets its end, as Shami earns a scalp with a pretty weak delivery. Short and wide, it's there to be spanked. But he only manages to chop it onto his stumps. Shame. Shah to the crease now.


    Over 5 Afg 30/0 (Mangal 5, Zadran 17)

    Kumar takes it upon himself to clean up the early mistakes of India's new-ball seamers. Mangal is tested on the defence and outside his off-stump. Ultimately no budging either way, though.


    Over 4 Afg 29/0 (Mangal 4, Zadran 17)

    Zadran capitalising to the fence time and time again. Shami is going to have to tighten things up if he wants an extended opening spell. This is a mess. We saw yesterday how quickly the Bangladesh openers got on top of the Pakistani new-ball bowlers.


    Over 3 Afg 20/0 (Mangal 4, Zadran 9)

    Mangal cashes in on another loosener from Kumar, which is spooned through the leg-side for four. The seamer is quick to correct, though, closing the over with a string of dot balls.


    Over 2 Afg 16/0 (Mangal 0, Zadran 9)

    Shambolic start for Shami, who coughs up five wides down the leg-side and then errs into the pads of the right-handed Zadran, who whips the day's first boundary through backward square-leg. Then another, this time through the covers.


    Over 1 Afg 2/0 (Mangal 0, Zadran 1)

    Solid line and length from Kumar to start, bar a solitary wide, as the Afghan openers find their feet amid initially testing conditions.


    Afghanistan's Innings

    Umpires Billy Bowden and Nigel Llong, the Indian XI and Afghanistan openers head out to the middle for the start of play. Strap in for the ride, folks, it should be an entertaining one.


    India XI

    Ravichandran Ashwin, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Karthik, Virat Kohli, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Ajinkya Rahane, Ambati Rayudu, Rohit Sharma.


    Afghanistan XI

    Asghar Stanikzai, Dawlat Zadran, Mirwais Ashraf, Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Shahzad, Najibullah Zadran, Nawroz Mangal, Noor Ali Zadran, Rahmat Shah, Samiullah Shenwari, Shapoor Zadran.


    Team News

    Afghanistan omit the talented Hamza Kotak, while India field and unchanged XI.

  • Toss

    Captain Virat Kohli triumphs in the flip of the coin and India will bowl first.


    Not Really A Deadrubber

    The Asia Cup final teams have already been decided, with Pakistan and Sri Lanka to compete for glory at this same venue on Saturday. Plenty of pride for India and Afghanistan, in particular, to play for regardless.



    Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of Wednesday's Asia Cup clash between Afghanistan and India at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka.