4th ODI: India v NZ commentary

By Tristan Holme (South Africa)   Last updated: 7th December 2010  

India win by five wickets While the first three matches of the series were complete walkovers, New Zealand have at least put up a fight in Bangalore, but it wasn't enough. The highlights of the match were the innings' of first Franklin and then Pathan. And oh boy, what a knock it was from Pathan! We head to Chennai next for the fifth and final ODI on Friday, do join us then. Cheers.

Over 49 N McCullum 1-0-1-1-6 321-5 - Pathan and Tiwary wisely just nudge the ball around for a few singles to bring the scores level before Tiwary lifts the ball over the straight fence for six to wrap up proceedings. What a knock from Pathan!

Over 48 Southee 0-6-1-4-0-4 312-5 - It's Southee to bowl his final over. That's another big one! South just misses the yorker length and Pathan gets underneath it and deposits it into the second tier of the grandstand behind midwicket. Tiwary joins in on the party, picking up another boundary down the ground. Four more past the bowler to end the over, this is a walk in the park now, just for more required. It's McCullum to bowl what will probably be the last over.

Over 47 Vettori 1-2-0-1-4-0 297-5 - Pathan is looking tired now, he just needs to hang in there though, he's so close to finishing the job! Tiwary picks up his first boundary - hammered down the ground - after facing 32 balls, no complaints though, he's done a job here.

Over 46 Southee 1-1-0-2-1-1 289-5 - Southee returns after McKay's horror show over. Another good over from Southee, just six from it, but it's all too easy for India now; New Zealand need wickets, it's too late for restriction.

Over 45 Vettori 1-1-1-1-0-1 283-5 - The skipper returns to the attack, he's going to need to produce something really special. Wisely the batsmen just work him around for singles, seeing of the threat.

Over 44 McKay 6-2nb-wd-0-4b-0-0-0 278-5 - A big call from Vettori as he brings back McKay who has gone at nine an over. And that's Pathan's hundred! What a knock! A half tracker from McKay and its dispatched over midwicket for six. Ugly stuff from McKay as he delivers a wide full toss above waist height that McCullum can't collect it. He follows it up with a wide! Oh boy, it's all going wrong for New Zealand. A slower delivery from McKay and it keeps low as McCullum prepares to collect it and goes straight through him.

Over 43 Mills 4-2-4-4-6-1 265-5 - Time for the final over of the powerplay, it will also be Mills' final over. A good start for India, with Pathan hitting it inside-out for four. A tough chance goes missed as Pathan skies a pull over the head of McKay who wriggles underneath it but running backwards he doesn't have much of a chance. Mills misses his length and is punished as Pathan heaves the ball to the fine leg fence. Poor stuff from mills as he delivers a full toss on leg stump and Pathan helps it on its way for four more. What a shot! Absolutely creamed over midwicket into the second tier for six! Pathan moves to 97!

Over 42 Southee 2-1-0-1-0-1 244-5 - A low full toss from Southee and Pathan is only able to scoop it over the inner ring for two. Southee is really finding a good area. Tiwary is struggling to time the ball here, he needs a boundary or two to get the confidence up. A great over from Southee, and he's being backed up by his fielders with some good work on the fences.

Over 41 Mills 0-1-1lb-1-1-0 239-5 - Really good comeback for Mills after that enormous six in his last over. Just four singles, and it puts the pressure back on India. The last ball was a full toss but Tiwary hit it straight to midwicket for no runs. India need 77 runs to win from 54 balls, and I hand you over to my colleague Julia Harris for the conclusion.

Over 40 Southee 1-0-1-0-1-1lb 235-5 - That six hit the roof 106 metres from where it left the bat, so had it been allowed to travel its full distance it would have been over 120 metres. Absolutely massive hit. Meanwhile, Southee has a big shout for lbw against Pathan as he gets a full delivery to angle in, but umpire Richard Kettleborough felt it was going down leg and Hawk-Eye backs that up. It's a good over from Southee though, and India now need 81 runs to win from 60 deliveries.

Over 39 Mills 1lb-1-wd-0-0-6-1 231-5 - Mills is recalled with the field restrictions in place, and has a loud appeal for caught behind down the leg side. But I'm pretty sure him and the keeper were just trying to prevent the wide being called, which doesn't happen. Mills protests that the ball went over the top of leg stump anyway, but in fact it was an inch or two wider. Booooom!!!!!!! We need that measured please. Pathan has spotted the length ball and hit it right out of the ground. I've seen some big sixes at the Chinnaswamy but none that have left the stadium. That's gonna hurt as a fast bowler.

Batting powerplay Long discussion between the batsmen before they opt to go for the powerplay. Key five overs here, where the game is likely to be won or lost. Although Pathan is basically the game here - the Kiwis need to get him out pronto.

Over 38 N McCullum 1-0-0-2-4-1 221-5 - The outfield is still a bit wet so McCullum might struggle for grip here. Equally though the ball will skid on so Pathan will have to adapt. He drives wide of long-off for two, then gets deep in his crease to whip one round the corner for four. That's the boundary he needs for the over, and a single means he'll keep strike. Eight an over is the asking rate - or a little less - and he's managed it fairly easily.

Over 37 Vettori 6-1-1-1-1-0 213-5 - Yusuf Pathan rewards the fans' patience by opening up the new session with a six over long-on. This is game on now - India basically need a boundary ever over and four singles - very doable on this excellent batting surface. Vettori beats him with a big turner at the end of the over though, just to put a bit of doubt in Pathan's mind.

16:40 GMT Good news! The rain has stopped, and play will resume in 10 minutes with no overs deducted. Huzzah! India need 113 runs to win in 84 deliveries.

16:15 GMT Still no good news from the Chinnaswamy, so the wait goes on. Plenty of time still to complete the game, or even have a revised total, so odds are that we'll get some more action. Any news will be passed straight on as soon as we get it.

D/L situation If we don't have any more play, then New Zealand will take it. The Duckworth-Lewis par score is 220, so the hosts are 17 runs short even though New Zealand were 203 for four at the same stage of their innings.

Over 36 Southee 2-0-wd-0-1-0-0 203-5 - The drizzle is slightly heavier now and the umpires are having a look around. If it carries on like this they'll have to come off. And in fact yes - at the end of the over the umpires get together and decide to call for the covers. Rain has stopped play, although it doesn't look like it will be a lengthy break.

Over 35 Styris 0-0-1-4-2-1 199-5 - The rain looks pretty dramatic in ultra motion, but the umpires decide it's not heavy enough to bring the players off the field. The ball is changed with 34 overs bowled, but it will be wet now because Styris slips one down the leg side and it brushes the pad on its way to the fine leg boundary. Umpire Saheba gives it as runs, as he continues to have a poor match. In fact, he's lost the plot - he sort of signalled a wide, sort of signalled a no-ball, and in the end it must have just been runs because he only lets the bowler send down six deliveries in the over. Awful umpiring.

Over 34 Southee 1-W-2-0-1-0 191-5 - WICKET! There it is - New Zealand have got Sharma for a second time, and it was good captaincy. Vettori posted himself at mid-off, invited Sharma to go over the top, and the batsman failed to get the elevation required. Vettori holds on, and that could well be the crucial wijcket. Saurabh Tiwary comes out and gets off the mark by tucking the ball off his pads for a couple, but the rain is coming down now and we may well be forced off in a moment. Pretty sure India would be behind the Duckworth-Lewis rate.

Over 33 Styris 1-0-0-1-wd-4-1 187-4 - Styris returns to try and take the pace off the ball in his usual way as Vettori takes a break and looks to save his remaining three overs. Styris starts well, but then Pathan swings a length delivery over wide midwicket and splits the deep midwicket and long-on fielders. New Zealand need a wicket to stop these two in their tracks, although they'd point out that they already got Sharma out once.

Over 32 Southee 0-4-1-0-0-1 179-4 - McKay's six overs have gone for 54, so he gets a break. Sharma drives inside-out over extra cover again and this time gets a boundary, but otherwise Southee proves to be less expensive than his seaming teammate.

Over 31 Vettori 2-0-1-6-0-0 173-4 - Sharma lofts a drive inside-out over extra cover for a couple, and then Pathan hits a superb drive over long-on for six. This is going right down to the wire, unless the Kiwis can dismiss Pathan soon.

Over 30 McKay 1-4-0-1-0-4 164-4 - Easy boundary for Sharma - McKay was bowling round the wicket to the right-hander, and dropped it in short which allowed the batsman to just turn it wide of fine leg with a horizontal bat. The fifty partnership comes up at worse than a run a ball, and then Yusuf, spotting that mid-off and mid-on are up in the circle, drives a length ball over mid-off for four. At the same stage of their innings, New Zealand were 171 for four. This could be tight.

Over 29 Vettori 0-1-1-0-0-1 154-4 - That six in his last over was the only boundary that Vettori has conceded, and these stingy overs are slowly but surely forcing the required rate up. Pathan can certainly turn it on though - most will remember his IPL innings against Mumbai during the most recent IPL - so the last 20 overs here could be spectacular.

Over 28 McKay 4-1-0-0-0-wd-1 151-4 - Lesson for the kids watching out there: do your long barrier. Frankline shows what can happen if you don't when he lets one go straight through him at deep cover. Having covered himself in glory with the bat, the allrounder's let himself down there.

Over 27 Vettori 0-6-0-0-1-1 144-4 - India keeping themselves in the running with some clean hitting every over or two. This time Pathan gets to the pitch of the ball, keeps his head down and swings through the line to clear the ropes behind Vettori. The hosts need 7.47 an over from here on, so we're going to see some great hitting if they're going to get close.

Over 26 McKay 4-0-0-0-1-1 136-4 - Seam returns, and immediately pressure is lifted as McKay bowls short and wide and is cut away through point for four by Sharma. McKay adjusts really well though and denies any further boundaries, although he's helped in that venture by How's dive at point as Pathan cuts hard and late at a straighter one but is denied four.

Over 25 Vettori 0-1-0-1-0-0 130-4 - New Zealand racing through their overs now, trying to get through them cheaply before India have had a chance to draw breath and notice the rising required rate. Just a couple of runs from this Vettori over as the skipper continues to strangle.

Over 24 N McCullum 0-6-0-1-1-0 128-4 - Huuuge six from Sharma, as he comes down the track to smash McCullum back over his had and into the second tier. That's an enormous strike, and it's kept India's heads up just when they were really ailing.

Over 23 Vettori 1-0-3-0-1-1 120-4 - Funny stuff down on the boundary. Sharma drove Vettori through the covers and looked to have scored four, but Guptill did well to slide in out of nowhere and flick the ball towards Styris. The podgy Kiwi was surprised by the trajectory, put in the dive to stop it himself and landed hard on his stomach - you could see the 'oooomph!' coming out as he did so. Guptill eventually had to run round and throw the ball in as Styris struggled to his feet. One run saved.

Over 22 N McCullum 1-0-1-1-0-0 114-4 - McCullum has turned this game around really, even if it was McKay who made the initial breakthroughs. The offspinner has figures of two for 13 halfway through his allotted overs.

Over 21 Vettori 1-1-0-1-0-0 111-4 - The ground is eerily quiet now. It was all going so well, and it was bedlam in the Chinnaswamy, but the Kiwi bowlers have done well to regain the upper hand. Just three singles from the over as Vettori continues. And the required run rate has risen above seven per over.

Over 20 N McCullum 1-0-W-0-0-0 108-4 - WICKET! Sharma lives on, but India lose Parthiv Patel as he comes down the wicket and takes on the long-off boundary. He falls short, and is caught six yards inside the rope. India threatening to fall to pieces now, despite that umpiring shocker. Yusuf Pathan has the task of getting their chase back on track.

Over 19 Vettori 0-1-1-0-1-0 107-3 - Amiesh Saheba, please do us all a favour and retire now. Rohit should be on his way back to the pavilion after clubbing the ball onto his pad before the ball looped up into wicketkeeper McCullum's chest, where he took the catch. Vettori was celebrating as he appealed and rightfully so, yet Saheba just stood there. Didn't say anything - rather just looked overwhelmed. There've been some shocking decisions in cricket recently, but that really does take the cake.

Over 18 N McCullum 1-2-0-W-1-0 104-3 - WICKET! Huge wicket for New Zealand, as Yuvraj hits it straight to Jamie How at short midwicket. Rohit Sharma is the new man in, but Yuvraj was key to India's hopes of a lot of big runs late on. He was just getting set as well.

Over 17 Styris 1-6-1-1-1-1 100-2 - Well that will certainly release some pressure! Easy as you like it he heaves the ball over wide long on for six. Patel notches up his first ODI fifty as nudges the ball down the ground for a single. A well played innings. Another single down the ground brings up thin Indian hundred and with it the drinks break.

Over 16 N McCullum 1-0-0-1-1-0 89-2 - The crowd is starting to grow a little restless here. Just a handful of singles as the pressure starts to build.

Over 15 Styris 0-0-0-0-0-0 86-2 - A double change with Scotty Styris joining the attack. And it's a great start from the medium pacer as he begins with a well directed maiden. Nothing special, just a good line and length and it does the business.

Over 14 N McCullum 0-1-0-1-0-0 86-2 - Time for a bit of spin with Nathan McCullum entering the fray. He starts off well conceding just a few singles before Patel gets an inside edge back onto his pad that nearly rolls back onto the stumps.

Over 13 Mills 0-1-1-1-lb-0-0 84-0 - The batsmen work the ball down to third man for a few singles before Mills shows all his experience as he gets the better of Yurvaj with two slower balls outside off.

Over 12 McKay 4-0-0-1-2-4 81-2 - Beautifully driven down the ground by Patel, he doesn't try and hit it too hard, just times it past the bowler for four. In the air again from Yuvraj as he looks to lift the ball over the inner ring, he does just that but not by nearly as much as he would have liked as it just caries over the head of gully. Super shot to end the over as Yuvraj slams a silky drive to the fence.

Over 11 Mills 0-0-1-1-0-0 70-2 - How quickly things can change, just as it looked like India were racing away the visitors have pulled things back with two quick wickets. Mills to continue, it's crucial that he keeps the pressure on now. Ooh, and he nearly does so by picking up a wicket as Yuvraj gets an outside edge just wide of backward point as he looks to push forward.

68-2 - A bit of luck there for Gambhir as he looks to be cute and just gently dab the ball into the off side but gets an inside edge that evades the stumps and travels down to the fence. WICKET! The openers have been hammering everything with width and Gambhir dies by the sword as he flashes the ball straight to Guptill at point. WICKET! Two in the over for McKay as Kohli goes on the pull very early in his innings and only succeeds in skying the ball to Mills at fine leg.

Over 9 Mills 4-0-0-4-1-0 60-0 - The bowlers are giving far too much room here and they're getting punished time after time as Patel cracks the ball wide of third man for four. With Patel throwing his bat at everything it's a surprise there aren't any slips in place and once again Patel makes the Kiwis play with four more through the slips.

Over 8 McKay 1-4-4-2-0-wd-0 51-0 - A change of bowling with McKay replacing Southee. Super shot from Gambhir as he leans into a beautiful drive through the covers. Poor from Mckay as he strays onto the pads and Gambhir effortlessly turns the ball past short fine leg. The Indian fifty comes up in double quick time with Gambhir turning the ball into the leg side for two. An expensive first over from McKay, not what his captain would have been looking for.

Over 7 Mills 3-0-0-2-4-0 39-0 - Run out chance! Patel flicks the ball though midwicket, Vettori chases it down and flicks the ball back to Guptill who hurls the ball to the 'keeper's end. The throw is high and McCullum is forced to try and hurl the ball onto the stumps while in the air and he just can't find the target; Gambhir would have been short! Edged and four! Gambhir looks to work the ball to third man and he gets the edge but Taylor had just been moved from slip to short midwicket so it's four runs!

Over 6 Southee 1-4-2-4-0-1 30-0 - Slashed away powerfully by Patel and he picks up four. He wasn't in control of it, with the ball flying off the outside edge, but Patel stuck by the old adage that if you slash, slash hard and it works out for him as the ball screams past Mills at third man. Patel is starting to find his feet here as he picks up a four to the point fence with Guptill only managing a half stop. Interesting stuff as Patel cuts again but gets a thick edge that bounces in front of slip and down to third man for one. Twenty off the last two overs, how quickly things can change after some early pressure!

Over 5 Mills 0-4-0-4-0-0 18-0 - The pressure is starting to build here. Hammered! Patel really needed to get going and he does so in style as he slashes the ball wide of short cover for four. Mills follows up well with a handy slower ball. In a tit for tat move, Patel retaliates with another boundary, heaving a short delivery round the corner.

Over 4 Southee 0-0-0-2-0-0 10-0 - Gambhir looks to flick the ball through midwicket but can't quite get it away, only managing a single wide of mid on.

Over 3 Mills 0-0-0-0-0-0 8-0 - Ooh, Patel goes on the drive but is beaten by Mills. Again the ball whistles past the edge of the bat, this time as Patel looks to push forward. A great stop from How at point cuts off what would surely have been four runs. Godd stuff from Mills, it's a maiden.

Over 2 Southee 1-0-0-4-0-1 8-0 - Too full from Southee, who gives Gambhir an easy single to deep extra cover. Patel, meanwhile, is quite happy on the defence and won't really be tempted on the drive with two slips in wait of the errant edge. Ultimately, he can resist, though, squeezing the gap between cover and point for his first international boundary in a veritable age.

Over 1 Mills 0-1-1wd-0-0-0-0 2-0 - Back in the ODI team after a six-year absence, the diminutive Patel takes in a couple of sighters, which he is totally allowed to given that massive period out of the Indian frame.

India's Pursuit Food for thought: 286 is the highest ever second-innings ODI score at this ground, as Gambhir and Patel head out to the middle in pursuit of 316.

New Zealand End On 315 For Seven Taylor and Styris added to what Guptill and McCullum started, after which Franklin well and truly stole the show with a knock entirely uncharacteristic of an order oft-fragile. Good on him, with a stint in county cricket and the international wilderness evidently doing the all-rounder-turned-preferred batsman very well. Fat score this, but India's hefty batting order will fancy chasing it down. Third ton on the trot for Gambhir? Maybe. Stick around for the enterainment.

Over 50 Nehra 1-6-6-4-4-1 315-7 - Franklin goes to his highest ODI score of 77 not out and the savages a really large, really high six high and hard into the stands beyond the long-on fences. Then six more, this time elevated over long-off. 300 up for New Zealand. Just for good measure, a four planked across midwicket and he is into the 90s. Long-off can't take a touch chance on the dive, so it's four more and Franklin has 97 and he'll end on 98 not out.

Over 49 Zaheer 0-0-1-2-1-4 293-7 - McCullum wants to copy his sibling, Brendon, by going huge over long-on but has to make do with two ballooned to no-man's land in the on-side deep. Great line'n'length bowling at the death of the innings from Zaheer, a touch marred, though, by mid-off's inability to stop Franklin from belting another boundary past the bowler. Like any lazy fast bowler, Zaheer promptly leaves the field at the end of his spell.

Over 48 Nehra 2-1-1lb-4-1wd-2-1 285-7 - Franklin charges hard toward the striker's end for two, making his ground in time as the return throw from the deep can't win the race. With another newer ball into play after a quick change from the old, tired, scuffed one, the half-centurion then belts it back over the bowler's head for four. 'No rest for the wicked,' the personified ball thinks to itself.

Over 47 Yusuf 1-4-1-4-1-1 273-7 - Top notch timing and placement from the half-centurion, who picks the gap at midwicket for another four. A veritable God-send to the New Zealand order, is he. McCullum, meanwhile, gets in on the act by lofting a boundary of his own over midwicket. Belated expense for today's chief wicket-taker.

Over 46 Ashwin 1-0-1-0-1-6 261-7 - McCullum fluffs a leading edge to no-man's land as Ashwin's Carrom ball again shows its authority. Meanwhile, Franklin moves to his half-century. It's the second of his ODI career, both of which have come in this series. 51 balls, eight fours to get to this one. Milestone racked up, he ends Aswhin's expensive day with the ball by belting six over extra cover.

Over 45 Yusuf 0-0-W-0-1-0 252-7 - Wicket! Straight-bat shots are getting Mills nowhere, so he too goes cross-bat and with the turn. Just like Vettori though, he is beaten and has the very top of leg-stump pinned by a low, flat dart from the right-armer. McCullum, Nathan not Brendon, in now. He and Franklin enjoyed a great late stand in the third ODI and will hope for more of the same this time around. Pathan has his best figures in ODIs now - three for 37.

Over 44 Ashwin 0-1-0-0-1-0 251-6 - 250 up for New Zealand, who will really want Mills to free his arms in a bid to get them to 290 and perhaps even 300 across the remaining 36 balls of this innings.

Over 43 Yusuf 0-0-1-1-1-W 249-6 - Dropped! Franklin's leading edge offers Pathan a tough return catch. The bowler does well to make good ground behind the non-striker, but grasses the catch at last clasp. Wicket! Pathan later welcomes the wicket of Vettori, though. Not quite the same as getting the threatening Franklin out, but the New Zealand captain's scalp will do. Vettori endured an ugly hack across the line, failed to connect anything at all, and duly had his stumps toppled. Mills in now.

Over 42 Aswhin 1-4-0-1-4-1 246-5 - It's the double-bluff from Vettori, who dances down the track only to rock onto the backfoot to late-cut four past short thirdman. Ashwin is peeved because he wanted more of an effort from the fielder on the dive. Franklin, meanwhile, edges closer to his second ODI 50 on the trot with four more banged high and hard down the ground. So ends the batting Powerplay - 36 for one from it.

Over 41 Nehra 1-0-4-1-0-0 235-5 - Here's Franklin again, loving anything angled into his pads. Four clobbered through midwicket followed by a single to put pressure on extra cover leaves Vettori to the strike, with the New Zealand captain unable to get any bat on a couple of attempted dinks down to thirdman.

Over 40 Ashwin 0-0-1-0-1-1 229-5 - Not a hang of a lot of variation from Ashwin, who by and large sticks to the regulation off-spin to the left-handers. Vettori and Franklin happy to tend to their biggest threat across a trio of singles.

Over 39 Zaheer 1-4-0-3-0-1 226-5 - Franklin is forced to some fancy footwork to stop his inside edge from rolling onto his stumps, then punishing far too much width from the bowler for four through point. The fielder puts in the dive to no avail. Two left-handers at the crease now, which an uncharacteristically wayward Zaheer is finding quite tough to front up to at the moment.

Over 38 Ashwin W-0-4-1-1-1 217-5 - Wicket! Taylor doesn't bother waiting for his 50 before falling, instead becoming the third New Zealand batter to fall in the 40s today. Yet another unconverted start from the right-hander, with Ashwin trapping him dead enough in front of leg-stump for the lbw decision to go India's way at the start of the batting Powerplay. Vettori in now, getting off the mark with a four as the ball beats Zaheer to the thirdman fence.

Over 37 Rohit 1-0-1-1-4-0 210-4 - Easy pickings for Franklin again, with a touch too much flight from the spinner affording him four more on the sweep. Meanwhile, Taylor is closing in on a half-century, which he will probably fail to convert to a ton. Perennial non-finisher, is he.

Over 36 Yusuf 0-0-0-4-4-0 203-4 - Another appeal for lbw from Pathan, who can't have Franklin out on the sweep as the ball was fizzing past the off-stump by quite a bit. The left-handed batsman has the final say - on this over, at least - sweeping and then cutting for back-to-back boundaries. 200 up for New Zealand They'll want 90 more, at the very least.

Over 35 Rohit 1-0-0-1-0-1 195-4 - Taylor looks to push the ball through the on-side, but his stroke is far too on the up and almost finds the hands of midwicket. Then the slog-sweep, along the ground, but no gap found on the deep square-leg fence. Nice containing job from Rohit, this.

Over 34 Yusuf 1-1-1-0-0-1 192-4 - With the mandatory change of bal lat the turn of the 34th over a thing of the past, Franklin insists on the sweep, though it's an ugly affair as he loses his footing to end up entirely on the deck. He might want to put in for a new boots sponsor. Those front spikes clearly are not long enough for these conditions.

Over 33 Rohit 2-0-1-1-0-0 188-4 - All and sundry get back into the swing of things after the drinks break, with Franklin enjoying some handy timing and placement early on. I can see why he is batting above Vettori in the order.

Over 32 Yusuf 2-1-0-2-2lb-1 184-4 - Indian fielders a touch sluggish in the deep, with Franklin and Taylor afforded a couple of twos, which shuold only have been singles. You woudn't see that happening on Dhoni's watch. Gambhir needs to be a bit more vocal. Drinks break.

Over 31 Rohit 0-1-4-0-0-0 176-4 - More part-time spin, with Sharma, who like Yuvraj sports an IPL hat-trick, enters the attack. Franklin welcomes a bit of width, employing a deft dab past the wicketkeeper for four through thirdman.

Over 30 Yusuf 2-4-0-W-0-1 171-4 - For once, it's Styris and not Taylor to perish on the midwicket fence. He wanted the carry, but didn't have it. Perhaps if he had looked to hit a lot more square the ball would have sailed over the ropes. As was the case with McCullum, no 50 for Styris neither. Franklin in now.

Over 29 Yuvraj 0-6-1-0-1-1 164-3 - 'Enough of these singles,' demands Styris, duly dancing down the pitch to crank the second six of the day down the ground. Something a touch quicker, and perhaps angled down the leg-side, might have bring the stumping into play next time around.

Over 28 Yusuf 0-1-1-0-2-1 155-3 - With Yusuf and Yuvraj in operation together, Gambhir doesn't want to fall into the trap of letting his non-regular bowlers stick around for too long. Styris and sidekick are pretty much milking 'em with ease at the moment.

Over 27 Yuvraj 1-1-0-4-0-2 150-3 - Taylor picks the gap at fine-leg for a four with finess before attempting to clobber the leather off the ball across midwicket. 150 up for New Zealand. As long as wickets are kept in hand fairly well enough, they can double this score.

Over 26 Yusuf 0-0--1-1-1-1 142-3 - More of a slower bowler than a spinner, Pathan sends down a string of low darts. Plenty of risk-free cricket from the batting duo, who bring up their half-century partnership with more of the same nurdled'n'nudged singles.

Over 25 Yuvraj 0-1-1-1-0-1 138-3 - Yuvraj and his part-time turn now into the attack, with Taylor and Styris adjusting their respective sights accordlingly in the face of the slower stuff. Not quite the seven an over they were enjoying at the turn of the 10th over, but New Zealand still doing pretty well at 5.52 at the halfway mark of their knock.

Over 24 Praveen 0-1-0-1-0-4 134-3 - Anil Kumble is in the commentary box, waxing lyrical about what a powerful hitter Taylor is. I haven't witnessed this apparent 'power hitting' in a while, and certainly not across this over. Styris, however, finds four on the pull. Not for the first time and probably not the last, Praveen spoils an otherwise good over with poor closing delivery.

Over 23 Zaheer 1-0-0-0-0-0 128-3 - Approaching from around the wicket, Zaheer keeps Taylor on his toes on the backfoot with some back-of-a-length stuff. Then a shout for lbw thanks to something a touch fuller, but it pitched well outside the leg-stump so was never going to warrant the umpire's finger.

Over 22 Praveen 1-0-1-0-1-0 127-3 - Styris, a touch frustrated by one or two too many singles and dot balls, again wants to force four through the on-side, yet again is thwarted by a lack of placement beyond mid-on. So, he is back on the frontfoot and the drive for another token one through cover.

Over 21 Zaheer 1-0-0-0-1-1 124-3 - Much like Praveen, Khan has a lot of work to do in order to make up for an inept opening spell. Good return from him so far, with a lot less leg-side fodder keeping Styris and Taylor to mere singles through the off-side.

Over 20 Praveen 1-1-1-0-1-1 121-3 - Another scampered single, with Styris the man scrambling for ground in the wake of India's pinpoint throwing. Styris and Taylor doing well in showing McCullum what he should've done: turn the singles among the boundaries, rather than insist on the latter across every ball.

Over 19 Nehra 4-0-0-0-1-1 116-3 - A welcome burst of confidence for Taylor, who beats cover and mid-off with a superb drive. Then a single stolen down the ground, with the hurried right-hander beating the direct-hit at the non-striker's end. Won't be long before Yuraj turns his arm over from this end, me thinks.

Over 18 Praveen 0-0-1lb-0-0-4 110-3 - Praveen back into the attack in a bid to make up for a rather ineffective opening spell earlier. Still plenty of slower balls from the right-arm seamer, but this time around pitched to a better length. Styris wants to force the issue, duly shuffling across his stumps to work the ball through the leg-side. He can't pick the gap beyond midwicket, though. However, four glanced across the vacant deep fine-leg position treats him well.

Over 17 Nehra 1-0-1lb-1lb-0-2 105-3 - Nehra is up an at 'em for an lbw shout, but there is no way Styris is going to be given out as it pitched well outside the leg-stump. Another cheap over, and India pegging things back their way quite nicely.

Over 16 Ashwin 1-0-1-0-1-0 100-3 - 100 up for the Kiwis as three more singles bring up the mini milestone. Given McCullum and Guptill's platform, the tourists will want nothing less than 290 at the end of their 50 overs.

Over 15 Nehra 0-1-1-0-1-0 97-3 - Styris and Taylor, happy to steady ship in the wake of McCullum's departure, end the bowling Powerplay across a trio fo singles. 27 for one from the five-over tactic.

Over 14 Ashwin 4-W-1-0-0-1wd-1 94-3 - Wicket! One slap across the line and with the turn too many from McCullum, who jams one straight to Rohit at a short-ish midwicket position. Great catch, considering the velocity at which the ball was struck. No half-century for the wicketkeeper-batsman. In comes Styris.

Over 13 Nehra 0-4-0-4-1-1wd-1 87-2 - McCullum again and again offers himself room to the leg-side in order to free his arms over the off-side. Four banged over the top is followed by four more spooned off the inside edge, leaving Nehra to offer McCullum some heated words of advise on how to bat properly. The bowler then attempts to steal a decision down the leg-side, but the umpire is not buying it. McCullum, although missing out on the pull, didn't get any glove to it on the way through to the wicketkeeper.

Over 12 Ashwin 0-2-0-1-0-4 77-2 - Early nerves for Taylor, who pokes at one outside the off-stump to endure an edge as some extra fizz off the track does the trick for the bowler. Pathan, at slip, puts in the dive but his fingers across his right-hander are not elongated enough to snapple the ball from the air. Four very lucky runs.

Over 11 Nehra W-0-0-0-0-0 70-2 - Right on cue, India opt for their bowling Powerplay. And it's off to a great start for India, with some handy line across the right-hander seeing to it that How offers the one'n'only slip in place a regulation catch. Really just hung his bat out to dry, there. Bangalore sign-off Taylor in now in front of his IPL home crowd. Plenty of sighters on the defence for him across a wicket-maiden for Nehra.

Over 10 Ashwin 0-2-1-4-0-0 70-1 - Ashwin won't dare offer McCullum even a semblance of flight, instead darting 'em in. The right-hander employs the sweep shot - orthodox and reverse - succeeding with the latter for four lapped through short thirdman-cum-short fine-leg. So ends the mandatory Powerplay. New Zealand gunning it at 7.0 to the over.

Over 9 Nehra 4-0-4-W-0-1 63-1 - The left-armer approaches from over the wicket to the right-handed Guptill, who takes him across mid-on for a 'welcome to the attack' four. Then again, this time marginally close to a diving Gambhir's fingers. Wicket! Inevitably so, though, a wild slash outside off-stump sees Yuvraj back the catch at cover and off mopes Guptill. Rhymes aside, How in now.

Over 8 Ashwin 4-1-1lb-1-4-0 54-0 - Spin into the attack already, with the right-armer and his variation called upon. Guptill won't let him settle, trotting down the deck to slap four down the ground before doing the wise thing in turning the single. Back on strike, McCullum gets cheeky with a reverse-sweep. No long-on nor -off in place, so he should really just go back over the bowler's head instead, which he then does... for four more. So arrives the half-century partnership at 6.75 to the over.

Over 7 Zaheer 1-0-0-0-0-0 43-0 - McCullum wants nothing to do with his crease, advancing out of it at every opportunity. Aggressive approach, yes, but when he is unable to beat the men at mid-off and extra cover one has to question his gameplan. The odd single here and there wouldn't hurt.

Over 6 Guptill 0-0-2-1-0-6 42-0 - Guptill, flummoxed by the slower ball, is far too early on his dip over mid-off, so instead it balloons to no-man's land in the thirdman region. Meanwhile, McCullum misses one of those characteristic paddle-sweeps of his, then opting for the far more orthodox baseball-esque heave for the first six of the match over long-on. Get Nehra into the attack now, I say.

Over 5 Zaheer 1-4-0-0-0-0 33-0 - Eventually finding a better line outside the off-stump, Zaheer has to fetch regardless as McCullum darts down the pitch to hammer four through cover. Khan bites back with a slower ball, and McCullum has a bit of a giggle as the ball bobbles past his attempt to dab it down to thirdman. Cute battle in the middle of the war, this.

Over 4 Praveen 1-0-0-0-0-0 28-0 - McCullum after anything and everything here, skewing nothing to square-leg before failing in his attempt to beat short fine-leg. Great haste from the right-hander, but perhaps he'd be better off playing with a straight bat for a couple of overs before looking to launch for the fences.

Over 3 Zaheer 0-0-0-0-2wd-0-4 27-0 - Nice going from the veteran seamer across the bulk of the over, until another awful wide and a rank half-volley affords McCullum cranked through mid-off. One of the better starts with the bat New Zealand have enjoyed this series.

Over 2 Praveen 1wd-4-4-0-1-4-0 21-0 - Where the southpaw seamer started poorly the right-armer continues, offering plenty of length into Guptill's pads. The right-hander obliges with four and four more through midwicket and mid-on respectively, then feeding McCullum the strike with a token single. In true fashion, the swashbuckling wicketkeeper-batsman dances down the track to wield - with just one hand, almost - four more over extra cover. Audacious footwork, especially given Patel's choice to stand up to the stumps.

Over 1 Zaheer 1wd-0-1-5wd-0-0 7-0 - Two slips in place and plenty of early swing on the go, but all of it rendered redundant by an errant leg-side line from over the wicket. Plenty of extras on the board straight away, with wicketkeeper Patel - quite a small chap - unable to get in the way of the wides down the leg-side.

Game On All and sundry out in the middle and good to go across a track looking pretty sweet for batting. Guptill and McCullum to open the batting, Zaheer has first use of the new ball.

Starting XIs India: Parthiv Patel, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Rohit Sharma, Saurabh Tiwary, Yusuf Pathan, Ravichandran Ashwin, Praveen Kumar, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra. New Zealand: Brendon McCullum, Martin Guptill, Jamie How, Ross Taylor, Scott Styris, Daniel Vettori, James Franklin, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Tim Southee, Andy McKay.

Team News Three changes for India: Parthiv Patel comes in for Wriddhiman Saha, Saurabh Tiwary for Ravindra Jadeja and Praveen Kumar for Munaf Patel. Brendon McCullum is fit enough to keep wicket, so Gareth Hopkins drops out and Tim Southee comes in. Kane Williamson is axed. Jamie How is back.

Toss Under cloudy skies, stand-in skipper Gautam Gambhir has won the toss and India will bowl first.

Greetings Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the fourth ODI between the Black Caps and Indians at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. Bit of a deadrubber, this, as the hosts have already wrapped up the series. But pride and a the beginnings of a whitewash to play for nonetheless.

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