India v England commentary

Last updated: 11th January 2013  

India v England commentary

England win by nine runs Superb win for England. The top order set things up, and Patel's 20-ball 44 not out at the back end of the innings proved crucial. England's quick men were poor overall but did a decent job at the death, while Tredwell's 4/44 was also a crucial contribution on a day when plenty played their part. England's first win against India in India since April 2006.

Over 50 - India 316/9 (Kumar 20, Ishant 7) Ishant nicks the first ball of the over past a diving Kieswetter for four, but Dernbach responds superbly and gives India's last pair nothing to go at for the rest of the over. England win a fabulous game of cricket by nine runs.

Over 49 - India 307/9 (Kumar 18, Ishant 1) Good news for England - Ishant Sharma takes a single from the last ball of the over to keep the strike. Kumar's looked capable with the bat. Certainly he looks more likely to hit 18 off an over than Ishant does.

WICKET! Dinda b Bresnan 3 Kumar edges to the third-man boundary to keep Englandn on their toes, but a classical yorker from Bresnan makes a mess of Dinda's stumps and leaves India nine down and still 19 short of their target with just seven balls remaining.

Over 48 - India 299/8 (Kumar 13, Dinda 1) Going to need something special from India's tail now. Patel's 44 not out looking so, so important.

WICKET! Ashwin c Kieswetter b Finn 13 Ashwin thrashes a four over midwicket to set England nerves jangling again but then nicks a short ball through to Kieswetter to settle them once again.

Over 47 - India 292/7 (Ashwin 8, Kumar 11) India going down swinging as Kumar flashes an on-the-up drive through the covers for four and then gets two after splicing a bouncer agonisingly over a backpedalling Bell at cover. A guide to third-man brings a single and gets Ashwin back on strike. Ashwin goes back in his crease and right across his stumps, but can only dig a perfect yorker out to midwicket for a single. Kumar squirts the next ball to deep point for two runs and keeps the strike with a single from the final ball. Great over for India, who now need 34 runs from the last three...

Over 46 - India 281/7 (Ashwin 8, Kumar 1) Ashwin carves Finn behind point for four. It's still not really any fun for bowlers. Ashwin aims a big hit into the legside to end the over, and miscues it to midwicket for an easy two.

Over 45 - India 273/7 (Ashwin 1, Kumar 0) That's the over that decides the game. Dernbach removes the last two batsmen (with apologies to Ashwin) to leave India's bowlers with surely too much to do.

WICKET! Jadeja b Dernbach 7 Dernbach's been pure awful today, but he's making a decisive contribution at the back end of proceedings as Jadeja bottom-edges an attempted pull shot into his stumps. Dernbach goes wild as he celebrates, and this match is surely now England's.

WICKET! Dhoni c Root b Dernbach 32 Big wicket. Dhoni tries to clear long-off but doesn't get enough on Dernbach's slower ball and picks out Root.

Over 44 - India 269/5 (Dhoni 32, Jadeja 5) Dhoni doing what Dhoni does. He is sensational at chasing down totals. Bresnan the latest bowler on the receiving end as India's captain hammers the ball down the ground for six. Target now 57 off six overs. If Dhoni's not out, India win.

Over 43 - India 257/5 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 1) Incredible from Dhoni. He blasts Patel down the ground for a regulation six and then, two balls later, is completely beaten in the flight yet, one-handed, manages to deposit the ball over the ropes at midwicket. Fourteen runs from the over to bring India's task back below 10 an over.

Over 42 - India 243/5 (Dhoni 12, Jadeja 0) Despite Dhoni launching a huge six over midwicket in that over, Tredwell ends his spell with magnificent figures of 4/44. India's required rate above 10 an over now, but there's still batting available. Master finisher Dhoni joined by Jadeja with Ashwin still to come.

WICKET! Raina c & b Tredwell 50 No doubt this time. Raina's let-off from the third umpire allows him to reach 50 but no more as he tries to work Tredwell to leg and gets a leading edge straight back to the bowler. Four wickets for Tredwell - could be a match-winning performance.

Over 41 - India 235/1 (Raina 49, Dhoni 5) That Raina controversy shouldn't mask the fact that England have got a couple of cheap overs in at a crucial time.

Over 40 - India 231/4 (Raina 46, Dhoni 4) Huge moment here. Raina carves Finn to third-man where Bresnan takes a low 'catch'. He's absolutely convinced he's got his fingers underneath the ball and celebrates instantly and instinctively. The umpires check upstairs and, after seeing a couple of inconclusive replays, the third umpire rules it not out. England's players are surrounding the umpires pleading their case, but it will make no difference. For what it's worth, I think the catch was good and Bresnan got his fingers underneath the ball, but the foreshortening effect of the replays created doubt.

Over 39 - India 228/4 (Raina 45, Dhoni 2) Raina miscues Dernbach in the air towards mid-off, but Cook gets his angles all wrong and in the end can't even get to the ball before it hits the ground. He ran round it rather, instead of cutting down the angle. The ball was in the air a long time, and he probably should've got there. Raina takes advantage of that let-off by pouncing on more leg-stump rubbish from Dernbach by hitting him over midwicket and then down to fine-leg. Lack of discipline again from an England seamer.

Over 38 - India 218/4 (Raina 36, Dhoni 1) Better over from Finn, who's been so disappointing tonight. Just three singles off the over as the required rate hits nine.

Over 37 - India 215/4 (Raina 34, Dhoni 0) In their understandable quest to avoid bowling width, England have instead bowled some horrible filth on the pads today. Dernbach the latest guilty party as Raina swings the ball awawy for another boundary. A wide long-hop is thrashed pointwards by Dhoni, and a diving Morgan almost pulls off a sensational catch but does manage to save a certain four.

Over 36 - India 210/4 (Raina 29, Dhoni 0) Two offside boundaries for Raina across the glass-like outfield as the extra pace of Finn proves to his liking. An attempted slower ball from Finn bobbles a yard down the legside as the pressure begins to show. Twelve runs from the first powerplay over.

Powerplay Fifteen overs to go. Quick, everyone! To the Mandatorypowerplaymobile!

Over 35 - India 198/4 (Raina 18, Dhoni 0) Dhoni in now at number six. The game beautifully back in the balance as India's powerplay looms. Great finish in store here.

WICKET! Yuvraj c Dernbach b Tredwell 61 Huge wicket for England just before the powerplay, and probably from the worst ball Tredwell has bowled all day. It's down the legside, but Yuvraj gets only a top-edge on his attempted sweep and gives Dernbach an easy catch at short fine-leg. All four wickets in this innings have been so soft.

Over 34 - India 196/3 (Yuvraj 60, Raina 17) Root's off, Patel's on. Good stuff from the left-armer as well, with just three singles coming from his first over of the day.

Over 33 - India 193/3 (Yuvraj 58, Raina 16) Another excellent over from Tredwell, just three singles from it. He's been the best spinner on show today.

Over 32 - India 190/3 (Yuvraj 56, Raina 15) England might just have pushed their luck with Root here. He bowls a wide down the legside and a low full-toss that Raina swats away for four before another legside delivery is also swept to the fence.

Over 31 - India 178/3 (Yuvraj 54, Raina 6) Tredwell back into the attack to stem the bleeding. The Kent off-spinner proves an impressive sticking plaster, with just two singles coming from the over.

Another leading edge from Yuvraj but this one bounces short of mid-off. Currently mixing glorious strokes with slices of good fortune, which makes for great entertainment. A swatted pull shot takes him to 50 and brings him four runs instead of two as Patel misfields. Yuvraj 53 off 39. Errors creeping in from England as the pressure is put back on the bowlers and fiedlers.

Over 29 - India 171/3 (Yuvraj 49, Raina 4) Yuvraj almost gives Root a first wicket, looking to work the ball into the legside and getting a leading edge that lands safely at cover. Yuvraj responds with successive swept boundaries, the first of which should've been cut off by Finn at short fine-leg. Yuvi on the charge, though up to 49 off just 35 balls.

Over 28 - India 160/3 (Yuvraj 40, Raina 2) Shocking over from Dernbach, and Yuvraj takes toll. Two long-hops are pulled fiercely to the square-leg fence while one legside delivery is clipped away for four and another adds a wide to the total.

Over 27 - India 147/3 (Yuvraj 28, Raina 2) What a bonus Root's bowling has been for England tonight. Just two runs from this over, and he's now through seven overs for just 28 runs. He almost deceives Raina, who skips down the track and has to really stretch for the ball after being beaten in the flight.

Over 26 - India 145/3 (Yuvraj 27, Raina 1) Suresh Raina the new batsman, but it's Yuvraj who adds six runs in astonishing style as he gets in a right tangle attempting a pull shot but still manages to swat it over deep square-leg off the top edge for six.

WICKET! Kohli c Kieswetter b Bresnan 15 Kohli's poor trot continues as he aims an airy-fairy drive at a length ball from Bresnan and succeeds only in getting a big edge through to Kieswetter. To complete his embarrassment, Kohli then stands and waits for the umpire to give the decision despite it being the most blatant edge you've ever seen.

Over 25 - India 136/2 (Kohli 14, Yuvraj 20) Dernbach back into the attack with a couple of good short balls to Yuvraj. New regs in action there. Required rate climbing for India - up above 7.50 now.

Over 24 - India 133/2 (Kohli 13, Yuvraj 18) Five singles from Bresnan's over. This pair starting to bed in after that double breakthrough for England.

Over 23 - India 128/2 (Kohli 10, Yuvraj 16) First expensive over from Root as he switches ends and starts with a wide before being hit down the ground for four by Kohli. Nine in total from it.

Over 22 - India 119/2 (Kohli 5, Yuvraj 13) Bresnan into the attack against Yuvraj, and swiftly tests him with a perfectly-pitched bouncer that has the left-hander taking last-minute evasive action. But again there's no consistency from an England seamer and a legside delivery is helped on its way to the fine-leg fence.

Over 21 - India 113/2 (Kohli 4, Yuvraj 9) Yuvraj lands his first counter-punch, clipping Tredwell effortlessly over midwicket for four. Plenty of singles around as well.

Over 20 - India 104/2 (Kohli 2, Yuvraj 2) Root gets a cheap over in against the two new batsmen. Could yet get a few more here having got through his first five for just 17 runs.

Over 19 - India 103/2 (Kohli 2, Yuvraj 1) Yuvraj is in at number four for India, and he's off the mark with a single from his second ball.

WICKET! Gambhir c Bell b Tredwell 52 Tredwell's got England right back in the game here as Gambhir follows Rahane in tamely throwing away a good start by chipping to midwicket and giving Bell an easy catch.

A sauntered single takes Gambhir through to an excellent half-century. He's got India well on top at the moment despite the loss of his partner Rahane. Root, meanwhile, is through four overs for 16.

Over 17 - India 97/1 (Gambhir 49, Kohli 0) Kohli is the new batsman for India. Had a horrible series against Pakistan.

WICKET! Rahane c Dernbach b Tredwell 47 A much-needed and entirely unexpected breakthrough for England as Rahane inexplicably and needlessly chips a flighted off-break from Tredwell straight to Dernbach at long-off. Soft.

Over 16 - India 95/0 (Rahane 47, Gambhir 47) Bit of bad luck for Root here as he gets some extra bounce to Rahane and beats his attempted sweep. However, the ball bounces off the batsman's forearm and races away over the billiard-table outfield for four. To add to Root's misfortune, the umpire gives those runs to the batsman.

Over 15 - India 89/0 (Rahane 41, Gambhir 47) India's run-rate drops a fraction below a run a ball as England's spinners continue to do some solid work. It's not thrilling, but it's at least applied the brakes a touch.

Over 14 - India 86/0 (Rahane 39, Gambhir 46) Root's doing an okay job so far. Again just four runs from the over, although it'll take plenty more overs at that rate before India start to feel pressure without wickets falling as well.

Over 13 - India 82/0 (Rahane 36, Gambhir 45) This all looks very easy for India at the moment. Plenty of singles off Tredwell either side of a leisurely saunter down the track and chip over midwicket for four from Gambhir.

Over 12 - India 73/0 (Rahane 34, Gambhir 38) He didn't get a bat on debut, but Joe Root is getting a go with the ball. Bowls perfectly tidy if largely uninspiring off-breaks, and gives up four singles from his first over. Which is perfectly tidy if largely uninspiring.

Over 11 - India 69/0 (Rahane 32, Gambhir 37) James Tredwell into the attack after the powerplay. The ICC can do what they like to the playing regulations, but they're powerless to change these things. Tidy over as well, just three runs coming from it as Rahane nurdles a single and Gambhir scampers back for an almost dodgy second run after working the ball to deep square-leg.

Over 10 - India 66/0 (Rahane 31, Gambhir 35) Another ball on leg stump, another boundary. Finn the bowler, Gambhir the batsman. The margin of error is small for bowlers on this pitch anyway, but England's bowling has been woefully inconsistent in these first 10 overs.

Over 9 - India 60/0 (Rahane 30, Gambhir 30) Bresnan picked off for five singles. India on 60, with Rahane and Gambhir taking an even split of those runs.

Over 8 - India 55/0 (Rahane 28, Gambhir 27) Finn changes ends and produces much the best over of the innings so far, beating Gambhir's outside edge a couple of times. Finn only a quick single from ball six away from a maiden over.

Over 7 - India 54/0 (Rahane 28, Gambhir 26) Tim Bresnan into the attack to continue the apparent plan of bowling two lengths and both sides of the wicket. England getting this all wrong at the moment, and it's Rahane who takes toll this time with a couple of clips through midwicket for two before the last ball is flicked wide of short fine-leg for four.

Over 6 - India 44/0 (Rahane 19, Gambhir 25) Width again from Dernbach, and Rahane flashes hard and sends the ball racing to the boundary off a thick outside edge. Dernbach has his hands on his head as if he's suffered some grand injustice. But he's wrong. On this outfield, third-man has little chance of cutting off anything that isn't straight at him. It's almost a free hit out there. Dernbach gets away with two more similar deliveries, Rahane smacking the first straight at point and making no contact with the second.

Over 5 - India 38/0 (Rahane 14, Gambhir 24) Finn gets it all wrong in this over as Gambhir picks him off for three successive boundaries. The first is a leg-stump half-volley clipped away through square-leg in fine style, and the third is a wide ball guided past the slip cordon. The one in the middle is less convincing, chopped past the keeper off an inside edge, but the delivery was still too wide. Seamers on here have to bowl straight, and back of a good length. Absolutely everything else will go, including deliveries aimed at the batsman's hip. That's what Finn offers Rahane to end the over, and suddenly 325 doesn't look all that many...

Over 4 - India 21/0 (Rahane 10, Gambhir 11) Those old-fashioned twin virtues of line and length that have made Finn hard to get away early in his spell here are not being deployed with the same efficiency at the other end. First Dernbach offers Gambhir sufficient room to free his arms and carve the ball over the slips off a top edge for four before a dragged-down long-hop is crunched through midwicket by Rahane. A diving Bell at cover saves Dernbach further punishment when he overpitches and allows Rahane to drive.

Over 3 - India 12/0 (Rahane 6, Gambhir 6) England's innings showed that this was a pitch where you don't want to offer any width, and nor do you want to bowl too full. On those admittedly simplistic criteria, Finn has started his day's work in good style, with his line now spot on and his length forcing India's openers on to the back foot. Gambhir fences at the last ball of the over and sends it looping into the legside but finds safety and a single.

Over 2 - India 10/0 (Rahane 5, Gambhir 5) Jade Dernbach takes the other new ball for England and struggles against the left-handed Gambhir. The first two balls of the over are both aimed down the legside, allowing Gambhir to first flick to fine-leg for four and then collect a single to long-leg. Much better line for the rest of the over to the right-hander. Rahane keeps the strike with a quick single after getting a thick inside edge into the legside.

Over 1 - India 4/0 (Rahane 4, Gambhir 0) Good opening over from Steve Finn, apart from one ball angled down the legside that Rahane flicks away to the fine-leg boundary.

Lord's We've already commented on the uncanny resemblance between the media centre here and the one at Lord's. We thought it might inspire England. But chasing down a total of 325 to beat England at 'Lord's' might inspire India as well. Anyone remember 2002? In three hours' time, perhaps Dhoni will be doing a Flintoff shirt-twirl on the balcony.

Stats This is the seventh time England have scored over 300 against India in a one-day international. They've only won two of the other six.

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England 325/4 India need 326 runs to win at 6.52 runs per over. Not the centuries England would've wanted, but a fine all-round effort has lifted them up to an impressive total. All six batsmen used made a contribution - each of them hit a six which I'm guessing and will now go off and check is a first for England - but Cook will know the job is far from over. This pitch is great for batting, and the pace of the outfield is frightening. Could be a cracking run-chase.

Over 50 - England 325/4 (Kieswetter 24, Patel 44) Patel gives England a quite magnificent end to the innings, launching the total up to an imposing 325 with back-to-back boundaries off Kumar before sending a huge six over the ropes at extra-cover. Brilliant stuff - he ends with 44 runs to his name from just 20 deliveries to thoroughly justify his promotion above Root in the order.

Over 49 - England 307/4 (Kieswetter 23, Patel 26) Cracking penultimate over for England as Kieswetter laces a drive through the covers for four before Patel lands back-to-back boundaries with a swat over midwicket and an edge to third-man to bring up the 300. Kieswetter ends the over with a monster six over long-off to make it 20 runs from the over. That last ball was right in the slot for Kieswetter, and he didn't miss out. Ishant ends with the quirky figures of 10-2-86-0.

Over 48 - England 287/4 (Kieswetter 12, Patel 18) Patel flays a wide ball through point for a couple before Kumar tries a back-of-the-hand slower ball and lobs out a horrible wide. A couple of singles are followed by another horror show slower ball wide. Kumar returns to more conventional delivery methods for the last three balls of the over and gives up just two more singles.

Over 47 - England 279/4 (Kieswetter 10, Patel 14) Good stuff from Patel, rolling his wrists on a pull shot and placing it between the boundary riders to pick up four. A couple of drives bring a two then a single before Kieswetter latches on to an off-cutter and launches it way back over the midwicket ropes. All of England's top five today have now hit a six, which I'm guessing is a relatively rare event.

Over 46 - England 266/4 (Kieswetter 4, Patel 7) Patel thumps a drive down the ground past mid-off and away for a new-regulation-assisted boundary, but England add only one more run from Dinda's over as time continues to run out and 300 starts to look rather distant.

Over 45 - England 261/4 (Kieswetter 4, Patel 2) Two wides from Ishant help England to an acceptable six runs from an over that otherwise features much whole-hearted but only occasionally effective miscuing and scampering.

Over 44 - England 255/4 (Kieswetter 2, Patel 0) Root's manoeuvred further down the order as Samit Patel comes in at number six.

WICKET! Pietersen c Kohli b Dinda 44 Good catch from Kohli moving forward at long-off as Pietersen looks to send a length ball from Dinda over the ropes.

Over 43 - England 251/3 (Pietersen 41, Kieswetter 1) Jadeja completes the first half of his day's work with 10-0-46-0. Nothing wrong with those figures on this pitch.

Over 42 - England 249/3 (Pietersen 39) Root drops further down the order as Craig Kieswetter comes in at number five to give it some long-handle in these closing overs.

WICKET! Morgan c & b Dinda 41 Morgan smashes a six and a four off Dinda but then falls to the last ball of the over as he pokes a slower ball back at the bowler who just about manages to cling onto the ball somewhere up in his armpit as he tumbles to the ground in his followthrough. The umpires decide to go to the third umpire for confirmation of the catch. There's no one angle that clearly shows conclusivelythe catch is clean, but there's certainly nothing that suggests the ball hit ground as Dinda clutched the ball to his chest, and that's a fair enough decision.

Over 41 - England 236/2 (PIetersen 38, Morgan 30) Jadeja, using only the power of his hair, concedes just four singles from his ninth over despite both Morgan and Pietersen trying to smack him out the park.

Over 40 - England 232/2 (Pietersen 36, Morgan 28) Morgan belatedly joins in the powerplay fun, driving a full, wide delivery through the covers, then carving a short ball over gully for successive fours off Ishant before swinging a length ball over the ropes at midwicket. After a slow start, England end up with 44/0 from the powerplay.

Over 39 - England 217/2 (Pietersen 35, Morgan 14) Pietersen on the charge in his first ODI knock for 11 months. Ashwin is smashed for four through the covers and then dispatched gloriously down the ground for the full count.

Over 38 - England 204/2 (Pietersen 22, Morgan 14) Pietersen fails to get hold of a pull shot but has enough strength to muscle the ball just over the fielder at mid-on and away for four. A better shot from Pietersen brings four more down the ground, but it owed something to a rather poor effort on the fence as the fielder dives over the ball. England's 200 comes up, but that last 50 has been much the slowest of the innings, taking up 68 deliveries. Better over, though, as those two Pietersen boundaries go with a single to each batsman.

Over 37 - England 194/2 (Pietersen 13, Morgan 13) This pitch looked flat and true when Cook and Bell were going well, but neither Pietersen nor Morgan has yet found it as easy to get their timing right. Morgan miscues an attempted hit over mid-on and in the end is fortunate to see the ball bounce short of the fielder. Five singles from Ashwin's over - excellent bowling under powerplay conditions.

Over 36 - England 189/2 (Pietersen 11, Morgan 10) Ishant back to kick off the powerplay. Two dot balls prompt Morgan into a bonkers single, and a direct hit would've left him short of his ground. A good short ball forces Pietersen to abort his initial plan to hook the ball as it climbs on him and whistles past his grille. Just a single from the over. England are still in a good position, but it's weakening as we head to the second drinks break.

Powerplay Here it is. Not that much of a change, really, under the new rules. Three men outside the circle instead of four.

Over 35 - England 188/2 (Pietersen 11, Morgan 9) Did somebody say 'Mandatory Powerplay?' It's on the way as Jadeja gives up just three singles from his eighth.

Over 34 - England 185/2 (Pietersen 10, Morgan 7) Morgan picks up his first boundary, wristily putting Raina away through the offside in front of square to find the gap in both the infield and on the fence.

Over 33 - England 178/2 (Pietersen 9, Morgan 1) Pietersen arrests the slide in England's run-rate, crunching the last ball of Jadeja's over through cover-point off the back foot for four. Gave himself room, taking the ball off about middle stump to get it into that gap.

Over 32 - England 172/2 (Pietersen 4, Morgan 0) Raina's figures might be the difference in this match. He's now taken 1/11 from four overs on a road with a fast outfield. Astonishing.

WICKET! Cook c Rahane b Raina 75 India's fightback continues as Cook top-edges a sweep straight to Rahane at short fine-leg. Easy catch.

Over 31 - England 171/1 (Cook 75, Pietersen 4) Four singles from Jadeja's over. England should treat this as a T20 innings from here. They may well need another 150 here.

Over 30 - England 167/1 (Cook 73, Pietersen 2) Cook smacks Raina over cover for four but then misses out not once but twice on long-hops down the legside. Cook misses the first altogether - at least adding a wide to the total - and then hits the next one straight to short fine-leg.

Over 29 - England 162/1 (Cook 69, Pietersen 2) With tiresome predictability, there's a left-arm spinner on as soon as Pietersen comes in. Only surprise is that it's Jadeja rather than Yuvraj Singh. No threat whatsoever, but he sneaks in a quiet over which is good news in itself for India. The last two overs from part-timers have brought just five runs and the end of Bell.

Over 28 - England 159/1 (Cook 68, Pietersen 1) Kevin Pietersen off the mark with a single down the ground. Raina, meanwhile, has managed to sneak in a couple of overs at a cost of just five runs.

WICKET! Bell run out 85 Bell throws away a century, calling Cook through for a dicey run to short fine-leg and being caugh a good six inches short by Ajinkya Rahane's direct hit.

Over 27 - England 157/0 (Cook 68, Bell 84) Virat Kohli into the attack with his gentle off-the-wrong-foot slow-medium filth. This has got to go, surely, and Bell lifts him over long-leg for four before carving to deep point for a scampered two. A full-toss has Bell swinging furiously but succeeding only in miscuing the ball to Ishant at deep square-leg for a single. These new fielding regulations are going to be tough on bowlers and captains on pitches like this. Nine off that over with not much effort.

Over 26 - England 148/0 (Cook 67, Bell 75) Suresh Raina into the attack. A good over - just three singles from it - let down by one of the strangest lbw appeals ever from the bowler as Cook blocks solidly with the middle of the bat.

Over 25 - England 145/0 (Cook 66, Bell 74) Dinda oversteps to give Bell a free-hit to go at. The England opener decides the occasion merits a change of weapon, and out comes a selection of new bats. Good ball from Dinda, though, up in the blockhole and Bell can only smack it to long-on for a single. Dinda oversteps again, this time giving Cook the freebie. Again, Dinda escapes further punishment with a full delivery just inside the wide guide. Just seven runs from the over; Dinda's got away with that really.

Over 24 - England 138/0 (Cook 63, Bell 72) Cracking stuff from Cook, launching Ashwin down the ground for six and then smacking him over midwicket for four when he tries to adjust his length and overdoes it.

Over 23 - England 127/0 (Cook 53, Bell 71) Interesting battle between Bell and The Headband here. With mid-off still inside the circle, Bell is determined to whack the ball over his head. Twice he takes a stride or two down the ground, but twice the bowler drags the length back sufficiently to prevent Bell getting any timing or power into the shot.

Over 22 - England 124/0 (Cook 52, Bell 69) Five singles from Ashwin's over. Bell will feel he's missed out by getting only a single off the top edge after sweeping a legside full-toss.

Over 21 - England 119/0 (Cook 50, Bell 66) Bell slaps a cut shot through point, and Gautam Gambhir does well to save two runs on the boundary edge. Nothing anyone can be done about the next one, though, as Bell reads a back-of-the-hand slower ball from Dinda and slaps it over mid-off for four. An example there of how the extra fielder in the circle will affect things. Mid-off would almost certainly have been at long-off when only four men had to be in the ring.

Cook follows his partner to 50 as he smacks Ashwin down the ground for four and then top-edges a sweep shot one bounce to long-leg. He's scored that 50 at a run a ball without anyone really noticing.

Over 19 - England 105/0 (Cook 45, Bell 57) Hundred up for England as a Cook cover-drive off the returning Dinda goes through the hands of the fielder in the ring and races away for four. A well-struck cut shot brings four more to take England to drinks with a strong platform from which to launch. They are going to need a lot of runs. Analysis there.

Over 18 - England 97/0 (Cook 37, Bell 57) Cook collecting a boundariy with the reverse-sweep this time, deftly flicking the ball fine of short third-man. Prediction: England will score 330, and lose.

Over 17 - England 91/0 (Cook 32, Bell 56) Productive over for England as Cook sweeps Ashwin hard into the legside for first two - Dinda doing good work at long-leg - and then four despite the Croftpause in delivery stride. Nine runs in total from the over.

Bell brings up a classy half-century from 60 balls with a controlled reverse-sweep that beats short third-man and races away for four. Bell adds two more in the same direction with a late cut as Jadeja offers width.

Over 15 - England 74/0 (Cook 24, Bell 48) Ashwin staging a one-man tribute to Robert Croft here, pausing in his delivery stride after almost every delivery. It's a little-known - and, indeed, untrue - fact that Ashwin always has a picture of the Welsh spin wizard pinned up in his locker wherever he plays.

Over 14 - England 70/0 (Cook 22, Bell 46) Glorious shot from Bell, hitting Jadeja inside-out over extra-cover for the first six of the day. Bell slightly spoils the effect, though, by blocking out five dot balls after that. Still, more fun than six singles.

Over 13 - England 64/0 (Cook 22, Bell 40) Bell gets a two through the offside. The rule changes work!

Over 12 - England 61/0 (Cook 22, Bell 37) The ICC will be delighted. Their latest rule changes designed to avoid 30 overs of mid-innings dullness are working perfectly. Dots and singles in the two overs after the powerplay.

Over 11 - England 58/0 (Cook 21, Bell 35) The more things change, the more they stay the same. The ICC can tinker with the playing regulations all they like, but the 11th over will always see the introduction of a post-powerplay spinner and produce four singles. It's the law.

Over 10 - England 54/0 (Cook 19, Bell 33) Ashok Dinda - or simply 'The Headband' as he is known in hushed tones round these parts - into the attack now for the final over of the powerplay. Not an auspicious start, with two wides followed by a leg-stump half-volley that Cook clips effortlessly over midwicket for four. A single to the legside sweeper follows. Tidy enough start for England, but there's no doubt they're going to need plenty of runs on this pitch. They failed to defend 294 in their warm-up in Delhi, remember.

Over 9 - England 47/0 (Cook 14, Bell 33) Still showing replays of Dhoni's non-dive for that chance off Bell. I find Dhoni a fascinating cricketer. He's managed to become an elite, world-level player despite constantly looking less like a cricketer than a hugely talented sportsman who's having a go at this particular sport for the first time. Someone who could never be accused of looking like an artificial or manufactured cricketer is Bell, who shimmies down the track to drive Kumar straight down the ground for four before stroking the last ball of the over through the covers to bring up successive boundaries.

Over 8 - England 37/0 (Cook 14, Bell 23) Cook misses out here, hammering two short and wide deliveries from Ishant straight to point. Somehow that's a maiden despite being an over every bit as wild as his previous one that went for 12.

Over 7 - England 37/0 (Cook 14, Bell 23) Another big inswinger from Kumar thuds into Bell's kneeroll and produces an extended leg-before shout. Very, very close. Hit in front of off stump, trapped on the crease. The amount of movement is probably what makes Steve Davis wary, but it's not doing enough to miss leg for me. Might be a life for Bell there, and he celebrates with a lovely cover-drive for four.

Over 6 - England 33/0 (Cook 14, Bell 19) Poor over from Ishant, and Cook takes advantage with three offside boundaries. Far too much width and it's easy pickings for the England captain, off the back foot and cutting for the first two before a thumping cover drive to end the over.

Over 5 - England 21/0 (Cook 2, Bell 19) Cook cuts to third-man for a single before India spurn their first wicket-taking chance of the day as Bell places an edge perfectly between keeper and the solitary wide slip. Neither man even went for it, which is pretty poor when you know you've put the slip wide. Dhoni's first movement with his left leg left him flat-footed and unable to adjust.

Over 4 - England 16/0 (Cook 1, Bell 15) Bell plays out a maiden from Ishant. Can't afford too many of those; 300 looks no more than par.

Over 3 - England 16/0 (Cook 1, Bell 15) England are going to need plenty here. This outfield is insane. A ropey ball from Kumar, short and wide at no great pace, is cut away behind point by Bell and third-man has no chance of cutting it off despite being positioned wide. Had no more than 10 yards to cover - didn't get halfway there.

Over 2 - England 11/0 (Cook 1, Bell 10) Ishant Sharma with the other new ball, and an unfortunate opening over for the owner of India's most astonishing Adam's apple. First a bit of extra bounce surprises Bell, who gets an outside edge wide of the slips and away for four before a quick single turns into a cheeky five as Ravi Jadeja's throw hits the stump (Bell's home by a couple of feet) and ricochets away from the men backing-up, across the lightning-fast outfield to the fence.

Over 1 - England 2/0 (Cook 1, Bell 1) Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the first new ball for India. Tidy start from the medium-pacer, with a bit of gentle swing away from Cook and in to Bell, and both batsmen are off the mark with singles.

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Pitch report It's flat. Very, very flat. And the outfield is apparently like glass. Should be high-scoring, this one.

Centre The media centre at this spanking new ground in Rajkot looks just like the one at Lord's. So all Cook's men have to do is pretend they're back at HQ and victory will surely follow.

Teams Interesting selection from England, who had looked likely to go with Samit Patel at number four but instead Joe Root's manoeuvredhis way into the top four and Notts man drops to number seven. He's the seventh batsman and fifth bowler in this side. India keep faith with a batting line-up that made a horrible mess of things in all three games against Pakistan recently, meaning there's no place for the in-form Che Pujara.

India G Gambhir, AM Rahane, V Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, SK Raina, MS Dhoni (capt, wk), RA Jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, I Sharma, AB Dinda

England AN Cook (capt), IR Bell, KP Pietersen, JE Root, EJG Morgan, C Kieswetter (wk), SR Patel, TT Bresnan, JC Tredwell, ST Finn, JW Dernbach

Rule changes In keeping with their policy of tinkering with the ODI playing regulations, the ICC have tinkered with the ODI playing regulations. The bowling powerplay is no more, but in non-powerplay overs a fielding side must have five men rather than four inside the circle. Good news for fast bowlers: they're allowed two bouncers an over.

The Toss England captain Alastair Cook has won the toss and chosen to bat first in Rajkot.

History Recent history is not England's friend when it comes to one-day cricket in India. They haven't beaten their hosts here in any of their last 13 attempts - although they did memorably tie the 2011 World Cup clash in Bangalore.

Welcome We've had the Tests, we've had the T20s, now for the final part of the trilogy: the ODIs. Might be a bit Godfather 3. England have rested key players like James Anderson, Jonathan Trott and Graeme Swann, while India get their first taste of a post-Sachin world following the great Tendulkar's ODI retirement. Toss and team news on the way.

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