World T20, England v New Zealand commentary

Last updated: 10th May 2010  

England win by 3 wickets That's a good win, because that was a testing total on a tricky track against a good bowling attack and England have done it a) without their best batsman and b) after struggling halfway through. There's no reason why England can't win this competition if they keep this up. They will meet one of India, Sri lanka or West Indies in the semi-finals - most likely Sri Lanka you have to reckon - and, crucially, avoid an in-form Australia. Meanwhile Pakistan sneak into the semi-finals where they will face Australia. There are more important games tomorrow - India v Sri lanka is followed by West Indies v Australia - so do join us then.

Over 20 Mills 4 153-7 - Mills drops the first ball short, and Bresnan pulls away through midwicket for four to seal the victory.

Over 19 N McCullum 0-W-1-1-1-0 149-7 - WICKET! Surely England can't stuff this up, can they? Yardy chips straight to long-off where Butler makes no mistake. Collingwood is ripping away at his nails in the dugout as Swann comes in, but he needn't worry because a trio of singles take England to the brink. Just one run is required from seven balls but Vettori brings everyone in. Swann tries to whack the last ball of the over away but can't make contact. The scores are level.

Over 18 Bond 2-1-2-0-W-4 146-6 - New Zealand look done, and as Bresnan grabs another two off the first ball with Morgan scurrying back to the non-striker's end, Bond's body language says it all. Nothing's going for them now, and even when Morgan skies one out to deep midwicket the ball somehow lands in a gap. WICKET! A great catch from Vettori keeps the heart of his side beating though, as Morgan takes on the short ball again. He doesn't get hold of it and drags the shot to wide mid-on where Vettori takes the catch diving back to his left. Nevertheless, Bresnan hammers the final ball wide of long-on for four to leave England needing just four to win.

Over 17 Mills 4-1-2-4-2-1 137-5 - Mills rejoins the attack, but starts with a short ball on Morgan's legs and the left-hander gets it away fine enough to grab four. A single puts Bresnan on strike, and he pretty much seals the match with a couple to midwicket and a heave to vacant cow corner for four. Mills resorts to the bouncer but Bresnan flatbats it over cover for a couple more. A single off the final ball means just 13 more are needed.

Over 16 Bond 1-W-2-1-1-1 123-5 - WICKET! "There might be a twist in this," says David Lloyd as Wright pulls straight down the throat of backward square leg. Vettori had turned to Bond with his options growing slim, and the extra pace on the bouncer hurried Wright through the shot. Tim Bresnan joins Morgan, and the duo settle for ones and a two. England need 27 runs to win from 24 balls.

Over 15 N McCullum 0-0-4-4-1-4 117-4 - This is hugely encouraging for England, because they look set to pass a tough test here. No surprise that Morgan's at the centre of this comeback, and he adds to his tally by pulling a short ball wide of long-on for six before reverse sweeping away for four. His timing on those shots is unbelievable. Wright hammers the final delivery to cow corner for four to bring up the fifty partnership, and England need just 33 from 30 balls now.

Over 14 Vettori 2-2-0-wd-2-1-1 104-4 - Vettori feels he has to bring himself back for a final over to keep his side alive, but Wright plays him very sensibly. He doesn't look to clear the rops, and instead concentrates in hitting the ball into the gaps and running hard for two. Morgan reverse sweeps the final ball nicely, but New Zealand have cover for that shot so it's only one. England need 46 to win from 36 balls.

Over 13 N McCullum 1-0-1-0-6-2 95-4 - Pace on the ball didn't work with Butler, but Vettori only has one over left as does Styris. So he turns to Nathan McCullum, who's only bowled one so far. Unfortunately for him Morgan is in such good form that he gives himself room and drives over cover for six - a quite superb stroke and Vettori can only marvel at it. Ten off the over, so England have retaken control here - they need 55 to win from 42 balls.

Over 12 Butler 1-0-1-0-4-4 87-4 - Ian Butler is introduced for the first time, and has a big shout for lbw against Morgan with his second ball. Taufel shakes his head because that clearly struck the left-hander outside the line of off stump. Wright misses a slower ball, but then clears his front leg to hammer a full ball wide of long-on for four. His next shot is even better though, as he whips a length ball from outside off stump and gets it over square leg for four. There was a man in the deep who looked like he might get under it, but in the end he didn't get there. Crucial runs, because this looks set to go right down to the wire.

Over 11 Styris 1-0-1-1-6-0 77-4 - New Zealand are just trying to chip away here, building pressure through dot balls. But Morgan comes up with a sensational shot, taking on the back-fo-a-length delivery from Styris but pulling his bottom hand off the bat as he realises it's the legcutter and thus a touch slower. Somehow he still clears cow corner for six with one hand. England now need 73 runs to win at 8.11 per over.

Over 10 Vettori 0-0-0-1-0-1 68-4 - Another great over from Vettori, who adjusted brilliantly after Lumb took to him in his first over. Again he's tossing the ball up here, getting slower and slower to make it difficult to get away. Just a single each for Morgan and Luke Wright.

Over 9 Styris 1-1-1-1-0-W 66-4 - Collingwood is just the man for this job, being a handy nudger and nurdler, and he's clearly had a chat with Morgan in between overs to calm him down and spell out what's required. But after working four singles, Collingwood tries to push another to the on side and chips straight to Brendom McCullum at short midwicket. That was the legcutter, and the man was there for that exact delivery. This has been a fine comeback from New Zealand who have thought this through well.

Over 8 Vettori 0-W-0-0-1-1 62-3 - WICKET! Sure enough, Lumb isn't willing to settle for ones and twos and is trapped lbw attempting another big sweep. They worked for him in Vettori's last over, but this one is tossed up slower and Lumb is through the shot when the ball arrives to strike him on the back leg, dead in front. Pretty easy decision for Simon Taufel, who doesn't get too many wrong. Eoin Morgan is the new batsman, and he looks a touch nervy. A period of consolidation is called for - England can afford not to score for a while, but they can't afford to lose wickets.

Over 7 Styris 1-0-1-1-W-0 60-2 - WICKET! Styris is a tricky customer on sluggish tracks, and he picks up the wicket of Bopara as the batsman goes for a big drive. Taylor snaffles a sharp catch jumping up at short cover to send England's substitute player on his way and bring Collingwood to the crease. England just need to keep a cool head here - pushing ones and twos will do the trick. Although somehow I don't think Lumb will settle for that.

Over 6 Vettori 1lb-0-1-4-0-4-1 57-1 - Vettori brings himself on with his side needing Lumb's wicket, but instead the left-hander sweeps nicely through backward square leg for four. He got right on top of the bounce which has been important on these pitches, and the key to that is getting a full stride in to get to the pitch of the ball. He repeats the shot two balls later to get four more, so England have taken full advantage of the powerplay, scoring 57 to New Zealand's 39. The required run rate is down to just 6.6 per over now.

Over 5 Mills 4-1-1-0-1-1 46-1 - Bopara maintains the aggression, coming down the pitch to pull through midwicket for four. It's a difficult job he has, knowing that he can't really win when he's only in for one match with Pietersen set to return in the semi-final. So far he's doing a useful job, and is at least proving that he's the man to step up if there's an injury down the line.

Over 4 Bond 0-0-6-0-4-0 38-1 - Bond continues, and Lumb picks up the third delivery and times it sweetly over long-on for six. As Nasser Hussain points out, the key was that he didn't try to hit it too hard. Lumb gets lucky two balls later though as an outside edge flies to Hopkins' left and away for four. Hopkins got a hand to it so it goes down as half a chance, but it would have been a blinder of a catch had he taken it. This superb start is just what England needed, because it affords them the luxury of playing sensibly and without big pressure against the spinners in the middle overs.

28-1 - A change immediately as Kyle Mills replaces McCullum. Worked wide of Vettori at mid on and Kieswetter picks up two. WICKET! The change works! Kieswetter is gone, slapping the ball straight to Nathan McCullum in the covers. New Zealand really needed that. Bopara is the new man; he hasn't played for England since the fourth Ashes Test last year. He'll be glad to get off the mark, nudging the ball to fine leg for one. Driven through the covers by Lumb, the ball just holds up before the fence and he scuttles through for three.

Over 2 Bond 0-4lb-0-1-4-0 22-0 - A short one from Bond, it strays a touch down leg but rushes Kieswetter who isn't onto the hook in time but manages to get a pad on it that flies past Hopkins for four leg byes. England are helping themselves to boundaries as Lumb flicks it off his toes past short fine leg for four.

Over 1 N MCCullum 1-1-4-6-0-1 13-0 - It's Nathan McCullum to get us underway. Wow, Kieswetter isn't wasting any time! Second ball he hammers the first ball he faces over midwicket for four. He goes again! Great use of the feet as he comes down the track and hammers it over McCullum's head, this time for six.. A great start for England.

New Zealand 149 for six So, New Zealand finish on 149, it's a competitive total but they would have hoped for a little more after the great platform Taylor and Styris provided. Early on it didn't look like the Kiwis had much of a chance though, with some good work from Bresnan up front restricting the free scoring openers. With so much on the line for the Black Caps you can be sure their bowlers will be fired up. Join us shortly to see how they get on.

Over 20 Bresnan 1-1-1-1-1-2 149-6 - McCullum and Vettori exchange singles off the first four balls, with Bresnan making good use of the slow delivery. McCullum tries to paddle the penultimate delivery past short fine leg but he can't get hold of it and only manages another single. Vettori drives the final delivery into the covers were Collingwood fires the ball back at Bresnan, the bowler has no chance of getting it and they scamper through for an overthrow.

Over 19 Sidebottom 1-1-6-W-1-0 142-6 - Nathan McCullum as joined Taylor, so still no Vettori. He nudges a single to give Taylor the strike - rather sensible - and Taylor pulls a slow short ball over square leg for six. WICKET But then he departs, caught at long-off. It was a full-length delivery from Sidebottom and Taylor just didn't quite get enough leverage. It might have cleared the rope if the fielder hadn't been there, but instead Bresnan takes it one yard off the fence. That does bring Vettori to the crease, and he gets an inside edge to Kieswetter off the final ball. The Kiwis skipper sets off without even looking round to see where the ball has gone, and would have been run out had Kieswetter hit the stumps with his underarm throw.

Over 18 Broad 1-W-2-1-1-2nb-W 133-5 - WICKET! Styris goes to a good catch from Luke Wright, who covered plenty of ground running in from long-on before sliding as he took it. Styris had tried to clear the straight boundary but toe-ended it and fell well short. A misfield from Collingwood of all poeple allows two as Taylor pushes to midwicket, and Gareth Hopkins - who's come in ahead of Daniel Vettori - gets off the mark as he pulls to square lge for a single. Vettori top-scored against Pakistan in New Zealand's last match so it's a bit strange that he's not come in now. WICKET! Broad bowls a no-ball above waist-height to Taylor, who gets it away for one, and the extra ball accounts for Hopkins as the slow left-cutter bowls him. Broad was a bit lucky there because replays suggest he overstepped when he bowled that no-ball, so the wicket delivery should have been a free hit.

Over 17 Sidebottom 6-0-0-1-0-1lb 126-3 - Bang! Sidebottom gets it full, but not full enough and Styris muscles him over long-on for six. The boundaries here are a bit bigger than at the other grounds so that was an impressive hit. He misses the next two as Sidebottom opts for the slow, short ball which just holds up in the pitch, before finally pulling to the leg side for a single. It's a good response from Sidebottom, who has worked out how to take advantage of the slower surface.

Over 16 Yardy 1-1-2-0-1-1 118-3 - Yardy is brought back for his final over with England struggling to stop this Kiwi surge. The fifty partnership comes up in 30 deliveries as Taylor whips one down the ground for a couple of runs. It's a fairly cheap over though, so Yardy finishes with none for 25 having just conceded the one expensive over.

Over 15 Broad 0-1-4-0-4-2 112-3 - Broad returns, but after starting nicely with two deliveries outside off stump he tries to bounce Styris, and the veteran Black Cap swivels to pull past a diving Sidebottom at short fine leg for four. Broad gets in a huff because he thinks his teammate should have stopped it, but in truth it was a poor ball so he had only himself to blame. Third man is also up in the circle, so Styris gets four more when comes down the pitch and edges over the fielder. Styris hits the final ball straight down the ground for a couple to make it 11 from the over. England need a couple of wickets to get themselves back in the game, because 160 would be very tough to chase.

Over 14 Sidebottom 4-1-2-2-2-1 101-3 - Two good overs for New Zealand has prompted an unscheduled change - Yardy went to give the umpire his cap but was sent away as Collingwood decides to bring back Sidebottom. Styris walks to the off side to whip the first ball wide of short fine leg for four, which forces Sidebottom to post a deep fine leg and bowl shorter in order to protect the long boundaries. Taylor takes advantage by steering him wide of fine leg for two off consecutive deliveries, then pushing into a gap at midwicket for another two runs. Clever cricket from New Zealand. The final ball is very nearly chopped on by Taylor, but Styris still comes through for a single.

Over 13 Yardy 6-1-1-1-2-1 89-3 - Taylor hits New Zealand's second maximum, using his trademark wristiness to whip Yardy over cow corner for six. He only just cleared the rope but there wasn't a fielder in that particular area so there wasn't any danger of getting out. Styris flicks wide enough of fine leg to grab a couple, and four more singles make it another prodtuctive over. Kiwis back on top suddenly, and Swann has finished his overs.

Over 12 Yardy 1-1-3-1-2-1 76-3 - Taylor nudges one away very fine on the off side, and superb running from Styris allows the batsmen to come back for three. Later in the over Taylor pushes into a gap in the leg side for a couple to make it a pretty handy over for New Zealand - nine off it. And that's the right approach to take to these spinners in truth - trying to clear the boundary either against the spin or against the wind doesn't make sense on a pitch that is helping the slow bowlers.

Over 11 Swann 1-1-W-1-1-1 68-3 - WICKET! Big wicket for England as McCullum departs. He'd swept pretty much every ball off the spinners but this time he tries to take Swann on and he falls short, with Yardy taking the catch on the cow corner boundary. Scott Styris is his replacement, and he gets off the mark straight away with a clip to square leg for one. England's spinners are doing a job for their skipper once again here.

Over 10 Yardy 0-1-1-0-1-1 63-2 - Taylor is a good player of spin and knows how to clear a boundary, but he'll need a bit of time to get his eye in. This is a crucial partnership for New Zealand, who will be aiming for 160.

Over 9 Swann 1-2-0-6-0-W 59-2 - Redmond takes Swann on, and gets the result he's looking for at the second attempt. The first one landed just wide of Broad - who Swann felt could have got under the ball - at deep square leg and brings two runs, but the second is lifted over backward square leg for six. WICKET! Redmond goes again, but this time doesn't get as much on it and Broad takes a brilliant catch. Not only did he have to dive to his right to take it, but he needed the awareness to keep his knees bent with his feet hovering above the boundary rope. He even has to crawl forward before he can get up to make sure he doesn't touch the Toblerone bar.

Over 8 Yardy 0-1-1-1-2-1 50-1 - The spin challenge has been laid before New Zealand here, with Michael Yardy joining Swann from the other end. Both batsmen are looking to hit to the leg side, so England protect the boundaries and just allow the ones and twos. New Zealand could do with a few boundaries to add some momentum to their innings.

Over 7 Swann 1-0-1-1-1-1 45-1 - End of the powerplay, and immediately spin is introduced. That's worked well for England so far in the tournament and on this pitch Graeme Swann has a good opportunity to frustrate the batsmen. The Black Caps are happy with singles until the fifth ball when McCullum comes down the track to try and hit over long-on, but he can only get a streaky single to fine leg.

Over 6 Broad 1-0-1-wd-0-4-0 39-1 - Redmond did very well after coming in halfway through last year's World Twenty20 with New Zealand suffering a glut of injuries, but this isn't the easiest pitch to walk onto and hit runs straight away. He should have been run out second ball after a horrible mix-up all round - Redmond guided one down to third man, where a misfield from Ravi Bopara encouraged the second. Redmond wanted it, McCullum didn't, and Redmond would have been well short of his ground had Broad gathered Kieswetter's relay throw. Instead Broad fumbles - the only excuse possibly being that a poor throw bounced just in front of him - and Redmond survives. McCullum pulls over mid-on for four later in the over, but then misses out on a long-hop, hitting it straight to short fine leg.

Over 5 Bresnan 0-1-0-W-0-2 32-1 - WICKET! Bresnan's slower balls are doing the trick here, flummoxing both batsmen. McCullum allows himself a wry smile after failing to pick it before getting lucky as he pops a return catch to Bresnan who drops it high above his head. It almost parried to Broad at mid-off. Ryder is beaten by one slower one and then still fails to pick another next ball and is bowled as he tries to swing across the line. Intelligent cricket from Bresnan; not from Ryder. Aaron Redmond comes in at number three and gets off the mark with a dab to third man for two.

Over 4 Broad 1lb-0-0-4-0-4 29-0 - Stuart Broad replaces Sidebottom, who didn't find any swing in his opening over. While McCullum has looked pretty good so far, Ryder has struggled. However after battling through a couple of dot balls he gets a piece of luck as he backs away to leg and lofts just over cover's head for four. Broad then makes the mistake of dropping shot, and that too is cut over cover with the same outcome.

Over 3 Bresnan 4-4-1-1-0-1 20-0 - McCullum is bustling with energy, and he's running down the pitch at every opportunity. The first two balls are dispatched through the offside, one along the ground and the other in the air through extra cover. Bresnan resorts to the short stuff, which does quieten him down somewhat, but McCullum is building some useful momentum.

Over 2 Sidebottom 4-1-1lb-wd-0-1-0 9-0 - Ryan Sidebottom starts poorly, with a full, wide delivery which allows McCullum to throw the bat and get four over cover-point. McCullum manages a couple of singles in the rest of the over, and shows some real intent as he looks to get down the wicket. If he gets going then England will have a problem.

Over 1 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-1-0 1-0 - Tim Bresnan opens up for England, and it's a good start. Brendon McCullum takes a couple of deliveries before using his feet to try and get at the bowler, but he misses with a wild thrash. A single to mid-on is the only run. We saw earlier that it can take a little while to get used to the pace of the pitch.

Conditions This pitch was on the slow side in the first game today so we can expect it to be just a touch slower now. That puts the spinners in the game but of course it only works if you have good spinners - Roelof van der Merwe was brought in for South Africa and he got hammered. Both sides will be quite confident with the spinners in their ranks, and truth be told the two sides look very even. The anthems are rattling out, so we'll be underway shortly.

New Zealand Brendon McCullum, Jesse Ryder, Aaron Redmond, Ross Taylor, Scott Styris, Gareth Hopkins (wk), Daniel Vettori (capt), Ian Butler, Nathan McCullum, Shane Bond, Kyle Mills

England Michael Lumb, Craig Kieswetter (wk), Ravi Bopara, Paul Collingwood (capt), Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Tim Bresnan, Michael Yardy, Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, Ryan Sidebottom

Team news One change on either side. Obviously Kevin Pietersen has flown home for the birth of his first child, which happened a couple of hours ago, and so he's replaced in the side by Ravi Bopara. For the Black Caps Aaron Redmond comes in for the out-of-form Martin Guptill.

Toss New Zealand have won the toss and elected to bat first. Which has been the sensible thing to do all tournament, except in games where rain plays a part. That's not a threat today.

Hello Welcome to over-by-over commentary of England's final Super Eight match against New Zealand. With Pakistan beating South Africa, the equation is quite simple. England are already through, and if they win tonight then they go through with Pakistan. If New Zealand win then England go through with the Black Caps. Either way England will avoid Australia in the semi-finals, which is a real bonus.

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