WT20 Final: England v Australia commentary

By Tristan Holme (South Africa)   Last updated: 16th May 2010  

Trophy time Collingwood walks over to the waiting team and lifts the trophy as the champagne flies. No-one can dispute that they were the best side in the tournament, which must make it extra satisfying. Thanks for your company throughout the afternoon. For now, it's cheers from us.

Paul Collingwood "It's right up there - it's got to be. This is our first World Cup we've won and it's taken a lot of hard work... We've got some good players and you can see the belief that we've got out on the pitch. We're getting there, and we did it today... When we got the three wickets early doors we gave ourselves a great opportunity... The wicket played absolutely fantastic and obviously that partnership was crucial... We're going to savour this because we're delighted."

Man of the tournament It's Kevin Pietersen: "Interesting week for me - a baby on Monday... But this trophy goes to the boys." On England's turnaround: "I think the more you play the more you win and that becomes a habit. This team is hungry for success and every training session the boys go harder and harder." He then talks about how "great" everything is without saying anything of subtance before going on: "140 probably wasn't enough but we still had to get them." On Kieswetter: "He's really impressed in all the practices and he hits the ball well. I was watching him on tv back in England and when he comes down the wicket his head is so still."

Man of the match Craig Kieswetter is the man of the match, and It's great to get some runs in the final. "It's been a great experience, obviously to play against Australia in the final makes it all the better. I'd love to play in all forms but for the moment it's just one-day cricket. Hopefully I can keep putting in performances and knocking on the door." He also, quite impressively, admitted that he needs to work on his wicketkeeping.

Michael Clarke "I don't think we scored enough runs... You have to give credit to England they outplayed us... We've done well throughout the tournament and Australian Twenty20 cricket is going forward.." On the bowlers' struggles: "One day it goes to plan and one day it doesn't, that's Twenty20 cricket." ... "Our talent in this squad is unbelievable - we have four great players on the bench who didn't get an opportunity." ... "I think 170 would have been great but the way England played we needed 200."

England win by 7 wickets And that's a quite emphatic victory, because they've done it with a whole three overs to spare. The whole side chase after Collingwood and there's much whooping before the England skipper leads his side back out to the middle to shake hands with the Australians. They have been thumped in a major final - a new feeling for them, and especially for the players who won the World Cup on this ground three years ago. Stay tuned, and I'll pass on what quotes I can pick up from the presentation.

Over 17 Watson 2-1-6-0-4-4 148-3 - Given their predicament, it's rather puzzling why Australia turn to Watson, who's barely enjoyed a good over in the tournament. Morgan drives high in the air first ball but there's no-one back at long-on and so he gets two as David Hussey runs back to attempt a desperate lunge before the ball lands. Collingwood then brings out the short-arm jab and clears midwicket for six, before a good old-fashioned heave results in an inside edge wide of fine leg. One needed, and Collingwood whips it wide of mid-on for four! England are World Twenty20 champions!

Over 16 Smith 0-6-2-2-0-1 134-3 - There's a tangible feeling of relief around the ground as Morgan sweeps and times the ball well enough to just make the backward square leg boundary for six. He'd been outfoxed by Smith the ball before and the tension was just building. The left-hander pushes the next two balls into the legside and comes flying back for two runs from each, which just lifts all the pressure. The rain is just about holding off for now, so England should have time to win this in the standard fashion (they're well ahead on Duckworth-Lewis). 14 needed from 24 balls.

Over 15 Johnson W-0-0-0-0-wd-1 123-3 - WICKET! Is there time for an England collapse? There's a murmur around the ground as Kieswetter departs in comical fashion. He's often given himself room against Johnson, but this time he gave himself so much room that he could only stand and watch as a straight ball sends off stump cartwheeling. He didn't even try and hit it once he saw how far away he was, and just watched. Nevertheless, he's certainly done his bit. Now the Old England would have thrown this away without any problem, but this is a New Confident England. Right? There are certainly a few nerves as Morgan plays and misses outside off stump before clipping the final delivery away for a single. It's just starting to rain...

Over 14 Smith W-1-1-0-0-1 121-2 - WICKET! Whoopsie! Pietersen dances down the track and tries to go over the bowler's head for six, but the bat turns in his hand and he holes out to Warner at long-off. Makes one wonder why Smith was taken off when his first over (back when Australia were still in the game) wasn't bad at all. Paul Collingwood is the new batsman, but while he's had an underwhleming tournament England just need nudges and nurdles from here on, and that's a game The Brigadier knows all too well. England need 27 runs to win from 36 balls.

Over 13 Nannes 4-6-1-1-1lb-1 118-1 - This is a new experience for the current cricket generation: Australia are getting owned in a World Cup final. Okay so it's a Twenty20 final, but for those whose cricket viewing experience doesn't extend back into the eighties, this is quite something. Kieswetter slashes over short third man for four, then clips off his pads for six, taking one hand off the bat in the process as if for emphasis as to how easy this run chase is turning out to be. He's seriously lucky to survive an lbw shout later in the over though as Billy Doctrove throws England another favourable decision. That was very full, pitched on leg and would have sent middle stump cartwheeling.

Over 12 Tait 1-1-4-wd-6-1-1 104-1 - Tait returns in search of a wicket, but Pietersen is adding a touch of class to this England effort now. A textbook drive over mid-on brings four, but his next shot is even better: a timed drive over extra cover for six. Simply sublime from a man who is playing as well as he ever has. Kieswetter goes to fifty (40 balls, 6x4s, 1x6) with a single off the final ball, and England should coast it from here.

Over 11 Watson 2-wd-1-6-2-4-0 89-1 - A slice of luck for Pietersen as he clips just short of Johnson at midwicket. Had the fielder been a few yards in - or somewhere near as close as Collingwood stood during Australia's innings - that would have been gone. The fact that Watson is bowling in the first place suggests a lack of confidence in Smith - I thought he'd have changed ends but that wasn't the case. Kieswetter is clearly happy and goes after Watson, pulling him for six over midwicket and then slashing over point for four. In between those he had a mix-up with Pietersen and just made it back for a second after the long-on fielder threw to the wrong end. It's all going England's way, and dare I say this is their match to lose now. They need 59 runs to win from 54 balls.

Over 10 Johnson 1-1-1-1-1-0 73-1 - Australia desperately need a wicket, and Johnson is the man tasked with getting it. He resorts to coming round the wicket to Kieswetter (but still over to Pietersen), and the batsmen have to be content with singles. Kieswetter is hugely fortunate not to be bowled after backing away and missing a straight one. We're halfway through now, and England need 75 runs to win from 60 balls.

Over 9 Watson 2-0-2-0-4-4 68-1 - Shane Watson has gone for more than nine an over in the tournament so far, so it's a sign of how well England have got after Johnson that Clarke has thrown him the ball. Kieswetter edges down to third man for a couple, then cracks a square drive perfectly but is denied four by a superb dive by Mike Hussey on the boundary. Instead England get two for it, but earn a Hussey refund when David dives over the ball at mid-off later in the over and concedes four. Kieswtter throws the bat at the final ball and slices it over backward point for another boundary. Twelve from the over, so that's one less bowler Clarke will want to throw the ball to. England right on top.

Over 8 Smith 1-0-1-0-1-4 56-1 - The legspin of Steven Smith is introduced, and does very well given that both batsmen are clearly looking to get after him. White's quick fielding at deep cover certainly prevented two runs in that over, but England more or less keep up with the rate thanks to Pietersen, who leapt down the pitch to smash the final ball past extra cover for four. Got to the pitch of the ball nicely. England need 92 runs to win from 72 deliveries at 7.66 per over.

Over 7 Johnson 1-1-0-0-2-4 49-1 - Johnson finds a good length but also some nip off the pitch to get the ball to seam into Pietersen's midriff. That secures a couple of dot balls before a full delivery is driven back past the bowler for two and another is cracked past cover for four. That was poor from Johnson, who will wonder why he bowled full after the back-of-a-length stuff worked so nicely for him.

Over 6 Nannes 1-1-1-0-1-0 41-1 - Nannes has switched ends to bowl the final over of the powerplay, and he pulls things back for Australia with a quick over that brings just four singles. Pietersen tried to take on a short ball but was hurried by the pace of it, and Kieswetter elects to duck under the short one that he receives. It's all very tight at the moment, but England are strong favourites so long as Pietersen is at the crease.

Over 5 Johnson 1-0-1-5wd-0-4-1 36-1 - Mitchell Johnson replaces Nannes, but after starting well he released all the pressure by firing a wide down legside. Haddin looked to have it covered as he dived before the ball dipped on him at the last minute, dashing away for five wides. Pietersen then drove beautifully on the up through cover for four to put England on top. They need 113 runs to win from 15 overs at 7.46 per over.

Over 4 Tait 2-3-0-0-4-0 24-1 - Pietersen is up and running in fine fashion, pulling a quick short ball through wide midwicket for two and then flicking away square for three. Kieswtter crunches a wide delivery through extra cover for four, but misses out on two deliveries on his pads. That might just be the place to bowl to him, because he's hitting everything that's on the offside straight through the gaps. England are looking good.

Over 3 Nannes 0-0-0-4-4-0 15-1 - Nannes has seen how useful the short ball was for England and is using it to good effect to Kieswetter. His first two are proper short balls, but he gets fuller as the over goes on until Kieswetter is able to pick one up off leg stump and clip it over wide mid-on for four. Great timing. Of course we haven't had our sightscreen problem for the match, so it's slightly reassuring that we get one now. The screen isn't closing completely so there are white stripes in between the black, and we'll have another three to five minutes to wait while they fix it, apparently... Hi from Norway!" says Patrick Naylor. "I have been following the games on the net because they dont know what cricket is here! Come on England!! Nice if you can say hello.Thanks." Hello! We're finally about to get back underway. Kieswetter takes guard again, but shows he hasn't had his mental lock broken when he laces the next ball through extra cover for four. Good shot, sir.

Over 2 Tait 1-0-2-1-W-0 7-1 - The success of the Pakistan openers on Friday stemmed from the decision to give themselves a couple of overs to have a look, and England seem to be following that lead. Kieswetter punches neatly through a gap in the offside and grabs a couple of runs, then fends to extra cover and dashes through for one. Sensible stuff. WICKET! Commentator's curse? Quite possibly. Shaun Tait pitches one up to Lumb, who looks to clip over the legside but instead hits it straight to mid-on. Kevin Pietersen, on whom so much rests, middles a drive first-up but hits it straight to mid-off. For once he declines a trademark Red Bull single to get off the mark.

Over 1 Nannes 1-0-0-0-0-2 3-0 - Michael Lumb and Craig Kieswetter haven't failed once in the latter stages of the tournament, and they get off to a solid enough start. Lumb edges wide of second slip but only gets a single as third man gets around to cut it off, and then Kieswetter struggles against a bright Dirk Nannes before mishitting his pull to get two over cover - not where he originally planned to hit that...

Richard Farrell in Kirkcudbright, Scotland "Great coverage. England have done very well against a confident Aussie side. We've continued our good form. If the Aussies defend that total they will definately deserve the win but I think if we get off to a reasonable start it should be very gettable!" The players are back on the field now, with the usual suspects at the crease for England.

Tim Risbridger disagrees "Australia will be able to protect this no worries," he says. "England need to pray for rain. It was Yardy's over which has lost it for England."

Julius in London says "This is England's day today, we're due a tournament win other than the Ashes. Let's hope we don't bottle our last innings after an outstanding tournament!"

Australia 147/6 Given what we've seen, I'll throw caution to the wind and say it's five or ten runs short of par. It's the same score that England chased on this pitch against Pakistan, but that was against a shambolic Pakistan side who dropped some dollies and fielded abysmally. England are slight favourites - they would have taken this at the start you fancy, but have work to do. Agree? Tristan.Holme@teamtalkmedia.co.za

Over 20 Broad 1-1+W-1b-1-1-2 147-6 - WICKET! Broad's last over was on the costly side, but he's entrusted with the final over and starts perfectly. He doesn't allow the batsmen any leverage, and David Hussey is run out coming back for a second. His brother called him through since he was coming to the danger end, but David is clearly knackered and Wright throws to the correct end as he swoops from long-on. That brings Steven Smith to the crease, and Mike Hussey calls him through for a bye as he swings and misses. Hussey hits the next ball straight to long-off and sticks to a single, Smith swings and misses and gets a nick on one that rolls to the keeper but still gets one, and then Hussey somehow comes back for two after hitting the final ball straight to Wright at long-off. An excellent last over from Broad.

Over 19 Sidebottom 1-2-0-4-2-wd-2 140-5 - David Hussey brings up his fifty (49 balls, 1x4, 2x6s) with a chip down the ground for two. It's not the quickest fifty, but he's measured it pretty well given Australia's precarious position so early in the match. He gets a bit of luck two balls later as he comes down the pitch and edges away fine for four, then backs away to the next delivery and hits it over extra cover for two. He's huffing and puffing after that, showing just how humid it is out there today. The final ball is hammered won the ground for a couple, so Mike Hussey will face the first ball of the final over and I'd say this match is pretty even right now. This last over is likely to be crucial then.

Over 18 Broad 1-4-1-4-2-2 128-5 - Wright's fill-in over might have justified another one, but for now England return to Plan A with Broad to bowl out from the one end. Mike Hussey manages to whip the second ball away behind square for four, but it begs the question why the man in the deep is in front of square when Hussey scored around two-thirds of his runs on Friday behind square on the legside. David Hussey then uses some premeditation to shuffle across his stumps and lift a delivery from outside off stump over short fine leg for four. The field changes after that shot, with fine leg going back and mid-off and mid-on coming up in the circle, and David Hussey gets the last two deliveries either side of Kevin Pietersen at mid-off and grabs a couple of runs each time.

Over 17 Bresnan 1-1-4-1-7nb-2-1 114-5 - Mike Hussey's name as an ominous ring about it after Friday's outrageous innings, and Collingwood is disappointed to miss an opportunity to run him out off the first ball. Hussey hit the ball almost straight to him at cover and Collingwood's shy was wide with Hussey diving in late. No-one puts in a full-length dive like Mike Hussey, but he would still have been short there. His luck continues when he comes down the pitch and edges through slips for four, and his brother backs that up by hitting a no-ball (height) over midwicket for six. Seventeen from the over gives Australia hope and momentum with three overs to go.

Over 16 Wright 1-1-1-W-1-1 97-5 - WICKET! This is a huge wicket, and this time Broad makes amends with a very good catch. White is the danger man for Australia but he's gone after slicing one high in the air. It was landing around cover-point on the edge of the dotted circle, and Broad ran back with two other fielders converging on him and took the catch over his shoulder. Luke Wright is the bowler, and his skipper will be very pleased with him - Wright hasn't bowled an over in the tournament before today but he's done a great job here.

Over 15 Bresnan 1-4-0-1-0-1 92-4 - England are going to have to pick a sixth bowler here because Yardy looks to have been hit out of the attack with an over that went fo 21. Collingwood turns back to Bresnan, but he tries to bounce White with his second ball and is slapped fiercely through square leg for four. That was brutal. Bresnan does well in the wake of it though, and he follows White as the batsman comes down the pitch and steps to leg, ensuring that all he can do is prod to the legside for a single. Dropped! Hussey skies the final ball to a wide mid-on position but Broad, backpeddling from midwicket, makes an absolute hash of it. All he manages to do is get a hand to it as he reaches back behind him while falling over. Nasser Hussain feels the breeze might have played a part in that misjudgment.

Over 14 Swann 0-1-0-0-4-0 85-4 - Swann is a wilier customer than his spin partner, so it's a good contest between him and a Cameron White who's looking to hit out. Swann wins the battle despite being hit for a four back over his head as White gave himself room. Swann won't mind that if he's bowling four dot balls around it. He's bowled out now though, finishing with one for 17.

Over 13 Yardy 0-6-1-4-6-4 80-4 - Here we go then. Hussey is ready to go now, and he steps deep in his crease to get back and pull over midwicket for six. He's taken a while to build up confidence but White is already set after a couple of overs, and he whacks two fours straight down the ground and one massive six over long-on. Yardy was darting the ball in and lost his composure, but who could blame him against such an onslaught. Now the game is on.

Over 12 Swann 0-1-2-1-0-1 59-4 - Hussey shows his first sign of intent as he comes down the pitch, but he's forced to adjust because he doesn't get to the pitch and ends up chipping just short of Broad at long-off. White then steps back to give himself room and loft over extra cover, but he only gets a couple. Australia looking to break loose here but some good bowling is keeping them pinned down.

Over 11 Yardy 1-1-2-1-1-1 54-4 - Yardy doesn't seem to be bowling quite so quickly today, and is varying his pace quite widely to good effect. Hussey rocks onto the back foot to cut away behind square for a couple, but the majority of the over is pushed down the ground for singles. Australia will figure they need another 90 or 100 off these last nine overs to feel confident when they go out to field.

Over 10 Swann 1-W-1-1-0-0 47-4 - WICKET! A brilliant catch from Collingwood gets the praise but this is also a clever set-up. Swann's flight lured Clarke down the pitch and encouraged the flick to legside, but he hit it to Collingwood's left at short midwicket - a crafty position to employ - and the England captain dived to catch it two-handed. As Nasser Hussain points out, Collingwood being in close to cut off the angle was also crucial - if he'd been a couple of yards back that would have flown wide of him. Clarke departs for a run-a-ball 27 just when Australia need to get a move on.

Over 9 Yardy 1-1-0-2-1-1 44-3 - Michael Yardy's darts are introduced, and I fully expect Hussey to have a go either this over or next because he won't be so worried about flight and turn. Clarke cuts away behind point for a couple, and Hussey mistimes a flick to the legside buit scampers through for a single. Still not too much bravado from the Australians but it can't be long until they try and kick off.

Over 8 Swann 1-1-1-0-1-0 38-3 - Good start for Swann, who holds the ball back nicely and doesn't allow Hussey to get after him. Instead Australia manage just four singles and are unable to pick up momentum after a good last over.

Over 7 Bresnan 1-1lb-2-1-1-4 34-3 - The seamers have done brilliantly so far, so Collingwood delays the introduction of spin and brings back Bresnan for his second over. His third ball is too short, which allows Clarke time to pick his spot and pull away for two behind square. Bresnan's last ball is not as short, but because it's straighter Clarke is able to get it away in front of square and squeeze it through the gap between midwicket and mid-on for four.

Over 6 Broad 1-0-0-0-0-0 24-3 - Broad is banging the ball in here and getting good lift, and because he's bowling very straight Hussey is unable to get him away. He might have used his feet to unsettle Broad there had Australia not lost three wickets for nothing already. Instead he has to bide his time, knowing that plenty of damage can always be done in the last ten if you have a few wickets to spare.

Over 5 Sidebottom 4-1-1lb-0-1-0 23-3 - Sidebottom has bowled quite a few legside deliveries and got away with them, but he starts with one to Clarke who just helps it wide of the keeper for four. That's just the sort of help Clarke needs as he looks for runs under pressure. Hasn't had much of a tournament to speak of with the bat, but a big score here would erase the criticism that's been around since before the tournament even started.

Over 4 Broad 0-1-1-2-wd-0-1 16-3 - The pressure is really showing on Australia, who twice risk singles to cover similar to the one that led to the run-out. D Hussey would have become Clarke's (and Lumb's) second victim had the fielder hit directly off the final ball of the over. Australia are looking to rebuild through risk-free ones and twos.

Over 3 Sidebottom W-1-1-0-0-0 10-3 - WICKET! This is unbelievable! Everything is going for England right now, including the bad umpiring decisions. Brad Haddin tried to pull off his hips, the ball deflected off his thighpad, and Kieswetter makes a superb catch down the legside, diving near-on full-length. I must say that at first it looked like the ball had come off the glove, but the replay shows quite clearly that Billy Doctrove has done Haddin a disservice. All Haddin could do was manage a wry smile at the umpire, but then he pointed to his thighpad, effectively handing over 20% of his match fee. David Hussey is the new batsman, and he and Clarke stick out the rest of the over. What a dream start for England.

Over 2 Bresnan 0-0-1-0-W-1 8-2 - A lot of sides have turned to spin early on to try and counter David Warner's strong hitting but England stick to their regular gameplan and bring on Tim Bresnan. He starts with the perfect line and length, pitching the ball on Warner's leg stump to cramp him for room as it angles towards off stump. WICKET! England's dream start continues, as Warner is effectively sold down the river by Clarke. The skipper blocked into the offside and took off late for a single that wasn't really there. Lumb swooped and underarmed to the stumps, just clipping the off stump hard enough to knock the bail off. That was a result of pressure on Clarke from not scoring, and another risky single from the final ball almost led to a second run-out.

Over 1 Sidebottom 2-0-W-wd-1-1-wd-0 6-1 - WICKET! I think it's fair to say that it will never get better than this for Ryan Sidebottom. Out of the Test side and on the wrong side of 30, this tournament has had the air of a last hurrah but what a hurrah it could turn out to be. Shane Watson mistimed his first ball through midwicket for a couple, but edges the third as it lifts off the pitch. Craig Kieswetter, whose keeping in this tournament has been very ordinary it must be said, can only parry the ball as it flies through at head height but Graeme Swann is alert at slip and leaps on the loose ball to claim the catch. Sidebottom sends a couple of wides down legside as Michael Clarke faces up, but otherwise it's a great start for England.

Anthem time There's a real final atmosphere around the ground, which you could see in Paul Collingwood's smile at the toss. I don't think it's packed to the rafters but it's not far off and there's no shortage of England fans to sing the national anthem. Collingwood gives the ground a round of applause afterwards before leading his side out onto the field.

Get in touch Australia wanted to bat first anyway, by the way - that being the usual procedure after winning the toss in the tournament. Personally I've thought England's greatest attribute has been the ability of their bowlers to adapt to conditions immediately - they've all hit the right spot with their first ball of the match just about every time. Let's hear your impressions and predictions though - is anyone bucking the bookies' trend and backing England? Email: Tristan.Holme@teamtalkmedia.co.za.

Conditions Ian Bishop, who shoud be fairly familiar with this ground, feels the pitch is slightly drier than the ones we've seen in the competition so far. Nevertheless there will be the usual carry and a look at the games played here so far in the tournament shows that we should have some runs. Sri Lanka scored 195 against West Indies here, while Australia managed 184 against India. England will hope to restrict Australia to around 160, I suppose.

Australia 1 Shane Watson, 2 David Warner, 3 Brad Haddin (wk), 4 Michael Clarke (capt), 5 David Hussey, 6 Cameron White, 7 Michael Hussey, 8 Steven Smith, 9 Mitchell Johnson, 10 Dirk Nannes, 11 Shaun Tait.

England 1 Michael Lumb, 2 Craig Kieswetter (wk), 3 Kevin Pietersen, 4 Paul Collingwood (capt), 5 Eoin Morgan, 6 Luke Wright, 7 Tim Bresnan, 8 Graeme Swann, 9 Michael Yardy, 10 Stuart Broad, 11 Ryan Sidebottom.

Team news Unsusrprisingly, both sides are unchanged having been settled throughout the competition. So they look like this...

Toss England have won the toss and elected to bowl first. Which is rather bucking the trend, but England have chased well throughout the tournament. Paul Collingwood thinks it's a great pitch which won't change through the afternoon.

Favourites Australia are certainly the favourites with the bookies, having steamrolled through the tournament winning all their matches. Both sides will be encouraged by their incredible victory over Pakistan I reckon. Australia will feel that nothing is insurmountable having overcome Pakistan 191 when they looked dead and buried, but England should see a great degree of fallibility there. Pakistan's bowling towards the end was very poor - they should never have lost that match - and the fact that they managed 191, when all of Australia's previous opponents had been bowled out inside their 20 overs, is reason to think England have a good chance today.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the World Twenty20 final between England and Australia. We have good news to start things off with: it's warm and sunny at the Kensington Oval, so we'll have a prompt start. There was talk yesterday of rain intervening, but so far so good. The toss will be taking place in about 10 minutes.

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