Eng v WI 1st Test commentary

Last updated: 21st May 2012  

Eng v WI 1st Test commentary

England win by five wickets Impressive win for England in the end thanks to a fine stand between Cook and Bell. West Indies deserve some credit for their fightback on days three and four but they'd already left themselves far too far behind in the game by then. Stuart Broad is man of the match for his 11 wickets.

Over 47: Samuels 4 193-5 - Bell whips Samuels to the midwicket boundary to seal a five-wicket victory for England.

189-5 WICKET! Cook furious with himself for failing to finish the job as he slashes Sammy to Kirk Edwards in the gully with England's victory target just two runs away. Cracking innings, though, and now Jonny Bairstow has the chance to hit the winning runs on Test debut. Or to get out for nought, as he almost does here after being crunched on the pads by a Sammy in-ducker. With an enormous grin, Sammy reviews. Inside edge, says Hot Spot, which is a piece of cold, emotionless technology and thus has no sense of humour.

Over 45: Samuels 1-1-1-4-0-0 188-4 - Single milkage followed by well-placed cuttery from Cook for a boundary that leaves England one hit from victory. It occurs to me that Samuels' continued bowling may owe something to trying to boost the Windies' sorry over-rate in this Test. On that basis his spell of 10-0-47-0 does at least make some kind of twisted sense.

Over 44: Sammy 0-1-0-0-1-0 181-4 - Roach off the field, and didn't exactly look comfortable as he walked off. Would be a huge blow for the Windies and this series if he's done himself any sort of mischief. Sammy into the attack for the last rites. Ten runs to win.

Over 43: Samuels 0-4-0-2-1-0 179-4 - Cook back-cuts just past gully's outstretched hand for four before collecting two more with the same shot played in safer style. Adds a quick single to move to 73. It's been a top-class innings, it really has. Easy pickings now, but he came through a truly testing examination last night and this morning.

Over 42: Roach 4-0-0nb-0-0nb-0-0-0 172-4 - "See that Marlon Samuels," chides Peter Bell. "That's you that is. That's you trying to bowl fast." Brilliant. Meanwhile, Bell gloves down the legside and wide of Ramdin's despairing dive for four. Roach then no-balls England ever closer to their target. Nineteen to win.

Over 41: Samuels 0-4-2-0-1-0 166-4 - Two half-centuries in the game for Bell as he skips down the track to plonk a drive down the ground for a one-bounce four and then rocks back in his crease to cut behind point for a couple.

Over 40: Roach 1-0-0-0-1-0 159-4 - Nearly done.

Over 39: Samuels 1-0-1-1-2-3lb 157-4 - England's 150 comes up, followed by the hundred partnership. No boundaries since lunch, and that's the real quiz.

Over 38: Roach 0-0-1-0-2nb-0-0 149-4 - This promised at one time to be a thrilling final day. But Cook and Bell have spoiled everyone's fun with their party-pooping competence. No sense of theatre, these England automatons. At least not since the pantomime nonsense of the winter.

Over 37: Samuels 0-0-2-1-0-0 145-4 - Can sort of understand why West Indies are protecting their quicker men now with another Test starting on Friday. But it's still disappointing. Many a team has lost six wickets for fewer than 60 runs before now, and the lunch situation may still have represented West Indies' best hopes of a win in this series.

Over 36: Roach 1-0-1-0-0nb-0-2 142-4 - Lovely; milky, milky. Reference there for fans of mid-90s comedy as Bell and Cook knock the ball around for easy runs.

Over 35: Samuels 0-0-0-1-0-0 137-4 - Samuels is not a particularly good bowler. There, I've said it. But what he does have is an almost Afridi-level change of pace, as he wangs down a 70mph yorker that Cook as to dig out. Lucky he was alert there. There aren't that many lerts left. Samuels' quicker ball, Sammy's stock ball: same guy.

Over 34: Roach 0-0-0-0-1-1 136-4 - Bell gets an inside edge onto his hip that loops straight to short-leg. Or at least, it would've done had there been a short-leg. There isn't, and England move one run closer to victory. Cook cuts hard to deep point for a single to keep the strike. Roach looks like a man who used a lot of effort in his first spell.

Over 33: Samuels 1-0-0-0-2-0 134-4 - Samuels continues after lunch. A fair indication of West Indies' remaining ambition in this Test match.

Lunch Great session for England in the end despite a couple of early alarms. Cook and Bell have settled the nerves in a high-quality, unbroken stand of 74 after the excellent Roach dismissed Trott and Gabriel removed Pietersen. Just 60 runs to win for England, and at present speed and course that should take only an hour after lunch. And to make matters even better for England, the sun's coming out.

Over 32: Sammy 0-0-0-0-0-0 131-4 - Cook plays out a maiden from Sammy to end a cracking session of Test cricket.

Over 31: Samuels 0-1-4-1-0-0 131-4 - Fifty for Cook as he plays a mirror image of Bell's late cut to pick up a boundary. At one point this morning, Cook was one not out off 28 balls. He's now, after another single cut away on the offside, 53 not out off 79. He and Bell have knocked the top off this run-chase with a partnership of 74 in just 16 overs.

Over 30: Sammy 1-0-0-4-1-1 125-4 - A diving stop from Roach keeps Bell to a single for a cover-drive before a long-hop from Sammy is dispatched imperiously by Cook. He rocks back and gets a full extension of the arms to pull over midwicket and away to the ropes. Both batsmen pick up singles to complete another good over for England.

Over 29: Samuels 1-0-0-3-0-0 118-4 - Cook fiddles a single on the legside before another perfectly-played late cut brings Bell three as Chanderpaul this time does manage to chase the ball down from short third-man.

Over 28: Sammy 1-3-1-0-0-0 114-4 - Cook picks up a well-judged quick single on the offside before Bell gets really lucky. It's a nothing shot looking to dab the ball to third-man, and he gets a thick inside edge past the leg stump that brings three streaky runs. A miscued cut shot - not quite got that shot away in this Test - brings Cook a single.

Over 27: Samuels 0-0-0-0-0-4 109-4 - Marlon Samuels into the attack with his brand of leisurely offspin. Bell hammers a drive straight into the stumps at the non-striker's end. Four runs saved there, which will be worth remembering when England are 189 all out. Just kidding. Bell does get his boundary two balls later with a neatly played late cut that briefly teases the fielder before rolling away to the fence. Fifty partnership.

Over 26: Sammy 0-0-0-1-0-0 105-4 - Bell pings a glorious cover-drive straight to the fielder before picking up a single with a thick inside edge that dribbles out towards midwicket.

Over 25: Edwards 0-3-1-0-0-4 104-4 - This should tell us a bit about whether it's a), b) or c) as Edwards comes back into the attack. Early evidence is a) as Cook flicks through midwicket for three and Bell picks up an easy single to take England to 100. Cook picks up another solid, classy boundary with a firmly pushed cover-drive. Good straide into the ball there and plays the ball confidently on the up.

Over 24: Sammy 0-0-1-0-0-1 96-4 - Bell cuts Sammy away sweetly through point but with a man out on the fence he gets just a single. Cook tries to repeat the shot next ball, but the ball bounces more than he's expecting and whistles over the top edge. Cook keeps the strike with a pull behind square-leg. Not sure if it's a) the ball getting a bit softer, b) the change bowlers being on or c) both, but batting starting to look a relatively straightforward pursuit for this pair now.

Over 23: Gabriel 1-0-2-1-0-4 94-4 - England's target down to two figures as Cook drives sweetly down the ground for another boundary. He's been excellent this morning, mixing stout defence with good judgement and a sprinkling of crisp boundaries. Not saying England are home and hosed here just yet, but I'm sure I just saw John Terry up on the balcony putting his whites on.

Over 22: Sammy 0-1-0-1-1-0 86-4 - Almost a nasty moment here as Cook thumps the ball to deep cover but has his thoughts of a second run ended by a thudding collision with Sammy. Both batsman and bowler were looking out towards Shiv Chanderpaul fielding in the deep, and then ended in a heap of cricketer, bat, pads and ultimately smiles as they get back to their feet and shake hands No harm done.

Over 21: Gabriel 0-0-0-0-0-0 83-4 - Better over from Gabriel, keeping things tight which is the minimum requirement for these back-up seamers while Edwards and Roach recharge.

Over 20: Sammy 0-0-1-0-0-1 83-4 - Nervy moment for Cook here as Sammy gets one to bounce and find the shoulder of the bat, but the ball loops safely to point for a single. Bell defends solidly into the offside for a single to keep the strike.

Over 19: Gabriel 1-0-1-1-2-4 81-4 - Runs still coming at a brisk rate for England as singles are milked before Bell punches down the ground for two and then repeats the dose against a full-toss with sufficient timing to reach the rope.

Over 18: Sammy 0-0-0-2-0-0 72-4 - Roach's fabulous spell at an end. Sammy into the attack. At the very least he needs to keep it tight, and does so here giving up just two runs as Bell clips through the legside with no timing.

Over 17: Gabriel 0-1-0-4-0-0 70-4 - Bell clips to long-leg off his hip and immediately shouts 'two' before wisely downgrading that ambition. Another short ball from Gabriel and another pull shot. This time from Cook, and it rockets to the midwicket fence. That's the last major action of a corking first hour. England 60 runs closer to their target, West Indies two wickets closer to theirs and one heck of a Test match finish in prospect. If you're anywhere near Lord's and at a loose end, you really should be making your way to HQ immediately.

Over 16: Roach 0-1-0-0-3-4 65-4 - This game certainly not hanging about this morning. West Indies may have their two wickets, but England have taken 55 off their target in 12 overs. Bell gets three with the sort of calm and composed cover-drive that makes you think Everything's Going To Be All Right before Cook adds another boundary with a crunching cut shot hammered way in front of the point sweeper.

Over 15: Gabriel 0-0-4-W-0-0 57-4 WICKET! What a moment in this match. Shannon Gabriel comes into the attack and picks up the big wicket of Pietersen. KP laced one pull shot to the midwicket boundary but then tries to repeat the shot to a slightly fuller delivery and gets a thin bottom edge through to Ramdin. England bang in trouble now, four down against a rampant bowling attack and still 134 runs short of the victory target.

Over 14: Roach 1-0-0-1-0-1 53-3 - Scampered singles for both batsmen. Cook and Pietersen both experienced campaigners who have decided the non-striker's end is the place to be against Roach. A misfield at point allows Pietersen another single to end the over.

Over 13: Edwards 0-0-0-1-0-0 50-3 - A quick single for Pietersen brings up England's 50. Nervously applauded by a small, cold but captivated crowd.

Over 12: Roach 4nb-0nb-0-1-1-2-4-0 49-3 - England chasing 190-odd. At Lord's. To beat a West Indies side relying heavily on a pair of high-class opening bowlers. It's 2000 all over again. Excellent over for England here, as Roach oversteps a couple of times, one of which is nicked along the ground and wide of the slips for four. Pietersen then swat-hooks for a single before Cook forces off the back foot through cover for two and then punches a drive back past the bowler for four more.

Over 11: Edwards 0-0-0-0-2-0 35-3 - Wonderful delivery from Edwards here, swinging and then seaming further away from Pietersen to go past the outside edge. Bounced before reaching Ramdin as well - variable bounce another factor for England to deal with today. A clip to leg and some rapid scampering bring two runs for KP.

Over 10: Roach 4-W-0-2-0-1nb-0 33-3 WICKET! West Indies have the early wicket they wanted. Trott nicks the first ball of the over through the slips for four but doesn't get lucky twice in a row as a thicker outside edge flies to Darren Sammy's left at second slip where the West Indies captain pouches a really smart catch. New batsman Kevin Pietersen is immediately beaten by one angling away from him before collecting a couple of runs with a solid defensive push past the bowler. Pietersen adds another run with a push to cover, and he's the key man here now as the most attacking batsman always is in these small to mid-range chases. If Pietersen bats to lunch, England will be a long way towards winning this game.

Over 9: Edwards 0-0-0-0-4-1 25-2 - Another huge leg-before shout against Trott as Edwards moves the ball back into him off the seam this time. Just doing too much was my initial verdict. And, more importantly, that of Marais Erasmus and Hawk-Eye. Trott lands another blow of his own with his signature shot, punched through the legside off the back foot. It's a shot he plays based entirely on length rather than line. The only difference caused by the line is the direction the ball goes. If it's off stump, it goes through midwicket. If it's more middle stump, it goes through square-leg. That's the case this time and, as always, it's astonishingly well timed. An easy offside single means Trott will keep the strike.

Over 8: Roach 0-0-0-0nb-0-0-0 20-2 - Edwards has been a bit wild this morning but Roach has been right on the mark, albeit with not quite the same menace as last night.

Over 7: Edwards 0-0-0-0-4-0 19-2 - Encouragement for both sides here as Trott picks up four with a square-cut off the toe end of the bat that nonetheless rattles away to the boundary before Edwards swings one back into the pads but, unusually for him, got a bit too much bounce for lbw to be a serious chance.

Over 6: Roach 0-0-0-0-0-0 15-2 - Good start from Roach. Takes a couple of balls to crank up, but he's there by the end of the over with a delivery pushed across Cook, past the outside edge, and giving Ramdin the hurry-up behind the stumps.

Over 5: Edwards 0-4b-0-1-0-0 15-2 - Edwards and Roach were close to irresistible last night, but it's a different game for bowlers when they know they've only got a couple of overs. Can they produce the same effort and intensity over a more prolonged period this morning in conditions still in their favour? Not a great start, with Edwards wanging one way down the legside for four keeper-stuffing byes. Should've been five wides really. Cook gets his first run of the morning with a tip-and-run single on the offside.

FeedbackFeedback Almost certain to some stress and tension today, so what better way to relieve it than by firing off an email to someone you'll never meet? Rants, raves, panicked dread fear: that's what we'll be dealing in on the commentary so join in by emailing Dave.Tickner@bskyb.com

Pitch Report A weather report is almost more relevant here. The pitch is still a good one, as is customary at Lord's. But the weather forecast is intriguing; cold and overcast at the moment but improving as the day goes on. If Edwards and Roach still have the belly-fire of last evening, then the first hour could be decisive.

Welcome Morning everyone. Set up nicely now, isn't it? A heady mix of gritty West Indian batting, wayward England bowling, a fired-up Kemar Roach and Fidel Edwards plus the latest inexplicably stupid use of the nightwatchman have all combined to produce a cracking last day in this Test match that had, for three days, seemingly been meandering pleasantly along to its inevitable conclusion. The equation is simple. For England, 181 runs; for West Indies, eight wickets.

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