India v England Live

By Shahida Jacobs(South Africa)   Last updated: 27th February 2011  

India v England Live

And that's the game At the end of the game it's difficult to say who'd be more disappointed with the result. Actually, no, England should have won this and was it not for the performance of Zaheer Khan and the spectacular loss of temperament from theirmiddle order (specifically Prior and Collingwood) they would have taken this comfortably. Good result for the hosts.

Over 50 Patel 2-1-6-1b-2-1 338-8 Munaf is the man asked to keep the score below 13 runs. Two runs off the fist ball through the covers. 11 off 4 now. AND THERE'S SIX OF THEM! In Shahzad's slot and he destroys the ball back over the bowler's for maximum. 4 needed for 2. Two runs off the penultimate ball and england need 2 runs off one ball. Here comes Munaf... And it's a tie! Full ball and Swann drives hard straight at the man at extra cover who makes no mistake stopping the ball. What a match!

Over 49 Chawla 0-6-1-2-6-W 325-8 Six! Swann gets a full one and he slog-sweeps it flat over midwicket for maximum. Is there another surprise here? And another one! Bresnan this time! Full and smacked over long on for six! OUT! But he's gone this time! Tries it again to a ball that's just a tad too full and he's cleaned up. Chawla pumps his fists in ecstasy. 14 runs needed off the final over. What a match!

Over 48 Patel 1-1-W-1-1-1 310-7 Munaf's first ball squirts off Yardy's outside edge and the batsmen run through for a single. OUT! Munaf joins the party! Bowls a slower elivery that Yardy scoops the ball tamely to Sehwag at short fine-leg. Trying to improvise and it just didn't come off for him. Swann makes his way to the middle. Munaf bowls another excellent slower ball to end the over.

Over 47 Khan 1-1-2-1lb-2-1 305-6 Here comes India's man of the moment - Zaheer Khan. Bresnan and Yardy seem slightly more composed than the previous procession of England batsmen though and they manage to get him away for eight runs. For the fist time this innings, England in dire need of some big hits, but neither batsmen can deliver. What a spell from Zaheer!

Over 46 Harbhajan 2-W-2-4-1-1 297-6 OUT what an amazing comeback from India! And what a spectacular choke this could be by the English. Prior goes for the big slog-sweep and doesn't even nearly pull it off. The ball comes down with snow on it and waiting for it is Suresh Raina who makes no mistake. England finally gets the ball away for a boundary - albeit fortubately - as Yardy slashes at a wide one and gets a very healthy edge that runs away to the third man fence. They need 42 from 24

Over 45 Khan 1lb-1-W-1-1-0 287-5 Great slower ball from Zaheer fools Prior who's looking for a big shot. Stolen single. What a performance by the Indian seamer! OUT!Gone! Collingwood comes down the track and Zaheer drops it short enough to beat the bat but full ebough to peg back the off stump. And just like that the game is India's to lose. Yardy is the new man - he has no more success at getting the ball away. In fact - he does exceptionally well to stay at the crease after Khan delivers another terrific yorker to him.

Over 44 Chawla 0-0-1-0-1wd-0-0 293-4 Collingwood and Prior are the two new batsmen at the crease and suddenly there's a spring in the Indian step. Another tight over and England under HUGE pressure - they need something very special to pull this back.

Over 43 Khan 0-1-0-W-W-0 281-4 Strauss calls for the batting powerplay. Can India apply some pressure here? Zaheer is given the ball. Two very miserly overs and suddenly England are under a bit of pressure. OUT! Well well well - can India claw thier way back here? Only 3 runs from 9 deliveries and Bell tries something silly - comes down the track to Zaheer, who's hitting a decent line and length - the ball flies into the air from the mistimed shot and Kohli makes up for his earlier blooper by pouching a simple one at extra cover. ReviewStrauss is hit right in front by a superb yorker and he's given OUT! Two in two for Zaheer! Drama! The crowd suddenly spring into life as England's captain departs after one of the great World Cup centuries. Prior comes in to face the hattrick ball, which he plays to point without trouble. What an over and what a match this is turning into!

Over 42 Chawla 0-0-0-0-1-1 280-2 DROPPED!Second drop of the innings. Bell plays back to a turning delivery and the ball reaches Virat Kohli at first slip who reacts as if like someone's tossed him a grenade. Made a right mess of a very, very simply chance. Chawla looks understandably deflated. India don't deserve to win this, to be honest. By al other measures, a good over for India.

Over 41 Harbhajan 0-2-1-1-0-2 278-2 India being made to pay for playing with only 4 specialist bowlers on a very docile pitch. No pressure on England at all.

Over 40 Chawla 1-1-1-1-4-1 272-2 WAY too short from Chawla and Strauss murders him over midwicket for a boundary. The shot takes Strauss to 150! What an innings from the England skipper! Terrible over for India.

Over 39 Patel 1-2-1-2-1-1 263-2 Munaf's first ball is worked down to third man by Bell for a single. England seem comfortable to milk the bowling for without much risk, picking up the boundary from the odd bad ball. Minimal risk. Very clever batting. Although Bell does get two runs from a risky scoop over backward point. Misfield costs Munaf and India a run. Another poor over from India - the English batsmen are just not put under any pressure whatsoever.

Over 38 Harbhajan 1-1-1-0-1-1 255-2 Singh's worked comfortably around the field for five singles. England on top here.

Over 37 Patel 0-1-0-2-0-1 250-2 No problems for England in that over. But it's a tight one - only 4 runs coming from it.

Over 36 Harbhajan 4-1-1-1-1-1 246-2 Harbhajan back and he immediately induces the false shot. Strauss backs away aginst a ball that's turning sharply away from him - he cuts and the top edge is found - but the ball eludes backward point and goes for four. He moves to 135. The batsmen have no problem milking singles off every subsequent ball in the over. India just don't seem to be bowling to a plan here.

Over 35 Patel 1-4-1-0-1-1 237-2 Munaf returns. Can Strauss and Bell keep the party going against him? his first delivery is nudged down to third man for a single by Bell. Next ball captain fantastic gets a short one and he pulls the ball hard behind square for another boundary. Eight runs from that over.

Over 34 Chawla 1-1-0-6-1-4 229-2 The legspinner back into the attack - crucial spell here for India. Can he break through? He tries, but instead he's lamped over midwicket for maximum. Bell picks up a full ball outside off and slog-sweeps the ball comfortably over the fence. Terrific innings from England's number four. Strauss rubs salt into Dhoni's wounds by cutting a short wide one past the short third man for four! Fantastic over for England. India bleeding here.

Over 33 Yuvraj 1-6-0-0-1-1 214-2 India in desperate need for wickets here. Yuvraj continues and he's absolutely blasted back over his head for six by Strauss! HUGE! Down the track and deposited into the crowd. Dhoni scratching his head - nine runs from that Yuvraj over.

Over 32 Khan 1-0-1-4-1-0 207-2 Superb shot from Bell! Wide and short of a length but Bell drives on the up - over extra cover for a boundary. One of the shots of the day! The England number 4's playing a decent knock here.

Over 31 Yuvraj 1-1-1-0-0-1 200-2 Gosh that's a good stop at extra cover. Wide and Bell absolutely thrashes the ball along the ground - destined for the rope, but it's well stopped by the fielder. A lofted drive to long off brungs up England's 200.

Over 30 Khan 0-0-0-1-1-4 196-2 Zaheer tasked with making the breakthrough. He comes around the wicket to Bell and immediately beats his man. Little bit of reverse swing for the Indian paceman. After three dot-balls Bell drives through the covers for a single. Bell gets a fortunate boundary on the last ball of the over. Full and wide and Bell drives - gets an under-edge and the ball fizzes down to the fine third man boundary for four runs.

Over 29 Yuvraj 0-4-2-0-2-0 190-2 Too much width from Singh and he's belted through cover for four runs by Strauss, who's playing a world class knock here. Dhoni needs to bring back his first-choice bowlers here. Strauss and Bell under no pressure whatsoever. Another bad over for India as England comfortably get 8 runs from it.

Over 28 Pathan 1-4-0-0-1-4 182-2 Too much leg side line and Strauss makes no mistake paddling the ball down to the fine leg fence where Sehwag dives but fails to intercept. Four valuable runs added to the score. Hundred up! And two balls later he brings up three figures with a push through the covers. He's elated! Bell now gets into the act - taking a full delivery off his pads and clipping it high over midwicket for four. Excellent shot to end a good over for England.

Over 27 Yuvraj 1-1-1-1-1-0 172-2 Bell goes down for the reverse sweep but it's straight at short third man. They run through for a single. Lots of those on offer as the field is spread.

Over 26 Pathan 0-1-0-2-0-1 167-2 Good tight over from Pathan.

Over 25 Yuvraj 1-0-1-1-4-0 163-2 Bell decides it's time to have a go and he comes charging down the track to a wide one. He slices the ball over point and the ball lands comfortably on front of the sweeper. Four ball later and he hits his first boundary when Yuvraj drops one short outside off and he cuts behind point. Nice. REVIEW! Big appeal for LBW! Bell goes down on one knee - trying to sweep and he's struck in front of middle. Replays suggest it would have hit, but for some reason it's given NOT OUT! TV commentators seem to think it was because of the distance between the pad and wicket that the on-field umpire's decision remains. Hmmmm. Bell extremely lucky here.

Over 24 Pathan 0-4-1-1-0-1 156-2 Yusuf is the next man who's given the ball. His second delivery is delicately reverse swept - from middle and leg - all the way to the boundary. Strauss looking bulletproof. Dhoni needs to see him walk back to the grandstand soon.

Over 23 Yuvraj 0-1-0-1-4-1 149-2 Fantastic shot from the England captain. What an innings this is turning into! Full, on middle and he sweeps hard in front of square to the boundary. No chance for the fielder.

Over 22 Harbhajan 0-1-0-1-1-1 142-2 Edge is induced, but drops comfortably short of first slip. Bell survives. This is sure to result in a long discussion. Strauss drives the ball back to the bowler, but Bell gets in his way accidentally. Asingle results from the misfield. Bhaji stands with his hands on his hips, staring at the umpires, no doubt expecting some kind of intervention from them.

Over 21 Yuvraj 0-4-0-0-1-1 138-2 Yuvraj in now and Strauss finally manages to make a bowler pay for erring in length. Way too short and the England captain pulls powerfully to the midwicket fence where the fielder makes no effort to stop it whatsoever. Disappointing from India - would have liked to have seen a dive there.

Over 20 Harbhajan 1-0-1-1-0-1lb 132-2 Good stuff from Bhaji. Lots of variety in flight and neither batsman can get the ball away. He's the key man in this encounter. England can't allow him to bowl his 10 overs for 40 runs and India need him to keep things very tight. His last ball strikes Strauss on the back leg and a massive appeal results. But it's way outside off and umpire Erasmus shakes his head.

Over 19 Chawla 1-1-1-2-1-4 128-2 Chawla continues. His third delivery is very short and Strauss pulls powerfully straight to the man on the midwicket fence - they run through for a single. Chalwa got lucky there. Four balls later and his luck runs out. Another atrocious delivery - wide down the leg side and Strauss sweeps hard and fine, four runs. Good over for England.

Over 18 Harbhajan 0-1-1-4-0-1 118-2 Fantastic shot from the England skipper. Het gets a full, wide delivery outside off and he lofts it confidently over cover for a boundary. Class.

Over 17 Chawla 0-1-0-W-0-0 111/2 Strauss sweeps the second delivery straight to the man on the midwicket boundary for a single. Nice shot for little reward. Chawla very nearly beats Trott with a beautiful googly. OUT!Gone! Trott gets one that lands on middle and sraightens enough to beat his bat and smack into his pad right on front of middle and leg No review! He knew it was gone! Big breakthrough for India. Chawla ends the over by beating Ian Bell all ends up two consecutive balls. Excellent bowling!

Over 16 Harbhajan 1-1-0-1-0-0 110-1 - Right, the first two Powerplays are something of the past and England have done very well. Strauss is starting to look a bit edge at the crease. He gets an inside from the doosra. Dhoni's still attacking with a slip and leg slip.

Over 15 Chawla 1-0-4-0-1-0 107-1 - England are looking very good here and two of their form batsmen are at the crease at the moment. Man of the moment Tendulkar makes a meal of a stop on the boundary and it's four to Strauss. Big appeal for something as Strauss again fails to pick the googly.

Over 14 Harbhajan 1-0-4-1-1-1 101-1 - Loud cheer as the man at backward point dives to his left to keep a gentle push from Strauss down to one. Slip and leg slip in for Trott. Shot! Trott times it through midwicket for four. Strauss brings up the 100 and goes to his 50 off 50b, 6x4 with a single.

Over 13 Chawla 1-0-0-1-4-1 93-1 - Slip in for Chawla as well. Better stuff from Chawla and he nearly gets Strauss with the googly. Strauss is down the track, but he doesn't read it and gets a thick edge wide.

Over 12 Harbhajan 0-0-1-1-0-1 86-1 - Just so you know, England's 77 for one in the first Powerplay is the best of the tournament so far. Time for Harbhajan Singh. Slip in for Bhajji. Tidy start from Harbhajan as Strauss gets away a couple of singles.

Over 11 Chawla 1-1-1-1-1-1 83-1 - We will have some spin now as Piyush Chawla comes into the attack. Nervy start as he drags a couple down but England don't punish him.

Over 10 Munaf 4lb-1-W-3-2-4 77-1 - Patel gets excited as it hits Strauss on the pads, but it's too high and the ball runs away for four leg byes. WICKET! Lucky, lucky Munaf Patel. Pietersen hammers it straight back to the bowler. Patel is really looking to get out of the way, but he goes both hands to it. The ball pops in the air and he takes a comfortable catch while sitting on the ground. Jonathan Trott is in at number three. Trott is away after opening the face of the bat to run it through cover. Patel finishes with a bad one on the hips and Strauss flicks it away.

Over 9 Zaheer 4-0-4-1-1-2 63-0 - Short and wide and Pietersen cuts it over backward point for four. Problems for India. Four more as KP gets it wide of short fine leg.

Over 8 Munaf 0-0-1-1-0-0 51-0 - Strauss misses out on a couple of poor balls. England's 50 comes up in risky fashion. It's played straight to cover and they take a single. A direct hit would've seen him gone

Over 7 Zaheer 1-1-4-0-4-wd-2 49-0 - More good running between the two England batsmen. The backing up from the non-striker has been excellent. Beautiful shot from Pietersen as he punches it down the ground. And again, this time it's much straighter. Expensive over from Zaheer as KP clips a straight one through square leg for two.

Over 6 Munaf 0-2-0-4-1-1 36-0 - Plenty of changes in the field and there's a disagreement between umpire Billy Bowden and Zaheer Khan over where he's standing. Bowden feels he's not inside the circle at fine leg and asks him to take one step forward. Strauss pulls again for two. Chance! Strauss is down the track again and he looks to clip it through midwicket, but it's much straighter and goes to the let of mid-on, Harbhajan doesn't get there though. Risky single off the final ball, but Pietersen gets home.

Over 5 Zaheer 1-0-1-1-0-0 28-0 - Strauss is doing all the scoring here, but KP is more than happy to pick up the singles and hand over the strike to his captain. Swing and miss from Pietersen final ball.

Over 4 Munaf 1-0-0-0-0-0 24-0 - Just going back to that shot from Strauss at the end of the previous over, there was a sound and the gloves/pads were not close to the ball.

Over 3 Zaheer 0-0-0-2-2-0 23-0 - Close! Zaheer draws Strauss forward with a slower one. He gets the edge, but Strauss played it with soft hands and it fell short of slip. Strauss clips it through midwicket and picks up a couple. Two more after a fumble at short fine leg. The England skipper marches down the track final ball, looking for the big shot, but he doesn't make contact. There was a sound, but the Indians weren't interested.

Over 2 Munaf 0-4-wd-0-1-4-1 19-0 - Munaf Patel shares the new ball and he's bang on target straight away. Big shout for caught behind/lbw. They decide not to refer it as it clipped the pad just outside off stump. Pietersen's away with a clip through square leg. KP's already moving around in his crease. Patel goes through him. Another lovely shot from Strauss as he hits it through the covers.

Over 1 Zaheer 4-0-0-0-0-4 8-0 - Super start from Strauss as he clips the first ball through midwicket for four. Is he going to carry on where he left off against the Netherlands? Zaheer responds by going past the edge with one that holds its line. Strauss has the final laugh this over as he punches it off the back foot wide of point.

Welcome back The innings break was shortened as England went overtime while they were bowling. Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Strauss are the two openers and Zaheer Khan as the new ball in his hand.

India 338 all out A very competitive score from the Indians, but one that could have been significantly more challenging, had it not been for the efforts of Yardy and Bresnan. Both men bowled a key spell for their country at crucial times of the Indian innings; Yardy during the batting powerplay and Bresnan at the death. It could have been much worse for the English supporters. Awesome display from Tendulkar - notching up his 47th career ODI.

Over 50 Anderson 1-2-1-nb5-W-1W 338-10 Jimmy Anderson is given the task of closing out the Indian innings - a prospect he, no doubt, finds a lot less daunting after Bresnan's heroics in the previous over. He becomes his own worst enemy though - bowling a howler of a wide, which happens to be a no-ball also, the ball eluding Prior and going for four. OUT! Chawla loses his compusore, hitting the ball back to Anderson and sets off for a crazy single. No chance to make that run as Jimmy casually removes the bails. OUT! And another one. The next ball results in another tame runout - Khan the man to go this time after attempting an ambitious second run to midwicket.

Over 49 Bresnan W-W-1-W-1-0 329-8 OUT! Good bit of bowling from Bresnan - slower ball which Pathan lines up incorrectly. The ball goes high into the Bangalore evening sky and comes down with Swann underneath it. OUT! And another one! Full, fast and straight and Kohli backs away to give himself some room for the big drive. He misses and his stumps are rattled. Terrific comeback from England here. Bresnan misses out on a World Cup hattrick though. Out! Another fantastic fast yorker from Bresnan and Harbhajan is out LBW. The batsman takes a chance on a review but replays confirm umpire Erasmus' decision. Plumb! What an over from Bresnan!

Over 48 Anderson 1-1-0-6-1-4 327-5 Anderson starts with a slow bouncer which Pathan pulls from outside the off for a single. Anderson follows that up with a reverse-swinging yorder which Kholi keeps out relatively easily. Nice bit of bowling. Two balls later he tries the same trick, but it's fractionally short and Pathan smacks the ball straight back over his head for a six. Off the toe of the bat - remarkable shot. Last ball of the over is worked away past Swann fine leg who lets the ball go through his legs for four. Terrible fielding from the England spinner who has had a day to forget, to say the least.

Over 47 Bresnan W-1-1-4-1-2 314/5 GONE! Dhoni gets a delivery angling down leg which he swings over to the square-leg boundary where he picks out substitute fielder Luke Wright. Two very important wickets in two balls. Virat Kohli is the new man. And Wright is in the action again two balls later - diving for what would have been a terrific outfield catch, but the ball bounces short of him and shoots away for four. Ian Bell standing on the midwicket boundary pulls off a fantastic bit of fielding on the last ball of the over to save a boundary.

Over 46 Yardy 1-1-6-1-4-W 305-4 Dropped! Difficult chance though. Dhoni absolutely thrashes the ball back at Yardy who gets a hand to it and deflects the ball, luckilly for umpire Bowden, down to the straight boundary for a single. Two balls later and he drops it a little short to the same batsman who makes no mistake pulling it in front of square for a massive six.Yuvraj gets in on the act, going down on one knee ans slog-sweeping the ball to cow-corner for a four. OUT! He attempts a similar shot on the next ball but the ball finds the man on the midwicket boundary. Important wicket, but it brings Pathan to the crease.

Over 45 Shahzad 1-4-1-1-4-0 292-3 Shahzad's first ball is full and straight and Dhoni makes room to drive to long-off for a single. This brings Yuvraj on strike who swings a full delivery over to cow-corner for four. Good timing and lots of power. But not pretty. Two balls later he comes down the track to meet a nice full ball on the half voley, turning it past a diving short fine-leg for another boundary. Big over!

Over 44 Yardy 1-0-0-1-1-1 281-3 Yardy comes around the wicket to the right handed Dhoni who plays the ball straight back to the bowler two consecutive balls before getting him through the covers for a single. Yardy's done very well to keep his side in this match. Could have gone horribly wrong for England was it not for his canny bowling.

Over 43 Shahzad 1-1wd-4-1-4-4-1 277-3 Shahzad comes back into the attack. His third elivery is short and marginally on Yuvraj's leg stump. The bastman swings him away confidently for four. Nice shot. He makes the same mistake to Dhoni who plays a carbon copy stroke. Bad bowling from the England paceman. Next ball is way too wide to a batsman of Dhoni's class and gets driven hard off the back foot through extra cover for four. Class.

Over 42 Yardy 1wd-1-1-1-1-2-4 262-3 Yardy's really done exceptionally well here. He's read the conditions perfectly and is bowling a line, length and pace that's very difficult to get away to the boundary. The last ball of the over does go for four after Swann exhibit's some lacklustre fielding at backward point - diving over a ball he really should have stopped.

Over 41 Bresnan 1-0-1-1-1-0 251-3 Bresnan comes back and he starts with another short one. Gets away with it though as Dhoni can only paddle him behind square for a single. Good comeback from Bresnan after his terrible previous over. His last ball of the over is mistimed by Dhoni as he tries to pull a short one. The ball lands comfortably short of the man at mid-on but that could have gone anywhere. Great over form Bresnan.

Over 40 Yardy 4-0-0-0-1-0 247-3 Excellent start to the fourth over of the powerplay for India - short and wide and Dhoni lashes it behind square on the off side for four runs. Yardy comes back with five much better deliveries from which the Indian batsmen can only score one more run. Five runs from that over.

Over 39 Anderson 4-W-0-1-1-4 242-3 James Anderson takes over from Bresnan. It's full and well outside off and Tendulkar manages to work him without any trouble to backward square-leg for four! Excellent shot from Sachin. AND HE'S OUT! Next ball is full and straight and Sachin attempts a similar shot. He seems to have misread the pace, though and Anderson again induces the leading edge. The ball loops to Yardy at extra cover who takes a neat catch. BIG wicket for England. but that brings Dhoni to the crease. Anderson spoils an excellent over with a terrible short delivery which Yuvraj gets underneath and helps on its way to the fine-leg boundary with an aggressive swipe over his shoulder. Nice.

Over 38 Yardy 1-0-0-1-1lb-0 232-2 Michael Yardy, offspinner, is given the task of bowling the second powerplay over. He starts with a quick one - Tendulkar works him down to third man for a single - giving the strike to Yuvraj. Decent start from Yardy, who's bowling with a nice flat, quick trajectory. Neither of India's batsmen able to line him up for the big shot. Excellent work!

Over 37 Bresnan 4-0-1lb-0-4-1 229-2 The batting powerplay is taken. With Tendulkar in his current mood this could get interesting. Bresnan starts his seventh over with a very short ball - a bouncer - which Yuvraj absolutely destroys over square leg for a one-bounce four. No need to even keep his eye on that one. Another absolute pie from Bresnan - short and angled down leg - is swung away by Sachin to the backward square boundary for four. 10 rund from the over. Ominous.

Over 36 Swann 4-0-1-6-1-1 219-2 Swann starts his next over by giving Yuvraj a gift; a nice shin-high full toss which the Indian number four dispatches without much fuss to the long-on boundary for four. Three balls later, he gives Tendulkar a nice full one outside off and Sachin needs no further invitation; thrashing the ball high into the crowd at long-on. Maximum! This is turning into quite an innings from the great man.

Over 35 Bresnan 4-0-1-0-1-0 206-2 The mandatory ball change results in Strauss bringing back his best bowler of the day: Tim Bresnan. The big man starts with a wide ball down Tendulkar's leg side who tickles it down to the fine leg boundary for four - bringing up his 47th career ton! The Bangalore crowd go nuts. Terrific innings.The rest of the over is a non-event by comparison.

Over 34 Swann 0-1-1-0-0-1 200-2 The over starts with a token LBW appeal after Swann hits Tendulkar on the front pad. No chance. Good over from Swann - only three runs from it. Good comeback from the England spinner.

Over 33 Yardy 4-1-0-1-0-1 197-2 Great little shot from Tendulkar - moves in front of his stumps and tickles the ball down to fine leg for four. Excellent start to the 34th over, which yields another 3 runs, all of them in singles.

Over 32 Swann 0-0-0-0-0-0 190-2 Swann being treated with respect by the new Indian batsman. England appeal for LBW but it was never hitting. Good over from Swann - a maiden.

Over 31 Anderson 1-1-1-1-4-1 190-2 Anderson pushed around for four singles - all behind square on the batsmen's off side before a shin-high full toss is punched hard past mid on for four by Yuvraj. Another big over for India.

Over 30 Swann 0-1-1-W-0-1 181-2 - Swann is back from this end and Tendulkar is on strike. Play gets hold up slightly as Gambhir decides to change bats. Swann is around the wicket and fires it in full. Tendulkar goes down the ground for one. WICKET! England get a breakthrough and it really came out of nowhere. Strauss won't complain though. Gambhir looks to run it wide of the keeper, but he misses the ball and it hits his off stump. Yuvraj Singh is in at number four. He's away with one to long-off.

Over 29 Anderson 1-4-4-1-4-0 179-1 - The decision to bring back Swann backfired so Strauss turns to James Anderson. Another glorious shot from Tendulkar as he plays it on the up through cover. The sweeper dives, but it's timed well. Four more, this time it's through point. This is getting very, very messy. To add insult to injury, Gambhir gets an inside edge that goes wide of the stumps and it runs away for four. That brings up his half-century from 59b, 5x4.

Looking good for India Taran Pabla: 'Tendulkar and Gambhir looking pretty good out there. Come on India! We have the game in our hands...'

Over 28 Shahzad 0-0-4-2-0-0 165-1 - Shahzad starts off with a shorter one. Tendulkar looks to play an uppish cut, but changes his mind. Shake of the head from Strauss. Wide and this time it's through gully for four. Two, two, two is the shout from Tendulkar as he flicks it through midwicket.

Over 27 Swann 6-6-1-0-0-2 159-1 - Michael Yardy is out of the attack and back on comes Swann. Yardy hasn't done too badly, but it doesn't look like'll take wickets. Swann took some tapping earlier so this will be interesting. Well, that didn't take long. Tendulkar whacks Swann into the deep midwicket fence for a couple of sixes. You know what's amazing for me is the fact that it doesn't look like he's putting much effort into these shots. When the likes of Chris Gayle, Kevin Pietersen bats then they go full force, not Tendulkar. Swann stands hands on hims at the end of the over.

Over 26 Shahzad 0-1-1-1lb-0-1 144-1 - India are looking very good at the moment. They are going at almost six to the over, have a very long batting line-up with the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Yusuf Pathan and they still have a batting Powerplay in hand. This could get nasty. Again the singles come at ease. There's an appeal for lbw, but it was going down leg.

Over 25 Yardy 1-2-1-1-1-1 140-1 - Things have calmed down again for England, but that's happened before. They bowl a couple of good overs and then the bang India hit a couple of boundaries. The problem for Strauss is India are milking it without much ease. Tendulkar paddles it around the corner for a couple as the milking continues.

Over 24 Shahzad wd-0-0-0-0-1-0 133-1 - Yep, Shahzad is back in the attack and England need him to keep things tidy here. Not the best of starts as he goes down the leg side for a wide. Shahzad comes back well and he gets one to come back into Gambhir and nearly draws an inside edge. Gambhir gets to the other end with a flick to midwicket.

Over 23 Yardy 0-2-0-1-1-0 131-1 - Strauss has problems here as all the bowlers except Bresnan has taken some tap. He'll probably bring Shahzad back for a few soon. Gambhir and Tendulkar work it around the park for singles and a couple to the cover region.

Over 22 Collingwood 1-1-6-1-1-0 126-1 - Right, Tendulkar has had his look and he decides to go over the deep midwicket fence for the maximum. That takes him to 51 from 66b, 3x4, 2x6. He started very slowly, but he's kicking on now. Are we in for a special innings from the Little Master?

Over 21 Yardy 0-1-0-1-2-wd-0 116-1 - Yardy again keeps it tidy again. After missing out on a two wide of backward point, India's batsmen finally get it right as Gambhir picks up a couple to backward point.

Over 20 Collingwood 0-0-0-1-0-1 111-1 - Tendulkar looks to guide it down to third man again, but again he narly gets himself in a spot of bother. He goes back to basics as he works it to the off side. Nelson comes up with one through cover.

More support for England Megan: 'come on england its gonna be a close one were gonna get sachin run out in the next few overs, i think India are used to spinners so put on colly and for the peet sake lets hope strauss DOES NOT PUT ON KP to bowl!! and colly and trott gonna get centuries (i hope!)'

Over 19 Yardy 1-1-0-1-1-1 109-1 - Swann has taken some tap in the last few overs so Strauss's hand is being forced here. He turns to Michael Yardy. The two Indian batsmen pick off the singles and that will please Strauss.

Waste of money Stephen: 'Hi looking forward to your live text commentary as I'm studying for my degree I have no tv or radio on as I need to co consentrate .my first bet on the game was england to lose the toss. as I've noticed they hardly ever win the toss in so many games and its happened again so the odds now stacked in indias favour? I also have been quite dissappointed in kevin petersons form since the start of the one day games against austrailia recently! I think him playing can be a negative to our chances today. come on england.'

Over 18 Collingwood 0-1-0-6-0-1 104-1 - The drinks break is something of the past and we've had our Magical World Cup moments. And Ashish Nehra's six wickets against England in the 2003 World Cup is the latest highlight. Change in bowling sees Paul Collingwood into the attack. Tad straight from Colly and Gambhir finally gets it past the fielder for one. Shot from the Master Blaster as he plays it with a straight bat down the ground for six. Wow, he didn't even put a lot of effort into that 80m six. Was just a 'gentle' push. That brings up India's 100. Ooh! Colly nearly gets his man as Tendulkar's attempt to steer it down to the boundary nearly founds short third man.

Over 17 Swann 0-1wd-0-1-4-0-0 96-1 Another wide down the leg side - looking for the stumping. It's obviously a tactic from Swann to keep Gambhir from rushing down the track too often. Tendulkar does so without any trouble and slaps the ball hard back over Swann's head for four.

Over 16 Bresnan 1-1-1-1-0-2 90-1 The powerplay's a thing of the past now and Bresnan's first over is worked around the ground for four singles. The last ball of the over is very wide and Tendulkar throws his bat at it wildly. A thick outside edge flies down to the third man boundary where Anderson prevents a boundary.

No chance for England Jeffrey: 'I'm a South African living in London. Do I think England will win thus game NO. Why we have seen how spin bawlers have performed so far in this world cup and England have only one attacking spinner. India have a very strong batting line up and they also have bawling line up. India 300+.'

Over 15 Swann 4-1-1-1wd-0-0-0 84-1 Swann's finding life tough out there. Another full one to the left-hander and Gambhir comes down the pitch to play a lovely lofted drive over extra cover for a one-bounce four. Lovely stuff! He's looking in great touch.

En-ger-land, Eng-ger-land Mikee P: 'C'MON ENGLAND! I've got too many bad memories of me & my Sis cheering on England in losing causes while our whole family are excited at another Indian victory. Born & bred in England & English till I die :)'

Over 14 Bresnan 0-0-0-0-0-0 77-1 Good comeback from England. Bresnan keeps the run rate down with a tight line and length to Tendulkar.

Over 13 Swann 1-1-1-4-4b-0 77-1 Swann gets the ball to turn away from Gambhir who prods forward and gets it through the covers for a single. Swann's keeping the ball full - hoping for a mistake in reading the turn or flight. It's not forthcoming though, as Gambhir takes one of the full balls and absolutely crashes it over mid-on for a one-bounce four. Swann does his man for flight two balls later though! An inside edge saves Gambhir from being stumped - the ball goes over the boundary for four byes - the edge obviously not seen by the umpire. 11 off an eventful over.

Spin is the way to go Khalid Malik: 'I'm 4m pakistan I like to see swann start the attck for ENG 4m the start Eng should try to restrict ind under 300 use more spin on this ground it will surely going to help the spiners gd move by strauss by bringing yardy back best of luck to English boys.'

Over 12 Bresnan 0-4-0-1-0-1 66-1 Wow! No respect from Gambhir for England's wicket-taker. He comes down the wicket and lashes a short ball over cover for a one-bounce four. Lots of confidence from India's number 3 batsman. Great shot!

Sehwag heroics Taz: 'India are the 'on form' team so they should cruise to a win over England, who were, in my eyes the second best team against the Netherlands. Another Sehwag century should do the job!'

Over 11 Swann 0-0-1-0-1-0 60-1 Swann breaks tradition by not taking a wicket in his first over. Gambhir comes down the track to meet a full ball - he drives hard to the sweeper on the offside boundary.

Over 10 Bresnan 0-0-1-1-2-0 58-1 Bresnan's good line continues - he beats Gambhir's outside edge again. India's number 3 gets off the mark working thw ball to midwicket for a single. Shahzad's second misfield of the day gives Gambhir a chance for a second run, which he takes happily. Last ball of the over is cut into the gound and stopped by a diving fielder at cover.

Anderson 0-0-4-4-0-0 54-1 Another one too straight to Tendulkar, who makes no mistake clipping it for four on the leg side. There's a man catching at short midwicket but it beats him comfortbaly. As does the next ball, which is again too straight and worked to the boundary behind square by Sachin.

Going for the hat-trick Dennis: "Looking forward to a great day greetings from a Sunny Sunday in Marlow on Thames, could be a great day for England, Rugby won, My team Pompey won & the cricketers for the hatrick.

Over 8 Bresnan 0-0-2-0-W-0 46-1 WICKET! Good start from the Bresnan. His third ball is a little straight and Sehwag works him behind square on the leg side for two runs. He compensates well in the following two balls - one a little too much - very wide outside off and Sehwag tries a strange little manufactured shot, succeeds only in working the ball into a diving Prior's outstretched glove. Good catch! Ghambir's outside edge is beaten by the last ball of the over. Excellent start from Tim Bresnan.

Over 7 Anderson 4-0-1-1-4-1 44-0 Agressive batting from both Indian openers. A well struck boundary from each of them. in that Anderson over

Over 6 Shahzad 1-2-0-0-2-0 33-0 Some excellent ground fielding from England save three boundaries in the over.

Colly the hero? Andy: 'We have to break that record sometime so how about an England win with Paul Collingwood starring with bat,ball and in the field.Come on England please win or i,ll get stick off of the boys all day tomorrow.'

Over 5 Anderson 1-0-0-1-4-1 28-0 Short and wide and Sehwag lifts the ball over a vacant slip region - the ball bouces a distance before third man. Tendulkar is soundly beaten by two corkers from Anderson, who's bowling very well indeed. Fourth ball is full, straight and quick - and Sachin lifts it agonisingly short of the man at a shortish midwicket. Anderson spoils a fantastic over with a short, wide ball and its beautifully cut behind point for four.

Over 4 Shahzad 1-0-0-0-2-0 21-0 Risky! Sehwag steps in from of middle and scoops the ball awkwardly over midwicket. Lots of confidence in that shot, but poor execution. Sehwag's intentions are clear. Shahzad also getting the ball to do just enough to keep the batsman honest. Also, the ball not bouncing as true as we were expecting - the odd one dying on batsman and keeper. Prior having to take the ball on the bounce twice this over. Shahzad gets away with a short wide one - Tendulkar punching the ball striaght to point.

Over 3 Anderson 2-0-0-0-0-0 18-0 First ball of Anderson's second over is punched through extra cover by Sachin. The ball's chased down easilly by the fielder and two runs are added to the score. Anderson getting the ball to do a little and hitting an excellent line and length. Excellent over from Jimmy.

Over 2 Shahzad 4-0-0-4-0-0 16-0 Shahzad's first ball is wide and full - Sehwag makes no attempt to get his front foot to te ball, but still creams it comfortably through the covers for four. Should help him get to terms with a difficult first over. A little more width on a better length and Sehwag steers the ball behind point for another boundary. Things looking ominous for the English. Shazhad ends the over with two good deliveries, though.

Over 1 Anderson 4-0-2-1wd-1-0 8-0dropped!Jimmy Anderson gets things going with a shortish ball outside the off, it moves away from Sehwag who attempts a confident back-foot drive - thick edge flies high and to the right of third slip who JUST manages to get a fingertip to it. Four runs. Two balls latert some more outswing befuddles Sewhag again - he gets a leading edge after trying to work the ball to midwicket - the ball flies just over Ian Bell at a shortish cover position. Penultimate ball of the over swings a little late again and again Sehwag struggles - manages to scoop the ball over the leaping bowler - the run through for a single.

The match gets underway The crowd, somewhat predicably, errupt into a frenzy as Tendulkar and Sehwag stride out to what looks like an extremely flat pitch.

Anthems The Indian crowd extremely animated, ready for what should be a cracking encounter. MS Dhoni stoic during the anthems.

Anthems Some embarrassment for the Indian audio technicians as there's a strange hiccup before a rousing rendition of God save the Queen starts blaring from the speakers.

Teams: India S Tendulkar, V Sehwag, G Gambhir, V Kohli, Y Singh, M Dhoni, Y Pathan, H Singh, P Chawla, Z Khan, M Patel

England A Strauss, K Pietersen, J Trott, I Bell, P Collingwood, M Prior, M Yardy, T Bresnan, G Swann, A Shahzad, J Anderson

Pitch report It will be an up and down pitch, but there will be plenty of runs.

Toss of the coin ...went MS Dhoni's way and India have opted to bat first.

First email of the day Sejal Kamani: 'I cannot emphasise how BIG this game is, even though its only a group game. Whenever India play England, I know they say its just a game but not when these two meet. So many other factors come into play. One being the feeling from "Lagaan".. If you know what I mean. Come on India. Sehwag to hit a ton... Again!'

Team news England have suffered a major blow. Stuart Broad will miss the game due to illness. That's a big setback as he's been England's best bowler so far. He was excellent in the two warm-up games.

England's form in India If you're an England fan you might not want read further as it's a pretty dismal record. In the last 13 ODI games in India, England have won only once. That win was way back in 2006 when Ian Blackwell (!), Vikram Solanki and Matthew Hoggard were still in the England set-up.

World Cup form Virender Sehwag's massive century in the World Cup opener led India to a comfortable 87-run victory over Bangladesh. Meanwhile, England's match against the Netherlands went all the way down to the wire and they won by six wickets with only an over left. Who will benefit most though? India or England. All will be revealed soon. Well not soon. In just over seven hours or so... that's if the batsmen don't crumble or something.

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Greetings Welcome to our live coverage of today's massive World Cup Group B clash between India and England in Bangalore. It's going to be huge, I tell you.

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