Ponting fury at time-wasting

Aussie skipper livid after Strauss and co escape with draw

They can play whatever way they want to play. We have come to play by the rules and the spirit of the game, and it is up to them to do what they want to do.

Ponting on England tactics
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Australia captain Ricky Ponting blasted England's gamesmanship after they left Cardiff with a nailbiting draw in the first Ashes Test.

Although he insisted it would be forgotten as the tourists head for the second Test at Lord's, Ponting was incensed by England's time-wasting tactics with last-pair James Anderson and Monty Panesar at the crease.

Twice during a 69-ball stand of defiance, England 12th man Bilal Shafayat ran onto the field to offer Anderson batting gloves while physio Steve McCaig was ushered off by the disgruntled Australians on the second occasion.

After England secured a first Test stalemate at 6.41pm on the final evening, just 13 runs in front with one wicket intact, Ponting said: "I don't think that was required.

"He had changed his gloves the over before and his glove is not going to be too sweaty in one over.

"I am not sure what the physio was doing out there - I didn't see him call for any physio to come out. As far as I am concerned it was pretty ordinary, actually.

"They can play whatever way they want to play. We have come to play by the rules and the spirit of the game, and it is up to them to do what they want to do."

No further action will be taken it appears but there will need to be some peace deals made if the series is to maintain respectable relations between the Ashes rivals.


"I was unhappy with it but I don't want to make that big a deal about it," he said.

"I am sure others will be taking it up with the England hierarchy as they should. But it is not the reason we didn't win. I won't think about it again when we leave here."

Two other conflicts earlier in the day suggested things were on the verge of boiling over.

In the warm-ups, Kevin Pietersen and Mitchell Johnson got in a heated exchange and Stuart Broad and Peter Siddle were involved in an on-field altercation.

However, Ponting played down the significance of each exchange.

Of the pre-play clash, he said: "It was a case of few guys on the ground taking each others' space."

Umpire Billy Doctrove addressed the physical contact, which occurred when Broad was running past bowler Siddle.

"He handled it and got on top of it pretty quickly," Ponting said. "I don't think it was that significant and if there had been anything in it I would have been spoken to on the field.

"It was probably accidental. Move on. It was a great game of cricket and we should be remembering that."

Paul Collingwood's gritty 74, which spanned close to six hours, proved the cornerstone of England's rearguard and somehow dragged the hosts to the brink of salvation from 70 to five, requiring 239 runs to make Australia bat again.

"He deserves a pat on the back. Without his innings England would have been in a whole lot of trouble," Ponting reflected.

Ponting's counterpart Strauss agreed and added: "There was a huge amount of relief in the dressing room and a lot of pride in how those guys played and how Colly, Graeme Swann and 'Fred' (Andrew Flintoff) played - the second half of the order really stood up to be counted," admitted Strauss.

"There is a lot of pride in what they achieved, but more than anything there was relief in getting through the game and we're still 0-0 going into the Lord's Test match.

"We are relieved we came away with a draw, but we're not going to pretend we're happy with the way we performed this week. We were down on where we needed to be and Australia showed us they're going to be a tough nut to crack and we need to get better."

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Bill Sherman says...

Ricky Ponting needs to get his own house in order. Once, the bowlers/fielders only appealed if the batsman had ACTUALLY done something to warrant an appeal. Not now, with these AUSSIE CHEATS. The bowler appealed for LBW, against Collingwood, with the ball going way outside the line of stumps, then that cheat , PONTING, decides to appeal for a catch even though it was clear the ball had gone nowhere near the bat, What about this sportsmanship you said you wanted to play by then, PONTING.

Posted 07:02 14th July 2009

Robert Matthews says...

Typical of the ausies, they don't like the same thing done to them, they would be the first to use every means they could to win or benefit themselves. WELL DONE England we are behind you 100%

Posted 21:52 13th July 2009

Tony Holmes says...

Ponting unhappy with England time-wasting? Mmmmm, just remind me, which of the Chappell brothers was it bowled underarm along the ground at the end of a game?! (and had they transferred out of Australia for the day?)

Posted 16:36 13th July 2009

Laurie Stewart says...

Time wasting. You have all missed the point. The umpires are no longer in charge. If they had been one of the English or Australian umpires of 20 years ago the interlopers would have been shunted off the pitch double quick. Would Sheperd or Bird have had any of that ? Nah. Remember the (think it was Indian test with England) the umpires continued in near darkness, after time wasting, until England scored the winning runs. Easy to remedy. Stop the clock for each interuption. Plus they have to get the umpire in the pavilion's permission to set foot on the field. Laurie

Posted 16:08 13th July 2009

David May says...

Could you ask the trumpeter on your news bulletin to hold a concert outside of the hotel for the Aussies on Wednesday night. Ponting couldn't even see the funny side, SAD O

Posted 16:02 13th July 2009

Mark Jones says...

It just amazes me that we Brits get really excited about losing or even drawing a match...why is the British mentality one of loving losers?? how poor is this?? The facts of the first test simply were that we were not good enough, we have a mediocre team and will be beaten by the Aussies in this series as they are just so much better than us in all departments - the body language on the field was poor, nobody really looked as if they were remotely interested. Come on England show some grit and determination!! and come out fighting at Lords...

Posted 15:23 13th July 2009

Sha Z says...

Ricky was very easy going on that matter and he was right to do so. When i was watching the match, anderson had just changed his gloves and i dont think he would have needed to change it again after 1 over so their main aim was obviously to waste time, had it been someone else they wouldve have talked with the umpire straight away but ricky didnt. All you England fans are being so defensive and critising pointing while he is such as great guy. The simple fact is that ENGLAND WAS CELEBRATING A DRAW which tells you everything, Australia completley outplayed them in their batting but the nature of the game was against them, cause if did get the 2nd innings they would have won but thanks to some time wasting australia didnt get a chance to do so. Pointing is an awesome captain and a player, and just cause England won ashes once in a million years doesnt mean you are better than Australia cause they are in a different league to England, remmember 2007 ashes, 5-0

Posted 14:36 13th July 2009

Paul Stafford says...

The Aussies played really well - England played very poorly, so a draw means that if England can improve ( and lets face it, they can't get worse ) they can beat the Aussies fairly easily. So come on ENGLAND cheer up the country by stuffing the Aussies for the second time in four years.

Posted 14:13 13th July 2009

Alan Pearson says...

Yes the Aussies have tried similar tricks and would probably have tried again if the positions had been reversed but please stop creditting them with all that is wrong with cricket, such as 'sledging'. In the 1950'sI remember as a 12 & 13 year old playing for a colliery welfare team, in County Durham, having to suffer a form of sledging while batting. This happened at times when I wasn't even selected for the team but gone along as scorer. This was quite obvious to the opposition as I had no 'whites' or boots and sent in to bat at 10 or 11 had to suffer all kinds of verbal abuse.

Posted 13:47 13th July 2009

Adebayo Ogunbufunmi says...

Great test match ... the time wasting for me did sour Anderson & Panesar's achievement as they clearly DIDN'T need the intervention. Ponting was right in saying that it had no effect on the final result but it's very important for this ashes series to be seen to be played in the right spirit even if most of the barmy supporters couldn't care less. The real point is that they would had the gamesmanship and result been reversed ao let's keep these issues in focus.

Posted 13:45 13th July 2009

Roger Hathway says...

I like how Ricky Ponting talks about the"Spirit of the game" he would do well to look at his own performance in the field. he certainly didn't agree with sevral umpire decisions, and wasn't slow to let the umpires know. I had great respect for Ponting, as a batsman I still do, but as a captain he is just another Ausie Whinger!!!

Posted 13:09 13th July 2009

Nyle Kelly says...

11 and a half overs to bowl out a number 10 or 11 batsmen, and your whinging about time wasting? Come on grow up Ponting 69 BALLS to bowl out 2 tail enders and you couldn't do it!!! Sounds to me like your trying to deflect the attention from your own teams inadaquncies.

Posted 12:56 13th July 2009

Steven Smith says...

It was bad sportsmanship, no doubt about it, whether other countries do it or not. It is slightly worrying that our batting line up struggled with an attack missing their two best players but it is set up nicely I hope we can show more of what we are made of and win the right way. Come on England!!!

Posted 12:49 13th July 2009

Dave Robinson says...

Cry me a river Ricky!

Posted 12:47 13th July 2009

Matthew Martin says...

The Aussie's for years have been the Sledging Kings of cricket for many a year, it's not in the rules but its something the other cricketing nations have either got used to or taken up themselves and as Nathan Hauritz siad in that position he would have done exactley the same. I also recall Brett Lee and Glenn Mcgrath time wasting at Old Trafford in 2005 and to avoid losing that test, don't remember us moaning about it we just got on with the fourth test. Accept it Australia you didn't win the test you should of done but you didn't now accept it and shut up.

Posted 12:41 13th July 2009

Dave Boon says...

Typical Aussies with short memories... I watched a few years back as Stephen Fleming took an average Kiwi team to Australia and outplayed Australia in the first test. With Chris Cairns and Craig McMillian hammering their bowlers all over the park and steaming towards a victory, watched as Australia employed every trick in the book to slow things down. Then proceeded to instruct their bowlers to bowl yorkers an inch inside the popping crease making it impossible to score. Moral: You do what you have to get the result you need. I felt agreeved by the tactics at the time as NZ were so close to a historic win, but at the end of the day... Australia did what they had to to get the draw. Stop moaning about it and move on...

Posted 12:36 13th July 2009

Andrew Rhodes says...

Ponting - what a laugh. You did precisely the same thing in 2005 at Old Trafford. Total hypocracy. You should concentrate on your own behaviour, such as constantly dissing the umpires' decisions.

Posted 12:18 13th July 2009

D J says...

I'm not surprised Ponting was incensed, although cheating is what he should expect from England. When England won the ashes in 2005 they were certainly helped by Vaughan and Fletcher's blatant cheating with the use of substitutes. All this means is the Australians will have to settle for a 4-0 series win instead of a whitewash.

Posted 11:44 13th July 2009

Chris Duckett says...

Absolutely brilliant game of cricket real drama and excitement Paul Collingwood, Monty Panesar, James Anderson should be knighted. Ponting was upset because his bowlers COULD NOT dismiss our two tail enders Well done England

Posted 11:42 13th July 2009

Max Snudgewallop says...

I wasn't too surprised or bothered when the 12th man came out the first time, after all the players do need to be kept informed of what's required, but when the physio then came out for no reason 5 mins later I think it did sour the achievement of a draw ever so slightly.... But the result and a bit of controversy has set up the series nicely - I don't think this Aussie side are great, but they play to their strengths and are well-organised. England had better start playing to their potential if they want to take the chance of a series win, which I think is definitely there to be had.

Posted 11:38 13th July 2009

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