1st Test: NZ v SA: Day 5

Last updated: 11th March 2012  

Match drawn Really disappointing way for it all to end, because the match was beautifully poised going into the final day. Unfortunately we haven't had any play so we head to Hamilton with the series square at 0-0.

14:05 local time The umpires have just been out with the groundsman to inspect the ground, where they found a fair bit of standing water. That's enough for them to call the game off. All over.

13:50 local time It's still raining I'm afraid. But the earliest they will call it off is 15:00, so the wait goes on.

12:25pm local time Well I said In would let you know if things changed. They haven't. It's still raining, so that is indeed the first session gone. And probably the second, because even once the rain stops it will take two hours to mop up.

Good morning Bad news I'm afraid. Less than two hours after play finished last night the rain rolled in. It's been sprinkling lightly, on and off, all night, and it's currently raining at the moment. Given events on the first day I would say that we're unlikely to have a morning session. Given the forecast for the rest of the day, in fact, it seems unlikely we will get much play at all. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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