• Over 20 - RCB 124/8 (Aaron 11, Dinda 2)

    Last over of the innings, WICKET! Johnson strikes with the first ball. Starc is bowled and RCB lose their 8th wicket. Dinda walks out to bat, and then a no ball from Johnson. Four runs from the last over, RCB end on 124.


    Over 19 - RCB 120/7 (Aaron 10, Starc 8)

    A single to start the over, and then Starc pads another one to the boundary for more leg byes. Starc takes a single to bring Aaron on strike. Aaron sends the next ball towards the third man boundary for a couple of runs. Two more to end the over.


    Over 18 - RCB 110/7 (Aaron 5, Starc 7)

    Balaji to bowl the 18th over, four singles from the first four balls. A dot and then a single to end the over, the run rate is just over six.


    Over 17 - RCB 105/7 (Aaron 2, Starc 5)

    Aaron pushes the second ball of the over to deep extra cover and then Starc pads the ball for four leg byes. He was looking to glance it to fine leg, ends up getting some pad on it.

  • Over 16 - RCB 100/7 (Aaron 1, Starc 5)

    Balaji into his third over, Starc clips the second ball into the leg side for a single. Three dots and then a single to end the over.

  • Over 15 - RCB 98/7 (Aaron 0, Starc 4)

    Dhawan into his third over. WICKET! A couple of dots to start the over and then Yuvi hits out, tries to hit it over deep midwicket and Miller takes a good catch, Aaron is the new man in.

  • Over 14 - RCB 97/6 (Y Singh 35, Starc 3)

    Balaji comes back into the attack and picks up a wicket. WICKET! Albie goes for another power play hit and inside edges it on to stumps and is bowled. Starc comes into the attack. A couple of runs to end the over.


    Over 13 - RCB 93/5 (Y Singh 34, A Morkel 15)

    Maxwell into his third over, a couple of singles to start the over. Albie slogs it over deep midwicket for a six, a signature Morkel shot. Morkel picks up a single and then Yuvi hits the last ball for four through backward square leg.


    Over 12 - RCB 80/5 (Y Singh 29, A Morkel 8)

    A couple of dots to start the over and then four singles from the last four balls. Bangalore reach 80 in 12 overs after being 20 after the first.


    Over 11 - RCB 76/5 (Y Singh 27, A Morkel 6)

    Maxwell comes back into the attack, after bowling the first over of the innings that went for 20 runs. Yuvi takes a single from the first ball. Albie clips the next ball to deep midwicket for a couple of runs. Morkel walks out of his crease and inside edges it past the leg stump for a couple of runs.

  • Over 10 - RCB 69/5 (Y Singh 25, A Morkel 1)

    Rishi Dhawan comes into the attack, Yuvi pushes it behind square leg for a single. WICKET! Dhawan bowls it short and wide, AB hits it to backward point and AB throws his wicket away as Maxwell takes the catch. Big wicket for Punjab. A couple more singles from the over, RCB 69 for 5 at the half way mark.


    Over 9 - RCB 66/4 (Y Singh 23, de Villiers 17)

    Akshar Patel comes into the attack. AB takes a single to bring Yuvi on strike. Six, the left arm spinner to Yuvi and he sends it over cow corner for a six. Three singles to end a good over for RCB, 10 runs from it.


    Over 8 - RCB 56/4 (Y Singh 15, de Villiers 15)

    Balaji comes into the attack, Yuvi connects and hits the second ball through cover for four. A couple of singles from the over to make it 6 in total.

  • Over 7 - RCB 50/4 (Y Singh 10, de Villiers 14)

    Third over for Johnson, AB steers the first ball to third man for a couple of runs. Then he pushes the next ball to cover for a single. A single to end the over.


    Over 6 - RCB 44/4 (Y Singh 8, de Villiers 10)

    Sandeep Sharma starts his third over, Yuvraj whips it in front of square on the leg side for four. Yuvi takes a single to bring AB on strike. AB comes forward and hits it through cover for four. 10 runs from the over.


    Over 5 - RCB 34/4 (Y Singh 3, de Villiers 5)

    AB hits Johnson down the ground for four, it runs away to the long-on boundary. A single and then Yuvraj hits it to deep square leg for a couple of runs. A single to end the over, 8 runs from it.


    Over 4 - RCB 26/4 (Y Singh 0, de Villiers 0)

    AB walks out to bat, Sandeep Sharma starts his second over. Foru dots and the pressure creates a WICKET! Parthiv edges it to the keeper and Saha takes a good catch. Sharma gets his third wicket and it is a maiden too.

  • Over 3 - RCB 26/3 (Patel 2)

    Johnson comes into the attack, a single to start the over and then a few dots. Bailey brings in a couple of slips in place. WICKET! Johnson strikes, Takawale edges it and the keeper takes a good catch. Bangalore 26 for 3.

  • Over 2 - RCB 25/2 (Takawale 0, Patel 1)

    WICKET! Sharma strikes in his first over and it is Gayle. Gayle comes down the wicket and is bowled. Kohli walks out to bat, he cuts it hard and through the off side for four. WICKET! Sandeep Sharma takes another one and Kohli is out lbw. Two big wickets early. Bangalore 25 for 2.


    Over 1 - RCB 20/0 (Gayle 20, Patel 0)

    Gayle opens the batting with Patel, Maxwell bowls the first over. Four, Gayle announces himself with a four through the slip region. Four more, Gayle slices this through the off side of four. Six, he comes down the track to Maxwell and clears long-off easily. Six, another six and this time Gayle puts it over mid-on for a big one.

  • Toss

    Punjab win the toss and elect to bowl first. Gayle replaces Rampaul for Bangalore and Varun Aaron comes in for Sachin Rana. Punjab are unchanged.



    Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Punjab versus Bangalore game. Punjab are unstoppable at the moment and have won every game so far, Bangalore have a strong batting line up and will pose a threat to the inexperienced Punjab bowling.