India v England commentary

Last updated: 15th January 2013  

India v England commentary

Close So that's it from Kochi. This looked like being a good game at one point, with Cook and Pietersen ticking along nicely in England's run chase. In the end, however, it's ended up being a rout in India's favour. 286 always looked a tall order for the tourists, particularly after Dhoni and Jadeja had done so much damage in the closing overs of India's innings. In the end, the target proved to be mission impossible. England well beaten and we are all square heading into the third match on Saturday. Please join us again for coverage from 6.30am.

WICKET! Having taken 18 from the first four deliveries of the over, Patel tries to pinch the strike with a single off the last. Instead the risky single only results in ending the game, Dernbach's dive not enough to beat the throw from backward square leg. Patel finishes up unbeaten on 30 from 29 deliveries as England are bowled out for 158. India win the second match by 127 runs to level the series.

Over 35 - England 140/9 (Patel 12, Dernbach 2) Dernbach tries to hit a home run - instead it's a strike. Let's just get this game over and done with, not even the fat lady can be bothered to hang around forever. In case you are still wondering, England need a further 146 at 9.73 an over.

Over 34 - England 136/9 (Patel 9, Dernbach 1) Seems umpire Davis may have even said sorry to Finn as he passed him by. Doesn't matter now, he's out and England are nine down. Ashwin has taken 3-21 from his six overs. Oh, and here comes the batting powerplay.

WICKET! Finn is out first ball, though I'm not quite sure why. Dhoni whips off the bails after he misses a straight drive, but there's no review called for. No, it seems umpire Davis has given Finn out caught behind, despite the fact he missed the ball by some distance. England have now lost four wickets for three runs in 20 deliveries.

WICKET! Tredwell goes with just a single to his name, Ashwin trapping him leg before with one that just slipped straight on with the arm. Nevermind England failing their trial by spin, they're facing life in prison as a sentence. The fat lady is loosening up now and ready to take to the stage.

Over 33 - England 135/7 (Patel 9, Tredwell 1) Patel's obviously taken note of my last entry, seemingly trying to launch Jadeje to Delhi with a slog-sweep that only makes contact with fresh air. Jadeja's figures currently stand at 2-8 from six overs.

Over 32 - England 133/7 (Patel 8, Tredwell 0) Ashwin rattles through an over in serious pace, including twice beating the outside edge of Tredwell's bat. Time to go down swinging, me thinks. And at least the tail might get to enjoy yet another batting powerplay...

Over 31 - England 132/7 (Patel 7, Tredwell 0) Tredwell pats back the final ball of the over, meaning it's just a double-wicket maiden for Jadeja. That should also secure him the man of the match award.

WICKET! Again, England have lost two in an over. Jadeja gets Woakes without troubling the scorers, a ball sliding on with the arm and striking the Warwickshire all-rounder right in front of off. Not a great day for Woakes, though he's not the only one who has found it tough going. And everything looked so good after 40 overs of India's innings...

WICKET! Root's decent knock is pulled up by Jadeja, and also an inside edge. Trying to rock back and cut a ball, the Yorkshireman only gets a bottom edge back into his furniture to depart for 36 from 50 deliveries.

Over 30 - England 132/5 (Root 36, Patel 7) Ashwin back over the wicket now. England now need 154 and the asking rate is fast approaching eight an over. Anyone give the tourists a chance of still winning this match? ANYONE? is the email address to let me know your thoughts.

Over 29 - England 127/5 (Root 34, Patel 4) Jadeja replaces fellow left-armer Yuvraj, which in terms of quality is a bit like swapping boiled potatoes for oven chips. The all-rounder pitches the ball up, something his fellow Indian spinners seem unable to really do today, and is rewarded with an over that leaks just two singles.

Over 28 - England 126/5 (Root 32, Patel 4) Five from Ashwin's latest over - England must now contemplate when exactly to take the batting powerplay. They will have to take it by the start of the 36th over, but they don't want to leave it too late and have numbers nine, 10 and 11 in when the fielding restrictions are in place.

Over 27 - England 121/5 (Root 29, Patel 3) Root punishes Yuvraj for dropping in short (short? It looked like it might bounce twice) as poor Rahane does all the hard work to get to the ball at the midwicket rope, only to then knock the ball over it. England need a further 165 from the remaining 23 overs.

Over 26 - England 110/5 (Root 22, Patel 1) The more times you watch that Kieswetter dismissal, the more you realise just how either a-unfortunate or b-foolish he was with that shot. I think it's a little from column a, and a little from column b. Samit Patel needs to play another blinder here if England are to get remotely close to the 286 they require.

WICKET! After pulling away a four from a short ball earlier in the over, Kieswetter decides against playing the same shot to another one sent down by Ashwin. Instead, he opts to flick it straight to the only fielder inside the circle in front of square on the leg side. England five down and the fat lady is beginning to warble in the background.

Over 25 - England 106/4 (Root 21, Kieswetter 14) Another decent over for England, seven coming from it thanks mainly to a well-struck sweep shot from Root that beats the fielder running around from deep backward square leg.

Over 24 - England 99/4 (Root 16, Kieswetter 12) Ashwin finally gets a chance to turn his arm over in this innings. He could have quickly had a wicket, too, when Root goes on the reverse sweep. The ball, sent down from around the wicket, somehow misses bat, stumps and Dhoni's pads, running away for four welcome extras. England need a further 187 with the required rate now above seven an over.

Over 23 - England 91/4 (Root 13, Kieswetter 11) Sharma is doing his best to make a game of this, spoiling his over with a long hop to Kieswetter that is cut away over the top of backward point for four. He's bowled four overs for 28 now - Kumar went for just one more run during his entire 10-over spell.

Over 22 - England 84/4 (Root 12, Kieswetter 7) Yuvraj misses a caught-and-bowled chance from Kieswetter's bat, though he's probably pleased he did as the ball was slammed back towards him at a serious pace. Instead the stumps take the full brunt of the pull shot, with Root fortunate that the fielder didn't get a hand on it as he was well out of his ground.

Over 21 - England 83/4 (Root 11, Kieswetter 5) Sharma's comeback into the attack helps England pick up the pace a little, quite literally as Ishant is considerably sharper than Kumar. Kieswetter gets the first boundary since the 12th over when he pulls away over midwicket, while a single from the last delivery makes it six from the over in total.

Over 20 - England 78/4 (Root 10, Kieswetter 1) Yuvraj now on - England's inexperienced middle order are going to face a trial by spin. The part-timer concedes just a single off the bat of Root, who attempts to use both the sweep shot and also advancing down the wicket to try and break the shackles. England managed 58 runs for the loss of one wicket from the first 10 overs. They lost 3-20 in the 10 that followed.

Over 19 - England 77/4 (Root 9, Kieswetter 1) And that ends a mightily-impressive spell from Kumar. He finishes up with 3-29 - and it could have been four had an lbw appeal against Kieswetter gone in his favour. It was his eighth over that may well have shaped the destiny of this game, removing Pietersen and Morgan in the space of three deliveries.

Over 18 - England 77/4 (Root 9, Kieswetter 1) Singles apiece for both batsmen. India were 71-3 during their innings, so a recovery can be made from this position. The difference is, however, that England have to deal with scoreboard pressure.

Over 17 - England 75/4 (Root 8, Kieswetter 0) Kumar gets through a maiden to Kieswetter, who will feel extremely disappointed that he failed to slam a full toss past the man at point. England need a further 211 runs to win and go 2-0 ahead in the series.

Over 16 - England 74/4 (Root 7, Kieswetter 0) Another Jadeja over that sees only a single scored by England. It's also another Jadeja over where umpire Steve Davis struggles to count all the way up to six. Thankfully the third umpire is there to help him out...again. Great chance for Root and Kieswetter to show what they're all about here - England up against it now, but not yet out of it.

Over 15 - England 73/4 (Root 6, Kieswetter 0) A double-wicket maiden from Kumar - way to shift the balance of power in the space of six deliveries. England now have little choice but to try and regroup and get a partnership going.

WICKET! And another one bites the dust! Eoin Morgan comes and goes in two balls, nicking off to Dhoni to give Kumar and India a third wicket. From a solid foundation this England innings is beginning to collapse in a hurry.

WICKET! Dhoni's decision to keep Kumar going reaps its rewards - and it's the prized scalp of Pietersen that the seamer has picked up. KP misses a drive to a ball coming back into him, resulting in middle and off being stuck about three-quarters of the way up. Time for DRINKS - time for England to assess this run chase.

Over 14 - England 73/2 (Pietersen 42, Root 6) First over of spin in the England reply - and it's a good one from Jadeja. The left-arm option is always tough for KP, and there's some turn away from the bat. A single comes off a thick edge to finish, but that has shown already that England will have to play well to chase down these runs.

Over 13 - England 72/2 (Pietersen 41 Root 7) Both Pietersen and Root get singles with inside edges, the latter managing to chop a cut shot not only past his own stumps but also directly onto the right foot of Dhoni behind the stumps. Kumar has done a good job here for India, picking up 1-29 from his seven overs.

Over 12 - England 68/2 (Pietersen 39, Root 5) Good over from Sharma...until he drops the last ball into Pietersen and is rightfully punished through backward square leg. Haven't seen many bouncers at all today, thought Finn might have used some short stuff as a weapon to counter India's onslaught earlier in the day.

Over 11 - England 62/2 (Pietersen 34, Root 4) Root gets off the mark in 50-over cricket for England with a short-armed, jabbed pull shot that perfectly disects the two men in the deep. He had flirted with the first delivery he faced, suggesting a touch of nerves despite the broad smile on his face when he got to the crease. Have to say, I'm a little surprised England have selected him over Jos Buttler in their line-up. But then anyone who has seen me play will say I know nothing about batting.

WICKET! Cook gone! Kumar tempts umpire Kularni to raise his finger when he hits the England captain on the front pad in front of off. Looks good...until you see the replays and realise it pitched outside leg. No DRS and England are two down in their run chase. Joe Root is coming out at No.4 today for his first knock in ODI cricket.

Over 10 - England 58/1 (Cook 17, Pietersen 34) Further examples of why I think there are few batsmen to watch in world cricket than KP. Sharma comes into the attack and despite having a strong off-side field, Pietersen still finds a space with a glorious drive on the up. He then shows his class by stepping across his stumps and flicking an almost identical ball through midwicket, just where Dhoni had taken the fielder from a few balls before.

Over 9 - England 47/1 (Cook 17, Pietersen 24) Kumar is bowling wide of off to a packed field on that side of the wicket to Cook. Still, the England skipper manages to sneak a single when Raina can only parry a well-struck cut shot. Cook was home on that occasion, but should then have been run out from the final delivery of the over. Pietersen calls his captain through, only to see that he's never moved. The man from midwicket comes in and, with Cook struggling heading to the wicketkeeper's end, Jadeja can't pick the ball up with his stronger hand.

Over 8 - England 45/1 (Cook 16, Pietersen 23) A trio of boundaries in the over for KP, though not all off the middle. The first is a thick edge past second slip, the second is a lovely whip through midwicket and the third, well it's tough to know how to explain the third. He advanced, looked to work to leg and yet somehow, with one hand coming off the bat, managed to work it past cover off a leading edge. All go down as four in the book, and England need them all in pursuit of 286.

Over 7 - England 30/1 (Cook 15, Pietersen 10) KP gets a couple through point before unfurling a leg-side flick that sends a bad ball racing away to the fine-leg fence. A single off the last ball, pushed back past the bowler's right hand, means Pietersen retains the strike. India at this stage were 25-2, so in the words of Lance-Corporal Jones: 'Don't panic! Don't panic!'

Over 6 - England 23/1 (Cook 14, Pietersen 3) Maiden from Ahmed, though only thanks to Cook failing to connect with a cut shot from the final delivery. It deserved to go to the fence, too. England had one maiden earlier on, Finn the man to send it down. Ahmed actually sent down four of them in his only other one-day appearance, against Pakistan.

Over 5 - England 23/1 (Cook 14, Pietersen 3) Dhoni stands up to the stumps when KP is on strike, stopping the England batsman from advancing down the wicket at Kumar. The half-time thoughts of Nasser and Bumble suggested India had managed to post an above-par score, though the former still thought England could chase them down.

Over 4 - England 21/1 (Cook 14, Pietersen 2) Cook threatens to feast on India's bowling again - there's a four through the covers that never looks like it's going to reach the rope but somehow does, then another boundary comes up thanks to a flick off the pads. Ahmed did beat the England captain with a good 'un outside off, but got greedy and tried to aim too straight.

Over 3 - England 12/1 (Cook 6, Pietersen 1) Cook ruins Kumar's hopes of a second successive quiet over, slapping the last ball through the covers for the first four of England's reply. Stuart fancies the tourists to win...with 27 balls remaining! Going to be some run chase if they pull that off. Feel free to send in your predictions to, or tweet to @SkySportsLanny.

Over 2 - England 5/1 (Cook 1, Pietersen 0) Pietersen nearly follows Bell's lead when he has a dart at a wide one from Ahmed. KP has scored 997 runs against India in one-day cricket, while he's two shy of scoring 1,000 on Indian soil. No other Englishman has achieved that feat.

WICKET! Bell goes early, proving unable to resist a wide half volley thrown up (not literally) outside off stump by Ahmed. Instead of slamming it through the covers, however, he nicks it through to a delighted Dhoni. That is not the start England wanted to their run chase.

Over 1 - England 3/0 (Cook 1, Bell 1) Both Cook and Bell get a single apiece to open their accounts. Kumar also concedes a wide, having been a little fortunate that the first delivery of the innings wasn't called. It'll be Ahmed, not Sharma, who will share the new ball.

Out in the middle England's opening pair are ready to get this chase up and running. I'd say they need a good start, but considering 100 off 10 overs seem par for the course these day, it doesn't seem to matter how many they make up front!

Chase So England will require 286 runs at 5.72 an over to go 2-0 up in the series. Those final 10 overs showed just how tough it is to bowl in the closing stages of an innings these days, and also the importance of taking wickets in limited-overs cricket. Having had India at 119-4 at just past the halfway stage, the tourists have surrendered a position of real strength during the late carnage caused by Dhoni and Jadeja.

Over 50 - India 285/6 (Jadeja 61, Ashwin 1) Jadeja clips away a four past fine leg to bring up his half-century, his 6th in ODI cricket and one that came up in just 35 deliveries. Plenty of dots in there, but also plenty of boundaries - eight fours and two sixes to be precise. The last of those maximums finishes the innings off in style, meaning Dernbach's gone for 20 in the last to end up with 2-73 from nine overs. India took 68 from the last five overs of their innings.

WICKET! Dhoni's destructive innings is over. Having helicoptered Dernbach through midwicket for four earlier in the final over, the India skipper hits a full ball outside off straight out to Joe Root at deep cover.

Over 49 - India 265/5 (Dhoni 68, Jadeja 47) Dhoni is thrilling this crowd now, flicking Finn over backward point for four at the start of the over before getting his famous helicopter shot out of the locker to pick up another boundary. Jadeja pulls away a slower ball bouncer to finish to make it 15 from the over. Finn ends up with 2-51 from his 10, hardly the figures he deserved after doing such a good job up front. His last 12 deliveries have cost him 25 and the last six overs from the seamers have seen 74 runs scored.

Over 48 - India 250/5 (Dhoni 57, Jadeja 43) Just (yes, just) the 10 from Woakes' over - bit of a surprise to see him back on, though perhaps Cook just felt three overs on the trot at the end from Dernbach would allow India to get used to his variety of slower balls. Finn to finish his spell - he's got 2-36 but 10 came from his penultimate over.

Over 47 - India 240/5 (Dhoni 55, Jadeja 35) Dhoni brings up his half-century with a straight drive (almost played off the back foot) which whistles down the ground for four. The India skipper reaches his milestone from 56 deliveries, then celebrates by flicking the next ball he faces through midwicket for another boundary. 10 from the Steven Finn over - such is the way with the new rules with only four men allowed outside the circle, England might think that's fairly acceptable.

Over 46 - India 230/5 (Dhoni 46, Jadeja 34) Having been befuddled by a slower ball from Dernbach at the start of the over, Dhoni just muscles the next one over the rope with tremendous bat speed. The maximum down the ground takes the partnership for the sixth wicket past 50. Jadeja gets in on the fun by smashing the final delivery of the over through midwicket for four - 250 is now a minimum for the hosts with 24 balls still to go.

Over 45 - India 217/5 (Dhoni 38, Jadeja 29) Woakes hasn't learned the lesson from the last over - again length gets punished, Jadeja lifting him over long-on for a six. A four follows from a very wide full toss and then the over finishes with another boundary from the left-hander, this time through midwicket. Three dots, but also three boundaries. India pick up the pace with 14 from the 45th. That'll be Woakes' day done with the ball, he's gone for 1-50 from eight, with 26 from his last two. Finn and Dernbach should see out the innings now.

Over 44 - India 203/5 (Dhoni 38, Jadeja 15) Tredwell does complete his full allocation, and finishes off with an excellent 10th over that gives up just a single. Jadeja can't get Dhoni on strike for the first five deliveries, then pinches it from his skipper with a single out to deep midwicket off the last. Tredwell ends with figures of 1-48, another good effort from the off-spinner following his 4-44 in the opening match.

Over 43 - India 202/5 (Dhoni 38, Jadeja 14) Dhoni welcomes Woakes' return to the attack with a slap over long-on, the blow clearing the rope by some distance. Jadeja follows suit from the fifth ball, though he doesn't get hold of it quite as well, meaning it's a one-bounce four off the toe-end of the bat. Still, the shot brings up India's 200. The last 50 runs have come up from 52 deliveries. Woakes paid a dear price in the over for being a fraction too short with his length.

Over 42 - India 190/5 (Dhoni 31, Jadeja 9) Tredwell is drafted back into the attack. It looks to be a good move by Cook, until his opposite number flicks away a short ball for four runs backward of square leg. Eight from the over - if India want to reach 250 then they'll have to continue at that scoring rate for the rest of their innings. Tredwell now has 1-47 from nine overs, but doesn't have to bowl out as Root sneaked in two overs earlier.

Over 41 - India 182/5 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 6) Another good over from Dernbach, India struggling to break the shackles and find the boundary rope as they look to push the pace. Sreesanth is spotted by the cameras in the ground, resulting in a huge cheer from a crowd in excess of 50,000.

Over 40 - India 177/5 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 2) And so the batting powerplay comes to a conclusion - India have managed just 21 runs and have lost the wicket of Raina during that five-over period.

WICKET! Raina departs for 55 from 78 deliveries, completely mis-timing a heave at a Finn slower ball that takes a thin inside edge to send it through onto the stumps. Second wicket of the day for 'Finny'.

Over 39 - India 174/4 (Raina 55. Dhoni 24) Dhoni takes offence at Dernbach's position behind the stumps when the India skipper scampers through for a single to mid-on. The bowler did nothing wrong, simply turning in anticipation of backing up a shy at the stumps. It was more a case that Dhoni was annoyed he'd failed to connect with the three balls previously from the Surrey man. A single from Raina means he will keep the strike, but the hosts only managed two from the over.

Over 38 - India 172/4 (Raina 54, Dhoni 23) Dhoni shows it doesn't have to be all about big hits in the powerplay overs, cleverly walking across his stumps to flick a short ball from Finn away for three runs. A single earlier in the over had seen the half-century stand come up between this pair for the fifth wicket. Two more overs of powerplay restrictions left for England to get through.

Over 37 - India 168/4 (Raina 53, Dhoni 20) Dhoni spots one of Dernbach's slower balls and drills it straight back past the bowler for four. Still, only a single from the rest of the over from the Surrey seamer. Meanwhile, Richard in Lincoln tells me via Twitter he has been bothered by the 'Beast from the East', though I'm not sure if he means in terms of snow...

Over 36 - India 163/4 (Raina 52, Dhoni 16) Having had a huge swing at the first ball of the powerplay, Raina steers the second superbly past the man at backward point with excellent timing to bring up his half-century, the first in the match and his second of the series. Three singles follow from the rest of the over by Finn.

Over 35 - India 156/4 (Raina 46, Dhoni 15) And so ends Patel's work with the ball - 10 overs at a cost of 43 runs. Good work from a man who was barely used in the first game of the series. Time for DRINKS in Kochi ahead of the batting powerplay. Raina's actually heading off the field dring the break.

Over 34 - India 148/4 (Raina 41, Dhoni 12) Root concedes just two singles this over, though he's fortunate that the final delivery - an absolute long hop - is miscued by Dhoni to midwicket. England don't have to bowl him again now, with Patel's final over meaning they've got through 20 from their slow bowlers.

Over 33 - India 147/4 (Raina 41, Dhoni 11) India are projected to finish up with 222 from their 50 overs. They'll want a few more than that, particularly with five overs of powerplay still up their sleeves (though no one is wearing sleeves today in Kochi). What is certain is England can expect to face plenty of spin when it comes to their run chase.

Over 32 - India 143/4 (Raina 38, Dhoni 9) Good over from Root, maneuvered for just the three singles. It's going to be spin from both ends, Patel returning to the attack with two overs left to get through. We all await the batting powerplay...

Over 31 - India 140/4 (Raina 37, Dhoni 9) Four singles from the latest Woakes over. David Lloyd on commentary duty describes the Warwickshire all-rounder as 'wiry'. Seems a little harsh, though I've seen more fat on an oven chip. Anyways, England are going to give Joe Root a bowl in place of Tredwell.

Over 30 - India 136/4 (Raina 35, Dhoni 7) Raina has used the slog-sweep twice today, both times against Tredwell and on both occasions resulting in sixes over midwicket. Two singles from the rest of the over, we've 20 overs left in this innings. If India can double their score from here on in, they'll be more than happy with that.

Over 29 - India 128/4 (Raina 28, Dhoni 6) England think they've got rid of Dhoni when he tries an expansive drive against Woakes. Kieswetter is up immediately after taking the catch, but umpire Kulkarni turns down the loud appeals. Tough to tell on replays, seems there might have been a slight noise. England were lucky with Yuvraj's lbw earlier, so have India just got a fortunate break themselves? If only we had some sort of system to help find out if he hit it or not...

Over 28 - India 124/4 (Raina 28, Dhoni 2) And so, for the second time today, India have seen a wicket fall when a partnership was building nicely. Kohli had put on 48 with Raina before having a brain-freeze moment. STAT ALERT! Do you know who is the leading wicket-taker in one-day cricket at this ground? Sachin Tendulkar, with 10 scalps.

Over 27 - India 121/4 (Raina 27, Dhoni 1) Good over from Woakes - a wicket and just a couple of singles, including one for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to get the India skipper off the mark. Kohli's reaction to his demise was quite something - he thrashed his bat into the ground once, then repeatedly cracked his helmet with his piece of willow as he slowly made his way off. I think, I THINK, he was a little disappointed with the shot...

WICKET! Great work from the skipper! Woakes on, Woakes with a wicket. Having batted at a serene pace so far, Kohli has a rush of blood to the head and charges the seamer, trying to launch him over extra cover. Only problem is, he slices the shot straight out to Ian Bell on the cover fence. Comfortable catch, India four down.

Over 26 - India 119/3 (Kohli 36, Raina 26) Tredwell now has 1-29 from his six overs. England's spinners are doing a steady job, but you just question whether the field placings could be a little more attacking. Anyways, it's going to be a change of pace - Patel is off and Woakes is back on after a three-over spell earlier in proceedings.

Over 25 - India 114/3 (Kohli 35, Raina 23) Raina and Kieswetter get in a bit of a tangle as they try to locate the ball after an inside edge. The crowd enjoy the coming together, cheering loudly as Raina sticks out his chest and bumps the England wicketkeeper. No malice in it, the pair were both just trying to work out where the ball had gone!

Over 24 - India 112/3 (Kohli 34, Raina 22) Now Raina cuts loose, quite literally as a short ball from Tredwell is sent in between the fielders at short third man and backward point. India are climbing off the canvas and beginning to land a few blows of their own. Still Dhoni and Jadeja to come, but they'd be happy if this blossoming fourth-wicket stand continued for a bit longer yet.

Over 23 - India 105/3 (Kohli 33, Raina 16) So much for ones and twos. Kohli brings up India's century with a superb blow over wide long-off, lofting Patel's final ball of the over for a six. It all came after Virat had become frustrated with England's field, suggesting to the umpires that they didn't have enough men inside the circle.

Over 22 - India 96/3 (Kohli 26, Raina 14) Has anyone had any snow up and down the country? Have you been bothered by the 'Beast from the East'? If so, let me know. Meanwhile, in an extremely hot and sticky Kochi, India are ticking along with ones and twos.

Over 21 - India 91/3 (Kohli 23, Raina 13) Just two singles off Patel's sixth over - he's now got figures of 0-22. England will be happy enough with that, though they'd have been even happier had a turning delivery to Kohli been a cm or two lower. A brave attempt to back away and cut almost saw the India batsman bowled, but he's fortunate to see the delivery just go over the top of his bails.

Over 20 - India 89/3 (Kohli 22, Raina 12) Tredwell's back to joining the dots after being smashed over mid-wicket in his last over. His figures of 4-44 in the opening ODI were his best in international 50-over cricket. Don't forget, England have no Swann or Anderson in this series. Err, Jonathan Trott is also missing, though I'm not so sure his absence is as keenly felt.

Over 19 - India 86/3 (Kohli 20, Raina 11) Kohli now has his cap on; hip, hip, hip hooray! Kohli has his cap on and he's coming out to play! An inside edge saves the right-hander from being plum in front of his stumps against Patel.

Over 18 - India 83/3 (Kohli 18, Raina 10) Raina's response to Tredwell trying to turn the screw? Smash him over deep mid-wicket for the first maximum of the day. Spoils a good over from the Kent spinner, and by the way, it was excellently caught in the stands.

Over 17 - India 75/3 (Kohli 17, Raina 3) So, just as India had looked to be getting their innings on track again, that fortunate wicket of Yuvraj has helped England peg them back. 250 would definitely be a decent score on a deck that is taking turn.

Over 16 - India 73/3 (Kohli 16, Raina 2) Great opening over from Tredwell - have England now got three spinners better than anyone India have in their ranks? Thoughts to, or send a tweet to @SkySportsLanny. Raina off the mark with a couple courtesy of a thick edge - the tourists have posted a slip back in as the ball is turning.

WICKET! Tredwell on - Tredwell strikes! It takes the Kent spinner all of two balls to make an impact on this match, and he's got the big scalp of Yuvraj lbw on the sweep. The left-hander cuts umpire Davis a look the type of which should be able to turn someone to stone. Turns out he under-edged the ball onto his front pad, explaining why he's got a face like thunder and is chuntering all the way off the field.

Over 15 - India 71/2 (Kohli 16, Yuvraj 32) The 50 stand is up for India's third wicket, and at a decent lick as it's taken just 60 deliveries for this pair to reach the milestone. England are just allowing their hosts to rebuild a little at their own pace. Cook is trying to shovel through some overs of Samit to get them in the bank, but the importance of wickets should not be underestimated.

Over 14 - India 64/2 (Kohli 13, Yuvraj 30) Shot of the day from Yuvraj - he stands tall to punch Woakes down the ground off the back foot, timing it so well that Pietersen can never quite catch up with it. However, the Warwickshire all-rounder (yeah, that's right. I called him an all-rounder - want to make something of it?) drags the over back with four dots to finish. Kieswetter thinks Yuvraj edges one of them, but it's a solo appeal that umpire Davis doesn't agree with.

Over 13 - India 59/2 (Kohli 12, Yuvraj 26) Patel spoils an otherwise excellent over with a long hop to Yuvraj that is cut away to the point fence - had it been under the old regulations when five men were allowed outside the circle, that shot would have only been worth a single. Before then, there had been clear signs that the left-hander fancies attacking Samit. He twice attempted aggressive shots, only to miss the ball entirely.

Over 12 - India 55/2 (Kohli 12, Yuvraj 22) India's half-century comes up when Woakes is waaaaay too short to Yuvraj, allowing him to roll his wrists and pull the long hop away to the fine leg fence. Thoughts of 300 being a good score have been lowered now - 250 will be hard to chase on what seems to be a two-paced surface that looks like it well help the slow bowlers.

Over 11 - India 48/2 (Kohli 11, Yuvraj 16) With the fielding restrictions relaxed, Cook turns to spin. It's Patel, not Tredwell, who gets the first opportunity - and there are signs of life for the slow bowler in his first over. Kohli is particularly fortunate when one ball grips and seems to stick in the wicket, leading to a lobbed drive that just goes to the right of extra cover.

Over 10 - India 44/2 (Kohli 9, Yuvraj 14) After a seriously wide wide to start with, Woakes does well in his first over. Kohli tries to give him a wicket by flirting with an open face outside off, then Yuvraj is fortunate that a flick goes straight to Cook at short mid-wicket on the half volley. That ends the mandatory powerplay to start the innings - India managed just four boundaries in the 10-over spell.

Over 9 - India 42/2 (Kohli 8, Yuvraj 14) Expensive over from Finn, considering his miserly standards so far today. Three singles are followed by a gift to Yuvraj, a short ball simply not short enough to trouble the left-hander, allowing him to pull it away for four runs. England decide that it's time for a change in the hot conditions - Chris Woakes, in the team for the injured Tim Bresnan, to replace Dernbach.

Over 8 - India 35/2 (Kohli 6, Yuvraj 9) Yuvraj breaks the shackles when he's gifted the chance to free his arms thanks to something short and wide from Dernbach. The next delivery is much straighter, allowing the left-hander to whip it away through mid-wicket for three more. With a single from Kohli to finish, India manage 10 from the over.

Over 7 - India 25/2 (Kohli 4, Yuvraj 2) Yuvraj tried to take on a short ball from Finn, only to end up wearing it on the body after having at what can be best described as a flap at it with his bat. Carl has sent in an email to - he's actually at the ground! "I have never witnessed an atmosphere like this," he says.

Over 6 - India 24/2 (Kohli 4, Yuvraj 2) Kohli gets off the mark - but he's a lucky, lucky boy. A rather heavy-footed attempt at a back-foot drive results in a thick inside edge that just misses his furniture and then runs away for four. For the majority of the rest of the over from Dernbach he was happy to leave the ball well alone outside his off stick.

Over 5 - 19/2 (Kohli 0, Yuvraj 1) Excellent start from England. There has clearly been a concerted effort to pitch the ball up and it's reaped rewards with a wicket apiece for the new-ball pair. Yuvraj came out at four and got off the mark with a thick-edged single to square leg. Kohli is still yet to score - this pair have a bit of a job on for the hosts.

WICKET! And now one for Finn, too! Rahane castled by a beauty from Finn that nips back and knocks over the top of off and middle.

Over 4 - India 18/1 (Rahane 4, Kohli 0) It had been an eventful over for Dernbach. A rank wide long hop had been nicked by Rahane trying to cut it away, but Kieswetter couldn't cling on as he dives low to his right. Dernbach looked disappointed, particularly when he turned around to see umpire Davis had signalled for a wide! His mood isn't improved when Gambhir nicked one away between first and third slip, but he was all smiles when he castled the same batsman to finish.

WICKET! Dernbach draws first blood (seems fitting for a man who likes a tattoo) as he gets a ball to go in between the bat and front pad of Gambhir and through onto off stump. India 18/1 after four.

Over 3 - India 12/0 (Rahane 3, Gambhir 4) The average total batting first in the last six ODI's in Kochi has been 271. This is, however, a new surface at the venue, so no one is quite sure just how it will last. Another good over from Finn, finishing with an lbw shout against Gambhir that is quickly dismissed by umpire Kulkarni. Looked a decent shout too, and the replays suggest it was closer than it looked on first view.

Over 2 - India 10/0 (Rahane 2, Gambhir 3) Jade Dernbach concedes the first boundary of the day - and it goes in the extras column. An obvious wide down leg dies in front of wicketkeeper Craig Kieswetter and goes underneath both his gloves and body - not good from England all-round, really. Apart from that freebie, a decent first over from the Surrey paceman who is now sporting a beard somewhat like one you'd find on an NHL defenceman by game three of the Stanley Cup finals.

Over 1 - India 2/0 (Rahane 1, Gambhir 1) Good start from Finn - there's a bit of carry and pace in the pitch...for about three deliveries. A single apiece for the two India openers. Winter in India? Not in the south west - it's roasting hot, and that's snow joke.

So the players are just about ready to get underway - Steve Finn will send down the opening over. Apparently Tim Bresnan has been sidelined by a bruised knee.

FeedbackFeedback If you want to get in touch throughout the day, is the email address. You can also send a tweet to @SkySportsLanny. As well as cricket talk, I welcome any good recipes in the kitchen, music recommendations and thoughts on the Loic Remy transfer saga. I'm kidding...I don't care about the Loic Remy transfer saga in the slightest.

Pitch report It's a brand new surface and it looks flat (how these England seamers must long to turn up at a ground on this tour and find a green top, or a deck with real bounce). However, it also looks dry. Good toss to win for India, Sir Ian Botham in the Sky Sports studio fears this surface will get slower and lower as the game goes on.

Team news A change apiece for each team for the second match of the series - the hosts have replaced Ashok Dinda with Shami Ahmed, while the tourists are without Tim Bresnan due to a "niggle", meaning a chance for Chris Woakes to play.

Toss The news from the middle is I think India have won the toss, though it's even tough to hear what Mahendra Singh Dhoni is saying even with Ravi Shastri shoving a microphone under his nose. The atmosphere is incredible at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Anyway, Alastair Cook called incorrectly and India are going to bat first today.

Hello and welcome to coverage of the second ODI between India and England at a very, VERY noisy Kochi. It's hot out there, and that's not just the atmosphere.

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