England v South Africa live

Last updated: 6th March 2011  

England v South Africa live

England win! And yet again we are witness to a match that proves you don't need to score 600 runs in a match for it to be a cracker!

Over 47 Broad W-1-0-W 165-10 Broad takes over from Anderson OUT! And that's plumb! Steyn asks for the review but no chance. England need one more to complete an incredible comeback! Imran Tahir is the new man and things aren't looking good for SA here. The spinner backs away and swings at the ball - aiming at the boundary. He gets a thick inside edge though and they manage to get through for a single. 7 runs needed. OUT! AND THEY'VE DONE IT! Morkel goes for the big drive and gets an edge on it. Prior makes no mistake behind and England go nuts! Another terrific World Cup match and finally England can celebrate winning a tight one.

Over 46 Bresnan 1-W-1-0-2-1 164-8 Bresnan in now. Steyn drives his first delivery to mid on and takes a good single. England should really be preventing this kind of running. OUT! And van Wyk's scratchy innings comes to an end! Too close to his body play to the off side - but he tries anyway - the ball moves back into him and the SA keeper can do nothing other than chop it back down onto his stumps. Morne Morkel comes to the crease now. He plays the ball down to third man for a single first up. What a match! Short ball and Steyn slaps a ball JUST wide of backward point - two runs.

Over 45 Anderson 0-0-1-0-1-0 159-7 Batting powerplay is enforced now. Anderson starts with a short wide one and van Wyk gets the pull out. Doesn't get all of it and the man at short mid off makes no mistake. No run. South Africa seem content to keep looking for the singles. Steyn drives the ball hard into the ground - bounces over Jimmy and he runs through for a single. Two runs from the over.

Over 44 Swann 0-0-0-3-0-0 157-7 Swann starts his last over with a full ball to van Wyk who drives the ball back to him. Next ball tickled to short fine leg who collects easilly and prevents a run. Reverse sweep from van Wyk now - no one behind square on the off side and the ball is JUST dragged back by Anderson before the ball reaches the boundary rope. Great shot. Three runs taken though. SA need 15 runs. England need 3 wickets. And that's the end of Swann.

Over 43 Anderson 1wd-0-1wd-0-0-0-0-0 154-7 And here comes Anderson. One gets the feeling the match is in his hands now. He starts with a wide down leg side. DROPPED! Incredibly difficult chance, and you can't fault the bowler. Smacked straight back at him by Steyn and he manages to get a hand to it - but it didn't stick. Follows that up with another wide down leg. Last ball of the over is well struck by Steyn, straight to mid on and no run is taken.

Over 42 Broad 0-0-0-1lb-0-1 152-7 Another one keeps low and van Wyk swats at it. Doesn't make contact. Could easilly have played that on to his wickets. Good running from Steyn! Played into short midwicket by van Wyk and Steyn scampers through for a run. Every one of them worth a fortune right now. Steyn keeps the strike with a nice looking flick to backward square leg.

Over 41 Pieterson 1-1-0-0-1-4 150-7 And still Pietersen has the ball in hand. Two singles taken before van Wyk leaves a wide delivery outside off stump. Steyn gets a full one and he launches it straight back over the bowler's head for a one-bounce four. Great pressure relief for the Proteas! 7 runs off the over and surely that has to be the end for Kevin Pietersen.

Over 40 Broad 0-1-0-0-0-1 143-7 Here comes Broad. He'll be certain to generate some reverse swing here. His first ball is wide and a little short but van Wyk's cut doesn;t make contact as the ball dies a little and Prior takes it on the bounce. Wow - and he gets that one to bounce a little. Short of a length ball that rises angrilly at Steyn hitting him squarely in the ribs. There's a break in play as Dale gets some treatment.

Over 39 Pietersen 0-1-1-0-1-0 142-7 Strauss persists with Pietersen and he's knocked around the park for three singles. The pressure is enormous out there - which team will hold their nerve?

Over 38 Yardy 0-2-0-1-0-4 139-7 van Wyk misses out! Hip high full toss and he tamely paddles it to the man at mid-on. The next ball is cut down to backward point for two runs. van Wyk a crucial wicket here for England. Vastly experienced in SA domestic cricket. Too full from Yardy again and Steyn drives handsomely through the covers for four runs. Excellent shot from the SA tail ender.

Over 37 Pietersen 0-1-0-0-4-0 132-7 Wide down the leg side and Steyn plays a lovely delicate little tickle down to fine leg for four precious runs. Five runs from that over. A good over other than that delivery.

Over 36 Yardy 0-0-0-0-0-W Swann not given his last over just yet. Yardy gets the ball now. Out! And he gets his man! Terrible delivery - wide outside off stump and Peterson has a flash at it. The outside edge is found and Prior makes no mistake this time. What a collapse by South Africa. Steyn comes in to bat now.

Over 35 Swann 0-0-0-0-1-0-0 126-6 Peterson goes for the booming cover drive first up. Lots of turn takes the ball away from the bat though and he didn't even nearly come close to the ball. Third umpire called in now after a stumping appeal. Not out. And how did that not bowl him? Swann again gets one to grip and the ball JUST misses Peterson's off stump. Left handers struggling here. Big appeal for LBW turned down to end the over.

Over 34 Anderson 0-0-0-W-0-1 125-6 Miles down the leg side and Duminy dabs at it - there's a noise as the ball passes the bat. Prior appeals and the umpire has little hesitation giving it out. Duminy has none asking for the review. Replays suggest it came off the thigh-pad and the decision is reversed. Bad news for England who thought they SA's last potential match-winner back in the hut. Out!But he's gone now! Terrific bowling from Anderson - the ball moving back into the batsman and his team's on top now! Duminy's off stump is unceremoniously removed from the ground. Peterson's the new man. And the over ends with what would have almost defintely have been a runout, had Yardy hit from side on. The game is England's to lose now.

Over 33 Swann 0-W-0-0-0-0 124-5 Duminy is the new man and, no surprises, Swann takes over from Yardy. Crucial spell this. OUT! Massive, if somewhat soft, wicket for England here! du Plessis comes down the track and plays the ball straight at the man at short leg - who makes no mistake getting the ball back to Prior who makes no mistake taking the bails off - Faf not even in the picture. Top fielding and England are looking good here as van Wyk comes to the crease.

Over 32 Anderson 0-2wd-0-0-1-0-W 124-4 Wide ball down de Villiers' leg side - Prior dives full-length to prevent a certain boundary. Good stuff from the England keeper. Not so good from the bowler. OUT! Bowled! What happened there? Neither bowler or keeper seemed to have seen the ball tickle the bails off the top of middle stump. Everyone surprised to notice them lying on the ground. Replays confirm AB's been bowled by Anderson. Big, big wicket. England back in this.

Over 31 Yardy 0-0-0-0-3-0 121-3 Lovely stuff from Michael Yardy. Full and on off stump. The ball grips the pitch and turns past the outside edge and off stump. de Villiers takes three runs with a nice late cut which is chased down by the man standing at point.

Over 30 Bresnan 2-0-1-1-0-1 118-3 Silly from Bresnan. Giving away a single with a frustrated, almost petulant throw back to the batsman who insists on keeping the ball off his wickets. Prior gets a bad bounce and the Protea batsmen oblige.

Over 29 Yardy 1-0-1-0-0-4 113-3 Yardy back into the attack now. He's not had an easy time so far - having conceded 6 runs per over so far. His third ball is nicely pushed into the covers for a single. And wow that was close. du Plessis gets on that stays very low and does exceptionally well to drop his bat down on it before the ball can hit his off stump. He then gets a fuller one and places the off drive perfectly between the men at extra cover and mid off for four runs. Beautiful shot.

Over 28 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-0-0 107-3 More tight stuff from Tim Bresnan who's still getting some reverse swing. Bowling an incredibly tight line and length. AB keeps him out. Excellent over! A maiden.

Over 27 Pietersen 0-0-0-0-1-0 107-3 AB shuffles in front of his stumps and the ball turns back into him. Struck on the pads but not chance of LBW. Reverse sweep attempted now - unnecessary shot from AB and he makes no contact. Eventually a run comes off the over as de Villiers sweeps to backward square leg boundary where fine leg fields comfortably. Faf du Plessis gets an edge onto his pads but the ball loops just out of reach of the man at slip. Agony for KP.

Over 26 Bresnan 0-2-1-0-0-0 106-3 Bresnan getting the ball to swing here. Too short on that occasion though and de Villiers punches nicely through cover for two runs. Lovely bowling to du Plessis! Late swing into the right hander and Faf keeps it out neatly, dropping it onto the ground in front of him.

Over 25 Pietersen 0-0-0-4-1-1 103-3 Too full from KP and du Plessis gets the cover drive out. Gets his foot to the ball nicely and plays a totally risk free shout - placing it perfectly between cover and point. That'll help the nerves. Hundred up for SA.

Over 24 Bresnan 0-1-0-1-1-1 97-3 Tim Bresnan comes back. He's done well so far in this match and had a terrific game aganst India also. AB gets a single off the first delivery and Faf does the same two balls later. du Plessis ends the over with a nice looking drive to mid off. No run.

Over 23 Pietersen 1-0-1-2-1-0 93-3 Test match in multicoloured clothing this. Strange shot from de Villiers - goes for the sweep and the ball is slightly short - so de AB scoop/pulls it over his shoulder for two risky runs. KP ends the over with a loud appeal for bat/pad catch at slip. No interest from umpire.

Over 22 Broad 1-0-0-0-2-0 88-3 du Plessis not looking all that comfortable. Lots of pressure on him. He completely misreads the line from Broad and he's beaten outside off. Broad smiles at him knowingly. du Plessis does manage to get the next delivery to backward point for two runs.

Over 21 Pietersen 1-0-0-0-0-0 85-3 KP is given the opportunity the redeem himself after his short time at the crease this morning. Prodigious turner of the ball and he starts with a decent delivery that beats de Villiers with turn back into him - takes a thin edge onto his pads and the ball runs down to third man for a single. Good over from Pietersen.

Over 20 0-W-0-0-1-1 84-3 OUT! Gone! Kallis is history. Are England getting back into this match? Kallis goes for the big drive off an awful, wide delivery. He hardly moves his feet though and the edge goes through to Prior. His disappointing tournament continues. Proteas maybe just getting a little nervous here. Faf du Plessis is the new man.

Over 19 Swann 0-1-0-0-1-0 82-2 Swann starts his 7th over. Will Strauss bowl him through? Pietersen is another option. Protea bastmen seem content to simply keep Swann out for the moment.

Over 18 Broad 0-0-W-1-0-4 80-2 Good line and tlength from the England paceman. OUT! And he gets his reward. The big fish! Amla looks to work the ball down to third man but it nips back at him and he misreads the line - playing it back onto his stumps. de Villiers at the crease now. Broad gets the ball to swing a little - full and back into Kallis who keeps it out neatly. Four runs off the last ball though - more reverse swing for Broad and Kallis looks to play straight. Inside half of the bat connects with the ball and it races to the midwicket boundary.

Over 17 Swann 1-0-4-0-0-0 75-1 Nicely worked to midwicket by Amla - looking good against Swann. Heavens! What a shot from Kallis. Goes down on one knee and sweeps that powerfully in front of square for four runs. No chance for any of the fielders in the vicinity. Goes for ti again again but this one is too close to square leg who stops neatly with a dive to his left.

Over 16 Broad 0-1-1-0-0-0 70-1 Here comes Stuart Brad. Too full first up but Kallis' drive on the up is straight at the man at cover and no run is taken. He's getting a little bit of swing, but Kallis has no problems.

Over 15 Swann W-4-0-1-0-0 68-1 And is he gone this time? Review requested. Smith dangles his bat towards a viciously turning and bouncing delivery and it's definitely taken the edge of Smith's glove. OUT! Smith's lived a charmed life up untill now and finally Swann and England have something to celebrate. Kallis in now. He's not had a great tounament so far and would love to still be there at the end of the match. And he starts in style. Too full and straight from Swann and Kallis hits him straight back down the ground for four. No risk there. AND ANOTHER REVIEW! For bat-pad this time and it looks like Kallis is safe here. Yes he is. No problem. Missed the bat and straight onto the thigh pad. Massive turn and bounce again from Swann. Eventfull over.

Over 14 Yardy 0-3-1-1-0-1 63-0 Much better from Smith who looks like he's edging towards something resembling a bit of form. Six runs from that Yardy over.

Over 13 Swann 1-4-0-1-3-0 57-0 Swann to Amla now who sweeps him just behind square for a single. Poor Smith - he'd love to stay off strike. He decides to take the game to Swann though and the risk pays off! Makes room for himself and absolutely creams a full ball through extra cover to the boundary. Lovely shot. And a good one from Amla too - driven through the covers for three runs. Much better over for South Africa and serious problems for England - who, frankly, need an act of God to pull this one back.

Over 12 Yardy 0-2-1-0-2-0 48-0 Yardy's turn to get some spin now but Amla has no problem cutting the ball away for two runs to the point boundary. Yardy's first ball to Smith again beats the SA captain - hitting him on the pad this time but the inside edge saves him.

Over 11 Swann 0-2-0-0-0-0 43-0 And normal service resumes from Swann's end. Impossible to keep out - he gets the edge of Smith's bat but the ball loops over both slips and the SA captain survives. And he continues to survive! No idea how to get off strike. Smith goes for a drive now and hits the ball in the air straight at Bresnan at cover but the ball lands just short of him. Swann can't believe it and neither can I.

Over 10 Bresnan 1-0-1-0-0-2 41-0 Beaten again. Smith prods at a decent delivery moving away from him off his back foot and makes no contact. Some more good fielding - Bopara this time - saves a boundary. Well cut by Amla by no run. Nicely punched off th back foot by Amla - two runs.

Over 9 Swann 1-1-0-0-0-0 37-0 Great delivery beats Smith all ends up. Lots of turn and bounce and Smith's forward prod is soundly beaten. Smith lets the next delivery go through. And again! Much better line this time, pitching on leg, and Smith's off stump is missed by a hair's breadth. Fantastic over from England's best bowler.

Over 8 Bresnan 1-1lb-0-0-4-0 35-0 Amla looking to force Bresnan around but he's not having much success - Bresnan hitting the right areas of the pitch. What happened there?!? Pietersen has a brain meltdown and it costs England four runs. No chance of a run out and KP gifts the Proteas a boundary via overthrows.

Over 7 Swann 0-0-0-0-0-0 29-0 Swann comes in for Yardy and hits an excellent area straight up. Smith keeps him out as if he was batting for a draw. Confident appeal from Swann after striking Smith on the pads. No review though despite replays suggesting the ball would JUST have nicked the outside of leg stump though.

Over 6 Bresnan 0-0-0-1-0-1 29-0 Tim Bresnan into the attack now. A shortish ball and Amla attemps a pull shot but gets nothing on it. The ball nips his shirt though and the sound confuses Kevin Pietersen at slip who voices a load, solitary appeal. Good start for Bresnan.

Over 5 Yardy 1-0-2-2-2-1 27-0 Well struck by Amla for two runs. Very wide outside off and he makes no effort to keep the ball on the ground. driven hard over cover to the boundary where the sweeper does well to keep the ball away from the rope. Excellent over for SA despite some good fielding preventing two boundaries. Yardy targeting the off side and it's not working for him. Not able to extract the same venom from this pitch as Peterson did at the start of the SA innings.

Over 4 Anderson 1-1-4-0-1-0 19-0 Nicely put away by Smith! Poor delivery by Anderson - very wide down the leg side and the Protea skipper turns him away for four - not as fine as he would have liked, but a good outcome for him nonetheless. Not the start England would have wanted.

Over 3 Yardy 4-0-1-1-0-0 12-0 Yardy continues and Amla immediately drives him confidently over extra cover for four. Very close to a leaping Strauss though - could have been the end of Amla. OH! And another chance! Amla comes forward defensively to a turning delivery - Yardy gets the edge and the ball lands agonisingly short of the man at first slip. Smith gets off the mark with a single - playing a full delivery to deep square leg for a single.

Over 2 Anderson 0-0-0-0-0-1 6-0 Jimmy starts with a full delivery on Amla's off side. The batsman drives that ball back to him for no run. A very full ball angled at Amla's pads is driven hard straight at the mman at a short midwicket catching position. Anderson keeping it very straight so far. One run to backward square leg off the last ball of the over. Good strat for Jimmy. Imperative for England that he has a good match.

Over 1 Yardy 0-0-4-1-0-0 5-0 Amla starts the innings by playing a good length delivery back to the bowler. Shot! A shout of 'catch' but Amla's placed that perfectly between cover and extra cover. Four runs. Man placed on the cover boundary at the expense of a slip. Smith plays forward to a turning delivery and he's beatn by the turn and struck on the pads and the resultant appeal is turned down.

Start of the SA innings Out come the umpires, who have both had a very good match so far. Looks like Yardy's going to be opening the bowling for England. Amla to face.

End of the England innings Terrific performance with the ball and in the field from the Proteas. England simply couldn't recover from their top order collapse and despite an excllent fightback from run-machine Trott and the new man, Bopara, only managed a total of 171. Join us again soon for the SA innings.

Over 46 Tahir 0-3wd-4-0-W 171-10 Last over of the batting powerplay. The first ball is a bit off a full toss that strikes Swann on the ankle almost three inches outside leg. SA go for what has to be the worst review ever and - no surprises - the original decision is upheld. Three wides next as a full ball outside off spins past bat, pad and glove. Excellent slog over midwicket from Swann adds four runs to the England total. OUT! Four wickets for Tahir! Full delivery that Swann attempts to strike straight but the turn takes the leading edge and Duminy takes a lovely catch running in from mid off. The England innings comes to an end.

Over 45 Steyn 0-0-1-1-0-0 164-9 Nothing spectacular to report on that over. Two runs from it.

Over 44 Tahir 0-W-0-0-W-1 162-9 Out! Another one for Tahir! Two consecutive googlys from the Protea leg spinner and Yardy's attempted cover drive comes off the outside half of the bat - sending the ball looping to a gleefull Robin Peterson at cover. Broad clueless on how to read the standard leg spinning delivery - comprehensively beaten and the ball trickles between his legs. OUT! Gone! LBW to a ball that looked suspiciously as if it may have pictched outside leg or even turned past off stump. Sadly no reviews remain and Broad shakes his head as he mopes off the field. Bad luck for England. A single for Anderson off the final ball denies Tahir the double wicket maiden. Replays suggest that the ball would, in fact, have struck off stump. Great decision from umpire Taufel.

Over 43 Steyn 1-0-1-4-0-0 161-7 Second over of the powerplay to be bowled by Steyn. Quite a bit of swing from him - full and moving away from Yardy who has no idea what to do. Misses the ball completely and it goes through to the keeper. Good stuff from Dale. Excellent shot from Swann. Gives himself room outside off and gets the perfect delivery - full and marginally outside off - for the shot he intends to play. The a booming drive through extra cover goes for four.

Over 42 Tahir 0-0-0-4-0-1 155-7 Batting powerplay taken by England now. Swann goes for a massive reverse sweep swipe to Tahir but doesn't make contact. He takes the ball in the box but no serious damage. Big appeal turned down. In fact, two consecutive appeals turned down. No reviews from SA though. Swann eventually does pull of the reverse slog-sweep. Great technique from him - swatting the ball over cover for four. A couple of big hits from him would do the England cause very well.

Over 41 Steyn W-0-0-0-0-0 150-7 OUT! Another review upheld. Steyn's first ball skids on to Bresnan and moves back in to him sharply - he's struck in front of middle and that would have nicked leg stump. Great, confident captaincy from Graeme Smith and excellent bowling from his strike bowlers to repay the faith he's showing.

Over 40 Morkel 1-1lb-W-0-0-1 149-6 Appeal for a run out which goes to the third umpire. Bopara is comfortably in though - getting the dive out. OUT! That looked plumb! Morkel gets it nice and straight but Bopara misses the attempted writsy flick to the leg side and he's struck in front. Huge wicket for the Proteas. There was a review but absolutely no doubt in that. Great second spell from the SA paceman. Bresnan is the new man and he keeps out a yorker nicely - working the ball behind square on the leg side for a single.

Over 39 4-0-1-1-1-0 146-5 Tahir back after taking a break off the field for a while. He's immediately swept square for four runs by Bopara. Takes some pressure off the rest of the over, which turns into a good one for England - 7 runs from it.

Over 38 0-0-1-0-0-0 139-5 Smith's got a Slip in for Morkel now who gets Bopara to play a little late on a decent delivery outside off - the ball hits the ground at the batsman's feet and one gets the feeling that could just as easily have gone into the stumps. Two balls later Morkel beats Yardy with another beauty - coming around the wicket to the left hander. Lots of bouce and a little movement back into the batsman. Another excellent over from Morne - one run from it.

Over 37 Peterson 1-0-0-0-1-1 138-5 Huge LBW appeal from Peterson after Yardy misses a sweep. Nice full delivery and Smith doesn't ask for the review - would have bounced over the wickets comfortably. Another seriously challenging over from Peterson who is still hitting excellent areas but getting less turn than earlier.

Over 36 Morkel 0-1-W-0-1wd-0 135-5 Here comes Morne Morkel. Good running brings up Ravi Bopara's fifth ODI half century. Excellent innings from the new man in the England middle order. Wicket! Prior gone! Huge blow to England's innings! Beaten by an lovely delivery that pitches just outside off and moves away slightly. Prior gets an edge on it and van Wyk celebrates. Michael Yardy is the new man - looking determined. England need him to come to the party here. Terrific over from Morkel despite bowling a wide.

Over 35 Peterson 2-1-0-4-0-0 133-4 Nicely cut away by Bopara to the point boundary for two runs. He really is looking good. And so is Prior. Nothing wrong with that delivery - a little full maybe - and Prior sweeps hard in front of square for a precious, precious boundary. Good over for England.

Over 34 du Plessis 1-0-1-0-1-1 126-4 SA's second leg spinner (never thought I'd ever get to type that) back into the attack. He's conceded only 12 runs off his 4 over so far. A short ball is pummelled to midwicket but some excellent fielding in the circle keeps it down to a single. Saved a boundary for sure. Nice shot from Bopara - got into position quickly and showed some quick hands.

Over 33 0-0-0-1-0-1 122-4 Kallis' chance to bowl two consecutive maidens thwarted by Bopara - playing the ball deftly to third man for a single. Tidy bit of fielding by the bowler - diving to his right to stop the push down the ground. Two runs from the over. Drinks taken.

Over 32 Tahir 0-1-1-1-1-1b 120-4 Nicely swept away for a single by Prior. Risky shot though - the ball pitching on middle. Beaten! Absolutely unplayable delivery from Tahir. Some drift into Bopara and the ball bites into the track - spnning and bounceing past the shoulder of the bat as well as van Wyk's gloves behind the wicket. Terrific bowling punished with a bye.

Over 31 Kallis 0-0-0-0-0-0 115-4 Kallis replaces Steyn. Bopara needs to take control here - imperrative that he remains at the wicket to the end. Prior has the chance to play an innings that may resurrect his reputation - certainly under a lot of pressure to perform.Good over from Kallis - getting some swing as we're accustomed to seeing - a maiden.

Over 30 Tahir 0-1-1-0-W-1 115-4 Here comes Tahir. DROPPED! Heavens what a catch would that have been. Full toss from the leg spinner and he's hit hard down to long-on where Steyn has to get out the full-length dive to get to the ball - he's got it in his hands but it bounces out cruelly as his elbows hit the turf. Trott smiles in relief. Out! But he's gone now! Lots of turn from Tahir - full flighted delivery and Trott completely mistimes the attempted drive down the ground - hitting the ball back towards the bowler who takes an excellent diving catch to his left. Massive blow to England's hopes of staying in this match. Matt Prior is in now. Lots of pressure on him.

Over 29 Peterson 0-0-1-0-1-0 112-3 More good bowling from Peterson - really getting good turn and hitting the right areas on the wicket. Can't make another breakthrough for SA though - the England batsmen know they need to treat him with respect here and work him around the park for two runs. Clever batting from Bopara and Trott.

Over 28 0-0-3-0-0-0 110-3 Steyn continues. Trott brings up another half-century with a drive down the ground for three runs. Hard into the pitch and the ball bounces over a leaping Dale Steyn and past a diving Morne Morkel at mid off. Another big innings needed here from the England number three. What a season he's having! Only 6 runs from Steyn's last two overs.

Over 27 Peterson 1-0-4-1-0-0 106-3 Robin Peterson back now. His first delivery is driven away for a single through mid off. Quite a bit of turn for thim though as his second delivery finds a thick edge but lands comfortably short of backward-point. Trott eases the pressure some with a much needed boundary - working it away square on the leg side. Great timing.Six runs from the over.

Over 26 0-0-1-1-0-1 100-3 du Plessis makes way for Steyn who's no doubt going to be looking for some reverse swing to these two right-handers. His third delivery tails in nicely to Bopara but the batsman works him away without any trouble to midwicket for a single.

Over 25 Duminy 0-0-1-6-0-1 97-3 Relief for Bopara. He comes down the track to Duminy, swings the bat through the line and makes great contact - maximum! Calculated risk and excellent execution.

Over 24 du Plessis 1-1-1-0-0-0 89-3 More good bowling from the SA part-timers - keeping the run rate down - building the pressure on the England batsmen. Faf hitting an excellent line and length here.

Over 23 Duminy 1-1-0-0-1-0 86-3 Duminy's being tested here - he's got almost no room to move on the off side - anything short or wide enough can and will be put away. To his credit he keeps it tight though and neither batsman can get him away. Not a good period this for England.

Over 22 - du Plessis 1-0-1-0-1-0 83-3 LBW appeal not taken seriously by Simon Taufel. Bopara did get away with that though - could easilly have been bowled through his legs. Faf du Plessis looking very good indeed. Decent part-time spin option for SA. And this is going to be close! Fantastic fielding from de Villiers at short midwicket as Bopara's come sauntering down the track looking for a single. He's made his ground though and given not out by the 3rd umpire. That would have been an absolute shocker. Very good over for SA.

Over 21 Duminy 1-0-0-0-1wd-1-1 80-3 Duminy continues - he needs to keep it full and straight this over. Maybe a little too straight from him though and he's called wide down the leg side. England doing well to claw their way back into this game.

Over 20 du Plessis 1-0-1-1-0-0 76-3 Not enough turn for du Plessis to be looking at a leg sump line. Worked away for a single. Faf follows it up with a better line - even throwing in a quicker delivery which prevents Bopara getting the slightly shorter ball away. Good over for South Africa.

Over 19 Duminy 0-0-4-0-0-1 73-3 Trott spots the lack of a third man and immediately tries to get the ball away to the fence with a reverse sweep. Doesn't make contact though. Two balls later and the new bowler drops it short - Trott cuts away for four runs. Nice shot and another good over for England.

Over 18 du Plessis 2-0-0-0-1-0 68-3 Francois du Plessis into the attack for the first time this tournament. Driven down the ground for two runs first up. Big appeal for a catch behind off his last ball - much quicker delivery and Bopara goes for the cut - beaten by the change of pace and his bat flicks his pad on the way through to van Wyk. 'Not out' says umpire Taufel. Good decision.

Over 17 Tahir 1-1-4-2-0-0 65-3 Too full from SA's leg spinner and Bopara absolutelty smashes that through Faf du Plessis at cover. Runs away for four. Great shot from the man drafted in to rescue England's middle order. Great over for them - 8 runs from it.

Over 16 Steyn 1-1-0-1wd-0-2-1 Dale Steyn given the ball now. Smith would love another wicket here. Again he's a little straight and Bopara plays it down behind square for a single. Steyn getting some swing back into the right hander here! Ominous. Steyn clearly looking to hit the stumps but his target's a little off here - the ball fires down leg side for a wide. Bopara adds another two runs with one of the few off-seide shots of the day. Good over for England. Six runs from it.

Over 15 Tahir 0-0-0-0-0-0 51-3 Review! Confident appeal after Trott misses with a sweep shot. Quicker ball takes him on the back thigh and no hesitation from the umpire in lifting the finger. Trott asks for the review after some deliberation with his partner. Replays tell us the ball turned way too much to have struck the wickets. Comfortably missing off. Big scare for England but they survive. Maiden over.

Over 14 0-0-4-0-0-0 51-3 Fractionally short and wide outside off but Morkel's pace and bounce beats Bopara's back foot drive. Second ball same result, except the ball was fuller and the ball beats the attempted cover drive. Third ball is on the perfect length - induces the defensive prod from Bopara and he takes the edge - no second slip though and the ball runs away for a welcome boundary. Good over from Morkel.

Over 13 Tahir 1-0-1-0-0-1 47-3 And here comes SA's leading wicket taker in the tournament - Imran Tahir. He keeps the ball nice and full - lots of flight. His last delivery's a fraction shorter and Bopara punches him through mid-off for a single.

Over 12 Morkel 4-0-0-0-0-4lb 44-3 Short and wide from Morkel and Trott finally finds the boundary. Neatly cut away - hard into the ground - and the ball bounces over backward point. Runs way to the boundary despite the man at backward point getting a hand on it. Nice shot from England's man in form. Morkel errs in line - no doubt targeting middle - but the ball flies down the leg side. Trott flashes at it hoping to get anything on the ball. He misses but the ball clips his pad and runs away.

Over 11 Kallis 0-0-1-0-1-1 36-3 Kallis holds back on the pace in that over - must be spotting something in the wicket. Again a little too straight there and Trott clips him neatly off the thigh-pad for a single to fine leg. Kallis again too straight in that over although neither batsman really capitalises - three singles coming off it.

Over 10 0-0-0-0-0-1 33-3 Morkel looking his usual self - excellent line and length to start his second over. Keeps it just outside off and Trott can't get him away untill the final ball of the over which is somewhat shorter. Showing Kallis and Steyn how it's done.

Over 9 Kallis 1-0-0-2-5wd-0-1 32-3 Kallis takes the ball from SA's spin hero and his first ball is dug in - nicely pulled away by Bopara but straight at the man on the square boundary. Kallis also targets middle stump and Trott comfortably works it away for two runs. The next ball is pitched short. Ridiculously short. The ball bounces comfortably over batsman and keeper for four wides. Kallis follows it up with a nice slower yorker.

Over 8 Morkel 0-1-0-0-1-0 23-3 Morne Morkel is in the attack now - replacing Steyn. Trott comes down the track to his second delivery and doesn't quite pick up the line - wide outside off and his slash sends the ball towards 3rd man. A single is taken. Another wide delivery and Bopara goes for the cover drive. Edge is found again despite the lack of movement and the ball again flies down to Amla at 3rd man for a single.

Over 7 Peterson 0-0-0-0-0 21-3 Another excellent over from Peterson - he really is making excellent use of the conditions. His first ball is a quicker one and Bopara shapes for the cut - mistimes the shot completely and the ball thuds into the ground right in front of his stumps. Maiden over.

Over 6 Steyn 0-2-1-0-3-0 21-3 Bit too straight again from Steyn and he's neatly clipped away for two runs by Trott. Two balls later and Bopara does the same - three runs the result. Steyn very full - targeting middle stump.

Over 5 0-1-0-W-0-0 15-3 Two slips in for Robin Peterson. Wicket! And another one! Peterson destroying England! Beats Bell with the flight, the batsman comes down the track and plays a tentative defensive forward-poke at a ball that suddenly drops on him. Back towards the bowler who takes an excellent catch diving forward. Raci Bopara is the new man.

Over 4 Steyn 0-0-4-1-0-1 14-2 Steyn keeps it full - looking for some swing. Clearly part of the game plan. He drops it short to Bell and this is too good a track not to be put away. Textbook pull shot for four runs. Steyn reverts to his original plan and the rest of then over is a good one for SA.

Over 3 Peterson 0-0-0-0-0-0 8-2 Peterson stays in the attack. Coming round the wicket to the right hander. Big test for Trott. He beats the bat comfortably. Excellent over in great bowling conditions.

Over 2 Steyn 0-0-2-0-1-2lb 8-2 Great work from the new keeper saves four leg byes. Excellent work from van Wyk. Diving to his left. Steyn's third is driven hard into the ground but it penetrates the covers and the batsman run two. Last ball's a bit too straight and it clips the pad again - this time running away for two leg byes.

Over 1 Peterson 0-wd-0-W-0-2-W 3-2 - WICKET! Unbelievable! Strauss goes third ball as he holes out to deep midwicket - a hugely unnecessary dismissal. He'd had a little look and perhaps decided he wanted to get on top of Peterson from the start, but he's picked out Faf du Plessis in the deep and the Proteas are ecstatic. WICKET! And there's a second one! Pietersen clubbed Peterson to mid-on for a couple of runs, but is then caught at slip by de Villiers. The Proteas can barely believe their luck as England finish the first over on three for two. That turned.

All set then Anthems have been sung, and the Proteas make an interesting decision in opening the bowling with Robin Peterson. Clearly looking to test out Kevin Pietersen against left-arm spin.

A few thoughts So England are batting first, and it's expected that there will be some swing first up. However it may not be a bad decision because Nasser Hussain's been out to look at the pitch and says it's very dry - a typical Indian wicket. Secondly, it seems that Morne van Wyk will keep wicket for South Africa, possibly because AB de Villiers' back is a bit iffy at the moment.

England 1. Andrew Strauss (capt), 2. Kevin Pietersen, 3. Jonathan Trott, 4. Ian Bell, 5. Ravi Bopara, 6. Matt Prior (wk), 7. Tim Bresnan, 8. Michael Yardy, 9. Stuart Broad, 10. Graeme Swann, 11. James Anderson.

South Africa 1. Graeme Smith (capt), 2. Hashim Amla, 3. Jacques Kallis, 4. AB de Villiers, 5. JP Duminy, 6. Morne van Wyk (wk), 7. Francois du Plessis, 8. Robin Peterson, 9. Dale Steyn, 10. Morne Morkel, 11. Imran Tahir.

Teams As expected, South Africa are unchanged while Bopara comes in for Collingwood, who has bad knees and worse form.

Toss Andrew Strauss has won it, and England will bat first.

Good morning And welcome to live over-by-over commentary of England's big clash with South Africa in Chennai. Thus far the Proteas have been cruising, but they have their biggest test yet against an England side with their backs to the wall. The two sides are warming up, and news from our man at the ground, Tristan Holme, suggests we're likely to see an unchanged South Africa team while Ravi Bopara may come in for Paul Collingwood. Confirmation on that shortly.

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