NZ v England commentary

Last updated: 9th February 2013  

NZ v England commentary

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England win by 40 runs And take a 1-0 lead in the three-match T20I series!

Over 20 Dernbach, NZ 174-9 (Hira 20, McClenaghan 10) 56 needed off the last over... Surely even Dernbach can't go for that many?! He shakes McClenaghan up with a couple of short balls and gives the tail-ender plenty of chirp. The batsman gets his own back with a deft flick past short fine-leg for a boundary. He enjoyed that! A beamer from Dernbach follows before England close out an emphatic win!

Over 19 Broad, NZ 159-9 (Hira 19, McClenaghan 1) WICKET! Broad has four! Boult tamely slices another short ball straight up and Patel clings on to the catch, just! Can Broad end with a five-for?... No! But he ends with career-best figures of 4-24 - fantastic effort

Over 18 Dernbach, NZ 155-8 (Hira 16, Boult 4) Dernbach returns and shows off his full repertoire of slower balls. Neither batsman has much of a clue what is coming next! A thick outside edge brings Hira four through slip. He's having fun out there. The crowd are subdued though and this is turning into a heavy defeat

Over 17 Finn, NZ 147-8 (Hira 11, Boult 1) WICKET! The end is nigh for New Zealand. The wickets continue to tumble at Eden Park as Finn outfoxes Ellis with an off-cutter, which the batsman slices straight to Wright at point. Hira has a bit of fun later in the over, crashing Finn through cover for four and then picking up six! Sub-fielder Root took the catch on the third-man fence but trod on the rope! So unlucky

Over 16 Wright, NZ 135-7 (Ellis 4, Hira 0) Wright is allowed a fourth over...WICKET! Wright gets his second! McCullum pulls a short ball high into the sky and Buttler keeps calm to take his second catch. Wright ends with superb figures of 2-29 from his four overs

Over 15 Broad, NZ 130-6 (N McCullum 2, Ellis 1) WICKET! Broad picks up his second wicket with his first ball back, finding Franklin's edge after the left-hander had edged an attempted cut through to 'keeper Buttler. WICKET! And another! Munro misses, Broad hits, with a brilliantly directed slower ball. England are motoring towards a 1-0 lead in Auckland

Over 14 Tredwell, NZ 127-4 (Munro 28, Franklin 8) A poor over from Tredwell, who concedes 16 - the most expensive of the innings so far. Franklin and Munro both clear the rope to keep the reqd run-rate down to 14.66 an over...

Over 13 Wright, NZ 111-4 (Munro 20, Franklin 0) Munro clears the rope for a second time with another fierce club back down the ground. Wright then appeals for a return catch off the batsman's foot, but, after a lengthy delay, replays confirm that the ball hit the floor before boot. WICKET! Game over! Guptill drills Wright straight to Broad at mid off and trudges off for a top-scoring 44. A wicket that Wright deserved for a superb bowling effort. Franklin is the new man

Over 12 Tredwell, NZ 104-3 (Guptill 44, Munro 13) The off-spin of Tredwell is introduced for the first time. I don't think we'll see much flight from the Kent man here... He darts one in but Guptill sweeps the full toss fine and away for four to take NZ past 100. Just eight off the over though and the required run-rate continues to rise... 111 needed from 48 balls #daunting

Over 11 Wright, NZ 96-3 (Guptill 38, Munro 11) Another useful over from Wright, despite a six off the final ball from Munro. That blow just about keeps New Zealand in touch but that over cost only eight

Over 10 Patel, NZ 88-3 (Guptill 38, Munro 3) Six! Patel's second over costs 11 after Guptill launches the left-armer for a huge six over midwicket. That went a long, long way! Five singles follow. The required rate is 12.7 an over though. England remain in charge at the halfway stage in the run-chase

Over 9 Finn, NZ 77-3 (Guptill 30, Munro 0) Broad realises the importance of this wicket and brings back Finn in an attempt to prize it. Guptill drives a one bounce four down the ground... WICKET! Taylor goes! Bairstow celebrates after Taylor mis-times an attempted swipe over midwicket. Huge wicket for England and the celebration shows how much it means to them

Over 8 Patel, NZ 71-2 (Guptill 25, Taylor 12) Patel makes life difficult for himself by starting with two wides. Those extra deliveries don't prove costly though as Samit comes back superbly in an opening over which costs only seven. England will take that for sure

Over 7 Wright, NZ 64-2 (Guptill 24, Taylor 9) Six! Guptill takes the attack to medium-pacer Wright, stepping forward and dispatching him straight back down the ground for an almighty six. Candidate for shot of the day right there. This is a massive partnership and England need to break it soon

Over 6 Dernbach, NZ 54-2 (Guptill 17, Taylor 6) Dernbach returns to bowl the final powerplay over and beats Taylor with an absolute snorter outside off stump. England are happy to give away singles and New Zealand pick up four of those before Taylor slashes a full, wide final delivery over cover for his first boundary. That went like a rocket!

Over 5 Finn, NZ 46-2 (Guptill 15, Taylor 0) McCullum is the dangerman, no doubt about it. He pulls Finn hard through midwicket for four. WICKET! Stunner! Absolute stunner from Morgan. McCullum sliced Finn high but Morgan, running back from point, keeps calm and catches superbly over his shoulder. McCullum goes for 10 and is replaced by Ross Taylor, who gets a huge cheer from the crowd

Over 4 Broad, NZ 38-1 (Guptill 13, McCullum 5) Six! Rutherford lashes Broad straight back over his head for six! Cracking shot. WICKET! Six and out! The England skipper strikes when Rutherford can only pull tamely to Tredwell, who pouches comfortably at midwicket. Rutherford made 18 from 11 balls. In comes Brendon McCullum - the No.1 ranked T20 batsman... Four! What a way to announce yourself. He was all over that short ball from Broad and pulls it fiercely for four. An expensive over, but England have the breakthrough

Over 3 Dernbach, NZ 25-0 (Rutherford 12, Guptill 11) Dernbach replaces Finn and this is a big series for the Surrey show-boater. He beats Guptill comprehensively outside off stump and is bowling at a lively pace here. A tidy over is tainted somewhat last ball when Guptill makes some room for himself and cuts backward of point for four. NZ needed that boundary

Over 2 Broad, NZ 18-0 (Rutherford 12, Guptill 5) Skipper Broad shares the new ball and England will want some control from their leader here. He starts very, very well, conceding only five singles and giving neither Rutherford nor Guptill nothing to hit

Over 1 Finn, NZ 13-0 (Rutherford 10, Guptill 3) Debutant Rutherford makes a storming start to his international career with a single and then back-to-back boundaries off Finn, one through midwicket, the other wide long-off. Guptill picks up three runs himself and the hosts have made an early statement of intent

Here we go... Finn has the ball...

Morgan view Morgan on the pitch at the change of ends: "It's as good as I've ever batted on."

New Zealand require 215 to win... At 10.75 runs an over. The highest previous run-chase at this ground is 202. The wicket is a belter and the boundaries are tiny though so the Black Caps will still fancy this. Stay tuned for the run-chase

Over 20, England 214-7 (Buttler 32, Tredwell 0) WICKET! England reach their highest ever T20I total with a Buttler single but Broad falls next ball when top-edging Boult straight up and 'keeper McCullum holds on well. After a couple of dots Buttler stops the rot with a huge flat six over midwicket! What a shot! Last ball... Four! And it's a no-ball! Free hot coming! Disaster for New Zealand. Buttler gets another go... Bowled! Yorker!

Over 19, England 202-6 (Buttler 21, Broad 4) WICKET! New Zealand are finishing well here. Ellis ends Patel's brief stay when he can only top edge a pull straight up and Brendon McCullum holds a skier. England will feel they need around 220 on this tiny ground. Skipper Broad replaces Samit and ends the penultimate over with a boundary when Franklin spills yet another catch running around at long-on!

Over 18, England 195-5 (Buttler 19, Patel 1) Bairstow goes for 38 from 22 balls when he nails Boult straight to Guptill on the long-on boundary. A superb over from the left-armer costs only four. Patel is the new batsman

Over 17, England 191-4 (Bairstow 37, Buttler 17) Bish, bash, bosh!! Buttler gets his eye in with a dot before exploding with six, six, four! Two huge hits down the ground followed by a flat swat through extra cover. England on course for a hige score here

Over 16, England 172-4: Morgan goes for 46 from 26 balls! Hira celebrates a second wicket after the left-hander tamely finds Taylor, who clings on after dropping two earlier efforts! Relief all round. In come Buttler...

Over 15, England 166-3: Chaos at the start of the 15th over. First, McClenaghan joins the list of NZ players to drop catches, failing to get a single digit on a regulation chance at short third-man and Morgan gets four! The England left-hander then rubs salt into the wounds of bowler Nathan McCullum as he slams a full toss into the stands for six more! Singles follow - 13 off the over

Over 14, England 153-3: Mira keeps in in the "good areas", apart from a leg-stump gimme that Morgan tickles for four. Five further singles, and it quietly adds up to nine off the over.

Over 13, England 144-3: McClenaghan keeps it reasonably tight until straying onto leg stump for Morgan to flick another six over deep backward square-leg, where Jason Statham drops a regulation catch!

Over 12, England 133-3: Another "it's all happening" over! Bairstow pulls effortlessly for six and inside-edges the next for four. But he's reprieved when he pulls Ellis to deep square, where Mira chases well but spills a tough low chance.

Over 11, England 118-3: Good over from McCullum until Bairstow launches him into the crowd at long-on. Loving Bairstow's retro V12 by the way.

Over 10, England 109-3: Morgan drives a Franklin full-toss past mid-off for four and bunts a half-volley in the same direction before belting the last ball over the long-on ropes. Top hitting.

Over 9, England 95-3: WICKET! Lumb looks a little frustrated at being starved of the strike, and he's late on a pull off McClenaghan and gloves a simple catch to short fine-leg. Bairstow off the mark second ball with a powerful heave to mid-wicket. Lumb c Rutherford b McClenaghan 22

Over 8, England 89-2: WICKET! Eventful overs don't get more eventful than this one! Lumb clips Ellis for a straight six before spooning a pull to mid-wicket, where Taylor grasses another chance. Wright then top-edges a pull over the keeper and heaves the next for six, but he then drills another pull straight to Mira on the mid-wicket fence to end a sparkling 20-ball knock. Wright c Mira b Ellis 42

Over 7, England 71-1: Nathan McCullum restricts Wright and Lumb to two singles from four balls, but Wright breaks the shackles with a cracking straight six. But he almost goes next ball as a firm, but airy cover drive is shelled by Taylor. Run rate back to 10, and England on course for a big 'un.

Over 6, England 62-1: Great over for England as Wright slaps Mira for four and then lofts him over long-off for a maximum. And Lumb joins the whacking party with a classy paddle for four and a well-timed chip over long-on for his first six.

Over 5, England 41-1: Explosive start from Luke Wright, who lofts Boult straight for four and then wellies a six over mid-wicket. Not out of the screws, but it's enough to clear the fence.

Over 4, England 30-1: WICKET! Hales hammers Mira past mid-on for another boundary, but he charges and misses at the next ball and is easily stumped. Hales st McCullum b Mira 21

Over 3, England 25-0: Hales looking in decent touch as he leathers McClenaghan through the off side for four more. But Lumb is scratching around and the rest of the over yields only a couple of singles.

Over 2, England 19-0: Not the best of starts for Boult, whose first ball goes for five wides before Hales pulls a monumental six that would have cleared any boundary in the world - twice!

Over 1, England 6-0: Nice cover drive off the back foot from Hales earns three, and three scampered singles gets England off to a steady start.

The players are out for the first Twenty20 international in Auckland. Brendon McCullum has won the toss and opted to chase. Alex Hales and Michael Lumb to open for Broad's boys.

Teams: New Zealand: H D Rutherford, M J Guptill, B B McCullum (Capt, Wkt), L R P L Taylor, C Munro, J E C Franklin, A M Ellis, N L McCullum, R M Hira, T A Boult, M J McClenaghan.

England: A D Hales, M J Lumb, L J Wright, J M Bairstow, E J G Morgan, J C Buttler (Wkt), S R Patel, S C J Broad (Capt), J C Tredwell, S T Finn, J W Dernbach.

New Zealand won toss and decided to field

Umpires: C B Gaffaney and D J Walker

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