Eng v Bang; 1st Test, Day 5

Last updated: 31st May 2010  

All over Relatively easy for England in the end, thanks mainly to Steven Finn's five-wicket haul earlier in the day. A brave effort by Bangladesh it must be said. Attention now turns to the second and final Test at Old Trafford which gets underway on Friday. Keep it here for reports and reaction. Thanks for your company.

Over 36 Mahmudullah 4 163-2 - England have won by eight wickets! Trott flicks the first ball through square leg to the boundary

Over 35 Shakib 0-0-0-0-0-0 159-2 - KP keeps us all waiting but not for the want of trying! He picks out fielder after fielder on the off side as a maiden is bowled. Sensational stuff. Is that Tea? No it doesn't look like it.

Over 34 Mahmudullah 1-1-4-4-0-1 159-2 - This could be the last over before Tea. Pietersen gets off the mark with a back foot push down the ground and Trott brings him back on strike with a single of his own. KP then walks across his stumps and sweeps Mahmudullah for four. Six needed... Make that just two! A short delivery is calved away through point for four more! He blocks the next ball before pushing another single. One required and we are going to squeeze in one more over as a result...

148-2 - Appeals from Shakib and keeper Mushfiqur for a bat/pad catch are turned down by Billy Bowden - the right call as well. A dab sweep for two follows... WICKET! Strauss has gone for 82! Attempting a cut, the left-hander got the thinest of edges through to Mushfiqur who claimed well. A standing ovation for the England captain from his home crowd. KP is in with 13 needed. Can he finish this before Tea? He blocks the first ball as comical boos ring out. A leg-bye will keep him on strike.

Over 32 Mahmudullah 1-1-1-0-0-0 145-1 - Not much urgency from England now - there would be plenty of heckling at my club if such caution was being shown with victory all-but sealed!

Over 31 Shakib 0-0-1-0-0-0 142-1 - A bit of cat and mouse between the two captains as Strauss charges down the pitch and Shakib throws one wide down the leg side, the former just getting some bat on it for the only run of the over.

Over 30 Mahmudullah 4-1-0-1-1-0 141-1 - He looks like he fancies that century too! A fine sweep brings him four first ball and a single follows. Both men then exchange singles as Strauss keeps strike. 15 minutes until Tea - 19 runs required for victory.

Over 29 Shakib 2-0-2-3-0-0 134-1 - Strauss continues to use his feet to good effect. A couple of couples through the off-side and a thick edge for three bring England ever closer. Strauss is on 71 off 77 balls, England need 26 more - a century is mathmatically possible...

Over 28 Mahmudullah 1-1-0-1-0-0 127-1 - Sweeping practice for both men here. Both are doing it rather well it must be said. Mahmudullah then ends the over by missing the outside edge of a driving Trott.

Over 27 Shakib 0-1-0-0-0-0 124-1 - Even less to report here. Strauss moves on to 61 with another single.

Over 26 Mahmudullah 0-1-0-1-0-0 123-1 - Mahmudullah is into his 11th over on the spin. Very little to report bar two singles. Going through the motions somewhat

Over 25 Shakib 3-0-1-0-0-0 121-1 - Fantastic work from Ashraful saves his team a run and he receives a near standing ovation to boot. Hurtling round from cover, he dived full length to stop Strauss' late cut touching the rope - great commitment. Four off another unthreatening over

Over 24 Mahmudullah 1-0-0-1-0-4 117-1 - England have upped the ante here in an attempt to finish this before tea. The fifty partnership is brought up in some style by Trott who clips the ball off his toes through midwicket for four. 43 more needed.

Over 23 Shakib 0-1-1-1-0-3 111-1 - Very, very easy this for England. Both batsmen are content to pick up the singles when the boundary ball is not on offer. Width is offered by Shakib off the final ball and Trott cuts it away for three to leave the home side on 'Nelson' at 111-1.

105-1 - Another Trott single brings up the England 100 at what has been a lively rate. Strauss tries some showboating with an attempted reverse sweep but he completely misses it and looks rather daft - leave that to Morgan my man. Trott stricks to what he knows with a glorious cover drive to end the over.

Over 21 Shakib 2-1-0-0-1-0 99-1 - Strauss is milking the Bangladesh spinners here. Another sweep brings him two more before a powerful drive down the ground keeps the scoreboard ticking. 61 required for victory.

Over 20 Mahmudullah 4-0-3-0-1-3 95-1 - Strauss skips down the pitch and smashes Mahmudullah over mid on for another boundary - he looks in great touch here. Power then turns to panache when he gets down on one knee and sweeps for three more. Trott continues his more passive role with a single before Strauss brings up his 20th Test match 50 off 50 balls with another sweep. The crowd show their appreciation. Better over for England.

Over 19 Shakib 0-0-4-0-0-0 84-1 - A boundary at last! Shakib drags one down and Trott elegantly swats it away behind square for four. Slightly ironic cheers from the crowd

Over 18 Mahmudullah 1-0-0-0-0-1 80-1 - Strauss drives firmly for one first up to bring Trott back on strike. He is content to use this as a net and a clip off his pads for one means that for the fifth over in succession two runs are scored.

Over 17 Shakib 0-1-0-0-0-1 78-1 A variety of soft drinks have made their way out for the players and officials with England crusing to victory on 78-1. Strauss is well set on 39 alongside Trott 5no.

Over 16 Mahmudullah 0-1-0-0-1-0 76-1 - Not a lot for those in attendance to get excited about at the moment. Victory is inevitable but i'm sure the spectators would like to see a few more shots. Tight bowling nevertheless.

Over 15 Shakib 0-0-1-1-0-0 74-1 - The ball is keeping a little low but Trott and Strauss are looking comfortable here and are happy with singles. Today's attendance has been confirmed as 9,200. Great effort.

Over 14 Mahmudullah 0-0-0-1-0-1 72-1 - Mahmudullah is bowling well here. A Strauss sweep and crisp Trott drive the only scoring shots. Matt Prior has just wondered over for a net - he is obviously confident he won't be required today...

Over 13 Shakib 1-0-1-1-0-0 70-1 - Singles are the order of the day for England now as the spinners continue to rattle through the overs. Trott, you will be surprised to hear, is in no rush.

67-1 - WICKET! Cook has gone for 23! Another poor decision from Asoka de Silva who has adjudged him lbw despite being a long way down the pitch. Height looked an issue and replays confirmed it was going over the top. Mahmudullah celebrates though and Cook trudges off. Double centurion Trott enters the fray.

Over 11 Shakib 1-0-0-0-0-0 66-0 - Bangladesh are working hard to draw this out as long as possible. Only a Strauss single down the ground here.

Over 10 Mahmudullah 0-0-0-0-0-0 65-0 - A Mahmud maiden stems the flow of runs as Cook is content to block it out.

Over 9 Shakib 4-0-0-0-4-1 65-0 - England are rampant here. After cutting Shakib through gully for four, Cook then pounces on an overpitched delivery with a crisp drive through extra cover. A further 95 required...

Over 8 Mahmudullah 3-0-2-0-0-0 56-0 - Drop! It's going from bad to worse for Bangladesh here! Strauss is given a life after Siddique spills a simple chance at slip. Cutting with intent, he only manages to edge through the legs of the slipper whose attempt at a catch was pretty woeful. They pick up three and Cook adds two more

50-0 - Shakib returns from the Pavilion End and England bring up the 50 off 37 balls. Yet another fine over from the skipper though, who is ploughing somewhat of a lone furrow at the moment.

Over 6 Mahmudullah 0-0-1-0-0-4 49-0 - Shakib continues to rotate his bowlers but there is no stopping England here. Cook seizes on a short ball and cuts hard for four to end the over.

Over 5 Rubel 0-0-1-4-2-1-0 44-0 - Shahadat (0-19) has also been pulled from the attack as Rubel is introduced. Strauss continues to attack but a top-edged hook brings him just one. Rubel then throws down a wide full toss which Cook cracks through cover for four - I would fancy my chances against this filth! The off-side sweeper is a busy man as England race towards the target. Billy Bowden mis-counts so a seven-ball over it is...

Over 4 Shakib 0-1-0-0-0-0 36-0 - One over of Robiul is enough for Shakib who brings himself into the attack. The move does the trick in terms of economy - just a Strauss single off it

Over 3 Shahadat 0-0nb-0nb-1-0-0-4lb-0wd-2nb-1 35-0 The grunting Shahadat continues... to no-ball. The second of which is absolutely miles over and that is no exaggeration! Cook is content to nudge the singles while the boundaries continue to flow at the other end. The latest skims off Strauss' thigh pad and races down to the fine leg fence. Shahadat is all over the place here and bowls to first slip next ball! The ninth delivery is another no-ball which Strauss chops for two more. A single finishes a quite ridiculous over.

Over 2 Robiul 1nb-1-4-0-2-4-0 23-0 - Robiul Islam shares the new ball. He too oversteps early in the over and Cook, who will be hungry for runs after his first-innings failure, gets off the mark with a sharp single. That brings Strauss back on strike and he crashes yet another through point - cracking shot! A confident back foot punch yields two more and Strauss then powers into the 20s by whipping a full ball off middle stump through midwicket for four. This is some start by England and Strauss, who has 20 off 11 balls!

Over 1 Shahadat 4-1nb-4-0-0-2-0 11-0 - Shahadat, who claimed a five-wicket haul in the first-innings, starts us off with a short, wide delivery and Strauss effortlessly cuts him away for four. The indisciplined start continues with a front-foot no-ball. Well Strauss is certainly in a hurry here, have you somewhere to be skip? He rocks back and pulls the second legitimate ball through midwicket for four more. Shahadat comes round the wicket but that can't stop the flow of runs. A sweeper has been deployed on the point boundary and only a diving stop from he prevents a third boundary of the over. 11 off it.

Players are out, here we go again...

Around 10 minutes away from the resumption. Sit tight...

Lunch Lunch has been taken a couple of minutes early at Lord's. In theory England should have few problems knocking these runs off, however you just never know.

Scenario England need 160 runs to win

382 all out! That is that. Bresnan picks up his third wicket as Mahmud slashes through to Prior behind the stumps. That will also be lunch.

Over 110 Swann 0-0-0-0-1-0 382-9 - Mahmudullah is showing plenty of intent now. He is fortunate to get some glove on to the ball before it wraps his pad - that doesn't stop Swann appealing. A single off the penultimate ball keeps Mahmud on strike.

381-9 - WICKET! Bresnan gets his reward with the wicket of Rubel! The tail-ender trudges off with just four to his name after playing, then leaving, then edging, low to Strauss at first slip. The lead is 158 with just one wicket remaining. Robiul Islam is number 11

Over 108 Swann 2-2b-0-0-0-0 381-8 - And here he is... Not a particular good start though as Mahmudullah sweeps for two before another leg-side delivery slips out of Prior's grasp for byes. He is back on the mark thereafter but Mahmudullah plays him with respect.

Over 107 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-0-0 377-8 - Back-to-back maidens for England. Bresnan bowls a slightly more attacking line to Rubel, who to his credit defends well. Swann is warming up...

Over 106 Anderson 0-0-0-0-0-0 377-8 - Maiden. That's pretty much all i've got to say for over 106. Too wide from Jimmy who has caught the bug from Bresnan. Let's take these stumps out the ground!

Over 105 Bresnan 0-1-0-0-0-0 377-8 - Mahmudullah signals his intent by stepping away to leg and flashing over the slips for one - surely his luck will run out soon. Bresnan is bowling far too wide here - 'bowl it at the blumin stumps' as my old man would say.

Over 104 Anderson 0-3-0-0-0-0 376-8 - Drop! Poor old Jimmy, it's not going his way at all. Mahmudullah steers the ball high to Bresnan at third silp but he can't hang on with a diving one-handed effort and Bangladesh pick up three. Interestingly a single is on offer for Rubel off the penultimate ball but Mahmudullah turns it down.

Over 103 Bresnan 0-0-1-0-3-0 373-8 - Bresnan replaces Finn, whose hopes of claiming a 10-for look over. Mahmudullah jabs the ball through backward point for three in the highlight of the over. Rubel looks very vulnerable at the other end...

Over 102 Anderson 0-4-0-0-0-0 369-8 - Anderson's luckless run continues as Mahmudullah edges along the floor down to the third man boundary. Streaky, but fairly well controlled. Anderson bounces back with a couple more beautys outside off stump. Could be time for Swann before lunch...

Over 101 Finn 0-0-2-1-0-1b 365-8 - Finn, bowling his eighth over on the bounce, charges back in looking to become the first Englishman to take a 10-for at Lord's since Ian Botham did so against New Zealand back in 1978. Rubel is up and running with a couple through leg and the same shot brings him one more. Sloppy work from Prior then allows a bye - Rubel will keep the strike.

Over 100 Anderson 0-0-0-0-0-0 361-8 - Jimmy has been overshadowed by young Finn here and will be keen to finish with a couple more wickets to his name. He is trying hard enough but it's just not happening for him at the moment. Mahmudullah looks solid in defence but may have to play some shots soon... Maiden.

361-8 - A driving Mahmudullah finds the only gap in the slip/gully region as the ball races for four down to third man. WICKET! That's five for Finn now though! A maiden haul is complete as Rahim edges through to Prior for an 11-ball duck - fantastic delivery shaping away a touch. Victory for England looks a formality now as we are down to the tail. Rubel Hossain is in... and after a dose of short stuff, survives.

Not out Looked like sweater/thigh pad to me - good decision

Over 98 Anderson 0-0-1-0-0-0 356-7 - A controversial end to the last over before drinks. Anderson and Prior go up in unison for a catch down the leg side and are convinced there was some Mushfiqur bat/glove involved. Umpire De Silva shakes his head though, much to the disgust of the bowler. I'll need a replay...

355-7 - Siddique drives through mid-on for a couple, he's looking assured here...WICKET! Ahh maybe not, he's out! He departs for 74 and Finn picks up his fourth wicket of the innings and eighth of the match. A slower, fuller ball is driven tamely to Bresnan who pouches above his head at mid-off. Mahmudullah arrives, survives, and gets off the mark with Bangladesh up against it now.

Over 96 Anderson 0-1lb-0-0-0-4lb 352-6 - I went down to watch my brother's cricket team yesterday and their wicketkeeper (padded up ready to bat) said to me "I want to be like Mushfiqur Rahim today". He went on to make 78 in a losing cause... 78 looks a long way away for Mushfiqur here though as Anderson beats him on more than one occassion. Four leg byes past a diving Prior bring up the Bangla 350.

347-6 - Or maybe not so solid... Middlesex pair Finn and Morgan combine to send Shakib packing for 16!! It was short and wide and there to be hit, unfortunatley for the left-hander he slashed it straight to Morgan at backward point who held well low down. Wicketkeeper Mushfiqur strides out. This is impressive stuff from Finn who probes away on and around off stump with some lift to boot. Rahim survives... just.

Over 94 Anderson 4-0-0-0-1-0 347-5 - First boundary of the day, hurrah! Anderson drifts onto Shakib's pads and he turns him round the corner for four. The response is impressive from the Burnley man though as he cuts Shakib in half with a searing inswinger which inexplicably misses the stumps. Anderson wraps the gloves later in the over but Ian Bell at short-leg is too straight and the ball drifts safe for a single. Solid start from the Bangas here...

Over 93 Finn 0-1-0-0-1-0 342-5 - First error of the day comes from Siddique as he edges the ball over gully for a streaky single. Bumble is getting carried away in the Sky Sports comm box and continues to compare Finn to Glenn McGrath. They're both bowlers, i'll give him that...

FeedbackHard work Jonny from Lincoln, still clearly under the influence, has been in touch. He has been on to tell all. "I got in at 5am last night and am battling through work today. I'm struggling like Middlesex at Grace Road. Derbyshire's G Wagg could be the answer ahead of Bresnan." What do you say to that?

Over 92 Anderson 0-0-2-0-0-0 340-5 - Anderson is bang on the money again at the start if this, the seventh over of the morning. Shakib looks solid though, and drives firmly through cover for two more. A beauty finishes it though as Shakib is beaten all ends up last ball.

Over 91 Finn 0-0-0-0-0-0 338-5 - The mighty Finn returns and takes a tumble upon delivering his first ball. He is getting a touch of movement down the slope and away from Siddique but the left-hander is more than up to the task thus far. A maiden nevertheless.

Over 90 Anderson 0-0-0-0-0-2 338-5 - My prayers are answered as Jimmy replaces Bresnan from the Nursury End. The first ball swings into Shakib's pads appreciably and the next beats his flashing outside edge. The Bangladesh skipper remembers his role and gets in behind the next three deliveries before scampering two through square lef to finish. Lead of 115 now.

Over 89 Finn 0-0-1-2-0-0 336-5 - A pretty unthreatening over from Finn here - come on let's have Anderson on! Both Bangladesh batsmen pick up runs through cover.

Over 88 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-0-0 333-5 - Despite his bashing, Bresnan has started well here. He is attacking the stumps and shaping the ball back into the left-handers. Siddique is watchful though, and safely negotiates the over. Maiden.

FeedbackNot bowled over Lewis Gill is not happy with the make-up of the England team. He asks: "Why are england only playing four bowlers? To take down major teams we need a five man attack. With four bowlers and Tim Bresnan one of them, we simply don't have enough firepower to rip through oppositions."

Over 87 Finn 1-3-0-0-1-0 333-5 - A little bit of a surprise here as Strauss plumps for Finn and Bresnan ahead of Anderson, who looked dangerous last night. Siddique scores the first run of the day with a clip off his hip and Shakib follows that up with an uppish drive through mid-off which yields three. A sharp single completes the scoring here.

Feedback A confident Peter Mould has been in touch, morning to you, he says: "Hi all, looking forward to following play with you today as I am away from home. Thanks for a brilliant service. Always interesting and well informed. England I expect will have this wrapped by tea."

Over 86 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-0-0 328-5 - Bresnan kicks us off and Shakib signals his intent with a wild flash outside off stump first up. The Yorkshireman corrects to a tighter line thereafter before beating the bat twice to end a testing first over.

Torn Part of me wants an early finish, the other part an exciting climax. You feel Siddique and Shakib have to bat out virtually, if not all, of this first session. Tough ask though with this new ball only five overs old

Feeling lonely We are about five minutes from the resumption. Where are you all? Too many Bank Holiday beverages? What better way to shrug off your hangover than watching Junaid Siddique attempt to bat Bangladesh to a draw. Can he do it or will England finish this off before lunch?

Lording it up The MCC chief executive is hoping for a bit turnout at Lord's today. £10 for adults and free for u=16s is the pull, as well as a play on the hallowed turf between sessions.

FeedbackGet in touch It would be a long, but fascinating day here, and as always your company is appreciated. Joe.drabble@bskyb.com is my e-mail address so fire over all your views on what you've seen so far. What do you all make of England's current/future bowling attack? I'm pretty unimpressed to be honest and I doubt the Australia top six will be having sleepless nights ahead of the winter...

Scenario So let's just remind ourselves where we are. Bangladesh are on 328-5 - a second innings lead of 105 - with Siddique (66no) and captain Shakib (2no) at the crease. An extra half an hour has been put in place due to time lost throughout the Test, so 98 overs are possible today. Will England need that many?

Pitch report While the conditions may favour England's bowlers, the pitch does not. It is a 'day one surface' according to Sky Sports' man on the spot Nasser Hussain.

Weather We will get this bit out the way quickly, and it's good news for England. There is plenty of cloud cover with no rain forecast for today. Should be plenty of overhead assistance for Anderson and co

Morning Good morning all and welcome to interactive commentary of day five of the first Test from Lord's

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