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Top Ten Barmy Army chants
Top Ten Barmy Army chants
Top Ten Barmy Army chants

Top Ten Barmy Army chants

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A selection of songs from England's travelling support's Joe Drabble is in Australia with England's travelling support blogging on the Ashes tour. Here he serenades you with the top terrace chants from Adelaide...

Everywhere we go...

The Barmy Army's national anthem if you will, is conducted masterfully by flag waving ring leader Jimmy Saville. The chant can and has previously gone on for minutes and even hours in the hope of bringing England a wicket.

Convict colony

Rather predictably the Barmy Army have produced a chant aimed at Australia's history, or lack of, as the case may be. In the tune of 'Yellow Submarine' it goes as follows: "You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony, a convict colony..."

Ponting slur

The Australia captain is a sitting duck for the Barmy Army at the moment and they have scripted the following to the tune of Colonel Bogey:

"Ponting, without McGrath and Warne,

Is hopeless and only 5ft tall,

He's skipper but now so bitter,

As we claim the Ashes once more."


This famous hymn has become England's cricket anthem in recent times and interestingly their national anthem at the recent Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. It is sung loud and proud on the morning of each Test and is a favourite of the travelling Barmy Army.

Ally, Ally Cook

This chant was sang almost permanently on days four and five of the first Test at the Gabba as England opener Alastair Cook feasted on the Australia bowlers. To the tune of 1980's classic 'Give It Up': "Na na, na na, na na, na na na na na, Ally, Ally Cook, Ally Cook, Ally Ally Cook na na na na na na na na, na na na..."


Definitely one of my favourite chants doing the rounds, the Barmy Army have put together a lyrical masterpiece regarding the state of the current Australia team.

"Yesterday, Ponting's troubles seemed so far away,

Now Nathan Hauritz is here to stay,

McGrath and Warne were Yesterday,


They're not half the team they used to be,

Will he lose Ashes number three,

Yesterday came suddenly."

One Aussie

On days one, two and three of the first Test there can be no questioning the Australian support inside the Gabba, however their attendance thereafter was virtually non- existent, much to the BA's amusement. "We've got one Aussie in the crowd, we've got one Aussie in the crowd, we've got one Aussie in the crowd, we've got one Aussie in the crowd."

Stuart Broad

The Barmy Army have conjured up a cracking little chant for England's not so little pace bowler. It goes like this: "He's big, he's bad, he's better than his dad, Stuart Broad, Stuart Broad."

James Anderson

Simple, but effective for the Burnley bowler: "Oh Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Anderson..."

Swann special

England's premier spinner has also been given a song he would have been proud of singing. To the tune of Joy Division, Love will tear us apart: "Swann, Swann will tear you apart again. Swann, Swann will tear you apart again."

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Ivor Bbegun says...

i say chaps, does anyone how to do the reverse rain dance?

Posted 17:26 5th December 2010

Frank Curtis says...

Hey Joe - don't forget the big Christmas song... (if he ever gets a bat, that is) Ian Bell, Ian Bell, fifty all the way, Oh what fun it is to see The England win away! Ohhh....

Posted 07:58 4th December 2010

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