Second Test: Alastair Cook happy with England's performance in Wellington

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum admitted England were the victors on points.

"It was a draw at the end of the day and, I guess similar to the first Test match. If it's viewed as a points decision, I guess England will take this one," McCullum said.

"They dictated this one and we held on and showed some fighting qualities.

"I thought we were pretty average on day one. There was a little bit in the wicket that we could have got some more benefit from.

"We probably didn't bowl as well as what we needed to for as long as what we needed to against some quality batsmen.

"Our execution was off. We didn't put enough pressure on England long enough and when up against a fine batting line-up got to be able to exert pressure for a long time.

"From that point on, we were under pressure but we managed to stand up and sustain some pressure that was exerted on us by England, which is a really good sign for this team."{"count":2,"widgets":[{"name":"Live Test Cricket (88335579)","id":1,"type":"tvprogramme","content":{"participantId":"19","participantName":"Live Test Cricket (88335579)","paParticipantId":"88335579"}},{"name":"Additional Media 2","id":2,"type":"media","content":{"mediaTypeId":"11","imageDim":"null","mediaPosition":"2"}}]}