Bumble blogs on County Cricket structure and Accrington's European dreams

But New Zealand are far better than their position in the ICC rankings suggests and I'm looking for an increased performance from England.

It should be two good matches, weather permitting. Don't take this lot lightly.

King James?

Earlier this week I went up to Accrington for an appointment, but I was a bit early so I thought I'd pop into the football club and make myself a brew. You can do that at Stanley (well, I can anyway...)

When I stumbled in I found the place full of cameras and journalists because they were unveiling our new manager James Beattie. I've not met him before, so I shook his hand and wished him all the best. I was thrilled.

He's new into management and it will be a terrific adventure for him to cut his teeth at Accrington Stanley. Maybe he'll follow in the traditions of Sir Alex Ferguson and hang around for 26 years or follow the example of Wigan Athletic who were a non-league team in a similar position to Accrington Stanley a few years ago and are now FA Cup winners.

In fact, I fully expect to interview James Beattie in 26 years' time prior to us playing Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League Final...{"count":1,"widgets":[{"name":"Live Test Cricket (89628107)","id":1,"type":"tvprogramme","content":{"participantId":"19","participantName":"Live Test Cricket (89628107)","paParticipantId":"89628107"}}]}

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Alan Westmuckett says...

Newzealand at Lords getting great shine on the ball. Isvthis down to the lush outfield?

Posted 14:36 17th May 2013

Niall Odonnell says...

Bumble - must have been Yorkshire Tea that you were drinking a magic drink indeed!

Posted 21:20 15th May 2013

Simon Robinson says...

Totally agree Bumble. There should be 3 forms of professional cricket in the UK. 5 day matches (County Championship), 50 over cricket & 20/20 cricket. This way all young players who are coming through can play the international forms of the game.

Posted 16:07 15th May 2013

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