Australia v India: 4th Test, Day 5

Last updated: 28th January 2012  

More to come While the Test portion of India's tour may be done and dusted, there are still some T20s and ODIs in the offering. We get back underway with the first T20 clash on Wednesday, please do join us then. Cheers

Australia win by 298 runs Well, it was always going to be a question of 'when' not 'if' Australia would wrap this one up and they've done so inside the first hour. All the bowlers who had a go picked up a wicket which is a good reflection of the series as a whole - everyone has done their bit. It's disappointment for India and they've had a nightmare tour, with some big decisions facing the selectors - is it the end for some of the senior statesmen? Those questions and others are sure to be asked in the coming days but for now the focus should be in Australia who have really done well. aside from the top order where there is a bit too much inconsistency, one has to say that this looks a great Aussie outfit.

201 - Wicket! It's all over! Lyon has Yadav caught behind as the right-hande defends. The four-nil whitewash is secured!

Over 68 Hilfenhaus 0-0-1-0-0-0 201-9 - Hilfenhaus charges in once more and has Yadav in a bit of trouble as the tail-ender inside edges a clip into the leg side back onto his pads. The ball loops up into the off side but well short of any of the fielders. The number eleven gets off the mark by working the ball into the off side. Ashwin gets a fraction lucky as he under-edges a slash to Haddin behind the stumps who does well to collect the ball after it bounces awkwardly in front of him.

Over 67 Lyon 0-2-0-0-4-0 200-9 - Shouts of 'catch' as Ashwin pushes forward and the edge is found, it's well wide of Clarke at slip though and two runs result. Ashwin comes down the track and goes over long on with good effect, bringing up the Indian 200 with a four.

194-9 - A double change with Ben Hilfenhaus given a chance to have a go at the tail. Wicket! He doesn't have to wait long - or do too much - to get his first wicket of the day as Zaheer goes after a short delivery, skying a pull into the off side where Warner takes an easy catch at short cover.

Over 65 Lyon 0-0-0-0-0-0 193-8 - We have our first change for the morning with the spin of Nathan Lyon introduced. He makes a solid start, finding the right areas and ensuring that Ashwin is all defense.

Over 64 Harris 0-2-0-0-4-0 193-8 - Not particularly convincing from Ashwing as he looks to push into the off side but gets an inside edge that flies wide of leg stump and down to fine leg. Zaheer adds four more to his account as he unleashes a good clean hit over wide mid off for four. He's not going to go down quietly!

Over 63 Siddle 0-0-0-4-0-4 186-8 - Just wide of point! Zaheer slashes the ball into the off side, it's in the air but just wide of a diving Marsh. Unimpressed, Siddle responds with a bouncer but Zaheer gets under it before annoying the bowler even more by driving uppishly wide of mid off for four.

Over 62 Harris 0-0-0-1-0-3 178-8 - Some good in-swing from Harris but it allows Ashwin to turn the ball into the leg side and pick up a single. Having defended well, Zaheer decides to go after the last ball of the over and slams it wide of mid off. He doesn't really get hold of it though and has to run three.

Over 61 Siddle 2-0-0-1-0-0 174-8 - Ashwin illustrates his competence with the bat as he drives wide of point for two. One more to the spinner as he pulls into the deep, there is a man out there but it arrives on the bounce. Zaheer really looks like a walking wicket as he is roughed up by a short one before being cut in half by a length delivery.

Over 60 Harris 0-0-1-0-0-0 171-8 - Harris strays onto the pads and Ashwin flicks the ball off his pads for a single to deep midiwcket. Zaheer is on a pair - can he avoid the double? Well have to wait and see as he survives the over in very unconvincing fashion.

Over 59 Siddle 0-0-0-0-W-0 170-8 - Wicket! Siddle gets in on the act! Saha, who is batting outside of his crease, pushes forward to a fuller delivery from Siddle, the edge is found and India are eight down! Zaheer has had three first ballers in the series and he nearly gets another one as he only just manages to dig out a yorker.

170-7 - Wicket! Well we didn't have to wait long for a wicket did we?! A good delivery from Harris, pitches on off and moves away a fraction, Ishant has a whiff at it and edges it through to Haddin. Ashwin is the new batsman, he's certainly no mug with the bat and gets off the mark first up, turning the ball to fine leg. Saha living a little dangerously as he flays the ball through gully, it was in the air for a while but wide of the fielder.

Over 57 Siddle 0-0-0-0-0-0 166-6 - Peter Siddle steams in from the other end. Two maidens on the trot to get us going. Some solid defence from Saha but in truth Siddle didn't really trouble him.

Over 56 Harris 0-0-0-0-0-0 166-6 - Ishant is immediately in trouble as one moves across him a little more than he thought and he inside edges a defensive stroke onto his pads. He does better later in the over to get out the way of a well-directed bouncer.

Ready to go The players are out in the middle and we're about to get underway. Ryan Harris will get us started.

Conditions It's hot and the track looks good for batting, not that that is particularly relevant unfortunately...

One of a kind This Test is the first in the series that has gone to the fifth day - a quite incredible sign of the hosts' dominance.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live coverage of day five of the fourth and final Test between Australia and India.

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