England batting coach Graham Gooch says losing the third Test and the series to New Zealand would


"Our performance is not up to the standard we've produced in the past, on a consistent basis - so we'll have to look at that," Gooch added.

"I wouldn't say we've taken them lightly after the first match, where they dominated the game."

England are in obvious danger of finishing an otherwise encouraging winter, after their historic win in India, on a low.

"We didn't play well ... they've outbowled us, and they've outbatted us," Gooch said of the ongoing match. "That isn't what we wanted when we came here, but credit to them.

"We've had some great Test series in recent times - beating India 4-0 at home, the Ashes, coming back from losing the first Test in India. We've played some really good cricket; in this one, we've not produced our best.

"It's not the sort of conclusion to the winter tours we would have wanted, that's for sure.

"We wanted to finish strongly going into our summer, build on the Test cricket we played in India towards the middle and end of that series.

"Here, we've not found that form. So we've got to be disappointed. You can't be happy with the way we've played."{"count":2,"widgets":[{"name":"Additional Media 2","id":1,"type":"media","content":{"mediaTypeId":"11","imageDim":"null","mediaPosition":"2"}},{"name":"Additional Media 3","id":2,"type":"media","content":{"mediaTypeId":"11","imageDim":"null","mediaPosition":"3"}}]}