Over 1 - RCB 6/0 (Gayle 1, Patel 5)

    This is a good score, but it is also a good pitch to bat on. RCB gave away many extras and runs due to poor fielding, Mumbai will look to be more disciplined. Gayle and Patel to start for RCB, Pawan Suyal has the new ball in his hand for Mumbai. The first ball is a full toss and Gayle pushes it through extra cover for a single. A couple of dots and Patel hits the next ball crisply through extra cover for four. Six from the first over.

  • Over 20 MI 187/5 (R Sharma 59, Tare 0)

    Starc versus Pollard again, Pollard hits the first ball to long-on for a couple of runs. Then he hits the next ball to midwicket for a single. Sharma comes on strike and Starc bowls a wide. Sharma takes a single from the next ball, Pollard on strike again. WICKET! Pollard goes for the run and is run out on 43, Mumbai lose a big wicket in the last over. A couple of runs and then Rohit ends the innings with a boundary, Mumbai finish on 187 for 5.


    Over 19 MI 176/4 (R Sharma 52, Pollard 40)

    Six, Aaron is greeted with a six as Rohit outside edges the ball over third man for a six. Four, Rohit then makes room and hits it over the bowler's head for four. Six, Rohit hits another six, this it flies over deep cover for a six. Then Rohit cuts it through backward point for a couple of runs and the fifth ball of the over goes for a six. Rohit races past Pollard who is on 40, to get to his 50 from 32 balls. 24 runs from the over.


    Over 18 MI 152/4 (R Sharma 28, Pollard 40)

    A couple of singles to start the over, Dinda starts his third over. Rohit hits a six, he hits this rows over deep midwicket. A single and then Pollard ends the over with a boundary, he swings at the length ball and it goes for four.


    Over 17 MI 139/4 (R Sharma 20, Pollard 35)

    A couple of singles to start the over, Starc comes back into the attack. Pollard hits it to Dinda at square leg who midfields the ball and gives away two runs. Pollard gets angry and flings his bat towards Starc, he is complaining to the umpire about the bowler's conduct as Starc pulls out of a delivery. A couple of runs and then Pollard ends the over with a boundary through deep square leg.


    Over 16 MI 129/4 (R Sharma 20, Pollard 26)

    A single to start the over, Pollard gets a freebie and hammers it over extra cover for four. A single and then Rohit hits the last ball over cover for four, good boundary for him. 10 from the over.


    Over 15 MI 119/4 (R Sharma 15, Pollard 21)

    Yuvraj starts with a wide, a couple of singles. Four, Pollard hits it flat over long-on, a much needed boundary for Mumbai. A couple of runs to end the over, Chahal overthrows the ball and Yuvi is not happy about it. 9 from the over again as Mumbai look to accelerate.


    Over 14 MI 110/4 (R Sharma 14, Pollard 14)

    Four, Pollard starts the over with a boundary. Five singles from the five balls. 9 easy runs from the over, Mumbai go into the time out.

  • Over 13 MI 101/4 (R Sharma 12, Pollard 8)

    A few singles from the over, and then Rohit takes a couple of runs to end the over. 6 runs from the over. Mumbai bring their 100 up.


    Over 12 MI 95/4 (R Sharma 8, Pollard 6)

    Chahal into his third over, Rohit takes a single to long-on to bring Pollard on strike. Four, Pollard scoops it over the keeper to the third man boundary, Dinda fumbles on the boundary to give away four runs. A couple of singles to end the over, 7 runs from it.


    Over 11 MI 88/4 (R Sharma 6, Pollard 1)

    Three singles and three dots from Aaron's third over, a much better over than his first two. Mumbai going at 8 per over.

  • Over 10 MI 85/4 (R Sharma 4, Pollard 0)

    Rohit takes a single to bring Anderson on strike, Chahal tosses it up and Anderson dispatches this one flat and down the ground for a six over long-on. WICKET! Anderson does not last long, tries to slog another one over long-on but hits it to Kohli on the boundary who takes the catch. Mumbai lose their 4th wicket. Chahal gives Anderson a send off, Pollard makes his way to the crease. 8 runs from the over and the wicket.

  • Over 9 MI 77/3 (R Sharma 2, Anderson 0)

    Aaron into his second over. Aaron loses control of the next ball, sprays it outside off and it is called a wide. A couple of singles, and another wide from Aaron. Bangalore have conceded 21 extras so far. WICKET! Gautam goes for the wild swipe and edges the ball to the keeper, he was looking for the boundary to end the over, goes out instead.

  • Over 8 MI 71/2 (R Sharma 0, Gautam 30)

    Dinda runs in to bowl his second over, he starts with a bouncer that flies over the batsman and the keeper for five wides. Another wide from Dinda, this time it is down the leg side. Six, Gautam attacks again, Gautam swivels in his crease to hit the ball from outside off through midwicket for a six. A couple of dots and then Gautam takes a single. WICKET! Dinda bowls four good balls to end the over and gets a wicket from the last ball, Rayudu is bowled off the 5th ball.


    Over 7 MI 58/1 (Rayudu 9, Gautam 23)

    After the time out, Chahal comes into the attack, Rayudu works the first ball to deep midwicket for a single. Gautam walks out of his crease and chips it inside out over cover for a single. Rayudu comes down the wicket and hits it down the ground for four. A couple of singles to end the over.

  • Over 6 MI 50/1 (Rayudu 3, Gautam 22)

    A couple of dots to start the over, Rayudu then takes a single to give Gautam the strike. Too quick for everyone, Harshal bowls it short and it misses the batsman and the keeper and goes for four byes. Four more, this time off the bat, Gautam ends another over with a boundary. 9 from this over as well. Mumbai get 50 in the power play.


    Over 5 MI 41/1 (Rayudu 2, Gautam 18)

    Aaron comes into the attack and starts with a wide down leg. Rayudu clips the next ball to fine leg for a single. A few short balls from Aaron and eventually one of them is called a no ball. Six, Gautam hits the last ball of the over for a six, 9 from the over, Mumbai going at 8.2 per over.

  • Over 4 MI 32/1 (Rayudu 1, Gautam 12)

    WICKET! Harshal Patel gets the wicket with his first ball and Ben Dunk goes out. Dunk hits the length ball to mid-off and Yuvi takes the catch. Rayudu comes in to bat, and gets a single first ball. Six, Gautam keeps the momentum going, he comes down the attack and then hits the length ball over deep square leg for a six. Seven from the over.


    Over 3 MI 25/0 (Dunk 15, Gautam 6)

    Starc continues and Gautam gets off strike with a single. Dunk then gets the ball off his toes, and the fielder does well to stop the boundary as they run two. The paceman is keeping it tight though and hits Dunk straight on the foot. During the appeal confusion, Dinda concedes some overthrows and they get two leg byes. The last ball is cut away hard, but straight to the deep backward point.


    Over 2 MI 19/0 (Dunk 12, Gautam 5)

    Ashok Dinda is on, and the first ball is angled to third man for two, with some good running and a poor throw ensuring the second. Dunk then latches onto a short, wide one, and cuts if for four. Dinda then stays onto the pads and Dunk flicks it to fine leg for one. Another short, wide one is clipped to third man, by Gautam, though he only gets one. Dunk ends the over with a four through the covers, and it's not a great start for Dinda.


    Over 1 MI 7/0 (Dunk 1, Gautam 4)

    Mitchell Starc has the ball, and he starts with one on Dunk's pads, and the Aussie deflects the Aussie for a leg bye. Gautam then blocks a dot, and then an appeal for LBW is heard, but the umpire walks away immediately and it's another leg bye. Starc's bowling at 145kph, and the final ball is driven well and races for four.


    Here we go. The teams are on the field. Can AB light up the night again, or will Mumbai pull of another shock win at their fortress?


    A reminder that this is RCB skipper Virat Kohli's 100th IPL match. He's always played for Bangalore, FYI.



    Fast bowler Pawan Suyal is the only change for Mumbai, coming in for the injured Zaheer Khan. Bangalore are unchanged.

  • Toss!

    RCB have won the toss and are bowling first.

  • Greetings

    Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the 27th match of the seventh edition of the Indian Premier League, as the Mumbai Indians clash with the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Wankhede Stadium.