South Africa v Netherlands Live

By Jonhenry Wilson (South Africa)   Last updated: 3rd March 2011  

South Africa v Netherlands Live

South Africa win by 231 runs A clinical performance from the South Africans. Having notched up a sizable score, the Proteas wasted little time in rifling through the Dutch order. Having given England a run for their money the Netherlands would have been hoping to push Graeme Smith's men a little harder but it was not to be. Next up for the South Africans is a massive clash with England on Sunday while the Netherlands face the hosts, India, on Wednesday. We'll be covering both games life so do join us then. For now you can switch across to the Pakistan vs Canada game where the North Americans are giving Shahid Afridi's men a tough time.

120 - Wicket! Lovely stuff from Tahir as he fires in a quicker one that traps Loots straight in front. They ask for the review but more out of hope than anything else and at this stage why not, but it won't be of any help, umpire Kettleborough had it spot on. The South Africans ask for review next up as Westdijk is hit on the pads pushing forward. He's been hit outside the line though so it's not out. Wicket! Another review! Kettleborough has given it out as Westdijk pushes forward. They have one review left so go for it but it's just clipped the top of leg and that's that folks!

Over 34 Peterson 0-0-1-0-wd-0-6 119-8 - Sloppy fielding allows the batsmen to trot through for overthrows as an unnecessary throw at the stumps isn't backed up. Loots shows some aggression and it pays off as he thumps the ball over the bowler's head for six. Nicely played.

111-8 - Wicket! Another one gone! De Grooth is run out looking for a quick single, it was a direct hit from Smith who rushed in from short fine leg. Wicket! Oh boy, the Netherlands are falling apart here as Bukhari is beaten all ends up by a wrong 'un from Tahir. He didn't pick it and had his stumps disturbed as a result. A slip in place for the new man Loots.

109-6 - Peterson returns for another spell. Wicket! Big appeal as the ball pitches on leg and turns back to hit leg stump - or so it seems. Again umpire de Silva didn't give it and the South Africans challenge the call. Borren starts walking as soon as the replay comes up on the big screen, it was plumb! De Silva is having a shocker!

Over 31 Duminy 2-0-0-1-0-0 108-5 - De Grooth shuffles down the crease and turns the ball wide of mid on for two. Borren looks to scamper through for a single as he dabs the ball into the leg side but Faf du Plessis is there in a second to swoop in and field. He gets up rather gingerly though, lets hope he hasn't injured himself.

Over 30 Steyn 0-0-1-wd-0-0-1 105-5 - Kemar Roach skittled the Netherlands with a fast and full attack and Steyn is trying to do the same here, a hint of reverse-swing available too. A wide down the leg side is well gathered by Morne van Wyk and de Grooth collects one to the leg side to finish the over.

Over 29 Duminy 0-0-0-1-0-0 102-5 - There's not major turn for Duminy, just a hint, but his angle across the batsman from around the stumps causes new man Peter Borren some trouble. The Dutch skipper then decides to use his feet and skips to clip to midwicket for a single. This is a great opportunity for Duminy to have a safe bowl in case he's needed later in the tournament.

Over 28 Steyn 0-2-0-0-W-1 101-5 - More pace might suit shot-making but it is Dale Steyn so maybe not. OUT! Having collected a couple of runs to the leg side Ten Doeschate gets stuck in two minds and trapped dead on the crease by a delivery which seams back in to him beautifully. The Dutch dangerman is on his way for just 11.

Over 27 Duminy 1-0-0-0-1-0 98-4 - The current rate is below four, the required rate is above ten and these South African spinners are just choking the life out of Netherlands. A single to each batsmen doesn't really help the Dutch cause.

Over 26 Tahir 1-2-0-0-0-1 96-4 - Four from the over, two of which come from a de Grooth reverse-sweep. He is then fortunate to get back on a skidding delivery which nearly catches him dead in front.

Over 25 Duminy 0-2-0-1wd-0-0 92-4 - Ten Doeschate is definitely the key for the Netherlands and he turns away off his toes for two more runs to the leg side. Duminy slip sin a leg side wide and then gets pushes away for another single by the Dutch number five.

Over 24 Tahir 0-1-1-1-1-0 88-4 - A change of ends for Tahir and he's thrown in a google which is totally misread by de Grooth - no shot offered and the ball strikes the pad but despite the appeals Asoka de Silva says not out and there's no referral. Replays suggest it's going over the stumps so good decision. The batting pair meanwhile collect two singles each with ten Doeschate looking more comfortable than his partner against the Proteas leg spinner.

Over 23 Duminy 0-0-1-W-0-1 84-4 - Ten Doeschate prods into the off side and calls "no run" in a very South African accent. He then does indeed get his single from the next delivery. OUT! Barresi goes forward in defence and drags his back foot. Morne van Wyk is quick as a flash in whipping the bails off with Barresi's foot still on the crease and third umpire Simon Taufel has no option but to send him on his way. A double blow for the Dutch who now have Tom de Grooth in the middle.

Over 22 Peterson 0-6-W-0-1-0 82-3 - Six! Zuiderent has been bogged down up until now but he saunters down the track and has absolutely middled a straight hit high into the stand over mid on. OUT! Peterson finds immediate revenge with Zuiderent trapped on the pad with the ball going on to hit leg stump. He got a healthy stride, more than 2.5 meters, but it's not referred and Ryan ten Doeschate now enters and he gets off the mark with a single.

Over 21 Duminy 0-0-2-1-0-1 75-2 - Tahir's been given just three overs and now he's off with JP Duminy's part-time off spin the replacement. He's around the wicket and turning it a touch but strays to leg and is worked away for two by Barresi. Zuiderent sweeps for a single to add to it with the Dutch really creeping along slowly here.

Over 20 Peterson 0-0-0-1-1-1 71-2 - Something has to give soon with the pressure being built by South Africa's spin pair. Barresi pushes to long on for one and then Zuiderent has a dart with a full swing aimed at long off finding the outside half of the bat and spooning up just wide of Morne Morkel on the off side.

Over 19 Tahir 0-0-0-1-0-0 68-2 - The Dutch duo are simply not able to read Tahir's googly. They are watchful and the only run from the over is a single for Barresi who once again brings out the sweep shot.

Over 18 Peterson 0-1-0-1-0-1 67-2 - Spinners in tandem now with Robin Peterson introduced. Barresi sweeps again for one of three singles against the left-armer who will be used to contain from one end while Tahir plays the striking role from the other.

Over 17 Tahir 0-4-0-0-1-0 64-2 - Tahir - wearing 99 on his back - continues after the break and is swept away to the fence by Barresi who will have to bat first if the Netherlands are to get close. He picks up another single and it could have been tight had the fielder gathered cleanly there.

Over 16 Kallis 0-0-0-4-0-0 59-2 - There has been a chance of sorts in pretty much each of Kallis' previous five overs and he's in again to Zuiderent, proving too good outside off stump for a trio of deliveries, including a fuller ball which the batsman slays off the edge for four to third man. Shorter again and Zuiderent has nowhere to go for runs. That's drinks!

Over 15 Tahir 1-0-0-1-0-0 55-2 - It's a great moment this with Tahir introduced and Morne van Wyk behind the stumps will have a challenge on his hands reading the leg spinner from behind the wicket. A single to each batsman with Barresi totally flummoxed by the googly off teh final ball of the over.

Over 14 Kallis 0-0-0-1-0-0 52-2 - Another tidy over from Kallis is a string of dots apart from a flick off the hip for one by Barresi. South Africa still have Tahir and Robin Peterson in the dock and JP Duminy and Robin Peterson as part-time options. It'll be interesting to see whether Kallis gets through a full ten overs especially after his recent side strain but Smith will obviously want his full quota with bowling form like this. Back to the action and, out! No, wait - the lbw is referred by Bas Zuiderent and it turns out that Asoka de Silva missed a genuine inside edge onto the pads and Zuiderent lives on.

Over 13 Morkel 1-4-1-0-0-0 51-2 - Zuiderent is off the mark with a scampered single before a thick outside edge adds four more runs to Barresi's total. Another single and he's on to 34.

Over 12 Kallis 1-0-0-0-W-0 46-2 - OUT! This time Kallis gets his second breakthrough with the big wicket of Tom Cooper. Another sharp bouncer found the top edge and sailed down to Dale Steyn on the fine leg fence who takes a decent catch. A tougher chance than that give to Morkel who now shares a smile with Kallis. Bas Zuiderent is the new man surprisingly, and not Ryan ten Doeschate who has batted at four in the previous two games. Maybe they are saving him for later in the innings.

Over 11 Morkel 0-0-0-0-1-0 45-1 - Not surprisingly the bowling powerplay is taken immediately - comparatively South Africa after 10 overs were 43 for 0. Morne Morkel will obviously be eager to redeem himself and he's produced a disciplined over with just a single to Barresi hit out to the cover sweeper.

Over 10 Kallis 1-2-0-0-1-0 44-1 - Another thick Cooper edge yields a single to third man before Barresi pulls through midwicket for a couple - JP Duminy doing the fielding on the fence. DROPPED! It's the simplest of chances for Morne Morkel and he's fumbled it! Barresi mistimed his hook shot and spooned up to mid on where the lanky fast bowler spilled the chance! All the South Africans are a little shocked but Kallis affords his teammate a supportive wink of encouragement.

Over 9 Morkel 0-0-0-1-0-0 40-1 - Steyn's had four overs for 20 and now Morkel is back on with the skipper shuffling his bowlers around. How long until we see Tahir? It's a real quality over from Morkel who finds his line outside off stump with his steepling bounce on show. One stray delivery heads leg sides and is helped on its way for a single.

Over 8 Kallis 0-0-1lb-1-1-1 39-1 - Fine leg is up with square leg back and so Kallis is lucky to get away with just a single leg bye from a delivery on the pads. Tom Cooper has a belated dig at the short ball that follows for one to deep square before a couple of singles down to third man.

Over 7 Steyn 0-4-0-0-0-0 35-1 - A half-volley served up on a platter gets Tom Cooper his first boundary as the ball disappears through extra cover. Steyn adjusts slightly shorter and chucks in a bouncer too. No more runs from his over but he's clearly pretty angry as his lack of impact with the new ball.

Over 6 Kallis W-0-1-0-0-4 31-1 - Wicket! The golden arm of Jacques Kallis has struck once again with his very first delivery bringing a caught and bowled to get rid of Kervezee for 10. Great move by Graeme Smith to get Kallis on - the allrounder bowls a heavy ball well suited to this track and Kervezee punched his drive back to the bowler who nearly fumbled but ultimately held on. Tom Cooper is then off the mark with a single and Barresi finishes off the over with a sumptuous cover drive for four.

Over 5 Steyn 1-2-1-3-3-0 26-0 - It's obviously going to be a massive challenge for the Dutch chasing 351 but Barresi and Kervezee are clearly no mugs with the bat in the face of a pinpoint attack from Steyn. Barresi pushes to midwicket for a single before Kervezee flicks away for two and then gets a thick outside edge for one. A bouncer is pulled away for three and it's three more with Kervezee angling off his pads. Ten from the over and if these two can set a platform for the likes of ten Doeschate and Cooper to come then you just never know.

Over 4 Morkel 4-0-0-1-0-0 16-0 - Barresi you beauty, he latches onto a full delivery with a handsome drive to the fence from the opening ball of the over. Morkel then finds his length and that uncomfortable area into the batsman's ribs to force an inside edge from Barresi with one run the result.

Over 3 Steyn 0-0-0-1wd-4-0-1wd-0 11-0 - Steyn has settled into his usual banana-shape away from the right-hander and there's some movement about. Slightly too short and the ball sits up to be driven on the up by Kervezee but Faf du Plessis tidies up in the covers and there's no run. The stroke is a sign though that this track is getting increasing flat in the Mohali sunshine. After three tight deliveries Steyn strays wide and then down the leg side and Kervezee takes advantage with a flick to fine leg for four. Another wide has Steyn seething at his own ill-discipline.

Over 2 Morkel 0-0-0-0-wd-4-0 5-0 - Morne Morkel was made to bowl with a slightly older ball against the West Indies with Johan Botha used as an opener, and Morkel will relish being able to use the harder ball here. He's right on the money from the start and the gulf in pace and bounce between Morkel and the Dutch bowlers is glaringly obvious. Four dot balls to Wesley Barresi are followed by a leg side wide and then a thick edge wide of the two slips in place and away for four runs.

Over 1 Steyn 0-0-0-0-0-0 0-0 - The Phalaborwa Express is not quite so express to start, he's focusing more on control and swings in three deliveries before suddenly bumping up the aggression with a fast and nasty bouncer. Alexei Kervezee successfully sees out the opening over but it's a maiden and the Dutch will have to settle very quickly.

Dutch reply The break's been brief but we're back on already with Dale Steyn ball in hand and Morne van Wyk with the gloves on - AB de Villiers after his hundred has been afforded some time on the sidelines while 12th man Johan Botha will field.

South Africa End On 351 For Five The Netherlands' decision to bowl first has not gone according to plan. Smith and Amla were steady at the top of the knock, which paved the way for a monstrous 221-run stand between centurions Amla and de Villiers. All sorts of records reached and Duminy finished it all with a blitzkrieg cameo. The Dutch have no hope whatsoever of chasing this down. I say that with confidence, even if ten Doeschate does get a big ton.

Over 50 ten Doeschate 2-4-6-6-W-2 351-5 - Up comes the 50-run partnership as Duminy launches a couple into the off-side deep and then pivots off his heels to whip four over square-leg. He's not done there and decides six straight and long and six more creamed over cover will do just fine. His 40-run vigil off just 15 balls(!) is over when the left-hander clobbers one straight to deep midwicket. Relief for ten Doeschate. Van Wyk in now, but that's the end of the innings.

Over 49 Seelaar 1-6-1lb-1-2-1 331-4 - Duminy cranks another big six over midwicket and follows that up with reversed strokes vast and varied. Not a hang of a lot of success from 'em, but South Africa have more than enuogh runs here.

Over 48 Westdijk 5wd-1-4-1-6-1wd-3lb-1 319-4 - Westdijk returns to the attack with five wides and that's really not what the Dutch need at this stage. 300 up for South Africa. That's followed by a deft touch wide of the wicketkeeper and past thirdman for four from du Plessis. Duminy won't leave it there and duly tonks six down the ground and out the park. Westdijk wishing he wasn't not called back into the attack around about now...

Over 47 Seelaar 1-1-1-4-1-2 297-4 - With the fielding restrictions on his side again, the left-arm spinner comes back into the attack, only to have his line undone by Duminy's cheeky reverse-sweep for four.

Over 46 Bukhari 1-1-1-1,W-1-2wd-1 287-4 - Wicket! A silly mix-up in communication between du Plessis and de Villiers results in the run-out of the centurion at the non-striker's end. De Villiers really wanted two from what was only one and it's all a mess. That's a really unfortunate end to a truly great knock. Duminy in now. And so ends the batting Powerplay - 69 for two from it.

Over 45 ten Doeschate 4-4-4-1-W-0 279-3 - Audacity aplenty from de Villiers, who reverse slogs for four past thirdman-cum-fine-leg, and then planks over extra cover and mid-off for three fours on the trot. Wicket! Ten Doeschate has no idea where to land the ball next, but finally enjoys some relief as Amla tonks one straight to point. So ends a 221-run stand an a great knock of 113. Du Plessis in now.

Over 44 Loots 6-6-6-1-4-2 266-2 - Loots looks to succeed where Seelaar failed a couple of overs ago. He can't and instead cops six over midwicket, six over long-on and then six over Cow Corner. Loots' length all over the place here. Any thoughts of de Villiers pipping Herschelle Gibbs' six sixes in one over in the previous World Cup is quickly out the window when he pushes a single down to long-on. Amla is left to the strike, and duly gets in on the action with four planked down the ground. 250 up for South Africa Huge over, that. 25 from it. Ouch, indeed.

Over 43 Bukhari 1-1-0-4-0-1 241-2 - The Dutch skipper looks to combat the slog by bringing his best seamer of the day back into the attack. Great length, near yorker in fact, but de Villiers merely offers himself room to the leg-side to squirt four through point. The fielder could've and should've stopped that. Poor. Up comes de Villiers' century from just 88 balls, 10 fours and a six included. That's two tournament tons on the trot for the great right-hander. He's gone and picked up really well where he left off against the Windies seven days ago.

Over 42 Seelaar 0-1lb-6-4-1-4 234-2 - South Africa call for their batting Powerplay and de Villiers tees off straightaway. The first six of the day is launched over backward square-leg, after which four planked over extra cover sees him race into the 90s. Amla later also opts over extra cover for four more and that's a huge start to the five-over tactic for the batting side.

Over 41 ten Doeschate 1-0-2-0-0-0 218-2 - Tidy stuff from the Netherlands' veritable one-man army, with ten Doeschate's tight line and length keeping AB and Amla's hopes of finding the fence at bay for the time being.

Over 40 Bukhari 2b-1-1-1-1-1 215-2 - Amla reaches his century from 120 balls, including just six fours. He survived three half-chances early on, including a referral, and has gone onto arguably the most workmanlike ton of his ODI career. It's the eighth of his career and first at the World Cup. The small crowd are pretty appreciative. De Villiers keen to join his team-mate on three figures.

Over 39 ten Doeschate 1-1-2-1-1-0 208-2 - Amla and de Villiers break the record for South Africa's highest third-wicket partnership in World Cups - 148 not out collectively and still going strong. Two scampered singles they have their 150-run stand and the Netherlands are well and truly up against it here.

Over 38 Bukhari 1wd-1-0-1-3-0-1 202-2 - The Dutch look to their new-ball bowler for a breakthrough, but Bukhari can't oblige, instead starting with a wide and later affording de Villiers too much length. AB happy to put it away through square-leg for three with some wonderful footwork. South Africa might as well take their batting Powerplay now, rather than leave it for over 46 to 50. 200 up for the Proteas, meanwhile.

Over 37 ten Doeschate 0-2-1-0-1-1 195-2 - Right on cue, the all-rounder is back into the attack. Some lovely wristy strokeplay, with which he pierces the gap at backward square-leg for two, takes him into the 90s. Other than than, just singles, with the talented opener well on his way to an eighth ODI career ton and his first in World Cups.

Over 36 Westdijk 0-1-1-1-1-1 190-2 - No mess, no fuss, just good risk-free cricket from the two impending centurions. Singles nudged and nurdled left right and centre, with Westdijk entirely a non-threat here. Reckon it's time ten Doeschate be given the ball...

Over 35 Seelaar 1-4-0-1-0-1 185-2 - With the mandatory change of ball at the turn of the 34th over a thing of the past, spinner Seelaar continues. Far too short from him though, with de Villiers left to crank four through cover off the backfoot. Seelaar then bites back with a slight tweak in flight, beating the right-hander on the drive.

Over 34 Westdijk 0-4-1-1-1-4 178-2 - Bread'n'butter shot for Amla, who picks a short ball off its poor length to heave it through square-leg for four. Where he erred in line previously, the seamer is now fluffing his length. At least there's the occasional slower ball to keep the right-handers guessing. More shoddy length, though, soon brings another boundary, with de Villiers whipping it through backward square-leg this time around. Drinks break.

Over 33 Seelaar 1-1-1-1-0-1 167-2 - The left-arm spinner is back into the bowling fray,with Amla and de Villiers content to milk the singles on offer. Amla then decides he'd like to close the over with a boundary in the face of a rather short ball, but can't beat the gap at mid-off.

Over 32 Westdijk 1-0-1-4-0-1 162-2 - A lovely dab down to thirdman with the deftest of touches brings Amla four, which racks up the century partnership. This is the fifth time dear Hashim and sidekick AB have managed three figures between 'em. Ominous signs for the Dutch as the Proteas duo knuckle in for the long haul.

Over 31 Cooper 2-1-1-4-0-2 155-2 - De Villiers reaches his 50 from just 48 balls, five fours included. It's the 26th of his ODI career and second of the World Cup. Next stop: an 11th career and third World Cup century. Meanwhile, he drills a poor length past long-on for four to bring up South Africa's 150.

Over 30 Westdijk 1-5wd-0-0-1-1-1 145-2 - The right-arm seamer returns to the attack with a line that's never going to trouble the batsmen, with both Amla and de Villiers left to tend to plenty of leg-side fodder, a piece of which spoons past the wicketkeeper for five lame wides.

Over 29 Cooper 4-1-1-1-1-0 136-2 - Tom Cooper is into the attack and AB continues to impress, this time with an innovative reverse-sweep running away for four. de Villiers is fast approaching fifty and looking comfortable with another couple of singles while Amla misses out on a full toss from which he collects just one.

Over 28 Seelaar 1-0-1-4-0-1 128-2 - Seelaar from around the stumps loops it up high and is slashed away by de Villiers for one to deep cover. Amla slaps hard for the same result. AB is standing deep in his crease, right back on his stumps, and that makes the next delivery short enough to pull even without a backwards movement. AB clubs the stoke hard for four with a sensational shot!

Over 27 Loots 0-4-1-0-1-1 121-2 - Cavalier from de Villiers! He goes down on one knee to make a decent length delivery short enough to pull away for four in front of square! Three more singles mean that Loots' eight overs have now cost him 35 runs.

Over 26 Seelaar 1-1-1-1-1-1 114-2 - Six singles, easy does it. No trouble for the batting pair, but no great risks taken either with a full toss to de Villiers patted back down the ground for one.

Over 25 Loots 0-3-1-1-0-0 108-2 - Loots is into his seventh over and is hands-on-head after Amla chops back into his pad when it could so easily have been played onto his stumps. A lavish drive aided by a misfield allows Amla three and with a single to each player it brings up the fifty partnership.

Over 24 Seelaar 1-1-0-0-0-1 102-2 - The South Africans are more than happy to collect singles and will aim to accelerate late on with wickets in hand. There are just three runs from Seelaar here with the left-armer having seemingly gotten over his niggle from his opening over.

Over 23 Loots 0-1-1-1-1-0 100-2 - Third man, deep cover and deep square leg are all brought into play by Amla and de Villiers who are helping themselves to easy, riskless runs here.

Over 22 Seelaar 0-1-0-1-1-1 96-2 - Four more singles collected with Hashim Amla moving to his half-century off 69 deliveries. He's been fortunate with a couple of catches dropping short and a close lbw shout that was reviewed but he deserves his fifty and will want to convert for a first World Cup ton.

Over 21 Loots 0-0-1-1-0-3 92-2 - With the slip still in place both de Villiers and Amla choose to angle that little bit wider down to third man for a single each. Loots then strays in length twice, Amla miscuing a cut shot before swatting in front of square to deep cover for three.

Over 20 Seelaar 1-1-1-1-1-1 87-2 - It's an intriguing stage of the game now and a fantastic test for left-arm spinner Pieter Seelaar bowling to two very competent players of spin. De Villiers' use of his feet again spin is always exciting to watch one way or another. There are six singles taken with runs square and down the ground. Seelaar looks like his done himself a bit of an injury as he feels his side at the end of the over.

Over 19 Loots 1-2-0-1-0-0 81-2 - De Villiers has just brought so much energy in the short time that he's been in the middle. These are the top two ODI batsmen according to the ICC's rankings, and they've taken to angling away to third man for easy runs, both batsmen benefitting. Borren counteracts cleverly by bringing in a slightly wide first slip which duly stems the flow of runs with the batting pair having to play straighter.

Over 18 ten Doeschate 0-4-4-0-1-1 77-2 - Back-to-back boundaries from de Villiers who takes advantage of the field with Borren aggressively keeping the cover fielders in to the new batsman. De Villiers has taken advantage though with a clean clip off the pads for four and then a cut shot lifted over the off side field for four more. With the pressure off a couple of singles finish the over and that's given South Africa a measure of momentum after the drinks break and the fall of Kallis' wicket.

Over 17 Loots 0-1-1n-1-2-1-1 67-2 - That Kallis dismissal was as much a result of Loots' tight bowling as anything else and the tall medium pacer is at it again to Amla who cuts to third man for one. An overstepped no-ball from Loots allows de Villiers the perfect opportunity to get his eye in with a free hit which he mistimes and is caught at mid off, but the batsmen get through for a single. A couple of late cuts angled away to third man then both bring Amla runs and indicate that he's come to terms with the pace of this wicket.

Over 16 ten Doeschate 0-0-W-0-1-1 60-2 - WICKET! Kallis is out caught behind and it's the softest of dismissals. He comes down the track and gets a faint touch on a leg side delivery which Barresi is delighted to accept! It should have been wide but is a wicket instead and the Dutch are delighted, South Africa are under some pressure now as the players take drinks. AB de Villiers is in and he's off the mark with a single from his second delivery, a push to mid on.

Over 15 Loots 0-0-0-0-0-1 58-1 - This is no easy track to bat on and Loots is bowling very effectively. Kallis is battling meanwhile and after playing and missing he inside edges back onto his pads when it could so easily have been his stumps instead. A cut to third man brings a single off the last ball of the over.

Over 14 ten Doeschate 4-0-1-0-1-0 57-1 - Ten Doeschate starts full and wide and Amla somehow hits it for four, but down to fine leg via the inside edge. He gets one and then it's two Cape Town boytjies taking each other with Kallis able to get off the mark with an inside edge to the leg side - ten Doeschate wearing a wry smile.

Over 13 Loots 2-0-0-0-W-0 51-0 - Bernard Loots - born in Prieska in the Northern Cape of South Africa - is now into the attack with his medium pacers. Keeper Barresi is up to the stumps and there's just a third man back on the off side and two men in the deep on the leg. Smith flicks through the on side for two to bring up the fifty stand but then gets bogged down by the lack of pace which is difficult to get away on this track. OUT! The Proteas skipper tries to manufacture runs but has his stumps re-arranged after trying to go aerial but misreading the speed of the delivery. Jacques Kallis, described by Ian Botham as evergreen, is the new man in.

Over 12 ten Doeschate 0-0-2-0-0-0 49-0 - Ten Doeschate starts well with two dots before he overpitches on the toes of Amla, but there's a man at deep square leg and it's just a couple. A useful change of pace and straight line complete a tidy over worth just the two runs.

Over 11 Bukhari 1-1-0-0-1-1 47-0 - The bowling powerplay is taken and yet again Mudassar Bukhari breaks the stumps at the bowlers end with his delivery stride. Some swing on offer and Smith uses it to turn down to fine leg for one. His charge down the track yields nothing but a cut fine brings one before Hash skips to the off side to flick away for a single of his own.

Over 10 ten Doeschate 1-1-1-0-1wd-1-0 43-0 - A new bowler now with Ryan ten Doeschate probing for an lbw with his first delivery. Amla gets bat on the delivery though and scampers one before Smith does the same after chopping a cut shot into the turf. A slower delivery induces Smith into an aerial drive which lands safely - wide of the short cover. There's a short midwicket in too with this track making the ball sit up rather.

Over 9 Bukhari 0-0-1-0-0-1 38-0 - There have been a number of interruptions already with fans shuffling about behind the bowlers arm, seems a little silly that with so few spectators in the ground that they should be prancing around behind the bowlers arm. There's a major lbw against Hashim Amla - Bukhari is always going to be in the game with his straight approach - but umpire Kettleborough says not out. The Dutch review the decision but with Hawk Eye not able to provide clear evidence the on-field decision remains. Amla clips the final delivery away for a single to move to 23.

Over 8 Westdijk 0-1-4-1-1wd-2-0 36-0 - It's not been easy so far, but Biff decides he's going to make the play and comes down the track before driving on the up through cover for four - that's a boundary manufactured off a decent delivery. Smith then plays characteristically square for a single with Amla cashing in on a short delivery with a pull away for two - Tom de Grooth doing some tidy work on the fence to preven the boundary. That over of nine just releases the pressure that was starting to build on the Proteas openers.

Over 7 Bukhari 0-0-0-0-1-0 27-0 - Amla survives again! Bukhari delivers close to the stumps and an underedge goes through to the keeper Wesley Barresi. Amla walks off straight away but he's called back by umpire Richard Kettleborough with replays showing that the ball has found turf before the keepers' gloves. Bukhari is again impressive this over and finds a thick outside edge from Amla which brings a solitary single while Smith is beaten outside off stump off the final delivery of the over.

Over 6 Westdijk 0-0-0-1-0-0 26-0 - Amla gets a half-tracker and drills a cut shot straight at Pieter Seelaar in front of square, with the ball falling inches short of the tall Dutchman. Amla will be disappointed at having missed out while also relieved to still be out there - it was a definite half-chance for Seelaar who just couldn't get forward to scoop up the catch. Just a single to third man follows in another circumspect over.

Over 5 Bukhari 0-1-1-0-0-0 25-0 - A sliced pull shot from Amla is indicitive of how the ball is not coming onto the bat on this track, the Proteas openers each picking up a single in another tidy over from Bukhari.

Over 4 Westdijk 4-1-0-2-3-0 23-0 - Overpitched and Four! The shot of the day so far from Amla who drives elegantly through extra cover. A flick to deep square leg brings a single before Smith pulls away fine for two. Runs off the pads are eat and drink to the Proteas captain and he duly clips away for three more - a somewhat slow outfield pulling the ball up short of the fence. It's been an inconspicuous start for South Africa but they'll be more than happy to build a solid platform in these tricky batting conditions.

Over 3 Bukhari 0-1-0-2-1-0 13-0 - A fair enough start for the Dutch, plenty of dot balls but they need to cut out the boundary balls - two of which have been punished already. Bukhari gets Smith feeling outside off stump in that channel which the Proteas skipper is often found wanting and he prods and misses. Smith then edges away for a single before Amla clips through midwicket for a couple and chops down to third man for one.

Over 2 Westdijk 1-4-0-0-0-0 9-0 - Westdijk gets the new ball for the Netherlands in what his his third ODI and the first delivery to Graeme Smith is surprisingly slow as the Proteas skipper pushes away for one to the off side. A leg side delivery is then dispatched for four by Amla, pulled wide of fine leg, before the right-hander happily blocks out the rest of the over.

Over 1 Bukhari 0-0-4-0-0-0 4-0 - It's a patchy looking track and Hashim Amla has a good look at the first two deliveries before cutting the third powerfully to beat third man for the opening boundary of the day! The next ball is left and the final delivery blocked away and so just the one scoring stroke from the opening over.

Go time South Africa this time get the full version of their anthem, not the botched effort of Delhi last week. There's a disappointing crowd in for the start of this match as Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla stroll out to the middle with overcast conditions overhead. Mudassar Bukhari has ball in hand, and Richard Kettlborough gets things going with a call of "let's play..."

Team news South Africa meanwhile have made one change, surprisingly bringing in Morne van Wyk at the expense of Johan Botha. The Proteas felt that they were light on batsmen and heavy on bowlers in their previous game against the West Indies, but unexpected to see Johan Botha left out with Robin Peterson and Imran Tahir preferred as spin option. No Lonwabo Tsotsobe either despite the seam-friendly conditions.

Team news So the Netherlands go into the game unchanged, their major hope being Ryan ten Doeschate who, with a number of the Dutch players, will be playing against the country of his birth. The other Saffa-born Dutch in the starting XI include keeper Wesley Barresi and Bernard Loots.

Line-ups South AfricaGraeme Smith, Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Faf du Plessis, Morne van Wyk, Robin Peterson, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.
Netherlands: Alexei Kervezee, Wesley Barresi, Tom Cooper, Ryan ten Doeschate, Bas Zuiderent, Tom de Grooth, Peter Borren, Mudassar Bukhari, Pieter Seelaar, Bernard Loots, Berend Westdijk

Pitch report There's a decent covering of grass on the track, and it's expecting to have a little extra pace and bounce, ideal for the Proteas really. After some rain last night, and the overcast conditions thrown, it means that the bowlers will have a chance at the Punjab Association Stadium.

Toss The Netherlands have won they toss and Peter Borren says they'll bat first, no wait, it's a slip of the tongue from the Dutch skipper who corrects with: "Sorry Graeme, we'll actually have a bowl."

Hello and welcome Good morning and thanks for joining us for the Group B clash between South Africa and the Netherlands in Mohali.

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