Bell: We were below par

England batsman laments disappointing day

It was certainly under par but we have to give credit to Siddle.

Ian Bell
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Ian Bell admitted England had underperformed after a disappointing start to their Ashes defence at the Gabba.

Despite winning the toss and opting to bat, England lost skipper Andrew Strauss to the third delivery of the day.

Things went from bad to worse as Peter Siddle claimed a hat-trick on his way to a six-wicket haul as England were skittled for 260.

Bell's confident knock of 76 and Alastair Cook's dogged resistance of 67 were the lone highlights for the tourists in Brisbane.

And although the Warwickshire batsman claimed England had failed to do themselves justice, he praised the efforts of Siddle.

"It was certainly under par," he told Sky Sports News. "But we have to give credit to Siddle. He bowled a brilliant spell.


"It was the right decision to bat but it did a bit today."

Bell came into the Test on the back of some impressive knocks in the warm-up matches - including his 192 against Australia A in Hobart - and he paid tribute to England batting coach Graham Gooch for helping him improve his batting.

"It was nice to get runs on day one of an Ashes series and hopefully we come back tomorrow and have a good day," he said.

"The experience I have gained over the last couple of years I have put into my game recently and hopefully I can carry on this form for a while now.

"Graham Gooch has really helped my cricket. He has put some things into my game and hopefully I can carry on like this with my form now."

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Paul Wilkinson says...

Whilst disappointing from an England point of view, let's wait until after the Australian's have concluded their innings before chastising our England team. A good performance in the field today could change the match completely.

Posted 23:20 25th November 2010

Gary Hannah says...

Suprise suprise - lots of loose talk from both England squad and ex England player/commentators about how good England will fair in the Ashes. It may be early days but ....Normal service resumed........No backbone,no skill and judgement and all this against a second rate Australian side. Pathetic, disappointing, frustrating Etc.........

Posted 22:49 25th November 2010

Tom Clarke says...

To be honest its not that bad. Could have been better but there you go. Good to see cookey make some runs as well as bell. It might just be a little overcast tomorrow so the ball could do a bit. Whatever the conditions let swanny have a go at them and give the ball a bit of a tweak. Lets see how the aussies cope with a real spin bowler.

Posted 20:25 25th November 2010

David Lloyd says...

Disappointing start to the real series but let's have some perspective after 1 day out of 25. Three or four wickets in the morning session with England's bowlers fresh and up-for-it and we're back on level terms. Get the openers and Ponting out and suddenly the home team will feel the heat. If this is the worst day we have this winter then bring it on.

Posted 17:21 25th November 2010

Graham Bywater says...

Not the start we hoped for and on hind sight would have been a good toss to lose and fielded first. Now England have to pick themselfs up and bowl the Aussie out for around 330 to 350 and dig out a draw. I think that is the best we can hope for at the moment, but who knows 3 quick wickets tommorrow could change things. The bowlers need to be at their best. Some of the England players did not turn up or seem to be up for it yesterday especially Collingwood, and considering we had 4 ducks int the innings it was a poor performence. This is just the starting skirmish, but we need a bit of luck(decisions) to go our way. The Aussies got all the LBW decisions in the last tests in Aussie.

Posted 15:33 25th November 2010

Alan Hampton says...

Oh dear oh dear! The first over hoodoo in Australia strikes again! Andrew Strauss set the tone for much of the batting display with his dismissal to Hilfenhaus's 3rd ball of the day - nothing wrong with the intention of the stroke but the technique wasn't quite there. Cook and Trott fiddled their way for a while, and a useful if perhaps underachieving 43 from KP seemed to indicate England reaching in excess of 325 by the end of the innings. The afternoon/evening was dominated batting wise by Ian Bell who has returned in quite belligerent form to the England ranks. Sadly the remainder capitulated a la England of old (and no so old, and indeed sometimes quite recent). Tame submission to birthday boy Siddle who did quite simply what all bowlers should do - bowl at the stumps! In itself the innings was around 100-150 runs short of the sort of total England required, but even more sadly the bowling during the 7 overs to the end of the day as Australia replied showed England had once again not learned from the events of the day and were stubbornly sticking to an all together different theory. So plaudits obviously to Siddle for his man of the day performance for Australia and similar to Ian Bell for what may yet be a most important innings (along with Alastair Cook's painstaking 67 - and thank you X Doherty for the dropped chance). Now England need to remember where they are and look at the fine bowling of Siddle to exploit any help in the wicket. Their bowlers are taller so bounce from a length or JUST short of one may be a factor - let's hope so! Fortunately nobody in Portugal understands cricket so, unlike the football in the summer, there is little derision here. Thank goodness there are precious few Aussies here......(unless we win of course)! Work hard England there may just be something in this match for you yet.

Posted 14:00 25th November 2010

Michael Hughes says...

So, after weeks of "perfect" preparation, our team STILL manage to blow everything when we need them to deliver. Of all the games to be lacklustre in, it is not the first game when we are setting our stall out. Pathetic!

Posted 12:29 25th November 2010

James Adams says...

Well there was a third highlight of England's innings. Good to see Kp looking in royal form before his dismissal (for a still-handy total of 43). He appears to have got himself out of the 20-20 frame of mind which he appeared to be in at the start of the test series in the summer (a result of having starred in the IPL and the World Cup T-20), and now he has a county again and has got some games under his belt, is returning to the KP we know. But he has effectively been batting himself back in to form in an international environment (mostly) and you sense there is a little bit to go yet - not technically but in decision-making in the middle. Today's dismissal was just a case of not thinking to himself that, here was a change of bowler to a very different kettle fish and he should've thought, I'll wait and see what he's like then before I start attacking. It was a good ball but he had decided to open up a little bit and just attacked Siddle when he came on (with the drive that got him out) without stopping to think, this is a new bowler and i'd better suss things out first. It's the sort of thing you probably do refine as you get more games under your belt, that kind of tactical decision making out in the middle. So he's got a bit to go but great to see him getting his head down, and not being a Botham-like figure, getting a tremendous quickfire 20 or 30 and then out. For a time there, it looked like it was going to be an imperious big innings, his stature was growing beyond what you thought he was - until he just didn't think enough when Siddle came on. Still he didn't get out as poorly as the likes of Trott (just missed the ball; bad shot!), Collingwood (moved his feet far less than Pietersen and it was just a conjectural drive, wishful thinking, as much as anything), Broad's even was quite a poor dismissal (Siddle isn't that fast or swing-in-the-air-y, so why miss the ball? er...). Kp's ball movedoff the ground abit

Posted 11:14 25th November 2010

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